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You’ve probably heard this‌

What I hear is forgotten What I see is remembered What I do I understand Chinese Proverb

Passive Learning

Info and ideas

Active Learning Experience



Observation In pairs‌.an example or two for each



Active Communication Self: Self assess: % of • Reflection lessons I do this • Pauses in class • One to one Others: • Partial >>>> full dialogue • Questions in presentation/ comprehension • Discussion- whole & small group • ‘Socratic’ questioning • Discuss outside- tasks, e mail, forums, letters Self assess: % of lessons I do this

Active Experience Doing • ‘Real’ authentic • Role Play • Simulation • Experiment • Examine • Present

Observation • Teacher models (i.e. doesn’t tell HOW but does it) • Film clips etc. • Each other Self assess: % of lessons I do these things

Petty ideas • All read Petty’s justification- agree? Disagree? Issues?

Acknowledgements •

Slide 9 image authassess/start.htm Judy Armer

Presentation on active learning  

some infor and prompts on active learning- ripe for discussion