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Anna Rakoczy


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2000-2005 Secondary School of Fine Arts in Cracow. Diploma in design and photography in Małgorzata Hołówka’s atelier, 2005-2011 Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Department of Graphics. Master degree in Joanna Kaiser’s atelier.

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English: International English Language Testing System, Overall BandScore 6.0, German: Basic.

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In te re st s

music, literature, film, photography, travelling, and art

S ol o ex hibition

2011 Seen, Łącznik Gallery, Cracow, exchibition of paitings and drawings.

C ol l e ct i ve ex hibit ion

2012 Gli-gli reservoir, Bunkier Sztuki Gallery, Cracow 2012 The Art of Comics, Kunst2 Gallery, Heidenberg. 2012 Gli-gli presents nr 2 Jealousy and Medicine, 30 km Gallery, Myślenice. 2011 Onomato Gallery, Cracow. 2010 The true Firendship Concept, Technopolis Gazi, Ateny. 2009 II Polish triennale the Border of Drawing, Academy of Fine Arts Gallery Cracow, Na 11 Piętrze Gallery, Rzeszów. 2009 Final exhibition of outdoor paintings, Palace in Hadle Szklarskie

P u b l i ca tion

2012 Publication in Gli-Gli Magazin nr 2 Jealousy and Medicine

Awa rd s and Pr iz es

2009 Rector’s awards of special achievement in painting, Academy of Fine Arts, Cracow. 2009–2010 Painting award in Dariusz Vasina’s atelier.


2009–2012 Erasmus scholarship, Anotati Sxoli Kalon Texnon, Athens. 2009 Scientific research visit in Vienna.

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ar akoczy 2 1@ gmail .com

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(0048) 663 32 4 2 54

I consider drawing diploma in Joanna Kaiser’s atelier in 2011 my biggest artistic achievement. It is because it tough me a lot and I was able to gain very important experience. The diploma ended up being exhibited in in Łącznik Gallery, Cracow as my solo exibition in November 2011. Technique and size which I choose is closer to painting than usual drawing. In my works I usually use central composition, in particular basic divisions like the one between earth and sky or life and death. Especially, the landscapes in religious paintings are fascinating in my view. For example, in the composition of altars saints were standing on the ground, but at the same time they could reach Heaven. Somehow, they transfix both. I also try to transfigure emotion which I fell after contact with a particular landscape, just like catching a temporary story on a film. Plural forms reflect my wish to experience as much as I can and they their creation defends me from emptiness, which fills empty spaces in life. In the very existence of these forms I lock up my anxiety, and swallow the key. With almost all of my work I came up while traveling. The biggest inspiration for me is ancient Greek art and landscape, which I have been able to admire many times. Also art from periods like Renaissance and Baroque has a big influence on me. I really enjoy outdoor painting and spending my time in museum. Since I remember, whenever I could I have always been close and experienced other artists. Thanks to that I don’t feel lonely and often find my own feelings and memories in others’ works. Through my art I want to come closer to people, even if it was only one person that would be my greatest achievement.

***, acrylic on paper, 147/100 cm, 2010

***, acrylic on paper, 100/150 cm, 2010

***, acrylic on paper, 100/114 cm, 2010

***, oil on paper, 90/148 cm, 2010

***, acrylic on paper, 140/185 cm, 2011

***, acrylic, oil, splinter on paper, 90/148 cm, 2011

***, acrylic on paper, 150/143 cm, 2011

Dog s, tempera, oil, acrylic on glossy paper, 30/42 cm, 2011

***, splinter, acrylic, spray on paper, 70/87 cm, 2012

***, acrylic on paper, 47/70 cm, 2009

***, acrylic on paper, 130/160 cm, 2011

***, acrylic, ink, tempera, pastel, spray on glossy paper, 100/140 cm, 2012

Del phy , oil on canvas, 110/160 cm, 2012

Wa r, oil on canvas, 130/160 cm, 2012

***, oil on canvas, 78/150 cm, 2010

Se l f - p o rtra i t , oil on canvas, 60/120 cm, 2009

***, oil on canvas, 128/140 cm, 2010


Se l f - p o rtra i t , oil on canvas, 60/80 cm, 2009 S e l f - p o rtra it , oil on canvas, 70/100 cm, 2010


***, oil on canvas, 90/110 cm, 2006


Anna Rakoczy PORTFOLIO  

Anna Rakoczy, portfolio 2009-2012