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Grabbing Your Free Visitors 5 powerful ways to generate traffic for free

1st part By: Mindaugas Miniotas

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Disclaimer The Publisher has strived to be as accurate and complete as possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact that he does not warrant or represent at any time that the contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of the Internet. The Publisher will not be responsible for any losses or damages of any kind incurred by the reader whether directly or indirectly arising from the use of the information found in this report. This report is not intended for use as a source of legal, business, accounting or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek services of competent professionals in legal, business, accounting, and finance field.

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How To Get Free Traffic. 5 Powerful Ways To get visitors to your site without spending a dime ! No traffic – no sales! The most painful words to every Internet Marketer. Many marketers are spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month to get traffic to their website, to sell a product and to make at least several pennies. Some of them succeed and make quite huge profits but many more fail. They fail to get sufficient traffic even after spending some thousands of dollars. The most painful thing is to invest huge sums of money into traffic generation methods and then find out they’re not working. It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? That’s why I decided to offer you a solution. A solution that will teach you how to get 1000-2000 visitors to your website FOR FREE so that you don’t have to risk your money at all. That’s exactly what this book teaches you. You’ll learn:  2 crucial factors that are necessary to generate any traffic  You’ll be able to come up with your own traffic generation methods based on those two factors  You’ll learn 5 absolutely free ways to generate considerable traffic  You’ll learn how to apply each method step-by-step So let’s not waste our precious time and get the ball rolling!


2 crucial factors necessary to generate traffic To begin with, I‘d like to point out two crucial factors that are required to generate any traffic: I.

Mutual Response. Yup, you need to build mutual response with your customers. Why, you ask? Imagine a situation. You‘re walking in the street, a man approaches you and says:

What would you do? Walk away or even punch him in the nose, right? But if the same man walked to you and said:


See the difference? In the latter situation there’s already some mutual response between a man and a customer. The same applies on the Internet. If you want to make your customers do what you want, you have to make them trust you. I’ll show you how to do that in a moment. But now let’s quickly go over to the second factor.


Exposure. This is even more important than mutual response. If you want more traffic, more customers, you have to be seen all over the Internet. Otherwise, people won’t even know that you’re out there. In the second part of “Grabbing Your Free Visitors” I reveal 6 powerful ways that would give you insane exposure. To find out more about the second part of this e-book series, click


So once you know that mutual response and exposure are the most vital factors you need to attract more visitors, let’s look at some of the ways to get it.


Strategy 1. Social Networking This is absolutely THE most powerful way to get traffic on the whole Internet. Just think about it for a moment. Here are some numbers:







600 Millions

The diagram above shows the number of active users in the three largest Internet social networking sites. You can see that combined all together they account for 750 million active users. And it is still growing at an enormous speed. Doesn’t that look fascinating? I mean it’s absolutely mind-blowing! Even if the numbers might not be that accurate, it’s still around 10% of the total world’s population. I don’t know about you but for me it is a huge market! Ok, so how do you actually use those sites for your benefit? • First of all, you have to register there. So move your ass and do it right now! ☺ • Then you want to customize your profile as much as you can. So upload a photo of yours, maybe add a video, write a thorough description about yourself, name as many interests as you can possibly think of and so on. • Now you can start increasing your exposure and building mutual response with your potential customers. If you’re using Facebook,


request people to become your friends, if you’re on Twitter, start following people and so on. • You don’t want to start connecting with everyone around like you’re crazy. Be reasonable. Only connect with targeted people. I mean, if your blog or website is about puppies, connect only with those who are interested in puppies too. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time. Extra tip: If you’re using Facebook, there’s a little trick you can do. Whenever someone adds you as a friend, I send him/her a short video, greeting him/her. In this way you’ll become more “real” to your customers and they’ll be likely to remember you better. • Once you’ve connected with enough people (100 is a good start, I think), you can start promoting your website or products. But be careful! You don’t want to flood your customers with commercial messages like: “Go to my website and buy those great products” or something like that. I’d suggest you to offer them some free stuff at first, such as a free ebook, an article, a piece of advice or just a brief message asking: “Hey, how are you today?” Once again, you build some confidence with your customers and only then offer them to buy something. • My final tip would be to ask them for feedback. Write them a short message asking: “Hey, how was that La La La I offered you yesterday?” As I’ve already said, social networking sites are absolutely great and most of the other strategies I’ll show you are bound to them to some extent.


Strategy 2. SEO Wait, wait!! Don’t run away! ☺ A lot of people are scared off as soon as they hear those three letters. Don’t worry, I’ll show how to do SEO the easy way. Really! It’s not difficult at all. It’s just internet marketers who are trying to make it look difficult and, therefore, scare off potential competitors. After reading this strategy you’ll know:  How to do SEO in less than 30 minutes  How to have fun with it The hardest part for most people is the very beginning. I mean, keyword research. No surprise, the beginning is always the toughest part but once you get going, once you get that momentum, everything is a lot easier. Ok, so how do you get started? 1) Open Google Keyword Tool 2) Type in a word or a phrase that would best describe what your website or product is about (We’ll use “traffic generation” as an example) 3) Pick a keyword that receives 400-1000 global monthly searches and is low or moderate in competition at the same time (make sure you choose Match Type: Exact)


As you can see, we weren‘t able to find any suitable keywords here so we have to type in another keyword. Let‘s say „Free Traffic“. Take a look at the results this time:


You see, it‘s perfect. This keyword receives 1900 exact global monthly searches and the competition is only moderate. And it only took me only 2 minutes to find it. If this keyword doesn‘t suite you, perform the same step several more times. I guarantee that after 30 minutes you‘ll have 5-7 keywords and you‘ll be able to choose the most suitable one. Now many of you might ask: Why do we pick keywords that receive so few searches? My Answer is: Because keywords that receive a lot of searches are usually extremely competitive. Even if you do find a low-competition keyword that receives 2000-5000 exact searches a month, it will probably take a lot of time. Remember, SEO is not our main method to generate traffic. We don’t rely on it alone. It’s just a tool to get extra 200-300 visitors a month. Ok, so you’ve picked out your keyword, what do you do next?


That’s really simple. Just insert it in your blog post, hub or webpage several times. Once in a headline and several times throughout the text. That’s it. If you’re writing an article, just write it as you would normally do. After finishing, revise it and edit it a bit by inserting your keyword several times. Now your visitors will find your website by typing this exact keyword in Google. So if your keyword receives 1900 searches a month, it means you should get around 1000 visitors a month if you rank on the first page of Google at least. Finally, there’s one more little trick to do. Go back to social networking sites and insert your keyword several times throughout your profile. For example, if your keyword is “traffic generation”, add it to your interests or somewhere in your description. This simple step actually doubles your chances of getting traffic. Now your visitors will be able to find you not only through your website but also through your social networking profiles. So you are likely to get much more traffic. Here you have it! You’ve done your SEO. As simple as that. Oh, by the way, there’s one more thing that Internet marketers would tell you: backlinking. Well, yes you’ll need to do it as well but don’t worry, it’s extremely easy and it won’t take any time. Just follow me to the next strategy.


Strategy 3. Backlinking I have read dozens of e-books and articles telling me to find high PR (page rank) websites, contact them and ask them to exchange links or buy some advertising space on their website. BULLSHIT! NEVER DO THAT! It’s just a waste of time and money. There are a lot easier ways to get backlinks. And they are a lot more fun. In case you don’t know what backlinks are, here’s an explanation. Backlinks are links that redirect people to your website. The more backlinks you have on various sites, the higher Google ranks you. The higher it ranks you, the more visitors you get. So how do you get backlinks without wasting your time and money? • Forums. Forums are absolutely great. I’d really suggest you to register at some. Why? Because: o They are a great source of ideas. You can find a lot of people who are asking for some type help on forums. It’s great. You can just flicker through some and then create a product or a website on that particular issue. o They allow you to create a signature which will be shown under every post of yours. That’s where you include a link to your website. Now every time you post something, there will be a link to your website which will count as a backlink. • Blogs. Blogs are great too. Just as in forums, you can get lots of ideas on blogs as well as broaden your own worldview with different opinions of different people. But the most important part is, of course, backlinks. Getting backlinks from blogs is a little different from getting backlinks on forums. You have to find a blog that would be relevant to your topic. For instance, if your website is about traffic generation, find a blog on similar topic as well. Then make a brief comment about what the author said on his blog and include a link to your website. That’s it. Here are some blog directories where you can find relevant blogs:



Globe of Blogs Bloggapedia Blog Catalog Blogflux

P.S. The important thing to remember is to comment only on those blogs which are relevant to your website. Why? Because Google isn’t stupid. It only values those backlinks that are posted on relevant sites. P.P.S. Don’t make silly comments because you can get banned or your posts can be deleted. • Article directories. We’ll talk more about article directories in strategy 4. But for now, all you need to know is that you can write a quick review of your website or product and submit it to article directories. And include your link as well, of course. To see how to do everything properly, read strategy 4. • Finally, there’s one more extremely powerful backlinking method. The most efficient of all probably because it not only gives you backlinks but also attracts several hundred visitors at least. However, I can’t reveal it to you now because it is included in the second part of “Grabbing Your Free Visitors” e-book series. To find it out, click


Extra tips: I decided to give you two extra tips of how to make the most of this whole linking matter. By following those two tips you won’t get backlinks but you’ll be able to get some extra dozens of visitors. • Email signature. I’m not sure about other emails but Gmail recently established a new option that allows to create a signature which will be shown after every mail you send. This is a really good place to include your link, since the recipient is likely to see it and click on it in most of the cases. As I’ve already mentioned, you won’t get backlinks this way but you can certainly get extra 15-20 visitors a month. • Include your link on social networking site profiles. People will be able to find you through them and this will increase your exposure.


As you see, backlinking isn’t difficult at all. I prefer the first two methods because they don’t require any time for me. But you can definitely use all of them. Now let’s move on and find out more about our next strategy – article marketing.


Strategy 4. Article Marketing I know, I know. This is a bit old-fashioned way of traffic generation but we’ll use article directories for other purposes as well. You see, article directories aren’t the same as they used to be. It’s no longer enough to copy and paste some content from your website and hope that visitors will recklessly rush to see what you have to offer. You need to approach them from bit different angle. Article directories can be used not only for traffic generation but for other purposes as well. Such as: • Creating backlinks • Getting paid for your articles • And only then – getting traffic But to enjoy those three benefits you need to know how to use article directories properly. So let’s take a look at how you do that. • First of all, choose a keyword. If you owe a website or a blog you probably already have one. It’s OK to use the same keyword but if you use a different one, your chances of being seen will double because people will be able to find you through both keywords. • Write a quick review of your website or a product that you’re promoting. The optimal length of the article is 600-1000 words. Don’t make it too long because your visitors won’t read it all. However, don’t make it too short either. Google likes content so the longer your article is, the higher Google ranks you. • After you’re done, edit your article a little by inserting your keywords several times throughout the article. Make sure it is included in the title. • Insert your link at the end of the article. Actually, you can insert it anywhere but make sure it doesn’t look as a promotional link because most of the article directories don’t allow that. It’s best if you insert your link as a reference to a source of information. For example, if you’re writing about cars, add a line: There’s a great review of the best car models at http://.... • If you’re not allowed to insert any links in your article at all, place it in the resource box. • Publish your article AND share it on social networking sites.


That’s it. As simple as that. Extra tip: Submit your article to as many directories as you can. In this way, you’ll maximize your exposure and get many more backlinks. Now your articles are generating you traffic and backlinks and you can just rest and watch them growing. If your article is good enough, it might even be purchased. So you’ll earn some extra dollars. P.s. Only submit your articles to those directories that allow do-follow links because only do-follow links count as backlinks. If you don’t know what dofollow links are, it’s not a problem. Here’s the list of article directories that allow such type of links:

And here’s the list of article directories that don’t allow such links but you can still submit your articles there to get some visitors:

Another extra tip: There’s one more way how you can benefit from your articles. It doesn’t have to do anything with article directories. However, the number of visitors that you get by using this method is 10 to 20 times higher than that of article directories. I believe it is the second most powerful method of traffic generation after social networking. I reveal this method in the second part of “Grabbing Your Free Visitors”. You can get it here


Strategy 5. Internet communities Didn’t know how to name them precisely but I guess that “Internet communities” is just about right, isn’t it? ☺ Some call them social news websites but I prefer Internet communities. It doesn’t really matter, right? What I’m talking about here is sites that allow you to share videos, news, webpages that you find on the Internet. They are really great, since they receive a lot of visitors and allow you to share anything you want. Besides that, they are extremely easy to use. All you need to do is go to one of the websites below, register there and submit your link to the site. That’s it. Your site gets listed and people start rushing to your website in flocks. For instance, the first time I submitted my site to Reddit, I got 27 visitors after the first day alone. If we assume that this number stays stable over time, we have about 800 over 30 days. Even if the traffic decreases, it will still be around 300 visitors a month. I mean, it’s great, isn’t it? Yes it is. Indeed, if you submit your website to other sites as well, this number can be as great as 500-800 visitors a month. It’s absolutely huge! So here are some of the best Internet community sites:    

Stumbleupon Digg Reddit Propeller

As always, you can find more on Google but those 4, as far as I know, are the most popular ones. Remember, submit your website to as many sites as possible. Only then, you’ll be able to maximize your exposure and receive the greatest possible number of visitors.


that about wraps up the first part of my traffic generation e-book series. I hope you enjoyed reading this book and I guarantee that by following the methods described here, you can expect huge increases in the number of people visiting your website. I can’t tell you exactly how many visitors you will receive because it depends on how much effort you put in. But I personally saw my traffic growing by several thousand visitors a month. However much effort you make, one thing is obvious: these methods are timeefficient and very easy to implement. You just have to be dedicated and believe in what you’re doing. I wish you all the best and I’m looking forward to see your web traffic soaring. P.S. If you’d like to contact me for some reason, you can always find me on Facebook, Twitter and at P.P.S. If you enjoyed this e-book, check out the special offer below.

Mindaugas Miniotas


Special offer If you liked the first part of “Grabbing Your Free Visitors” e-book series, you should consider acquiring the second one which includes:  6 little known, yet extremely powerful ways to attract 3000-5000 visitors a month FOR FREE  Step-by-step guide of how to implement each method properly so that even the slightest possibility of failure is removed  Supplements to the first 5 strategies covered in this first e-book that will increase the number of visitors even more  A free bonus that reveals you the secret of doubling your sales and hypnotizing your visitors so that they stay longer at your website This is probably the most important book you’ll ever read because the strategies covered there are unknown to about 90% of Internet marketers. Strategies that only gurus use. I’m giving you these 6 secrets because you’re my customer and I appreciate my customers.

I want you to be amongst those 10% who know how to make BIG money on the Internet. To find out more about this amazing book, simply click



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5 powerful ways to get visitors to your website FOR FREE

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