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AUG/SEP T 2017




24 DE PA R T M E N T S

10 Th e Scot t Brothe r s

6 A ge n t E s s e n ti a l s

B rothermania of Jonath a n a n d Drew S cot t

A qu i ck l o o k at t h i ngs su cce s sfu l agents need to know now


22 Tom Ferr y

That are wel l wor t h bag ging Re p lace your work bag wit h t h e s e le s s obviou s option s

24 A gent Insid e r A n Inside Look from O u ts id e t h e In d u s t r y. Featuring Greg Genske

9 Te ch Go p ro o p e n so u rce s vi d e o m eta data

1 9 B o dy Get to kn ow yo u r h ea r t , i t’s t h e o nly one you have.

2 0 Go Net wo rk C a l e n da r o f S e m i n a r s , M i xe r s , Speaker s S eri e s and Shows

3 0 S p i ri t

32 Ten Leath e r Bag s

I n n e r Pea ce A m i d C h a o s

Get ting Noticed in a crow d ed ma rket p la ce

3 4 Th e C l o s e


A sp i rati o n a l B o o k Revi ew, Qu ote s for S ucce s s , A gent Archive

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agent inc.


Producer’s Note



e are all striving to obtain succes s in one way or another. AGENT Inc. is designed to share the succes ses of Top A gents in their field in order to inspire and motivate. Succes s has many faces and is usually defined as obtaining one’s goals with a cer tain amount of prosperit y at tached to it. Some think succes s is embraced only af ter a cer tain amount of failure is experienced. On the other hand, succes s may mean something far more elusive, such as a mental state, like happines s, or peace of mind. Succes s may be a physical characteristic such as overcoming a life threatening illnes s, or maintining a desirable weight. Succes s : it means so much to so many but can be translated in a variet y of forms. The common succes s factor I see with our featured AGENTS is that they have gone beyond the normal limitations of their industr y in an extraordinar y way. They are boundar y pushers and re -definers. The Scot t Brothers are a per fect example of a multitude of the extra-ordinar y. Af ter at tending their show that is on a multi-cit y tour, I discovered many layers of talent that go way beyond the ordinar y. Being in the same room with them for an inter view is a rapid- fire, standup routine where animated gestures and dialogue are simultaneously delivered in a mirrored fashion, I think only twins can achieve. High volume energ y is mas s produced and its easy to absorb their elevated state. These guys are smar t, top of their game producers who continue to push the levels of succes s way beyond the normal and the results are extraordinar y. Our feature on Greg Genske is a deep dive into a dif ferent kind of boundar y pushing in the highly competitive world of the athlete. A new addition to AGENT INC. is a feature by Tom Ferr y, Real Estate’s ultimate coach and teacher. WOW! What energ y he has for succes s, if you haven’t viewed his videos I recommend you do so immediately. He’ll get you on the track to your own brand of succes s. I hope you’ll be inspired by our AGENT stories and think about how to push your own personal level of succes s beyond any boundaries that hold you back. Enjoy!

Valarie Anderson, Executive Producer

Va la rie A nde r so n

E xe cu tive P ro d u ce r / P u b l i sh e r

Va le rie A lic aj ic A r t D i re cto r

David L a urell E xe cu tive Ed i to r

C hris to phe r B lo m quis t Fash i o n Wri te r

Ph i l Men dels on Account Executive Nati onal Accounts

Le e A n n Lo ng

Executive Admi ni s trator

C o n n i e Ha a h

Admi ni s trative A s si s tant

J u l i o C eja

Di s tri buti on M anager

S teve S to lle r, Pro o f ing P ro o f i ng

3500 Eas t Pa c i f i c C o as t H w y. #110 | C orona Del M ar, C A 92625 9 49. 791. 8960 ®™ 2017 AG E NT i nc. & AGENT i nc. M agazi ne A l l rights re ser ved W W W.AG E NTI NC MAG A ZI N E . C O M | i nfo@AGENTINC MAG A ZINE. C O M All material published within this issue of AGENT inc. and on WWW.AGENTINCMAGAZINE.COM is strictly for informational and educational purposes only. No individual, advice, product or service is in any way endorsed by AGENT inc. or M Media provided as a substitute for the reader’s seeking of individualized professional advice or instruction. Readers should seek the advice of qualified professionals on any matter regarding an individual, advice, recommendations, services or products covered within this issue. All information and material is provided to readers with the understanding that it comes from various sources from which there is no warranty or responsibility by AGENT inc. or M Media as to its or their legality, completeness or technical accuracy.

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agent inc





or 27 yea r s n ow t h e wo rl d s u p e r yach ti ng co mmu n i t y h as gath ered for fou r day s o n t h e qu ay s o f t h e Po r t H e rcu l e s to vi s i t ya ch ts , d iscover t h e l ate s t m arket t re n d s and pro mote bu s i n e s s and pu b l ic rel ation s wi t h i n t h e s h ow an d i n Mo n a co’s to p h otel s . Four mon th s b efore t h e eve n t ( 2 7 - 3 0 t h S e pte m be r ), t h e M o n aco Yacht Sh ow is a l rea dy s e n d i ng s t ro ng s ign al s to i n du s t ri al de ci s i o n maker s a n d p rivate cl i e n ts ab o u t t h i s eage rly - awai te d eve n t : 87% of ex hib iting comp a n i e s h ave re n ewe d t h e i r p ar ti ci pati o n an d abo u t for t y s u p er ya ch ts d el ive re d i n 2 0 1 7 h ave b e e n reg i s te re d an d wi l l make t h eir d eb u ts in M o n aco am o ng t h e 1 2 5 ve s s el s pre s e n te d o n the water.

MO RE WE A LTH Y VI SITO RS O N TH E Q UAYS O F TH E MO NAC O YAC HT SH OW O n S e pte mbe r 26t h , t h e 2n d e dition of the Mona co Ya cht Sum m it will wel co me a del egati o n o f n ew ha nd- picked visitor s . The day will ta ke t h e fo rm o f wo rks h o p di s cu s s i ons deliberately re s tricted to a clea rly i de n ti f i e d au di e n ce o f pe o pl e intere s ted in purchasing or m a naging a s u pe r yach t ( par ti ci pati o n by i nvitation only) . In t h e eve n i ng 400 g u e s ts - to p m a nager s of ya chting compa nie s a nd private cl i e n ts - wi l l be i nvi te d to the opening cerem ony of the 27th M YS , w h i ch wi l l al s o i n co rpo rate the Show ’s 4th ya chting awa rds ce re mo ny. Th e s e t wo eve n ts o rgan ize d o n the eve of the Mona co Ya cht Show are par t o f a pre mi u m vi s i t progra m exclusively de signed for f ina l buye r s o f s u pe r yach ts : t h e S apphire Experience. L a unched in 2014, t h e S apph i re E xpe ri e n ce o f fe r s a conc ierge ser vice to pla n the s tay o f t h e Sh ow ’s pre mi u m cl ients or orga nize private visits to the s u pe r yach ts o f f i ci al ly par ti ci pating in the Show, in coordination with t h e exh i bi ti ng bro ke r s an d s h i pya rds .


M I ND S E T, M O DEL AND MARKE TING #1 New York Tim e s be s t- selling a uthor To m Ferr y sha re s the proven s trategie s to t ra nsform a nd grow your rea l e s tate bu s ine s s . www. Tom ferr y. com . A s m a ny of you know, Tom Ferr y ’s wife re cently won a bat tle with breas t c a ncer. In an ef for t to continue the f ight for f inding a cure, proceeds from ever y ha rd cover bo o k s a le will go towa rds breas t c a ncer re s ea rch. Wh i le the pa perba ck ver sion will be rea dily availa ble at Sum m it, he’s only printing 1,00 0 spec ia l edition ha rd cover books .



The qu a lit y of th e ex h i b i ti o n , d u e to t h e c i rc a 5 9 0 par ti ci pati ng comp a n ie s th at a re at t h e h ear t o f t h e s u cce s s of t h e M YS , i s matched by th e ef for ts m ad e by t h e o rgan izi ng team ove r t h e l as t four yea r s to at tra ct m o re b uye r s ( b ot h p rivate an d t rade ) an d thereby en cou rage d i re ct co n tacts b et we e n ex h i bi to r s an d a n ew cli entele of f in a l ow n e r s . www.m on a coya ch tsh ow. cco m

ouseC a na r y Inc. , released second qua r ter data for its HouseC a na r y Renta l Inve s tm ent Index ( HCRI Index) , a llowing single fa m ily renta l hom e inve s tor s , lender s , a nd renter s to benchm a rk the hea lth of the single fa m ily for- lease m a rket by i n divi du al s tate, ZIP co de and block . Nationwide, the U. S. single fami ly re n tal market mai n tai n ed s trong Ef fective Gros s Y ields , ave rag i ng 8.0 pe rce n t n ati o nwide de spite hom e price s continuing t h e i r s teady cl i mb ove r t h e pas t qua r ter. - www. housec a na r y. com



SMART TIPS FOR WISE INVESTMENTS DE VELOPING WE ALT H PROT EC T ION AND SECURIT Y by Ba r t Za nd b ergen, C F P Optive st Wea lth M a n age m e n t optive sti nc . c o m

H ERE ARE M Y TOP 5 TIP S TO GE T YOU A ND YO UR FINANCIAL PATH O N TR AC K: 1. D iver s i f y, D iver s i f y, D iver s i f y : The ove rall dive r sif ic ation of as set s i s cri ti c al fo r any an d ever y o ne. M ost busine s s owne r s have 90% of thei r n et wo r th ve s ted i n thei r busine s s which is not alway s a wise i d ea. O pti o n s fo r d iver s i f i c ati on range from stocks and bonds to real e s t ate an d al tern ative as s et s like c ommoditie s , life set tle me nt s and rei n s u ran ce. 2. Protec t yo ur Real E s t ate Inve stme nt : Add an extra level of p rotec ti o n to yo ur real e s t ate inve stme nt s by plac ing the m in an LLC . 3. Protec t yo ur Li fe In s u ran ce : Place your life insurance policy in an d Irrevo c abl e Li fe In s u ran ce Trust ( ILIT ) . 4. Create an A s s et Protec ti o n Trust. 5. If yo u are a C al i fo rn i a re s i de nt, c onside r a C alifornia P rivate Reti remen t Pl an .

M E RI DI T H BA E R HO ME AND PACIFIC PA L I SA DE S TA S KFO RCE HELP T HE H O M E L E S S -YO U CAN TO O Paci f i c Pal i s ade s i n i ti ate s Task force on Hom ele s sne s s : Featuring the “move -i n ” proj e ct : fu rn i s h i ng a pa r tm ents for people newly renting af te r be i ng h o mel e s s . M e ri di t h Bae r H o me h el ps co m bat hom ele s sne s s by helping PP TFH fu rn i s h s o me o f t h e h o u s i ng for hom ele s s people, using furniture in t h e i r wareh o u s e s . To s e e h ow you c a n help conta ct pptfh. h t t ps :// ppt fh .o rg


ma r t inve s ting , e spe c i a l ly fo r th e i nde pe n d en t bus i n e s s own er or in d e p e n d en t c o ntra c to r, i s c ri ti c a l fo r bu i l d i ng weal th. The d evelop m en t o f a cu s to m t a i l o re d s trateg y s ho ul d be bui l t o n individ u a l goa ls , c a re e r path a n d s t age o f l i fe. Thi s i s al s o a s trateg y that shou ld evolve as tho s e el e m e n t s ch a nge over ti me as wel l. Fo r exa mple, th e ch oice s o ne wo u l d m a ke as a 3 0 year o l d en trep ren eur who is s ing le, with o u t chi l dre n a n d j u s t b u i l di ng a bus i n e s s are far dif fere n t from th e inve s tm e nt cho i ce s th at wo u l d be reco mmen d ed for some o n e w h o h as a n e s t a b l i s he d b u s i n e s s , i s i n thei r 50’s an d is closing in on th eir reti re m e nt b e nchm a rk . A s a b u s in e s s ow n er, b e i ng pre pa re d i s key, a nd beg i n s wi th p ut ti ng the rig h t s trateg ie s a n d s a fegu a rds i n pl a ce to p rep are fo r the future. Working with a n ex pe ri e n ce d wea l th m a nager to d evel o p a diver s if ied p or tfolio i s o ne o f th e b e s t s te ps a n i n d ivi d u al c an t ake in b uil d ing a n d p rote c ti ng the i r f i n a nc i a l fu tu re. If you review you r ove ra l l f i n a nc i a l s i tu ati o n a nd f i n d that yo u’re b ehind on you r goa ls , o r wa n t to ratch et yo u r s avi ng s up a n otch, there is n o tim e like the pre s e nt . A l s o, the re i s n o s hame i n asking fo r exp e r t a dvi ce. Yo u m ight b e a n ex pe r t i n yo u r own p a r ticula r f ield, h oweve r, f i na n c i a l pl a nn i ng c a n be a co mp l ex ar t . Under st a n d ing b e s t pra c ti ce s a n d l ea rn i ng s i mpl e ti p s an d tri cks c an have a rea l, t a ng ib l e i mpa c t . I t’s n eve r “ to o l ate” to beg i n wo rki ng with a C e r tif ie d Fin an c i a l Pl a nn e r. Eve r y day i s a n ew chan ce to ma ke a ch a nge th at wi l l c reate th e l i fe yo u wa n t.


You might not f ind the se words , phrase s , te rms or abbreviations in a dic tionar y, but they ’re a par t of today ’s voc abular y. He re’s what they mean. CL AP BAC K : A snappy c omeback . A re sponse in which one knows exac tly what to s ay to g arne r a laugh, make a point, or to win an argume nt. HIGH KE Y: S ayi ng s o methi ng or making a bold de claration in a way that make s i t cl ear yo u wan t eve r yone to know just how you fe el. The o p p o s i te o f l ow key. S T R AIGH T FIRE: S o methi ng that is extre mely popular, hot and tren d i ng . ZERO C HILL : D o i ng o r s ayi ng something that is ve r y unc ool, hur tful o r o u t o f l i n e. T EC HNO R AT I: A p er s o n who i s highly knowle dgeable about techn o l og y, e sp eci al ly d ig i t al te chnolog y.








OPEN SOURCES VIDEO METADATA by D avid Newm a n, GoPro Te chnic a l Fellow

met · a· da·t a : n o un , a s et o f dat a that de sc ribe s and give s information abo ut other dat a. Wel l that s o u n d s bo ri ng , bu t it is pote ntially ve r y c ool. Eve r y photo yo u t ake, o n any c amera, i s l ikely f ille d with met adat a. This dat a o f ten co n t ai n s l o c ati o n , c amera model, le ns t ype, and ge ne ral i n fo rmati o n abo ut how the i mage was t ake n. It is this dat a that make s yo ur p hoto l i brar y eas ie r to browse, eve nt s are automatic ally g ro up ed, an d ex p o s u re s auto c orre c te d. Photo met adat a has e nable d en ti rely n ew t yp e s o f med i a, like timelapse mining from public photo archive s (s ee here). Al l thi s i s pos sible be c ause the met adat a for p hoto s i s s t an dard ized an d f re e. Vi d eo, where i s yo u r met adat a? If random c onsume r photos c an be fo rmed i n to ti mel ap s e s , the pote ntial for vide o is eve n g reater. Met adat a s ho ul d an swe r, how was this f ile made? In what envi ro n men t ? At what l o c ati on? If, whe n and how was the c ame ra movi ng ? At Go Pro, we’ve had the ambition to solve the se que stions , bu t i t turn ed o u t to be tread i ng new ground. The popular c onsume r vi d eo f i l e fo rmat MP4 had n o clear provision to store tele metr y or any ti me var yi ng met adat a. Yet we must store tele metr y within the vide o, n ot i n a s ep arate f i l e, s o co n sume r s c an’t misplace side -c ar f ile s , o r be ex p ec ted to up l o ad them se parately. M et adat a c an’t be lost bec aus e yo u ej ec ted the bat te r y before the c apture was c omplete*, or c rashe d into a tre e that c ause d the s ame, so the met adat a must be regularly inte rleave d with vide o and audio, not simply adde d to the e nd upon a f ile close. Finally, it must store all of today ’s and tomorrow ’s wide range of se nsor dat a, and be easily retrieve d in more than GoP ro’s own utilitie s , without te chnic al or leg al hurd l e s . We n eed ed a n ew s t andard, so GoP ro c reate d one, and made i t co mp l etely f ree (o p en s o urce linke d below.) The f i r s t rel eas e o f thi s n ew MP 4 e mbe dde d met adat a c ame with the H ERO 5. The H ERO 5 has ex tensive met adat a for photos and vide o, ad d i ng s en s o r s fo r accel ero mete r, g yrosc ope and high fre que ncy G P S l o c ati o n . Run n i ng the G P S 18 time s faste r than your ave rage s mar tp ho n e, co mbi n i ng that with IM U dat a, allows eve r y bike jump, wave d ro p i n , raci ng turn , an d top spe e d reache d, to be ac curately meas ured an d d i sp l ayed. Yo u c an display a lot of this today using the f ree Qui k fo r D e sk to p ap p . H oweve r, a re nde re d display of your be st l ap , o r hig he s t j u mp , i s o n ly sc ratching the sur face for the use of tel emetr y an d the bro ad er c ategor y of met adat a. The HERO5 store s much mo re than l o c ati o n an d c ame ra motion in it s vide o f ile s ; it s to re s i t s own temp eratu re, i mage exposure, shut te r spe e d, the ve r y p reci s e G P S ti me, d et ai l ed f l ight tele metr y from Karma, and dat a f ro m Go Pro -en abl ed thi rd -p ar t y Bluetooth device s . The amount and range o f met adat a wi l l co n ti nue to expand ove r GoP ro’s future.

* GoPro has amazing f ile rec over y where an impact prevents a c amer a from s afely f inis hing a rec ording, rec overing video, audio and now metadata in most s ituations , automatic ally repairing inc omplete f ile s the next time you power the c amer a on. Simply the be st GoPro, ever. HERO 5 Black is the most power ful and easy to us e GoPro ever, thanks to its 4 K video, voic e c ontrol, one but ton s implic it y, touch display and waterproof de s ign. $ 3 9 9 .9 9 Gopro.c om

agent inc.



Cover Profile

Brothermania of

JONATHAN By David Laurell

The Scot t brother s – 39- year-old identic al t wins , Drew and Jonathan – may be be st known for their HGT V programs , “Proper t y Brother s ,” “Brother vs . Brother” and “Buying & Selling ,” but, on a recent evening it was “ The Scot t Brother s House Par t y ” that drew more than 2,500 fans to the Seger strom Hall at the Seger strom C enter for the Ar t s in C ost a Me s a, C alifornia. The variet y - st yle st age show, which feature s the brother s singing , sharing amusing anecdote s about their childhood and family, ribbing one another, eng aging the audience in humorous banter, and telling behindthe - scene s t ale s while pre senting video clips from their programs is inter t wined with tips on interior and exterior de sign, the buying and selling of home s , and giveaway s of produc t s from their houseware s collec tion. The appeal of the brother s , who have become gurus for homeowner s and f lipper s looking to upgrade and transform old, run-dow n proper tie s into modernized and st ylish home s , and homebuyer s seeking to ma ximize a limited budget in a hot real e st ate market, was in full transparent evidence from the crowd in the hall, as it is with their fans all over the U.S. and more than 150 other countrie s . The audience who g athered for their live par t y, largely in the home -owning and expendable -income -pos se s sing demographic of 40-pluser s , repre sented reasonable gender diver sit y, at least as reasonable as , s ay, the ratio of men to women you would have found screaming for the Fab Four during the height of Beatlemania. Ye s , the draw of the se shows , which clearly at trac t s legions of their middle - aged female fans , is something which goe s beyond that of at tending a t ypic al real e st ate seminar or de sign show. There is an element of excitement in the air that is not unlike that of a rock


AND DREW SCOTT concer t. It’s Brothermania, if you will. Queried on just what it is about the C anadian-born Scot t s – Drew, a real e st ate exper t, and Jonathan, a de signer and licensed contrac tor – that elicit s such a re sponse, a cros s sec tion of fans from all par t s of the countr y were more than willing to weigh in: “I’ve been a HGT V junkie for a long time and I think they do the be st shows on the net work . I like that they have fun with what they do. I like how they sometime s gently and humorously c ajole people into being realistic about doing what needs to be done. I’ve seen them deal with clients who you c an tell are c ausing them frustr ation, but they are able to use humor to bring about under standing and c ompromise. I also like that, as a de signer, Jonathan doe sn’t c ome in and tell the clients how it’s going to be. The ideas they give are based on their client’s individual life st yle s , and they, liter ally, change the way people live.” – Terri Schlichenmeyer, Writer, L aCros se, Wisconsin “I work with c oache s , athlete s and doctor s who are involved in spor ts medicine progr ams . A s a par t of the se progr ams we talk about forming relationships . The Sc ot t brother s do that with their clients . I am fasci nated by how they play of f one another and touch their clients by get ting to know them, and then use the relationships they e stablish as a foundation to create

whatever it is the client wants . With them, it’s not about making a great kitchen, it’s about making a kitchen that works for their client – making their home a great home. I love to watch how they inter act with one another and their clients . I talk about that in the pre sentations I make. I point out how they make c onnections and form relationship, and how impor tant that is to ac c omplishing things and working together as a team in making good decisions .” – Karen S anchelli Johns , Athletic and Life C oach, Trus sville, Alabama “‘Proper t y Brother s’” is my favorite home renovation show. Drew and Johnathan are extremely likeable, and they seem to be ver y sinc ere about making their clients happy. I love the back- and- for th bet ween them, how they c ompete with one another. Most of all, I love their dec or ating st yle. Although they are sometime s fac ed with clients whose taste s might be a bit of f- the beaten tr ack , they alway s end up with a beautiful reveal at the end of each show, with rooms that have both eleganc e and functionalit y.” – Jennifer D e Chiara, Literar y A gent, New York , New York “They are dif ferent, but they c omplement one another well. They c ome acros s as being ver y per sonable. They know how to help people visualize things . They do a lot of hand-holding, and they see the potential in things that their clients may not. I’m an ar tist, so I like how they take a client de sire s and then execute it. I like how

they work with a hus band and wife who are not on the s ame 1 2 | AGENTI NCMAG A ZI NE . C O M e specially, c an get a lit tle feist y with page, and how Johnathon, a touch of humor to defuse a situation. And hey, they ’re also nic e to l ook at.” – Maureen Mandarano, Ar tist/Ar t Teacher, New Rochelle, New York “I like the relationship bet ween them. I like that there is an underlying c ompetiti on bet ween them. I think their chemistr y really works . They are so enthusiastic about what they do and how they work to make things ref lect their client’s per sonalitie s . They make people happy. They open people’s eye s to things they would have other wise never thought of. Johnathon make s things look so easy that, af ter watching a show, I have to stop my self from just going in and knocking down a wall [ laughing ].” – C arolyn Jackson, Retired Municipal Employee, Burbank , C alifornia “They have a sense of fun about them that is real. You c an tell they love one another. I love their st yle. I love to see their take on things . I like how they make dreams bec ome realitie s . And c ome on, they are great looking guy s! ” – Vicki White, Ment al Help Therapist, C orona, C alifornia

“I used to be a Realtor and I alway s enjoyed clients who had the vision to see beyond bad c arpeting, or a horrible wall c olor, or out-of date kitchen c ounter tops . I alway s told my clients that if we c an get the house for the right pric e, all those things are easy to change. Some people c an’t get past those small things bec ause they c an’t envision the silk pur se that c an be made out of the sow ’s ear. I like watching them bec ause they keep me upto-date with what’s new as far as home de sign – what the late st trends are. I’ve seen things on their show that I didn’t even know existed, like a water fall kitchen island. I also think it is cute how they play of f one another, and, of c our se, they ’re easy on the eye s! ” – Sus an Bower s Retired Busine s s Executive, S an Marcos , C alifornia “I’ve been watching them for year s . I love that they are so per sonable and funny. I e specially like Johnathan bec ause of his de sign st yle. I like how he will do some unc onventional things that really pop. I also love how they use social media. They are just ever ywhere. They c onstantly post and inter act with fans . They seem to be really great guy s who are ver y family oriented.” – Kelli Lower s , Librarian, Los Angle s , C alifornia

Drew & Jonathan - House Party Costa Mesa



Whil e the sche du le t h e b rot h er s m a in ta in s e e ms to l eave l it t l e time fo r a ny th i ng ot h er t h an work , th ey d id set aside the ti m e to m eet wi t h A ge n t I n c. Pro du ce r Va l a rie An de r s o n an d ot h er repre s en tative s of t h e m agazine ba cks tage at S eger s t ro m Ha l l j u s t befo re ta king to t h e s tage. O ur visit wi th the t wi n s b egan by qu e s tio n ing t h e m o n j u s t h ow t h ey ma n age to f i t i n all t h ey do on any g iven day. Drew S cot t (D S): Yeah , you wou ld t h in k we wo u l d j u s t be c raz y, a n d a l s o t hat we wou ld get on on e a nother’s ne r ve s b ec au se we sp en d s o mu ch time toget h e r. An d, I ’ l l a dmit i t , I do h ave to be h eavi ly s edated to put u p wi t h J on at h an at time s [ l a ug h s ]. B u t we l ove w h at we do an d we’re clos e. Wh en you’ve spent nine mo nt h s i n t h e wom b wi t h s o me o n e yo u h ave pret t y mu ch got te n over sweati ng any li t t le s tuf f. We are do ing f ive s h ows on HGT V rig h t n ow a n d Jo n at h a n a n d I a re als o r u n n i ng ou r produ cti on comp any. S o we are alway s b u sy, b u t we t h rive o n t h at . Jonathan S cot t (J S ) : We take t h e j ob s e rio u s ly – eve r y t h ing we do – t h e s hows an d h elpi ng fami li e s , bu t we don’t take o u r s elve s s eri ou sly. Wh ich is evide n t in t h e s e h o u s e pa r t y s h ows we do. DS: Do i ng the se sh ows i s j u s t fu n . We h ave t h e w h o l e fa mily h e re wit h u s , an d t h e fan s are li ke ou r extende d fami ly, s o we j u s t love i t . AGENT INC . ( AI): TALK ABOUT HOW YOU T WO MANAGE TO MAINTAIN BAL ANCE WHILE LE ADING SUC H BU SY LIVES. JS: I’m ver y dif ferent than Drew in that re spec t. He and his f iancée Linda would work 24- seven if they could, which make s them per fec t for one another. We were recently in France, on vac ation, and Drew was on a conference c all while we were at the top of the Eifel Tower! DS: On which you c an get amazing reception, by the way [ laughs]. JS: But that’s not me. I believe you should work hard and play hard. So I’m planning on get ting away to Afric a with my girlfriend for the month of August where I’ll just be tot ally out of touch with busine s s . I feel ver y comfor t able in put ting the work aside at time s bec ause Drew and I have worked ver y hard to put the right people at the helm within our org anizati on so that we c an step away. DS:Now for me, to rela x and t ake it easy, it’s all about the rush and thrill of fun. I’m a spor t s nut. So whether it is golf, ping pong , basketball, whatever – I’m all in. I took my f iancée on this adventure – to an Americ an Ninja Warrior training facilit y – and Jonathon was laughing and s aid: “ Who t ake s a girl to a Ninja Warrior facilit y ? But that’s me – that’s her – we both loved it. JS: [rolling his eye s] “I have this sweet romantic proposition, honey. Let’s go sweat our as se s of f till we pas s out [ laughing ]. DS:Yeah , it was fun. Tot ally! We did trapezing , trampolining , extreme dodge ball. It was amazing! AI: OK AY, SO YOU’RE THE SP ORTS NUT, DRE W. BUT YOU ARE BOTH IN GRE AT SHAPE. TALK ABOUT HOW YOU MAINTAIN YOUR PH YSICAL HE ATH. JS: I used to be heavily into mar tial ar t s and par t of that is a mediation program. Now, recently, I haven’t been doing a heck of

a lot of mar tial ar t s or medit ating , but, what I have found, is if I just get away from ever ything for a few hour s and t ake in a f ilm, I c an just veg , and that’s my serenit y. DS: I used to be a per sonal trainer, which not a lot of people know. I studied kine siolog y bec ause, in C anada, you don’t get paid to coach on the high school level, so, I thought, if I bec ame a phy sic al educ ation teacher it would be like get ting paid to coach. When I was studying kine siolog y I got more and more into the nutrition side, which I used when I was a per sonal trainer. So I have that knowledge from my time in univer sit y that has st ayed with me through my life. JS: He alway s trie s to explain to me what the hell gluten is and I still don’t have any idea [ laughs]. DS:With our schedule, being on the road so much, it is impor t ant to tr y to eat right, and get sleep, and exercise. I think this past year I have been home maybe four time s . So when you maint ain the kind of schedule we do, you have to know how to keep up a healthy life st yle. AI: E VERYONE WHO HAS E VER BOUGHT, SOLD, REMODELED, OR ENHANCED A PROPERT Y HAS RUN INTO A SITUATION OF BEING OUT OF SORTS WITH THEIR AGENTS, THEIR C ONTR ACTORS, E VEN THEMSELVES. WHEN THINGS GO WRONG , WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO DE AL WITH THAT? JS: One, is to step back from the situation and t ake the emotion out of it. People – and this is e specially the c ase when it come s to a re sidential remodeling projec t – get ver y emotionally tied to what is being done. Sometime s , they don’t under st and that their expec t ations have been falsely set, which c ause s problems . That also happens with the selling of a house. When a house doe sn’t sell there are only three reasons for that : a problem with the price, a problem with the house, or a problem with the neighbored. You c an adjust the price, you c an f ix the house, but you c an’t do anything about the neighbored – the loc ation – so you have to be realistic on ever y one of those levels . Ever y house

will sell if it is being of fered at the right price. So my advice to 1 4 | AGENTI A ZI NE . Cisn’t O M working – look for guidance from people – if NCMAG something profe s sionals you trust, and then listen to their advice. DS: The big thing Jonathan s aid that I agree with is you have to re move the emotion. There are so many homeowner s who have allowed their emotions to shade their belief s : that their house is the ni ce st on the block , and that it is wor th more than what is realistic. And the s ame is true for buyer s who want a price lower than what is realistic for the market, or with those who are doing a renovation and are not being realistic as to what c an be done within their budget. Not being knowledgeable or in line with the cost s as sociated with buying , selling or remodeling a home c an c ause a lot of stre s s . So, a big par t of what we do is to be therapis t s to home buyer s and seller s and with people who want to do renovations . Our job is to of fer them advice and ideas , and also to be a par tner and therapist to help them through the proce s s . AI: WHAT ARE SOME OF THE OTHER QUALITIES THAT MAKE FOR A GOOD RE AL ESTATE AGENT? DS: A per son who is not about themselve s . A lot of agent s – and believe me, I’ve seen them – will go through looking for proper tie s that will give them the highe st commis sion and then only show those house s . A great agent put s the client and their needs and de sire s f ir st. They are knowledgeable, they know their market, and they know how to negotiate. They know how to help their client. They want to make sure that they help a client get into a home that is right for them without let ting emotions t ake over and seeing som eone get overleveraged. A great agent is someone who under st ands their client’s stor y and appreciate s it.

If you are a f ir st- time buyer, buying a home is a sc ar y proce s s . The last thing you need is a fast- t alking , slick agent who make s you feel like an idiot for asking que stions . You want an agent who is educ ated and knowledgeable, who under st and your life st yle, and needs , and de sire s , and who c an me sh with you. JS: Whether it’s a real e st ate agent, or a de signer, or contrac tor – any profe s sional you work with – if they ever make you feel dumb for asking any que stion, they are not the right per son for you to be working with. The thing that people have to alway s remember – which too many forget – is that agent s , and de signer s , and contrac tor s work for you. They are the profe s sionals , but you are the bos s . AI: LE T’S TURN THE TABLES. WHAT MAKES FOR A GOOD CLIENT? JS: A great client is someone who has done their homework and has realistic expec t ations . It is someone who knows what to expec t from the profe s sionals they are surrounding themselve s with. If someone come s in and s ay s they want to look at house s and they haven’t done anything to get even a basic idea of the market they are looking in and what they c an af ford, that’s a dangerous situation for an agent to be in. An agent c an only operate properly when they know the parameter s of their client, and if the client doe sn’t know that themselve s , it’s not a good thing . AI: WHEN A SITUATION ARISES IN WHIC H YOU ARE NOT IN LINE WITH THE WISHES OR E XPECTATIONS OF A CLIENT, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE THAT? DS: Kill them! [ laughs]. Okay, so you were asking about what make s for a good agent ? A good real e st ate agent c an defuse a situation. That, to a large extent, is their job, to unemotionally t ake the stre s s of f a client and help them under st and a situation and of fer advice on how to re solve it. I know that c an be a hard thing to do with some client s , and, also with some agent s , but one of the way s to not even get into situations like that is to pre -qualit y a client and to really get to know them. I’ve met real e st ate agent s , e specially new one s , who want to t ake on a client – any client – so badly, just bec ause they want the work . But, if they are not the right client for you, if they are indecisive and not really ready to buy or sell, or if they don’t really know what they want, or what they c an af ford, or the market, it’s just not going to work out well for the agent or the client. An agent should never t ake on a client just bec ause they need the busine s s . JS: We have ac tually let a lot of client s go over the year s , usually if they wanted to do something illeg al like side - steeping get ting permit s . We won’t work with people like that bec ause it’s not how we operate. It is the job of the agent to be tot ally in line with the client’s mindset and expec t ations – st ar ting with the leg al and ethic al one s – right from the beginning . AI: ONE L AST THING : WHAT IS IT THAT MAKES YOU GU YS TIC K? DS: I love being able to inspire people. I know there are a lot of people we work with who could simply not do what they want to do if it wasn’t for us coming in and helping them with ideas and input and to show them how they c an stretch their budget s . At the end of the day, when they are happy with the re sult s , and throw their arms around you, that’s the be st par t of what we do. JS: I’m good with that. And also, it’s just all about experiencing life. To get out there ever y day and tr y something new. We both love and thrive on that.

Drew & Jonathan - House Party Costa Mesa

For more information on the Sc ot t brother s , their shows and products , click on www.the sc ot tbrother s .c om.

agent inc THE BROTHER’S BACKSTORY J�athan and Drew Sco�



Seemi ngly born with entrepreneurial gene s , Jonathan and Drew st ar ted their f ir st busine s s before they were 10- year s -old. B y the time they were 18, they were buying and f lipping home s , which led to the e st ablishment of a real e st ate, de sign and renovation busine s s by the time they were in their 20s . Along with their busine s s acumen, the t wins also had a knack for the theatric al and beg an per forming in theatre and television as child ac tor s . Jonathan per formed as a magician and illusionist from his early teens , and Drew, who beg an ac ting in element ar y school, would go on to do improv, sketch and st andup comedy in high school, and also landed small role s on television shows such as “ Smallville” and “Breaker High.” C atching the eye of a producer, the brother s were approached to host a home renovation show c alled, “My Dream Home,” which later bec ame “Proper t y Brother s .” They have also writ ten and recorded t wo original song s , “Hold On” and “Let the Night Shine In,” with countr y music ar tist s Vic toria Shaw and Chad C arlson, co- founded a produc tion company, Scot t Brother s Enter t ainment, which produce s award- winning and eng aging content in all genre s for television, f ilm and digit al platforms , and have expanded their brand to create Scot t Living , a de signer collec tion of indoor and outdoor furniture, décor and bedding that is available through QVC , C and Lowe’s . Somehow f inding the time to embrace charit able c ause s , the brother s also ser ve as global am bas s ador s for World Vision, working to improve child protec tion dome stic ally and abroad. Their wide -ranging philanthropic contributions also include work with a variet y of charitie s such as Ar tist s for Peace and Justice, The Americ an Red Cros s and St. Jude Children’s Re search Hospit al. They have also been ac tive soldier s for the c ause of environment al re sponsibilit y and the advancement of clean, renewable energie s and, in 2016, Jonathan co-hosted “24 Hour s of Realit y,” a serie s of 24 individual hour-long pre sent ations on global warming arranged for each of the world’s time zone s by Former-Vice Pre sident Al Gore. Having achieved succe s s with their f ir st book , “Dream Home : The Proper t y Brother s’ Ultimate Guide to Finding & Fixing Your Per fec t House” (Houghton Mif f lin Harcour t, 2016), a comprehensive guide for f ir sttime homebuyer s as well as existing homeowner s looking to upgrade their space, the duo will be releasing their second tome, a memoir c alled “It Take s Two : Our Stor y ” (Houghton Mif f lin Harcour t, 2017), next month.

Brothermania � J�athan and Drew Sco�


Navig ating to the top require s a goal. Knowing where you are put s you on the path of knowing where you’re going . The se number s inspire and pre sent a stor y of succe s s de signed to motivate and let you know : IT CAN BE DONE.

Sports agents ranked by value of contracts under management in 2016 (in million U.S. dollars) Scot t Boras (Boras Corp)


Tom Condon (Creat ive Art ist s Agency)


Jeff Schwart z (Excel Sport s Management )


Casey Close (Excel Sport s Management )


Pat Brisson (Creat ive Art ist s Agency)


Sam & Set h Levinson (ACES)


T he wealthiest individuals operating in the global real estate industry as of April 2014, by net worth (in billion U.S. dollars)

David Dunn ( At hlet es First )



Jimmy Sext on (Creat ive Art ist s Agency)


Todd France (Creat ive Art ist s Agency)


31.9 30

Net worth in billion U.S. dollars

Drew Rosenhaus (Rosenhaus Sport s Represent at ion)



Greg Genske (The Legacy Agency)



Don Meehan (Newport Sport s Management )


20 Jorge Mendes (Gest ifut e Int ernat ional)





Mark Bart elst ein (Priorit y Sport s & Ent ert ainment )



Dan Lozano (MVP Sport s Group)






Joel Wolfe (Wasserman Media Group)



6.9 Nez Balelo (Creat ive Art ist s Agency)



Jonat han Barnet t (St ellar Group)



Mino Raiola

Li KaShing

Lee Shau Kee

Donald Bren

Wang Jianlin

Gerald Grosvenor

Majid Al Fut t aim

Raymond Kwok

Thomas Kwok

Joseph Lau

Pet er Woo


Volker St rut h (Sport sTot al)

287.7 0




Contracts value in million U.S. dollars


Additional Information:

Bloomberg © Statista 2016

Worldwide; Bloomberg; April 16, 2014


Additional Information:

Forbes © Statista 2016

United States; Forbes; 2016




TRUE STRENGTH IN NUMBERS Camper & Nicholsons International



Source: Camper & Nicholsons

Source: Camper & Nicholsons





$6.4 m

$3.6 m

$9.4 m

$3.2 m





$13.1 m

$27.4 m

$13.7 m

$7.5 m





$31.4 m

$32.1 m

$29.2 m






$24.2 m


$54.5 m






Section 3: Yacht sales in size, type and age SIZE OF SUPERYACHT SOLD, FIRST HALF 2016 Source: Camper & Nicholsons

104 30M–40M







SIZE OF SUPERYACHT SOLD, FIRST HALF 2015 Source: Camper & Nicholsons









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If the car in your dreams is not the car in your garage, we should talk.

Let Kirk Dawson make your dreams come true! 949.718.3039 Experience The Fletcher Jones Difference.



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Get to know your heart, it’s the only one you have. with Farzan Rajput M.D. There is so much modern re search and technolog y available today to prevent hear t disease, but are you really t aking advant age of what’s out there? The Basic Elec troc ardiogram or EKG is the f ir st place to go to improve your hear t health. What you do know helps you, what you don’t know could be dangerous . An elec troc ardiogram (EKG or EC G) is a te st that checks for problems with the elec tric al ac tivit y of your hear t. An EKG shows the hear t’s elec tric al ac tivit y as line tracing s on paper. The spike s and dips in the line tracing s are c alled wave s . The te st is easy, painle s s and t ake s only a few minute s . At South C oast C ardiolog y in Newpor t Beach, Dr. Far zan Rajput specialize s in advance c ardiac imaging and give s a list of what the te st ac tually doe s : • Check the hear t’s elec tric al ac tivit y. • Find the c ause of unexp lained che st pain or pre s sure. This could be c aused by a hear t at t ack , inf lammation of the s ac surrounding the hear t ( peric arditis), or angina.

Real E st ate War s Serie s Premiere

OCTOBER 5 10/9 C S e e wh at h ap p en s w h en b u sine s s b e c ome s p er son al i n th e OC .


• Find the c ause of symptoms of hear t disease. Symptoms include shor tne s s of breath, dizzine s s , fainting , and hear tbeat s that are rapid and irregular ( palpit ations). • Find out if the walls of the hear t chamber s are too thick . Check how well medicine s are working and see if they are c ausing side ef fec t s that af fec t the hear t. • Check how well mechanic al device s that are implanted in the hear t, such as pacemaker s , are working . The se device s help to control the hear tbeat. • Check the health of the hear t when other disease s or conditions are pre sent. Th e se include high blood pre s sure, high chole sterol, cig aret te smoking , diabete s , and a family histor y of early hear t disease. A follow -up reading of an EKG c an include ever ything from a diagnosis to a simple life st yle or diet change. Either way, in this c ase, get ting an intimate glimps into your your hear t c an put you on the path to optimal health and overall well-being . South C oast C ard i ol og y 280 Newpor t C enter D r.#110 Newpor t Beach , CA 92660 Ph one 949.870.6668

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Presents The Scott Brothers House Party Live Event Multi-city tour 7:30 Pm Bergen Performing Arts Center 3o N Van Burnt St. Englewood, NJ 07631


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TRANSFORM – MIND AND BODY Fiji events/life-wealth-mastery/fiji09-22-2017/







The yachting industry turns its focus exclusively to the MYS where 40 new launches are annually unveiled in a worldwide debut. Port Hercules Monaco


AREAA NATIONAL CONVENTION AREAA’s (Asian Real Estate Association of America) National Convention, held each fall, attracts the organization’s best and brightest from all over the world to converge for three days of education, networking, and motivation. Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel 1 Market Pl | San Diego, CA 92101 www.AREAA.ORG




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Luxury Connect is a hand curated event featuring 600 of the world’s top producing agents and brokers. In addition to a full-day of thought-provoking content designed to elevate your business, Beverly Hills Hotel | Beverly Hills, CA


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ON GOIN G E V EN T S DEL MAR TASTE OF THE TURF CLUB Every Sunday this summer experience one of San Diego’s most celebrated chefs - Tables are limited. $150 per person includes Turf Club Seating for the race day, Turf Club Admission, Choice of Appetizer, Entree, Dessert and bottomless mimosas or bloody marys. Spots are limited so reserve yours today. Del Mar Thoroughbred Club 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd | Del Mar, CA


GETTING NOTICED IN A CROWDED MARKETPLACE B y TOM FERRY Tom Ferry is the CEO of Tom Ferry International, a Real Estate Coaching and Training Company. Tom is named the #1 Real Estate Educator by Swanepoel Power 200 and is the best-selling Author of Life! By Design. In his nearly 30 years of service to the industry, Tom has influenced well over half a million real estate professionals to increase their inner and outer wealth. 888.866.3377 | 6 Executive Circle, Irvine, CA 92614 |



D o you feel invisible in the mas sive sea of real e st ate agent s? Are you having trouble distinguishing your self from other agent s? If this sounds like you, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to learn how to develop your unique selling proposition and what you c an do to separate your self from the competition!



1. Social Proof

We both kn ow that i f yo u wan t to get that listing your custome r has to trus t yo u. Trus t c an o n ly be earn ed an d i s tough to g ain. H ere a few s i mp l e thi ng s yo u c an do to c reate that trust faste r.

The fac t i s p e o p le wa n t to wo rk wi th s o m e o ne they kn ow. Ever yo n e l i ke s th e comfor t o f th ing s th at a re fa m i l i a r to hi m o r h e r. In o rd er to create th at level of comfor t, yo u n e e d to u n de r s t a nd a n d get to kn ow who yo ur potentia l cu sto m er s a re.

Make s u re yo u have s o me s o r t of soc ial proof like “just liste d / just s o l d ” p i ece s s uch as : Zi l l ow reviews , te stimonials or your de monstrating yo ur l o c al kn owl edge o f the area.

Wh o are th e p e o p le th at wa nt to s el l the i r ho m e s i n yo u r area?

Yo u s ho ul d have a p age o n yo u r web site with more information about you an d a vi d eo.

Wh at is imp o r t a n t to the m ? H ow do th ey wa n t to b e c o m m u ni c ate d wi th ?

2 . About you

3 . Google Ret argeting

This also go e s for th e p ote n ti a l b uye r s i n yo u r a rea as wel l. Wh o are yo u r b uye r s?

Us e ad s to create fami l i ari t y with your image and brand that follows your cus to mer s aro u n d the i n tern et . If you’ve visite d my site before you’ve p ro bably s een my ad s o n the s ite s you are visiting af te r wards!

H ow old a re th ey ?


Wh at is m os t imp or t a n t to th e m w he n b uyi ng a ho us e? H ow doe s th is g rou p l ike to b e c o m m u ni c ate d wi th ? O nce you’ve asked you r s el f the s e qu e s ti o ns yo u wi l l have a bet ter under st an d ing o f w h o yo u’re pote n ti a l cu s to m e r s are.

Af ter yo u’ve mad e i t thro ug h those f ir st few ste ps you c an st ar t making s o me p rog re s s wi th yo u r l ead s . Ju s t kn ow that even af ter yo u’ve built trust, it isn’t ove r yet! Yo u’ve s i mp ly wo n the o pti o n for your custome r to tr y you out.


Remember to s ee i t f ro m yo u r custome r’s pe r spe c tive.

Yo u need to f ir s t get to kn ow yo u r cu s to m e r s .

They are tru s ti ng yo u to hel p th e m with one of the big ge st f inanc ial d eci s i o n s they wi l l ever make.

Ever yone wa n t s to wo rk wi th s o m e o ne they l i ke.

O nce you get to kn ow th e m th e n they c a n s t a r t to “l i ke yo u ” .

If yo u s er ved them an d d i d a g reat job helping the m f ind a solution, yo u’l l get rep eat bus i n e s s an d refe rrals in the future.

D on’t over th in k th is! Genuine in te ra c tio n go e s a l o ng way. St a r t by f in d ing a co m m o n gro u n d wi th the m . This c a n b e a ny th ing fro m spo r t s , l o c a l pl a ce s ( re st auran t s , p o i n t s o f intere st, etc. ) , fa mily, a l o c a l ch a ri t y, o r hu n dre ds o f other thi ng s . This won’t b e ve r y d if f icu l t i f yo u’ve do ne yo u r re s earch.

agent inc.



An Inside View �om Outside the Indu�y


One of th e n ation’s to p spo r t s age n t s embod ie s th e b a la n ce d el e m e n t s a nd n atura l force s o f a tro pi c a l pa ra di s e to a chieve s u cce s s – in l ife a nd wo rk – fo r h im sel f a n d h i s cl i e nt s By David Laurell

Like the warm tranquil breeze that swirls thro ugh the sleeping dragon- shaped mount ains that surround the cre scent shoreline of Kauai’s Hanalei Bay, Greg Genske’s demeanor is c alm and peaceful. He pos se s se s the aura of a man who has c arefully studied the way balance works in all aspec t s of nature and it s element s . And, in much the s ame way the awe some power of the everchanging ocean confront s the maje st y of the steadfast imposing terrain of Hanalei, he seems to be at tuned to the gentle h armonie s to be found within the puls ating rhythm of counter vailing force s It is no wonder that Genske harbor s a pas sionate at trac tion to this tropic al Hawaiian oasis ne stled deep within the lush greener y of The Garden Island’s nor th shore. There is a nexus bet ween the force s of nature that co-exist there, and the way he conduc t s himself – per sonally and profe s sionally. A Southern C alifornia native who at tend Diamond Bar High School, he matriculated at Pepperdine Univer sit y and Boalt Hall School of L aw at the Univer sit y of C alifornia at Berkeley where he earned a juris doc tor degree. Beginning his profe s sional c areer with t wo leading national law f irms as a trial at torney, he also negotiated complex multimil lion-dollar trans ac tions on behalf of both emerging busine s s enterprise s and e st ablished For tune 500 companie s . In 2004, Genske succeeded Jef f Moorad as the chief executive of f icer of Moorad Spor t s Management. Soon af ter t aking over the reins of the company, Genske and par tner s , Brian Peter s and Scot t Parker, outright purchased Moorad Spor t s Management from it s parent company, the C anadian-based Loring Ward, and re named it L S Leg acy Spor t s Group.

Genske’s role as the company ’s lead negotiator s aw him advoc ate and ac t on behalf of numerous athlete s in the Major League Baseball and National Football League draf t s . E st ablishing a reput ation within the spor t s world as tough negotiator with a solid leg al back ground and a devotion to ethic s and value s , he has secured ma ximum compens ation deals for athlete s he negotiate s for, while maint aining positive relationships and the profe s sional re spec t of the team’s he negotiate s with. One of the nation’s leading agent s in profe s sional spor t s , Ganske has negotiated numerous deals wor th over t wo-billion dollar s , including the record- set ting deal for New York Yankee s pitcher C C S abathia. He currently handle s more than 200 profe s sional athlete s and has been included in the pre stigious list of the Spor t s Busine s s Journal’s “For t y Under 40.” Along with his wife A sha, daughter Te s s , and son Gavin, Genske is a re sident of L aguna Beach, C alifornia, where A gent Inc. recently c aught up with him to t alk about his life, c areer, and how he balance s the t wo. C onst ant in both the thoughtfulne s s in which he ponder s que stions and the concise manner in which he re sponds , his c alm demeanor and consistency is not unlike the wave s of the Pacif ic that gently, and yet power fully, ebb and f low over the s andy shore of Hanalei Bay.

AGENT INC . ( AI): LE T’S IMAGINE YOU ENC OUNTERED AN ALIEN FROM SOME DISTANT PL ANE T WHO HAD NO IDE A OF WHAT AN AGENT IS OR DOES. HOW WOULD YOU E XPL AIN IT TO THEM? Greg G enske (GG): At the simple st and most basic level, an agent – in my c ase a spor t s agent – is re sponsible for the planning of the c areer of a profe s sional athlete and ma ximizing a player’s compens ation and earning options throughout their c areer. To go a bit deeper, it sometime s means being a life coach and an advisor to them in ever y aspec t of their live s . An agent’s job is to make sure that the life of a player they repre sent is completely in order, in ever y way, so that they c an put one hundred percent focus on their craf t. AI: WHAT PERSONALIT Y TR AITS MAKE FOR A GOOD AGENT? GG : It is impor t ant to be intuitive, compas sionate, and an extraordinar y deal-maker. AI: AND WHAT ABOUT THE CLIENT? WHAT MAKES FOR A GOOD CLIENT? GG : In my line of work it all begins with having tremendous Godgiven abilit y. That is where it has to st ar t. From there, ever y agent hope s to have the oppor tunit y to work with a client who has per sonal integrit y, a strong set of value s a strong work ethic, and one who under st ands the value of good advice and information, listens to it, under st ands it, and then use s it to their advant age. It is also impor t ant that they under st and what may or may not be a proper source for advice and information. A good client is discerning in seeking out proper enlightenment to bet ter deal with their live s , both on the f ield and of f. AI: WHAT ROLE DOES TRU ST PL AY IN YOUR REL ATIONSHIP WITH A CLIENT? GG : If there is no trust, there is no relationship. It’s as simple as that. It’s a t wo- way street. Without trust on both side s it just c an’t work . AI: E VEN IN THE BEST OF CIRCUMSTANCES, WHEN IT C OMES TO C ONDUCTING BU SINES S, SOME THINGS DON’T WORK OUT THE WAY THE Y WERE PL ANNED. WHEN THAT HAPPENS, WHAT IS THE BEST WAY FOR BOTH THE AGENT AND THE CLIENT TO GE T BAC K ON TR AC K? GG : I am a f irm believer in alway s sticking to an original g ame plan, if you truly believe it was the be st cour se of ac tion. You alway s have to be prepared to deal with uncer t aintie s arising , but if you have e st ablished a good initial g ame plan, you both have to remain focused on that. Even if something has not gone the way you wanted it to, you have to const antly focus on the posi tive, on what is right, and then move for ward and keep working towards the goal. AI: E VERY T YPE OF AGENT HAS DE ALT WITH A CLIENT WHO HAS UNRE ALISTIC E XPECTATIONS. WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO HANDLE A SITUATION LIKE THAT? GG : With compas sion, under st anding and bru t al hone st y. Sometime s you just have to lay out the c ards with brut al hone st y. But, when that is the c ase, it has to be done with a pragmatic rationale. There has to be a strong and wellthought out foundation for what you are advising , and why you are advising your client to change their way of thinking about something that isn’t realistic. You have to be compas sionate and leave no uncer t aintie s so they c an come to under st and the truth in reg ards to any given situation.

AI: MAN Y OF YOUR CLIENTS ARE VERY YOUNG , AND THEIR 25 |CAREERS. AGENTINC MAG A ZINE. COM PARENTS ARE ACTIVELY INVOLVED IN THEIR ARE THERE E VER TIMES WHEN AN ATHLE TE IS AT ODDS WITH THEIR PARENTS OVER SOME THING AND YOU FIND YOURSELF IN THE MIDDLE? GG : I doe s happen. A s you s aid, we deal with ver y young people who are forced to deal with is sue s that are out side of the norm for most 20- year-olds . They have to deal with thing s on a far big ger sc ale and much sooner than most people do in their live s . In most c areer s , you work your way up to making sub st antial s alarie s and pos sibly having to deal with the media. In spor t s , it happens right away, in some c ase s , the moment they are signed. Those t ype s of is sue s impac t a young per son’s family as much as they do the athlete themselve s . Knowing that, another big par t of what we do is to work with a player’s immediate family so they are a par t of the proce s s and so that they have a thorough under st anding of all the concerns , and de sire s , and decisions being made. You have to re spec t the family relationship, and e specially when it come s to the parent s of a child who is involved with a phenomenon that involve s notoriet y, celebrit y, big money, endor sement s , people who may not be out for their be st intere st s , all the is sue s – and there are many – that come to profe s sional athlete s so much earlier than they do to those in most other profe s sions . AI: AND WHAT WOULD MAKE FOR A PERFECT DAY? GG : My favorite place in the world is Hanalei in Hawaii. So waking up in Hanalei, spending the day sur f ing with my kids , and then having a barbeque with my family, that’s about as per fec t as a day could be for me.

AI: YOU MENTIONED E ARLIER THAT AN AGENT HAS TO BE AN | AORDINARY AGENTI NCMAG ADE ZI NE .COM E2 6X TR AL-MAKER. FOR MAN Y YE ARS IT SEEMED LIKE GOOD NEGOTIATING ON A CLIENT’S BEHALF C ONSISTED OF GOING IN WITH THE AT TITUDE THAT IT’S GOING TO BE “M Y- WAY- OR-THEHIGHWAY.” BUT THAT HARDC ORE WAY OF C ONSTRUCTING A DE AL SEEMS TO BE PAS SÉ. WHAT MAKES FOR A GOOD DE AL? GG : There is still a hardcore element involved with any negotiation t alks , but, a good deal – any good deal – stems from an agent completely under st anding ever y element of what they want and with whom they are dealing with. You have to have a complete and thorough knowledge and under st anding of the market in which you work to put the proper value on thing s . Once you have that under st anding as a foundation, there is no reason for not being as tough and re solute as pos sible in put ting together the right deal. But, it is a huge mist ake to enter into any negotiation – to tr y to put together any deal – without the under st anding that, as a par t of the deal, you are forming a par tner ship. Whatever you are negotiating for, or whatever deal you are tr ying to make, you should be basing it on forming a long - term relationship and par tner ship with whomever you are dealing with. That is the way to earn trust and as sure positive relationships which translate s to future succe s s . So, for me, a good deal is when thing s work out in the most oppor tune way for our client, and also achieve the be st intere st s for those of the team we are negotiating with. AI: E VERY AGENT E XPERIENCES BOTH HIGHS AND LOWS, AND, AT TIMES, THE Y CAN BE E X TREME. HOW DO YOU KEEP EITHER IN PERSPECTIVE? GG : I’m the t ype of per son who doe sn’t let any setback or frustration enter into the pic ture. I believe you alway s have to st ay focused on the long - term goal. From a per sonal st andpoint, I also exercise, sur f, do medit ation and yog a. Those thing s keep me balanced as a per son, which, in turn, make s me a bet ter agent. I also love to spend time with my wife and t wo children. I think , for me, sur f ing with my kids is what keeps thing s in per spec tive. It’s the greate st stre s s -reliever there is . AI: YOU HAVE AC HIE VED A HIGH LE VEL OF PROFES SIONAL SUC CES S, AS HAVE YOUR CLIENTS. WHAT ARE YOUR FEELINGS ABOUT THE RESP ONSIBILITIES THAT C OME WITH GRE AT SUC CES S AND RE WARD? GG : I have a strong commitment to ser vice. I believe in charit able giving . I believe in giving of my self – my time. I encourage that with all my client s . I was just recently in a meeting with a ver y well-known profe s sional baseball payer I am now repre senting , and during our f ir st meeting the majorit y of what we t alked about is how e s sential it is to give back . When you are ble s sed to receive the f inancial rewards that profe s sional athlete s get, it is simply e s sential for them to know what is impor t ant out side of the g ame they play, and how they c an use the ble s sing s they have received to be of help and ser vice to other s – how to make a dif ference in someone’s life, or even in the world. That is a big par t of what our company doe s with the athlete s we repre sent. We work with them to achieve their charit able and giving goals with the s ame pas sion as we handle their profe s sional goals AI: WHEN YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING , WHAT MOTIVATES YOU TO GE T OUT OF BED AND GE T THE DAY STARTED? GG : The f ir st thing I do, ever y morning , is pray and medit ate. I’ve studied many dif ferent t ype s of medit ation technique s and I’ve sor t of e st ablished my own program that really isn’t def inable bec ause it incorporate s a lit tle bit of the many programs I have learned. That get s m e centered to focus on the ble s sing s I have in life and to get my head clear for the day that is in front of me. My goal each morning is to be the be st husband, father, and agent I c an be.

FAVO RITE QUOTE: “No man is an island entire of itself ; ever y man is a piec e of the c ontinent, a par t of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the le s s , as well as if a promontor y were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were ; any man’s death diminishe s me, bec ause I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls ; it tolls for thee” – John D onne

agent inc



T WE N T Y Q U E S T IO NS IN T WE N T Y SEC O ND S I NFLU E NTIA L PERSON : P rofe s s iona lly, Jef f Moora d, my p red ece s s o r who ha d a profou nd inf lu e nce a nd impa c t on w h at I d o. TRE A SU RE D MATERIAL P O S SES SION : My da d g ave m e a n au tog rap h ed baseba ll c a rd of him s elf that I love. WHAT TA KES UP THE MO ST ROOM ON YOU R BOOKSHEL F : Ever y b o o k writ te n by Erne s t He mm ingway a nd books on m ed i t ati o n , yog a, s u r f ing a nd spor t s . AU TH O R : H em ingway. N E VE R MI S S MAG A ZIN E: “ G Q .” MO ST FRE Q U ENTLY VISITED WEB SITE: B as eb al l Refere nce.c om MU ST- HAVE G ADGE T: My phone, be c a u s e I d o eve r ything on it H O B BY: Su r f i ng a nd exe rc is ing . MOVI E : “A Few Good Me n.” TE L E VI SI O N SH OW : “ Mod e rn Fa mily.” A RTI ST: No real favorite, maybe Pa blo Pic as s o. FO O D : A l l V i etn a me se food s . DES SE RT: My wife’s u nbelieva ble blu ebe rr y che e se c a ke wi th ch o c o l ate gra ha m c ra cke r c ru s t. D RI NK : C ap p u c c ino. VACATI O N SP OT: Ha na le i, Ka u a i. CA R : I d rive a silve r A s ton Ma r tin. MU SI C : My g u ilt y pleas u re is liste ning to R.L Bu rns id e. B I G SU RPRI SE TO THO SE WHO KNOW YOU : I’m a pret t y tran sp aren t p e r s on, so the re a re no s u rpris e s . H E RO : My ki d s , who inspire m e to be the be s t I c a n be. FAVO RITE Q U OTE: John D onne.

An Inside View �om Outside the Indu�y



A look back ...

Story by David Laurell * Illustration by Mark Hammermeister

C.C. Pyle

Since the first time a person acted on behalf of another individual or group as a representative, emissary, envoy, go-between, proxy, negotiator, broker, liaison or spokesperson, this world has seen a cadre of colorful characters serve as agents, C. C. Pyle was one of the first

One of the most colorful pioneers of the profession, Charles C. Pyle, whose skill for

circuses, burlesque, legitimate theatre, and the still burgeoning public presentation of

monetizing events, promotion, and negotiating deals on behalf of his clients earned him

moving pictures, exploited the performers and athletes, while lining the pockets of the

the nickname “Cash and Carry” Pyle.

theater and team owners.

Born in 1882, little is known of Pyle’s life until he purchased a theater in Champaign–

When a ticket was purchased to see a show, and especially a sporting event, the lion’s

Urbana, Illinois where he began honing his promotion skills in order to fill seats. As time

share of the revenue went to the owners with only a pittance payed to those the public

went by, Pyle’s study of how to lure people into his entertainment venue provided him

actually came to see. Pyle realized that these young athletes had no understanding

with the understanding that athletic competitions and endurance-testing events were a

that they could be, and should be, receiving higher pay, and even if they did, possessed

tremendous magnet to attract the ticket-buying public.

no knowledge of how to go about negotiating such a deal. During a time when the top professional football players were making between $100 and $200 per game, Pyle had

Having the knowledge that it was by promoting and marketing the headliners of the day

convinced Grange that there would be no way he would sign on with the Bears for such

that brought people into his theater, he believed the same concept would work in the

a mere pittance.

sports world. He figured that people, possibly even those who weren’t that interested in a specific sport, would still purchase a ticket to see an athlete who had attained

And so, while Grange sat silent, presumably in a puddle of sweat due to the fur coat

celebrity status.

he was wearing, Pyle negotiated his contract with the Bears that saw him sign on for a percentage of ticket sales which brought his salary up to the staggering sum of

By the time he was in his early 40s, Pyle had befriend numerous people associated

$100,000 for his first season.

with the Chicago sports world and he utilized those contacts, along with his marketing skills, to represent Harold “Red” Grange, a star halfback at the University of Illinois

Pyle didn’t just sell Grange’s athletic prowess, he sold him as a celebrity, and then went

who, under Pyle’s guidance, signed on with the Chicago Bears and helped legitimize the

on to serve as his agent, advising him on how to conduct himself, talk to the press, and

National Football League.

dress to capture attention. He also handled his financial investments, negotiated for endorsements of products and roles in films, and arranged in-person appearances at

The Bears had been well-aware of Grange who had earned a national reputation in

any venue or event who would pay his asking price.

college, and the team was extremely interested in having him join their franchise. At the time there was no such thing as a sports agent, but when Grange showed up to discuss

Neither Pyle nor Grange may have been completely aware of it at the time, but working

signing on with the Bears, he was accompanied by Pyle.

together as an agent and client, they brought about what would lead to a seismic change in professional sports. With an athlete now calling his shots, through his

If the team’s coaches and management were thrown off kilter by having a prospective

representation, the cornerstone was placed on which an entire industry would be built –

player come in to meet with them joined by a representative, they had to have been

that of the sports agent.

floored when there prospect showed (at Pyle’s direction) dressed in a full-length raccoon coat.

Having made his mark on the sports world by representing Grange, Pyle went on to also handle French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen. A dominating force in woman’s tennis,

Pyle paraded Grange into the meeting as if he was the biggest thing to ever hit the

Lenglen was the perfect client for Pyle. Not only did she possess outstanding ability

sports world. He then proceed to explain to the team’s representatives that Grange

on the court, she was a flamboyant trendsetter who became known as La Divine (the

would not only be a tremendous player, he would be a huge draw due to his celebrity

Goddess), the first female tennis celebrity, and one of the first international female

status. He also laid out his idea to capitalize on and monetize Grange’s professional

sport stars.

debut by arranging a barnstorming tour for the team. During this time Pyle also attempted to form a new football team in New York. After In 1925, this sort of thing was just not a part of how professional sports worked, or how

the NFL rejected his application, Pyle was furious and announced he would establish an

players were recruited and signed on by teams. At the time, professional sports – as a

entire new league – the first American Football League – which he did, but it only lasted

business – was still being conducted in the same way it had been since its inception in

one season before folding.

the latter part of the 19th century: as an entertainment event, which, like vaudeville,


In 1926, along with Lenglen, Pyle put together a team of the world’s best tennis payers and organized the first professional tennis tour that traveled throughout the U.S. and Canada. Two years later, he had an idea for an event that captured national and even

problems, was Pyle’s noble decision to ignore the racial segregation of the era and allow African-American runners to participate. That decision brought about various instances of hostility and violence, especially as the runners traversed Texas, where members of the Ku Klux Klan assaulted both the African-American participants as well as anyone who supported them.

international notice: the first trans-American foot race, a 3,455-mile-long run from

Pyle had also underestimated the costs associated

Los Angeles to New York that became

with the event, and by the time the first runner

known as “The Bunion Derby.”

arrived in New York, there was speculation that Pyle would not come through with the prize money.

At the tail end of the 1920s, endurance events such as dance

Surprisingly, he did, but the race proved to be a financial disaster for him.

marathons, rocking chair derbies, kissing contests, and flagpole sitting

Learning from his mistakes, Pyle again staged the race the

were highly popular throughout the U.S.

following year with a better outcome. That comeback would

Capitalizing on that craze, Pyle thought a foot race across the nation would be the ultimate feat (feet?) of endurance, not to mention a great money-making opportunity. Pyle’s idea was to award a $25-thousanddollar grand prize to the race’s winner of what he called

inspire a 1978 play, “C.C. Pyle and The Bunion Derby,” that was written by Tony Award-winner playwright Michael Cristofer and directed by Paul Newman, and the book, “C.C. Pyle’s Amazing Foot Race: The True Story of the 1928 Coast-to-Coast Run Across America” (Tantor Media, 2013), by Geoff Williams.

“C.C. Pyle’s First Annual International Transcontinental Foot Race.”

From “The Bunion Derby,” Pyle went on to manage the “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” exhibit at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1937. During this time

While Pyle planned for the race to heighten his name recognition, the press began to refer to it as “The Bunion Derby,” and the nickname stuck.

he met and married Elvia Allman, a comedic character actress who appeared in numerous films and, after Pyle’s death, would go on to work on many popular television shows of the 1950s and ’60s. She, most notably, played the

The race brought together participants from

role of the no-nonsense candy factory boss in the

all walks (runs?) of life, from serious Olympic

classic “I Love Lucy” episode in which Lucy and Ethel

competitors, to novices, who only had their eye on the prize money. Each runner paid an entry fee of $125, and took off on their quixotic adventure from Los Angeles on the morning of March 4, 1928.

get jobs on a candy assembly line, and then went on to do recurring roles on “The Beverly Hillbillies” and “Petticoat Junction.” When the World’s Fair closed, Pyle became the president of the Radio Transcription Company, a position he would hold until his death from a

While Pyle may have carved out a niche as a successful agent and

heart attack at the age of 56, in 1939. Although Pyle was known to many as an

promotor, he had given little, if

affable rogue and a fast-talking “get-rich-

any, thought to the numerous

quick” promoter in the vein of P.T. Barnum,

logistics and potential problems

his most famous client, Grange, always spoke

that would plague the race. Many

highly of him. Until his death in 1991, Grange

participants suffered injuries and exhaustion, fights broke out and collisions with automobiles happened everywhere along the route, weather conditions were brutal, and many of the route’s roads were incomplete. Adding to those

called Pyle: “The greatest sports impresario the world has ever known.”

Inner Peace Amid Chaos 3 0 | AGENTI NCMAG A ZI NE . C O M

by Master �ephen Co

I t i s s ai d that year s ago a cer t ai n sp i ri tu al m as ter hel d a co n te s t a m o ng hi s s tud en t s to s e e who co u l d d raw the b e s t rep re s en t ati o n o f c o mplete i n n er p eace. M o s t o f the p ai n ti ng s we re o f vas t mo u n t ai n s wi th sn ow -c ap p ed p eaks Photo credit: Stephen Co at the Tony Robbins event, NJ. s t a n di ng s i l en t an d Master Co is a internationally renowned lecturer, trainer and m aj e s ti c, o r c al m l ake s , practitioner of PRANIC HEALING®, who has taught the art of ref l e c ti ng p er fec t ly the healing and human energy studies to thousands of students tre e s aro un d them i n a in the United States. He is an author and currently appears gl as s - s mo oth s ur face, o r on stage with Tony Robbins. da rk fo re s t s o f f i r tree s , so dense a n d qu iet, you c o u l d h ea r a l ea f fa l l i ng to the g ro u n d. B ut one stude n t p a in ted a s ce n e o f a vi o l e n t s to rm wi th thun d er cracki ng a nd lig htn ing f l ash ing w hi l e ra i n po u re d dow n i n to rren t s , feed i ng a water fa ll th at cras h e d dow n a m o u n t a i n. B u t , the s tu d en t al s o p ai n ted b ehind th at water fa ll, in a da rk , dr y c ra ck that ex te n d ed d eep i n to the ro ck of th e m o u n t a in , a s i ngl e, l ive b ra n ch o n w hi ch s at a s mal l bi rd ’s ne st. In th at d ee p crevas s e i n th e m o u n t a i n, the mother bi rd an d her b abie s we re d r y, s a fe, a n d qu i et w hi l e th e s to rm raged aro u n d them.


Wh ich of th e p ic tu re s m o s t a c cu rately ref l e c t s th e p hy s i c al wo rl d an d our que st fo r c a lm in a wo rl d o f s u ch tu rm o i l ? Wh i ch o f the p i c tu re s b e st p or tray s o u r s ea rch fo r i nn e r s ti l l ne s s a m i d the ceas el e s s , d i sordere d ch at te r of o u r m o nkey m i nd? Thi s i s the e s s en ce o f o u r inherent d e sire to ma ke c o nt a c t wi th the s o u l : We n eed to kn ow that th ere is ord er o r mea n i ng i n a di s o rde rly o r m ea ni ng l e s s wo rl d, that th ere is a p l a ce o f in n e r pea ce a m i d thi s cha o s . The formu l a th roug h w h i ch we t a p i n to thi s i n ne r p eace i s s i mp l e : “Flush out th e ch a n n el,” o r o pe n the spi ri tu a l c o rd that ru n s f ro m


th e crown ch a kra to th e s o u l ; a nd “ tu ne i n ” to the rig ht f requ en cy, by cultivating stilln e s s a n d awa re n e s s du ri ng m e di t ati o n . When the mi n d is still a n d th e b ody e n e rgeti c a l ly cl ea n, the s o u l c an reach d own an d ma ke con t a c t with u s , w h i ch give s u s a c ce s s to i n ner p eace. The six ste p s in Yo u r Ha n ds C a n H ea l Yo u h el p yo u fo l l ow that formula. Reg u l ating a n d cl ea ri ng n eg ative e m oti o n s , da ily p ra n ic b reath ing , a n d energetic hyg ie n e wo rk ogether to f lu s h ou t yo u r channel. Th e min d fu l n e s s medit atio n a n d Me d it ati o n o n PLAY VIDEO Twin Hear t s g ive you the righ t f re quency you n ee d to ach i eve stillne s s a n d awa ren e s s . The energ y m a n ip u lation te chnique s a n d en erg y generation exercis e s g ive yo u th e p hy si c a l h ea l th a n d l evel of overa ll e n e rg y to p u r s u e a hig her path . w ww.master step h e n co.c o m

agent inc.


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CHIMERA PLATINUM SERIES 126,5 x 66,5 x 55,5 cm (HxWxD) 49.8 x 26.2 x 21.9 inches (HxWxD) VDS III - V | EN 1143-1 ca. 580 kg | 1,279 LBS (VDS III)

Uncompromising security, impeccable quality in every detail, fully bespoke exterior and interior design, perfect craftsmanship “Made in Germany”, with up to 70 precision watch winders. Stockinger safes, as secure as a bank, yet far more beautiful.

T EN LE AT H E R BAG S T H AT A RE WELL WOR T H BAGGIN G Replace your work bag with these less obvious options


B y Ch ri sto ph er B l o mqui st Here are some deep philosophical fashion-based questions to ponder the next time you need to distract your brain from the annoyance of being stuck in traffic: Aside from its price, how prestigious is a Prada bag if everyone who can afford it can cop one? And is Gucci really that glorious or Louis Vuitton truly luxurious or lovely if every sheeplike Tom, Dick and Harry (or mom, chick and Mary) just needs some coin in order to own one? While there are good reasons that these and other established luxury brands are popular, profitable Rodeo Drive mainstays the unfortunate truth is that in these times of post-globalization, many of these labels’ supposedly “special” designs are frankly neither very special nor exclusive. One might even refer to them as the accessories equivalents of McMansions: eye-catching, ostentatious cookie-cutter purchases that are meant to impress but actually don’t in the end

because they lack individuality and that ultimate of selling points, character. With that in mind, here’s a listing of some fantastic, insanely work-appropriate leather bags and briefcases whose quality and appeal rivals – and often tops – that of their more famous European competitors, and usually at a much more buyer-friendly price. These sturdy and aesthetically appealing carryalls are bound to be appreciated and career-boosting accessories. Aside from their obvious practicality and functionality, they will serve as daily reminders that you have an eagle eye for spotting the best under-the-radar, completely investment-worthy properties/ treasures that are to be found by venturing just a bit off the tried-and-true bestselling map.



There’s already a 2,000-per son waiting list for this sens ational, ultra minimalistic briefc ase that come s in four color options ( black , cognac, nav y and mocha) and is made from veget able - t anned leather from It aly. Recently named “Be st Leather Briefc ase” by gear and g adget review site Wirecut ter The Sof t Briefc ase is produced by young direc t- to-consumer, online only brand Linjer, which make s “ f ine leather goods without the luxur y markup” and also of fer s a rather splendid selec tion of women’s handbag s , small acce s sorie s and wrist watche s . This zip- top bag come s with a padded laptop sleeve, numerous storage compar tment s and a lifetime warrant y. ($489) by Linjer.

The most inexpensive options of the bunch, this bag by a lit tle known but Australian brand that has been around for more than a dec ade come s in t wo size s (13” or 15”) and t wo color options (t an or black) in pebble - grain cow leather. Padded with a pinstripe lining , it s roomy zip-entr y clamshell-like interior has a padded laptop sleeve and a pocket to hold an iPad or t ablet. Sydney -based Tof fee backs up it s qualit y and craf t smanship with a three - year guarantee and also make s a wide range of leather and nonleather acce s sorie s for modern day technic al g adget s such as phone and t ablet c ase s . And shipping is free on any order over $75. ($270 or $282) by Tof fee. www.tof feec ase s .com

MILLER S TANDARD AT TAC HÉ With a histor y that goe s back to 1933 Virginiabased Moore and Gile s make s some of the f ine st dome sti c ally produced leather goods from travel and busine s s bag s to wallet s , belt s and tote s . This winning , clas sic looking c arr yall with t wo side zip compar tment s , a padded computer pocket and a removable padded shoulder strap is no exception. It s handcraf ted from It alian Tit an Milled leather. The company, whose extensive produc t as sor tment also include s home goods from a club chair to leather coaster s , will also add a monogram for a mere 12 dollar s extra. In addition to it s online store, the brand is sold loc ally at D ouglas Fir on We st 3rd Street and We st in Beverly Hills . ($860) by Moore and Gile s . www.mooreandgile s .com

C OUNSELOR N O. 95 BRIE FCA SE Handcraf ted by one of the most renowned and re spec ted Americ an leather goods companie s (Ghurka was founded more than four dec ade s ago and has made piece s for both Ronald Reag an during his pre sidency and McL aren automobile s) this masculine, sumptuous model in French c alf skin exude s serious and big busine s s with it s t wo interior compar tment s and Old World bras s tuck locks . It’s just one of several st ylish options from this internationally celebrated brand which is stocked loc ally by upsc ale depar tment store s such as Barney s and Neiman Marcus . ($2,195) by Ghurka. www.

BRIDLE C OMPA S S LOC K BRIE FCA SE Lotuf f is an ar tis anal leather studio based in Providence, Rhode Island that employ s oldfashioned technique s to create it s covet able collec tions that are a favo rite of in- the -know fans and fashionist as . This timele s s , master ful mad e - to-order unisex model currently is being waitlisted. It’s made with the f ine st veget able - t anned bridle leather in black , chocolate or cognac and feature s a triple gus set interior and a bras s combination lock . It’s so stif f and sturdy it will st and up by it self even when empt y. For those war y of making such a pricey purchase online, Lotuf f will pre - send leather swatche s to intere sted customer s so they c an see and feel the skin prior to ordering . ($2,850) by Lotuf f. www.lotuf f



Fashion st ylist Christian Stroble launched his eponymous line of f ine leather goods about three year s ago, which of ten employ Hor ween leather from Chic ago and exude a slightly dark decidedly urban ae sthetic. In addition to his core items Stroble of fer s custom piece s such as this handsome briefc ase that is craf ted from pebbled It alian veget able t an leather. It has an unlined interior and det achable shoulder strap. He’ll make it for you in his New York Cit y studio and c an be cont ac ted via his web site. He also of fer s sleek computer bag s for $430-445 that are alway s in stock . ($1,000) by Stroble New York . www.stroblenew york .com



Another Americ an brand with historic root s , Belber beg an as a Philadelphia-based lug g age manufac turer in the early 1900s and has recently been revived as a n upsc ale leather acce s sorie s label aimed at so-c alled “Urban Nomads .” This medic alinspired bag model in grained cow leather is an intere sting , individualistic alternative to the st andard at t aché and is available in black or brown with bright blue zip-pull accent s or burgundy with black one s . It’s also conver tible and unfolding and popping up the zipped ends on either side will transform it into a travel tote, making it both prac tic al and multi- func tional. ($1,350) by Belber

Although this por tfolio is also available in more traditional shade s such as black , t an, whiskey and burgundy, the vibrant, unusual verdancy of this model make s it the st andout of the bunch in my opinion. Manufac tured by Oregon-based Will Leather Goods , each bag is individually numbered, made from full grain leather with a t will lining and has enough storage to hold a 15” laptop and other indispensible deal-making tools . You c an order it online or check it and other Will Leather Goods gear out in per son at the brand’s f lag ship store at 1360 Abbot Kinney in Venice. ($1,095) by Will Leather Goods www.willleathergoods .com



Loc al de signer Spencer Nikosey ’s acce s sorie s label has been a This retro-looking t woSoC al favorite ever compar tment c ase since he launched it in Americ an sourced in 2009 thanks to it s Hor ween leather is per formance, qualit y based on W WII era and industrial ae sthetic bag s from Europe and and his sleek t ake on de signed by New Yorkthe modern briefc ase is based brother s Chris yet another reason to and Kirk Bray who adore his line. Made in launched their cultthe U SA from full- grain favo rite leather brand leather, this roomy bag boast s a padded interior and sturdy and 18 year s ago. Available in black , brown, t an or natural the No. cool-looking C obra buckle s on it s exterior. It’s available in black 236 Schoolboy S atchel feature s raw bras s hardware and c an hold or charcoal gray leather or in a le s s expensive ($425) black a 13” la ptop. An identic al but larger model, the No. 486 ($550), nylon ver sion. Order it online or see it in real- time at his atelier’s f it s a 15” computer. Both models have a removable shoulder storefront on N. S an Ferdando. ($575) by Killspencer strap and c an be embos sed for an extra $15. ($495) by Billykirk www.billykirk .com.

T he Close...


T he A gent ’s Book shelf An A gent Inc. look at books that should be on ever y agent’s shelf INSIGHT: Why We’re Not A s Self- Aware A s We Think , And How Seeing Our selve s Clearly Helps Us Succeed At Work and In Life. Li ke most people, you pro b a b ly fe el th at yo u know yo ur s el f p ret t y wel l. B u t , th at m ay n ot really be th e c ase, a nd eve n i f yo u d o, wh at i f yo u c o u l d c o m e to kn ow a nd un de r st and your self eve n b et te r, a nd, by d o i ng s o, receive a b ig p ayo f f i n b oth your c areer and per so na l li fe? That op p o r tuni t y, to get to know yo u r s elf b et te r, c a n b e fo u n d i n D r. Tas h a E urich’s n ew book , “INSIGHT: Why We’re Not A s S elf- Awa re A s We Th i n k , A n d H ow S e eing Our selve s Clea rly Help s Us S ucce e d At Wo rk an d I n Li fe.” Re sea rch shows that self- awa re ne s s – knowi ng wh o we a re an d h ow oth er s s ee u s – is the foundati on for a ch i evi ng h ig h p e r fo rm a nce i n o u r c areer s , m aki ng s mar t choi ce s i n all aspec t s o f o ur live s , a nd e s t a b li s h i ng h eal thy an d l as ti ng relation shi ps . There’s j ust o ne p ro b le m : m o s t p e o p le d o n’t s ee th em s elve s qu i te as clea rly as th ey c ould. Fo r tun ately, reveals Dr. Euri ch , wh o i s a n o rg a nizati o na l p sych o l og i s t , s el fawa ren e s s i s a surpri si ngly d evelo p a b le ski ll. I nteg rati ng h u n d red s o f s tu d i e s with he r own re search and wo rk i n th e Fo r tu ne 5 0 0 wo rld, h er b o o k o u t l i n e s w hat it t a ke s to bet ter un d e r s t a nd o u r s elve s , a nd h ow to get oth er s to tel l u s th e hon e s t truth about h ow we co m e a cro s s . Throug h stori e s of people wh o h ave m a d e d ra m ati c g a i ns i n s el f- awaren e s s , Dr. Eurich of fer s surpri si ng s e cret s , te ch ni que s a nd s trateg i e s to h el p read er s do the s a me – and how to u s e th i s i ns ig h t to b e m o re ful f i l l ed, c o n f i d en t , an d s ucce s sfu l i n li fe and work . The foun der of th e Euri ch G ro up , D r. Eu ri ch h as h elp e d tho u s an d s o f l ead er s a nd teams i mprove th ei r ef fe c tive ne s s th ro ug h g reate r s el f- awaren e s s . H er f i r s t b o ok , “ B a nkable Leader sh i p : Ha p py Pe o p le, Bot to m - Li ne Re s u l t s , an d th e Power to D eliver Both ” ( Greenleaf Bo o k G ro u p Pre s s , 2 0 1 3 ) , h i t th e New Yo rk Ti m e s b e st- seller li st, and h as s i nce b e co m e a p o p ula r re s o u rce m an u al an d p l ay b o o k fo r man ager s and executive s .


I n h er l ate s t b o o k , read er s wi l l l earn: * Th e s even t y p e s o f s el f- kn owl edge that s el f- aware p eo p l e p o s s e s s . * Th e t wo b ig ge s t i nvi s i b l e ro ad b l o cks to s el f- awaren e s s . * Why ap p ro ach e s l i ke th erapy an d j o u rn al i ng d o n’t alway s l ead to tru e i n s ig h t * H ow to s to p yo u r c o n f i d en ce - ki l l i ng h ab i t s an d l earn to l ove w h o yo u are. * H ow b en ef i t f ro m m i n d fu l n e s s wi thou t u t teri ng a s i ng l e m an tra. * Why oth er p eo p l e d o n’t tel l u s th e tru th ab o u t o u r s elve s – an d h ow to f ind o u t w h at th ey real ly th i n k . * H ow to d eep en o u r i n s ig h t i n to o u r p as s i o n s , g i f t s , an d th e b l i n d sp ot s th at c o u l d b e h o l d i ng u s b ack . * H ow to h ear c ri ti c al feed b ack wi th o u t l o s i ng yo u r m oj o. * Why th e p eo p l e wi th th e m o s t p owe r c an o f ten b e th e l eas t- s el f- aware, a nd h ow s m ar t l ead er s avo i d th i s trap . * Th e th ree b u i l d i ng b l o cks fo r s el f- awa re tea ms . *H ow to d eal wi th d el u s i o n al b o s s e s , clie nt s , a nd c oworke r s . H er b o o k i s a sp rawl i ng ex p l o rati o n of the psychic f ra ilt y that lea d s to selfd el u s i o n an d s el f- ag g ran d izem en t , and a c ompas s ionate, helpfu l gu id e for avo i d i ng o r rever s i ng th at p ath . I t i s a s om etim e s u nc omfor t a ble, bu t a lway s a p ower fu l eye - o p en er th at o f fer s rea d e r s the path to a ha ppie r a nd m ore s u c ce s sfu l l i fe.


HISTORY MAKING INTERIOR INFLUENCERS JE A N -MIC HEL FR AN K - Pa ri s 1 9 3 0 ’s Minimalis t with laye r s o f M a x i m a l i s m (a dist a nt cou s in o f An ne Fra n k ) Be st known fo r th e Pa r s o ns t a b l e

DAVID HIC KS - Lon d on - 1 9 6 0 ’s Master m ixo l og ist & reb el ag a i ns t s tu f f i ne s s HIs p rojec t s in cl u d e d ro o m s fo r P ri nce Ch a rl e s , P rin ce s s A nne a nd th e QE2 BIL LY BALDWI N - New Yo rk 1 9 7 0 ’s “ The D ea n of D e s ig n ” l a nde d the Ke nn e dy Wh i te Ho u s e a nd clien t s in cl u d e d th e Vre el a n ds , M el l o ns a n d Pal ey s . Be st knows fo r th e “ Slippe r Ch a i r”







2700 EAST COAST HWY #103 CORONA DEL MAR 92625 tel 949.791.8623 368 NORTH CAMDEN DRIVE BEVERLY HILLS 90210 tel 310.734.7304 HERONHABERDASHERY.COM


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