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Begin the Journey of a Lifetime. Baylor Law School has truly high expectations and standards, which produce our reputation of excellence, along with a deep and abiding sense that we are preparing lawyers to serve through the practice of law, and not simply participate in another academic exercise.

Baylor Law School really stands for excellence and it takes teaching and mentoring seriously. As a student at Baylor Law School, you will be stretched intellectually and emotionally in the program because of its demands. However, there is not a better legal education to be found for truly getting ready for service within the profession.

So when it comes time for you to journey into the real world and deal with real clients, real problems and real solutions, you will be ready.

Why should you choose Baylor Law? We’ll give you six reasons that make our journey the road worth traveling.

“To say that Baylor Law faculty is accessible is a vast understatement. The fact that they are around the law school at all times of the day, and often night, demonstrates their dedication to the school, the students, and their subjects�. --Caroleene Hardee, 2L Student

1. Learn from the Masters Baylor is a teaching school and one of the only law schools in the nation in which a professor’s teaching effectiveness significantly affects the granting of tenure. Our faculty members are experts in their areas and have substantial practical experience. Aside from teaching, our faculty members remain active by advising on legislative councils, serving as expert witnesses, and mentoring practicing lawyers.

You will find the doors to professor’s offices open because they maintain unrestricted hours for student consultation. Every professor is available for advice and guidance for all academic and professional questions, and other matters of concern to students.

Most importantly, Baylor Law professors take active interest in our students’ educations and future careers.

2. Practice what you study. Baylor Law’s rigorous curriculum is integrated with practical skills-training exercises. Though only now becoming a trend at other schools, theory and practice has been part of Baylor Law’s philosophy of teaching for decades. Recognizing the importance of practical skills training, the ABA recently added a practical component to its curriculum requirements. While other schools scramble to develop relevant programs, Baylor continues to sharpen its long standing-tradition of integrated teaching of practical skills and professionalism across the curriculum.

3. Perfect the Art of Persuasion Attorneys specialize in many types of law, but the bottom line stays the same: know the law and how to advocate on behalf of your client. No law school drives home these essential lawyering skills better than Baylor Law. Our commitment to training practicing lawyers is evident in our trial advocacy program --the cornerstone of a Baylor Law education -- which is ranked third in the nation by

U.S. News & World Report. Baylor’s renowned trial advocacy program is a blend of a procedure, evidence and trial advocacy. Students can be confident that they are ready to process a complex situation into understandable parts, how to respond under pressure, and how to successfully persuade.

4. Join our Diverse Student Bo

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Diversity Advisors Professor Patricia Wilson 254.710.6591 Professor Laura Hernandez 254.710.3257


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n open mind. Baylor’s overall minority enrollment was 21.3% in the Spring 2011 term.

5. Secure your dream job after graduation. Your career develpment at Baylor starts on day one, with the learning and networking opportunities you need to succeed. Aside from that, our Career Develoment Office provides students with everything they need to pursue their professional passions, from individual counseling and workshops to recruitment programs and managed online networks. Every year, nearly 1,000 on-campus interviews are conducted for clerkship positions.

Baylor students stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive job market. After graduation, you will leave with the best education in the nation, and the tools you need to pursue your dream job.

If you have any questions about your future career as a Baylor Lawyer, contact Director of Career Development Angela Cruseturner at 254.710.3331 or

“I worked in the medical device industry before attending Baylor Law. The job – and the state of the healthcare industry – made me aware of how much I did not know about the rules and laws governing my work. My Baylor Law degree will make me more more effective and better prepared to make a difference in that industry and others.” --Luke Marrs, 3L Student

6. Make life-long friends. Law School by its nature is competitive. Baylor Law School has a reputation for being one of the most competitive law schools in the nation because of its rigorous program, and we are proud of this reputation. Our faculty constantly challenge and push their students to the outer limits of which they think they can accomplish. The small student population of 420 fosters a collegial, mutually respectful and welcoming environment. Everyone is helping each other to succeed.

After graduation, the friendships-turned-colleagues will be located across the nation to support you. You will join our extensive network of alumni, who really know and respect the value of being a Baylor Lawyer. Whether you’re looking for a career or need advice on a case, you’ll have a close network of Baylor Lawyers to call on for counsel and referrals.

“Prospective students need to know that even in this competitive environment they will meet great people and form friendships that will last a lifetime.� --Steven Lopez, 2L Student

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Students have three opportunities to apply in any of our three entering classes: spring (February), summer (May) or fall (August).

Students represent over 150 undergraduate institutions and 40 states, enhancing the classroom discussions with their own experiences and backgrounds.

The numbers say a lot,

But do you need more convincing? The best way to see if a law school is the right choice for you is to do all your research. Here’s a few ways to find out more about Baylor Law.

Schedule your visit. Check out our website.

Stay connected on Facebook. Tweet questions on Twitter. Attend a Preview Day.

October 7, 2011; February 17, 2012; June 15, 2012

The application fee is waived.


Application Deadlines: Spring, November 1; Summer, February 1; Fall (early decision), November 1; Fall (regular decision), March 1

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