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YouthBank Development & Outcomes

What is a YouthBank? • innovative model of youth participation & empowerment through youth led grant making • method of quality youth work engagement • run by young people for young people • builds young peoples’ qualifications, skills & experiences • gives cash for action funding young peoples’ ideas for the benefit of the wider community • supported by a local host organisation • connected to a national & international movement

YouthBank Structure YouthBanks can be thematic (experience/issue focused) OR geographic (place focused) community OR both. Supported by a range of hosts organisations; youth or community, health, housing, regeneration & other organisations. Shaped by you (the host) and the young people involved. There is no preset structure but a commitment to the YB Golden Rules.

Golden Rules 1. to be young people led; role for adults is to support and advise 2. open to all young people 3. respects differences & talents 4. be accountable 5. communicate clearly

6. add to skills, knowledge & experience 7. learn from what they do 8. celebrate achievements of young people 9. local, regional and national progression 10. advance a positive view of young people

Licence Your licence outlines how you intend to: 1. Embrace the Golden Rules 2. Set up your YouthBank 3. Support the young people involved 4. Secure grant pot 5. Sustain your YouthBank for a minimum of 2 years You can not be called a YouthBank without a licence . This is a quality assurance and model/brand protection measure.

Youth led locally

• • • •

Utilise your skills and YouthBank toolkits & resources to support young people embrace the golden rules Young people understand local needs & establish funding priorities to meet them Establish & promote a grant pot Distribute funds to other young people whose ideas meet local needs & priorities Devise systems to monitor and evaluate impact of your grants. At least 1 YB member should sit on your local CashBack panel.

Youth led nationally-Scotland • Youth led board – the business head of YBS meets quarterly • Each licenced YB selects or elected 2 young people to attend the National Forum – – – –

Shape & develop YBS, meets annually Licencing of new YouthBanks in Scotland Programme development of any YBS residentials Meets physically annually & virtually throughout the year

Outcomes of YouthBank:

Young people

For young grant makers • Increased confidence and sense of empowerment resulting in raised aspirations. • Development of new skills, experiences and qualifications. • Viewed by others as active citizens and positive contributors to society. • Improved financial and emotional literacy. • Increased employability. For applicants – all YouthBank applicants are young people • Improved sense of empowerment through increased confidence and capacity as well as immense • Sense of achievement YouthBank grants turn good ideas for community benefit into action. • Better understanding of community and increased sense of belonging to it. • Gain valuable life experience - application process, form filling, project management, budgeting, marketing, evaluation etc. • Viewed as valued positive contributors to society. Contributes across the four capacities of the Curriculum for Excellence

Outcomes of YouthBank: • • •

• •


Stronger intergenerational relationships Improved community cohesion as the community benefits from activities led by young people. Young people invest in the sustainability and development of projects, clubs and services through YouthBank grants. Young people are active citizens and positive contributors to community life. Reduction of anti-social behaviour as young people are involved in productive and interesting activities funded by YouthBank. Improved health and well being through increased participation.

Outcomes of YouthBank: Host & Investors For the host organisation •

Legislative & policy fulfilment: Delivering on National Outcome 4 “Our young people are successful learners, confident individuals, effective contributors and responsible citizens” Valuing Young People, UNCRC, More Choices More Chances, GIRFEC, Skills for Scotland. YB can be linked to activity agreements.

CPD for staff – – –

National networking & practice sharing Peer support & mentoring Training

Innovative community investment with partners

For the Grant Pot Investors– more bang for your buck! – – – –

Reaching young people you could not reach on your own, Maximising the peer approach & support model Creatively investing in communities BIG impact from relatively small investment

Establishing a YouthBank is an act of co-production YouthBank is a licenced process; a commitment by young people and a host organisation to embrace the values of YouthBank and apply them to their community. Requires commitment to: • young people as leaders of the model including the financial management of it • train and support of participants to take the lead • secure resources for a grant pot • ensure support staff are enablers and facilitators

The YB Kick start package Item


Introduction to YouthBank workshop for young people or at a local partners meeting


Introduction to Young People’s Grant Making accredited training for 12 young people. Accreditation through OCN Level 1 or 2 One credit. SCQF one credit rate levelled at 4 and 5


YouthBank Toolkit; activities to assist in the set up of your YouthBank


One day virtual YBS support on line or on the phone to complete your licence application


Your own page on the YBS website


Starter pack: 30 promotional posters (10 of each variety) A mixed promotional package of piggy banks, draw string bags and pens plus 2 YBS Ambassador Hoodies

£ 225

Licence certificate

£ 20

Year 1 membership DISCOUNT on each future booking for accredited training.

£250* Saving of £334

Total Value of Kick-start package

£ 3324

Cost to purchase the Kick-start package


Contact: Heather McVey National YB Co-ordinator

Tel: 0131 313 2488 See us on You Tube! search YouthBank Scotland

YBS outcomes and Development  

insight into YBS purpose and impact for all stakeholders

YBS outcomes and Development  

insight into YBS purpose and impact for all stakeholders