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The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing for Chilren

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Personal growth Children who learn Ballroom dancing are advantaged throughout life: Confidence, Personality, Style, Posture, Balance, Knowledge of Music & Dance, Respect for other people;

Ballroom Dance For Children

Great exercise Dance lessons are great opportunity to get your child in good physical shape and become more healthy. Competitive Development Many children are now choosing to participate in Ballroom Dance Competitions which offers opportunities to develop advanced skills and earn recognition by competing with other young athletic dancers. Ballroom Dancing is now an alternative sport to gymnastics or cheer leading.

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Why ballroom for your children Ballroom dancing is an highly involved activity for children. Whether your child has been in dacing since infancy or maybe still hasn’t taken any formal training, ballroom dancing could be a fun and engaging activity. What is ballroom for children in a nutshell? Fun and challenging activities that enhance dexterity, flexibility, endurance and rhythm!

PURPOSE • Introduction to wide variety of dances and rhythms; • Encourage good poise, use of arms and basic footwork; • General assessment at the end of each term.( show dance routine , and competition )

Ages & Programs

OUTCOMES: The desired results: • Basic understanding of stands and holds; • Can dance own steps with confidence; • Basic ability to do routine

7 years and up

4-6 Years


Latin American

Latin Club

polka vary-vary laundry dance train slow waltz cha-cha

slow waltz slow foxtrot tango viennese waltz quick step

samba cha-cha rumba paso doble jive(swing)

salsa merengue bachata

Ballroom studio Locations Dance-Art-Fitness-Studio Ph: (305) 381-5200 1501 SW 8 St. 2nd Floor Miami Fl, 33135

Bijoux Dance Center 4150 SW 70 Court Miami, FL 33155 Ph: (305) 667-5359

Monday 4pm - Age: 7-up

Wednesday 4pm - Age: 7 - up 5pm - Age: 4 - 6

Thursday 4pm - Age: 7-up

Friday 4pm - Age: 7 - up 5pm - Age: 4 - 6

BENEFITS FOR YOUR CHILDREN: 1. They will develop discipline and have goals to work towards. 2. They will improve their posture, balance and coordination. 3. They will gain confidence and become more social. 4. And so much more

Rates for Dance-Art-Fitness-Studio Group classes - $80 per month/8 lessons No private lessons available

NOTE: while technique is encouraged it is not at this stage expected.

Marks are given for:

A+ 1. EXECUTION Successful performance of dance routine (steps) 2. POISE AND HOLDS Standing straight and using arms correctly 3. TECHNICAL DEVELOPMENT Effort to get heels and toes skillfully demonstrated 4. PRESENTATION Confidence, style, grooming

Rates for Bijoux Dance Center Private lessons - $55 Location is determined according to availability. Group classes - $40 4 lessons per month - $75 8 lessons per month

About The Instructor and Founder Eugenia Spotar has been a ballroom instructor for more than 11 years. Her unique talent is a result of extensive dancing instruction since the age of 3 in her country of birth, Russia. Her dancing experience is composed of all International and American Ballroom Styles. Eugenia has a uniquely friendly style that allows students to feel confidence and enthusiasm as they adopt new dancing skills.

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