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DESIGN VISUAL communication M贸nica Vicente

Mónica Álvarez Vicente A Guarda, Spain, 1988



Degree in Audiovisual Communication. Faculty of Communication Sciencies. University of A Coruña. Spain


Technical Engineering in Industrial Design. University School of Industrial Design. University of A Coruña. Spain

Oct. 2013-Present

CRESCO GROUP S.R.O. (Czech Republic) Web Design Creation of graphic material: logos,banners,newsletters. Promotional videos for webs

Jan. 2015 Freelance

work experience Mónica Álvarez Vicente

CREMPS INVESTMENT INTERNATIONAL LLC (Czech Republic) Web Design Creation of graphic material: logos,banners,newsletters,emailing.

Oct. 2014 Freelance

MAXI TRAVEL S.R.O. (Czech Republic) Rebranding Maxi-rentals: Web site, logo, social media

Sept. 2014 Freelance

GETAWAY (Real-life exit game, Czech Republic) Graphic material: Flayer, sticker, social media Photography

Apr.-Sept. 2013 Internship

1TO1 DESIGN S.R.O. (Czech Republic) Design and development of an experimental kitchen.

Jul.-Sept. 2011 Internship

FRUTODS (Spain) Benchmarking kitchens market and competition analysis Design and realization of presentations to clients: sector jewellery, habitat and telecommunications Design of graphic material Participation in the design of a new product in the telecommunications sector.

TEXT & IMAGE EDITING Adobe Creative Suite











Microsoft Office

Maya 3ds Max


software Mónica Álvarez Vicente





After Effects

Maxwel Render

WEB EDITING Dreamweaver

courses & seminars


Formulation, technical structure and realization of special models. Professor: Mr. Salvador Tresserras, Director of Baluard Diseño de Barcelona.


Approach, design and realization of presentations of conceptual projects in the automotive industry. Professor: Mr. Tony Gallardo, designer of Rüker Ag. Ingeniería de Barcelona.


Introduction to the IT tools for TIC’s. Professor: Mª. Victoria de León Sanjuán. University of A Coruña.


Mechanical design with Solid Works. Professor: Mr. Manuel Jesús González Castro. University of A Coruña.


Graphic design in the approach, design and realization of project presentations .Tools and technologies. Professor: Mr. José Salgado Suárez, Studio Re-Visión, A Coruña.


Photography Workshop. Professor: Mr. David Castro de Paz. University of A Coruña.

Spanish and Galician, mother tongues


English, (reading and writing) intermediate, (speaking) advanced Portuguese, Intermediate Italian, elementary Verbal & visual presentation Teamwork ability

personal skills

Creativity through painting and photography Availability to travel Driving licence B

web design

A small selection of some of my projects

Slider detail

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2013/2015 Company: CRESCO GROUP s.r.o. Web:

Cresco group’s major activity is Lead Generation and Affiliate marketing. Cresco Group also focuses on PPC marketing, SEO, Direct marketing, performance marketing, website development and web analytics.

> Web site > Logo > Banners > Newsletters > Promotional videos > Social media profiles

A small selection of some of my projects

Slider detail

Mónica Álvarez Vicente


Cremps mainly focusing on Lead Generation and Affiliate marketing. Besides, the main area, the company also offers other associated services as SEO/SEM, Telemarketing and web analytics.

> Web site > Logo > Banners > Newsletters > Social media profiles

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2015 Company: Promisl, rekonstrukce na klíč

Customer’s goal was a completely redesign of web site, that visually communicates the main activity of the company: Reconstruction of interiors and bathrooms Considering usability and accessibility of the site, i have designed the home page which answers to what, how, why, who and where through the different sections. The website focuses on a good experience through simple navigation, which is able to attract the user’s attention.

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2014 Company: Maxi Travel s.r.o. Web:

Maxi Rentals deals with short-term rental of houses and villas in Florida. Customer’s requested was to redesign the web site and the company’s logo. The purpose was to integrate, in a unique web site, all the bussiness activities which Maxi Rentals is part. In addition to the main activities mentioned earlier, rental and sale of houses, the company focuses on the complete package of holidays, fly tickets, tours, golf and courses.

graphic design


Mónica Álvarez Vicente

#flayer #social media #photography

Year: 2015 Company: GETAWAY Web:

Getaway Prague is an indoor real-life exit game where players need to escape a room within 60 minutes by finding keys, codes, interlinking different objects, solving puzzles and riddles, all while cooperating in a team. Through this project we stayed true to Getaway’s mysterious, secret and hidden shelter aesthetic. Performance of the photo resources located in the web and the social media

Social media, testing redesign logo and flayer

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

T-shirt #illustration #vector

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2014 Product: Illustration for a T-shirt

Christmas postcard #illustration #rendering

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2013 Concept: Christmas Postcard Company: Cresco Group s.r.o.

FlapJack #Bookstyle #logo #poster

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2010/2011 Subject: Graphic Design Tutor: Nicolás del Río

Following the briefing, we have created a style book for a movie coming from a television series. Considering the style of the TV show, we created a new logo, the stationary, different promotional items for the movie as the teaser poster, dvd, merchandasing, etc. The chosen TV series was “Flapjack”

Promotional posters

Enjoy with them

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Logo #print & web

Mónica Álvarez Vicente


product design

Record-player #3d #modeling #rendering #animation

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2011/2012 Subject: Multimedia 3D Tutor: Alexandre Valle

The project was based on a product still in the market. Firstly, a modelling of the object was made, then a variety of colours and materials was used and i performed an animation to fully show the functionality and the appearances of the disc-player.

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Feel the sound

Corporate stand for R #communication #3d

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2010 Company: FrutoDS

Client: R teléfono_internet_televisión_móvil

Based on a premise, “the indifference is our worst enemy”. The customer had clear the target: don’t go unnoticed, provoke reactions and project a playful and funny image. Looked for a visual impact based on a concept of the classic nostalgic jobs fair, a nod to the childhood that evokes sensations in the users. It consists of a module of customer services, and a game that changes from time to time, where anyone can enjoy the experience.

Seat LC0-ima #sketching #3d #modeling #rendering

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2009/2010 Subject: Final project Tutors: José Ramón Mendez Salgueiro Jon Solozabal Basañez Company: SEAT , TECHNOLOGICAL CENTER.

This project was focused to experimentally develop “New Concepts for Vehicles”, valid for new solutions, dynamics and future social contexts. The purpose was to develop, among a wide and deep research of trends, a global project (external and internal) for new automotive proposals of a low cost vehicle, which could be developed for emerging economies or to bring mobility to people with a low income level (6.500 € max.). As a reference car, we used the Volkswagen Lupo. Through several shapes and the colour &Trim, we created a new concept which would represent the ecology and the typical sportsmanship the brand Seat use.





Critical points

Practical storage space

Easy parking

Personal space

With a very active life, parents and full-time workers

Mónica Álvarez Vicente


Sense of security



Technical drawings

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Interior Concept Two main characteristics help to create an ethereal and diaphanous space: large and light seats that allow the maximization of the space and big open spaces.

Just imagine!

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Speakers Hi-Fi #sketching #3d #modeling #rendering

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Year: 2008/2009 Subject: Design & Product Tutors: José Ramón Mendez Salgueiro Jon Solozabal Basañez Company: Integrated group of engineering of the UDC.

In this project, we tried to develop acoustic boxes to reproduce a high fidelity sound. The boxes were based on the used of multiple resounding elements. We wanted to create an appearance that would reaffirm the idea of quality and innovation.


Independents, dynamics, alternative esthetics, music moves their live style.

Mónica Álvarez Vicente

Technical drawings

Promenade #sketching #3d #modeling #rendering

Inés Fiaño Avilés

Year: 2007/2008 Subject: Models and prototypes workshop. Tutors: Eduardo Caridad Luis Hermida

Conceptual design for a coastal system. We had to integrate in a natural space several pieces without affecting the characteristics of the landscape. In order to accomplish this rule, we choose several simple elements built in materials whose manufacturing process was minimum or inexistent (wood, steel or stone) to get a fully integration in the nature.

Using simple geometries, we created five elements that formed a set: bench, litter, railing and lights.




Mónica Álvarez Vicente




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