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M4Project Newsletter January 2014

The Best of 2013! We Highlight Three Major Project Milestones of 2013

Unity In Pride

At Broome Community College

Are You New to the Gym Scene?

What You Need To Know To Know To Improve Your Experience

The Best of 2013 We Highlight Three Major M4Project Milestones Of 2013

The staff and peers at the M4Project are looking forward to the new year and can’t wait for our first big event of 2014. We wanted to take a moment and share some of our favorite milestones and events from 2013. Programing at M4 starts with the peers and ends with the peers. They spend hours planning, preparing, setting up, promoting and hosting events for our guests to enjoy. After looking back at some of the programs and events they’ve planned, one in particular stands out among the rest and that was our “Sex Toys & A Drag Queen” event at Binghamton University in January of 2013. This event was the brain child of our peer Patrick. He and a fellow Residence Assistant, Alexis, came to us and asked if we would be interested in hosting an event on campus after winter break. Excited, the Core Group started planning the event and enlisted the help of local drag sensation Miss DeDe Kupps and the rest was history. Armed with sex toys, gift baskets, condoms and some detailed cookies of the male and female anatomy, the project staff, peers and Miss DeDe Kupps were ready for BU. After the rooms was decorated, condoms were displayed, the doors opened and in no time we exceeded the number of students expected to attend the event.

Photo: Miss DeDe Kupps, Drag Queen & Community Advisory Board Member for The M4Project, Patrick O., Binghamton University Residente Assistant and M4Project Peer, Alexis S. Binghamton University Residente Assistant seen here with other students who attended the “Sex Toys And A Drag Queen” event.

Prepared for sixty students, the staff and peers had to rethink their approach. We closed the doors after the room reached compacity at just shy of one hundred and forty students. The energy in the room was excellent and made for a fantastic event. Staff spoke about STI’s and HIV which led to a discussion on how safer sex doesn’t have to be boring. With the help of Miss DeDe Kupps staff spoke about toy hygiene, toy quality, proper cleaning and the importance of knowing your status.

The event was a huge success and everyone had a great time. A few months later Patrick and Alexis received recognition from Campus Reslife for hosting such a large and successful event. Special thanks to Miss DeDe Kupps for donating her time and making the event both entertaining and educational. For those who attended the White Noise White Party it’s no surprise that this event was monumental for the project. This was our most anticipated event. The M4Project

literally rolled out the red carpet this past April in the Grand Ball Room of what was known as the River Walk Hotel (now Double Tree by Hilton). Grindr sponsored and donated ad space on the app for a week to help advertise this amazing event. The hotel created a signature drink called “Cloud 9” just for the special occasion. All guests were encouraged to have their photo taken by local photographer Billy Rozell from Billy Snaps Photography in front of our photo wall. DJ Andrew King kept the party energized with music and lighting effects. The food was delicious and the chocolate strawberries were a crowd favorite. Guests came from all over NY and PA to participate in this event. Each guest walked away with a drawstring bag full of M4Project swag including the bag itself and M4Project headphones. It would not be an M4Project event if we didn’t give away speciality condoms, which were handed out conveniently in our M4Project sports bottle. Half way through the party we had a special guest stop in to see what all the fun was about. Tanya from, Wild 104 Morning Show with Louie G. & Tanya happened to be at the hotel that evening and decided to join the fun. Stopping and taking photos with guests, she couldn’t resist joining the guys on the dance floor for the “Cupid Shuffle”. The last milestone of 2013 was the launch of M4Mobile, the projects new smart phone app. “Thanks to the new technology we are able to reach young men that traditionally don’t access services. Our goal is to provide

Photo: M4Project Peers from left to right Deshaun W., Ridge S., Kyle J.

Photo: Tanya from the Wild 104 Morning Show with Louie G. & Tanya dancing to the Cupid Shuffle with her M4Project T-shirt.

Photo: Guests posing & modeling their M4Project sunglasses and bags.

Photo: From left to right, Steve Gleason, M4Project Mpowerment Specialist, DJ Andrew King and Noah Cooper, M4Project Mpowerment Specialist (Photo By: Billy Rozell)

information about the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C, as well as valuable information about how young men can proctect themseles and lower the risk of transmission.� - Noah Cooper, Mpowerment Specialist at the M4Project. M4Mobile will also stress the importance of routine HIV and Hepatitis C testing. Through months of following social media sites, it was clear that many users were accessing the website and social media pages through mobile devices like iPods, cell phones and tablets. The application was first launched in June of 2013 during Pride Month in Binghamton. Shortly after, the staff were asked to present the phone app to a group Mpowerment Training in New York City. They received rave reviews from other Mpowerment program staff from around the United States who attended the training. It was clear that there was interest in the application, and over the following months users continued to download the free app for both Apple and Android smart phone users. When staff attended another conference in NYC that focused on young GBT men of color, they were asked by other attendees excited by the growing interest in the app how they were conducting outreach to communities of color. Staff spoke about how technology knows no boundaries and how accessible this form of mobile technology was becoming. This attracted attention from representatives from the Center of Disease Control and the AIDS Institute. Members of both organizations were intrigued and wanted to know more information and see how they could help. Staff

intend to work closely with these organizations to improve the quality and functionality of the new app. The application features a Condom GPS which helps individuals locate sites where free condoms are regularly available from organizations like the M4Project, Southern Tier AIDS Program, local health departments, colleges and more. Users can also comment and check into places including popular M4Project events and programs. A News Feed and Push Notifications alert users of important

health information and current events relevant to young gay, bisexual and transgender men. Calendars let folks know what is going on any given day at the project. Those looking for condoms can find a complete list of available safer sex supplies at the center from lube, male and female condoms, dental dams and more. Users can browse photos and videos and get to know the staff and peers. The opportunities are endless.

Scan the QR codes below to download the FREE M4Mobile App!


Unity In Pride is a student run

LGTBQ group that focuses on creating a fun and social environment on campus for those who identify as LGTBQ. This includes gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and folks questioning their sexual orientation are all welcome to attend the meetings andallies,too! Unity In Pride has worked with local LGTBQ groups such as the M4Project and Southern Tier AIDS Program. The group has

also participated in June Pride Month which takes place in the heart of downtown Binghamton. In the past, Unity In Pride has brought sections of the AIDS Quilt to campus for students, faculty and community members to view; it stresses the importance of HIV prevention, safer sex and pay respect to those who have lost their lives to HIV and AIDS. The group also hosts a variety of social programs for its members and students on campus.

New members are always welcome, whether you’re a new or returning student. Meetings are on Thursdays at 11:00am in room T104 For more information about Unity In Pride, contact: Bill Metzar at

Thank Your For Your Continued Support!

Are You New To The Gym Scene? “Find out what you can do to improve your experience & your health!” Whether it be the cold weather or your New Year’s resolution, joining a gym—or stepping up a preexisting regimen—is a great way to warm up, get in shape, and do something that’s good for both your physical and mental well-being. It’s no secret that regular exercise can not only help you lose weight and prevent serious illnesses like heart disease, but it helps improve your mood and increase your energy. You might be saying to yourself—”I’d consider a gym membership, but they are expensive.” If so, don’t be afraid to shop around! There are many gyms and fitness centers across the Southern Tier that offer a variety of facilities and classes at all levels of cost. Not interested in a contract? Consider taking a class like yoga or spinning; some of these are pay-per-session or offer packages for several weeks or months. Additionally, under the Affordable Care Act, many new insurance policy guidelines have

special accommodations for individuals and families with health club memberships—so the benefits might be financial, too! At this point, you might be saying to yourself—”Yes! A gym membership is exactly what I need!” You might also be saying—”What are you doing?! You’re going to clog up my gym with newcomers!” Don’t fret, current gym bunnies—the Huffington Post has a list of etiquette rules for the gym that apply to both newbies and veterans! First, and most important of all: Fitness is for everyone! If you look around a gym at any given moment, odds are you’re going to see a little bit of everything— from body type to choice of attire. (Which brings up another important tip: Wear appropriate gym clothing! Jeans, heeled shoes or sandals, jewelry, etc. are all worth reconsidering.) That being said, it’s important to respect others at the gym, and to remember that respect has many tiers! Give

each other some space (let’s be honest, no one smells like roses at the gym), clean and replacement equipment when you’re finished with it, and keep the flaunting to a minimum! Second, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you’re unsure how a certain piece of equipment works, or if you’re unsure of your form— just ask! The humiliation of admitting you don’t know everything is substantially less painful than a pulled muscle or broken bone. If you’re going to do something, do it the right way! Lastly, cleanliness is everything! With all the sharing of equipment, it’s easy to pass along illnesses. Make use of disinfectant stations, or just wash your hands in the restroom! For more tips, check out the article! (CLICK HERE)

January Calendar 208 State Street Binghamton, New York 13901 Phone: (607) 651-9175 Ext: 401 or 408 Email: Website:









Walk-In Testing 2pm-6pm





First Friday 5pm-9pm

Open Hours 5pm-9pm 5






Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm



Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm



Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

27 Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

28 Free HIV/Hep C Testing 10am-2pm

8 Core Group 7pm-9pm

9 Walk-In Testing 2pm-6pm



Open Hours 5pm-9pm

Art Night 7pm-9pm 15 Core Group 7pm-9pm

16 Open Hours 5pm-9pm



Open Hours 5pm-9pm Pillow Talk 7pm-9pm

22 Core Group 7pm-9pm

29 M-Group 5pm-8pm *Pizza Provided



Walk-In Testing 2pm-6pm

Open Hours 5pm-7pm

Open Hours 5pm-9pm

Movie Night 7pm-9pm

30 Walk-In Testing 2pm-6pm Open Hours 5pm-9pm

31 Breakfas For Dinner During Open Hours 5pm-9pm


M4Project's January 2014 Newsletter  

In this newsletter we look back and highlight three major milestones of 2013. Interested in joining the gym? Are you a new member? Read our...

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