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Valmir von Raukov Valten, Champion of Sigmar Valten, Chosen of Sigmar Valten, Exalted of Sigmar Rutgar Manfred von Bock Konrad Ulrich Magister Zorn

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DAEMONS OF CHAOS Be’lakor Amon ‘Chakai Azazel

DARK ELVES Rakarth Kaldor the Cruel Malida Caldath the Black Mortharor

DWARFS Grombrindal Alfrik Ranulfsson King Kazador of Karak Azuk Kragg the Grim Burlok Damminson Umgrim Ironfist Garagrim Ironfist Byrrmoth Grundadrakk Brok Stonefist Crazed Khargrim Krudd Mad-Mattock Grung Grudge-Bringer Skag the Stealthy Drong the Hard Queen Helgar Longplaits Loki Whitebeard Bazrak Bolgan Skeggi Threkkson Grim ”Dead Eye” Grunnson Durzak Dragonback Grombold Kruddson

THE EMPIRE Magnus the Pious Thyrus Gormann Aldebrand Ludenhof

SKAVEN Nurglitch Ghoritch Klawmunkast Morbus Sanguis

TOMB KINGS Nagash the Immortal Sehenesmet

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VAMPIRE COUNT Zacharias the Everliving Neferata Melkhior the Ancient Sethep the Merciless Dieter Helsnicht Walach Harkon Luthor Harkon The Red Duke The Dark Knight The Banshee Renar the Necromancer

WARRIORS OF CHAOS Vardek Crom Arbaal the Undefeated Egrimm van Horstmann Count Mordrek the Damned Valnir the Reaper Aekold Helbrass Dechala Harald Hammerstorm

LIZARDMEN Nakai the Wanderer Lotl-Botl Inxi-Huinzi Ten-zlati



Ghark Ironskin Braugh Slavelord

ORCS & GOBLINS Borgut Facebeater Gorfang Rotgut Morglum Necksnapper Oglok the ‘Orrible Badruk ‘Eadsplitta Git Guzzler Kap’n Skabend & Slygit Grabnatz Sourbelly & Gulag Grotsnag Durkol Eye-gouger Grotfang Uzguz

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SIR AMALRIC OF GAUDARON not engage in a game of riddles with one of the fey folk - or embellished - the Chaos Champion Karnak had merely three heads, not five – he performed many great deeds. On the slopes of the Grey Mountains, Amalric beheaded the ferocious Beastlord Shadeflench and scattered his followers.

Of all the Grail Knights in the service of Bretonnia, few are so famed as Sir Amalric of Gaudaron Keep, scourge of the undying and blessed champion of the Lady of the Lake. As a young knight. Amalric passed his early years in the service of Baron Prithard of Carcassonne, one warrior amongst many in the Baron's service. Prithard, whilst a noble and just lord, needed the support of worthy knights if he were to defend his domains, for though well schooled in the courtly arts, the skills of diplomacy forever eluded him. As such, he often found himself at odds with his peers and could rely on little support from them. Though young, Amalric swiftly proved to be great skill at arms, and he was soon confirmed as a full Knight of the Realm and appointed master of Gaudaron Keep. an old but serviceable castle on the foothills of the Vaults.

It was Amalric who single-handedly defended the Tower Perilous from Goblin raiders, and he who twice defeated and slew the Barrow King, Bracht the Eternal. Ultimately, with the blessing , of the Lady as his guide and companion. Amalric’s quest was a successful one. On the banks of the Brienne, Amalric supped from the Grail and truly became the chosen of the Lady of the Lake. Little was he to know that the greatest trial of his life was yet to await him for, shortly after, the Lady bade him ride deep into the fey and dangerous forest of Athel Loren where he would confront one of the most powerful Necromancers to ever walk the Old World.

It was shortly after the young knight was installed in his domains, that the accursed fiche, Hardakh, rose from his crypt deep within the Vaults, and led an army of mouldering corpses into the southern Carcassonne territories. Amalric was one of many bold knits who met with Hardakh upon the field of battle. It seemed that the blessing of the Lady flowed through Amalric with unprecedented vigour for the Undead warriors could not stand before him. Wherever Amalric rode, the Necromancer's evil magics seemed to ebb and fade. Skeletal warriors collapsed into dust and spectral hosts dispersed in the wind at his coming.

Amalric Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 3 4 4 2 5 3 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 160 TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Morning star, heavy armour, shield, barding.

Even the vampiric echo of Sir Morten the Black, scourge upon the lands about Gaudaron for some two hundred years, aged and died even as he offered challenge to Amine. With his army crumbling about him and the men of Bretonnia emboldened, Hardakh had no choice but to retreat from battle (though within a league, his unclad form suffered a short but pointed encounter with Baron Prithard's favorite hippogryph, Dagonct). Recognising the instrumental role that Amalric had played in the victory, the Baron offered him rank and great wealth. Such a reward would have brought a new age of comfort on Amalrk's impoverished family yet. spurred on by visions and faith, the young knight chose instead to commit himself to the path of the Lady.

SPECIAL RULES: The Grail Vow, Virtue of Stoicism. Bane of the Undead: Amalric's presence is deadly to all manner of unliving creatures, dispelling the unholy magics that bind them together. Any Undead units in base contact with Amalric at the start of the Combat phase automatically suffer D6 wounds, with no Armour Save possible. These wounds are distributed as combat casualties and count towards combat resolution.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Icon of the Lady This holy relic protects Amalric from the gravest of harm, shielding him from the blows of his enemies.

To this day, ballads are still sung of the Quest of Sir Amalric - largely on the insistence of his family who benefited greatly from his fame. Though some of the claims made of Amalnc's travails arc mythical - he did

Talisman. The Icon bestows a 5+ Ward Save upon Amalric and grants him Magic Resistance (1).


GILON Duke of Aquitaine TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Giant Blade, heavy armour, shield. SPECIAL RULES: The Grail Vow. Virtue of Devotion The Knight is so utterly devoted to the Lady of the Lake that be enjoys her special favour, protecting him h from the magic of his foes. The Knight is completely immune to hostile magic spells. A spell simply does not affect him. Note that the spell is not dispelled as such, and can affect other troops even though the Knight remains unharmed. Commander: Gilonn is a veteran of a dozen campaigns, and knows precisely how to command his men under pressure. He is also ageing and grey-bearded, grey so his men will feel ashamed if they flee while he is still fighting. Any fleeing unit within 12" of Duke Gilon at the beginning nning of the Bretonnian player's turn will rally automatically.

Duke Gilon is the ageing Duke of Aquitaine. He is a great leader of men and an able warrior. In a desperate de bid to save his dukedom, he has led his men to fight against the Undead horde. This is a great gamble, for if the Bretonnians don't win here, there will be no one left lef to defy the Undead in all of Aquitaine. The responsibility weighs heavily on his shoulders and he knows that he can show no fear or anxiety in front of his men. M WS BS S T W I A Ld Gilon 4 6 3 4 4 3 6 4 9 Fulminer 8 3 0 4 4 3 4 2 5

MAGIC ITEMS: Giant Blade Duke Gilon has brought his most potent artefact to this battle, an ancient heirloom of his house that bestows its wielder with the strength of a giant. Magic Weapon. Duke Gilon gains +3 to his Strength when using this enchanted broadsword. broadsword



SIR RICHEMONT Sir Richemont is the son of Duke Gilon He decided to ride against the Undead host. hoping to desArti the bridge over the river Morceaux to win more time fur his father to gather his forces. Sir Richemont is young, brave, some would say reckless, and a mighty knight. undefeated in tournament. His devotion to the Lady of the Lake is as deep as his belief that Bretonnia is a sacred land that must be protected at any cost. Duke Gilon is concerned about his son, for he knows that a ruler must have other qualities apart from bravery and devotion. He hopes that time will nurture Sir Richemont's wisdom and that one day he will be a wise ruler of Aquitaine.

Sir Richemont Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 4 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5


player's turn, you may declare that Sir Richemont is yelling his battle le cry and will charge against his enemy. Sir Richemont, and any unit he is with, can roll an additional dice when determining their charge distance, In addition, they are immune to Fear and Terror for the rest of the turn.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, lance,, Armour of Protection, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: The Knight’s Vow, Vow Virtue of


the Joust.

Armour of Protection Sir Richemont wears the traditional armour a of the heirs of Aquitaine – the Armour of Protection.

Vive Bretonnia! Sir Richemont is determined to win glory in the battlefield and will not be put off by a bunch of walking bones. Once per game, at the beginning of the Bretonnian

Magic Armour. Heavy armour. The wearer gains a 4+ Ward save.


ISELDA Keeper of the Tower most powerful mage in Aquitaine, and she ranks as one of the advisors of Duke Gilon in his council.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 8

POINTS: 245 TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Dispel Scroll. MAGIC: Iselda is a Level 3 Wizard. She may use spells from the Lore of Life, Lore of Beasts or Lore of the Heavens.

SPECIAL RULES: Aura of the Lady. Favour of the Lady: Before the battle Lady Iselda may bestow her favour on one character by giving her veil to the fortunate Knight. This Knight will be able to re-roll any failed armour save once.

MAGIC ITEMS: Amber Amulet This talisman of protection is charged with the power of the Lady of the Lake. Lady Iselda is a magician of considerable power. As the only child of the Baron Artrange, she was sent to Altdorf as a child to study magic. When she returned, she decided not to marry but to devote her life to magic and assisting the inhabitants of Aquitaine. She is the

Talisman. At the start of the Bretonnian player's turn, Iselda recovers 1 wound she has suffered. If Iselda is slain outright the Amber Amulet is powerless to save her.


THE HOLY KNIGHT the chansons of the Lady of the Lake so that they may rest peacefully and undisturbed. Now the time of his trial has arrived, for the Red Duke has returned. The Holy Knight must fight against the Duke's vile servants to protect the sleep of the dead de so that they will not become instruments of evil once again.

The Holy Knight

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 3 9

POINTS: 120 TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Righteous Fury, Fury heavy armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: The Grail G Vow. Virtue of utter Serenity: Only a Knight of the Holy Order may have this Virtue, and since the Holy Knight is the last of them, this Virtue is unique to him. As long as the Holy Knight is alive, no Necromantic spells may be cast against him or any a unit within 6�.

MAGIC ITEMS: Righteous Fury The Holy Knight uses a magical hammer named Righteous Fury, which is charged with celestial power.

The Holy Knight is the last ast of his order, established a thousand years ago by the Keeper of the Tower of Wizardry. He has abandoned his name and all his worldly ly possessions, save for his weapons and armour. Revered by the villagers of Mercal, he fives alone, devoting his time to prayer and tending to the chapel Sereine. It is his duty to watch over the graves of the Knights who once served the Red Duke. There he h sings

Magic Weapon. Any Undead model struck with this will be wounded automatically. Against living opponents, Righteous Fury has no special effects but functions exactly like a normal hand weapon.



Gravain of Beaumarachais, being the son of the Duke de Beaumarchais who died in the battle of Malmerre, did not inherit his father's land. A rival errant knight acquired them instead, together with the hand of Isabelle, Gravain's sister. Gravain, however, turned out an honourable knight and committed himself to the Grail quest. This noble vow of devotion towards the Lady of the Lake caused Isabelle to knight him as Gravain de Fair.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, great weapon, heavy armour, shield, barding. SPECIAL RULES: The Questing Vow, Virtue of Purity.

Gravain has already been called to find the lost chapel of the Lady of Challote through visions. If he succeeds in his quest, he will probably be one of the very few knights who have seen the Grail with their very own eyes.

Gravain Warhorse

MAGIC ITEMS: Mantel of Damsel Elena This coat was a fare-well present from Gravain’s sisters. Talisman. The wearer is immune to Poisoned Attacks and Killing Blow.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 4 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

GUILLAUME OF GRENOULLIE Castellan of Quenelles POINTS: 125.

Guillaume of Grenoullie is a giant of a man with a huge scar across his face. He is infamous for his uncontrolled outbursts of fury. His duty is to watch over the castle, gates and walls of Quenelles – a task which he performs with excellence and loyalty. Under his command is a large retinue of men-at-arms, archers and squires who fear their master more than the enemy!

Guillaume Warhorse

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, morning star, heavy armour, shield, barding. SPECIAL RULES: The Questing Vow, Virtue of the Knightly Temper.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 4 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5


ALOYS OF MONTJOIE Baron of Quenelles The Duke de Montjoie is the most arrogant and impetuous baron in the whole dukedom of Quenelles. Adding to that, he is extremely religious and display an excess of bravery, which almost can be seen as foolhardiness. It requires no saying that he is therefore regarded as the embodiment of Bretonnian virtue in Quenelles and that he is highly honoured.

Aloys Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 4 2 5 4 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 170. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

Aloys is a great benefactor to the grail chapel of Quenelles. A few years earlier he dispensed his possessions and set off for the Grail Quest. Later he returned with many relics he had taken from various enemies. Today he watches over and protects the Grail chapel of Quenelles. It is not very surprising that he joined the pilgrims and became their leader.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, great weapon, heavy armour, shield, barding. SPECIAL RULES: The Grail Vow, Virtue of the Impetuous Knight.

ELANOR OF QUENELLES Damsel of the Lady MAGIC: Iselda is a Level 2 Wizard. She may use

As the youngest daughter of the duke of Quenelles, she is not allowed to inherit his estates and she will therefore not marry an errant knight, which then would inherit her father's realm. Therefore she decided for the holy service in the grail chapel of Quenelles, as a virgin. There she became famous for having healed many knights and she even brought some back from the doorstep of death. These deeds of a bretonian damsel can be compared to the achievements of a knight on the battlefield.

Iselda Warhorse

spells from the Lore of Life.

SPECIAL RULES: Aura of the Lady. MAGIC ITEMS: Potion Sacre Like all grail damsels, Eleanor knows how to brew magic potions. Arcane Item. One use only. Before rolling to cast a spell, Elanor may drink the potion. If she does so, she may add +1 to the result of one Power dice.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 1 8 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

Icon of Quenelles Arcane Item. One use only. Eleanor can open this casket at any time during the game. She and the unit she is with immediately gains the Blessing of the Lady.

POINTS: 155. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, barding.


BAGRIAN Abbot of la Maisontaal Bagrian is a unique character. Under the superficial appearance of an old, learned scholar, he hides the great powers of an incarnation of the wildest forces of nature. His obsession with fighting against all forces that can upset the balance of nature has recently led him to the capture of one of the vile Skaven artefacts known as the Black Arcs of the Horned One. Now, he and his monks will pay the price for such a daring act.


Bagrian. In addition, once per battle, Bagrian can recover all the wounds he has lost up to that moment (though he needs to be alive to use the periapt's power!). Parchment of Bark The lore of Taal is recorded on sheets of bark ritually taken from the holiest of birches. The Parchment counts as a Dispel Scroll.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 4 3 4 4 2 4 2 8

POINTS: 250 TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Bagrian is a Level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of Beasts.

MAGIC ITEMS: Staff of the Owl: This oaken tool of magic channels the forces of nature and infuses new strength into the bearer's spells. The staff gives Bagrian +1 to cast spells. Amber Periapt The bearer of this statuette, which represents the god of nature himself, is surrounded by a golden halo that protects and refreshes him as long as his faith remains true. Talisman. The periapt confers a 4+ Ward save on



BE'LAKOR The Dark Master Dark energies coursed from the Daemon Prince into Volkmar, and with a shuddering scream the Grand Theogonist's soul was dragged back into its body.

Most fell of the creatures of Chaos are the Daemons. Spawned from the nightmares of mortals and given form by the raw Chaos that pours from the north, Daemons are often only fleetingly attached to the world. Random possession, fleeting visions and temporary incarnations are enough to make them a plague upon the world.

Pain flaring through him, Volkmar breathed again, and his eyelids fluttered open. Even the faith of the mighty Volkmar was sorely tested as he looked upon the terrifying apparition that stood before him. He could feel the taint of Chaos magic seeping through his limbs, his heart and his mind.

Yet when the Realm of Chaos yawns wide and magic spills across the land in invisible waves, the threat of the Daemon becomes terrible. Legions of unnatural beings break through from their otherworldly realm, their dread voices rising up in praise of their masters, the arcane battlecries and unholy screams and bellows turning men insane on simply hearing them.

Be'lakor had the Theogionist taken up and chained to the battle standard of his legion, from where the agonised cursing and wailing of the priest could be heard, and his writhing body seen. While Archaon had merely slain the leader of the Church of Sigmar, Be'lakor sought to inflict a lifetime of physical and mental torture upon Volkmar. He would see him broken and weeping and pleading for the forgiveness of the gods for his false ways. Already he owed his life to the dark powers of Chaos, and it pleased Be'lakor to ponder the tormented thoughts that would plague the priest until his mind was finally broken by it.

Such was the force brought forth by Be'lakor, also known in recent times as the Dark Master, though he has been known by many names and titles through the centuries and in different lands. First Daemon Prince of Chaos, Be'lakor's hubris was turned against him and Tzeentch cursed him to millennia of insubstantial, maddening existence. Where once Be'lakor thought himself worthy to lead the legions of the gods in their final conquest of the world, now he was damned to crown the mortal champions of the gods, his heart seething with jealousy and betrayal.

With his unholy standard marching at the head of the legion, Be'lakor headed south once more, pleased with this small victory over his rival. When Middenheim

That curse was lifted upon the crowning of Archaon, and Be'lakor rejoiced in his freedom. A thing of shadow and terror, the Dark Master conjured up a great portal for his ancient armies to march through, accompanied by raucous blaring of horns and guttural shouts of triumph. In the wake of Archaon's advance, Be'lakor drove his legions southwards towards the lands of men. It was in the cold, frozen lands north of Kislev that Be'lakor was drawn to a certain place, and upon arriving recognised it as the battlefield upon which Volkmar the Grim had faced down the Everchosen. Frozen corpses littered the bloodied field, half-eaten by crows and vermin. And in the midst of that deathly, immobile scene he spied the ruins of the Grand Theogonist's war altar, its trapping broken and its images of Sigmar cast into the bloodied, frozen mud. Amongst the ruin of the battle chariot lay the body of Volkmar himself, frozen in his final agonising death throes, a sparkling gash of blood across his chest, and the broken remnants of the Jade Griffon amulet lying at his feet. Sensing a means to assert his superiority over Archaon, Be'lakor drew forth his most ancient magics and laid his hand upon the chest of the Grand Theogonist's body.


fell, he was sure that it would not be at the hand of the upstart Archaon, but by his own mighty deeds. He would become the true champion of the gods and be restored in their favour, as he was destined to be for the last three thousand years.

they have already passed a Terror test earlier in the game. Shadow-shroud: All enemy shooting aimed at Be'lakor, or any friendly unit within 12” of him, suffer -1 to hit.

Under Be'lakor, the daemon hordes slaughtered the bulk of Karl Franz's army. However, the High Elves under the banner of Teclis, the emissary of the Phoenix King, arrived on the field. Teclis was accompanied by three hundred of the vaunted Swordmasters of Hoeth and several magical relics designed for fighting the forces of Chaos. Be'lakor turned his forces against the Swordmasters, allowing Karl Franz to march on to Archaon's forces and usher the end of the Everchosen's campaign. Be'lakor at first gained the upper hand, losing many daemons but inflicting far grueler casualties against the High Elves.

Insurmountable Rage: At the start of each turn, Be'lakor must take a Leadership test. If this is failed, then he must charge an enemy if there is one in range that he can see. If there are no valid enemies for him to charge, he must move towards the closest enemy model, stopping 1" away from them if his movement would take him further. Be'lakor may re-roll all his failed rolls to hit, but must always pursue fleeing enemies that he breaks in combat. MASTER OF THE SHADOWS

Teclis saw this plight and decided to use one of his most potent spells. He whispered incantations into a sphere in his hands, and an ethereal flame spread from his form, engulfing everything daemonic on the battlefield. While no daemons were killed, everything bearing the Mark of Chaos, including Be'lakor himself, was sent back into the Realm of Chaos.


Bolt of Dark Light Cast on 6+ The Bolt of Dark Light is a magic missile with a range of up to 18". If successfully cast, it hits its target and causes D6 Strength 5 hits. Nightmare Cast on 6+ Nightmare is a hex spell with a range of 24”. If successfully cast, the unit immediately takes a Panic test.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 9 0 5 5 5 9 5 10


Curse of the Dark Master Cast on 7+ Curse of the Dark Master is a hex spell that can be cast on an enemy unit anywhere on the battlefield. If successfully cast, all models in the unit suffer a penalty of -1 to all their rolls to hit (both shooting and close combat attacks). Remains in play.

TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Be’lakor is a Level 4 Wizard. He knows all

Fog of Death Cast on 9+ Fog of Death is a direct damage spell. Each enemy unit on the table suffers D6 Strength 3 hits, randomised as shooting. Be'lakor has only a limited control over the nightmarish creatures he has summoned, so the casting player must roll a dice for each of his own units (excluding Be'lakor himself or the unit he is with). On a 1-3 nothing happens, on a 4-6 the unit is affected by the spell exactly like an enemy unit.

the spells to the right.

SPECIAL RULES: Daemonic, Fly. Whispers in the Darkness: All enemies suffer -1 on all attempts to rally. Enemies within 6" of Be'lakor suffer -1 to any Leadership-based tests they take (so an enemy within 6" of Be'lakor suffers -2 to rally!). Night Wards: Any spells directed at Be'lakor will be Miscast on the roll of any double (if a spell is cast at him with Irresistible Force, it will be cast with Irresistible Force, then the wizard will suffer an immediate Miscast).

Coils of the Serpent Cast on 12+ Coils of the Serpent is a direct damage spell with a range of 12". This can be cast on a single unengaged enemy model. The victim must immediately take a Toughness test. If failed, the model is crushed to death and is removed from play, with no saves allowed.

Eternal Terror: Be'lakor causes Terror. However, so terrifying is he that a unit must take a Terror test every time they are charged or wish to charge Be'lakor, or if he is within 6" of them at the start of their turn, even if


AMON 'CHAKAI Lord of Change mortal realm. Madmen locked away in the sanatoriums of the Old World see visions of the Great Winged Daemon, and scream that the end of the world is coming. In the far north of the Dark Elf realm of Naggaroth, the Sorcerers of the Witch King studying the Realm of Chaos read their auguries and omens and shudder in terror, for they show a promise of the entropy and destruction brought about by Amon 'Chakai.

Amon 'Chakai

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 8 9 9 7 7 8 9 6 10

POINTS: 760 TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Amon 'Chakai is a Level 4 Wizard. He knows all the spells from the Daemon Lore of Tzeentch.

SPECIAL RULES: Daemonic, Large Target, Terror, Fly, Flaming Attacks. Amon 'Chakai is the wisest and oldest of all the Lords of Change. While others of his kind are intelligent beyond human comprehension, Amon 'Chakai alone holds ultimate knowledge over fate and destiny. This great Lord of Change despises civilisation and order, and delights in bringing the world into ruin and Chaos. He can impose his omnipotent will upon hapless mortals, twisting the natural flow of their destiny and bringing misery and ruination to their lives. Nothing pleases him more than seeing the world broken and made anew, in the endless flow of change.

Hates Nurgle: Amon 'Chakai Hates all Nurgle Daemons, and any models with the Mark of Nurgle.

DAEMONIC GIFTS: Master of Sorcery. The Hand of Destiny Amon 'Chakai can doom any mortal to die in combat. The doomed one is almost certain to perish, such is the power of Amon 'Chakai. One enemy model, chosen by the Daemon player, is doomed to perish by Amon 'Chakai. All close combat and shooting attacks against this model will automatically hit. This lasts until the end of the battle, even if Amon 'Chakai is killed.

Amon 'Chakai can see the threads of destiny as clearly as a mortal man can see the path ahead of him. He can destroy or elevate both his followers and his enemies by what appears to be a mere whim, for the motives behind the actions of Daemons are not for mortals to comprehend.

All Seeing Eye The baleful gaze of Amon 'Chakai reveals the innermost hopes and fears of any who fall under it.

For a thousand years Amon 'Chakai has sat immovable on his throne in the Impossible Fortress, studying the antics of mortals in fascination. Now he has been roused from this state, perhaps by the whim of Tzeentch or maybe by his own design. He has summoned his Daemonic minions to battle, and now commands the greatest Daemonic army ever assembled in the Realm of Chaos. His ambition does not end there for he has now turned his diamond-like eyes upon the

At the start of the game, after both sides have deployed, you may nominate any one model in the enemy army. Your opponent must then reveal all equipment, magic items, special abilities and spells that the model has. In addition, if the model is a wizard he loses one of his spells (randomly selected) which he may not use for the rest of the battle.


The last door opened before Witch Hunter-General General Gunther Munz. Now he finally stood atop the Impossible Fortress, his quest to slay Amon 'Chakai was near its end. He stepped into the Chamber of Glass and saw the Greater Daemon sitting upon his throne deep in meditation, its omnipotent will travelling ling the vastness of the multiverse. Taking a deep breath Gunther raised his enchanted sword and prepared to strike down the foul Daemon. Suddenly its eyes snapped open, shinin.g with amusement as it studied the man before it. Gunther knew he should strike now, but could only stare into those facinating eyes. Amon 'Chakai spoke.

and I have watched your studies. I saw how your plans to destroy me came to fruition. I have seen every footstep you have taken to come before me. There is nothing I do not know. You are here because I wished ished it. Did you not know that! For a fleeting moment the Daemon held the gaze of the Witch Hunter-General. Hunter Then released him and he collapsed to the floor. Gunther struggled to his feet, but lacked the strength. In the glassy surface of the floor he saw his reflection. His arms were thin and feeble, his hair white, his face ancient and withered. It seemed as if fifty years had passed him by, though it had been but a moment. He had been a man in his prime, now he was old and weak.

"I have watched you since your birth, Gunther Munz and I have watched the birth of your father, his father, and all your ancestors from the time when they still roamed the Plains off the Sun in the Southlands. I have watched you grow

The mocking laughter of Amon 'Chakai rang in his ears as it rose from its throne and moved towards him.


AZAZEL Prince of Damnation When Azazel abandoned humanity and pledged his mortal soul to the service of Slaanesh none can say, but it is rumoured that in the distant past he was the leader of the Gerreon tribe, one of the twelve great peoples that followed Sigmar, the first Emperor. The legend says that he betrayed his liege lord and escaped to the Northern Wastes, pledging loyalty to Slaanesh, the young Prince of Chaos.

At the Battle of the Moors a force of zealous Templars of Ulric had made vows before the Flame of Ulric in Middenheim that they would banish Azazel or perish trying. But before the battle ended the Templars had been reduced to gibbering imbeciles, slaves to the slightest whim of Azazel. He set collars around their necks and made them walk on all fours like dogs to amuse his patron Slaanesh. The Questing Knight, Guido de Brionne, sought out Azazel, intending to challenge him to single combat to fulfil his grail quest, but instead he kneeled before the Daemon Prince, begging him to accept his undying devotion. Laughing, Azazel severed the head of the Bretonnian Knight, who stood unmoving, convinced in the justification of the act. Woe to those who face Azazel, the right hand of Slaanesh.

Azazel was greatly favoured by his master, and rose quickly in his esteem. After slaying Arthar, the exalted Champion of Khorne in single combat, Slaanesh turned his eyes upon Azazel and elevated him to Daemonhood, making him commander of the Prince of Chaos' daemonic legions. It is said that the beauty of Azazel is second only to his patron. But as irresistible as his beauty is, there is a deadly edge to it. Those who have gazed upon him never forget the sensual temptation his presence arouses. It is a beauty which evokes loathing and a temptation that sickens the soul. Azazel's hair is long, jet-black, and as fine as flax. Two great lacquered horns crown his handsome brow. His eyes are full of innocence and yet they are cruel, calculating and without pity. His smooth skin is white, the colour of the finest porcelain, and his movements are graceful, his limbs long and delicate. In his right hand he carries an enchanted blade that writhes as if alive, and his left hand is a long, chitinous claw, delicate and yet deadly. His wings are of the purest white, their beauty unmatched by swans or other creations of nature. He soars over the battlefield, sometimes sweeping low to strike his foes, and yet his feet never touch the ground. Azazel dresses in robes made of the finest silks, and his body is bedecked with gorgeous jewels and shining gems.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 7 7 6 5 5 9 6 10

POINTS: 665 TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Azazel is a Level 2 Wizard. He knows spells from the Daemon Lore of Slaanesh.

SPECIAL RULES: Daemonic, Terror, Fly. Aura of Slaanesh: The Daemon is surrounded by a mild-altering aura that befuddles the enemy. Any enemy unit in base contact with Azazel reduces its Leadership by -1. Temptator: Those who come face-to-face with the awesome presence of Azazel risk gambling with their very souls. Many who see him lose their free will and become incapable of opposing him. They are used as playthings by Azazel until he grows bored of them and disposes of them as he sees fit.

Azazel commands a legion of Daemons of his master, and under his command the armies of the Prince of Chaos have enjoyed one blissful triumph after another. Most of their opponents give up the fight before it even begins, for few can bring themselves tnharm such an enchanting and wondrous being as Azazel. Azazel, on the other hand, has no such qualms...

At the beginning of the Close Combat phase select one model is base contact with Azazel. The selected model must take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the victim is controlled by the Daemon player in that Close Combat phase. The model will direct its attacks against his own side. The model cannot be attacked by either side during that Close Combat phase but after combat resolution has been worked out, he reverts immediately to the original player’s control and can therefore use his Leadership for any Break tests and can be broken and pursued as normal. If the model has no friendly

Azazel sees into the very hearts and souls of men, and even their deepest desires and hidden passions are plain to him. With his silvery voice Azazel whispers to his opponents, promising them all they have ever desired if they abandon the folly of opposing Slaanesh and embrace the Prince of Chaos instead. And there are very few that can resist his temptations. All who know of him dread to face him in battle, for the cost of losing to Azazel is not only the death of the body, but the damnation of the soul as well.


models in base contact, it will not attack that round and attacks can be directed against it, hitting automatically.

Striking Tail Azazel has a huge double-headed tail. In battle he uses it to fend off the blows of his opponents.

DAEMONIC GIFTS: Soporific Musk. One model in base contact with Azazel (chosen by the Daemon player) will lose one attack. Declare which model will lose the attack before making any dice rolls.

Weapon: Daemonblade. Great Claw Azazel's left arm ends in a gigantic, lustrous claw.


Azazel may make an additional attack at Strength 8 with the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.

Daemonblade Azazel wields a mighty enchanted blade, a deadly living weapon against which mortal armour is no proof.

Dark Halo Azazel is crowned by the Dark Halo of Slaanesh, marking him as the favoured one of the Prince Chaos.

Magic Weapon. No armour saves are allowed against attack made with the Daemonblade.

This halo gives Azazel a 4+ Ward save.



RAKARTH Beastlord of Karond Kar Rakarth's father ordered Bracchus destroyed, but Rakarth strode forward and asked if he might have one attempt to ride the creature, and that if he succeeded he might keep Bracchus for himself. Rakarth's father readily agreed, for Dark Elves love all forms of gambling, even above the safety of their own children. Rakarth slowly walked towards Bracchus, fixing the steed with his steely gaze. Bracchus was visibly shaken at the young child's ice-cold stare, recognizing instinctively that here was a being that out-matched it in sheer cruelty and ability to inflict pain. Lowering his head, Bracchus allowed Rakarth to jump easily on to his back, and meekly obeyed Rakarth's every command. From that day on Bracchus was Rakarth's faithful mount, serving him well until he was slain at the battle of Finuval Plain some 30 years later. The Black Dragon that Rakarth rides into battle now is named Bracchus in honour of the steed that he rode as a youth. M WS BS S T W I A Ld Rakarth 5 6 5 4 3 2 7 3 9 Bracchus 6 6 0 6 6 6 3 5 8

POINTS: 475 (155 for Rakarth, 320 for Bracchus). TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). Bracchus: Monster. EQUIPMENT: Whip of Agony, lance, Beast Armour of Karond Kar. SPECIAL RULES (Rakarth): Eternal Hatred. Beastlord: Any friendly monster taking a Monster Reaction test within 12" of Rakarth will always pass the required Leadership test. If the Beastlord is slain whilst riding his black dragon Bracchus, the dragon does not need to take a Monster Reaction test and will fight on as normal. In addition, a monster that is defeated in close combat by Rakarth becomes dominated by the Beastlord and will come under his control. This only applies to ridden monsters, and only once the rider is killed. The monster does not flee, but rather is moved back from Rakarth an inch, and is considered to be a part of the Dark Elf player's army immediately. The monster will remain under Rakarth's control for the remainder of the game. If Rakarth is killed then any monsters under his control revert to the control of their original owner. If Rakarth survives the battle, then any monsters under his control are assumed to be destroyed in regards for working out victory points. Note that an enemy does not get any victory points for killing a monster enslaved in such a way by Rakarth.

The Dark Elves have always made use of enslaved monsters, both for their fleets and for their land armies, but although there have been many famous Beastmasters in the past, none have approached Rakarth's consummate skill or expertise. It is said that the dungeons of Karond Kar are filled with creatures that Rakarth has tamed, and that amoungst them can be found one or more of all the creatures known in the Warhammer World. Even as a child Rakarth had an almost supernatural ability to subdue wild creatures. When Rakarth was only eight years old his father had been gifted with a particularly fine Dark Steed. The beast was called Bracchus and was faster and stronger than any other in the Rakarth stables, but it had a vicious temperament and would buck and rear uncontrollably if anyone tried to ride it. Rakarth's father attempted to break Bracchus, and was quickly hurled to the ground and almost trampled to death under the creature's hooves. Wild with fury,


SPECIAL RULES (Bracchus): Fly, Terror, Large Target, Scaly Skin (3+), Noxious Breath.

MAGIC ITEMS: Whip of Agony Belonging to the feared Beastlord Rakarth, the Whip of Agony inflicts damage that even the most thick-skinned and mindless creature can feel. Magic Weapon. Beastmaster’s Scourge. When wielding the Whip of Agony, Rakarth strikes with Strength 5. No other modifiers can ever modify this. In addition, at the beginning of any close combat phase, Rakarth may make a special attack with the Always Strikes First rule. Roll to hit as normal. If the attack hits, do not roll to wound like normal. Rather, the enemy model must take an immediate Ld test. Ridden monsters must test on their own Ld value. If that test is failed, they are overcome with pain, and must roll 6's to Hit in that round of close combat. After this special attack has been made, the combat continues as normal, and Rakarth may attack with his normal attacks. Beast Armour of Karond Kar: 1+ armour save. This cannot be improved by any means.


KALDOR THE CRUEL Kaldor Dark Steed

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 8 6 4 3 3 9 4 10 9 3 0 3 3 3 4 1 5

POINTS: 250. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Doomsinger, heavy armour, shield. SPECIAL RULES: Eternal Hatred. Bitter Hatred: Kaldor truly hates his High Elf kinsman for robbing him of his hereditary title and lands. Such is the hatred Kaldor feels towards his brother that he will always accept the challenge of single combat against him, and he will always issue it if Calaidan does not. Destiny: As said in the prophesy of the oracles of Isha, Kaldor can only perish in battle if he is slain by his brother. Kaldor may never lose his last wound or be slain by spells or magic items. The only exception is if he is in combat with Calaidan in which case he may be slain as normal. He may be broken in battle and caught in pursuit by an enemy apart from Calaidan as normal.

Kaldor the Cruel is the mastermind behind the Dark Elf attack against House Coraith, intent on seeking vengeance against his twin brother Calaidan. Their father chose Calaidan to take over as Lord of House Coraith, and ever after Kaldor has brooded and plotted his vengeance. He finally fell so low that he betrayed his family and joined the Dark Elves of Naggaroth to carry out his wicked plans.

MAGIC ITEMS: Doomsinger This is the twin sword of Deathsinger, Calaidan`s sword. It is decorated with one of the jewels called the Tears of Isha. Magic Weapon. At the beginning of each close combat phase, roll a D3. Kaldor may add the result of this to his Strength, Weapon Skill or Attacks value.


MALIDA Hag Queen of Karond Kar made her one of the deadliest servants of the Witch King, for she wishes to become the greatest of the Hag Queens ever to have ruled over the Sisterhood. Malida sees the campaign in the Shadowlands as a perfect opportunity to spill blood in the name of Khaine, and dreams of restoring the Great Temple of the Bloody-handed God in the ruins of Anlec to its former glory.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 5 4 3 2 7 3 9

POINTS: 170. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Blood Blades. SPECIAL RULES: Eternal Hatred, Frenzy. Blood Dance: Malida is swift and has unique style of fighting which gives her a 5+ Ward save. Devotee of Khaine: Malida may join units of Witch Elves only.


Malida is one of the ancient Hag Queens, the mistress of all the Witch Elves of Karond Kar. She demanded the right to cleanse Eagle Pass of defenders, knowing that ther wll not retreat, and will have to give their blood to Khaine, the Lord of Murder.

Blood Blades Malida is armed with two magic swords which eternally drip poisoned blood. Magic Weapon. Paired weapons. The Blood Blades have give Malida Strength of 5 and the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule.

She is one of the youngest Witch Elves ever to have risen to the status of Hag Queen. Though she is thousands of years old, Malida is still young compared to many of her sisters. In battle her thirst for blood has


CALDATH THE BLACK known in the bleak land of Naggaroth. If he can slay Alatar then he will prove himself to be the superior sword master.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 9 9 4 3 2 10 3 10

POINTS: 150. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons. SPECIAL RULES: Eternal Hatred, Khainite, Always Strikes First, Poisoned Attacks, Scout. Arrogance: Caldath the Black's arrogance is legendary and knows no bounds. He is always ready to accept any challenge to personal combat made by an opponent. He must always initiate and accept all challenges. When fighting in challenges, he gains +1 to Hit. Dodge: Caldath is one of the greatest ever Assassins of Karond Kar. His inhuman swiftness and lighting reflexes allow him to dodge attacks that would kill a normal man. As such, Caldath has a 4+ Ward save. Caldath is the confident and arrogant Master Assassin of Karond Kar. He volunteered to destroy the Shadow Warrior camp, for he wishes to find his equal in combat, and the fame of the Shadow Prince is well

General: Caldath is the leader of his own flock of Assassins. As such, he can be army General, and units in this army can use his Leadership value.


MORTHAROR Captain of the Harbringer of Pain Mortharor the Cruel is the captain of the Black Ark Harbinger of Pain. He is a merciless warrior and his name is feared in many coastal towns of the Warhammer world. He is utterly determined to cany out Kaldor's plan by destroying the High Elf Beacon of Pearls.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 8 3 9

POINTS: 250. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Dragon’s Claw, light armour, Sea Dragon cloak.

SPECIAL RULES: Eternal Hatred, Slaver. Cruel: Mortharor's cruelty is legendary even amongst his own kind, and the Dark Elves are the cruellest of all the inhabitants of the Warhammer world. A unit that loses a round of combat against Mortharor suffer an additional -1 to their Leadership for the Break test taken that round.

MAGIC ITEMS: Dragon's claw Mortharor uses a razor-sharp Dragon's claw in combat. The claw can rip any armour apart. Magic Weapon. The Dragon’s Claw gives Mortharor +1 to his Strength, has a -3 armour save penalty and the Multiple Wounds (D3 special rule).



GROMBRINDAL The White Dwarf Every Dwarf, from the youngest beardling to the most wizened Longbeard, can recite the Saga of Grombrindal from memory. An epic tale that runs into many hundreds of verses, the Saga of Grombrindal tells how this Dwarf of legend strides the mountainous paths known only to the Dwarfs, appearing unannounced at times when his help is needed most. Quite who the White Dwarf truly is none know for sure. Some claim he is none other than Snorri Whitebeard of Karaz-a-Karak, the only Dwarf King to receive due honour and respect from the Phoenix King of the Elves. Others claim that he was once the paramour of Valaya and beloved of all the Dwarf gods. Whatever the truth, the Saga of Grombrindal contains these and no less than forty-three other suggestions. The White Dwarf is a hero from the time of legends and the knowledge that he walks the world today fills every Dwarfen heart with hope and pride. Many are the times when a solitary Dwarf, cloaked and hooded, has joined with a Dwarf army on the eve of a great and terrible battle. Solitary and stern, this mysterious figure keeps his own company, nursing his ale and stroking his lustrous white beard in silent contemplation. It is only when battle is joined that the true nature of this mysterious visitor is revealed, as the worn grey cloak is cast aside and, with ancient fire blazing in his eyes, Grombrindal reaps a bloody toll upon the hated foe.

This legendary Dwarf is known in Khazalid - the Dwarfish tongue – as Grombrindal, which roughly translates as 'The White-bearded Ancestor'. He has been given many names over the centuries, but this is the one by which he is moat widely known.

So it was at the battle of Whale Bridge, when Grombrindal held the causeway against the horde of An-Cas the Boastful, and the arrogant Goblin Boss was decapitated with a single blow. So it was at Bitter Peak, when the numberless ratmen were put to flight by the woefully outnumbered Miners from Barak-Varr, a white-bearded ancient holding their tattered ranks together with shouts of encouragement. So, too, it was at Cragmere, when the mightiest Dwarf heroes of the age crushed the advance of an army of Beastmen, Orcs and Goblins, and stood atop a mound of the fallen fully ten corpses deep. These tales and a thousand more besides all bear testament to Grombrindal's heroism and the miraculous nature of his arrival - always appearing when the flame of hope is guttering and the spirits of the Dwarfs are at their lowest ebb.

No one knows where thy White Dwarf will appear. He turns up wherever and whenever his folk are hard pressed. When the odds are against the Dwarfs, he comes. He has been seen many times throughout the long history of the Dwarfs, his strange and unexpected appearance In the darkest hour of battle is recorded in many sagas. Each time he appears, the tide has turned back in the Dwarfs' favour. There was the rime when Umthi the Doomed and his folk were surrounded by Goblins. When all seemed lost, the Goblin horde shrank back in dismay Umthi's clan warriors were heard to whisper in awe "the White Dwarf". Deep in the midst of the foe the white, bearded one could be seen swinging his mighty axe, cutting a swathe through the ranks of the enemy. Inspired by the sight, Umthi's folk, though bleeding and exhausted, took heart and surged forward one last time in a desperate effort to reach the White Dwarf, who stood alone amid the Goblins. When the victory was won, and Umthi gazed across the stricken field, the White Dwarf was gone and no trace of hint was found,

On the eve of a battle, when dread looms over the hearts of the Dwarf host like a dark shadow, beardlings and Longbeards alike stoke the watchfires a little brighter and keep a tankard of ale aside in case a greycloaked stranger seeks to join the throng...


TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Rune Axe of Grimnir, Rune Helm of Zhufbar, Armour of Glimril Scales. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. Grombrindal has no Fear! The White Dwarf is so ancient and battle-hardened that he is Unbreakable. So fearless is he that if his chosen unit breaks and flees, for any reason, he will always stand his ground. If the unit was engaged in combat, he will stand firm and continue to fight while his unit flees, denying the foe the chance to pursue. Grombrindal can even join a unit that does not have the Unbreakable special rule - this is an exception to the normal Unbreakable rules. Disguised The White Dwarf wears a disguise until he is ready to reveal his true self. This disguise is usually in the form of a huge cloak he wraps around himself to conceal his enormous white beard, a clear sign of an Ancestor! If you wish, the White Dwarf may start the game hidden in the ranks of any Dwarf unit except a war machine and its crew. If disguised, the White Dwarf is not placed on the table during deployment, but is assumed to move along with the unit within which he is hidden. At the start of the game, make a note of which unit he is concealed in. If the unit is wiped out or flees then the White Dwarf will be revealed, and will stand his ground even though the rest of the unit may be fleeing or slain.

except- for the heaps of slain enemies. A shrine to Grombrindal now stands In this place, one of many throughout the Dwarf realms. Some say that the White Dwarf is none other than Snorri Whitebeard. the Dwarf King of Karat--a-Karak, who was the only Dwarf to receive the due and proper respect of the High Elf Phoenix King of Ulthuan. That was a long, long linty ago though - before the War of the Beard - and ilk is true, then the White Dwarf is truly an Ancestor, and in some uncanny way must surely have crossed the bounds of mortality.

The White Dwarf may reveal his true self at the start of any Close Combat phase. At this point he is immediately placed in the front rank of his chosen unit, displacing one of the normal rank-and-file models. If there are no such models in the front rank, then he must be placed in the second rank.

In the Saga of Grombrindal it says that he wanders the Worlds Edge Mountains, following the old Dwarf roads disguised as an aged prospector, swathed in it great cloak. He accepts a swig of good Dwarf ale from any traveller he meets and in return offers them a prophecy. Many are the times when a strange lone Dwarf of this wry description has been seen in the Dwarf camp on the eve of a great battle, keeping his own company.

Once revealed, the White Dwarf operates as any other character model. Note that if the White Dwarf is the Army General, then units can only benefit from his Leadership after he has been revealed.

Sometimes such a figure has been seen walking the ramparts of a besieged stronghold and this is held as an omen of victory and hope. In the bank the following day the White Dwarf has appeared, bedecked in all his regal panoply of war, like some ancient king of legend, a true Ancestor, a figure come to life from the old Dwarf carvings.

The White Dwarf

MAGIC ITEMS: Rune Axe of Grimnir The mighty axe wielded by the White Dwarf answers the description of the Rune Axe of Grimnir, mentioned in several sagas and legends. Perhaps Grimnir gave the legendary weapon to the White Dwarf?

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 4 5 4 10

Magic Weapon. This axe gives Grombrindal +2 Strength and allows him to re-roll any failed rolls to hit and any failed rolls to wound. In addition, models

POINTS: 500. 28

wounded by the Rune Axe of Grimnir must re-roll any successful armour saves.

the Dwarf folk, fell in love with the White Dwarf on account of his magnificent white beard and gave him the cloak as a token of her esteem.

Rune Helm of Zhufbar Those Dwarfs who have glimpsed the awesome helmet worn upon the White Dwarf's troubled brow have described the sight they beheld. Runesmiths have identified this magnificent helmet as the Lost Rune Helm of Zhufbar, which vanished many years ago when that particular stronghold was overrun by greenskins.

Talisman. The White Dwarf has Magic Resistance (3) when wearing the Rune Cloak.

Magic Armour. Any fleeing unit of Dwarfs will pass Rally tests automatically if they are attempting to rally within 12" of the Rune Helm of Zhufbar. Armour of Glimril Scales After the Battle of Thraag, in which the White Dwarf slew 10,000 Warriors of Chaos to rescue the foolhardy Ungi No-Chance and his folk, a single scale of armour was found clenched in the teeth of the Lord of Chaos. It was forged from a metal totally unknown by the Dwarf folk. The Runesmiths were completely mystified and called it Glimril, believing that it had been forged by the Ancestor Gods themselves! Magic Armour. The Armour of Glimril Scales gives the White Dwarf a 1+ armour save, and also a 4+ ward save. Rune Cloak of Valaya The runes embroidered on the great cloak worn by the White Dwarf display, without doubt, that it was woven by Valaya herself. At least one saga relates that Valaya, the Dwarf Ancestor Goddess and protector of


ALFRIK RANULFSSON Dwarf King of Karak-Hirn Karak "Now Now if anyone could help soothe the parched throat of an old warrior arrior I could continue. When I was a young 'un there was never any need for a battle-scarred scarred veteran to ask for a drink as his cup was always full. Nor was... oh, thank you." Durgrim drained the newly-filled filled flagon in a single long draught, wiping the foam from his moustache with the back of his hand as be banged the mug on the table to be filled again. "Now where was I? Ob yes. The few noble Dwarfs left that keep the old ways. Thorek I've 've told you about, but there's also King Alrik Ranulfsson of Karak-Hirn. Karak Even though he has to deall with all the lesser races who come to trade with him,, King Alrik A has stayed true to the old ways. The army of Karak-Hir Hirn is a sight to make your heart glad, with ranks of Clansmen smen and Ironbreakers backed up by loyal Dwarfs with crossbows. crossbo Just like it was in the old days. None of your modern rubbish like flame fl cannons and Gyrocopters littering the place and stinking up the clean mountain air with their ir fumes. Don't know what those engineers were thinking. anyhow. ounger holds, founded after the Karak-Hirn is one of the younger Great Quakes. It was a tragic ragic time and an what were needed were great leaders. The founder of Karak-Hirn, Alrik's greatgreat- great-grandfatber, was one such Dwarf. Kurgaz was probably the tallest and strongest stro of our kind ever to smite an Elf He stood bead and shoulders above abo his followers and could lift an entire ore wagon wago single-banded. As he fled the disasters of those dark times with his army of followers, he happened upon the mountain which would be his new home: Karak-Hirn, Hirn, the Hornhold. H Kurgaz was camped with his kinsmen above ground in a small valley, an unusual and troubling practice but necessary necess when the trembling earth is twisting even the finest Dwarf-wrought tunnels. As dusk drew in, the deep blare of a Dwarf warborn sounded across the valley Thinking his kind were in danger, Kurgaz rallied his bodyguard about him and set off towards the sound. They climbed for hours,, feeling for handholds as they approached the sound which still sounded eerily across the mountains. Just as dawn broke, they reached a large larg cave and stopped to rest. Without warning, the wind blew lew through the entrance of the cure, down the passageways ys and all around them, causing the deep roar that bad summoned them. Kurgaz roared in turn, but this time with laughter, and soon the whole of his h guard bad tears running down their heir cheeks. 'It is a sign from Grungni,' he said, 'To show us how to laugh even in such times as these, and to show uss a safe haven. ' And with that be set about exploring his new domain. Over the years the caverns have been be greatly enlarged, and the winds still blow through ugh the Hornhall of Karak-Hirn. Karak Cleverly constructed doors, valves and hollows amplify the sound just so, and cunningly set fires draw the air through


the sounding chambers so that the mountain itself can be b sounded to call the warriors ors to battle or scare away Tolls. Now as I said, young Alrik is even more traditional than his father Ranulf and his armies mies are a sight to make an old warrior glad. But there's more re to him than that. For be has taken Karak-Hirn's Book of Grudges es and sought sough with singleminded dedication to erase se every slight. To this end be campaigns against greenskins, reenskins, Skaven, or Elves and extracts a payment in blood for their past misdeeds. It is often oft that you bear of bow our kin have been badly mistreated, but few seek vengeance like Alrik. ik. He would erase every grudge ever held by his clan, and if be lives long enough by Grungni he'll do it. Already he carries one of the volumes of the Book, Boo completely scoured of unpaid food-debts. debts. This alone fills his followers with boundless dless hope, as it does me and should you."

Magic Weapon. Great weapon. The Axe of Retribution has been inscribed with the Grudge Gr Rune (re-roll misses against one nominated enemy model) and the Master Rune of Breaking (hits destroys opponent’s magical weapon).

Even ven amongst a race as steeped in custom and tradition as the Dwarfs, King Alrik is regarded as particularly devoted to the customs of his ancestors. Perhaps it is because Karak Him, as one of the Grey Mountains holds, is regarded by many Dwarfs as being somehow new and unproven (despite being several thousand years old) that makes Alrik such a stickler for the old ways. Borne into battle upon the shield of his greatgreat great-great-Grandfather Grandfather Kurgaz, considered a giant gi amongst Dwarfs and founder of Karak Him, Alrik has endeavoured to settle many scores from the Karak Him Book of Grudges.

Kurgaz's Shield This ancient shield bears a protective magical rune, but is of tremendous size and is far too heavy to use normally. However, since it is a valued heirloom of their founder, the Kings of Karak-Hirn Karak still take it to battle — nowadays as a fighting platform borne by two of their strongest followers.


Hrappi-klad Suits of heavy golden armour are the traditional battle garb of the King of Karak Him and his Shield Bearers. They are plain and unadorned in the functional functiona manner of the Dwarfs, but the protection they offer is far greater than any suit of finely filigreed Elven armour. Magic Armour. Gromril armour. It is inscribed with the Rune of Shielding (2+ Ward against missile attacks).

Magic Armour. The Shield gives Alrik a 5+ Ward save. Helm of Eagles The cunningly wrought runes on this ancient battlebattle helm give the wearer the sharp eyesight of the hunting eagle as he soars above his prey. No lurking assassins assas can hide from him, nor secrets be held from him whilst he wears this helm. Alrik can see the details of enemy troops wherever they are on the battlefield.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 4 4 10

POINTS: 380.

Enchanted Item. At the start of each Dwarf turn, Alrik may gaze at one enemy unit. Your opponent oppone must reveal any hidden troops within the unit (such as Assassins or Night Goblin Fanatics) as well as all magic items carried by models within the unit.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Axe of Retribution, Hrappi-klad. Hrappi SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute,

Karak-Hirn's Hirn's Book of Grudges The Great Book of Grudges, Dammaz Kron, is held by the High King Thorgrim rim Grudgebearer, but this is not the only such book. In fact, each Hold has their own book, as indeed do many individual Dwarfs. Actually this is only one volume of the many that comprise Karak- Him's collection of grudges. However, this is a unique volumee because all the grudges described in its pages have been avenged!

Relentless, Shield Bearers. Lord of the Hold: If Alrik is included in your army he must be your army General. Traditional army: Alrik doesn't trust the unusual machineries of the Engineers' neers' Guild and only rarely includes them in his army. If Alrik is in the army then Gyrocopters, Flame Cannons and Organ Guns take up twice their points cost in Rare unit percentage allowed. In addition, your army cannot have more models armed with a handgun than a crossbow.

Enchanted Item. This book gives Alrik the Hold Your Ground special rule, just ust like a Battle Standard. Standard


When I were but a lad, my father, the King taught me three things: Never accept a gift from an Elf. Never trust gold that glistens in darkness. Never forget a grudge. On his deathbed I swore to uphold those values to me own dying day, and Grungi willing l will. King Alrik Ranulfsson of Karak Hirn

Axe of Retribution As the Karak-Hirn Dwarfs fight their enemies, the bright flash of silver is easily seen as the Axe of Retribution rises and falls in deadly arcs. Alrik had this axe made especially for his crusade to avenge ave the wrongs done to his Hold, and he has sworn not to let it rest until they have all been struck from the Book of Grudges.


KING KAZADOR OF KARAK AZUL promised the pick of his treasures. Since Kazador is wealthy as only a Dwarf king can be this offer off has caused a lot of excitement in the Dwarf realms. The only thing that lightens Lord Kazador's gloom is being able to settle old scores and to this end he has led armies all over the Dwarf realms. He has become a dark and brooding avenger, a pursuer of o his people's enemies, and callous destroyer of evil wherever he finds it. As he leads his armies into battle he sounds the great Thunderhorn to proclaim that King Kazador has come to take his revenge once more. Perhaps he hopes that one day he will meet Gorfang in battle, so that at last he can avenge himself on his enemy and lift the burden of responsibility that lies upon his heart.

King Kazador

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 5 5 3 4 4 10

POINTS: 350. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hammer of Karak Azul, Armour of the King of Karak Azul.

Kazador is the aged King of Karak Azul. He is a massive Dwarf, and incredibly strong even by the extraordinary standards of Dwarf kings. He is said to have once lifted a fully-laden laden ore pony which had stumbled and become trapped in a crevasse. In his younger days he would cheerfully repeat the performance when challenged. It is said that he could (and frequently did) out drink all the Dwarfs in his kingdom. His younger days were full of feasting and fighting, bawdy songs and raucous humour, and, of course, battles.. Lots of battles, so that the Orcs soon started to avoid the area altogether. Ruling over a kingdom surrounded by greenskins gave Kazador few worries. In fact he found it rather convenient, and spent the summer months hunting Goblins in the mountains.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. RUNE ITEMS: The Hammer of Karak Azul The great Hammer of Karak Azul has been borne by the royal line of Azul since the time of Grungni, Grungn and it can only he lifted by a member of Kazador's clan. This mighty two-handed handed warhammer is forged from gromril, and it bears an unusually potent combination of runes. Magic Weapon. Any model wounded wou by the hammer (after saves)) is automatically slain. In addition, the Hammer of Karak Azul bears a Rune of Striking Strikin (+1 WS) and a Rune of Might (double ouble Strength against T5 or more models).

Sadly adly those days are long gone. Today nothing gives King Kazador joy. He no longer has any appetite and food always displeases him. Ale is always weak and is unable to lift his spirits. He no longer hunts Goblins in the mountains or bellows with laughter at some casual jest. Today he sits in the darkness of Karak Azul and broods. His subjects trace his decline to the Orc attack when Gorfang the Warlord of Black Crag infiltrated the stronghold, pillaging and looting. Although the Orcs were driven out they tookk captives, including many of Kazador's own kin. Even today Kazador knows that his own people are rotting in the dungeons of Black Crag, and so far he has been unable to recover them or to avenge their deaths (if dead they be).

The Armour of the King of Karak Azul This armour was forged in ancient days and is worn by the King of Karak Azul whenever ever he marches to war. It is forged from the finest gromril. Magic Armour. This Gromril armour bears the Master Rune of Adamant (+1T) and a Rune of Resistance (re-roll (re failed armour saves). The Thunderhorn The Thunderhorn is carved from an ancient tusk said to have been brought by the Dwarfs from the distant south in ages past. It has been carried into battle by every Lord of Azul since Karak Azul was founded.

Kazrik, the king's son, suffered ffered a fate nearly as bad. Captured along with his kin folk in the king's own throne room, the young Dwarf Lord was not taken captive but shaved and nailed firmly to Kazador's throne as a gesture of contempt. The king has promised half his hoard to the Dwarf warf who brings his kinsfolk back alive; a quarter of it to anyone who brings their dead bodies back to rest in Karak Azul. To anyone who kills Gorfang he has

Enchanted Item. The Thunderhorn bears the Master Rune of Dismay (one use only, enemy units must mu pass Ld test to declare charges next turn).


KRAGG THE GRIM Master Runelord of Karaz-a-Karak Kragg the Grim

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 3 3 2 10

POINTS: 400. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Kragg’s Hammer, Kragg’s Armour. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless, Rune Lore. RUNE ITEMS: Kragg's Hammer Kragg's Hammer hears Kragg's Master Rune. This will be the old Runesmith's greatest legacy to the Dwarf realms when he releases it, if he ever does. Kragg devised his rune to aid him when forging. It heats up the hammer till it glows red hot and then transfers the heat to whatever it hits. It also drives the hammer forward with crushing force. The hammer is so hot that enemy affected by fire are affected by the hammer as if it were actually burning.

Kragg is the Master Runelord of Karaz-a-Karak. He is the oldest and by far the greatest living Runesmith -a gnarled old Dwarf, strong and enduring as a weatherbeaten oak. His mighty white beard reaches to his feet. His great beetling brows cover eyes deep as wells set over features as rough hewn as a granite cliff. His expression is one of eternal disapproval. This is quite normal for a Dwarf of his age who has seen many wonders and watched the inevitable decline of craftsmanship and respect. Runesmiths come from all over the Dwarf realms to sit at his feet and listen to his wise words. He knows many of the secrets of ancient days, long forgotten by others, and is a living link with near legendary past times.

The bearer counts as having a Strength of 10, and in addition has the effects of a Rune of Fire (Flaming Attacks) and a Rune of Fury (+1A). Kragg's Armour Kragg's armour is forged from heavy gromril. Over the years the Runelord has laboured long and hard on it, turning each separate component into a lovingly crafted work of art.

Kragg emerges only rarely from the Underhalls of Karaz. Within the city's deepest depths he has what virtually amounts to his own personal realm, a complex of mines and forges near the roots of the mountain where many Runesmiths labour on great projects under Kragg's supervision.

Kragg’s armour bears a Master Rune of Gromril (1+ armour save), a Rune of resistance (re-roll failed saves) and a Rune of Warding (Magic Resistance (1). Kragg’s Runestaff This ancient staff of oak is adorned with the skull of a minotaur which Kragg slew while still a youth of just a hundred winters. The skull has been coated in brass to preserve it.

Kragg is armed with the finest weapons that a Runesmith can fashion. His great hammer, which he forged when he was a young Master Runesmith, bears Kragg's own hidden and secret rune. The old Dwarf is jealous of his lore and protective of his reputation and so far he has not shared the secret of his master rune with any of his apprentices, so only he may use it. Perhaps someday the master will teach it to his successor, but so far he has not found a Runesmith worthy enough to inherit his knowledge.

Talisman. Kragg's staff bears the Rune of the Furnace (immune to fire attacks), two Runes of Spellbreaking (auto dispels) and a Master Rune of Balance (take one power dice from enemy and add to dispel pool).


BURLOK DAMMINSON Engineer Guildmaster The Dwarf Engineers Guild is an ancient and enduring craftsguild. The craftsguilds are special clans, where fathers pass on their skills and knowledge to their sons. Burlok son of Dammin is the Guildmaster of the entire Engineers Guild, the leader and most important Dwarf in the entire Guild. It is the engineers who make the pumps and engines which keep the Dwarf mines from flooding, and who construct the more technical engines of war such as the flame cannons and gyrocopters. Engineers are very traditional in their views and take great pride in their workmanship. Dwarf machines are covered with ornate brasswork, elegant decoration, and precise engineering. Such things bring tears of joy to the eyes of Dwarf craftsmen, and Burlok is no exception in his respect. He is also a great traditionalist who discourages innovation and firmly believes that the old tried and tested ways are best. In this respect too he typifies the attitude of the Engineers Guild whose objectives are to preserve knowledge and maintain standards of craftsmanship rather than to explore new ideas. Dwarfs are not very keen on new ideas, which, as any Dwarf will tell you, always lead to trouble. Of course, some of the younger Engineers oppose this view, and sometimes come up with startling and outlandish inventions, but these outrageous individuals invariably come to a bad end.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 4 2 3 2 9

POINTS: 155. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Burlok’s Hammer, Burlok’s Armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless, Artillery Master, Entrenchment. Burlok's Ingenious Offensive New-matic Integrated Constrictor Arm: The B.I.O.N. I. C. Arm was constructed by Burlok himself and is extremely strong. Burlok has Strength 7 when attacking with his artificial arm. He may attack with both the arm and his rune hammer, giving him +1 Attack. You must allocate Burlok's attacks between his B.I.O.N.I.C Arm and his rune hammer before rolling to hit.

RUNE ITEMS: Burlok's Hammer Magic weapon. Burlok's hammer is inscribed with the Master Rune of Swiftness (Always Strikes First).

Burlok is no longer a young Dwarf. Some of the apprentices find it hard to believe that he ever was. In fact, though it is not widely known, Burlok was something of a rebel in his youth, and together with his equally hot-headed friend Sven Hasselfriesian engaged in all kinds of illicit innovation. Amongst their many inventions were the warpfire distillery, the surprising aerial wonder rocket, and the legendary steam radiophone. All of these inventions were discovered by Burlok's father when an experimental pressure vessel exploded blowing off Burlok's arm. Afterwards all of Sven and Burlok's devices were destroyed. Subsequently Burlok sobered up a bit and saw the error of his ways. Sven Hasselfriesian went on to invent the alcohol vapour engine and built a boat powered by it. Eventually the Engineers Guild, though tolerant, was compelled to expel the anarchic and adventurous Sven, who was forced to endure the embarrassing Trouser Legs Ritual before he was thrown out of the Guild.

Burlok's Armour Magic Armour. Gromril armour. Burlok’s armour is engraved with a Rune of Stone (+1 save) and the Rune of Iron (6+ Ward save).

Burlok has gone on to achieve great things and if he ever yearns to relive the wild and technically innovative days of his youth he certainly does not show it. During his long life he has accompanied the Guild to battle on many occasions. His left arm, lost during the massive explosion which ended his youthful exploits, has been replaced with a mechanical device. Over the years Burlok has perfected this contrivance so that it is now superior to an ordinary limb. It is this device which confers his great strength.


UNGRIM IRONFIST Slayer King of Karak Kadrin The tale of the Ironfist family is long and woeful. Many years ago Ungrim's five times great grandsire, King Baragor, suffered a great and terrible loss which drove him to take the oath of the Slayers. What caused him to make such a sudden and drastic decision is not recorded in the Book of Grudges of Karak Kadrin, nor in the Records of the Kings, nor even the stronghold's Book of Days. It is commonly assumed that the cause was the death of his daughter at the claws of the great dragon Skaladrak on her way to marry the son of the High King at Karaz-a-Karak. In any case, Baragor became the first Slayer King of Karak Kadrin. Torn between his two conflicting vows, the oath of a Slayer to seek out death and the oath of a king to watch over and protect his people, Baragor was unable to fulfil either properly. In the end, good Dwarf sense prevailed, and he found a way to honour both his vows after a fashion. He founded the Shrine of Grimnir, the Shrine of Slayers in Karak Kadrin, and with generous donations to the cult he established a haven for Slayers from all over the Dwarf realms. Soon Karak Kadrin was acknowledged as the home of the Slayer Cult, hitherto a scattered group of individuals wandering amongst the mountains. Although Baragor could not fulfil his own vows while his people needed him, he could help others to do so, and as such he upheld his honour and was considered a wise and reasonable Dwarf by all concerned. Baragor died in a tunnel cave-in deep below Karak Kadrin, his Slayer's vow still unfulfilled. His son, Dargo, inherited not only the kingdom, but his father's vow as well, and became the second of a line of Slayer Kings. His living descendant is King Ungrim Ironfist, the current Slayer King of Karak Kadrin.

The Slayer Crown sits atop Ungrim's head. This is a sturdy horned helmet with golden crown, on top of which is a huge bright orange crest like a Slayer's hair. The king's beard is also vivid orange, dyed brightly as is the tradition of Slayers, and carefully bound with golden rings and brightly coloured ribbons. His appearance is every inch a king and a Slayer! He is armed with a mighty two-handed axe of monstrous size, inscribed with many potent runes. This is the Axe of Dargo, reforged from Baragor's own axe, and inscribed in Khazalid with the oath of a Slayer.

Ungrim bears the burden of his forebear's vow. His very name, Ungrim, means oath-bound or oath-breaker, and is a reminder of his dual responsibilities. Like Baragor before him, he is possessed of sound Dwarf sense, a strong arm, and the complete loyalty to Dwarfkind which perhaps only a Dwarf king can understand. He is a great warrior and is acknowledged by even the High King as the best living battle leader and the most accomplished of generals. It was Ungrim Ironfist and the Dwarfs of Karak Kadrin that finally defeated and captured the Orc Warlord Gnashrak at the Battle of Broken Leg Gulley. This ended Gnashrak's threat to Karaz-a-Karak and undoubtedly saved the Dwarf High King's realm, earning Ungrim the eternal gratitude of his people. The High King, Thorgrim Grudgebearer, gave Ungrim a mighty heirloom in recognition of his deeds. This was the dragon cloak made by the Runesmith Heganbor for High King Finn Sourscowl from the skin of the dragon Fyrskar.

Such was the Dwarf who marched forth to Peak Pass in answer to the challenges of Vardek Crom. With the might of Karak Kadrin at his back, Ungrim Ironfist waited upon the slopes of the pass, the burden of his forebears' deeds carried heavily upon his shoulders. Once more the strength of Karak Kadrin would be tested to its limits, and once more he was certain they would not be found wanting. By tradition, every king of the Ironfist line takes the Slayer oath. Ungrim is therefore bound by two conflicting obligations as both a Slayer and king - in addition to his duty to serve his city as king, he is also bound to seek out the most dangerous creatures he can find in order to achieve an honourable death in combat as a Slayer.



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 5 4 10

POINTS: 325. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Axe of Dargo, gromril g armour. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. Slayer King: As Slayer King, Ungrim Ungr is bound by the Slayer Oath. He benefits from the Slayer special rule and is Unbreakable. The other Slayer rules do not apply.

RUNE ITEMS: Axe of Dargo The double-handed handed Axe of Dargo is a mighty weapon.

With the help of the ogre Golgfag, Ungrim defeated the orc Gnashrak Badtooth at the Battle of Broken Leg Gully, thus hus earning the gratitude of his people and the Dragon Cloak as a gift from High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer in recognition of his deed.

Magic Weapon. The axe is inscribed with the Master Rune of Smiting (Multiple Wounds (D6), and a Rune of Parrying (one one model in base contact chosen by the Dwarf player loses 1 Attack in close combat). combat

During the Storm of Chaos, Ungrim sent his son, Garagrim Ironfist, to the aid of Kislev. Garagrim had devised a plan to fulfil the Slayer vow and redeem his family line of its dishonour. He was killed when a Chaos Giant fell on him as it died, thus fulfilling the Slayer vow of his family line, however, unable to bear the loss of his only son, Ungrim took the slayer oath once again.

The Slayer Crown This majestic helmet is part of the king's armour. Magic Armour. The Slayer Crown bears be a Rune of Fortitude (+1 Wound) and a Rune of Stone (+1 save). Dragon Cloak Talisman. The Dragon Cloak bears the Master Rune of Spite (4+ Ward save), a Rune of the Furnace (immune to Flaming Attacks) ttacks) and a Rune of Luck (one re-roll re per battle).


GARAGRIM IRONFIST War-mourner of Karak Kadrin Slayers in their thousands gathered at the Shrine to Grimnir, the normally solitary warriors drawn together by the promise of a truly glorious death against the bestial hordes from the north. As they marched north to meet their destinies, Garagrim marched at their head, chanting praises to Grimnir for this fateful occasion. Garagrim has taken the ancient title of War-Mourner, an old rank that was once used by the High King's champions. It is the duty of the War-Mourner to act in the King's stead in battle and accept the King's honour as his own and vice versa. As far as honour and tradition are concerned, Garagrim's Slayer vow is the same as his father's.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 3 4 5 3 5 4 10

POINTS: 300. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: The Axes of Kadrin. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless, Slayer, Unbreakable. For five generations the Slayer Kings of Karak Kadrin have laboured under their dual vows. However, the son of Ungrim, Garagrim Ironfist, has devised a means by which these burdens might be lifted. After consulting with the oldest and wisest Dwarfs of the Hold, Garagrim made an important realisation. If he could fulfil the Slayer vow that would pass to him on the death of his father, then future generations would no longer have the debt upon their honour. With no kingly vows to hold him back, Garagrim embraced the life of the slayer, leaving the courtroom of his father to live amongst the hard stone halls of the Shrine of Grimnir.

The War-mourner: As War-mourner, it is Garagrim's duty to tend the Shrine of Grimnir, allowing him to open up the temple's store of ancient rune axes left as tribute by Slayers making a pilgrimage to Karak Kadrin. Giant Slayers in an army led by Garagrim may be given a single weapon rune worth no more than 25 points. If Garagrim is killed in close combat, he immediately makes all his attacks before being removed as a casualty (even if he has already attacked that round). Each wound inflicted by Garagrim (except Overkill) counts double towards that round's Combat Resolution Against enemies with Toughness 5 or higher, Garagrim has the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule.

Garagrim has taken the ancient title of War-mourner, an old rank that was once used by the High King's champions. It is the duty of the War-mourner to act in the King's stead in battle, accepting the King's honour as his own, and vice versa. As far as honour and tradition are concerned, Garagrim's Slayer vow is the same as his father's.

RUNE ITEMS: Axes of Kadrin Chained to Garagrim's wrists so he will never lose them, these twin axes were given to him by his father on his coming-of-age.

Now all that remained was for Garagrim to meet his death in battle against a worthy foe. With the expansion of the Realms of Chaos, all manner of twisted, mutated beasts had come south from the Chaos Wastes and the Troll Country. Vicious fanged spawn, two-headed dragons, mighty Shaggoths and all other manner of monstrous creatures now roamed Kislev.

Magic Weapon. Paired weapon. Each axe is inscribed with a Grudge Rune (re-roll misses against 1 nominated model) and the Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer (Strength is increased to always Wound on a 2+, also applies to armour saves). When Garagrim charges, he causes an automatic Hit on every model in base contact.


BYRRMOTH GRUNDADRAKK King of Barak Varr skin as he went. The crew of Byrrnoth's vessel watched the sea froth crimson and boil with the dragon's death throes, fearful for their liege, their dismay turned to joy as Byrrnoth broke the surface, gasping for breath, his axe held high in triumph.

Byrrnoth Grundadrakk was born into the ruling clan of Barak Varr some three centuries ago, the younger of two brothers. In Barak Varr Dwarfs tend to be more outward looking than in other holds and Byrrnoth was no exception. He had many friends among the merchants and navigators who regularly did business there and even spent time with the Sea Engineers, learning the trade of building iron ships as well as navigating them. He might have spent his life thus were it not for the Elves. Tragedy struck Byrrnoth's father and brother while they were at sea, hunting down a fleet of Naggaroth Corsairs. The Barak Varr vessel was attacked and all hands consumed by an ancient sea dragon named Mauldekorr, an ally of the Dark Elves that was possessed of an unending hatred of the Dwarfs. When news reached him, Byrrnoth put aside his old life. At the shrine of Grimnir he swore an oath to avenge his kin even as the great mourning bell tolled. From the keeping of the Priests he claimed his birthright, the axe Rhymalcangaz, and took to the sea to hunt the wyrm down.

Upon his return to Barak Varr Byrrnoth was acclaimed by the populace. Few had believed he would be able to fulfil his oath and it was a source of pride to one and all that he was their King. His quest had changed him though. Not least because his leg wound never healed, forcing him to hobble for the rest of his days. Byrrnoth felt closer to his ancestors than ever before and for the first time he truly mourned his lost kin. He also looked differently on his Hold than he had before and saw that Barak Varr was allowing traditions born in the Worlds Edge Mountains to be diluted by contact with outsiders. Byrrnoth took action and immediately revived the tradition of sending Beardlings to complete their schooling in Karak Kadrin and elevated many of his Hammerers and Longbeards into positions of greater influence. Visitors wonder if Barak Varr will continue to be so open to business with Byrrnoth as King but such is the respect he has earned amongst his people that their support for his rule is absolute and without question.

Byrrnoth's quest occupies one hundred and seventeen stanzas of the Barak Varr Book of Deeds. The noble King did not set foot on land for over 20 years, ever searching for Mauldekorr. Byrrnoth almost passed into myth — seafarers would talk of the doom-laden Dwarf and his ship of iron, ever-prepared to follow the slightest clue, however tenuous, to the drake's whereabouts, a paragon of patience tainted by barelycontained wrath. He searched along the Vampire Coast, past the Citadel of Dusk to the Boiling Sea. He dared the Churning Gulf and the Bitter Sea, finally coming to the Sea of Dread where Mauldekorr turned in a bay off the Dragon Isles.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 4 4 10

POINTS: 220. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Rhymakangaz, gromril armour, shield.

The clan name Grundadrakk means 'hammer of the dragons' and Byrrnoth earned the right to it that day. As the dragon wrapped itself around his ship and crushed it in its coils, Byrrnoth leapt upon the beast. Mauldekorr plucked Byrrnoth up by his leg and hurled him into the air, opening its fanged mouth to swallow him whole. The Kings' rage engulfed him and, roaring his battle-cry, he plunged willingly into the gaping maw and set to cutting the beast apart from inside. Mauldekorr thrashed in pain and dived below the surface, writhing and twisting but could not dislodge the vengeful Dwarf. Had Byrrnoth been plunged into the Dragon's gut he would have been killed for sure by its venomous bile but he held fast in the creatures throat. Blow by blow Byrrnoth hacked his way out, severing thigh-thick arteries and hewing steel scale

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless.

RUNE ITEMS: Rhymakangaz Magic Weapon. The axe is inscribed with the Rune of might (+1S) and a Grudge Rune (re-roll misses against 1 nominated model). Byrrmoth’s Armour Magic Armour. Gromril armour. This armour is inscribed with a Rune of Stone (+1 save) and two Runes of Iron (5+ Ward).



Brok Stonefist was a mighty warrior renowned for his knowledge of the ancient tunnels that zigzagged beneath the ground, linking the ancient Dwarf Karaks. He fought with great success against the Elves during the War of Vengeance, leading the army of KarakAzgal with ingenuity and bravery. Relentless to the end, he met his fate fighting his nemesis, the Elf Lord Salendor. Though neither could best their opponent, the burning inferno of the doomed city Athel Maraya eventually claimed these two mighty heroes.

Brok Stonefist

Garaz Makaz An ancient and powerful weapon and mining tool, Garaz Makaz is a family heirloom handed down from Brok’s great grandfather, who was a renowned miner. Magic Weapon. Great weapon. This weapon is inscribed with the Master Rune of Breaking (hits destroys opponent’s magical weapon) and the Master Rune of Alaric the Mad (no armour saves).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 4 4 10

The Rune Armour of Karak-Azgal This is a revered suit of armour, intricately designed and wrought with the finest runes. After Brok’s death, the blackened armour was recovered and carried with reverence back to Karak Azgul, where it has remained ever since, deep within its vaults.

POINTS: 370. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

Magic Armour: Gromril armour. The Rune Armour of Karak Azgul is inscribed with the Master Rune of Gromril (1+ save) and the Master Rune of Steel (enemy attacks have a max Strength of 5).

EQUIPMENT: Garaz Makaz, Rune Armor of Karak-Azgal.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless.

The Talisman of Stone This talisman is an ancient rune item gifted to Brok by a Rune Lord of Karak Azgul when Brok saved the Rune Lord’s nephew. It imbues him with great power, healing otherwise fatal wounds unnaturally fast.

Lord of the Tunnels: Up to 2 units of Miners may be taken as Core choices in an army led by Brok. In addition, when using the Underground Advance special rule, these units may re-roll the dice each turn to see if they arrive on the battlefield.

Talisman. The Talisman of Stone gives Brok the Regeneration (4+) special rule.

CRAZED KHARGRIM TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

Crazed Khargrim was a mighty Dwarf Slayer, desperately seeking his own demise when the War of the Beard broke out. He threw himself recklessly into combat, battling mighty Elven heroes and slaying a number of Dragons and young Drakes, until he was captured and imprisoned by the Elves. In chains for years and denied the chance to die in combat, he slowly lost his tenuous grip on sanity and devolved into a mindless killing machine. Ripping the chains free of his stone imprisonment, he went wild within the Elf fortress, slaughtering countless warriors with his chains before escaping. He was directed into battle by his fellow Slayers for the remainder of the War of the Beard, unsuccessfully seeking his own doom. As the war drew to an end, he vanished into the mountains, travelling north, and his name was never recorded in the history books again.


EQUIPMENT: Chains of Binding. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless, Unbreakable, Slayer, Frenzy, Hates Elves. Unhinged: His years of imprisonment slowly eroded what sanity was left in Khargrim. He may not join any units, and can never be the army’s general. Counter-charge: Khargrim has the Always Strikes First special rule in the first round of close combat.

RUNE ITEMS: Chains of Binding These were the chains that the Elves used to hold Khargrim, and they were fashioned to resist magic, so that even sorcery could not break their bond. Magic Weapon. Great weapon. The Chains of Binding give Khargrim Magic Resistance (2).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 3 4 5 3 5 4 10

POINTS: 150. 39


Krudd is a kinsman of Drong and a notorious rabblerabble rouser. Now he has seized his chance to lead a revolution against Queen Helgar and Elf colonialism. Kruddd thinks that the mines should be taken over by Drong because he stands for traditional Dwarf values. He is proud and courageous, and wields a gigantic mattock.


Krudd’s Mattock Magic Weapon. Great weapon. The mattock is inscribed with the Master Rune of Swiftness Swiftnes (Always Strikes First).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 5 4 5 2 4 3 9

POINTS: 85. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Ch Hero). EQUIPMENT: Krudd’s Mattock, heavy armour. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. Krudd’s Pride: Krudd is proud and arrogant, and eager to prove himself a worthy leader of the rebellion. He knows he must encourage the otherr rebels by his example. This, plus drunkenness, has made him foolhardy and boastful. Krudd must always accept a challenge in close combat. combat

GRUNG GRUDGE-BRINGER GRUDGE BRINGER Grung is a rather rotund and haggard old Runesmith, burdened with the weight of a hefty grudge. He is known as the Grudge-Bringer Bringer because he hates Elves and tries to infect everyone he meets with the same sa loathing.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless,, Rune Lore, Hates Elves. Oath of Doom: Grung's retinue have sworn a sacred oath to defend him to the death. A Dwarf breaking an oath will bring down the wrath of the ancestors upon him! Any unit Grung is part of will therefore fight with utter determination and are immune to panic – unless they see their leader Grung fleeing himself. Unlike ike his followers, Grung is not immune to panic.

He hates Elves because they attacked his home stronghold and ransacked it. Since that time Grung has been a fugitive and a refugee, seeking sanctuary at the courts of any Dwarf lords willing to shelter him. Wherever he goes, he tells a tale off spite against the Elves. Actually, it was a raiding force of Dark Elves who sacked Grung's stronghold, but Grung doesn't distinguish between good and bad Elves; they're all the same to him, treacherous and despicable!


RUNE ITEMS: Fiery Ring of Thori Enchanted Item. One use only. The ring may be used at the start of the Dwarf player's turn. When used, it creates a barrier of flames in front of Grung and any unit he is with. The barrier counts as a defended obstacle 1” thick and 5” wide. wide Any model who comes into contact with it suffers a Flaming Strength 4 Hit. The effects of the barrier last until the start of the next Dwarf turn.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 5 4 4 5 2 4 3 9

POINTS: 120. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, gromril armour. 40

SKAG THE STEALTHY Skag is a henchman off Drong, notorious for his ability to find his way into or out of absolutely anywhere and any situation. Most of the time he uses his expertise to rob tombs and hunt for hidden treasures. Drong has now sent him on a mission to fetch the Brewmaster.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, great weapon,

Before Skag joined Prong's retinue he was renowned as a mercenary and once lost an eye in battle with the Orcs. After that, he spent much time aboard Dwarf ships on expeditions to far distant Dwarf colonies before finding his way to the fortress of Kazad Thrund.

Stealth: Skag is renowned for his h cunning plans. He always has more than one trick up his sleeve. He may send a unit off ahead of his main force to sneak stealthily around the flank. One Infantry unit in the army may deploy as Ambushers.


gromril armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 2 4 3 9

RUNE ITEMS: Skag’s Helmet Magic Armour. Skag's helmet elmet is inscribed with three Runes of Luck (one re-roll roll per battle for each Rune). Rune)

POINTS: 105. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

DRONG THE HARD marrying Queen Helgar herself! Failing that, he has determined to take the stronghold by force. He loathes all Elves and ultimately plans to overthrow the colony of Tol Eldroth.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 5 4 10

POINTS: 220. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Thrund’s d’s Hammer, gromril armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless, Hates Elves.

RUNE ITEMS: Thrund’s Hammer This magical hammer is an heirloom of the Thrundlings. It has been passed down from generation to generation from Thrund himself imself to Drong, his distant descendant.

Drong the Hard is a descendant of Thrund the Angry. Thrund was slain by his arch-enemy enemy Bronn while trying to conquer Krag Bryn. His kinsmen, the Thrundlings, swore a grudge-oath oath to uphold his dubious claim to the throne of Krag Brynn. Drong is determined to continue the feud and sit upon the throne of Krag Bryn by hook or by crook, even if it means

Magic Weapon. Great weapon. The hammer is inscribed with the Master Rune of Smiting (Multiple Wounds (D6).


QUEEN HELGAR LONGPLAITS TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Bronn’s Axe, gromril armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless.

RUNE ITEMS: Bronn’s Axe This axe was wielded ielded by Bronn himself when he slew Thrund. Magic Weapon. This axe is inscribed with the Rune of Fate (Multiple Wounds (2) against the first character hit).

LOKI WHITEBEARD Loki Whitebeard is the sole loyal friend of Helgar's, having served her father and possibly his father before him. Loki is too old and set in his ways to desert the family to which he has dedicated his life. He carries the Bronnling Battle Banner.

Loki Whitebeard Queen Helgar is the ruler of brag Bryn. She is the last descendant of Bronn the Bold, the founder of the stronghold. There are none of her clan, the Bronnlings, left in her domain save for herself. They have all been slain in the endless grudge feud with the Thrundlings, who are descendants of Brorm's arch rival, Thrund the Angry.

POINTS: 165. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, gromril armour. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute,

or her pride and determination. Her Helgar is noted for long plaits are worthy orthy of the respect due to any Dwarf king's beard. ard. She wields the axe and the tankard well enough to strike awe into any Dwarf warrior.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 5 4 4 5 2 3 3 9


RUNE ITEMS: Bronnling Battle Banner Magic Banner. This is the army’s Battle Standard. This ancestral banner has three Runes of battle (+3 combat resolution bonus).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 7 4 4 5 3 5 4 10

POINTS: 165.



Bazrak is one of the oldest Dwarf Brewmasters in the expatriot Dragonback Dwarf settlement. His beers impress even the great Busman, although he could never rival this alemaster. An aging veteran who fought in the original Goblin Wars, Bazrak has retired from battle to lead a simpler life but still leads the beer carts from the brewery, his ever-watchful gaze wary of ambush, old instincts still sharp.

Bazrak Bolgan

Bolgan's Axe Magic weapon. Bolgan's trusty axe is inscribed with the Grudge Rune (re-roll misses against 1 nominated model) and the Rune of Striking (+1WS). Bolgan's Finest This rare brew of Bolgan's own concoction is said to fire up the spirit and fortify whoever drinks it. Only another Dwarf could sup this fine ale and stay standing such is its potency and strength.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 4 3 4 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 100.

Enchanted Item. Bolgan may take a draught of the brew at the start of any Dwarf turn. For the duration of that turn and until the start of the next Dwarf turn, his Strength is increased by +1. Each time the brew is used roll a D6. On a roll of 1 the brew has run out and cannot be used for the remainder of the battle.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Bolgan’s Axe, dwarf handgun. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. SPECIAL RULES Fiery Temper: Bolgan is a grumpy old Dwarf, renowned for his ferocious temper. Few would bother to test him when his blood is up. He is furious at the Goblin's attack on the beer carts and under the influence of the brew he is Immune to Psychology and Frenzied. Tremendous Girth: Bolgan's massive beer gut is so huge it offers some protection against wounds that would fell a lesser Dwarf! Bolgan has a 5+ armour save which ignores Armour Save modifiers, but due to his size, Bolgan and any unit he is with, pursues and flees at -2 to the dice roll, instead of the usual -1.


SKEGGI THREKKSON Skeggi is one of Bugman's oldest and most trusted lieutenants. Many years older than the master brewer, Skeggi is a veteran of many battles, and knew Bugman's father Zamnil. Much like Bugman, he took a new name when he settled in the Empire. Travelling as a mercenary and trader in his lifetime, several identities proved useful and Skeggi has been known as 'Owd' Tom Thyksson and Jjorg Ruddle over the years. But Skeggi is too old and cantankerous to care about such matters now and has re-adopted his true Dwarf heritage and become Skeggi Threkkson once more. Skeggi lost his eye fighting against Orcs in the migration of the Dragonback clan from the mountains but it has done nothing to impair his legendary aim with his trusty crossbow. So accurate is the venerable Dwarf that he can kill a Goblin at over a thousand paces.

Skeggi Threkkson

long range. He may also re-roll any miss each time he shoots.

RUNE ITEMS: Forest Hewer Skeggi's Rune axe is an hierloom of his family, passed down through many generations of Threkkson. Its edge has never lost its sharpnes. The axe is inscribed with the Rune of Might (double Strength against T5 or more models), Rune of Fury (+1A) aud a Rune of Speed (+1I).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 115. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Forest Hewer, crossbow, light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. SPECIAL RULES Eagle Eyed: Skeggi has incredibly keen eye-sight, despite his injury. He has been hunting in the forests around the Dragonback settlement for many years. As such he may add +D6" to the maximum range of his crossbow at the start of each Shooting phase, which may alter the To Hit roll if it takes his crossbow below



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 70. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, brace of pistols. SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. SPECIAL RULES Enmity: Unknown to Bugman one of the reasons Grim made sure he was hired for the journey was that he secretly hoped era encounter Skabend and settle the grudge between them. Grin has a hitter hatred of Skabend and may re-roll any missed hits against him in every round of combat, not just the first. Furthermore, if Grim and Skabend are within 8� of each other at the start of a turn, roll a D6. On a roll of 1 they are so enraged that they must both move towards each other as fast as possible. The player whose turn it is will move first and then the other player must move his character towards his nemesis in the following Movement phase.

Grim 'Dead Eye' Grunnson has been trawling the waterways of the Empire for many long years. Dace an Engineer at Barak Van he was disbarred from the guild for drinking engine oil and a penchant for building his vessels out of wood. Eventually he left the hold and took up work as a bargeman in the Empire with some of his kin. It was here that Grim finally found peace. or so he thought. Un one fateful day he and his kinsmen were attacked by Goblin pirates in a carefully planned ambush. Upon the deck of his sinking barge, the 'Sea Hawk,' did. Grim meet his nemesis. In the battle that followed between them, Karin Skabend gouged out Grime rye but not before the doughty Dwarf took off the Goblin's hand at the wrist. Reeling from their iniuries, the two of them broke away and the Goblins were finally put to flight, but only at great cost. Since that day Grim has been searching the waterways of every river in the Empire, hoping to find Skabend and repay old debts.

Sea blood: Unlike most Dwarfs. Grim is totally at home in the water and having spent most of his life upon the river, is an expert swimmer (even for a Dwarf). He has the Sea Creature special rule. Dwarf telescope: Grim's telescope was a gift to him from his Engineer Guildmaster when he left Barak Varr. The telescope allows Grim to see further and aim his pistol from a greater distance with accuracy. Whilst firing a pistol Grimm may add +D6" to the range.



A young but courageous Dwarf, Durzak Dragonback has fought in many battles against the Orcs and Goblins of the mountains. It is he that is the warden of the Brewery and the Dragonback settlement when Bagman is away.


RUNE ITEMS: Durzak's Helm The helm of the Dragonbacks is an ancient heirloom of the clan.

A strong and mighty Dwarf, Durzak is a skilled warrior whose deeds are an inspiration to all those around him. With the helm of the Dragonbacks upon his head and the clan banner held aloft in his hand, he is a symbol of bravery and fortitude to his fellow Dwarf clansmen.


It is inscribed with the Master Rune of Gromril (1+ armour save) and two Runes of Iron (5+ ward save). The Dragonback Banner The banner of the Dragonback clan has endured for centuries. It is said to have been woven with the braids of priestesses of Valaya and fills all Dwarfs nearby it with strength and valour.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 175. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

Magic Standard. This is the army’s Battle Standard. In addition, any friendly units within 12” may also add +1 to their Strength in the first round of any close combat.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, gromril armour.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 3 6 4 4 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 135. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Grombold’s Mattock, gromril armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Ancestral Grudge, Resolute, Relentless. Prospector: Grombold began his career as a Miner, and still retains ties of brotherhood with his old guild. Grombold may always be deployed with a unit of Miners who are using the Undergound Advance rule

RUNE ITEMS: Grombold’s Mattock Magic Weapon. Great weapon. This mattock is inscribed with two Runes of Cleaving (+2 Strength) and a Master Rune of Swiftness (Always Strikes First).

Like many great heroes of Zhufbar, Grombold Kruddsson made his name as a Miner, battling Skaven in the lower reaches of the hold. Proud of his heritage, he carries into battle a runic mattock, which has been passed down through generations of his family.



MAGNUS THE PIOUS before continuing northwards. They discovered the city already under attack by the Chaos Hordes and attacked' immediately. In the battle that followed the Chaos Hordes were defeated and Magnus returned home in triumph. The details that follow describe Magnus during the Great War against Chaos, before he was elected Emperor.

Magnus the Pious is one of the most famous historical figures in the Empire and one of its greatest Emperors. Magnus was a genius with many wild and frightening ideas, and a fanatical belief in the nationhood of the Empire and the divinity of Sigmar. His family packed him off to the great University of NuIn where they hoped his energies would be dispersed in academic study. This proved a vain hope, as the young student soon acquired a following of like-minded people. They travelled around the Reikland, and soon Magnus's rousing speeches earned him a massive following amongst the common folk of the Empire.

Magnus the Pious Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 5 4 4 3 6 4 10 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 325.

Magnus marched northwards from city to city, addressing the people in the market places, and gathering a huge army about him. The Elector Counts and Burgomeisters recognised in Magnus a leader they were all prepared to follow, and soon the citizen army was swollen by provincial troops and the troops of the Elector Counts. By the time the army reached Middenheim it was the largest single army in the history of the Empire and Magnus was forced to divide his host in two as no one place could provide enough food and water to support it.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, full plate armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line!, Immune to Psychology. Power of Sigmar: Magnus the Pious is protected by the awesome power of Sigmar guarding over him. Magnus the Pious may re-roll any failed armour saving throw once per turn. Any spell directed against Magnus or the unit he is with is dispelled on a 4+. In close combat Magnus may make a special Attack at Strength 10 with the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule instead of his normal attacks.

The first army, consisting mostly of Kislevites and fast moving mounted troops, marched to Praag in the hope of relieving the siege. They arrived too late to save Praag but did destroy part of the Chaos army's rearguard. The second army, led by Magnus himself, marched to Kislev hoping to re-provision at the capital


THYRUS GORMANN Grand Master of the Bright Order EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, full plate armour, shield, barding.

MAGIC: Thyrus is a Level 4 Wizard. He knows all spells from the Lore of Fire. SPECIAL RULES: Loremaster. Fire Lord: Thyrus may add +1 to the result of all D6’s rolled when determining the number of hits caused by his spells.

MAGIC ITEMS: Bright Sword Magic Weapon. This magic sword gives Thyrus +1 when rolling To Wound as well as Flaming Attacks. Firebrand Staff This magic staff channels the energies of Fire Magic. Arcane Item. This staff extends the range of all of Thyrus' spells by 12".

Every seven years representatives of the eight magical colleges in Altdorf meet to decide which of them will reign as the Supreme Patriarch for the next seven years. This is an important decision, because the Winds of Magic will blow strongly for the college which supplies the Supreme Patriarch while the other colleges will find their magic dimmed. The competition to determine the dominant College of Magic takes the form of a violent contest of magic in which gladiator wizards and their followers battle to defeat their rivals. In years past this contest was unregulated and often resulted in the destruction of large parts of Altdorf and widespread carnage amongst the civilian population. Today the contest is held within the strict bounds of the hallowed Obsidian Hall.

The Fire Stone of Agni A holy stone that still burns with the volcanic fires used in its creation. Arcane Item. Once per turn, Thyrus may add +2 Power Dice to casting one of his spells.

Thyrus Gormann, Master of the Bright College of magic, has been the Supreme Patriarch and the leader of all the wizards in the Empire for many years. Recently he has been defeated by a young Gold wizard, going under the name of Balthasar Gelt. Thyrus has accepted defeat and has sworn loyalty to the new Patriarch, but his fiery blood will certainly see him in the position of the Challenger when the next Duel is held. Thyrus often attends the Imperial court in Altdorf and is one of Karl Franz's oldest and most trusted nobles.

Thyrus Gormann Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 2 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 400. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). 49

ALDEBRAND LUDENHOF Elector Count of Hochland Although Hochland is not an especially large or important province its count is one of the most valiant leaders in the Empire. Aldebrand is very tall and thin, but immensely strong and fit, making him a match for

larger, heavier opponents in combat. He has an unquenchable enthusiasm for hunting, and especially for hawking. His palace lies outside the capital of Hergig, surrounded by prime hunting estates. He is especially proud of his large collection of hunting birds, which occupies a substantial mews and tends to spill out into the palace itself, so that every room has at least one large bird of prey on its perch. Even in battle the count carries a hawk upon his arm.

Aldebrand Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 235. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Runefang, full plate armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! The Hawk: The hawk may target models using the Sniper special rule. It causes an automatic Strength 3 hit.

MAGIC ITEMS: Runefang Magic Weapon. All Attacks that hits Wound automatically. No armour saves may be taken against Wounds caused by a Runefang.


VALMIR VON RAUKOV Elector Count of Ostland EQUIPMENT: Runefang, Dragon Bow, full plate armour, shield, barding.

The Elector Counts of Ostland live on the north eastern border of the Empire beyond which lie the wild and dangerous Troll Country and the Northern Wastes. It has always been a poor region where the constant threat of danger breeds a hardy race of people. The Elector Count of Ostland is Valmir von Raukov. Like his father before him, he has spent a lifetime fighting against Chaos warbands, raiding Norse, and marauding Orcs, not to mention the occasional forays of bandits from Kislev. Even his own realm is not wholly safe, for the forests and mountains are full of renegades and Beastmen, Trolls, Giants and countless other foes. Valmir von Raukov is a tough warlord whose constant vigil has protected the northern borders of the Empire for many years.

Valmir Warhorse

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! Master Archer: Von Raukov is the best archer in the Empire. He can fire the Dragon Bow three times in the shooting phase.

MAGIC ITEMS: Runefang Magic Weapon. All Attacks that hits Wound automatically. No armour saves may be taken against Wounds caused by a Runefang. The Dragon Bow A relic from the ancient Elven colonies in the Old World, this bow enables its wielder to outshoot the bets archers in the Empire.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 6 4 4 3 5 3 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 275.

Magic Weapon. The Dragon Bow has the following profile:

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). Range: 36�


Strength: 6

Special Rules: Volley Fire

VALTEN Champion of Sigmar was bigger and stronger by far than other boys his age, able to best them in wrestling and other physical games with ease. At first people muttered that this remarkable strength was simply proof of the boy’s abnormality and that he should have been strangled at birth, but Valten was a happy child with an infectious enthusiasm, and became so well-liked that thoughts of his portentous birth were soon forgotten. It was on the eve of Valten’s 18th birthday, though, that the superstitious doomsaying of his birth was proved well-founded. From the depths of the Reikwald, the Beastmen came. Led by a powerful Beastlord named Rargarth, Lachenbad had not seen a horde even a tenth of the size in living memory. Bent on pillage and plunder, the Beastmen seemed unstoppable and the few men of Lachenbad that could wield weapons had no hope of standing against them. With primal howls and brays they descended on the village, and the terrified people scattered before them, fleeing for their lives. The Beastmen gave no quarter, and cut down anyone they found, man, woman or child, and gleefully hurled flaming torches onto the thatched roofs. But Valten refused to run. He made his way to his father’s smithy, and smashed aside the Beastmen who tried to bar his way with great blows from his fists. Taking up two hammers from the forge he set about the horde like a hurricane with cries of anger and vengeance. Beast after beast was crushed by Valten’s hammers, and all who came near him died. The panicking villagers saw this, and were heartened by this incredible display of bravery. They took up their swords, pitchforks and scythes, and ran to join the blacksmith’s son. Following the boy, they cut through the warband until Valten stood before Rargarth himself.

Valten was born in a Reikland village called Lachenbad, where he had an uneventful childhood, growing up as the son of a blacksmith and learning his father’s craft as all boys did. Although he was blessed with strength and intelligence, the only truly unusual thing about the young Valten was a strange birthmark on his chest, shaped like the twin-tailed comet of Sigmar. This caused a great stir at his birth, for the comet is a powerful omen – but whether for good or ill depends on the whim of the gods. Many villagers felt that either way Valten would surely bring momentous events to Lachenbad, and that this was something it could well do without. They insisted that leaving the boy to die in the forest or drowning him in the stream was the only way to avoid disaster. Nevertheless, his parents declared that no one should lay a hand on the child, and Valten’s father Kurt was respected and fearsome enough that none argued.

Valten launched himself at the Beastlord. He swung a hammer in a massive arc but Rargarth raised his giant scimitar and parried the strike. Such was the force of the blow that the blade was broken in two, and the hammer torn from Valten’s grasp. Unfazed, Rargarth snarled and struck out with the remnants of the weapon. Valten ducked back, fast but not fast enough; the rusted metal slashed across his chest, opening a horrible wound and sending him reeling. Rargarth gave a triumphant grin, exposing yellow and rotted fangs, and brought down the halfblade for the killing blow. But Valten raised his remaining hammer at the last second. There was an almighty clash as the blade slammed into the metal hammer, and the titanic strength of the Beastlord forced Valten to one knee. Incredibly his guard held.

It soon became apparent that the young Valten was a gifted child. Even before he had uttered his first words many people commented that his eyes seemed to show a strange understanding of whatever they fell upon. He



Amazement appeared on Rargarth’s bestial features as he strained against the wounded boy, but to no avail. Impossibly, Valten began to rise, shaking with effort as he pushed upwards against Rargarth’s blade, until finally he was on his feet. Valten kicked out, sending the Beastlord stumbling backwards, and before the creature could recover, he hurled his remaining hammer with awesome force straight at the monster’s head. It struck Rargarth between the eyes like a meteor, shattering his skull and killing him instantly.

Against The Odds: Valten’s courage knows no limits, and even impossible odds do not faze him. Enemy units can never gain the combat resolution bonus points for attacking in the flank or rear in a combat involving Valten. In addition, Valten and any unit he leads is Immune to Psychology and Stubborn. Awesome Presence: Valten is not a military officer. He does not give rousing speeches or offer rewards to fighters around him, nor does he yell orders or threats in battle. Instead, others are inspired by his awesome presence, and fight even harder as they see Valten strike down foe after foe. Wounds inflicted by Valten in close combat are counted towards the Empire combat resolution score of any combat within 12" of him, not just the one he is taking part in. Valten may never be the army’s General.

With their leader dead, the Beastmen turned to panicked flight, and the exultant villagers chanted Valten’s name. Though Lachenbad had been halfrazed, it was saved from total destruction by the amazing prowess and courage of a single boy. The stories of Valten’s deed spread like wildfire around the surrounding villages and towns, and before long all manner of parties were showing an interest in the boy who had become a hero.


Iron Resolve: Valten has steel sinews and a will of iron, and is able to grit his teeth and fight on despite wounds that would kill lesser men ten times over. Valten has a 5+ Ward save. If Valten is killed, take a Leadership test for him at the end of that phase. If he passes, his astounding strength of will allows him to ignore the wound and continue fighting. He remains alive on 1 Wound, and the wounds that killed him are discounted. The effects of combat resolution, are worked out after determining whether Valten recovers. This rule does not apply if he is fleeing and is run down by chargers or pursuers, or slain by a Killing Blow.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 2 5 4 9

POINTS: 250. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons.


VALTEN Chosen of Sigmar opened. The Reiksguard fought among themselves, but in the confusion, Huss and Valten entered. They made their way to the Emperor’s Palace and there met Karl Franz. The Emperor was faced with an almost impossible decision. If he were to believe Huss’s view, then Valten was the true heir of Sigmar and by rights had a claim to be Emperor. The thought of handing over the rule of the greatest nation in the world to an untested youth on the word of a religious fanatic was fearful. On the other hand, if he were to side with the Grand Theogonist, there were many, including some of the Counts, who would be prepared to take arms and side with Valten. Whichever way he chose, it seemed as though half of the Empire would be betrayed. Valten himself spoke not in defence of himself, nor did he deny Huss’s claims.

The young man known as Valten made his first steps toward fame and renown in the village of Lachenbad. There, this blacksmith's son single-handedly bested a Beastmen warband that was attacking his village. He had wielded two hammers in his fists and struck down the raiders with superhuman blows. The controversial Warrior Priest Luthor Huss heard tell of the deeds of this remarkable young man and made haste to Lachenbad. There, he found the villagers rebuilding their homes. Standing among the ruin, Huss spied Valten. Tall and broad, with golden hair and blue eyes, he was the very image of Sigmar. Huss saw the aura of power that surrounded the boy. Falling to his knees in supplication, Huss declared to the world that Sigmar had returned.

In the end, Karl Franz’s experience and judgment shone through. He presented Valten with the Hammer of Sigmar, Ghal Maraz, and declared him to be the spiritual leader of the Empire. As prince of Altdorf, Karl Franz took up the Reikland Runefang and vowed to lead the armies of the Empire by Valten’s side. Thus Karl Franz did not hand over the reins of power, and yet he managed also to acknowledge Valten as the chosen warrior of Sigmar.

Huss’s declaration was far from welcome in many quarters. While there were all too many of the desperate and the bereaved to flock to Huss’s banner to see the man-god reincarnated, there were men of power who feared that Huss was delusional. There were others who were enemies of Huss, such as Johann Esmer, the man who had become Grand Theogonist after Volkmar’s death at the hands of Archaon. He had long argued for Huss to be declared heretic and be hunted down, and when Esmer became Grand Theogonist, Huss had been driven into a rage.

Valten Warhorse

In Altdorf, news reached the ears of the high and the powerful of Huss’s discovery and his assurances that Sigmar had returned. Some were filled with hope – others afraid of false hope, or worse. Word came that Huss and Valten were marching to the capital to seek audience with the Emperor himself. With them was a great rabble, thousands-strong, of preachers, warrior priests, flagellants, and fanatics. This zealous mob followed Valten wherever he went, as he hunted down Beastmen warbands in the dark forests, making his way ever closer to Altdorf.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 5 4 4 3 5 4 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 415. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Ghal Maraz, full plate armour, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Against the Odds, Awesome Presence, Iron Resolve.

Upon arriving at the capital, Huss and Valten found the gates barred to them. Huss demanded entrance, though Valten quietly withdrew and waited. For three days, Huss returned to the gates to cajole and threaten the Reiksguard captains stationed there. Meanwhile, the rulers of the Empire gathered in their chambers to discuss what to do. Opinion was split, with some believing Huss’s claims that Valten was Sigmar reborn. Others decried Huss as a heretic and sided with the Grand Theogonist. In a time when it most needed to be calling with one voice, the Empire was divided by a cacophony of argument.

MAGIC ITEMS: Ghal Maraz Meaning Skullsplitter in the Dwarf tongue, Ghal Maraz is the legendary hammer wielded by Sigmar himself when the Empire was forged over two and a half millennia ago. Given to Sigmar by King Kurgan in return for rescuing the Dwarf and his retainers from Orcs. Ghal Maraz is too powerful for even the most skilled Runesmiths alive today to replicate. Magic Weapon. Hits from Ghal Maraz wound automatically with no armour saves allowed. In addition, wounds caused by Ghal Maraz have the Multiple Wounds (D3).

On the third day, a captain of the Reiksguard, filled with religious fear, disobeyed his orders. The gates


VALTEN Exalted of Sigmar Not to be outdone, a venerable Dwarf stomped forwards from his folk, two of his followers bearing a large suit of armour between them. Its silver and golden plates shimmered with rune magic. The Dwarf introduced himself as Barak Grimjaw, temporary ambassador for High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer. It was his honour, he said, to present Valten with a suit of the finest gronnril armour. Forged two and a half thousand years ago for Sigmar, the armour had never been claimed. The High King thought it fitting that Valten have it now, and with it came the promise of future friendship and wishes of best luck. Valten stripped himself of his Imperial plate armour right there, and with the aid of Barak donned the gromril suit. Leaping into the saddle of Althandin, the Eleven steed reared high as Valten raised the Hammer of Sigmar above his head. A rousing cheer shook the camp, joined with Elven and Dwarfen voices. "To Middenheim!"

Valten Althandin Outside the great city state camped the army of Talabecland. As Karl Franz and Valten rode through the mustered host, a great clamour rose up, as soldiers jumped to their feet, cheering their leaders' arrival. Soon thousands were pressing in towards the pair, jostling each other for a sight of the two greatest men of the Empire. As the Reiksguard moved forward to clear a path, the army of the Empire suddenly parted in front of the two generals.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 7 5 4 4 3 5 4 9 9 4 0 4 3 1 5 2 7

POINTS: 485. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Ghal Maraz, Armour of the Heldenhammer, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Against the Odds, Awesome Presence, Iron Resolve.

Ahead of them they were met by one of the strangest sights ever to have been witnessed. Two small forces waited uncomfortably for the new arrivals. On the one side stood a contingent of Dwarfs, nervously handling their hammers and axes. The cause for their concern was the five hundred High Elves in their glittering armour, at their front the high mage Teclis. With him stood a tall elven steed, its flanks white and glistening, its armour gleaming. Teclis strode forward and waved for Valten to dismount. He presented the young warrior with the steed, telling him that its name was Althandin, sired by Malhandir, steed of Prince Tyrion. Though not purebred like his father, Althandin was finer than any horse of the Old World, and Valten accepted the gift with a nod and a smile.

Althandin: Althandin wears ithilmar barding, and suffers no movement penalties because of it.

MAGIC ITEMS: Armour of the Heldenhammer Forged over two and a half thousand years ago for the Warrior-King Sigmar, this ancient gromril armour was never claimed by the founder of the Empire. Its many runes provide protection against attack and malign magic. Magic Armour. The Armour of the Heldenhammer provides a 2+ Armour saving throw, and Magic Resistance (2). No model in base contact may cast spells (including friendly models) or use Bound Items.


RUTGAR Graf von Rutgarburg Although Rutgar is still young, he possesses keen senses and bravery. He is a true warrior of the Empire, like the ones from the ancient times. He despises the decadence and profligacy of the Imperial Court – he prefers to sleep in a simple tent and to live among common soldiers, who seek the next fight just as much as he does.

Rutgar Warhorse

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 150. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Fire Lance, full plate armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! MAGIC ITEMS: Fire Lance Rutgar emerged victorious from many tournaments and is renowned for his skill with lance, sword or any other weapon. He didn't make himself a name only in the Empire but also in Bretonnia. In one tournament there he even managed to throw a Bretonnian knight out of the saddle, which by Sigmar is no easy task! His reward for this was the Fire Lance, of which is told to have been forged in the flames of a dragon's breath. Rutgar now proudly wields this weapon when riding to war.

Rutgar is the youngest son to the Count of Wissenland. As such he has no right of inheriting the throne which belongs to his older brother. Instead of engaging in intrigues and complots, Rutgar chose the path of duty and honour. His reputation soon spread all over the Empire and even Margrave Frederik from the Border Princes listened to stories of Rutgar's deeds. He offered Rutgar some land in the Border Princes, which he had previously captured from Orcs.

Magic Weapon. Lance. Rutgar may make a Strength 3 Breath Attack once per battle with the lance.


MANFRED VON BOCK Commander of the Guard Manfred

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 2 5 3 8

POINTS: 125. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special (S Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, halberd, halberd light armour. SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! “Von Bock, Von Bock, as tough as a rock!� This is the battle cry of the soldiers who serve under Manfred. Manfred von Bock is known for his merciless determination. Any unit he joins may re-roll re failed Break Tests and Panic tests. In addition, they gain +1 to their combat resolution.

MAGIC ITEMS: Ring of Volans Manfred got this artefact long time ago from a priest of Sigmar for preventing the total destruction des of a temple by Orcs. Enchanted Item. One use only. Bound Spell (power level variable). At the beginning of the game, choose one of the eight Lores of Magic from the Warhammer rulebook and generate a spell from it as if the wearer were a Level 1 Wizard. izard. That spell is bound within the Ring of Volans and cast, just like a bound spell, with a power level equal to the normal casting value of the spell.

Manfred is a veteran who has earned the respect of Rutgar's father through years ears of loyal service. He drills his troops with relentless precision ision and awakens the spirit of determination and courage age in them. Count Wilhelm did well to order Manfred to escort esc his son, so he could give him valuable advice. Thus it is not very surprising that Rutgar asks for Manfred's opinion every time when facing an important decision.

KONRAD Captain of the Empire EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Sword of Justice,

Konrad is regarded as a hero among the Rutgar's liegmen. He once served ved as mercenary under the Ice Queen of Kislev in one of the many wars against the Orcs. There he earned the respect and trust of a couple of Kislevites. These sturdy warriors now accompany and fight at his side him since his return to the Empire. Konrad Warhorse

light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! MAGIC ITEMS: Sword of Justice This sword was stolen by Kislevite riders out of a barrow. Legends tell that they had to ward off dozens of monsters, foul creatures and other dangers to escape with the sword. The tribe's khan however passed the sword onto Konrad as a symbol of gratitude gratit for his aid against the Orcs.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

POINTS: 100. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

Magic Weapon. Konrad may re-roll re failed rolls To Hit in close combat.


ULRICH Captain of the Empire EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, full plate armour,

Ulrich is one of Rutgar's liegemen who has been sent to Altdorf to find a wizard. Ulrich now returns with magister Zorn. Ulrich's task is to escort Zorn safely to Rutgar's camp. He is one of the more impetuous followers of Rutgar and was also born in Wissenland. He should have previously scouted the route he took back to Rutgar but was to negligent to order to do so. When the Orcs attacked, it was his honour that let him fight until death instead of fleeing, for he wishes to make amends for his mistake.

Ulrich Warhorse

shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Hold the Line! Dedication: Ulrich is determined to not fail the task his lord has given him. The reinforcements led by Ulrich must break through the Orcs and reach Rutgars camp. Ulrich and any unit he joins is Immune to Panic.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 5 4 4 3 5 3 9 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

The Silver Horn Rutgar gave Ulrich this old artefact knowing that Ulrich would likely get into trouble completing his task and he therefore took precautions.

POINTS: 125.

Enchanted Item. Bound Spell, power level 5. Ulrich may use the horn in each once in each Magic Phase. The sound of it affects all friendly units on the battlefield. When cast, all fleeing friendly units rally automatically.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

MAGISTER ZORN Imperial Battle Wizard EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, barding.

Magister Zorn is one of the few wizards who have tried to study Orc magic as thoroughly as possible and some even consider him an expert in this field of studies. He was intrigued by stories about ancient idols of the Orc gods. Although he doesn't reveal to Ulric all his knowledge, he assumes that the Mighty Butcha is hidden somewhere near the Orc idols, and that the Orcs congregate there, called by this weapon. Zorn wants to destroy this artefact for he fears that some day it might be turned against the Empire in one of the many Waaaghs. Without question, it was the holy Sigmar himself who chose him for this patriotic quest.

Zorn Warhorse

MAGIC: Zornis a Level 2 Wizard. He may use spells from any of the eight Lores of Magic.

SPECIAL RULES: Sigmar’s Chosen: Zorn thinks that he is guided and guarded by Sigmar himself. He is Immune to Psychology.

MAGIC ITEMS: Purple Charm Zorn possesses a mysterious talisman made out of a black–purple coloured stone which was given to him by a witch in the Reikwald forest in his youth.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 7 8 3 0 3 3 1 3 1 5

Talisman. This talisman gives Zorn a 6+ Ward save. In addition, he automatically passes any characteristics test (except Ld tests) he is required to make.

POINTS: 155. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).



ALARIELLE Everqueen of Averlorn defeated. The Everqueen and her Maiden Guard were then restored to the land of Avelorn. She dwells there to this day, in the company of her Champion, Prince Tyrion.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 5 3 3 3 8 1 10

POINTS: 600. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Star of Avelorn, Shieldstone of Isha, Stave of Avelorn. MAGIC: Alarielle is a Level 4 Wizard. She may use spells from the Lore of High Magic and Lore of Life. She may use either or both lores in the Magic phase.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Loremaster. Handmaidens: If Alarielle is with her Handmaidens then the whole unit becomes Unbreakable. Boon of Isha: This is a special ability of the Everqueen to focus the power of Isha that flows throughout the world, and to harness it to invigorate the pure of heart. At the start of the High Elf Shooting phase and at the start of the High Elf Close Combat phase, Alarielle may grant the Boon of Isha to a friendly unit within 12". The unit adds +1 to all of its To Hit rolls for that phase. In addition, any shooting or close combat attacks made by the unit count as magical for that phase.

Ulthuan is co-ruled by the Everqueen, the chosen representative of Isha - the Elven goddess of earth, plants and forests. Alarielle is the name of the ruling Everqueen, and she is said to be the most beautiful to have borne the favour of Isha since the far off days of Astarielle. Where the Everqueen walks, the fields start to blossom and flowers spring forth from the ground. The white birds of Avelorn come to rest on her hand, and her silvery laughter rings throughout the blessed glades of the Gaen valley. Her flowing hair is like a golden cloud, and it is said that so great is her beauty that it can move even the immortal gods. Her power is that of nature itself, so when she mourns the skies weep with her, and when her eyes darken thunder roars across the Gaen valley.

Chaos Bane: The Everqueen radiates harmony and order, her power is the power of Isha herself. All that is Chaos is anathema to her. As the powers of Chaos wax so her power wanes, as her powers wax so those of Chaos wane, so it has always been and always will be. Daemons which approach her feel this power. It dissolves the magic which binds them together and holds them on the earth. They feel their energies dissipate and the Realms of Chaos draw them back to mindless oblivion. Any Daemonic unit that starts the Magic phase with a model within 6" of Alarielle is affected by the aura of law and harmony that surrounds her. Each unit in range suffers D6 Strength 5 hits that count as magical attacks. In addition, roll a D6 for each magic item belonging to a model from a Chaos, Skaven or Undead army that is within 6" of Alarielle at the start of the Magic Phase. The model is destroyed on a D6 roll of a 6 (roll for each item separately).

Alarielle’s reign has not been peaceful for her powers were sorely tested when Dark Elf armies and legions of Chaos poured into Ulthuan and overran Avelorn. For a while it was believed Alarielle had perished in the fighting. To the Elves the Everqueen embodies the spirit of Isha, and her loss could presage the destruction of all Ulthuan. In fact she was not slain, but hidden and protected by Prince Tyrion, although her powers were very much reduced whilst those of Chaos were nourished by the slaughter of battle. The power of Chaos grew increasingly greater as devastation swept the land. At last the Everqueen made her way to take part in the Battle of Finuval Plain where Chaos was



The Touch of the Everqueen: Alarielle does not fight as such, for she is the embodiment of peace rather than war. However, her lightest touch can stun a foe for a moment, disorientating them with a blinding flash of light. If Alarielle hits her target, then no to wound roll is made. Instead the enemy model may make no attacks that turn, and any other models attacking it hit automatically that phase.

The Handmaidens of the Everqueen are not merely courtiers and attendants, but a warrior guard whose duty is to serve and protect their mistress. Only those with great natural gifts are chosen: the most talented singers and musicians, the most beautiful, the fleetest and most graceful, but above all the most loyal. It is an incomparable honour to serve the Everqueen, and those bound to her side will remain there for seven years, during which time they forswear all other companionship and even the company of their families.

MAGIC ITEMS: Star of Avelorn: About her noble brow the Everqueen wears a light diadem of Ithilmar in which is set a single radiant gem which Aenarion gave in tryst to Astarielle. This is no ordinary gem, but is said to be a star taken from the heavens by Isha and bound within a magic crystal.

The Handmaidens are warriors of rare power even amongst the High Elves, being skilled with all manner of weapons. Their weapons of choice are the bow and spear, and they wear corselets of the finest Ithilmar.

Enchanted Item. At the start of the High Elf turn, Alarielle may use the Star to heal a wounded High Elf character within 12". If there are no wounded characters in range, she may use the Star to heal herself. Roll a D6 for each wound lost on the target character, on a roll of a 4+ the wound is restored.

Handmaiden Champion

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 5 5 3 3 1 6 1 8 5 5 5 3 3 1 6 1 8

POINTS: 10 Handmaidens, including the unit’s Champion, Musician and Standard Bearer cost a total of 180 points. Additional Handmaidens can be added to the unit at a cost of +10 points per model.

Shieldstone of Isha Upon her breast Alarielle wears a gem of unsurpassableworkmanship. This is the Shieldstone of Isha, as old as Ulthuan itself and pulsing with inner energies. It is magically attuned to the Everqueen's aura, and only the Everqueen can release the magical power it contains. The stone wards away harm from the purehearted, deflecting blows and dashing arrows to the floor.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry. EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, spears, light armour. SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Fight in Extra Ranks, Immune to Psychology.

Talisman. Alarielle and her Handmaidens have a 4+ Ward save.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Banner of Avelorn Woven from living leaves and the hair of the Handmaidens of the Everqueen, this Banner is a stunningly beautiful creation of the Elves of Avelorn.

Stave of Avelorn The Stave of Avelorn is the symbol of Alarielle's rule over the land of Avelorn. It is an ancient heirloom which is passed from one Everqueen to the next, as it has been since before the time of the Phoenix Kings. The power absorbs the magic that flows through the land and gathers it u, enabling Alarielle to direct it as she wishes. In ancient times the Stave accomplished great deeds of sorcery. Today its power is diminished because so much of the magic of Avelorn is drained au ay by the Vortex created during the War of Sundering. Nonetheless it remains a potent reminder of the days when Elven mages bestrode the world like collossi and all nature bent to their will.

Magic Standard. So beautiful is the Banner of Avelorn that any enemy wishing to charge the Handmaidens must first pass a Leadership test. If the test is failed the chargers stand in their place, transfixed by the magic. The Handmaidens must declare their charge reaction before the test is made. Note that the banner has no effect on troops that are immune to psychology. The Horn of Isha The Horn of Isha is made out of single pearl-white conch shell, and its sound summons the favour of Isha.

Arcane Item. Bound Spell, power level 5. Once in each High Elf Magic phase, you may choose to unleash one of Alarielle’s spells through the Stave of Avelorn. This may be a spell she has already cast that turn.

Enchanted Item. One use only. At the beginning of any Close Combat phase, the High Elf player may declare that the Musician will blow the Horn of Isha. This will give the Handmaidens the Extra Attack special rule for the duration of that turn.


IMRIK Dragon Prince of Caledor as an unbreachable wall between the many foes of the High Elves and the mystical isle of Ulthuan. Like the Dragons themselves the line of Dragon Princes is fading. Prince Imrik, Lord of Dragons, is the last descendant of the house of Caledor, the Phoenix King of the ancient times. In him is invested all the power and nobility of that great house. The greatest Dragons stir from slumber to his call and no other. Prince Imrik is the greatest High Elf warrior of his age. The people of Ulthuan say that the nobility of Phoenix King Caledor and the battle prowess of Phoenix King Tethlis have been reborn in the Lord of the Dragons. He leads his Dragon to the attack, plunging to the ground with the destructive fury of a lightning bolt. The great scaly beast seizes its victims and tears them limb from limb as Prince Imrik pierces the enemy ranks with his devastating Star Lance. Few can stand before him and none living can look upon the fire of his eyes or match the strength of his arm.

Imrik Minaithnir

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 8 6 4 3 3 9 4 10 6 7 0 7 6 7 2 6 9

POINTS: 630 (250 for Imrik, 380 for Minaithnir).

Caledor is now a silent realm. No longer do the skies ring to the cries of dragons and the roar of their fiery breath. No more do the caves rumble with their sonatas nor does the earth shake beneath their heavy tread. Instead, there is nothing but the hollow echo of the Elves' footsteps in the ancient halls.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). Minaithnir: Monster. EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Star Lance, Armour of Caledor, Dragonhorn.

In Caledor, the Dragons lie sleeping within the cold volcanoes of the mountains known as the Dragon's Spine. They dream of the ancient days when they soared through the magic-laden air of Ulthuan, spitting fire and destruction upon the enemies of the Dragon Princes. Today the mountains have cooled and the Dragons have dwindled in power. Few of the creatures can be wakened when the clarion calls of war ring from mountain peak to mountain peak, summoning the scattered folk of Caledor to battle.

SPECIAL RULES (Imrik): Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Dragon Kin: For millennia Imrik has learnt the lore and languages of dragon. He has walked the deep caves where the great beasts sleep and dream, and even the most proud and mighty firedrakes obey his every word. No Dragons will fight Imrik. If they are in base contact with other models (and not in a challenge) then they fight them instead, otherwise they may do nothing. They may still fight Minaithnir as normal.

Most noble of these Princes of dragons is Imrik, last of the line of the Phoenix King Caledor. It is he who remains one of the few, that can wake the dragons in time of need, and then only a few. Gone are the days when his followers rode into battle atop mighty fire drakes. Now it is Imrik alone who fights in the traditional manner of his house.

SPECIAL RULES (Minaithnir): Terror, Large Target, Fly, Breath Weapon (Strength 4). Loyal Bond: Imrik rides the majestic dragon Minaithnir. They have a mutual bond between them — the last of the true Dragon Princes, and one of the last of the dragons. Minaithnir is fanatically loyal to his master. If Imrik is slain, Minaithnir will become subject to Frenzy. No Monster Reaction test is taken.

And fight he does! In the defence of his homeland, and indeed of all Ulthuan, Imrik is a stalwart bastion of strength. Together with Tyrion and Teclis, the descendants of the great house of Aenarion, he stands



Star Lance The tip of this deadly weapon is made from the heart of a fallen star. With a blade of such keenness no armour can protect Imrik’s foes.

Dragonhorn This war horn was made from the horn of an ancient dragon, gifted to Imrik’s distant ancestors in elder days. The dying fire drake summoned all his remaining power to enchant his remaining, unbroken horn as he lay bleeding in the aftermath of the Battle attle of the Glade of Tears. When Prince Imrik goes to war, all can hear the call of his warhorn, full of challenge and pride. No Dragons can ignore its sound, but rise from their slumber, ready to do battle once more.

Magic Weapon. Lance. When charging, charging Imrik adds +3 to his Strength. In addition, no armour saves may be taken on a turn that he charges.

Enchanted Item. One use only. At the start of any of his own turns, Imrik may sound the Dragonhorn. This fills his army with pride, and all friendly High Elf units may re-roll roll any failed Rally and Psychology tests until the start of their next turn. Armour of Caledor This armour is the heirloom of the house of Caledor, the greatest of all the Dragon Princes. For well over four thousand years the masters of the house of Caledor ham worn this armour in battle. It is a suit of Ithilmar, unsurpassed in its beauty, lightweight and flexible, and yet stronger than any armour made of mortal steel. Magic Armour. Dragon armour. Gives lmrik a 2+ armour save.


BELANNAER Loremaster of Hoeth making it almost impossible for raiders to reach the Elven Kingdoms. Later he accompanied Finubar in h travels eastwards to the Old World, and shared in his rediscovery of the lost kindred of Wood Elves and the first contact with human realms. Belannaer became a great mage and a teacher of sorcery to true seekers of knowledge. As a frail youth Teclis himself studied at the feet of Belannaer, absorbing and eventually coming to surpass his master's knowledge. When Teclis resolved to leave the White Tower and go in search of his brother Tyrion, it was Belannaer who persuaded the then High Loremaster Cyeos to give Teclis the War Crown of Saphery and release him from his vows of obedience. These days Belannaer sits in the White Tower and reflects upon a lifetime of study. He is painfully aware that his duties are not yet ended. He senses that a greater challenge lies ahead, and that his powers will be sorely tested before he is allowed to find peace. Amongst his many tasks he gathers information from the Sword Masters who roam the lands of Ulthuan, searching out Dark Elf spies and uncovering their destructive plots. When the enemies of the White Tower strike he will be ready, and the Sword Masters shall accompany him as they march to do battle.

Belannaer At the heart of the Kingdom of Saphery stands the White Tower wherein lies the shrine of Hoeth, the Elven god of Wisdom. This is the greatest repository of historical and magical lore in the world, a collection of grimoires and codices gathered over, the centuries by generations of Loremasters. The oldest living Loremaster is Belannaer the Wise, second only in power to the Warden of the White Tower, High Loremaster Teclis himself.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 5 4 3 3 9 4 10

POINTS: 525. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Blade of Bel-Korhadris. MAGIC: Belannaer is a Level 4 Wizard. He may use spells from the Lore of High Magic or any of the eight Lores of Magic.

Belannaer first sought the Tower of Hoeth as a young prince in the reign of Bel-Hathor. The first time he approached the tower he found his path spiralling back upon itself so that his long journey carried him wearily back to his starting place. Refusing to give up, he strove harder and more purposefully to reach the tower and returned to his beginning even more swiftly and even more exhausted. Despairing of ever reaching the tower, he resolved to find wisdom in his own heart and turned his back upon the White Tower. But now, to his surprise, no matter how he attempted to turn aside, he found the tower's needle thin spire looming up in front of him. This was the first step of Belannaer upon the path of wisdom.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Glamour of Hoeth: Belannaer and the unit he is with are surrounded by shimmering magic that confuses and disorientates, so deeply is the old Loremaster imbued with magic. Enemies find it inexplicably difficult to judge the distance to their foe, seeing their targets receding before their eyes. An enemy declaring a charge against Belannaer or the unit he is with must reduce their charge distance by the difference between the two dice rolls. For example, if you roll 3 and 6, deduct 3" from the opponent's charge range. If they have insufficient distance remaining to complete their charge they become confused by the

At the time when the Norse began raiding Ulthuan in earnest Belannaer was one of the wizards whose magic shrouded the coasts of Ulthuan in a maze of spells,


Glamour and the charge is failed, as if they were out of range. The High Elf player must declare his charge response before the Glamour takes effect, ct, and any fire from units which Stand & Shoot hoot is worked out normally.

The Book of the Phoenix The Book of the Phoenix tells the ancient legend of Asuryan - an allegorical story of the fate of all civilizations of birth, growth, glory, decline and eventual destruction.


Enchanted Item. At the beginning beginn of the battle Belannaer may read one of the verses of the book. The effect will last ast for the end of the game, unless the Book is destroyed or nullified by some means. means

Blade of Bel-Korhadris This sword was the weapon of Bel-Korhadris, Korhadris, the Phoenix King who ordered the construction of the White Tower of Hoeth. The Blade of Bel-Korhadris Bel is usually attached to the highest pinnacle of the Tower of Hoeth, where the setting sun catches its tip at the Hour of Dragon. The magic of the blade catches and entraps the rays of the sun and makes the sword blaze throughout the night. When the Sword Masters Mas go to war, Belannaer takes the sword with him and vows to use it only for good, faithful to the principles of the great Scholar-King.

• The Verse of Rebirth: If Belannaer is ever killed, kil he will immediately ly burst into flames fl causing a Flaming Strength 6 hit on each model in i base-to-base contact with him,, and return to life with D3 wounds. He may be positioned in any High Elf unit on the battlefield. This applies even if Belannaer Belann is broken in hand-tohand combat and caughtt in pursuit. One use only. • The Verse of Flame Eternal: This verse will allow Belannaer to cast one of his spells without using any power dice once per Magic agic phase just as if it was a Bound Spell. It can still be dispelled as normal, at its basic casting value.

Magic Weapon. No mundane armour saves may be taken against this blade, but magic armours work as normal. In addition,, once per battle, in the beginning of any close combat phase, Belannaer can unleash the fires of the captured star. He will then gains D6 extra Attacks for that turn.

• The Verse of Destruction: This verse will double the strength of Belannaer, giving him an effective Strength of 8.

Cloak of Stars The Loremaster of Hoeth wears an enchanted cloak. The runes woven into its ts fabric tell of the virtues of wisdom, patience and self-control. control. They warn that violence is not a path to wisdom. Those that attack the wearer of the cloak will feel the weight of the world resting ever heavier on them, and their blows lack strength and purpose. Talisman. All shooting and close combat Attacks A against Belannaer will be resolved at -22 Strength (with a minimum of 1). In addition, once per game, the Cloak will automatically dispel the first spell in battle targeted against Belannaer or any unit he is with in the same manner as a Dispel Scroll. Staff of Cyeos The old High Loremaster left just one mighty artefact as an heirloom to his most beloved pupil Belannaer - a magic staff crafted by his own hand. Arcane Item. Belannaer may add an additional addi free Power Dice to each spell he casts. “Enlightenment is achieved by mastering not only the body, but the soul. Only then can a warrior truly understand the value of life, and why it should be protected at all costs.”

elord of the White Tower - Belannaer of Hoeth, Bladelord


ELTHARION THE SWORDMASTER Eltharion, ltharion, the eldest son of Moranion of Yvresse, had been mortally wounded defending Ulthuan against aga the first incursion by the forces of the Witch King. A Witch Elf's blade had bit into his side, and the deadly poison coursed through his body. Whilst he lay on his deathbed a huge invasion of Goblins, lead by the fearsome Warlord Grom the Paunch reached hed his ancestral home. During the attack, most of his family were slain. At this moment, a ghostly apparition of his father visited Eltharion. As he lay in a feverish state, the vision bade him to seek out the Goblin Warlord and avenge his death. Eltharion Elthario woke to find the poison had been miraculously cured, and by his side lay his father's blade, the magical Fangsword. The Goblins had by now reached the city of Tor Yvresse and the warden of the city had been killed by sorcerous green magic. At the city's darkest moment Eltharion descended from the skies, mounted on his loyal Griffon, Stormwing. In a climactic battle, he killed the Shaman and defeated the Goblin Warlord Grom, avenging the death of his father. He was proclaimed warden of the city, but his close friends noticed a change had come over the once noble warrior. His moods had become dark and he soon earned the title Eltharion the Grim. When Malekith attacked Ulthuan once more, Eltharion was eager for battle. Mounted ounted on Stormwing, he flew to Anlec, where Malekith's force had massed. masse He knew the Witch King would seek to claim his old throne in the ruined palace, and instead of leading the army in defence of the realm, Eltharion waited inside the ruins. The High Elf force was as destroyed and when Eltharion Elth confronted ronted Malekith, the Witch King turned his dark powers on the impetuous petuous Elf, wracking Eltharion with magic. The Witch King tried to force Eltharion El to swear loyalty to him by threatening ening the survivors of the High Elf force. Eltharion refused and Malekith's Malek Executioners beheaded the High Elves ves who had survived the battle outside the palace.

the Witch King. It was a feat that no mortal had ever achieved, but now Eltharion seeks to destroy Malekith and has taken the fight ght to Naggaroth. Even the calm words ds of Belannaer cannot stay his desire, and the Phoenix King has granted this special request. Belannaer holds on too a fragile hope that Eltharion will overcome rcome the bitterness that burns within his heart, but also knows this is a war his pupil must fight f on his own.

The broken body of the Warden of Yvresse vresse was returned to Ulthuan, blinded ded and barely alive. Belannaer tended ded to his wounds and Eltharion soon recovered, but his mental scars ran deep. Belannaer Be instructed Eltharion in the ways ays of the Swordmasters and the skilled Elf learned exceptionally quickly, soon becoming a match for the Master himself. mself. Belannaer gave Eltharion command and of the Swordmasters, a task that Eltharion relished. Once again he met me the Witch King, as Malekith's invasionn broke through the Dragon Gate and into the Inner Kingdom. The Swordmasters Sword had been ordered to aid the Handmaidens maidens in their duty as guards to the Everqueen. When her forests came under threat, the Swordmasters rushed to the Everqueen's aid, and in the ensuing battle he wounded


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 8 6 4 3 3 8 4 10

POINTS: 255. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: The White Sword, light armour. SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Hatred (Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves), Immune to Psychology.



Great Leap: Eltharion is immensely acrobatic, and is able to jump high through the air to reach his foes. At the start of any round of combat, before attacks are allocated or challenges issued, Eltharion may be moved to anywhere here in the same combat (even leaving one unit and joining another, or becoming an independent character). He may not use this to position himself out of combat, or if he is already involved in a challenge.

The White Sword Eltharion has been taught by the Master of the White Tower of Hoeth, and wields one of the long, twotwo handed blades of the Swordmasters. Clad in the pure white robes of the Order and cutting through the foe with ease, Eltharion is now called the White Sword by many Dark Elves who have seen him.

Lord of Hoeth: In the White Tower, Eltharion is now second only to Belannear himself, and often commands the army of Hoeth. If Eltharion is your General, you may take one unit of Swordmasters as a Core choice. Any unit of Swordmasters joined by Eltharion becomes Stubborn.

Magic Weapon. So great is Eltharion's skill, he can use a number of fighting styles, each of which has a different effect on his rules. At the start of each round of combat, Eltharion must declare which wh fighting style he is using for that whole round. Only the rules listed below apply to Eltharion's attacks.

n's senses and Impenetrable defence: Eltharion's foresight are so keen, he can now react even faster than when he could see, enabling him to predict the enemy's attacks and even deflect incoming arrows. Eltharion has a 5+ Ward save. In addition, Killing Blow has no effect on Eltharion.

• Way of the Willow Branch: Eltharion's body twists and contorts like a reed in the wind, and his sword deflects incoming blows with astounding speed, sp making him virtually impossible to hit. Any close combat attacks against Eltharion require 6s to hit, before any other modifications, and regardless of relative Weapons Skills or am other special rules.

The Dark Within: Eltharion is a very troubled soul, and his thirst for revenge can drive him to rash acts. Eltharion and any unit he leads must declare a charge if there is an enemy unit within range, and can never test to restrain pursuit.

• Way of the Winter Breeze: Weaving his sword in a bewildering, swirling arc, Eltharion is able to guide his blade through even the most steadfast defence. Eltharion attacks at +1 to hit in close combat. • Way of the Swooping Eagle: Eltharion summons all of his speed and might into a few deadly blows. Eltharion's harion's attacks are resolved at +2 Strength. • Way of the Breaking Storm: Unleashing his speed and strength in a flurry of blistering attacks, Eltharion rains down blow after blow on the enemy. Eltharion gains +2 Attacks.

The small ship glided silently up the narrow channel, the moons hidden by the dark and cloudy night. The eerie silence was only broken by gentle waves lapping on the hull, as its elegant prow carved through the black waters.

"Tell the helmsman to steer straight straigh towards them, I will guide us safely through the rocks," the warrior from the White Tower said, standing up from his crosscross legged position. Eltharion's assurance was unquestioned and rightly so. The Elf s senses were the keenest in the world, some would say supernatural, and had become legendary. Alith Anar strode to the quarterdeck and commanded the helmsman to follow the former Warden's instructions precisely. The warriors in the ship were amazed at how this blind Elf directed the ship safely through thee perilous, jagged rocks and yet he managed it with case, his curt, whispered commands passed down to the Elf at the tiller. Soon the underside of the boat grated against the shoreline, and an instant later a silvery anchor splashed into the water, shockingly gly loud in the stillness of the night. Within minutes, every Elf stood in disciplined formation on the shore.

Alith Anar approached a lone figure sat at the foremost section of the boat. The Shadow King had felt a great sense of honour when Eltharion had asked him to join this expedition. It had been a wise decision; few knew the treacherous paths through Naggarythe as well as he. "We are nearing our destination, Eltharion," Eltharion Alith spoke in hushed whispers. "Can you spy the blood cliffs yet?" the blind Swordmaster replied. "Yes my friend, they are three hundred yards to our port side" Alith could list make out the steep red stone cliffs.

It was an uneasy feeling for these Elves, Elves time had travelled to continents spread far and wide throughout 67

the world, but few amongst them had set foot in Naggaroth. It was an unsettling sensation, but one of cold defiance. Together the Shadow Warriors and the Swordmasters stood on this dark foreign soil, the land of their enemy. The disciplined ranks of the Swordmasters, who mastered their emotions with unparalleled martial excellence, were a stark contrast to the Shadow Warriors, who exacted vengeance against their hated kin through stealth and secrecy.

"No, we shall fight," Eltharion spoke calmly. It was the answer that Alith had been expecting and a grim smile spread on his face. "By my reckoning they outnumber us four to one," Alith informed the blind Elf, signalling his warriors to form into combat formation. "I know," Eltharion turned to Alith Anar with a rare smile. "They should have mustered more warriors." The Swordmaster drew his blade and joined the rest of his order who had now gathered at the edge of the cliff.

"We will make camp here tonight, there will be no fires, we cannot risk discovery." Alith ordered before approaching Eltharion.

"We shall fight here, they cannot attack our flanks from this position," the blind hero instructed.

Since he had wounded the Witch King, Eltharion had achieved an almost deity-like status across the whole of Ulthuan. He had achieved what no mortal had ever done, and many believed it was a sign that he had the blessings of the gods. The Commander of the Swordmasters stood tall and proud, undaunted by his disability.

"And what of our retreat?" Alith questioned his commander's bold tactic. "There shall be no retreat, there shall be no surrender, only victory or death," the Swordmaster cried out, his voice carrying on the wind. The Shadow Warriors looked at each other and nodded in approval, while the Swordmasters remained silent, their thoughts concentrated on the darkness of the approaching army. Eltharion readied himself; every nerve in his body itched for battle and a fierce rage burned within him. He tried to calm his thoughts, focusing his energy in readiness for combat. Yet all the lessons his master Belannaer had taught him vanished from his mind. He could sense the enemy were close. This was the moment he had longed for; to fight the enemy once more on their own shore and bring the war to Naggaroth. To his left and right. Shadow Warriors unleashed volleys of arrows to fell the Dark Riders who bore down on the High Elves. Moments later, the entire Dark Elf army was upon the elite High Elf warriors and battle was joined.

"It has been our folly that we have not brought our fight here earlier, " Eltharion said as he turned to face Alith, addressing him quietly, but with firm resolution in his tone. "For any years our people have been passive, as a result the Druchii think us weak. We must strike at the heart of our enemies, then they will know that the people of Ulthuan are not prey. Instead, they will know us to be strong. They shall know fear, for together my friend we shall strike it deep into their very souls. " From high on the cliffs a shadowy figure moved unseen by the army below. Had any of the Elves below glanced up, for the briefest moment he would have seen a silhouette sprinting deftly inland. Moments later the figure had vanished, concealed by darkness of night. Under the red light of dawn, the Elven raiding party traversed the steep narrow that wound its way up from the bottom of the cove. At the top of the Alith stopped. stepping aside to let Eltharion pass.

***** Circling the battle mounted on his Black Dragon Seraphon, Malekith watched the two armies collide. At the sight of Eltharion, he felt a stabbing pain in his side where the Swordmaster's blade had pierced his flesh. Months later the wound still caused him pain, and Malekith had little wish to feel the sharp bite of the Eltharion's sword again. He had underestimated the skill of the warrior, but it was not the Swordmaster's martial prowess that Malekith feared. He knew that the wound Eltharion had inflicted had been one caused by his own over confidence, a mistake he would not make twice. Something within Eltharion's fury, the anger, and resentment he kept hidden within, was far more of a threat. Malekith knew well the power of vengeance. It had fuelled his soul for these past millennia, and he had directed it against a whole nation. That same power unleashed against a single mortal could prove lethal, and

"It seems our presence has not gone unnoticed. " Alith said to Eltharion. He pointed at the standards of the army of Naggarond approaching, though the Witch King's own army was still some distance may. The force marched at speed, heading straight towards the High Elves' position. Above the army, a Black Dragon circled high in the clouds. Even from this distance, Alith recognised it to be their dark master, the accursed Malekith. "I can feel them," Eltharion replied and Alith selfconsciously dropped his pointing and to the hilt of his sword. "Would you have me order the retreat?" the Shadow King asked the Swordmaster. 68

But his attack had overbalanced him and before he could regain his footing, a small nick scratched across his neck. He heard his foe fall to the ground and raised his sword to deliver the deathblow. Suddenly he felt his body weaken. Staggering forward, the sound of battle throbbed in his head, his legs buckled beneath him and Eltharion to the ground, poisoned by the slightest graze.

Malekith had no desire to meet it. The Witch King of Naggaroth watched the battle unfold. Around Eltharion a large circle had formed, no Druchii fought him. as Malekith had instructed them. Malekith had a more fitting solution to the problem of Eltharion. The clash of steel on steel, and the cries of the wounded surrounded Eltharion. The Swordmaster fought on grimly around him, locked in combat with the feared Executioners of Har Ganeth. Their presence Unsettled Eltharion, for his last sight with mortal eyes had been of their long-bladed draichs beheading the warriors who had followed him to Anlec. He listened out for the approach of an enemy. To his right he heard footsteps of a warrior running to attack him, but before Eltharion could meet his foe, his opponent backed away.

***** Alith Anar drove his blade home, felling another of his hated foes. The battle was faring well, the Dark Elves were no match for the skilled warriors and even though his men were tiring, the heavy toll that the Swordmasters and the Shadow Warriors had taken on the Dark Elves was beginning to tell. He glanced to his left and saw no sign of Eltharion, and caught a glimpse of the wicked blades of Malekith's Executioners. Moving his way through the swirling combat he spotted the fallen hero, next to him a Dark Elf wreathed in a black cloak struggled swaying to his feet, blades raised for a deathblow. Dispatching another of his hated kindred, Alith Anar called out to the Swordmasters, who saw their leader’s plight and surged forward, smashing through the pitiless Elves of Har Ganeth. The Shadow King forced his way through the fight, ducking beneath spear tips and sword blades, his own sword deftly flicking out to cut down the Druchii who stood in his path. The charge of the Swordmasters had put the Assassin to flight and they were pursuing eagerly. Still the danger had not passed and Alith Anar stood over Eltharion's prone body, his weapons ready. Relief coursed through his mind as he saw his friend still breathed, albeit each rasp ever so shallow.

"No, not you!" the Druchii cried out. Eltharion could sense the Dark Elf's fear, but there was something deeper, hidden within. Many times he had fought the Dark Elves, and he knew this arrogant race would ever show fear of their kindred. They were too conceited and proud, their implacable self-delusion was their downfall. Something else was at play and Eltharion had no liking of his predicament. The bodies of fallen Dark Elves scattered the battlefield, but he had yet to fell a single foe. "Come and face me!" he cried out, pointing his sword into the air towards the circling form of Seraphon. Eltharion could hear his loyal Swordmasters battling behind him. Suddenly from the midst of their ranks he detected the faint rush of a projectile hurtling towards him. Instinctively raising his blade, he deflected the missile mere inches before it struck his neck. A second and a third projectile followed, and Eltharion had to use all his skill to dodge these attacks. Before he could regain his stance, an assailant was upon him.

A trumpet call sounded across the ringing of steel and war shouts of the Dark Elves. The lord of the Shadow Warriors saw more Elves scrambling from the top of the cliff and at first he feared that the Dark Elves had them surrounded. Then he spied the white and blue uniforms of the Lothern Sea Guard. Alith was confused, they had never been part of Eltharion's plan, but he was grateful nonetheless. This fresh assault was enough to break the spirit of the Druchii and the Dark Elf army began to fall back. Ordering his warriors to pursue, Alith heard the ringing blast of the Sea Guards' Horn, sounding out the command to hold ground. The Shadow Warriors faltered, unsure of what to do, and their leader turned towards whoever had made the order, trying to suppress his fury. It was then that he saw Belannaer, sword raised to call the warriors back, and he reluctantly called to his own men to restrain their pursuit.

A flurry of strikes was launched at the Swordmaster. Eltharion was forced to draw from all his reserves to fend off the well-placed blows. For a moment Eltharion was confused, this opponent was indeed skilled and from the manner in which he placed his attacks Eltharion thought he had been mentored in the combat style of the Swordmasters. Assuming a defensive stance Eltharion waited for the next attack. Blocking a series of blows that would have severed any lesser warrior's head, he found himself forced backwards towards the cliff edge. Anger began to course through him. Momentarily losing his focus, he launched a savage counter-attack, wild rage guiding his blade. Blow after blow fell upon his assailant, then he brought his sword in a fierce overhead arc. He felt the weapon smash through his opponent's blade and bite deep into flesh.

***** Within the tent of the White Tower's leader, Alith tried in vain to persuade Belannaer to withdraw the 69

order to return to Ulthuan. Only the thought of Eltharion lying half-dead dead on a bits behind the Loremaster prevented Alith from m bursting out in fury.

What purpose does this attack serve other than to kill Elves in futile vengeance?" Alith could tell by the stern look on Belannaer’s face that he was in no mood to discuss the matter. Though he burned to avenge his fallen kin, the dispossessed noble still remained loyal to the Phoenix King. He would not stray over the line into disobedience, for he knew he was better than the traitors he hunted so eagerly.

"We need to press home the attack," the Shadow King whispered harshly. "Had we pursued the enemy then already we would be marching victorious through Naggarond." "Do you really believe Malekith would leave his city without defence?" the master of the tower calmly replied, "You would have been shot down to a warrior before you even reached the gates".

"Tell your troops we shall leave at dawn," Belannaer said sharply as he turned to leave the pavilion, but as he did so he spied movement from the back. A pale, sunken eyed Eltharion stared coldly at his master.

Eltharion coughed bloodily, Belannaer paused for a moment. turning to the wounded Elf Lord. He laid a hand on his sweaty brow and spoke poke a few quiet words, and for a moment pale yellow light bathed his hand. After a moment, Eltharion's breathing became less ragged and the Loremaster turned back to Alith Anar.

"Then you will be leaving without my company." Eltharion whispered harshly, before staggering towards the tent flap. "And those who feel as I do," he added, glancing at Alith Anar and then ducking out of the pavilion.

"My orders come from the courts," Belannaer told him. "We need all our warriors ors to defend our own realm.


SEA LORD AISLINN As promised by Teclis, the High Elves sent what warriors they could spare from their battles with Malekith to aid in the fight against Archaon. Teclis himself was accompanied by three hundred of the finest Elven warriors, including a number of the deadly Swordmasters of Hoeth. It was not these fighters that would be the greatest boon to Karl Franz and his allies though, but the Dragonships and Hawkships of the fleet of Lothern. Led by the Sea Lord Aislinn, the flotilla of Elven ships guarded the northern shores of the Empire against raiders from Norsca. Though he arrived too late to stop the Norse from their landings at Erengrad, Lord Aislinn pursued his war against the Norse with not only efficiency, but ruthless enthusiasm as well.

The fleets of the Lothern navy guard the coasts of Eataine, but they also range far and wide, sailing every ocean of the world and patrolling the sea-lanes for the enemies of the Elven people. The fleet of the Sea Lord Aislinn, dubbed 'the Pernicious' by his peers, has been extremely active in recent months, dispatching small patrols of Lothern Sea Rangers to carry out stealthy hit and run attacks along the southern coast of Norsca, recovering lost artefacts, rescuing prisoners, and even assassinating powerful enemy warleaders. Lord Aislinn's exact motivations are far from clear, but his attacks have caused untold confusion amongst those tribes attempting to join Archaon's invasion.

He dispatched some of his fleet to blockade Erengrad, and many hundreds of Norse were slain as they attempted to leave the sacked port. Hundreds more were left stranded on the shore and forced to make the long march south with Archaon.

The Sea Lord is a veteran of centuries of hit and run, ship to shore warfare. He takes an almost cruel delight in using the sea mists summoned forth by the Lothern sea-mages to make demoralising attacks upon his enemies before they can form a coherent battle line.

Not content to contain the longships of the Marauders and prevent their attacks, Lord Aislinn adopted an offensive strategy and struck at the villages of the Norscan coast. Aided by the Sea Rangers and Sea Guard, his ships’ companies wiped out settlements, slaughtered livestock, and spread confusion and fear along the coast. The terrified survivors of the Sea Lord’s attacks carried tales of the White Warriors, the Sea Ghosts, from village to village.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 7 6 4 3 3 8 4 10

POINTS: 240. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Bow of the Seafarer, heavy armour.

These attacks were heralded by a strange calmness on the Sea of Claws. In the pre-dawn gloom, an eerie mist would rise from the waters and swathe the village in a glittering, white blanket of cloud. Under this cover, the Hawkships would glide silently onto the shores, their companies spreading out with well trained precision and speed. Haunting, distant voices would be heard, echoing along the fjords and stirring the Norse from their sleep. As they emerged from their huts and lodges, weapons ready, they would be struck down from the mists by white-shafted arrows, their death cries sounding alongside the lilting calls of the sea spirits brought forth by the Sea Lord’s mages.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Master of the Mists: Immediately after both armies have been fully deployed (including scouts), each unit of Lothern Sea Guard and Repeater Bolt Throwers gets a special round of shooting. During this round of shooting the shooters ignore all negative to hit modifiers, and may target any enemy unit on the table regardless of range and line of sight.

Volleys of bolts, launched from the Hawkship’s batteries to cut down any group of warriors that managed to assemble, would scythe unerringly through the pale cloud. Any who withstood this onslaught would rush forward to confront their attackers, only to find themselves facing the glittering, disciplined ranks of the Sea Guard of Lothern. Those who survived the hail of arrows from the massed bowmen would be mercilessly impaled upon the spear tips of Lord Aislinn’s warriors. Once the defenders had fled or been slain, the village would be razed with alchemical fire, and the host would depart as silently and swiftly as it appeared.


SELAFYN OF THE ANNULII The Slayer of Monsters the eye. Such deeds linger in the observer's mind and have led to Selafyn being called to join the Ulthuan Warhost when it battles the Dark Elves. The Dark Elf armies frequently include all manner of unnatural abominations under the thrall of their Beastmasters, and it is fighting these, under the eyes of the great Lords of Ulthuan, that has continued to build Selafyn's growing reputation. Although the taciturn Warden lacks high sophistication, his forthrightness and honesty have won him courtly friends, charmed by his coarse naivetĂŠ. While his sword arm remains strong his star will continue to rise. Selafyn accomplished his most acclaimed feat when the Storm of Chaos struck the world and the blood mist flowed from the Blighted Isles. When Black Arks appeared off Chrace, and battle was joined. The arrow storm was thick but, although it cost them dear, the Dark Elves continued to fight at range until the High Elf archers' quivers were spent. Only then did the Dark Elf Corsairs and spearmen glide forward, formed into great columns, between each of which came a Beastmaster and his charges. High Elf spears and the fabled White Lions met them half way across the field of battle, but for all their valour they were overmatched, and a huge hydra at the centre of the Dark Elf army seemed certain to break the High Elf line. It was then that Selafyn attacked. Appearing from nowhere, with each swing of his sword he cut off one of the hydra's heads, driving it hack into the press of Dark Elves. As the last head was tumbled, the beast's death throes threw their ranks into disorder and the Dark Elves broke before a renewed onslaught from the White Lions.

In the north of Ulthuan between the Forests of Avelorn and the coastlands of Chrace lies the most dangerous part of the Annulii Mountains. It is an unearthly place, where writhing mist enfolds the bare hills in its chill embrace and the heaths are shunned by bird and beast. As the winds of magic are drawn to Ulthuan, their power eddies and flows around the Annuli. All manner of dark things have sought refuge in the peaks, so fortified gates guard the passes and a network of watchtowers and patrols ward against them. The dangers posed by the creatures that dwell in the hills waxes and wanes with the winds of magic in a way even the greatest sorcerers do not fully understand.

Selafyn could have parleyed his triumph into a place at court, trading the cruel howl of the mountain winds for the soft songs of minstrels, but he freely chose his birthright, and remains the Hawk of the Annulii.

Selafyn is one of the Wardens of the Annulii Mountains and it is his duty to track and combat whatever comes out of the mists. It is a task he knows well, for it has been the duty of his family since the Sundering. To Selafyn, the magnificent isolation of the mountains is infinitely more desirable than the precise formality of the court. When hunting he has an unerring instinct that tells him when and where to find his prey. He always knows when the danger is greatest and does not hesitate to place himself in harm's path.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9

POINTS: 135. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Foe Bane, Shadow Armour, shield.

His skill in banding monsters has not gone unnoticed, on one occasion he concluded a Manticore hunt at the very gates of Tor Achare, finishing the pain of the blood-maddened beast with an elegant sword thrust to

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.


In the shadowed crags of the Annulii mountains, Selafyn waited. Mist wreathed him likc a cloak of ice, chilling his exposed flesh. Tiny rivulets of water ran down the plates of his shadow armour. His hair was damp and stuck to the side of his face. His heart and his breath were almost still. The creature he had tracked for three days was below him, feasting upon the body of one of his kindred. The Elf was dead before he got there. caught unawares and felled by the beast. Selafyn watched without emotion as it tore through armour, flesh and bone with its powerful beak and talons.

sidestepping quickly. It lunged again and this time he dodged it. Selafyn backed away as the cockatrice tried to turn around and face him again, kicking up rocks and dust with its clawed feet. He had forged a gap of a few fret between him and his prey. Raising his shield and clattering it with the flat of his sword he invited the beast to come at him. Rain was falling. pattering against his armour. A shout of thunder cracked in the heavens. Selafyn held his breath. gaze low, as the cockatrice charged at him once more. Just before the beast reached him, the High Elf sprang. all his weight forward onto his shield. The collision ripped the shield in two but the creature was dazed at the sudden and powerful impact. With his eyes still to the ground. Selafyn struck a blow born of instinct.

A cockatrice. It looked smaller than he'd expected. It was an aberration. a corrupted bird as big as a wolfhound with pitiful, flightless wings. Its glance could freeze the blood and turn man or beast to stone. The creature had not seen him. it was absorbed in finishing the corpse. picking away at the gristle, tendon and sinew.

The cockatrice screamed in pain. Selafyn looked up and saw the bloody gash he had carved across its eyes. Blinded. the beast stumbled about, snapping widely. Calmly. Sclafyn advanced. dodging its frantic attacks, and drove his blade deep into the creature's heart. Its death scream rang out into the mountains and was answered by thunder. With that it slumped down dead.

Selafyn drew his sword and muttered a prayer to Kournos. A weak sun glared overhead, attempting to pierce the growing blanket of dense cloud that threatened a storm. The High Elf concealed his blade beneath his cloak lest an errant ray reflect off the steel and warn the creature of his presence.

Lightning flashed overhead, throwing a long dark shadow across the High Elf as he stood next to the monster's corpse. He looked up and in the mountain side saw a oarrow cleft in the rock. Sheathing his blade, he headed up the rock face.

A shallow ravine was all that stood between Selafyn and his prey. With tentative steps he crept toward it. Still the beast gnawed at the carcass. Within feet of it. Selafyn stopped breathing and slid his sword out from under his cloak. As he did so a tiny stone, disturbed by his passage fell down the side of the ravine. It was the tiniest sound, little more than a whisper in a storm.

Weaving through massive boulders and gliding over the scattered scree of the mountainside, Selafyn reached the entrance to a small eyrie. His Elf eyes penetrating the pressing gloom, he saw numerous bones of both Elf and beast. The creature had been nesting here, clearly for some time. There was a patch of twigs and rough grasses towards the back of the cave. Outside the tempest grew and rain lashed against the mountainside while the thunder vented its anger.

The creature turned and saw him. A high-pitched ululating screech came from its gullet, ragged and bloody strips of flesh hanging down from its beak. Selafyn brought up his shield and was sprinting now as the cockatrice brought its gaze around to him. The High Elf kept his eyes low, taking care not to look at it and using his shield to block his view as he focused on its taloned feet.

Selafyn approached the nest. Within were the remains of three huge eggs. All had hatched, though scattered, deformed hones told him two of the chicks had not lived long. The creature he'd fought had been small. The third infant, months old at most.

The beast lunged forward, striking Selafyn's shield hard. lie nearly lost his grip but sidestepped to the creature's right flank and readjusted his hold. The creature lunged again, beak first. This time it punched a small hole in the shield. Selafyn was pushed back by the impact and nearly lost his footing. He edged around to the beast's left flank.

Through the storm Selafyn heard something scratch at the rocks below. The mother had returned. he turned to face the cave entrance, drew his sword and headed out into the breaking storm.


GILEAD AND FITHVAEL Last of Tor Anrok Gilead to her prison, where her magical energies were being tapped by a Chaos warlord to forge an army. She bound her soul to his, which nearly killed her as Gilead freed her from warlord Ire's grip - he turned shadowfast, and her heart couldn't keep up with his but she was freed. After a few days of nursing her, the three went back to kill warlord Ire. After a frantic battle, Fithvael managed to kill the warlord's son, which released the magical energies. Unfortunately, at the last moment Ire captured Niobe and they vanished. It was only after a week that Fithvael could free Gilead from the delirium he had suffered when the bond between him and Niobe had collapsed. Shattered, but hopeful, the elf lord and his trusted companion quested for their kin once more. He was turned down once, deceived by the magics of slaanesh, but Fithvael showed him the truth. After the battle of Maltane, in which they found their old friend and teacher Nithrom back and lost him to the enemy, Gilead, last Lord of Tor Anrok still roams the Old World, accompanied by his old friend Fithvael, using his brother's longsword and his awesome fighting skills and shadowfastness to fight evil from the outside, and death in his own soul. Gilead Lothain, shadowfast warrior and last of the line of Tor Anrok, travels the land slaking his thirst for vengeance on the dark creatures that stalk the forests and mountains of the Old World. With his faithful retainer Fithvael at his side, the doom-laden Gilead battles corrupt humans, beastmen, warriors of the Dark Gods, seeking revenge on the servants of Evil. Tor Anrok is now an ancient, derelict Elven stronghold, but once it was a most majestic tower, located somewhere in the heavily wooded Border Princedoms. Ruled by the noble house of Lothain, whose line traces back to Tiranoc, its power was already fading when Gilead and Galeth, twin sons to Cothor Lothain, were born into the world. The twins had a special gift: they could sense each others physical and emotional pain, even when separated for miles. In his twenties, Gilead was captured one day by a band of human plunderers. Leading the rescue party, Galeth slaughtered every human, but while rescuing his brother, he was killed by the last of the plunderers. At his death, the twins' fighting skills merged as one into Gilead, but so did death's taint. After ten miserable years of hunting for the mind behind the plunderers, even that victory did not ease his pain. And when he returned with his only companion left, Fithvael, the old swordmaster, they found Tor Anrok completely empty. Together, they set out, to find more of their kind in the world.

A melancholic shadow hangs over Gilead wherever he goes, accompanied by his companion the aging weapon-master Fithvael, the last remaining Elves of Tor Anrok. They search the Old World for traces of the last remnants of their people, driven ever onwards by anguish and pain. Gilead is a masterful swordsman who can enter the feared shadowfast, where his movements are so swift that they appear as little more than a blur, and he seems to be in several places at one time.

Gilead Shadowfast Fithvael

M WS BS S T 5 7 6 4 3 8 10 6 4 3 5 6 6 4 3

W I A 3 8 4 3 10 8 3 7 3

Ld 10 10 9

POINTS: 340 (200 for Gilead, 140 for Fithvael). TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord/Hero).

Gilead's second great defeat came with the voices he heard in his head over several months, a beautiful voice of an Elf maiden named Niobe, ever louder. She lured

EQUIPMENT (Gilead): Blade of Galeth, long bow, light armour, shield.


EQUIPMENT (Fithvael): thvael): Hand weapon, long bow,

Gather round, my children, and listen to my tale - a tale with a beginning, but with no end; a tale of courage and darkness, blood and despair. For this is the tale of elves, a people whose time has passed, whose glory shines in the past, and whose future lies far across the sea.

crossbow, light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES (Gilead): Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Shadowfast: Once per game at the start of any of the High Elf player's movement phase, Gilead may enter Shadowfast. For this turn and the opponent's next turn, Gilead's stat line will change to his Shadowfast stat line. In addition, while Shadowfast, Gilead also gains a 4+ Ward Save due to his inhuman speed.

In millennia llennia past, the civilisation of the elves was a wonder to behold, with cities white and gleaming, armies asparkle with silver and jewels. Yet they were a people of culture, who valued learning, and sung songs of beauty and longing. But all things must end, en and the spendour faded. Embattled by their enemies, the elves were forced to abandon these lands, and return west to their Ulthuan, their true home. One by one their cities fell, till all that remains are stones half covered with moss and earth.

Doom-saga: Gilead wanders the Old World, often questing to eradicate an evil from the world during his search for his fading Elven brethren. At the beginning of the he battle, after deployment, nominate one enemy character. Against this particular target, Gilead re-rolls all failed rolls To Hit and To Wound. Melancholic Distractions: Gilead is prone to retreating within himself, facing the traumas and doubts of his inner demons that plague his mind. At the start of each of his turns, Gilead must take a Leadership test, unless he is engaged in combat. If this test is failed, roll a dice. On a 1-33 Gilead cannot move that turn as he struggles with his inner demons. On a 46 his tortured mind gets the better ter of him and Gilead must move his full movement for that turn towards the closest table edge. If he leaves the table, he is treated as a casualty and will not return. If Gilead is engaged in combat, he will fight as normal.

The tale le that I tell is one of sorrow, retribution and loss which lead Gilead through many adventures, and to many places seldom heard of. Listen closely for there is much to be told...

SPECIAL RULES (Fithvael): Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Scout. Bow Master:: Fithvael can shoot up to three times in each shooting phase with either his bow or his crossbow. These three shots must be directed at the same target or unit.

MAGIC ITEMS: Blade of Galeth This thin blade belonged to Gilead's brother Galeth and is perfectly balanced, weighing almost nothing in Gilead's hand. Magic Weapon. All attacks from Gilead have the Armour Piercing special rule.


SALENDOR Lord of Tor Achare MAGIC: Salendor is a Level 2 Wizard. He may use

Proud and noble, Lord Salendor was a skilled swordsman who was well-versed in the magical arts. He had unnatural foresight and was a brilliant tactician, as well as having near supernatural reflexes. The only Elven general to have matched Brok Stonefist in terms of strategy and personal combat, the two had a mutual respect and fought each other with ferocity on numerous occasions throughout the War of the Beard.


spells from the Lore of High Magic.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Master Tactician: After deployment has finished, the High Elf player may choose to redeploy one of his units. The unit can be moved to any area within his deployment zone.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 8 6 4 3 3 9 5 10

Unmatched Reflexes: So swift are his reflexes that he can avoid many attacks, his body becoming a blur of movement. Salendor has a 4+Ward save.

POINTS: 355. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

Critical Strike: Salendor is adept at striking his attacks past his opponent’s defences. Salendor’s close combat attacks have the Armour Piercing special rule.

EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons.

LIANDRA ATHINOL SPECIAL RULES (Liandra): Speed of Asuryan,

Liandra was the first and last girl-child born into the doomed Athinol family of Caledor. Both her father and brother were slain in the war against the Dwarfs, leaving Liandra as the last one to carry the Athinol bloodline. Distraught and filled with anger, she donned her brother’s ornate Dragon armour and rode into battle in the guise of a Dragon Prince astride the mighty dragon Borgash, the steed of her father. Tragically, the Athinol line died with her, for she gave her life defending the Phoenix King, her dragon’s heart skewered by an immense bolt thrower bolt and her body hewn by countless axe-blades.

Liandra Borgash

Valour of Ages.

SPECIAL RULES (Borgash): Terror, Fly, Large Target, Scaly Skin (3+), Breath Weapon (Strength 4). MAGIC ITEMS: The Shield of Ithinar The Shield of Ithinar is an ancient family heirloom borne into battle by Liandra’s father and her brother after him. The dragon engraved on its surface seems to be in constant motion, coiling and spiralling, disorienting Liandra’s opponents.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 6 6 0 6 6 6 4 5 8

Magic Armour. Shield. The shield provides a 5+ armour save. Anyone attempting to strike Liandra in close combat suffers -1 To Hit.

POINTS: 525 (155 for Liandra, 370 for Borgash). TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

The Signet of Athinol As the last of the family of Athinol, Liandra bears the Signet of Athinol, a large and impressive gemstone. A wall of force projects outwards from the gem, reducing the power of attacks made against Liandra.

Borgash: Monster.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, lance, Dragon armour, Shield of Ithinar.

Talisman. Any hits made against Liandra suffer -2 to their Strength.

MAGIC: Borgash is a Level 1 Wizard. He may use spells from the Lore of Fire.


FENDAR Fendar is an experienced warrior of Tol Eldroth. He is well-known for his determination and bravery in battle. The Elf is Eldroth's ambassador at the court of Queen Helgar. He has given her his word of honour as an Elven Noble to defend her throne as an ally of his lord, Eldroth.

Fendar Elf Steed

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

POINTS: 145. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Blade of Dating Steel, heavy armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.

MAGIC ITEMS: Blade of Dating Steel Fendar carries a magic weapon which is an ancient heirloom of his kindred. Magic Weapon. This blade Hits automatically in close combat.

TETHAN Arch Mage of Tol Eldroth Tethan is a Master Mage of Tol Eldroth and is kin to Eldroth himself. The Elf is eager to take on the Runesmith and demonstrate that Elf magic is superior to Dwarf runes. Eldroth is determined that the avowed enemy of the Elves should meet his doom without delay, and has entrusted Tethan with this vital task.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 4 3 3 3 5 1 9

POINTS: 225. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Tethan is a Level 3 Wizard. He may use spells from the Lore of High Magic or any of the eight Lores of Magic.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.


ARDATH Ardath is a hardened veteran who has fought Dwarfs many times. He settled in Tol Eldroth with his kinsfolk after his own colony was besieged and conquered by Dwarfs. He deeply distrusts the Dwarfs and is determined that Tol Eldroth shall not suffer the same fate as his former home.

Ardath Elf Steed

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

POINTS: 150. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, heavy armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Hates Dwarfs.

MAGIC ITEMS: Radiant Gem of Hoeth.

ELDROTH General of the Army of Tor Eldroth end to this trade agreement and with it the colony c itself. Eldroth knows that he cannot allow Drong to conquer Queen Helgar's realm, and so takes every opportunity to bolster the Queen's hold on hey throne and inflict a setback on Drong.

Eldroth Elf Steed

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 7 7 4 3 3 8 3 10 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

POINTS: 200. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Sword of Tol Eldroth, heavy armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.

MAGIC ITEMS: Sword of Tol Eldroth Eldroth had this sword forged ged for him by the Elven smiths of Tol Eldroth. It is a heart-seeker heart sword, made from rare and arcane metals found foun only in the nearby mountains.

Eldroth is the founder and ruler of the Elven colony of Tol Eldroth that bears his name Most of its inhabitants belong to his kindred. He made a pact with Queen Helgar allowing him to trade with the Dwarfs in return for supporting the Queen's shaky hold on her domain. Eldroth's arch-enemy, enemy, Drong, is determined to put an

Magic Weapon. The wielder may re-roll re failed rolls To Hit in close combat.


CALAIDAN Lord of House Coraith Calaidan is the lord of House Coraith. He is still young, but is already a wise leader, mighty mage and capable warrior. He is determined to defeat the Dark Elf army led by his traitorous brother.

Calaidan Elf Steed

The Battle of Brothers

Because of the dogged resistance of the defenders of Eagle Pass the High Elf army was fully prepared by the time the black-clad black host of Karond Kar surged into the plains surrounding the High Elf mansion. The High Elvess had formed a long battle line with the Sword Masters and White Lions in the centre, supported by archers and cavalry on the extreme flanks. The Dark Elves had split into a concentrated force poised to shatter the core of any High Elf resistance.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 7 6 4 3 3 8 4 10 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

The massed sed High Elf archers sent volley after volley of arrows raining down on the Dark Elves, but the evil ones suffered only light casualties. Harpies swept down from above and tore into the bolt thrower batteries. The Sword Masters of Hoeth advanced to meet thee threat of the Witch Elves, but in the ensuing battle the Brides of Khaine proved to be the superior troops overwhelming the disciples of the White Tower and cutting them down to the last Elf. The High Elf cavalry tried a bold outflanking manoeuvre, but were w caught by the Dark Elf Cold Ones and driven off in short order. The Black Ark Corsairs reached the High Elf battleline and soon had slain almost all of the High Elf archers. The White Lions fought valiantly against the Black Guard, but their flanks were wer soon threatened by the Witch Elves.

POINTS: 360. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Deathsinger,, barding. MAGIC: Tethan is a Level 2 Wizard. He may use spells from the Lore of High Magic.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.

Calaidan could see his army crumbling all around him. His archers were dead, the repeater bolt throwers destroyed and his cavalry were fleeing. It would be a matter of moments before his centre would break and the Darkk Elves could claim indisputable victory. In his desperation, Calaidan strode straight towards the centre of enemy lines, and challenged his traitorous brother to single combat. Smiling cruelly Kaldor accepted. This was the moment he'd been waiting for. Thee two brothers struggled for an hour, but Kaldor was overconfident and despised his brother as a weakling. Feigning that he was growing tired, Calaidan let his defenses down, Kaldor attacked sword held high and died by the deadly riposte of his brother's sword.

Blademaster:: Calaidan is one of the most gifted pupils of the Sword Masters of Hoeth. He has a 4+ Ward save in close combat. Wrathful:: As soon as Calaidan saw his brother leading the Dark Elf army, he realised how the Dark Elves had managed to cause se so much grief. He has made an oath to purge his family name by slaying his brother or perish in the attempt. If Calaidan is in combat with his brother Kaldor he will gain +2 to the Strength of his Attacks. If possible, Calaidan must always issue a challenge enge against Kaldor.

Calaidan raised both swords above his head as a sign of victory. Seeing that their leader was dead, a cry rose from the Dark Elf ranks. "All is lost!". A wave of panic ran through the Dark Elf army and many regiments turned to flee. Calaidan cut a swathe s through the Dark Elves that dared to resist him, and with his terrible twin swords there was no defence against such fury, The Dark Elves retreated before the invincible warrior the best they could, and fled back to Eagle Pass. Having lost their will to fight they regrouped and headed back to the shore. Hounded by the Shadow Warriors, only a very small group of Dark Elves managed to return to the Harbinger of Pain and set sail back to Naggaroth. The survivors knew that this was only a temporary respite, e, for now they would have to face the wrath of Malekith, the Witch King. They trembled with fear, for the ruler of the Land of Chill was not known for the virtues of compassion and mercy.

Lord of House Coraith:: Calaidan is the lord of House Coraith and he leads its forces to battle. Calaidan must be the army’s General. Destiny:: As said in the prophesy of the oracles of Isha, Calaidan can only perish in battle if he is slain by his brother. Calaidan may never lose his last wound or be slain by spells or magic items. The only exception is if he is in combat with Kaldor in which case he may be slain as normal. He may be broken in battle and caught in pursuit by an enemy apart part from Kaldor as normal.

Meanwhile Calaidan built a great funeral pyre for his brother, and his weary and wounded men gathered around him. It was a sad sight: more than three quarters of the brave warriors of House Coraith had perished, and their bodies now littered the battlefield all around them. For many years to come House Coraith was too weak we to consolidate its hold on the Shadowlands. But for now, victory was theirs. It would be a long time before the sails of the Dark Elf Black Arks would be sighted again on the coast of the Shadowlands.

MAGIC ITEMS: Deathsinger Deathsinger is the twin blade of Doomsinger, Kaldor's sword. Magic Weapon. At the beginning of each close combat phase, roll a D3. Kaldor may add the result of this to his Strength, Weapon Skill or Attacks tacks value.

Years later the Elven minstrels of Lothern wrote the th Lay of Calaidan, also known as the War of Brothers, where the deeds of these dark days were recorded. In the song it is said that Isha wept new tears for the slaughter of her children and marring of her land, and these tears were made into new jewels that tha would be the beginning of many new legends.


IMRALLION General of the guardians at Eagle Pass POINTS: 130. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Armour of Meteoritic Ore, long bow.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages. Iron Will:: Such is the will of Imrallion that any unit directly led by him may re-roll roll their th Break tests.

MAGIC ITEMS: Armour of Meteoric Ore Imrallion wears a suit of armour that has been fashioned out of meteoric ore. Magic Armour. This armour gives Imrallion a 1+ armour save, that cannot be improved my any means.

Defence at Eagle Pass

The he legend of the defence of Eagle Pass has survived, because one of the defenders, Tiacan of Cothique, lived through that terrible battle. He was knocked unconscious and buried under a mound of bodies. The Dark Elves, in their haste, failed to behead all off the corpses (as is their way after battle) but marched immediately against Calaidan. Thus the heroic deeds of Imrallion and his men live on in the memories of their kinsmen. Under the steady eyes of Imrallion, the High Elves formed a classic battle line with alternating units of Archers and Spearmen. When the Dark Elves surged into the narrow pass, the High Elves showered them with steel-edged steel death, and concentrating their fire on the lightly armoured Witch Elves, they managed to cause significant casualties. casual But the Dark Elf host was too numerous to be stopped by archery alone. The Dark Elves pressed onwards, without pausing to fire any of their own barbed bolts in response.

Imrallon is an old and grizzled veteran of the long years of warfare between the High Elves and the Dark Elves. He and his shield brothers have served in the t Lothern Sea Guard under old lord Melenar, and many of his men at the pass are veterans from the Sea Guard's elite troops.

Imrallion stood at the first rank of his fellow warriors who had served under him m in the Lothern Sea Guard. Their ranks of spears deterred the first Dark Elf attack but then his regiment was engaged by the Witch Elves. A desperate and merciless battle raged as Malida personally challenged Imrallion to single combat. Around them the maniac ma Witch Elves fought against the disciplined ranks of the Sea Guard. Even though many Witch Elves died, the pressure of numbers soon turned the battle against the valiant High Elves.

All his life he has served House Coraith, and is a staunch supporter of Lord Calaidan, who he sees as the best chance Ulthuan has got for reclaiming the Shadowlands.

On Imrallion's left and right, the Dark Elves pressed their attack home. e. Many High Elves died, but not before dozens of Dark Elves had joined them. Inevitably, the Dark Elves began to gain the upper hand. Finally only Imrallion stood against the might of the dark spawn. With a cry of desperation, he struck Malida and the evill Hag Queen, intoxicated by the battle, gave no thought for defence, and suddenly found herself on her knees, blood pouring from a mortal wound. Imrallion turned to face thc rest of the Witch Elves, and four more died before he was finally struck from behind,. nd,. Thus the battle ended, for no other High Elves opposed the Naggarothi anymore.

Imrallion has never left a battle or abandoned his post without orders. He is trusted and respected by his men who draw courage from his formidable presence.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9


ALATAR Prince of Shadows EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Jade Bow, light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages, Scout, Hates Dark Elves. Blade Dancer:: Alatar has a unique style of fighting. He is so agile and quick that he may dodge hand-toh hand combat blows. Alatar has a 4+ Ward save in close combat.

MAGIC ITEMS: Jade Bow This bow is a potent magical weapon. Magic Weapon. Long bow. It has a Strength of 4. If Alatar kills his target, he is allowed to shoot again immediately. Continue until he fails to kill his target or there are no targets within range. The Battle of Shadows The Shadow Warriors rushed east towards safety, while the rest of the High Elf troops held their ground, fully prepared to sacrifice their lives in order to gain ain their comrades more time. The Prince of Shadows led the delaying troops personally. His bow ended many Dark Elf lives, and for a while it seemed that the Dark Elves would suffer too many casualties to give proper pursuit. But then the Witch Elf regiment nt coming from the north crushed the archers standing in their way, spreading panic and death. Soon all was chaos as the Dark Elves surged through the Shadow Warriors' camp. A small group of Shadow Warriors managed to escape the battle, and headed east, spreading s the word of the approaching Dark Elves, gathering their kinsman for the coming struggle. Meanwhile everywhere they could the Dark Elves were slaughtering the High Elves in a series of bitter handhand to-hand hand combats. The Assassins cut swathes through the High Elf ranks, and the cackling Witch Elves bathed in the blood of the fallen. Alatar, shaking his fist, left the hopeless battle. Swearing his revenge, he disappeared into the shadows of the night.

Alatar is one of the leaders of the sinister Shadow Warriors. Some say that he is a blood relative to Alith Anar, the Shadow King himself. Hee is incredibly fleetfleet footed and stealthy. He already has a legendary reputation amongst the Shadow Warriors, despite being young in years by Elven reckoning.


So the battle ended in a Dark Elf victory, but the escaping Shadow Warriors reformed later that day and began mounting lightning raids on Dark Elf supply lines and marching columns. All was not lost yet. The plans of Kaldor had been spoiled, even though victory was his.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 8 3 9

POINTS: 160. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Special Character, Hero).


KELENDAR General of the defenders defender of the Beacon MAGIC ITEMS: Spear of the Shores This weapon is the heirloom of Kelendar's family. Magic Weapon. This spear grants Kelendar +2 Attacks A and +1 Strength. Commander of the Shores:: Kelendar is experienced and honoured warrior. His leadership is of no question. If Kelendar iss in your army, he must be the army’s General as long as he has the highest Leadership.

The Blooded Shores The High Elves had thrown a defensive ring around the tower in order to protect it from attack. This, however had been stretched thin around the Beacon, Be and to take advantage of this Mortharor concentrated all his troops on the centre of the High Elf line. If he could break through, he would stand a good chance of destroying the Beacon itself. The battle begun with an early success for the High Elves. Their missile-armed armed troops and cavalry managed to wipe out one of the Crossbow regiments, and Kelendar himself led his Silver Helms in a wide out-flanking movement. The Dark Elves concentrated their attacks against the High Elf centre held by the Spearmen, Spearm and tied up any other units with their auxiliary troops. Everywhere the cold hatred the Dark Elves felt for their uncorrupted kin gave them an edge in battle, and regiment after regiment of High Elf troops were broken.

Kelendar is a wily old warrior who commands the shore forts of the Shadowlands. As soon as he saw the Dark Elf landing force, he realised that they planned to destroy the Beacon and lure as many High Elf defenders to their doom as theyy could. Kelendar is now determined to crush the Dark Elves' initial force and signal to the High Elf warships with the Beacon. Then he plans to march to the aid of Calaidan as soon as he and his troops are able.

Kelendar Elf Steed

Only the large regiment of Spearmen Spear stood between the Dark Elves and the Beacon. Under the awful pressure, the High Elf shield wall gave in. The Corsairs pursued the Spearmen and trampled them to the ground. The War Hydra followed close behind. Now the route to the Beacon was left unguarded. unguar All the High Elf regiments on the flanks were engaged and powerless to intervene. Smiling gleefully Mortharor charged the Beacon. The Corsairs struck the Beacon with astounding fury, and within moments they were joined by the massive War Hydra. The creature's eature's foul flames split the foundations of the Beacon apart, and its massive talons cracked the stonework as if it was made of glass. Under the crushing bulk of the War Hydra, the structure of the High Elf Beacon shattered and huge blocks of stone were sent crashing to the ground, crushing to death many of its valiant defenders. Now there would be no aid for Calaidan from other Elven kingdoms. House Coraith stood alone against Kaldor's army.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

POINTS: 165. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Spear of the Shores, Shores Dragon armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Speed of Asuryan, Valour of Ages.




NAKAI THE WANDERER Sacred Kroxigor of the First Spawning Jungle Spirit: Nakai is regarded as jungle spirit of sorts. His sacred presence cannot be sullied by earthbound creatures. As such, Nakai may never join a unit and always moves and fights as an independent character. Nakai appears out of nowhere, and disappears just as quickly, erupting from the jungle or marshes to attack the invaders of Lustria. Nakai appears using the Ambusher special rule, with the following exception. He will always appear from a wood, swamp or water terrain feature rather than the table edge if able to.

The ancient Kroxigor known as Nakai the Wanderer is a sacred and revered creature. It is regarded by Skink priests as some kind of powerful jungle-spirit given form, appearing out of the jungle in times of need before disappearing once more. The gnarled Kroxigor has appeared all across the Lustrian continent throughout the centuries, usually just hours before a battle takes place. Sometimes, the appearance of Nakai is all that has alerted isolated temples of a forthcoming raid. It is believed that Nakai was originally spawned in Tlanxla during the time of the first spawnings. Has body is protected by much heavier natural armour than the Kroxigor of later spawnings, and he is covered in scars and battle wounds that he has sustained over the years. He has survived the most heinous of injuries that would be fatal for any other creature. When he appears, the Skink priests treat him with great deference, adorning him with ceremonial wargear and renewing the gold plates and sacred decorations that are hammered into his toughened skin and horns before he enters battle.


MAGIC ITEMS: The Sacred Blade of Quetzl This magical blade hums with great mystic power and has felt Nakai’s hand for all its existence. As such, it has attained almost an awareness, and often draws Nakai’s hands to its targets, or blocks blows the ancient beast is unaware of. This strange weapon spirit is often claimed to be a manifestation of Quetzl, and that Nakai is his tool. Magic Weapon. This weapon grants Nakai +2 Strength and provides him with a 5+ Ward Save.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 5 0 5 4 4 3 5 8

POINTS: 400. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: The Sacred Blade of Quetzl. SPECIAL RULES: Cold-blooded, Fear, Aquatic, Regeneration (4+). Blessed Spawning of Quetzl: Nakai has even tougher hide than his fellow Kroxigor and benefits from a 3+ Scaly Skin save. Blessed Mark of the Old Ones: Nakai is an albino, touched by the Old Ones. He benefits from three stored re-rolls, which can be used on any single D6 roll he makes during the game. Nakai’s albinism marks his greatness and makes him easily recognisable to his allies and enemies alike. Nakai has the “Hold Your Ground!” special rule. Should Nakai be killed in close combat, the jungle leaps forward to recover his body in order to return him to the ministrations of the Skink Priesthood. Any unit that kills Nakai in close combat may not overrun as the path is swiftly blocked by vines and creepers. If Nakai flees from combat, then the victorious unit may not pursue.


LOTL-BOTL EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, light armour, shield.

Old, savage veterans among the Saurus warriors tend to become the leaders of the Saurus legions of the temple cities. One of the most notable of these heroes is LotlBotl, whose name roughly translates as 'Very Hard'. Lotl-Botl and his Saurus legion guard the ancient and most revered Mage-Priests of Xlanhuapec and the sacred temples of this city. Lod-Boll is no great intellect and his tactical skills are negligible but such things are not really required from a Saurus commander. Lotl-Botl has the great Saurus virtues of determination, savage ferocity, stubbornness, unquestioning loyalty and malicious spite for all the enemies of the Lizardrnen, both known and unknown. He is truly great among Saurus.


SPECIAL RULES: Cold-blooded, Scaly Skin (3+). Blood-Curdling Roar: Lotl-Botl's blood-curdling roar is exceptionally savage and frightening even for a Saurus. Lotl-Botl causes Fear whenever he charges. Cold-Blooded Determination: Lotl-Botl does not like giving ground in hand-to-hand combat. If the enemy are coming at him from all sides and trying to overwhelm him, it just makes him more angry. He wades into the pressing throng cutting a swath right into the heart of the enemy unit, yelling to his warriors to follow him. Any unit of Saurus accompanied by Lotl-Botl will be inspired by his presence, becoming harder to beat in hand-to-hand combat. They gain a +1 bonus to their combat resolution as long as he is in the unit.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 0 5 5 2 3 4 8

POINTS: 125. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).


INXI-HUINZI EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, spear, light armour,

Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi was one of the most cunning and persistent of the Skink leaders who made assaults lts on the upstart colony founded by the Norse. No-one one would have bothered the Norse of Skeggi had it not been for their greed for gold. The colony became a haven for plunderers, eager to get their hands on the sacred relics of the Slann. Inxi-Huinzi was appointed ppointed to lead the cohorts of Skinks issuing forth from Hexoati to do battle with the invaders and drive them back to the sea.


SPECIAL RULES: Cold--blooded, Scaly Skin (6+), Poisoned Attacks, Fear. Hail of Darts: Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi carries dozens of poisoned darts arts behind his shield and spare ones in his quiver. These darts are barbed and tipped with an extremely potent venom secreted by the toxic fish-lizards fish of the Lustrian swamps. Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi has perfected a technique for hurling several darts as he charges or o as the enemy charge him and before levelling his spear to fight hand-to-hand. The number of darts Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi can throw depends on the distance that has to be covered by the charge. He can throw one dart for every full 4" of charge distance. So if he charges an enemy who are 8" away, he has time to hurl two darts, and if an enemy charge him over a distance of 12" he can hurl three darts at them. The darts have a range of 16" and the Quick to Fire special rule. Because of the poison each hit always wounds on a score of 4+. Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi reserves his darts for charging or being charged, and does not throw them in the shooting phase.

Despite brave and relentless efforts, the Norse are still there, but their expansion has been halted and their raids curtailed. This is due to Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi and his Cold One riders, who prowled the rain forest and dominated the tracts of pampas and sisel grass. Often Inxi-Huinzi Inxi led attacks along the broad beaches, catching the enemy unaware. As the Cold One riders savagely charged the enemy and forced them into a shield wall, other Skinks on foot were able to make their way through the mangroves to hole the longships. This prevented the raiders from sailing up and down the coast pillaging the sealed vaults of the scattered ruined temples. Huinzi rides a rare breed of Cold One with a huge Inxi-Huinzi crest and horns, known as a Horned One. The Horned One is a rare, virtually extinct breed of Cold One which exists only in Lustria. It ventures out of the caverns into the jungle, which is probably pr why it is almost extinct. The Horned Ones are very aggressive and territorial, and will tackle virtually any other monster, regardless of its size. The Horned Ones are naturally adapted for fighting duels and have large horns and spiny crests growingg out of their heads.

Horned One: Unlike other Cold Ones, Horned Ones are not subject to Stupidity. The bellowing of the Homed One infects other Cold Ones with the same aggression, so that any unit of Cold Ones accompanied by Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi on his Horned One will be immune to Stupidity while he is with them.

Inxi-Huinzi Huinzi is one of the few Skinks ever to capture and succeed in riding a Horned One which he rode at the head of the Cold One riders of Hexoatl against the Norse at the battle of the Piranha Swamps. Here, the only way forward was via a causeway and all Skinks who attempted to cross the swamps on either side were eaten by millions of ravenous Piranha fish. InxiInxi Huinzi's Horned One, named Xltzhpctli (which roughly translates as 'Bite-gore-lash-with-the-tail tail-beast') charged along the causeway and gored the huge Norse hero who was holding the causeway, allowing the Lizardman army to catch up with the raiders and recapture the precious idols of Ziaxhutec.

Inxi-Huinzi Horned One

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 5 4 3 2 6 3 7 8 4 0 4 4 1 3 1 3

POINTS: 120. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).


TEN-ZLATI Oracle of Lord Kroak Besides his good physical condition, Ten-zlati is able to serve the Lord Kroak particularly well because, unusually for a Skink Priest, he is a highly skilled rider of the winged Terradons. Thus, Ten-zlati travels far and wide upon the back of his terradon, Zwup, and Lord Kroak's spirit is always able to act through him, no matter how far he is from Itza — something of great advantage to the Lizardman Empire.

Ten-zlati Zwup

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 2 3 3 2 2 4 1 6 2 3 0 4 3 2 3 1 3

POINTS: 140. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

MAGIC: Ten-zlati is a Level 2 Wizard. He knows spells from the Lore of the Heavens. EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. SPECIAL RULES: Cold-blooded, Fly. MAGIC ITEMS: Venom of the Firefly Frog This intense poison is distilled from the glands of the rare and deadly firefly frog. When applied to weapons, it can cause even the tiniest scratch to become inflamed, and ultimately fatal.

Of the Skink Priests who have spirit melded with the Venerable Lord Kroak, many have found themselves spiritually enriched, but physically stricken by the experience. Ten-zlati, however, is different, for he has acted as a conduit for the Relic-Priest's powers on many occasions, yet has suffered no ill-effects.

Enchanted Item. This venom gives Ten-zlati and Zwup Poisoned Attacks.



GHARK IRONSKIN Tyrant of the Ironskin Tribe Ghark Ironskin, the Tyrant of the Ironskin tribe, is very unusual. He was smashed over the head by his father for eating too slowly whilst still a whelp, and one of the nails of his father's iron-bound club broke off in Ghark's head where it rusts to this day. The longest serving of his Irongut bodyguard claim that this may be the reason for Ghark's obsession for metal, a passion that has spread throughout his tribe. It is a mark of status for an Ironskin Ogre to cover himself with iron rather than mere trinkets such as gold. After all, gold is soft and beautiful, a woman's metal, whereas iron is tough, strong and ugly, like a Bull. The Ironskin tribe believes that where an Ogre can gain much in trade from gold, a stout iron club can cut out all that confusing haggling and get straight to the good stuff. Ghark is famous in the Ogre kingdoms for another good reason - his tribe boasts a great number of Rhinox riders. The very first Ogre to batter a bull Rhinox into submission, Ghark tamed his one-time steed, Bladehorn, with an iron stanchion. To this day, Ironskin Bulls take pride in repeating the coming-ofage feat of their Tyrant, though it is a closely guarded secret of the Ironskin clan that it is much easier to tame a wild Rhinox with iron than with wood.

POINTS: 450. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special

Ghark's obsession with metal is undoubtedly the foundation of his longstanding alliance with his neighbours, the Chaos Dwarfs of Zharr Naggarond. Ghark has provided the Chaos Dwarfs with many hundreds of Gnoblar slaves over the years, and much of the gold that passes through his realm. This alliance proved invaluable when, after slaughtering his way through the majority of an army of Bretonnian Knights Errant, Ghark's Rhinox, Bladehorn, was spitted upon the lances of a unit of Grail Knights. Ghark never forgave them, even after he had them for dinner later that day, and fragments of their armour still adorn Ghark's own plate mail. But it was the Chaos Dwarfs who are really responsible for Ghark's current infamy. They replaced their ally's Rhinox with a mechanical monstrosity of hissing pistons and rune-etched chains, a daemon-fuelled engine of destruction that obeys Ghark's every command (though he still bashes it over the head now and again, for old time's sake). None can doubt that Ghark Ironskin is amongst the mightiest of Tyrants, riding his unstoppable steed at the head of an iron-clad army of Bulls and Rhinox riders, the ground shaking at their tread.

Ghark Ironskin Iron Rhinox

Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, ironfist, Ironskin Armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Terror, Large Target, Bad Tempered, Impact Hits (D3). Bad Tempered: If there is an enemy model that is an eligible target to charge during the Declare Charges part of the Movement Phase, Ghark must immediately pass a Leadership test or declare a charge – if there is a choice of models to charge, then the controlling player may choose freely between them. Steam Attack: The Iron Rhinox constantly snorts evil-smelling, sulphurous steam from its armoured snout. The Iron Rhinox has a S3 breath weapon that imposes a -2 armour Save.

MAGIC ITEMS: Ironskin Armour The Ironskin Armour is a collection of thick plates of iron scavenged from the hundreds of foes that Ghark has killed over the years, and bears a potent protective rune bought at the cost of a small mountain of gold.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 3 5 5 5 3 5 9 7 4 0 6 5 5 2 5 9

Magic Armour. The Ironskin Armour gives Ghark a 3+ Armour Save.


BRAUGH SLAVELORD EQUIPMENT: Soul-binder Chains, the Great Bullplate.

SPECIAL RULES: Stubborn, Fear, Ogre Charge. Slavelord: Braugh is surrounded by those he has enslaved, many still attached to him by the chains he took form the necromancer’s dungeon. Braugh begins the game with 12 slaves, these must form up with Braugh placed in the centre of the unit. This acts as a normal unit but with the exceptions listed below. Extra slaves can be purchased at +2 points per model. These can be represented by virtually any humanoid model that can be mounted on a 20mm base. Braugh benefits from “Look Out, Sir!” as log as there are at least 5 slaves in the unit. He may not voluntarily leave the unit under any circumstances.

MAGIC ITEMS: Soul-binder Chains These chains twist and writhe with terrible necromantic magic, flailing out and seeking out those who seek to harm Braugh whilst he throttles them to death. Magic Weapon. Paired weapon. At the beginning of each close combat phase, Braugh may nominate one enemy model in base contact. That model loses D3 Attacks for that phase.

Known to the Chaos Dwarfs as Ghrask Dragh, literally ‘corpse-slaver’, Braugh Slavelord is a legend even amongst his own merciless peers. Ogre slavers are a common enough sight in far corners of the world, but only one among them can claim to enslave his prey in death as well as life.

Braugh Slavelord Slave

The Great Bullplate Braugh Slavelord’s gut-plate is chained directly into his flesh. Bearing the skull of a sacred cavebeast and enchanted by the Slaughtermaster of Braugh’s former tribe, this artefact bestows speed and ferocity to those around it.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 3 6 5 5 3 5 9 3 2 2 3 3 1 2 1 6

Magic Armour. The Bullplate gives Braugh a 5+ armour save, gives Braugh and his minions the Swiftstride special rule when charging. Braugh may Ogre Charge as normal.

POINTS: 345. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Infantry (Special Character, Lord).



BORGUT FACEBEATER EQUIPMENT: Choppa, 'Ardlad's Axe o' Doom, Drog's Dead 'Ard Armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Armed to da Teef, Immune to Psychology, Quell Animosity.

MAGIC ITEMS: 'Ardlad's Axe o' Doom Taken from the body of Grimgor's former lieutenant, this powerful weapon of brazen iron hisses with Orc magicks. Magic Weapon. This massive axe adds +1 to Borgut's Strength. In addition, Borgut may re-roll failed armour saves. He may use this with his choppa for +1A. Drog's Dead 'Ard Armour Magic Armour. Gives the wearer a 1+ Armour save that cannot be improved. It's not often that Grimgor Ironhide is impressed by another warrior's prowess. It is even more unusual when he doesn't just perish such an individual on the spot 'to keep his 'and in'. Borgut Facebeater is one of those rare exceptions. He first came to Grimgor's attention when the mighty warlord was based at Karak Ungor waging continual war on the Skaven of Clan Moulder. Grimgor had tired of Skaven slaying and was casting his blood-greedy eyes elsewhere but each day word reached him of an Orc boss who was emulating his own feats in the Hell Pit. Curious he made one more descent just to see.

The Facebeater: If Borgut fights in a challenge, then at the beginning of the first Close Combat phase of the challenge, he can smash his thick Orc skull into the face of his opponent or any monstrous mount they may be riding (note this does not include steeds). This is in addition to his normal attacks, and is resolved before any other attacks in the challenge. If the attack hits, it is worked out at Strength 7 and if the recipient of Borgut's 'eadbutt suffers a wound then he/she/it counts as WS1 for the rest of the Close Combat phase and will attack last, regardless of charging, magic items or any other bonuses. If this mighty 'eadbutt kills his opponent, Borgut should still make his remaining attacks to calculate overkill for the purposes of combat resolution.

He found Borgut slamming his hammer-like forehead into the snouts of the largest rat ogres while harvesting ranks of Skaven with his choppa. The main thing that pleased Grimgor was the way he was thoroughly enjoying it. When Grimgor left Karak Ungor to go beyond the Worlds Edge mountains, Borgut was at his side - the green slaughterer had found a kindred spirit.

Keep Your Enemies Closer: Though Borgut is Grimgor's most trusted lieutenant, that's not saying much for a Black Orc. Grimgor likes to know exactly where the next strongest Orc in his army is and if your army includes Grimgor, then you may never deploy Borgut further than 12" from him when setting up your army.

For himself, Borgut is a simple creature, brutally direct, utterly uncompromising and subject to wild intoxication in the heat of battle. He had grown in the horde of Grimgor and to him the slaughterer was the living manifestation of Gork, the epitome of all he, himself could hope to be. His loyalty is absolute, to be the right hand of Grimgor is to be the right hand of Gork.

Borgut Facebeater

Do as I say and wot I do: Borgut has fought alongside Grimgor through all his long wars and battles, one of the few survivors of the battle against the forces of Crom the Conqueror. As a result, he and his lads have picked up a few tricks of their own along the way. If Borgut is deployed as part of a unit of Orcs at the start of the battle, that unit counts as having been upgraded to a unit of Big 'Uns. Note that this does not cost any points, but Borgut must remain with the unit for the entirety of the battle.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 5 5 2 3 3 9

POINTS: 215. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).



Gorfang Rotgut is the chieftain of the Orcs of Black Crag, the ancient Dwarf hold taken over by Orcs many years ago. Over the centuries many tribes have fought over and occupied Black Crag, and the most powerful tribe has always taken the crag as its homeland. Gorfang's tribe, the Red Fangs, is currently the most powerful Orc tribe in the whole of the area around the western end of Death Pass. Gorfang has subjugated most of the local Orc tribes but his neighbours are the Night Goblins of Karak Eight Peaks whose leader is the old and infamously cunning Skarsnik. The two leaders enjoy an uneasy alliance, with Skarsnik controlling the mountains around Karak Eight Peaks and the eastern end of Death Pass, while Gorfang controls the western end of Death Pass and the adjoining area.

The Red Fang The large sword that is always clutched tightly in Gorfang's fist is the blade known as the Red Fang. Some say this was named for his tribe and others that the tribe was named after it. Either way, it is the right of the chieftain of the tribe to carry it and is taken from a defeated chieftain only by a successful challenger. Magic Weapon. The Red Fang gives the wielder +1 Attack. In addition, the bearer gains +1 to hit for all his attacks. Evil Sun Armour This includes a shield and is bedecked with grimacing faces.

Gorfang is an immensely strong Orc. He lost an eye at the Battle of the Jaws, and wears an iron patch to cover the wound. Many of his battles have been fought against Dwarfs, including the siege of Barak Varr and the attack on Karak Azul. As a result of his long struggles Gorfang has acquired an unreasoning hatred of the Dwarf race. When Gorfang attacked Karak Azul he broke into Lord Kazador's throne room and captured many of the Dwarf Lord's kinsfolk. Some were taken back to the dungeons of Black Crag where they remain to this day, to the anger of Kazador. The Dwarf Lord's son, Kazrik, was not taken captive but was shaved, and his head tattooed with a crude Orc glyph representing Gorfang. Then he was firmly nailed to Kazador's own throne. Although Kazrik survived, the experience has unhinged him somewhat. Lord Kazador has sworn vengeance and awaits the day when he can crush the Orc chieftain.

Gorfang Rotgut

Magic Armour. Heavy armour. Shield. In addition, it gives Gorfang Magic Resistance (2).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 5 5 3 3 4 9

POINTS: 175. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: The Red Fang, Evil Sun Armour. SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters, Hates Dwarfs.


MORGLUM NECKSNAPPER SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Quell Animosity, Immune to Psychology, Fear.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Humie Hewers With his twin axes, Morglum leaves a bloody trail of severed heads as he plows through the enemy ranks in the time-honoured honoured tradition of the Necksnappers. While riding, Morglum is able to swing both axes with no trouble, having beaten his boar into submission in a day-long head-butting butting contest. Magic Weapon. Paired weapon. Whenever W Morglum's To Hit roll on a D6 is higher than his target's Weapon Skill, the attack will not only hit regardless of the score normally needed to hit, but will inflict two hits on the target unit instead of one. If Morglum chose to allocate one or more attacks against specific enemy models, such as Champions or Characters, extra hits gained in this way only affect the designated target. Bulak's Bloody Armour This old and well-worn worn suit of armour is encrusted with blood that will never wash off. Most of the blood seems to actually be Bulak's rather than that of his enemies, which is why Morglum is now the one wearing it. Still, rumour has it his final fight wasn't at all fair and that somehow the spirit of the long-dead long Bulak is trapped inside, eager for revenge.

Black Orcs come from the east, from the Dark Lands and the Mountains of Mourn where the land lies under a cloud of black volcanic dust. Some Black Orc tribes have undertaken the arduous journey across the Dark Land into the west, where they have conquered Orc and Goblin tribes. The most feared of these tribes is the Necksnappers under their ambitious chieftain Morglum.

Magic Armour. Heavy eavy armour. This armour gives Morglum a 4+ ward save. However, if he rolls a 1 when rolling his Ward ard save he suffers 2 wounds instead of 1 as the bitter spirit of Bulak takes his revenge!

Most Orcs are loud and quarrelsome, but Black Orcs are quiet and stern, strong and silent. This is especially true ue of Morglum who appears to be almost entirely fearless. Morglum is renowned for his short, to the point battle cries and terse tactical observations. At the Battle of Death Pass he led his Black Orcs, Orcs and Goblins to a convincing victory against an errant e Bretonnian army. As the Bretonnian duke and his knights galloped frantically out of Death Pass towards the setting sun, pursued by hordes of Goblins, Morglum Necksnapper made his famous pronouncement "Let 'em tell da King. Da east belongs to da Orcs. Da east belongs to Morglum. Da east is green."

Morglum War Boar

Natural Leader: Morglum is in charge or there will be trouble. He doesn't take kindly to anyone trying to occupy his natural position on as general, so any other character in the army with the same or higher Leadership will be counted as having Leadership 8 for the battle instead. This means that Morglum will always be your general. Morglum’s War Boar: After beating his favourite boar in a day-long head-butting butting contest, Morglum gained its respect so that it now behaves itself in combat. Because of this he can use an axe in each hand to gain +1 Attack even though mounted models would not normally rmally be able to do so.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 7 3 5 5 3 4 4 9 7 3 0 3 4 1 3 1 3

POINTS: 200. The only good stunty is a dead stunty, and the only thing better n' a dead stunty is a dyin' stunty who tells yer where to find 'is mates.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: The Humie Hewers, Bulak's Bloody

Morglum Necksnapper



OGLOK THE 'ORRIBLE Oglok's Orc tribe lives in the Bad Lands and was defeated by Morglum Necksnapper's Black Orcs. Oglok was so overawed by the Black Ore leader that he decided to throw in his lot with Morglum. Since then he has fought in many battles alongside the Black Orcs, leading his Orc Boar Boyz against the Bretonnians at the Battle of Death Pass and against the Dwarfs of Karak Azul. Oglok is a gnarled old Orc whose craggy head bears the scars of many years fighting. His powers of leadership are second only to Morglum himself.

Oglok War Boar

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 3 4 5 2 4 4 9 7 3 0 3 4 1 3 1 3

POINTS: 105. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Choppa, light armour, shield. SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters.


BADRUK 'EADSPLITTA Quite how the magic worked, nobody knew – perhaps the death of the caster was part of the spell. Whatever the cause, Badruk found himself hundreds of leagues from home. However, being a Black Orc, and a vicious one at that, he’d soon found a tribe of greenskins to boss about. Then he discovered the Dwarfs and the fun really began. It has been years now that Badruk ’Eadsplitta has lived in the Grey Mountains, plaguing the lives of the Dwarf prospectors and traders from Karak-Norn. His small band of greenskins and his tattered banner bedecked with trophies is a familiar, if unwelcome, sight to the local Dwarfs who have come to treat him as simply another natural problem, like the rockslides or the weather. Badruk has even taken to letting captives go so that he can fight them again later. Killing them when they’re bound just isn’t any fun, and if there’s one thing he likes more than kicking Gobbos it’s having a bit of fun with the Dwarfs.

More than anything else, more even than kicking Gobbos, ’Eadsplitta likes fighting Dwarfs. They’re good in a scrap so he gets a worthwhile fight, they don’t break easily (not like Elves) so he gets a chance to flex his muscles, and they don’t run away in the middle of the fun. At least they never get far when they try. They are what is known to Orcs as ‘Skumgrod’ – ‘favourite enemies’ – and ’Eadsplitta has made his home in the mountains where he can be near them. The Grey Dwarfs of Karak-Norn know him well – if not from personal experience then by reputation. Actually, he has caused so many deaths down the years that there are few families who have not lost a relative or friend to Badruk or his boyz. It was way back in ’56 that Badruk appeared. Some said he trailed a wounded Dwarf prospector into the mountains. Some think he simply got lost after a raid. The truth is even stranger. He’d been in battle in the western foothills of the Worlds Edge Mountains, in the thick of the fray with the rest of his ladz, hacking and smashing the Empire fools that were trying to stop the green horde from spilling down the mountainside and ravaging the plains below. The militia were not winning. In fact, they were being massacred…


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 3 5 5 2 3 3 8

POINTS: 150. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Choppa, great weapon, heavy

Standing knee deep in blood and gore, Badruk roared with the sheer joy of the slaughter. There were few of the humies left now, fewer still that were in any state to put up a fight. In fact, the only one left anywhere near him was a wizened greybeard, all twisted and hunched, trying to sneak away from the disaster. A vicious smile broke over Badruk’s face as he saw him stumble and fall. With practiced ease the Black Orc followed, moving over the blood-slick rocks towards the fallen pinkskin. One last taste of blood for his axe today.


SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Quell Animosity, Armed to Da Teef, Immune to Psychology. Killing Blow: Badruk’s skill with a Great Axe has been honed by hundreds of combats in which he has perfected the simple (but effective) executioner’s strike shown on the model. With the awesome strength of a Black Orc behind a crushing blow like this it’s hardly surprising that some foes can do nothing except die rather untidily when confronted by Badruk. Badruk causes a Killing Blow on the To Wound roll of a 5+ rather than a 6.

The humie was scrabbling about in an old leather bag, obviously looking for something. Then he found it, and turned his terrified face to Badruk. But the huge Black Orc was already upon him, and as Badruk raised his blood spattered axe for the final blow the humie’s trembling voice croaked out his last words. “Sigmar forgive me,” he muttered, and threw a handful of sparkling blue powder at the huge Black Orc.

MAGIC ITEMS: Dwarf Trinket Of the many trophies Badruk has taken from the Dwarfs over the years, this bauble is his favourite. He hasn’t any idea how it works, but there’s something appealing about the way it glints and sparkles, and he thinks it’s lucky. Certainly he’s survived a lot of really dangerous fights whilst wearing it.

For a moment Badruk was blinded by the dazzling glitter of the powder, but silly magic tricks wouldn’t save the humie. Down came Badruk’s axe with the power of a thunderbolt, down it came to sink deep into the snow. Snow? Badruk blinked the sparkles from his eyes and gazed about him. No wizened old humie, no bodies, no ladz. In fact, completely different mountains, no battle and more snow than he’d seen since he fought with Grablag against the hairies in the north.

Talisman. One us only. Once per battle, Badruk can cause one enemy model fighting him in close combat to miss with all his normal attacks. He may wait until after the enemy has rolled to hit to decide to use it, but must choose before he rolls To Wound.


GIT GUZZLER Shrewd and cunning, the Goblin King Git Guzzler has plotted long and hard to overthrow the fabled brewery of Josef Busman. In a fungus-induced trance did Git first discover the existence of the hidden brewery. From that day he began sending his Goblin scouts to scour the land. For Git believed that with the destruction of the Dwarf settlement he could bribe other tribes to join him with the beer he'd steal and eventually form a mighty Waaagh! of his own, perhaps even to rival that of Grom the Paunch himself, whom Git has a great loathing for.

Ugbrag’s Lucky Shield Ugbrag had this shield made for hint by a captured Dwarf smith, but the smith forgot' to tell him that the enchantment only worked once in each brittle... Magic Armour. Shield. The hearer discounts the first Hit suffered in the battle. Guzzler's Bad Brew This is one of Git's own concoctions, so potent that any ordinary Goblin drinking it would be knocked unconscious from the slightest sip.

Git Guzzler is huge for a Goblin, his mighty girth allowing him to push round his diminutive kin and even bully weak-willed Ores to do his bidding. He is also a fierce and dirty fighter, prone to outbursts of needless anger, which he often takes out on his nearest unfortunate minion.

Git Guzzler

Enchanted Item. One use only. Git may sup from this brew once at the start of each turn. Roll a D6 to determine the brew's effects: D6 1 2-3 4 5 6

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 2 4 4 3 2 4 8

POINTS: 135.

Result Git becomes subject to Stupidity. Git becomes subject to Hatred. Git becomes subject to Frenzy. Git adds +1 to his Strength. Git adds +1 to his Toughness.

All of the above effects last until the start of Git's next turn.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Da Wicked Edge, Ugbrag's Lucky Shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves. Wrathful: 'The Git', as he is sometimes known, is miserable and prone to bouts of violent anger, brought on when he is drunk on his brews or sobering from their effects. Git Guzzler and any unit he leads are immune to Panic. Beer gut: From supping large quantities of ale, Git Guzzler has an impressive beer gut. This disgusting flab offers some protection against the blades and arrows of his enemies. It gives him a 4+ Armour Save. Due to his bulk Git has the Always Strikes Last special rule.

MAGIC ITEMS: Da Wicked Edge Guzzler's lethal axe has been sharpened to an impossible edge. It cuts through plate and mail with ease. Magic Weapon. This axe reduces Armour Saves by an additional -3.



Skabend is a malicious and calculating creator. He has plagued the rivers of the Empire for many long years and grown wily and cunning in that time. His River Ratz are loyal and fearful of him. He too, like Grim, is keen to catch up with his arch-enemy once more, having developed a persistent itch where his hand used to be. In battle he dons all the trappings of a traditional pirate, even down to a small parrot-like seplig called awls which site upon Skabends shoulder.

Kap’n Skabend

Hacka's Sword of Hackin' It was said, mostly by Hacka, that be fought alongside Azhag, and was the one who first proclaimed him 'the Slaughterer'. He also mentioned single-handedly killing Sigmar and being a drinking buddy of Gork (or possibly Murk). Whatever the truth, Hacka acquired this slender and rather Elven looking sword from somewhere strange and nobody ever felt much like asking where. Not after the last time, anyway.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 3 7

Magic Weapon. The Sword of Hackin' hits on 2+ regardless of the wielder's Weapon Skill.

POINTS: 100.


TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

Diminutive even by Goblin standards, Slygit is Skabend's not-so-trusted first mate. The only reason Skabend keeps him around is that the rest of the River Ratz have got quite attached to him, He was once struck by lightning while they war out on the river in a storm and miraculously survived. Since that fateful night the River Ratz believed that Slygit was blessed by Mork and is regarded as something of a lucky mascot.

EQUIPMENT: Hacka's Sword of Hackin', hook hand, pistol, light armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves. Enmity: Skahend has a deep abiding hatred of Grim “Dead-eye” Grunnson, it was him that gave him the hook hand that causes him so much discomfort. As such Skabend is scouring the river, waiting for the day that Grim crosses his path again. Like Grim, if the two characters are within 12" of each other, roll a D6. On a roll of 1, Skabend will charge towards Grim. Skabend hates Grim with equal venom and so may re-roll all of his missed hits in every round of dose combat.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 7

POINTS: 30. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

Skreek, Parrot Squig: A peculiar variation of the Squig, Skreek resembles a skinny, squig-like bird. His tiny wings are so small that he cannot fly very well but often flaps about in mid-air for a few seconds whilst he shouts warnings no his master. With this forewarning, Skabend is one step ahead of his enemies and can avoid their attacks. As such he has a 5+ Ward Save in Close Combat.

EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons. SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves. Lucky git: Slygit is possibly the luckiest Goblin ever co have walked the face of the Old World. Certainly he has avoided death at the hands of his master many times! Slygit has a 2+ Ward save.

Troglagobs: Skabend is drawn to the river like a moth to a flame. He is distantly descended from a scarcelyknown species of Goblins called Troglagobs, which are natural river dwellers. Because of this, Skabend is almost semi-aquatic and swims with case. He has the Sea Creature special rule.

Slygit’s Bana Slygit wears the Red liana on his back. It waves In the air madly as he cavorts and Jumps all over the place, and is a source of much pride to the River Ratz.

Hook hand: This gives Skabend the Extra Attack special rule.

Magic Standard. All Goblins within 12" of Slygit may re-roll all failed Panic tests.



GRABNATZ SOURBELLY & GULAG MAGIC ITEMS: Dangly Wotnotz This necklace made up of gnarled and splintered teeth, bits of broken bone and shattered beads is riddled with sorcerous power. Arcane Item. One use only. Once during the game, the hearer may use it to add +1 to a single dice of his Casting roll or his Dispel roll. Decide after the dice have been rolled. Staff of Sneaky Stealin' Goblins are well known for their ability to treat other peoples' property as their heir own and this generous trait even extends to magical power. Arcane Item. One use only. Once per battle, in a friendly Magic phase, the bearer may steal one dice from his opponent's Dispel pile and add it to his own Power dice pile.

GULAG Gulag is Grabnatz's bnatz's faithful bodyguard. Dim-witted Dim at best, Gulag is employed purely for his muscle and seldom leaves the Shaman's side, such is Grabnatz paranoia that someone will try to get at him for his inventive ideas.

Grabnatz regards himself as the `Gratist Goblin Mind of Iz Time'. He is obsessed with experimentation, perimentation, in particular the concoction of potions. He watches the Dwarfs and the men of the Empire with jealous eyes with their mastery of the fabled black powder. Lately, inspired by the forthcoming attack on the brewery, he has concocted a number of fungas brews. Trying many of the brews upon himself has had adverse effects on his digestive system. Not all his potions are useless, and certain among them have proven to have an explosive, if unpredictable, potential.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 2 4 4 2 2 2 7

POINTS: 35. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Grabnatz Sourbelly 4 2 2 3 3 2 2 1 7

EQUIPMENT: Choppa, light armour, shield.

POINTS: 135.

SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

Bodyguard: Gulag is Grabnatz's bodyguard. bod Not the brightest of Orcs, s, he suffers being bullied and pushed around ound by Grabnatz quite gladly. gladly Gulag must always remain in base-to-base base contact with Grabnatz and the two of them count as a single skirmishing unit for the purposes of movement, charging etc, though they can join a unit together. Gulag is immune to Grabnatz atz noxious emissions — he's used to them! If Grabnatz is ever attacked in close combat or hit by missile fire roll a D6, on a 4+ Gulag gets himself in the way to protect his master and takes the hit himself.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Grabnatz is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells of da Little Waaagh!

SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves. Gut Rot: The foul smelling brews Grabnatz Grabn has inflicted upon himself have meant he is troubled by a constant, chronic belly ache and is prone to noxious emissions from drinking his fungus brew. At the start of each of Goblin turn roll a D6, on a 4+ Grabnatz emits a foul stench. All models, friend fr and foe within D6" suffer a -11 to hit in close combat and shooting.

Dead 'Ard 'Ed: Gulag's head is the toughest and emptiest part of his body. Whenever he suffers a Wound roll a D6, on a 6+ the Wound is ignored as it hits his head and he shakes it off.


GROTSNAG Self proclaimed 'Scourge of da Black Mountins' and leader of the Red Tooth Bandits, Grotsnag fancies himself as something of a Goblin folk hero. He leads a small raiding force of Wolf Riders in the mountains and launches frequent ambushes throughout the southern Empire against Man and Dwarf alike. Despite his overblown opinion of himself, Grotsnag is cunning and possesses an uncanny knack of taunting his quarry into foolish and rash decisions, making them easy meat for him and his boyz.

Grotsnag Snarler

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 4 4 4 4 2 4 3 7 9 4 0 4 3 1 3 2 3

POINTS: 100. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, light armour, short bow, shield.

MAGIC: Grabnatz is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells of da Little Waaagh!

SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves, Fast Cavalry. Taunt: Grotsnag has perfected an annoying method of taunting his enemies. He rains a barrage of insults, stupid faces and rude noises upon them to force his enemies to attack, leaving them vulnerable and exposed as he canters away, blowing a parting raspberry. At the start of the enemy turn Grotsnag may try and taunt an enemy unit within 12" of him. That unit must pass a Leadership test or immediately declare a charge against him, to which he may react to as normal.

Wollopa’s One Hit Wunda Around the campfire, after the Orcs have drunk too much fungus beer to clout them, the Gobbos will talk in hushed tones of the rebellious Wollopa„ of his tremendous weapon and his even more awesome ability to outrun even the fastest boar when he missed his target.

MAGIC ITEMS: Nobbla’s ‘Elmet Given that it was made by Gobbos. Nobbla's 'Elmer is a fantastic piece of worksmanship - given that is was made by Gobbos.

Magic Weapon. One use only. The wielder can choose to use the weapon after Hits are rolled but before rolling to Wound. One Hit is resolved at +3 Strength.

Magic Armour. This helmet gives the wearer a 6+ armour save and may be worn in addition to normal armour. It also gives the wearer a 6+ Ward save.



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 3 4 5 2 3 3 8

POINTS: 140. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Two Choppas, great weapon, heavy armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Quell Animosity, Armed to Da Teef, Immune to Psychology, Hatred.

MAGIC ITEMS: Talisman of Protection. Collar of Zorga This studded collar is inscribed with ancient glyphs entwined with the shapes of mysterious beasts. The wearer can stare imperiously at any beast that dares confront him and say, “Don even fink abart it!” or something like that, and the beast cowers before him. Talisman. Mounts, Warbeasts, Monsters and Monstrous Beasts require 6’s to hit the wearer. Bigged's Kickin' Boots Bigged - an old and boastful Orc - made his last boast in front of an Empire cannon. Only his boots were recovered. His vengeful spirit lives on (the odour of his feet lingers forever).

Durkol is one of Da Immortalz, a trusted band of Black Orc warriors who have spent many years fighting in the name of Grimgor Ironhide. At the moment, he is tasked with keeping order and collecting tribute in and around the Howling Hills - a job only made bearable by the constant beatings he administers to "troublesome" Goblins. As Durkol regards all Goblins as troublesome, his whip arm is never short of exercise.

Enchanted Item. The wearer gains an addition Attacks at his basic Strength value.


GROTFANG his position as Waaagh-boss, he has to act quickly and re-capture his tribe's former lands.

Grotfang War Boar

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 3 5 5 3 4 4 9 7 3 0 3 4 1 3 1 3

POINTS: 180. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Martog’s Best Basha, light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters. Grotfang's Roar: Grotfang has a mighty, bellowing voice, which is even for Orc standards pretty impressive and is used by him to command his units. Grotfang can try to call any fleeing unit with sayings like “'Ey, where do ya think you're goin'?” or “Come back and bash some 'eads, you scum!” back to battle. If a fleeing unit fails its Rally test, then Grotfang bawls at it. Roll 4D6 to determine how far Grotfang shouts. If the unit is within in Grotfang's reach, it hears him and automatically rallies. Grotfang is the Waaagh-boss of the Iron Fist tribe. The tribe was one of the most powerful ones, until margrave Frederik managed to besiege and successfully capture their fortress. Grotfang and a few of his tribe were lucky enough to escape. The margrave left the fortress and the captured land, which is considered sacred to Gork and Mork by the Orcs, to his subordinates to make a living for himself. The rest of the once proud Iron Fist tribe fumes with rage and expects Grotfang to lead a revenge campaign against the humans. Grotfang knows that if he wants to keep

MAGIC ITEMS: Martog’s Best Basha Old Warboss Martog the Mauler had a vast collection of weapons – most of which were stolen from other owners. His most favouritist of all was a massive Dwarfen axe, heavy with runes and (since Martog’s possession of it) Dwarven blood. The wielder of this blade gains +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength, and +1 Initiative.


UZGUZ Leader of the Scabbie Boyz SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters.

Uzguz is the chieftain of a nomadic savage Orc tribe. His boyz roam the lands in search for easy pickings and oftentimes ally with other tribes if this serves their cause. Uzguz is not very bright, even for Orc standards and thus he relies on Nazgob's intelligence – which actually isn't any better. Uzguz starts to question Nazgob's qualities as a shaman and advisor, the more since the Iron Fists don't arrive at the Trollboulders as agreed.

Uzguz War Boar

Long live our boss! Although Uzguz is the leader of a rather small Orc tribe, his people show respect and loyalty uncommon to any Orc individuals. Their trust in Uzguz is so great that when using Uzguz Leadership for tests, the Orc player may roll 3D6 and choose the two lowest results. However, if two dice show the same number, the unit overdo their enthusiasm for their leader a little and suffers D6 Strength 4.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 5 2 3 3 8 7 3 0 3 4 1 3 1 3

MAGIC ITEMS: Shaga's Screamin' Sword Uzguz wields a huge blade, which apparently makes him stronger, the more he rants and insults his foes.

POINTS: 160. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

Uzguz adds +1 to his Strength and Attack value for every enemy character within 12� of him.

EQUIPMENT: Shaga's Screamin' Sword, light armour, shield.


NAZGOB Savage Orc Shaman Nazgob is Uzguz’s advisor. Most of the time he can be found in one of the many dark and damp mushroom caves somewhere in the wilderness,, where he makes plans with other shamans. Therefore he is always up to date on what is going on in his vicinity – and he can tell the boyz whos head they can bash. However, this time he missunderstood something and lead the tribe to a wrong place. The Ironn Fist tribe doesn't appear and Nazgob thinks that this is the doing of some nasty and sneaky orc, maybe Grotfang himself, in order to take revenge for a former betrayal.


it tell its dread secrets and mouth its unholy curse, then that will be the last thing you ever hear, for its words are death. Enchanted Item. The Skull Wand may only be taken by a Shaman. It unleashes a curse on a single enemy model that is in base contact with the bearer at the start of the Close Combat phase. The victim must pass a Leadership test (using its own, unmodified, Leadership) or be slain instantly, with no save of any kind allowed. In addition, on, the bearer of the Skull Wand causes Terror.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 4 2 2 1 7

POINTS: 180. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Nazgob is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells of da Big Waaagh!

SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters, Frenzy, War Paint.

MAGIC ITEMS: Skull Wand of Kaloth Originally captured from the Necromancer Kaloth, this staff fascinated the Goblin Shaman Kazgi, who spent long hours trying to plumb its secrets — that is until his mysterious disappearance. At first glance this skull on a stick seems like any other Shaman's fetish, at least it does until the ancient ient headbone's eye sockets gleam with an unearthly glow. Then the jawbone moves and a voice as dry and raspy as the ages gone rattles out. It speaks in a language long forgotten, but its words hold a fell power that even simple beasts might recognise and rightfully fear: Should you be close enough to hear


SNAGGA Orc Big Boss SPECIAL RULES: Choppas, Size Matters.

Snagga is regarded as one of Grotfang's best bosses. Snagga committed himself to move deeply into the old territories of his clan, which are now populated by humans in order to create as much chaos and mayhem as possible. Because of this he has gathered some of the hardest, meanest and brutal clan members to his cause.

Snagga War Boar

MAGIC ITEMS: The Horn of Urgok Snagga possess a warhorn, carved in the form of a wild and wide opened mouth and painted with colourful Orc glyphs by Orc and goblin shamans.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 5 3 4 5 2 3 3 8 7 3 0 3 4 1 3 1 3

Enchanted Item. Bound Spell, power level 5. When this horn is sounded, all friendly units receive +1 Leadership and all enemy units suffer -1 to their Leadership until the end of the sounding player’s turn. Roll a D6 after each use. On the roll of a 1, the bearer suffers a Strength 5 hit with no armour saves allowed as the power of the horn sounds the bearer instead.

POINTS: 110. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Choppa, light armour, shield.

ODDGIT Night Goblin Shaman forged an alliance with the Iron Fist tribe. Oddgit is a loyal servant and totally convinced of Grotfang's qualities as a leader – as long as the Waaagh-boss listens to his wise council at least!


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 2 3 3 3 2 3 1 5

POINTS: 100. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Oddgit is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells of da Little Waaagh! SPECIAL RULES: Fear Elves, Hates Dwarfs. MAGIC ITEMS: Aaaaargh!-Mushrooms Oddgit has a big bag full of carefully collected Aaaaargh!-Mushrooms, which are known for their devastating (well, in the eyes of a greenskin, funny) effects they have on goblins. Enchanted Item. These mushrooms may be given to any Fanatics before they leave Oddit’s unit. This allows the Fanatics to re-roll the number of Hits caused by the Force of Destruction special rule.

Oddgit is one of Grotfang's followers and acts as his advisor. As a shaman of the Night Goblin kindred, he has great influence over the Night Goblin tribes that



NURGLITCH Arch Plauge Lord of Clan Pestilens TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special

Nurglitch was the first of the Plague Lords of Clan Pestilens, and was responsible not only for their ascension as a clan and their seat on the Council of Thirteen, but also for the corruption that gnarls their bodies and marks their souls.

Nurglitch Bilios Pox

Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Blade of Nurglitch, plague censer (Bilios only).

MAGIC: Nurglitch is a level 3 Wizard. He uses

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 3 4 5 3 5 4 7 - 3 3 3 - - 3 1 6 3 0 4 4 1 5 2 2

Skaven spells of Plauge.

SPECIAL RULES: Scurry Away!, Strength in Numbers, Terror.

POINTS: 500.

The Passion of the Putrid: Nurglitch and Bilios are always affected by Frenzy and Hatred. Such is the inspirational effect Nurglitch has on his army that they will never lose their Frenzy whilst Nurglitch is still alive. Scion of Corruption: The Plague Lord is so favoured by his vile god that he has a 5+ Ward Save. In addition, neither Nurglitch nor any unit he joins will ever suffer wounds from spells cast from the Skaven spells of Plague or Lore of Nurgle. Furthermore, they automatically pass the test for the effects of plague censers. The Grim Ague: Nurglitch carries the Grim Ague, a horrible disease that permeates even the air that he breathes. Any non-Clan Pestilens unit with a model within 6" of Nurglitch is at -1WS. Furthermore, any such model in base contact with Nurglitch at the end of any turn automatically takes a Strength 4 hit with no Armour Saves allowed.

MAGIC ITEMS: Blade of Nurglitch Blessed by the special ointments of the Plaugelord, this blade is filth-encrusted. Even a scratch from such a rusty weapon can turn into instant infection. Magic Weapon. Enemy models lose 1 point of Toughness from their profile for each wound they suffer from this blade. Bubonic Sceptre This unremarkable-looking sceptre throbs with the essence of every disease indigenous to Lustria. The Bubonic Sceptre can be used to inflict vile contagions on Nurglitch’s enemies. Arcane Item. Bound Spell, power level 5. Choose an enemy unit within 18" and within Nurglitch’s line of sight. Roll a D6 for every model in the unit. For every roll of a 6, that unit suffers a wound with no Armour Saves allowed.


GHORITCH Castellan of Hell Pit Moulder's unique standing army. Throt is less than pleased at the meteoric rise of his creation, and works hard on clandestine schemes to bring about his downfall.

Ghoritch is Throt's greatest success in the field of translocation of the brain. Like many who are devoted to the Blood God, Ghoritch was once a frenzied berserker who loved the thrill of battle and the tang of fresh blood upon his tongue. He served Archaon throughout the Storm of Chaos, but the creed of his bloodthirsty god ran strong in his veins, and Ghoritch led a foolhardy attack on . an Empire artillery train, despite express orders to the contrary -His tribe were cut down almost to a man.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 0 5 5 4 5 5 7

POINTS: 245. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Infantry (Special

Though Ghoritch slew a score of men that day and lived to tell the tale, Archaon's punishment was swift and inventive. Like many who had failed him, Ghoritch was given to the Master Mutators of Clan Moulder for their unholy experiments. Even shackled and bound with thorn-ropes, Throt could see Ghoritch was of exceptional stock, and singled him out for the climax of a series of experiments. The experiment was an unparalleled success, transplanting Ghoritch's mind into the body of a heavily modified Rat Ogre without driving him mad in the process.

Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Piston-driven claws. SPECIAL RULES: Scurry Away!, Strength in Numbers, Fear. Beastmaster: All Clan Moulder units within 6" of Ghoritch can re-roll any failed Psychology tests. Brain Transplant: Ghoritch still has the mind of a berserker and lapses into a blood-maddened rage in the heat of battle. He is subject to Frenzy. If he ever loses his Frenzy, he will become subject to Stupidity for the rest of the battle.

Escaping from Throt’s laboratory, Ghoritch scrambled his way up to the arena at the heart of Hell Pit, where he fought off the tide of Throt's creations sent after him. His skills did not go unnoticed by the Master Mutators, who recognised his combination of intellect and strength as perfect for controlling the more rebellious of their troops.

Piston-Driven Claws: Ghoritch's host body has had its claws replaced by great snipping blades driven by warpstone-driven pistons. His attacks ignore Armour Saves.

Ghoritch worked his way into the rank of chieftain, and was soon entrusted with the command of Clan


KLAWMUNKAST Warlock Caster between insanity and genius is a fine one indeed. Many of his ideas and inventions are truly astonishing, and he has a command of mechanics and the power potential of warpstone like no other. Any Misfire rolls on Artillery dice for the war machines of Clan Skryre are re-rolled. If a Misfire is still rolled, add 1 to the dice roll on the Misfire chart. This ability does not apply to the newly-developed Rat Tank. Warpstone Mutants: As a result of the many nearcatastrophic accidents that have occurred during the development of the Klawmunkast's Rat Tank, a number of his slaves (basically those who survived the explosions and warpfire leaks) have mutated into grim parodies of Skaven. Although they have lost there minds, these degenerated ratmen have developed extra limbs or had their musculature increased making them much stronger. The Warlock may take one unit of these 'enhanced' Skavenslaves into battle at the cost of 4 points per model. All the Warpstone Mutants have the following profile.

Warpstone Mutant

Klawmunkast is the leader and inspiration of the Warlock's Warplocks. He is an enigmatic yet enthusiastic commander. The Warlock is also renowned for his bizarre experiments with warpstone and for his formidable, if somewhat incomprehensible, technological inventions.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 2 2 4 5 1 3 1 4

All the rules, options and restrictions that apply to normal Clanrat Slaves apply to these “enhanced� slaves.

MAGIC ITEMS: Eye of Skraw Whilst training under Grey Seer Skraw, Klawmunkast lost his left eye in a warpstone explosion in his master's lab. When Skraw was killed during an attack on the Empire town of Wissenberg, Klawmunkast recovered the old Skaven's body, extracting the warpstone charm that Skraw had in place of his own right eye and placing it inside his own empty socket. The Eye is a potent talisman and radiates disharmony and hostility, as well as projecting a baleful gaze.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 3 4 3 2 5 2 8

POINTS: 275. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Warlock-Augmented Weapon, warplock pistol.

MAGIC: Klawmunkast is a level 2 Wizard. He uses

Arcane Item. Bound Spell, power level 4. The Eye of Skraw contains the Warp Lightning spell. Roll a D6 every time it is used. On a 1, the Eye of Skraw runs out of power and cannot be used for the rest of the battle. In addition, the Eye gives Klawmunkast a 4+ Ward save.

Skaven spells of Ruin.

SPECIAL RULES: Scurry Away!, Strength in Numbers, Verminous Valour. Rodent Genius: Although many among his own race consider him to be insane, the psychological line


MORBUS SANGUIS Plague Lord SPECIAL RULES: Scurry Away!, Strength in Numbers, Frenzy, Fear. Leprous Form: As a disciple of decay, Morbus has been particularly blessed. His fur-covered body is bald in patches, while the skin on his face is sloughed constantly. Great weeping sores and inflamed buboes cover his paws. His left arm is withered and the skin on his tail is scabbed and scaly. As a result, his appearance causes Fear, even among others of his own race! All models in base contact, friend and foe, must test for Fear against Morbus. Warp Fleas: All rats have fleas, but the fleas that inhabit Morbus's matted fur are monstrous mutants among their kind, having feasted on the warpstonecorrupted blood of the Plague Priest. Anyone fighting Morbus in close combat does so with a -1 to hit penalty as he is distracted by the biting fleas. This penalty affects even Skaven, because the fleas have grown so large from the effects of the warpstone in Morbus' bloodstream. The Yellow Death: The Plague Priest and his fanatical followers have prepared a new plague to unleash upon the world. It is called the Yellow Death, after the way it turns its victims yellow before their bodies become bloated with toxins and they die! The infection has the effect of enhancing the Rat Swarm's profile as shown below. Any Rat Swarm carrying the Yellow Death costs an extra 20 points to recruit into Morbus's army. All attacks from these rats count as Poisoned Attacks.

A favoured agent of the Arch-Plaguelord, Morbus Sanguis wants to get his putrefying paws on the warpstone from Clan Skryre's mine so that he and his Plague Monks can develop their latest dire disease – the Yellow Death. Morbus is totally uncompromising in his demands, and if any of his followers show weakness in the face of righteous battle, he puts them to death himself!


Yellow Death Rats

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 0 3 2 5 5 5 10

Magic Items Censer Mace The Censer Mace is really two weapons in one. In close combat, it is wielded as a crushing mace, but, like a plague censer, its spiked metal head is hollow and contains a burning piece of plague-infested warpstone.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 3 4 5 3 6 5 7

POINTS: 250. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

Magic Weapon. Great weapon. The Censer Mace follows all the rules for plague censers, except that it is a great weapon rather than a flail and that Morbus does not need to make the test against the effects of the bubonic vapours himself.

EQUIPMENT: Censer Mace. MAGIC: Morbus is a level 2 Wizard. He uses Skaven spells of Plaugue.



NAGASH THE IMMORTAL Supreme Lord of the Undead Nagash is the most powerful of all the lords of the Undead. Although once human, Nagash's long use of warpstone to enhance his powers has transformed him to a creature more akin to a daemon than any living creature. He stands well over 15 feet tall, his size greatly increased by the mutating effects of the warpstone he has consumed over the millennia. His skin has withered, his eyes have become pools of luminous pus in their sockets, and his body only continues to walk driven by his dark will and the power of his evil sorcery. Foes quake in terror as he advances upon them, terrified by his vile visage and gagging on the sickly sweet scent of death that surrounds him.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 6 6 6 5 6 6 10

POINTS: 800. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Mortis, the Great Blade of Death, Black Armour of Nagash. MAGIC: Nagash is a level 4 Wizard. He may use all spells from both the Lore of Nehekhara, Lore of the Vampires and the Lore of Death.

Nagash is armed with an immense sword so tall and heavy that an ordinary man could not even lift it. Nagash's right hand was cut off in his epic struggle with the doomed King Akadizaar, and has been replaced with a magnificently crafted iron claw hound about with powerful magical runes. His body is protected by a suit of magical armour crafted from lead and meteoric iron. These potent magical items greatly increase Nagash's physical strength and toughness, and make him more than a match for nearly any opponent in hand-to-hand combat.

SPECIAL RULES: Nehekharan Undead, Terror. MAGIC ITEMS: Mortis, the Great Blade of Death Mortis is a huge magic sword that crackles with unearthly power. The blade was forged and enchanted by Nagash himself and no-one else may use it. Magic Weapon. The sword adds +1 to Nagash's Strength. In addition, any wounds inflicted by the blade may be taken by Nagash and used to restore any of his own wounds lost earlier in the battle.

Nagash also carries the Staff of Power, an ancient artifact crafted by Nagash himself which thrums with the raw power of Dark Magic. At his hip sways one of the nine Books of Nagash, an arcane text which contains the secrets of his many spells.

Black Armour of Nagash Nagash's armour is forged from an alloy of lead and meteoric iron. Over the millennia the armour has fused itself with his body, so it may only be worn by Nagash. Magic Armour. The armour provides Nagash with a 4+ armour save that ignore armour save modifiers (including effects that ignore armour) and a 4+ Ward save. Book of Nagash Nagash was the first and greatest of all the Necromancers, and he created almost all of the spells that allow these followers of the dark arts to raise and control the Undead. The secrets of his magical spells are recorded in nine massive tomes known as the Nine Books of Nagash. Arcane Item. This book gives Nagash one additional Power dice and Dispel in each magic phase. Staff of Power The Staff of Power was created by Nagash to allow him to store the additional power he needed to carry out his most arcane and dangerous magical spells. Arcane Item. The staff can store up to four Power dice, which can then be used in the next Magic phase.


SEHENESMET Vizier of Quatar Before the curse of Nagash swept across Nehekhara like a plague, the city of Quatar was renowned as the centre of worship for the ancient Nehekharan gods. Named the White City, Quatar stood at the entrance to a wide pass across the Worlds Edge Mountains, called the Valley of the Kings. Here great statues stood guard over the pass, and any wishing to travel east or west across the mountains had to travel through Quatar and pay homage at the many temples that filled the city. No king ever reigned in Quatar, instead it was the only city to be ruled by the priesthood, and the head of their order was known as the Vizier.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 2 6 5 5 3 4 9

POINTS: 435. TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: The Sacred Crook of Shapesh, heavy armour.

MAGIC: Nagash is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from both the Lore of Nehekhara.

Now Quatar lies in ruins, brought low by the treachery of Nagash. The once beautiful city is a desolate place, haunted by wailing spirits. As the winds of death unleashed by Nagash swept over the city, the priests and worshippers were infected by a horrid plague that bloated their bodies, burned their skin and choked them to death on their own blood. The streets were littered with the dead until finally nothing truly alive stirred within the high walls. Now Quatar is known as the Palace of Corpses, and only a single creature lives within its boundaries.

SPECIAL RULES: Nehekharan Undead, Animated Construct, Unstoppable Assault, Large Target, Terror. Magic Resistance: The presence of Sehenesmet gives himself and any Tomb Kings unit within 12" Magic Resistance (2).

MAGIC ITEMS: The Sacred Crook of Shapesh Sehenesmet took all of the religious symbols and statues from the great temple of Shapesh, god of the underworld, and melted them down to make this staff. It is shaped in the image of the crook Shapesh uses to herd the souls of the dead to their resting places and holds the power of life and death.

He is Sehenesmet, the last and greatest of the Viziers of Quatar, and master of magic and artifice. He alone of the priests survived the onslaught of Nagash and has spent the long millennia since the fall of the old kingdoms rebuilding the might of Quatar. Since the priests did not have whole armies entombed with them when they died, as the Tomb Kings did, there are few soldiers for Sehenesmet to command. Instead, he has constructed a vast legion of Ushabti, Bone Giants and Tomb Scorpions to serve him. With this unnatural force he continues to guard the passage across the mountains, long since renamed the Charnel Valley.

Magic Weapon. Great weapon. Keep track of the number of unsaved wounds inflicted by the Sacred Crook in each Close Combat phase. In each Tomb Kings Magic phase, the power of the Crook may be unleashed as a magic missile with a range of 24” that cannot be dispelled. The unit suffers a number of Strength 4 hits equal to the number of wounds currently ‘stored’ in the Crook. Once unleashed, the number of wounds stored in the staff are returned to 0 until Sehenesmet inflicts more wounds. In addition, it increases the range of Sehenesmet’s spells with 6”.

Now at the pinnacle of his power, Sehenesmet has perfected his arcane art and melded his own body with that of a Bone Giant. He strides the world on massive legs, and unbelievable strength flows through his immortal body. Combined with his powerful incantations, there are few who can stand against the ancient Vizier and live to tell the tale.



ZACHARIAS THE EVERLIVING empowering him with untold strength. Such is the might of a Vampire that even a Dragon is unable to wake from its deathly bite. Over the following month Zacharias drank from the great beast, draining it clean of blood. Legends say that drinking the blood of a Dragon frees Vampires from their need for blood for the rest of their eternal life. If that is true, then who knows what other powers were bestowed upon Zacharias by the blood of the great wyrm. Using the dark necromantic powers he had learnt from Melkhior he raised the Dragon from death and flew on its back to Melkhior's hidden keep, where he fought a great battle with his master. It is said that so powerful were the magic forces unleashed that the tower was all but destroyed. When the dust and debris cleared Zacharias was the victor.

Little is known of the life of Zacharias before he succumbed to the lure of the necromantic arts. He studied under the tutelage of Dieter Helsnicht and it is probably due to this great Necromancer's influence that, Zacharias was able to discover the location of the hidden tower of the Necrarch lord, Melkhior. His intentions were to sneak into the tower's crypt and steal away the Book of Nagash which Melkhior had acquired during his many years of unholy afterlife. As he crept into the tower grounds, Zacharias was caught by the minions of Melkhior. That night, rather than killing the over-inquisitive Necromancer, Melkhior gave him the Kiss of the Vampire and decided to take him on as a pupil. At first Zacharias was horrified by his new vampiric form and swore revenge on the Necrach Lord. Over the following years, though, he began to embrace the power which Melkhior had bestowed upon him. Each night the two would rise and Melkhior would warn Zacharias that he grew bored of his company and that he would probably kill him before dawn. But Zacharias was a keen pupil and would constantly surprise Melkhior with his capacity to learn. Melkhior taught his acolyte everything he knew, but never let Zacharias near his precious Book of Nagash.

Of Melkhior no one knows of his fate; some say he was slain by Zacharias, who drank his blood to gain further powers. Others believe that Melkhior, is in hiding, licking his wounds whilst plotting revenge on his former pupil. Whatever Melkhior's fate, Zacharias claimed all of the magical wealth that his master had acquired and hoarded over his long rule of terror, including the powerful Book of Nagash. Zacharias now rules over the Forest of Shadows where both the Orcs of the mountains and the people of the forest live in equal fear of the vengeance of Zacharias the Everliving.

Melkhior would often fall into fits of insanity, killing his living servants and drinking their blood in a great feast of flesh. Zacharias was wise and always avoided his master's wrath. It was during one of these occasions that Zacharias boldly crept into Melkhior's chamber. There on a great plinth was the unholy tome. Unfortunately for Zacharias, Melkhior returned to his chamber whilst his pupil was still reading and a great fight ensued. Invigorated by the blood of his dead slaves, Melkhior was too powerful for Zacharias, who barely escaped with his life. Deeply wounded he fled into the Middle Mountains. For the following year Zacharias was pursued by the minions of Melkhior. From one cave refuge to the next he would flee, tired and severely emaciated from lack of blood; he would no sooner find a suitably secluded hiding place then his location would be discovered. Finally he stumbled into a large, dark cavern where he found a small niche deep inside, and there he fell into a sound slumber. Totally exhausted from the fight with Melkhior and the constant pursuit of Melkhior's dark servants, Zacharias' rest was to last for over a decade.

Zacharias Zombie Dragon

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 5 5 5 3 7 5 10 6 4 0 6 6 6 2 5 4

POINTS: 910 (665 for Zacharias, 245 for Zombie Dragon).

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). Zombie Dragon: Monster.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Staff of Kaphamon. MAGIC: Zacharias is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires or any of the eight Lores of Magic (except Lore of Life). SPECIAL RULES (Zacharias): The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric, Forbidden Lore, Dark Acolyte, Master of the Black Arts.

During this time a Black Dragon also discovered the cave. Unaware of the Undead abomination which slept within, she made her nest there, and, as do all Dragons, gathered a small mound of treasure around her. When Zacharias awoke, his thirst was great and the sleeping Dragon was a perfect source of nourishment. Finding soft exposed flesh on the Dragon's underside he bit deep into the slumbering monster. The blood of the great beast flowed through the veins of Zacharias,

SPECIAL RULES (Zombie Dragon): Undead, Fly, Large Target, Terror, Pestilent Breath, Cloud of Flies.



Circlet of Rathek The jewel in the centre of this unholy object has the power of invoking on the bearer the protection of the gods of lost Nehekhara.

Staff of Kaphamon This ancient artefact was found by the nomads of Araby under the sands of the Great Desert.

The circlet confers a 4+ Ward save to Zacharias.

Bound Spell, power level 4. This staff contains a magic missile with a range of 24� that causes D6 Strength 4 hits.

Book of Nagash The nine Books of Nagash contain the ultimate secrets of Necromancy.

Scrolls of Semhtep The long formulas written in these arcane papyri trigger powerful counter spells.

The Book gives Zacharias the Loremaster special rule when using the Lore of the Vampires. In addition he can decide to cast Invocation of Nehek on a 24+ Casting Value. If cast successfully, the spell will have a range of 24�.

Zacharias carries an unlimited number of these scrolls (they count as Dispel Scrolls). He can use one of them in each of the opposing player's Magic phases.


NEFERATA The Queen of Mysteries, the First Vampire memories reach back to ancient times when Zandri and Numas were still sprawling metropolises and the people of the Great River still built pyramids. The haven of Neferata is situated on the highest peak of the Worlds Edge Mountains, and is called the Silver Pinnacle. From here she controls her Undead servants and ventures out to hunt for blood. Her mountain lair is honeycombed with passageways, tunnels and chambers, creating a titanic maze. Traps for the unwary and a host of Undead creatures make it one of the most dangerous places in the known world. At the heart of the maze of the Silver Pinnacle are situated the quarters of Neferata. Her opulent chambers are an echo of the splendour of her royal palace in Lahmia. Forgotten treasures of old, golden masks and rare gemstones glitter in the dark, illuminated only by the dim light of the silver-coated skulls that serve as her lamps. Here Neferata lies on a divan, drinking the blood of handsome youths from golden cups and listening as her Undead courtiers play harps, pipes and lutes to amuse her. Vampires of the Lahmian Sisterhood are her eyes and ears in the outside world and using the information from their reports she plots and weaves a web of intrigue. For the Queen dreams of enslaving all the Vampires of the known world and returning to ancient Lahmia at the head of an Undead army, reclaiming her throne and rebuilding the great Temple of Blood. Neferata delights in seducing mortal men of pure heart and causing their fall from grace. She is especially fond of Bretonnian knights, for she finds their code of chivalry easy to exploit. Some of her victims Neferata keeps as her lovers, while others she simply drains of their blood. The most favoured of them she transforms into Undead servants, though few amuse her for long enough that she will consider granting them the Blood Kiss.

Legends tell of an ancient Vampire Queen who resides high in the Worlds Edge Mountains. Most believe it to be merely an old wives' tale, but a few scholars know better. The Vampire Queen of Mysteries does indeed exist, and those who know call her Neferata, which means 'she who is beautiful in death' in the ancient tongue of Nehekhara, the land of the Dead. It is claimed that she is the same decadent Vampire Queen who fled the sack of Lahmia. If this is true, she is very ancient indeed, for the great River Mortis has flowed for three thousand years since those events. Legends say that she created a Vampiric Lahmian Sisterhood to serve her and that all the Vampiresses of this cult have been corrupted by her own blood.

Sometimes Witch Hunters or Bretonnian knights muster troops to cleanse the Silver Pinnacle. When their armies come, she is roused from her hedonistic idleness and issues terrible commands to her Undead lackeys. At such times Neferata can muster an army of thousands of Zombies, Wights and other dark, evil things. None who have attacked the Silver Pinnacle have returned - except as the unliving servants of Neferata.

Physically, Neferata is said to be divinely beautiful. Her plaited black tresses flow around her lovely face and she is as enchanting now as she was in her youth, though her skin is as white as alabaster, and the long years of evil have washed all trace of pity and compassion from her face. She has the appearance of a young maiden and only in her yellow eyes can one read her ageless and corrupt wisdom and cruelty, for her

Neferata finds few equals in combat, for she is the Queen of Mysteries of old and is terrible in her wrath. She holds much of the magical knowledge that was lost during the destruction of Lahmia, ancient rituals and mysteries that only she will ever know.



Ruby of Lahmia The mark of her dominion over the City of Vampires, Neferata's diadem is a golden snake which rests over her cruel and beautiful face, and carries a huge ruby in its jaw. This unique jewel pulses with the power of eternal life and feeds Neferata with almost unlimited energy.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 7 6 5 5 3 10 5 10

POINTS: 565. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Dagger of Jetl.

Talisman. At the end of each turn of the game the Ruby of Lahmia automatically regenerates a Wound that Neferata has suffered in that turn. The Jewel stops working if Neferata is killed.

MAGIC: Neferata is a level 3 Wizard. She uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires or the Lore of Death.

SPECIAL RULES: The Hunger, Undead,

Bastet Bastet is Neferata's familiar, a slender black Khemrian cat who was entombed with her beloved Queen. Now she is just a feline shadow that follows Neferata and protects her from danger. In the Old World it is said that black cats presage bad luck, and maybe in this case it could be true…

Vampiric, Quickblood, Beguile, Ward Save (5+). Heavenly Creature: Enemy units in base contact with Neferata suffer a -2 penalty to their Leadership. Blood Kiss: If Neferata kills a character in hand-tohand combat, she can grant the Blood Kiss to this single lucky individual. This turns the slain character into a Vampire (use the standard Vampire statistics) who is now under the control of the Undead player. He retains any magic items and any steed he is riding turns into a Nightmare. The character immediately joins Neferata or the unit she is leading. If the character was riding a monster, the two are separated. The monster will behave exactly as if its rider had been killed. Neferata may grant the Blood Kiss only once per battle.

Enchanted Item. At the beginning of each of her turns Neferata can send Bastet to any enemy unit on the battlefield, regardless of distance. Place a marker of Bastet next to the affected unit. Bastet looks just like an ordinary black cat and therefore will be ignored by the enemy (the model can be moved through, it doesn't stop the enemy from marching, etc.). The target unit will be afflicted by miserable bad luck and everything that can go wrong will. The unit must re-roll any successful armour save it takes while under Bastet's influence. This lasts for the duration of the Vampire player’s turn.

Shadowblood: Neferata always has the Shadowblood spell in addition to her other spells. Shadowblood Cast on 7+ The Vampire Queen opens wounds on her palms and while uttering an ancient incantation, her blood bursts from the wounds. It is a more potent poison than that of any serpent and bursts into flames upon contact with anything. Shadowblood is a magic missile with a range of 24”. When cast, Neferata must declare how many wounds she is using to boost the effects of the spell. The spell causes D6 Strength 5 hits plus an extra D6 for each wound Neferata expends. In addition, a unit suffering one or more wounds from this spell must immediately take a Panic test. The blood causes double wounds against any flammable target.

MAGIC ITEMS: Dagger of Jetl This dagger took countless lives on the altars of Lahmia when Neferata was the high priestess of death. It was used to cut the throats of those who were condemned to feed the Vampire aristocracy of that cursed city. Magic Weapon. Attacks made with the Dagger are at +1 Strength and count as Poisoned Attacks.


MELKHIOR THE ANCIENT hidden, sleeping a centuries-long slumber, recovering his energies until he will be ready to return and claim back his rightful position of Master of the Necrarchs.

The Necrarchs are the most reclusive and incomprehensible of the undying Vampires, and none more so than Melkhior, the oldest of the Necrarchs. Melkhior lives far from human settlements and his secret tower is hidden from view in the great Forest of Shadows by powerful enchantments. In the highest chamber of this tower, the most ancient of Vampires works alone. He is decayed, irredeemably evil, and utterly insane.

Melkhior Abyssal Terror

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 5 5 5 3 7 5 10 6 4 0 5 5 4 2 3 4

POINTS: 620 (500 for Melkhior and 120 for Abyssal Terror).

Melkhior experiments with the living, trying to find out how they can be made to understand the benefit of joining the Undead and how they could overcome their fear of the dead. Countless men have died in Melkhior's obsessive search, but still the answer he searches for eludes him. Pain, suffering and horror fascinate this mad being. The dungeons and torture chambers of his dark tower are filled with wretched prisoners who undergo indescribable agony to satisfy the curiosity of this insane Vampire Lord.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). Abyssal Terror: Monster.

EQUIPMENT: Painbringer. MAGIC: Melkhior is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires.

SPECIAL RULES (Melkhior): The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric, Dark Acolyte, Master of the Black Arts, Frenzy, Stupidity.

Melkhior's fortress is a monument to suffering and terror, filled with the results of his insane experiments: Zombies that are half-dead and half-alive, severed heads which scream endlessly in the darkness, limbs that crawl in unlit passageways, and countless other horrors created by Melkhior's dark arts.

SPECIAL RULES (Abyssal Terror): Undead, Fly, Large Target, Terror.


Now and then the ancient Vampire leads his Undead servants out of his stronghold to capture new victims for his experiments or to swell the Undead legions that guard him. At such times, armies of Zombies commanded by the twisted acolytes of Melkhior pour from the forest and hunt for the living to bring back to their master.

Painbringer Painbringer is the black sword of Melkhior, said to be made from the magical life force of insane men. The mere touch of this blade brings insanity and hideous pain. Magic Weapon. If Melkhior hits his opponent, his enemy is immediately wracked with great pain and will suffer -1 To Hit for the rest of the battle.

Normally a Vampire's grasp of necromantic magic is limited by his Undead condition. Melkhior, on the other hand, has almost the same knowledge of the necromantic arts as the most powerful living Necromancers, for he has thousands of years of experience in these matters. He is so suffused with dark magic that he is now more part of the world of the dead than the living and is decomposed to the point where he is a skeletal, reeking horror. His eyes are two pools of darkness that mirror the purest evil in everything they see and an aura of death hangs heavily about him.

Grimoire Necronium Written by Melkhior himself, this book is one of the greatest works of necromancy. In its pages are described the blasphemous rites and evil spells that allow wizards to summon and command the dead. Arcane Item. This book allows Melkhior to cast one of his spells (choose after rolling for spells) without using any Power dice. Melkhior can cast this spell at a power level equal to its basic casting value. Each time you use the book roll a D6: on a roll of 1 it runs out of power and cannot be used for the remainder of the battle.

In the total darkness of his hellish fortress, the ancient Vampire paints on human skins. He paints terrifying scenes of a world where there are no living, where the dead walk the land and withered, Undead trees blight the bleak landscape. Melkhior claims that he paints visions of the future, glimpses of the time that is to come. Perhaps his visions are true and the known world is doomed to the horrible existence of unlife.

Black Cloak of Lahmia This cloak is one of the great treasures of Lahmia, the city of the Vampires. Merely looking at the cloak can make eyes bleed and sanity vanish. Talisman. No shooting attacks can be made against Melkhior.

Legends say that the mighty Melkhior has been betrayed and defeated by his best apprentice and is now



The origins of Sethep are shrouded in mystery. It is thought by Imperial scholars that he was one of the students of W'soran, the father of the Necrarch Vampires. After the death of W'soran, it is recorded in ancient Khemri scripture that his students fled the lands of Khemri and made their way north to the Old World. Sethep was a bitter rival of the infamous Necrarch Vampire Melkhior, and the two spent many centuries trying to destroy each other. The name of Sethep spread fear across the whole of the Old World. He was a ruthless killer and cared nothing for the sanctity of life. Wherever he passed, death would follow. The forests where his ruined tomb lay were eerie in their silence. No living creature dared venture near the Vampire Lord, who saw life as a disease that needed to be extinguished.

Staff of Raukhamon Bound Spell, power level 4. This staff contains the Hellish Vigour (boosted version) spell from the Lore of the Vampires. Roll a D6 each time the Staff is used. On a roll of 1, the Staff is temporarily exhausted and loses its spell powers for the rest of the battle. In addition, all enemy models within 6" of the Staff`s bearer suffer a -1 penalty on their rolls to hit in close combat.

Whole villages in the province of Sylvania would be found deserted as Sethep tried to create his world of undeath. A cold and calculating killer, Sethep had one of the most twisted and evil minds that had ever walked the face of the Old World. No mortals who crossed his path were ever allowed to live to tell the tale, which lent him his macabre name Sethep the Merciless.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 5 5 5 3 7 5 10

POINTS: 500. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Staff of Raukhamon. MAGIC: Sethep is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires or the Lore of Death.

SPECIAL RULES: The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric, Dark Acolyte, Master of the Black Arts.


DIETER HELSNICHT Doom Lord of Middenheim swooping away over the heads of the astonished High Priest and Knights atop the back of a monstrous manticore. Dieter was a man of deep, if twisted, intelligence and had prepared for every eventuality. He had built a secret fortress deep in the Forest of Shadows to which he could escape should his activities be discovered. From this dark and evil place he plotted his revenge and slowly built up his strength. Decades passed, and those who had known Dieter Helsnicht had either died or forgotten him, when rumours started that a dark tide of pestilence and death was spreading through the forest towards the Empire. Bands of Orcs and Beastmen were being driven before it, and travel along the road that joined Middenheim and Erengrad became extremely perilous. Determined to do something about the problem, Einrich Moltke, the Elector Count of Nordland, mobilised his army. He advanced quickly, easily crushing the scattered Orc and Beastman warbands that opposed him However, when he pushed deeper into the Forest of Shadows, disaster struck! As the army marched along an ancient path beside the Lake of Woes, it was ambushed by a powerful Undead horde. Caught in column of march, with the lake on one flank and the Undead on the other, the army was all but annihilated. Some troops attempted to flee across the lake, but Dieter had cunningly concealed units of Undead in the water, so as the troops tried to swim they were dragged below the surface to a horrible death. At a stroke Dieter had wiped out almost half of the Empire forces that lay between him and Middenheim! One of the few survivors of the battle was the Elector Count himself. When the ambush was sprung he had been leading a unit of Pistoliers that was scouting ahead of the main army. At the head of this small unit he was able to cut his way out of the ambush and make it back to the small village of Beeckerhoven on the Middenheim to Erengrad road. A small garrison had been left here to guard the army's lines of communication, and now this, along with the few scattered survivors of the ambush, were all that remained of the once mighty Nordland army. Grimly the Count organised his meagre forces and prepared for a desperate defence. Messengers were sent galloping to Middenheim and Kislev requesting reinforcements.

Dieter Helsnicht was once a great and renowned wizard who lived in the Empire city of Middenheim during the time of the Three Emperors. Over the course of his studies Dieter learned of the great Necromancer king Kadon and decided to travel to the lands that he had once ruled in the Border Princes in order to find out more about this enigmatic and evil figure. It was while he was there that Dieter first started to hear rumours of the return of Nagash after his defeat by Sigmar. Dieter, drawn by an irresistible curiosity, continued his journey and travelled to the fortress of Nagashizzar.

Fortunately for the Empire, Dieter did not pursue the Elector Count immediately, delaying his advance so that he could perform the rituals that would allow him to add the dead Nordland troops to his Undead host. Even then he advanced very slowly, despatching Undead horsemen and Carrion to scout ahead of the main army. By the time that the Undead host arrived at Beeckerhoven, the Elector Count had had several days to prepare, and reinforcements from Kislev and Middenheim were already on their way from the east.

What happened to him in that cursed place is not known, but he returned to Middenheim a changed man, his hair turned prematurely grey and his skin tinged with an unhealthy pallor. The Doomlord had been born! Shortly after his return word began to spread of evil practices and vile rituals being performed in the dead of night by Dieter and his followers.

Dieter's caution had not been in vain, however, for he knew exactly what forces he faced in Beeckerhoven, and that reinforcements were on the way. He realised that if the Empire contingents were allowed to concentrate into one force they would outnumber his own Undead army. Rather than allow this to happen he determined to strike quickly and attempt to defeat the separate contingents before they had a chance to combine into one unstoppable force.

Only too aware of where such things could lead, the High Priest of Ulric gathered a company of Knights and descended on Dieter's dwelling. They arrived just in time, disrupting a magic ritual that would have allowed Dieter to raise the dead buried in Middenheim into a powerful Undead army. Shaking his fist and vowing revenge Dieter fled from the city,


fled into the deep woods. Silence fell over the battlefield, and then with a terrible creening wail, the Doomlord's manticore rose into the air and soared away, bearing Dieter away on its back. The Doomlord's plans had been thwarted!

To this end Dieter despatched a small force of Undead horsemen north to stop, or at least slow down, the Kislev reinforcements. There was nothing that he could do to delay the Middenheim reinforcements as the village of Beeckerhoven lay between Dieter and the advancing Middenheim army. Instead he prepared to launch a whirlwind assault on Beeckerhoven. If he could just destroy the Count of Nordland's troops quickly enough he would then be able to turn his entire army against the Middenland reinforcements and crush them as they arrived on the battlefield. It is at the point that Dieter launched his assault on Beeckerhoven.

The Doomlord survived the battle, although he had suffered wounds that would have slain any normal man. Over the coming centuries he would return to threaten Middenheim many more times. From his secret fortress hidden deep in the Forest of Shadows he remains a threat to the Empire's security to the present day.

Dieter's plan almost succeeded. He began the attack by assaulting Beeckerhoven with regiments of Skeletons, Zombies and Ghouls, while keeping his chariots and cavalry in reserve. The attack was well supported by Screaming Skull catapults which poured a deadly accurate fire into the village, quickly silencing the Nordland artillery before it caused any significant damage to the Undead forces. The Undead assault troops crashed into the terribly outnumbered defenders and soon furious battles were raging amongst the streets and buildings of the village. Slowly but surely the defenders were pushed back. The Count of Nordland lead a desperate counterattack at the head of a regiment of Halberdiers, but he was quickly cut off and surrounded by the victorious Undead forces.

Dieter Helsnicht Manticore

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 4 4 4 3 4 2 9 6 5 0 5 5 4 5 4 5

POINTS: 535 (335 for Dieter, 200 for Manticore). TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). Manticore: Monster. EQUIPMENT: Chaos Runesword. MAGIC: Dieter is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires or Lore of Death. He may roll spells from both Lores and choose freely between. Note that he may still only have 4 spells in total.

Meanwhile, the Count of Middenland had been force marching his army so that he would arrive as quickly as possible. Although the Steam Tank accompanying the army blew a gasket and had to be abandoned, the rest of the reinforcements arrived just in time to save the last valiant defenders of Beeckerhoven. Sweeping onto the battlefield the Middenland forces crashed into the flank of the Undead army.

SPECIAL RULES: Undead, Master of the Dead. Doom Lord: Dieter has an iron will and can bend even the most powerful creatures to his authority. His Manticore does not have to test for Uncontrollable while Dieter is alive.

SPECIAL RULES (Manticore): Undead, Fly, Large Target, Terror, Killing Blow.

The Nordlanders took new heart and redoubled their efforts, and for a moment it appeared as if the Undead army would be hurled back. It was at this moment that Dieter committed his reserves, charging his cavalry and chariots into the midst of the newly arrived Empire troops. Dieter himself led the charge on the back of his manticore, swooping down to engage the Elector Count of Middenland and the White Wolf Knights in furious hand-to-hand combat. The battle hung in the balance as combat raged all along the line of battle.

Uncontrollable: At the start of each friendly turn, a model riding a Manticore must take a Leadership test. If the test is failed, the Manticore and its rider are subject to Frenzy until the start of their next turn. Also, should a Manticore's rider be slain, the Manticore is automatically affected by the `Raaargh!' Monster Reaction result, with no Leadership test or D6 roll.


At this vital moment the Kislev reinforcements arrived, having wiped out Dieter's small holding force. Wasting no time, the Winged Lancers charged into the rear of the Undead units that were attacking Beeckerhoven, decisively turning the tide against the forces of Undeath. As the attack weakened the Count of Nordland seized the opportunity to cut through the thinning ranks of Undead to attack the Doomlord directly.

Chaos Runesword This weapon was forged by Grungni Ironheart, a Dwarf Runesmith who was corrupted and Led astray by the Chaos Gods. Magic Weapon. The runes carved into the blade gives the bearer's +1 Weapon Skill, +1 Strength and +1 Attack.

When the Count approached, Dieter seized him in a vice-like grip and unleashed a powerful spell which would have blasted the Count's soul were it not for the protective Black Amulet he wore. This magic artefact turned the power of the spell back on its caster, stunning Dieter and leaving him helpless.

Staff of Flaming Death The eyes of the Staff of Flaming Death glow bright with magical fire and its jaws clatter and gnash constantly.

The Elector Count lunged at the defenceless figure, and ran Dieter through with his sword. With a terrible cry Dieter slumped in his saddle, and the legions animated by his dark will collapsed. Skeletons fell into piles of bones. Zombies stumbled and fell, decomposing before the eyes of the watchers till they became pools of rot on the ground. Ghouls

Power Scroll This scroll is imbued with great magical power which is released when it is read aloud.

Enchanted Item. Bound Spell, power level 4. This staff contains the Burning Head spell from the Lore of Fire.

Arcane Item. One use only. The bearer can use the scroll to cast one his spells at its basic power level automatically without using any Power dice. It can be dispelled as normal.


WALACH HARKON Grand Master of the Blood Knights MAGIC ITEMS:

Walach the Dark Star. Walach the Hated. Few legends are as infamous as that of the Grand Master of the Blood Knights. It was this mighty Vampire Lord that brought the curse of Undeath to one of the greatest Knightly Orders of the Empire, and built a kingdom of terror, where his will was enforced by immortal warriors.

Crimson Blade This is the sword that Walacb used to cut down the true Grand Master of the Order of the Blood Dragons. Its keen edge means red ruin to any who dare oppose him. Magic Weapon. The Crimson Blade cuts very deep with each strike. In addition to causing wounds as normal, roll on the table below to determine which additional effect each unsaved wound has.

But his life in death was not easy. He lost Mikael, his favourite, during a raid on a Sigmarite temple in Gottenburg. The fortress-monastery of the Order was besieged and razed by Empire troops, and Walach's bride, the Vampire maiden Aurora was slain. Most of the Vampires of his Order were destroyed by the priests of Sigmar or the fanatical Witch Hunters of Relicland and Wissenland. But some survived and are scattered across the Old World. Walach himself disappeared and was believed dead, but the world is not that lucky. The Vampire Lord survived.

D6 1-3



Walach is a proud warrior. His word' is a bond stronger than steel, and though he looks upon humans as tattle, a man of exceptional prowess and courage may catch the his eye, and such warriors he challenges to single combat. Those that then impress him (and survive) he invites to join the ranks of the Vampire knights. Those that fail to put up a decent fight Walach will slay without mercy. Knights of the Blood Dragon Order are all much like their master: proud, powerful and supremely confident in their martial prowess.

Walach’s Bloody Hauberk Vile magic has fused the blood of Walach’s victims into this armour’s enchantments, providing a shielding aura made of the souls of the damned. Magic Armour. This armour gives the wearer a 4+ armour and a 5+ Ward save. Blood Chalice The chalice contains the life blood of the greatest opponents Walacb has slain in battle. Their pure and noble blood is a potent source of power to any Vampire who drinks it.

Now it is believed that Walach is the master of the Blood Keep once more, and the armies of the dead are said to gather under his banners. Every hundred years the Blood Knights gather to their Keep to feast. recount their deeds and wars, and renew their oaths of fealty to Walach. One day Walach will lead them once again to war and exact revenge for his defeat: a debt that can only be paid in blood.

Walach Harkon Nightmare

Result Arm wound. Walach cuts his opponent deep, causing indescribable agony. The model loses 1 Attack. Leg wound. The model's movement value is reduced by -1. This includes charging and fleeing as well. Beheaded. Walach's enemy is beheaded and slain outright. Treat this as a Killing Blow.

At the beginning of each Vampire Counts turn Walach can drink from the Blood Chalice allowing him to do one of the following: • Heal 1 wound he suffered earlier in the battle. • Walach gains an extra Attack. • Walach coats his sword with blood, which bursts into flames. The sword gains the Multiple Wounds (2) special rule and Flaming Attacks.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 9 6 5 5 3 9 5 10 8 3 0 4 4 1 2 1 3

POINTS: 550.

The last two effects last until the start of the next Vampire Counts’ turn.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord).

Blood Dragon Standard The Order of the Blood Dragon's standard was held by Mikael, second-in command to Walach. After his death the Grand Master has carried the banner himself to remind his knights of the legacy of vengeance.

EQUIPMENT: Crimson Blade, Walach’s Bloody Hauberk, barding.

MAGIC: Walach is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires.

Magic Standard . This is the army's Battle Standard. Any Undead models within 12” gain the Hatred special rule.

SPECIAL RULES: The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric, Red Fury, Dread Knight.



LUTHOR HARKON Grand Arch Commodore The stretch of Lustrian shoreline known as the Vampire Coast owes its name to a luckless Norscan raiding party which, as is the way of their kind, attacked an Empire Merchant ship and took everything of value from its holds. Unfortunately for the raiders, their plunder included the sarcophagus of Luthor Harkon, a Vampire of unknown heritage. By the time the longship broke apart on the shores of Lustria, all its crew had undergone a marked change in both allegiance and vital signs. Though stranded many thousands of miles from home, Luthor never looked back and took his newly indentured vassals on a march of conquest. He carved out a realm for himself on the eastern coast of the southern continent. The winds and currents along that stretch of coast proved to be incredibly treacherous to unwary vessels. Over time, Luthor’s army became swollen with the lifeless corpses of all manner of unfortunate mariners. Before long, the Vampire Coast had its own pirate fleet, crewed by the dead and the damned. It is possible that Harkon might have become a great power in the world but for his colossal pride and greed. Determined to augment his magical abilities, Luthor took an expedition to the ruined city of Huatl, where he hoped to find some secret that would increase his might. It was on the third week of his excavations that his servants uncovered an undisturbed chamber, sealed tight with ancient and powerful glyphs. Convinced that this vault concealed great secrets from him, Luthor commanded his servants to break down the doors, but the power of the glyphs thwarted him. Each time Luthor’s Zombies assailed the portal, the witchfires in their eyes dimmed and extinguished as the magic that animated them was drained away by the glyphs. Enraged, Luthor assailed the vault with his own dark magic, but the seals had been placed to defeat even the greatest of sorcerers. Faced with a direct assault, the wards responded in kind. As the chamber began to collapse around him, Harkon found that he could not break the magical conduit between himself and the glyphs – worse, he realized that they were draining not only his magical energies, but his very life force as well.

SPECIAL RULES: The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric. Magical Void: The catastrophic results of Luthor’s great experiment severed him from the Winds of Magic. As such, unlike other Vampires, he has no magical abilities, beyond the power to control his Undead hordes. However, Luthor’s unusual condition means that he emanates a peculiar antimagic field. As a result, he has Magic Resistance (3) and generates four Dispel Dice. Split Personality: Luthor’s many personalities continually bicker and rage within the walls of his psyche, and his actions are guided by whichever of the many voices is currently dominant. If no single personality prevails, Harkon remains almost motionless as the battle in his mind rages. These periods of apparent calm can end in lucid moments or, more often, result in his more extreme characteristics coming to the fore. At the start of each of the Vampire player’s turns and whenever Luthor suffers a Wound, roll a D6 to determine which personality is in control. Each effect lasts until a new result is generated from this table.

With a supreme effort, Harkon managed to break free from the glyphs and staggered outside just as the passageway collapsed. The vault was swallowed once more. The magical backlash shattered his mind and severed his connection to the Winds of Magic. Now Luthor teeters on the brink of insanity – his personality fractured in a dozen different facets that battle for dominance in his mind. In the years since, the only common goal that Harkon’s various personalities have been able to work toward is that of finding a cure for his condition. To this end, he has bent his obsessions to seizing Slann artifacts, hoping that their power can undo the damage wrought upon him.

Luthor Harkon

D6 1-3



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 7 6 5 5 3 8 5 9


POINTS: 325. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, brace of pistols. 125

Result Brainlock. Luthor’s personalities fight among themselves, leaving him dazed and confused. He suffers from Stupidity. Mad. A completely unhinged character from the deepest depths of Luthor’s mind has surfaced and gained control of his actions. He suffers from the rules for Frenzy. Bad. Luthor’s “core” personality comes to the fore. Though thoroughly evil, Luthor’s primary personality is at least fairly rational. He may act normally. Dangerous to Know. A steely, determined, and ruthless portion of Luthor’s soul has clawed its way into the light of day. He follows the rules for Hatred. When Luthor is badly wounded and the strain is too much for the dominant personality, a stronger facet of himself takes over and continues the fight. Thus, when he loses his last Wound, Luthor gains the Regeneration (4+) special rule until the end of the turn.

THE RED DUKE During the siege of Lashiek. soon after the walls had been breached, the Duke of Aquitaine disappeared and was thought lost. For days rumours buzzed through the crusaders' camp about his fate until at last he was found, grievously wounded and delirious, but alive. The Duke's loyal retainers cared for him, and even when he fell into a deep coma they would not abandon him. Instead, they made their way back to Bretonnia and their homes, across burning deserts and through Ore and Skaven ambushes. All the time they bore their ailing lord with them on a shaded liner. Eventually they reached their homeland, and there they laid their master down to die. A gloom fell over the castle as the fallen Duke finally succumbed to his fever. His knights mourned for him and vowed to serve him loyally beyond death, words that would be their downfall in the troubled times to come. They buried him beneath his castle as was the custom in those far off times, and sung chants for his soul far into the night. Three days he rested in his tomb, and then, in the midst of a dark, stormy night, he rose. No longer the Duke of Aquitaine, champion of the king. Instead he had become a foul Vampire, tainted by his unknown ordeal. How this had happened no-one knew, but they had other, more immediate worries. In a few terrible hours he slew all the inhabitants of the castle and then raised them from their untimely death with his newlyacquired power. Soon he had a teeming army of Undead. and so began his evil reign of terror. In a short time the commoners came to shun his very name and began to call him the Red Duke. after the blood that soaked his clothes and deeds. Thousands of refugees fled northwards to seek the aid and protection of the king. When he heard of the events in Aquitaine. He gathered a powerful army and rode against his former vassal. The Red Duke, wary of the power of the king, sought the aid of the Keeper of the Tower of Wizardry. The tower was an ancient, ruined building left by the High Elves of old, built in a place of great power. Its Keeper, Isabeau, was widely recognised as the most powerful magician in Aquitaine. The Red Duke offered her an alliance: together they would challenge the king and divide the Kingdom of Bretonnia.

The tale of the Red Duke is an ancient story, well known throughout the lands of Bretonnia. It is told in several different ways, in differing detail, and in some the Red Duke is not the heartless villain that he is painted in others. But still it is a sad and tragic tale. Although the events described here are shrouded by the mists of time and distorted by legends, an attentive scholar can still reconstruct the real story, sorting the facts from the flowery language of the traditional chansons and ballads of the Bretonnian minstrels. What follows is this truth... In the time of the Crusades, during the rule of Louis the Righteous, the fifteenth king of Bretonnia, that the heathen Arabians. led by the thrice-accursed Sultan Jaffar. conquered Estalia and threatened the freedom of the rest of the world. Filled with righteous anger, the knights of Bretonnia gathered to oust the invaders. Amongst these knights was the Duke of Aquitaine: a handsome and powerful man, widely known as the most courageous knight in the land. When the noblest sons of Bretonnia raised their swords against the infidel, he was first amongst them, ever ready to protect the honour of Bretonnia. During the war that eventually freed the kingdom of Estalia and saw the corrupt reign of Jaffar end, he won great fame. A multitude of songs were composed about his victorious battles against the warriors of the Sultan. That was until disaster struck.

Isabeau refused. She saw the Red Duke as he was, an inhuman monster from the realm of the Undead, and she fled to join the King's retinue. The cataclysmic battle was fought on the fields of Ceren. Little is remembered from that conflict when the terrible Undead, still clad in the livery of Aquitaine, fought the nobility of Bretonnia. Suffice to say that no Undead creature could stand against the King, and the


POINTS: 470.

Grail Knights did not fear the spirits of the departed. The Keeper of the Tower, with all her power and wisdom, countered the death spells that the Red Duke had summoned in his rage. Finally the two former friends clashed, the king ng and his champion. The battle raged for an hour, but the Lady of the Lake was with the Bretonnian king and together they were victorious. The Red Duke's body was pierced by the king's lance, causing a death-blow blow that sealed the fate of his unspeakable army. my. His followers were scattered, his castle razed to the ground, and salt ploughed into the scattered ruins.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, weapon Blade of Leaping Gold, Armour of Blood,, barding.

MAGIC: The Red Duke is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires.

SPECIAL RULES: The Hunger, Undead, Vampiric, Red Fury, Dread Knight, Frenzy, Hatred (Bretonnia).

Isabeau advised the king to bum the remains of the Vampire, but he could not bear to see the body of his former champion desecrated. In death the Red Duke seemed his old self again. His features were noble and peaceful once more, and he seemed purged of his curse. The king ordered a great tomb to be built for his former friend and had it sealed with the mark of the Grail to honour the fallen. Then he ordered the real name of the Red Duke to be stricken from all records so that the terrible shame would be forgotten, and the relatives of the Red Duke could Live without constantly being reminded of the evil that once carried their name.

MAGIC ITEMS: Blade of Leaping Gold The Red Duke took this sword from an Emir of Araby he defeated in single combat. Magic Weapon. This sword gives the Red Duke +1 Strength and +1 To Hit in close combat. combat He may use this in combination with his mace for an additional attack, even while mounted.

The Armour of Blood The Red Duke wears the Armour of Blood, a suit of armour with mystic properties.

But the Red Duke ke was not dead. His body may have been pierced by the lance of the king, and his will shattered by the power of the Keeper of the Tower, but he had made plans for just such an instance. He had seen to it that part of his essence had been sealed in a crimson on jewel, formed from the blood of innocents and pure evil magic. The years he took to regenerate his shattered body were long, but finally he rose once more and prepared to cast aside the stone doors of his tomb. This time though it was the Red Duke who was w outfoxed. The Grail symbols, and magic sigils of the Keeper held the massive stone doors shut and scaled the Red Duke inside. For countless years he raged inside the tomb that had become his prison, but to no avail: each time he attempted to open the doors ors of the tomb with his ferocious strength, the holy carvings and the warding sigils burned into his hands. He cast countless spells to release himself, and used all his cunning to summon unholy creatures from beyond the walls of death to aid him but nothing ing could move the seal that had been placed on the doors. The wards that bound him were far too powerful.

Heavy armour. For every unsaved Wound caused in Close Combat by the Red Duke, he may regain a Wound previously lost during the battle.

Though the red jewel preserved the Duke's unnatural life, his hunger for the blood of the living grew until it drove him into a deep pit of madness from which there was no return. He could only scream his rage to the deaf stone walls and swear his revenge. So it remained for centuries, and people gradually forgot the evil legend of the Red Duke, until one day...

The Red Duke Nightmare

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 8 6 5 5 3 9 5 10 8 3 0 4 4 1 2 1 3


THE DARK KNIGHT Lord Falk of Castle Reces was once a powerful Knight in the service of the Bretonnian King Louis, until one day in a fit of jealousy he murdered a priestess of the Lady of the Lake. His retainers burned his castle to the ground, but his armour survived, horribly blackened and animated by his ferocious will. Now the Dark Knight is the captain and herald of the Undead Host in the service of the Red Duke, cursed to fight an eternal battle in the ranks of the dead.

The Dark Knight Skeleton Steed

overwhelming sense of pride plus the fact that he is the champion of the Red Duke means that he will always readily accept any challenge issued to him.

MAGIC ITEMS: Ghost Blade The Ghost Blade carried by the Dark Knight is an ancient and deadly weapon. Magic Weapon. This sword has the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule. No armour saves are allowed against wounds caused by this weapon.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 6 0 4 5 3 4 3 9 8 2 0 3 3 1 2 1 3

POINTS: 260. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Ghost Blade, heavy armour, shield, barding.

SPECIAL RULES: Undead, Killing Blow. Lord of the Dead: The Dark Knight is the Captain of the Undead host of the Red Duke His mere presence invigorates the Undead warriors. He and any unit he is with are allowed to make march moves and declare charge reactions as normal. The Unholy Knight: The Dark Knight is much more powerful than most of the Knights that plague the world. He feeds on the essence of the living. He has the Red Fury special rule. Unholy Pride: The Dark Knight is as arrogant and self-confident in death as he was in life. This



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 0 4 3 2 4 2 6

POINTS: 210. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: The Banshee is a level 1 Wizard. She uses spells from the Lore of Death. SPECIAL RULES: Undead, Ethereal, Terror, Fly, Ghostly Howl. Wail of the Banshee: The Banshee may wail once at the start of each Vampire Magic phase. Roll a D6 and consult the following chart: D6 1


3 The Banshee is a powerful Wraith, an evil creature that has plagued the lands of Bretonnia for untold centuries. Her mere presence strikes terror into the hearts of all mortals who dare to face her and her wailing cry brings only death and despair to those who hear it. When the Red Duke rose for the first time, the winds of dark magic lured the Banshee into the service of the Vampire lord.


5 6


Result The waling disrupts the winds of magic. All spells cast this turn suffers -1 to their casting rolls. One enemy regiment within 12", chosen by the Vampire player, must make a Leadership test. If they fail, then they are frozen to the spot and can do nothing at all during their next turn. The piercing shriek causes D6 Strength 4 hits on one enemy regiment within 12", with no armour save allowed. The bowl of the Banshee invigorates the Undead. Treat this as if Vanhel’s Dance Macabre had been cast on one unit within 12”. All enemy units within 12” must take an immediate Panic test. The Banshee's terrifying wall causes living creatures to age and crumble into dust within moments. Choose one enemy unit within 12” and roll a D6 for each model in the unit. On a 5+, the model takes a Wound with no armour save allowed.

RENAR THE NECROMANCER will. Instead he unleashed the worst Inc that Aquitaine has ever faced. Now he serves the Red Duke and is carrying out a mission for his master.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 3 3 3 3 2 3 1 7

POINTS: 140. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Renar is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of the Vampires or Lore of Death. SPECIAL RULES: Undead. MAGIC ITEMS: Cursed book Renar carries the legendary Cursed Book. This book is the reason why Renar fell from grace and began his study of the dark art of Necromancy. The hook radiates an aura of pure evil and dread.

Renar is a bitter and spiteful man. He is the former court magician of Duke Gilon. After the Duke found out that Renar had dabbled in the Necromantic arts, he was stripped of his tide and banished. Full of vengeance and bile, he sought out the tomb of the Red Duke in the hope of bending the ancient Undead to his

Enchanted Item. All enemy units within 6� of the bearer suffer -1 to their To Hit toll with shooting and in close combat.



VARDEK CROM The Conqueror, Herald of Archaon him with answers, his mood became dark and brooding. When news came to him of a company of armoured knights marching over his lands uninvited, Crom was furious. Angered by the slight to his sovereignty and made reckless by his infuriating dreams, he immediately rode forth to challenge the intruders. Catching sight of the knights across the sweeping plains he bellowed challenges at them until eventually their dark leader raised a hand, stopping Crom's riders and turning them back. The knights spurred towards the king of the Kul, who soon found himself encircled. Though outnumbered many times over, Crom did not back down and demanded to know who dared cross his lands without his permission. The leader of the knights replied simply that his name was Archaon, and he sought the sri treasures of Chaos. As far as Crom was concerned, for Archaon to make such a statement as this was the ultimate blasphemy. Drawing his sword Crom challenged Archaon to single combat and to prove that he was indeed the chosen of the Gods.

To the east of the Worlds Edge Mountains and north of the Mountains of Mourn, the Steppes stretch from the civilised lands of men to the Chaos wastes. These vast, rolling plains of grass and tundra are home to the Kurgan, savage tribes of nomadic warriors who spend their lives in battle to prove their might before the Gods. Born into a land constantly riven by warfare, the people of the north must be strong warriors lest they meet an early and brutal end in battle.

Archaon's shoulders shook slightly with silent laughter and gestured to one of his riders. Seemingly unhindered by the grew: weight of armour upon his back, the knight leapt down from his horse and charged at Crom. Crom simply grinned, and in a single motion battered the warrior's sword aside before back swinging his blade, severing the man's head. Crying out in triumph he demanded once more that Archaon face him Archaon said nothing, but gestured again. Another of the armoured warriors stepped forwards; again Crom cut him down with ease. A dozen times more Archaon sent forth his champions, and each time Crom proved victorious, the blood of the knights spilt upon the barren Steppes. The Kul ruler was in a fury, demanding to know why Archaon refused to fight, when the huge knight finally dismounted. Sensing that this was to be a fight worthy of his skills, Crom did not allow the knight to even draw his made before rushing headlong towards him, his sword swinging in vicious arcs.

Crom the Conqueror is of the Kul. A tribe of the Kurgan people, the Kul stake their claim on the lands above the Worlds Edge Mountains and to the east of the Sea of Chaos, from where they launch brutal raids on their neighbouring tribes, sometimes travelling as far as Cathay or the Empire in their quest for plunder. Possessed of an ambition that burned like fire and a keen warrior's skill, Crom bested his chieftain in a leadership challenge before his twentieth year. Crom's cunning and prowess ensured that the Kul rose to great renown, a position built on the backs of slaves, and paid for with a hoard of stolen wealth. Before another ten winters had passed Crom was one of mightiest kings the Steppes had ever known, and it was then that the dreams started.

At first the dark knight gave ground fore the enraged king, beating aside the ferocious attacks with his shield, seemingly unable to draw his own weapon in the face of such skill and ferocity. Crom pressed on, believing that he had the measure of his foe, but as Archaon reached the ring of knights, he gave ground no further and with a single sweep of his shield swept the blade from Crom's hand. Without pause, Crom flung himself weaponless at his foe but as fast as he was, Archaon was faster, his right hand closing in a vice-like grip about Crom's throat. As he lifted the struggling Kul high off the ground, Archaon

Night after night, Crom dreamt of the future, of a world drowning in a tide of Chaos for the glory of the Gods. He saw a dark figure silhouetted against a red sky, a blade sheathed in golden fire raised above its head. The dreams became ever more vivid, and Crom became convinced that it was a message from the Gods and a clue to his destiny; but who was this figure? Was it his own destiny to claim the world for the Gods, or was there another, even mightier than he? Obsessed with the meaning of the dreams, Crom spoke with the sorcerers of his tribe but when they could not provide


abandoned his shield and drew his sword, the blade easing from the scabbard.

of mortals was at an end and the Storm of Chaos was upon the world.

Struck with awe, Crom instantly stopped his struggles, for the blade shone with a golden flame that danced across runes inscribed so finely as to be barely readable. The serrated edge of the sword seemed to move and flow even as he watched, and a faint moaning emanated from the desperate struggles of an imprisoned daemon. Still holding the king at arm's length, Archaon told him of the quest for the treasures. The Sword he possessed already, and the Eye and the Mark. Still he needed the Steed, the Armour and the Crown. Crom had been tested and found to be a mighty warrior; Archaon bade Crom accompany him for the remainder of his journey. Crom realised that Archaon could truly be the figure from his dreams, the chosen of the Gods and of the prophecy — he who would bring about the Storm of Chaos.

It is not simply by his might at arms and the power of Chaos that Archaon sought to destroy the Empire. Once a knight of great repute, a commander and strategist highly respected amongst his order, Archaon had lost none of his tactical skill or premeditated guile. Though the army he had arrayed was vast, it was still but a fraction of the hordes of the north. Archaon knew that if the Empire were united against him, and if the Dwarfs and Elves stood beside the Emperor as they did during the Great War Against Chaos, his dreams of destruction would never be fulfilled. To avoid being thwarted, he had dispatched his self-proclaimed Herald Vardek Crom, known as the Conqueror, to lead his Kurgan horde across the Dark Lands. This mighty army fought against the Orc mobs of Grimgor Ironhide and survived, crossed the harsh wilderness of the Dark Lands, and battled its way up the Peak Pass across the World's Edge Mountains. Its leader, Crom the Conqueror, once sought to fight Archaon in single combat, but upon seeing the Slayer of Kings, bowed down in homage to the Everchosen. The chieftain of the Kul forswore all his worldly possessions and rank, and accompanied Archaon on his quests for the other Treasures. He returned to his homelands as Archaon sought the Crown of Domination, besting tribal leader after tribal leader in single combat to unite the Kurgan peoples against the Empire.

The Gods could not have given Crom greater honour and, leaving his people, he joined Archaon's band, the Swords of Chaos, and Crom's tale passed into the myths of the Kul. Over the decades spanned by that epic quest, Crom's fervour and belief in Archaon grew ever stronger. Soon he became the most loyal and devoted of his Lord's companions, travelling far and wide in his lord's name — a herald for the Lord of the End Times. As the day of prophecy drew near, Crom took it upon himself to create an army worthy of the Lord of the End Times and Crom returned to his homeland for the first time in many years. He strode brazenly into the tent of the king of his people demanding that the Kul swear loyalty to Archaon and the End Times. When the king, himself a mighty warrior, challenged Crom he was cut down like a mere boy. In awe of Crom and his words, and remembering the legends of their tribe, the assembled chieftains of the Kul acknowledged him with deafening cheers and swore themselves to his cause.

His attack from the east threatened Stirland, Ostermark and Averland, and also the Hallling realm of the Moot. His presence in the Peak Pass drew vital fighting men to the east, away from Middenheim where they might better combat Archaon's incursion. It is said that Crom himself had never been beaten in single combat, and he issued a challenge to any champion of Men, Elves or Dwarfs to face him.

Under Crom's leadership once more, the Kul burst forth from their own lands in a whirlwind of conquest. Those chieftains who would not join the cause were slain by Crom, their armies humbled in battle. and the people of their tribes pledged to obey Archaon as their ruler and Crom as his Herald. As the ranks swelled with the peoples of the conquered tribes. The horde swept eastwards across the plains.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 9 3 5 5 3 8 5 9

POINTS: 230. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Two hand weapons, Chaos armour, shield.

Crom's following was the largest army ever assembled in the east. the warriors fanatical in their desire to crush all before them in the name of their Gods. When finally the Conqueror was satisfied with the strength of the force at his command he led his army south, leaving the open plains of the Steppes for the rocky, greenskin-infested lands below. The lands of men would be attacked not only from the north, but also from the east, each incursion alone more mighty than any that had come before. Truly the time

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods. Master of Chaos Undivided: Crom and the vast majority of his troops celebrate Chaos in its purest, undiluted form. If Crom is your army’s General, units of Chaos Warriors bearing any Mark count as Special units. Knights or Chosen bearing any Mark counts as a


Rare choice. All units with the Will of Chaos rule may re-roll roll all failed Psychology tests, not just Panic tests.

his is opponents are torn apart by the storm of blows. If Crom fights with a sword and axe in a challenge, Crom may make an additional attack for each wounding hit he makes (before saving throws).

Immense Pride: Crom is a true warrior, a master of single combat. He has defeated many chieftains in single combat to gain leadership of their tribes, each victory increasing an already considerable pride. Crom must always accept a challenge if one is issued.

Crom uses his shield expertly, forcing his opponent back and blocking locking any attempt to launch an attack. If Crom fights with sword and shield in a challenge, any special rules applying to Crom's opponent's weapon are completely nullified; in other words his opponents always count as using a single hand weapon regardless regardles of their actual equipment. This applies to both magical and mundane equipment.

The Way of the Warrior: The Conqueror is supremely skilled in many styles of fighting, be it with sword and axe, or sword and shield. With his sword and axe, Crom is a whirlwind of destruction, his attacks striking with such power that


ARBAAL THE UNDEFEATED Destroyer of Khorne The Hound of Khorne: The Hound of Khorne is the Blood God’s own Flesh Hound, a Daemon of huge proportions combining the attributes of a Flesh Hound with massive size and power. Only Khorne’s chosen Champion is rewarded with the Hound of Khorne, which the Champion rides in the fashion of a monstrous beast. The Hound is an insatiable hunter, and is subject to the rules for Frenzy. It benefits from the protection of its magic-hating god, embodied by the heavy collar around its neck. It has Magic Resistance (2).

Of all the warrior heroes of Khorne the Blood God, there are few so devoted to their thirsting master as Arbaal. Thousands have felt his axe blade at their necks and now their white skulls lie at the feet of Khorne. At the city of Praag in the northlands, Arbaal led one hundred Daemons in the assault on its boundaries. It was Arbaal who finally breached the gates of the city and ended the siege. Legends claim that Arbaal slew a thousand warriors that day. Arbaal is the favourite of his master and his most devoted servant. Khorne has gifted him with the power of the Destroyer in recognition of his devotion, a reward that belongs to Khorne’s most favoured Champion alone. Only one warrior may bear the gift of the Destroyer of Khorne. Should his Champion be defeated Khorne’s wrathful eye will turn Arbaal to foul Chaos Spawn, for only the victorious are worthy enough to serve Khorne.

Arbaal Hound of Khorne

MAGIC ITEMS: Destroyer of Khorne Chaos Reward 25 points The Destroyer of Khorne is the gift Khorne, the god of war, gives to his most favoured of Champions. It turns Arbaal into a tireless warrior; a hurricane of fury and destruction upon the battlefield. Magic Weapon. The Destroyer of Khorne allows Arbaal to make D6 additional attacks in close combat. This can bring his total number of attacks above 10.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 8 3 5 5 3 8 5 9 7 5 0 6 5 3 4 3 8

POINTS: 335. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Destroyer of Khorne, Chaos armour. SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Mark of Khorne. Challenge: Arbaal must always issue a challenge if possible. If a challenge is issued to Arbaal or a unit he is with then he must meet it if at all possible. Wrath of Khorne: Arbaal is the most favoured of Khorne's many Champions. He is constantly under Khorne's scrutiny and should he fail in his duty then the Blood God's anger will descend upon him. If Arbaal flees for any reason then rather than fleeing he will be turned into Chaos Spawn. As soon as he turns to Spawn move Arbaal 2D6" directly forward, and then move him using the rules for Chaos Spawn. Once Arbaal becomes Spawn he loses his magic items and the Hound of Khorne returns to the Realm of Chaos.


EGRIMM VAN HORSTMANN Sorcerer of Tzeentch The search for and discovery of the source of corruption would make a long and horrific tale in its own right. In the end the Grand Magister unlocked the Dragon Baudros from its timeless prison beneath the Pyramid of Light and upon the winged and two-headed form of this most infamous of all Chaos Dragons he ascended into the sky and departed towards the Chaos Wastes. With his corrupted acolytes Egrimm formed the Cabal, perhaps the mightiest of all the warbands of Tzeentch. These sinister warrior-wizards of Tzeentch deemed Egrimm van Horstmann as their master. Egrimm covets nothing less than dominion over the entire world. He is a great conspirator, second only to his master Tzeentch. His acolytes are everywhere, and many of the secrets, cults and covens in the Old World are ultimately controlled by Horstmann. Such plots Đ°nd schemes please Tzeentch immeasurably, and he has rewarded van Horstmann greatly, making him the most favoured of his servants.

Egrimm Baudros

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 8 3 5 5 3 8 5 9 6 7 0 6 6 6 3 6 8

POINTS: 900 (540 for Egrimm, 360 for Baudros)

When Egrimm van Horstmann was ordained as Grand Magister of the Order of Light he was acclaimed as the youngest and most gifted wizard to rule over a magical order. As he knelt down and swore allegiance to the Emperor, no-one guessed that his loyalty had already been given over to another, far more sinister master.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). Baudros: Monster.

EQUIPMENT: Chaos Runesword, Chaos armour. MAGIC: Egrimm is a level 4 Wizard. He uses spells

As an Apprentice Chanter of the ritual bound Order of Light Wizards he served under Master Chanter Alric, the Saviour of Apesto, who taught him many of the order's ancient secrets. But all the time he served the Order of Light, Horstmann prayed to -the gods of Chaos for the power to defeat his peers. His progress was rapid. By day he studied Light Magic, and by night he pored over ancient manuscripts devoted to the lore of the Chaos gods. Daemons of Tzeentch whispered their timeless secrets into his sleeping mind and Egrimm's evil powers waxed strong.

from the Lore of Tzeentch.

SPECIAL RULES (Egrimm): Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Mark of Tzeentch. Cunning of Tzeentch: Egrimm is blessed with the deep wisdom and cunning of Tzeentch himself. In battle he can confuse enemy plans and foil their attacks. The opposing generals are like puppets in a play staged by Egrimm. Any army led by Egrimm gets +1 on its dice when rolling to see which player gets to choose table sides, and when rolling to determine who gets the first turn.

For three years the Grand Magister worked his evil in the darkness. Seeds of corruption were planted in the hearts of the Acolytes of the Order of Light. Rituals were subtly modified and their powers redirected. Beneath the College Egrimm laboured at the sealed vaults one-by-one defeating their magical locks to uncover the forbidden things they contained. It is impossible to calculate the damage done or the horrors unleashed upon the world by the Grand Magister before his evil was uncovered by the Inquisitors of Sigmar and the Grand Theogonist Volkmar.

SPECIAL RULES (Baudros): Fly, Large Targets, Terror, Scaly Skin (3+), Breath Weapons.


MAGIC ITEMS: Skull of Katam The polished skull of the daemonologist Katam constantly whispers dark words of power into the minds of those nearby.

At the edge of the Screaming Hills stand the Silver Towers of the Cabal. Here Tzeentch's Sorcerers study arcane lore and augur divinations, trying to foretell the moment when the Storm of Chaos will arise again, and how to harness it to their will.l. The Sorcerers of the Cabal do not speak: instead they communicate using telepathy, even over great distances. This way no-one one will know their plans.

The bearer and any other Wizards within 3" (friend or o foe) add +1 to their casting rolls. Chaos Runeblade Magic Weapon 45 points This is a black blade encrusted with writhing Chaos runes that radiate a dark and malevolent power. Its touch is deadly and its bite will penetrate ordinary armour with ease.

The Chaos Warriors of the Cabal are called the Thralls — they are the willing slaves of van Horstmann. Upon joining the Cabal, a warrior or wizard must swear unending loyalty to the master of the Cabal and his lord Tzeentch. He is branded with the magical sign of Tzeentch on his forehead so that he can never rebel against the will of his masters. In return he is initiated into the secrets of the Cabal.

Magic gic Weapon. The wielder of this sword gains the Multiple Wounds (D3) special rule. No armour saves may be taken against wounds caused by this weapon. Spell Familiar A Chaos Familiar can take almost any shape, from a tiny midget or strange beast to a walking ing tome or, as in the case of Egrimm's, a swirl of sulphurous smoke. It memorises a spell on its master's behalf constantly rehearsing for its big moment until it is called upon to share its arcane knowledge. The familiar's owner knows one additional spell. spe

The armour of the Cabal is archaic and ceremonial to the point of impracticality covered in a mass of talismans, ribbons and warding sigils. Their weapons are often magical, ensorcelled by the sorcerers of thee Cabal. In battle their blades give off an eerie glow that is frightening and yet at the same time fascinating. The Cabal are a terrifying foe: they act and fight in perfect synchronicity, guided by the mad genius of the Chaos Sorcerers. Their battle plans plan are infinitely complex and often seem contradictory, and yet they are always victorious. Their opponents feel that they are part of an act in which their roles are predestined, and trying to resist is like struggling against invisible chains. The symbol of the Cabal is the unblinking Withering Eye of Tzeentch on an open palm. Their banner bears this symbol, and it is a source of pride to the Cabal that it has never been captured. It is said that a man who gazes into the Withering Eye will grow old and waste te away in mere moments.



Do any remember how Count Mordrek the Damned came to his fate? Are there any amongst the wise of the Old World who recall which god he served? If such men exist they keep their own council.

TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Sword of Change, Change Chaos armour,

It is commonly monly supposed that the gods rewarded Count Mordrek with the gift of Living Damnation. He walks the world at the whim of the Chaos gods, never dying, yet never ascending to the Realm of Chaos. He has been slain many times and each time he has been resurrected ted to serve his masters again. He has endured many deaths and lived many lifetimes of mortal men.

Chaos Runeshield.

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos. Living Damnation: Beneath his Chaos armour the physical form of Count Mordrek the Damned, changes constantly, ravaged by the terrible mutations caused by the changeling power of Chaos.

The curse that lies upon Count Mordrek the Damned is to endure eternal change as well as eternal life. Within his Chaos armour his form writhes with constant constan mutation. Only the Chaos gods know why they have chosen such a fate for their servant, and their reasons are not fo mortals to understand.

Living Damnation affects some of Mordrek's characteristics. Before the beginning of the battle, generate Count Mordrek's profile randomly. Roll a D6 for his Weapon Skill and Attacks and a D3 for his Strength and Toughness and add the result to his profile. In addition, you must re-roll re any one of his random characteristics at the beginning of each of your turns.

He slays in the name of the Dark Gods, hoping agains hope that one day he might be freed of his curse a ascend to the peaceful rest of death. Those that die uncle his sword or turn into grotesque Chaos Spawn he envies, for they gain the oblivion he craves. Such is the curse of Count Mordrek the Damned.

Mordrek Chaos Steed

MAGIC ITEMS: Sword of Change The Sword of Change has the power to warp its foes and turn them into vile monstrosities: dribbling mindless creatures known as Chaos Spawn.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 4 3 3 3 3 8 1 9 8 3 0 4 3 1 3 1 5

Magic Weapon. Confers +1 Strength. Every time an enemy character or monster takes an unsaved wound from the Sword of Change it must take a Toughness test. If the test is failed, the victim becomes a repulsive Spawn-thing. thing. All enemy models in base contact with the victim take a S4 hit as the Spawn-thing Spawn flails wildly in its death throes (unsaved wounds will count towards combat resolution). olution). The victim is then removed from play. Chaos Runeshield The Chaos Runeshield is covered with writhing runes that have the power to destroy an enemy's magic. Magic Armour. Shield. Negates the power of any magic or runic weapons carried by models in base contact — treat them as ordinary non-magical non weapons of their type.

I have no right to pray for White Sigmar anymore, but from the Daemons guarding the gateway to the Realm of Chaos, I ask for your deliverance. Rest now, sleep for eternity. You are now free of the withering clouds of war. - Count Mordrek the Damned, to a dying Reiksguard Knight


VALNIR THE REAPER become rabid and men sicken and die. Many-times has Valnir won a battle before it has started, his fanatic Marauders cutting swathes through an army of stricken and diseased men, weakened by the onslaught of the Breath of Nurgle. The lands of the Empire and Kislev will have to pay a thousandfold for the death of Valnir. Valnir was awakened by Nurgle for a reason. The Reaper's work was not yet done. Although the power of the lord of Pestilence grew ever greater, Nurgle was not satisfied. He remembered his champion who had sent so many souls to him. Now he would continue to do so. Only Valnir and his patron know how many souls he smust gather before he can rest again. In the passage of time Valnir has come to hate all living beings because they stubbornly hold on to their souls and do not surrender them to his lord Nurgle. His flesh has rotted almost completely away. His Chaos armour is a shattered ruin. Maggots writhe in his eye sockets. His entrails ooze through the gaps in his armour. Yet a terrifying strength lives on in his skeletal frame. His grip is like iron, and no foe struck by his terrible flail ever recovers. The more he slays, the greater his vitality grows. His body has been crushed in battle many times, yet he has always risen again, ever eager to slay more and leave their rotting carcasses empty of their essence, their souls sent screaming to the realm of Nurgle. M WS 4 8


BS S T W I A Ld 3 5 6 3 7 4 9

POINTS: 400. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Gatherer of Souls, Chaos armour.

Over two hundred years ago, the name of Valnir the Reaper was feared throughout the lands of Kislev and the Empire. As a great warrior in the Tribe of the Crow, he took the path over the Mountains of Dusk to the Realm of Chaos and became a Chaos Warrior and then, in time, a feared and mighty Champion of Chaos.

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Mark of Nurgle, Hatred, Immune to Psychology, Fear, Regeneration (4+). Wind Of Pestilence: Where Valnir walks, disease and death follows. At the beginning of the game you may nominate one enemy unit that has been infected by the deadly contagion of Valnir. Roll a D6 to see which ailment this unit suffers.

Lord Nurgle made him the Reaper, the gatherer of souls whose task was to slay in the name of the god of Pestilence. He granted Valnir a daemonic weapon of great potency, a flail that could take souls as easily as it could take lives. Great was the number of innocents harvested by Valnir the Reaper. When the Great Chaos War came, Valnir answered the call to arms like so many other Champions of Chaos. He fought for his patron at the siege of Praag and the titanic battle for the Gates of Kislev. In the final cataclysmic melee he charged Alexis, the Tzar of Kislev, but was cut down, mortally wounded. Somehow he managed to stagger away from the battlefield.

D6 1-3



His followers carried his body back to the lands of the Marauders as was his final wish. The Marauders of the Crow tribe built a great stone throne from where Valnir could survey his ancestral lands. Thus it remained for over two hundred years. But Valnir's work was not yet done. Over the years the black wind from the Realm of Chaos grew stronger, and one day his rotted, skeletal form lurched to its feet. Thus Valnir stood tall once more, not dead, not alive, but a daemonic creature sustained by the power of Nurgle, the god of pestilence. His soul had returned to its carcass. Valnir the Reaper stalked the land once more. The tribesmen of the Crow fell to their knees when they saw him, and worshiped him as a demi-god. To them he was living proof that the lord of Pestilence was with them.

Result The Red Plague. The horrifying disease of the north wipes out men like a scythe cuts wheat. The unit suffers D6 S3 hits with no saves of any kind allowed. Brain Fever. As their brains become infested with worms and a burning fever, the victims become insane and weak-willed. The unit becomes subject to Stupidity. Black Rot. The flesh of the victims of the Black Rot turns dark, their hair falls out and their skin becomes a leprous, putrefied mess. All the members of the unit suffer a -1 Strength penalty. Chariots, war machines, characters, Undead and Daemons are not affected.

MAGIC ITEMS: Gatherer of Souls The Gatherer of Souls is a massive rusted flail, charged with the corpulent power of Nurgle. Its blows do not only kill, they consume the souls of its victims as well. Much of this stolen energy is passed to Lord Nurgle, but it also strengthens Valnir, making him stronger and faster in his task of collecting souls. Magic Weapon. The flails gives Valnir +2 to his strength. For every 3 wounds caused by Valnir during the battle, he may increase his Attacks, Weapon Skill or Strength by 1.

Where Valnir walks, plague and pestilence follow. Wells and fountains dry up and rivers and streams turn foul. Animals


AEKOLD HELBRASS Champion of Tzeentch Aekold Helbrass, Champion of Tzeentch, bears a most unusual gift – the gift that is known as the Breath of Life. Where Aekold walks the grass springs green and meadow flowers blossom. When he walks upon desert sands and stony rocks, the land bursts into life as he passes.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 4 8 5 5 4 2 7 4 8

POINTS: 270. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero).

Any living thing he touches springs into new and vigorous growth. The long-dead wood of doors and staves takes root upon his touch. His touch can restore to health creatures that are upon the threshold of death, for such is the power of the Breath of Life. His touch is as indiscriminate as it is potent, behind him he leaves a trail of new life and everything he touches is affected.

EQUIPMENT: The Windblade, Chaos armour. MAGIC: Aekold is a level 2 Wizard. He uses spells from the Lore of Tzeentch.

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Mark of Tzeentch.

While life giving is the gift of Aekold, he slays his opponents without pity or care for their life, for he knows all life is but an endless dance of change, dictated by Tzeentch, the Master of Fate.

The Breath of Life: The Breath of Life is one of the mysterious and bizarre gifts Tzeentch has granted to his most favoured of followers. Aekold has the Regeneration (4+) special rule. In addition, any character model in base contact with Aekold Helbrass, also gains Regeneration as long as they are in contact with him. If Aekold is killed during a battle, roll a dice at the end of the game. On a 4+ he recovers and does not count as slain, so your opponent does not gain any Victory points for killing him.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Windblade The Windblade is the great double-handed broadsword of Aekold, granted to him by his master, Tzeentch. Like all the favours given by the Changer of Ways, it is an erratic and unpredictable weapon. Magic Weapon. Great weapon. In addition, before the battle roll a D6 and consult the chart below to see what effect the Windblade will have on its bearer: D6 1-2




Result The Windblade allows its bearer to walk the winds of magic and move with an astounding speed. Aekold may Fly. The Windblade becomes as light as a feather in the hands of its bearer, and yet still retains its deadly power. The Windblade gives Aekold the Always Strikes First special rule. The Windblade swirls and leaps from the hands of its wielder, striking enemies at a great distance before returning to his hand. Aekold may throw the Windblade in the Shooting phase at any target within 12", using Quick to Fire rules. If the unit is hit it suffers D3 S5 hits.

DECHALA The Denied One In battle Dechala is an enchanting sight, her snake-like snake body dancing to amuse her patron. And as delicate del and sensuous as her movements are, they are nonetheless lethal to those who dare to oppose her, and many an opponent has been cut to pieces while entranced by her dance.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 7 8 3 4 4 2 9 8 8

POINTS: 250. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Multitude of poisoned swords (counts as a hand weapon),, Chaos armour.

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Mark of Slaanesh, Hates Khorne, Poisoned Attacks,, Always Strikes First. Dances of Slaanesh: Even battle is a way for Dechala to please her master. She dances across the battlefield sensuously, her blades making eerie whistling music to accompany her movements. In combat she may pick one of the following dances. The effect applies for that Close combat phase only. You cannot choose the same dance in two consecutive turns of the same combat engagement.

Dechala is the mistress of the Tormentors, the greatest of all of Slaanesh’s warbands to ever roam the Chaos Wastes. She is as cruel as she is beautiful and as pitiless as she is beguiling. The earliest records of the ravages of Dechala reach down through the centuries. Some say that she was blessed with great age by Slaanesh, or maybe the legends that she was once a High Elf princess are true.

• The Praise of Slaanesh: Dechala fights with dancing movements that enthral her enemies, and her twisting body becomes almost impossible to hit. All successful rolls to hit against her in close combat must be re-rolled. • Dance of Destruction: Dechala swirls with frantic energy, cutting limbs and severing heads with her whistling blades. Dechala gains +1 To Hit.

Dechala is mutated beyond recognition, making her a creature of Chaos more akin to a Daemon than a mortal. Her skin is smooth and milk-white. white. Her legs have been replaced by the lithe and sinuous body of a snake. Her multi-headed headed tail cracks like a whip, and an drips with poison. Her multitudinous arms grasp heavy-bladed bladed swords and her deep blue eyes glow with an inner light, promising terrible pain and pleasure to any who dare to stand before her. She has beauty that only Slaanesh may grant, but it is as unearthly unear and disturbing as it is irresistible. Her visage evokes loathing as much as it arouses pleasure.

• Daggerdance: Dechala’s twisting blades make a wall of steel around her that no sword master can penetrate. She gains a 5+ Ward save.

MAGIC ITEMS: Elixir of Damnation The Elixir of Damnation mutates its victim, leaving him in the grip of pain and ecstasy, unable to oppose Dechala. Enchanted Item. Dechala's weapons and tail are coated in this noxious elixir. If an opponent suffers an unsaved wound but is not killed, they cannot attack Dechala by shooting, in close combat, or cast any spells at her in the next turn.

Dechala seeks the ultimate self-indulgence indulgence and freedom from the shackles of law and order, but she desires this pleasure only for herself: others can suffer suf and die as long as her wishes are fulfilled. She is served by a host of slaves, victims of her hideous poison that erodes both the will and the body.


HARALD HAMMERSTORM "Harry the Hammer" In the tales of the Norse and the Kurgan, there is a legend that concerns one of the greatest feats of arms ever seen in the northlands. It tells of the great warrior Harald Hammerstorm, known fondly to his followers as Harry the Hammer.

Somewhere in the vestigial remains of their souls, a spark of awareness flickers to life upon seeing Harry – a memory of their deaths… Harry causes Terror in the Undead, even though the Undead are normally Immune to Psychology. They must take Break tests and can flee like ordinary troops, rather than crumbling from excess wounds. Fleeing Undead units rally automatically during their next turn. If they are not forced to flee from combat, defeated Undead units will take wounds as normal.

Harald was famed for killing the Daemon Mathrag Brainmangler during the Battle of Khorsvold, having smashed the Daemon Prince’s head from his body with a single blow of his hammer. On a cold midwinter day, as he led his warband across the Chaos Wastes, Harry came across the outcrop of an old ruin jutting from beneath the snows. Upon investigation, he located an ancient gateway leading into a dark tunnel. Thinking that there might be treasure within, Harald and his warriors descended into the crumbling vaults.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Hammer of Harry Harry’s hammer is blessed by the gods to banish the souls of those he strikes, and is powerful enough to send back the raised spirits of the Undead.

Their intrusion awoke something longdead in the darkness beneath the snow. Ancient warriors sworn to protect the secrets of the tomb-city were roused from their eternal slumber; with rusted blades, bony fingers and eyes aglow with witchfires, they fell upon the northmen. Stumbling out of the depths, Harald and his men were horrified to see the Skeletons pursuing them still. The tumbledown ruins now glowed with power and the melting snow revealed forbidding stones burning with magical energy. The Chaos warband found themselves in the middle of a great settlement from the dawn of time. Knowing that he had to fight his way free, Harald turned and faced the advancing legion.

Magic Weapon. The Hammer of Harry has the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule, and allows no armour saves. In addition, against Undead, Daemon or Forest Spirit models, Harry can re-roll any failed rolls To Wound and have the Killing Blow special rule. Armour of Damnation This ornate suit of Chaos armour shimmers with the eldritch energies of the Chaos Wastes, distorting the wearer's outline and clouding its foes' minds. Magic Armour. Chaos armour. Any model striking the wearer in close combat must re-roll successful rolls to hit.

The favour of the gods fuelled Harry as he fought; his hammer rose and fell with monotonous destruction, smashing skulls and ribcages to powder. Harald’s followers pressed in behind their leader and Harry formed the point of a wedge driving through the skeletal warriors. After a day and a night of fighting, as dawn rose the next day, the Undead were all but destroyed, piles of bones a storey high left in the wake of the Chaos Warriors.

Bane Shield The Bane Shield discharges a magic blast every time it is struck, rebounding the enemy’s blows back to him. Magic Armour. Shield. For each successful armour save in close combat, the shield inflicts a Strength 4 hit on the model who struck the blow.

Since that day, Harald has held a special loathing for the Undead. So efficient and determined is Harry at slaying the Undead that even their mindless spirits regard him with horror – he is an elemental force who hurls back the Undead with his steely will. The dead do not rest easy in the Chaos wastes, and Harald has no shortage of foes upon which to vent his anger.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 7 8 3 5 5 3 8 5 9

POINTS: 390. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: Hammer of Harry, Armour of Damnation, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Will of Chaos, Eye of the Gods, Hates Undead. Bane of the Dead: So strong is the aura of Chaos that surrounds Harry, even the dead dread to face him!



ARIEL Mage Queen of Loren This gives Ariel a 4+ Ward save and Magic Resistance (3).

Ariel is the queen of Athel Loren and presides over the realm together with Orion. Arid acquired the aspects of Isha, the ancient Elven goddess of nature, through the strange magic of the Oak of Ages at the same time as Orion gained the aspects of Kurnous. Thus the magical force of nature flows through Arid as if she were Isha herself.

Screech: Arid in her Sylph form does not use a weapon but attacks with her voice! In close combat she utters a shrill piercing screech in the face of the foe which can wound, stun or even kill. No armour saves are allowed against her attacks.

Arid wields immense natural forces and weaves them according to her will, commanding the trees of the forest to grow and vegetation to spring forth from the ground. She it is who weaves enchantments around the Forest of Loren to delay and mislead intruders, or lure them onwards to their doom! Like Orion. Ariel's immortality is linked to the seasons and though she dies each midwinter, she is reborn the following year. If Arid perishes in battle, the Elves will carry her away and seal her within the Oak of Ages to be reborn again in the spring.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Wand of Wych Elm This is a long twisted and gnarled staff cut from the rare and magical Wych Elm tree. This tree draws magical power out of the ground as it grows and stores it in its wood. Any wand cut from such a tree may have centuries of stored magical power locked within it. The only way to tap the power locked in the wood is to cut a wand from the tree and inscribe a spell on it. Only a demi-god or wizard of exceptional skill can unlock and use such power. When Arid takes on the divine aspect of the goddess Isha she gains the ability to use the power stored in the Wych Elm.

When enemies enter the Forest of Loren, Ariel shifts shape into her sylphlike war aspect. She grows almost twice the height of an ordinary Elf and unfolds huge wings like those of a gigantic moth, covered in tiny scales of shimmering iridescent colours. Upon her wings strange markings known as the Eyes of Isha and the Spirals of Isha can be seen. Sometimes Ariets wings display the markings of the death's-head moth indicating that she is enraged and in a vengeful mood.

Arcane Item. The Wand allows Ariel to cast one of her spells (chosen after rolling spells) without using any Power dice. This spell can only be cast using the wand, but will not require Power dice. The spell may be cast at is basic power level, and may be dispelled as normal. The Acorns of the Oak of Ages These are shed by the tree each autumn and collected by Ariel because of their magical properties. When the acorns are scattered on the ground they instantly sprout into oak saplings which grow at a phenomenal rate to become mighty trees in a moment.

Moth-like antenna emerge from Ariel's head, but her face remains that of a beautiful she-Elf with piercing eyes. The upper part of her body is clad in shimmering scales of incandescent green while the lower part trails away into infinity like an ethereal or elemental being. She appears to glow with an inner light like the moon and trails raw magic in a shower of glittering stardust. In this form Ariel can fly around the battlefield wielding her magic. The wafting of her huge wings over the heads of the enemy fills them with dread and awe.


Enchanted Item. One use only. This creates a wood up to 6" in diameter on the battlefield with Ariel at its centre. The acorns will only sprout on flat open ground. The Dart of Doom This dart was carved from a twig broken from the Tree of Woe. The tip of the dart is a thorn and the shaft is engraved with magical spiral designs.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 4 4 4 4 9 3 10

POINTS: 600.

Magic Weapon. One use only. The dart has a range of 12". Roll to hit using Ariel's Ballistics Skill. If the dart hits a model it causes 1 automatic wound which no armour saves allowed. If the wound is not saved the dart sucks energy out of the victim, draining their Strength characteristic by D6 to a minimum of 1.

TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Infantry (Special Character, Lord).

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon. MAGIC: Ariel is a level 4 Wizard. She may use spells

The Berry Wine This is a magical and intoxicating brew made from the berries of magical trees. It is so potent that more than enough can be held in an acorn cup.

from the Lore of Life, Lore of Beasts, or Lore of Athel Loren.

SPECIAL RULES: Fly, Forest Walker.

Enchanted Item. One use only. The wine can be given to any one character in contact with Arid in the magic phase, or she can drink it herself. Any character who has suffered wounds will regain up to D6 wounds.

Divine Aura: When Ariel assumes her Sylph shape she becomes a magical being like the goddess Isha herself and gains a divine aura of protection against hostile magic,




M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 4 3 3 2 5 1 8

POINTS: 195. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, long bow. MAGIC: Naieth is a level 2 Wizard. She may use spells from the Lore of Life, Lore of Beasts, or Lore of Athel Loren.

SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Asrai Archery. Othu the Owl: Naieth is always accompanied by her faithful companion Othu the Owl. When not flying around the battlefield Othu rests on Naieth's wrist. Naieth is able to understand the owl's twitterings and knows how to interpret his strange wisdom. It is said that many of her inspired prophecies indeed come from the owl, for Othu is all-seeing and all-wise. In battle Naieth sends Othu to swoop low over the battlefield where he will see where the fighting is fiercest and the danger is greatest. Sometimes Othu will perch upon the standard of a regiment or the shoulder of its leader. This is seen as an omen of good luck by the Wood Elves. A unit of Wood Elves favoured by the owl seems to gain from the bird's uncanny sureness of sight and are more likely to shoot straight!

Naieth the Prophetess is skilled in the arcane art of divination. Only a select band of mages knows this secret lore. By means of divining rods cut from magical trees they are able to 'feel' the flow of magic deep within the ground. When they Find a point at which the magic rises towards the surface they instruct their kindred to set a great stone in that place, carved with arcane spirals to direct the flow of magic.

The Wood Elf player can declare that Othu has settled on a specific unit of Wood Elves at the start of the shooting phase. The unit may then re-roll any failed rolls to hit when shooting with long bows in that turn. The owl never settles on the same unit twice in succession, nor can he bring luck to characters armed with magic bows or missiles, who therefore will not get to re-roll even if they accompany a unit that does. Othu is not vulnerable to weapons, missiles or magic, but if Naieth is removed from play Othu flies away.

In this way the Wood Elf mages have created a web of magical protection around the Forest of Loren. Changes in the flow of magic can be detected using the divining rods and used to predict impending danger or the presence of intruders in the forest. Naieth has become so adept at interpreting these signs that she is known throughout Loren as The Prophetess.


Whereas other mages study the ways of the elements, trees and beasts, Naieth has devoted herself to the arts of divination. Although there are mightier mages with greater power upon the battlefield, Naieth will sometimes accompany the Wood Elf host to battle to use her unique and subtle skills to help her kindred.

The Rod of Divination Naieth carries a long rod which is made of the willow twigs of many magical trees woven and entwined tightly together. Wherever this rod is thrust into the ground it has the power to tap the flow of magic and draw it to the surface. Arcane Items. The rod give Naieth an extra Power dice.


THALANDOR Thalandor Gwandor

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 5 6 0 4 4 3 4 2 8 2 5

POINTS: 215. TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character, Hero).

EQUIPMENT: Spear of Daith, long bow. SPECIAL RULES: Fly, Forest Walker, Walker Asrai Archery. War Paint: Thalandor paints himself with magical designs before going into battle. These can magically deflect blows from weapons ns and missiles and give him a 3+ Ward save against missiles and a 5+ Ward save against close combat attacks.

MAGIC ITEMS: Spear of Daith This spear was made by Daith, legendary master craftsman of Loren. He carved upon its shaft mystical spirals which give the weapon a will of its own. Upon the hardened copper spearhead are engraved eyes that allow the spear to seee the blows of the enemy and intercept them with its unbreakable hardwood shaft.

Thalandor was known as 'Doom Star' because he would swoop over the dark forest by night hunting for Goblins trying to creep into Athel Loren under cover of darkness. If he spied any from on high, he would swoop down between the pines and attack without mercy, riding upon the back of Gwandor, his faithful Great Eagle.

Magic Weapon. Spear. The Spear of Daith can parry any opponent's close combat attacks against him on a 4+. If successful, the enemy attack misses.

Gwandor the Black is perhaps the most famous of the Great Eagles. This mighty bird carried Thalandor into battle against the undead hordes off the Vampire Count of Sylvania, and it was the bravery and power of Gwandor that saved Thalandor's life on that grim day.

Talisman of Qwarr Qwarr was as the mightiest of all the Great Eagles who ever lived and an ancestor of Gwandor himself. It was Qwarr who slew the ravenous dragon Grathgol when he came to steal eggs from his eyrie. Although the dragon plummeted to his doom, torn by Qwarr's talons, Qwarr rr himself also perished in the fight. Elves saw this terrible conflict in the air and preserved the mighty talons and beak of Qwarr as a powerful talisman.

A Wood Elf contingent which had marched to help the Empire by scouring the grim pine forests of Sylvania for signs of the Count's army, my, was overwhelmed by Skeleton hordes. The location of the enemy was revealed, but almost at the cost of the entire Elf contingent. With their general slain, the Elves fought a rearguard action and many escaped. Thalandor heroically held back the hordes with ith his magic until he was beset by Carrion and badly wounded. The Elves escaped, thinking Thalandor had fallen. Meanwhile, Gwandor fought ferociously to rescue his master and carried the wounded Thalandor speedily back to the safety of Loren where he was healed by the magic of o Ariel.

Talisman. If the talisman is hung around the neck of a Great Eagle he is protected by the spirit of o Qwarr, magically deflecting enemy blows. blows Enemies units suffer -11 To Hit against Thalandor with missile attacks.


LOTHLANN THE BRAVE Battle Standard Bearer Lothlann Elf Steed

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 9 3 0 3 3 1 4 1 5

POINTS: 165. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, light armour, shield. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Asrai Archery. MAGIC ITEMS: The Battle Standard of Athel Loren The Battle Standard of Athel Loren is woven from the hair of countless Elven maidens who sacrifice some of their golden, silver or russet tresses as strands to be woven into the banner. With each generation more strands are woven into the banner making it more magnificent and more enchanted than before.

Lothlann earned his nickname 'the Brave' at the Battle of the Creaking Yew. Here he took up the battle banner from the hand of the slain Athryn the Strong when the Elves were in desperate battle against the Skaven. When the Elves saw the banner rise again with Lothlann bravely galloping among the foe hewing to left and right, they surged forward like an irresistible tide. Thus they utterly defeated the ratmen, scattering them in headlong rout through the forest to become the prey of wild beasts during the hungry winter of that year. Since then Lothlann has had the honour of bearing the sacred battle banner of Athel Loren.

Magic Standard. This is the army’s Battle Standard. The banner is surrounded by a magical aura of protection. All friendly units within 12" of the standard are affected. Any enemy spell directed at a unit within this aura will fizzle out on a 5+.



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 6 0 6 6 6 2 5 9

POINTS: 380. TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: None. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Spirit, Forest Walker, Stubborn, Strangle-roots, Flammable, Large Target, Tree Singing, Terror. Tough Hide: Durthu's 'skin' is gnarled and dense, even by the standards of Treemen — he has a Scaly Skin Save of 3+. Whenever Durthu is wounded, he treats the Armour Save modifier of the attack as being one less than it would normally. Amongst the eldest of all the Ancients of Athel Loren, Durthu can remember a time when the Elves dared not walk within the forest. Like others of his kin, he once longed for a time when the groves of Athel Loren did not suffer the presence of any outsiders. Over time, however, what was once a burning hatred has faded to the merest ghost of irritation - proof positive that even the oldest and most stubborn creatures can change if the span of time is sufficient. In truth, the Dwarfs must bear some responsibility for the softening of Durthu s attitudes towards the Elves. Shortly after the Elves began to live in Athel Loren, a band of Dwarfish explorers blundered into Durthu's groves, felling many trees and even taking an axe to the ancient himself, thinking him to be no more than a particularly large and flammable looking variety of oak.

One Tree Short of a Forest: Durthu has seen incursion after incursion lay waste to his beloved groves. He may re-roll any missed rolls to hit in close combat. Unfortunately, his eagerness to exact revenge upon particularly vile forest-despoilers often leads Durthu to fixate upon one particular enemy who he judges to be the one most responsible. At the start of the game, the opposing player may nominate one of his own units as a group of ruthless, tree-killing individuals who have been guilty of earning Durthu's ire. At the start of each Wood Elf Compulsory Moves phase, Durthu must pass a Leadership test or move directly towards the chosen unit if it is visible, charging it if he can. If unable to charge the chosen unit he may charge a different enemy, providing that it brings him closer to the chosen unit.

The scars that Durthu took that day have never healed, though it is certain that he had the better of the encounter as not one of the luckless Dwarfs survived to tell the tale. It is certainly possible that Durthu began to feel more kindly towards the Elves from that day forth. This may have been because he realised that they were respectful of the forest (for mortals). More likely, it was the way that many of them came to spectate whilst the furious Treeman repaid the indignity of his situation upon the Dwarfs, interfering only to herd the frantic interlopers towards Durthu, letting out the occasional cheer when a Dwarf met a particularly entertaining death. Unfortunately, Durthu has never really been the same since, and whilst the other Ancients tend to sleep through the years, he stays awake and alert, just waiting for a foe to show itself.

Unburden of Thieflings: Durthu is infested with spites possessed not only of seemingly inexhaustible malicious energy but also a kleptomaniac streak a league or so wide. When these spites swarm over the target they use their razor sharp claws to filch anything that takes their fancy (peculiarly, this tends to be all manner of clasps, buckles and pins, although it has been known for several to work together in acquiring a particularly shiny helmet). These spites act as a missile weapon with a range of 12" that always hits on a 4+ and inflict D6 Strength 2 hits (this may target a different unit to his Strangle Root attack). In close combat these spites give Durthu an additional D6 Strength 2 attacks. Any enemy units that suffer wounds from either of these attacks is suffer -1 To Hit and To Wound as well as -1 to their armour saves until the start of your next turn.

Durthu resembles a wizened and gnarled old oak tree. He is immensely old and has endured in the depths of the forest for untold ages. On rare occasions he is glimpsed among the shadowy glades or even found by wandering mages. If the Forest of Loren is invaded, Durthu will become disturbed by the shouts and wanton destruction of the invaders. Enraged, he will lurch through the forest seeking out the intruders and attack them with a savage fury that defies description.

Tree Whack: Durthu is a an unstoppable force, able to smash things that would be proof against other weapons with a single, well-chosen, strike. Rather than making his normal attacks, Durthu may choose to make a single Strength 10 attack that causes D6 wounds.


WYCHWETHYL THE WILD Wardancer Champion POINTS: 200. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Wardancer weapons. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Immune to Psychology, Talismanic Tattoos, Shadow Dances of Loec. Choose Opponent: Wychwethyl is an expert dancer who can pick out his favoured opponent in the confusion of battle and bound into combat with hint. In close combat, Wychwethyl can therefore choose to attack any enemy model in the enemy unit, not just the models in base contact with him. Dance of Doom: Wychwethyl knows an ancient and secret war dance which he can use once per battle. Instead of attacking as usual, Wychwethyl may make one attack against each enemy model in the front rank of one enemy unit in combat with him. Dodge: Like other Wardancers, Wychwethyl makes up for his lack of armour with speed and agility, making him difficult to hit. Enemies must re-roll successful rolls To Hit against him in close combat.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Drum of Orcskin Wychwethyl carries the Drum of Orcskin which is made from the stretched skin of an Orc warlord slain at the battle of the Glade of Woe and beaten with a drumstick made from his rib-bone.

Wychwethyl is a Wardancer of exceptional skill and agility. It is he who performs the ritual dance at the beginning of spring which awakens the King and Queen in the Wood after their long sleep in the Oak of Ages. In battle he is unsurpassed in his reckless savagery.


Enchanted Item. Wychwethyl may beat the drum when he charges. When he beats the drum it quickens the pace of Wychwethyl with its unearthly rhythm. Wychwethyl and any unit he is with move so fast and wildly that they gain the Swiftstride special rule when they charge.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 7 6 4 3 2 7 3 9


SCEOLAN Sceolan is the oldest and most cunning of the Wood Elf warriors. He fights on foot and will usually lead warriors from his own kindred of the Oak Glades. Not only does he use the longbow but he is an expert hand-to-hand fighter and adept at organising ambushes in the depths of the forest.


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9

POINTS: 150. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, Bow of Loren, Buckler of Bronze, light armour. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Asrai Archery, Scout.

MAGIC ITEMS: The Bow of Loren The Bow of Loren is strung with the hair of Elf maids and enchanted with potent charms. Magic Weapon. Long bow. This wielder may fire as many times as he has Attacks on his profile. He does not suffer -1 To Hit for firing multiple shots. Buckler of Bronze Sceolan carries a buckler instead of an ordinary shield. This is a small shield with a spiked bronze boss and many bronze studs arranged in arcane patterns. Not only does this buckler parry the blows of the enemy but it can be used to strike back at any opponent whose blow is parried. Magic Armour. Shield. For each attack that Hits Sceolan in close combat, he may make an extra Attack back immediately.


SCAW THE FALCONER It is said that the Falconer dwells in an eyrie in the topmost branches of an old pine tree in the company of his falcons. Here he speaks with eagles and other birds of prey, He shuns the company of other Elves, but will fight beside them if the forest is in danger from enemies. Then the Scouts and the kindreds will go to the greatest trouble to seek him out to join them in battle. He commands his falcons as they fly, directing them with birdcalls as deadly weapons, swooping out of the sky into the attack. These keeneyed living missiles are more deadly than arrows and always return to their master dripping blood from their wicked hooked beaks and sharp talons.


Skaw a 5+ armour save against missile attacks and a 6+ armour save in close combat.

MAGIC ITEMS: Flail of Claws The Flail of Claws is a flail with three thongs each tipped with the talons of gigantic extinct birds of prey. Unlike an ordinary flail made of heavy chains and spiky balls, this flail is light to wield in combat and tears into the flesh of the foe. Magic Weapon. Flail. The flail gives Skaw the Always Strikes First special rule. In addition, if the victim is hit by the flail but not wounded, he is temporarily ensnared by the flail and loses 1 Attack for the duration of the turn.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 5 5 4 3 2 7 2 8

POINTS: 125. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Flail of Claws. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker. Falcons: Skaw has three falcons which he uses as missile weapons and as weapons in close combat as well. The range of the falcons is 24". Roll to hit against Skaw's Ballistics Skill as normal. In close combat, use his Weapon Skill. He can stand and 'shoot' using the falcons if charged. The falcons can target models using the Sniper special rule. Each falcon inflicts a Strength 3 hit. After the falcons attack they fly straight back to Skaw. The falcons cannot be attacked or slain, but if Skaw is slain, the falcons are lost with him. Feather Cape: Skaw wears a cape of feathers not only as protection but to show kinship with his birds of prey. The cape can be spread out resembling the wings of a great bird. The feather cape is extremely thick and made of several layers of interwoven feathers. It gives


GRUATH THE BEASTMASTER It is said that his name was originally Gruarth, but to most Elves he is known only as `The Beastmaster'. He has forgotten his name and even the words of Elven tongue if he ever knew it. Now he speaks only to the beasts of the forest with their own calls and gestures. He dwells on the margins of society, but in the depths of the forest. He shares the lairs of wild beasts by night. By day he hunts with his feral brethren and feasts on the same prey.

The beast cape is extremely thick and made of several layers of hide. It gives Skaw a 5+ armour save against missile attacks and a 6+ armour save in close combat. Beastmaster: The Beastmaster controls a pair of sabretoothed tigers called Fang and Claw. He doesn't feed them for two or three days before he expects to go into battle! The Tigers may move away from Gruath if they wish, making a skirmishing unit of their own. They may return to Gruath later on if they wish, in which case the unit will revert back to the normal Monsters & Handlers rules. The Beastmaster can either move with the tigers or direct their movements with animal calls. He must always keep within 12" of the tigers to do this. If the tigers become separated from him by-more than 12" they will always move towards the nearest enemy, charging if possible. They defend themselves if attacked and they will Hold if charged. If both tigers are slain, Gruarth becomes subject to Hatred.

The Beastmaster has two companions: Fang and Claw, two ferocious sabre-toothed tigers. Fang and Claw are a pair, male and female, the last of their kind in the forest. When the forest is threatened by enemies, the Beastmaster is summoned and comes forth with his tigers to do battle beside his Elven kindred. He fights alone, controlling his pack as they stalk the battlefield for prey with their long, dagger-like fangs. After the battle, glutted with flesh, Elf and beasts disappear back into the trees. M WS BS S T W I A Ld Gruath 5 5 5 4 3 2 7 2 8 Sabre-toothed Tiger 7 4 0 5 4 2 5 2 5

The Binding Bolas The Beastmaster is armed with a bolas — a special hunting weapon. The bolas is made of three leather thongs which are joined together at one end. The free ends of the thongs have heavy stone weights attached to them. The bolas is hurled by being swung around the user's head and released in the direction of the intended target. The thongs entangle themselves around the victim's legs and trip him over. The stone balls can also inflict a stunning wound.

POINTS: 130. TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, the Blinding Bolas. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Monsters & Handlers, Swiftstride (Sabre-toothed Tiger only), Fear (Sabre-toothed Tiger only).

Magic Weapon. Sling. The bolas has a Strength of 4 and inflicts and are Armour Piercing. In addition, they gives Gruath the Sniper special rule. If a target is wounded but makes a successful save, then he is temporarily entangled and cannot move in his next turn. Entangled enemies may be left behind, counting as casualties, or in the case of a character, as if he had left the unit.

Animal Hide Cape: The Beastmaster does not wear armour or carry a shield. Instead he wears a cape of animal hide not only as protection but as a mark of kinship with wild beasts. The cape has an animal head with horns attached to it.



M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 4 3 2 7 3 9 5 6 0 3 3 1 4 1 5 9 3

POINTS: 130. TROOP TYPE: Cavalry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: The Twilight Spear, long bow, Helmet of the Hunt, light armour, shield.

SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Walker Asrai Archery. MAGIC ITEMS: Twilight Spear When this spear strikes, the fury and rage of the wielder is channelled into the body of the foe with appalling and destructive force. Magic Weapon. Spear. This spear confers the Killing Blow special rule on the wielder. Helmet of the Hunt This enchanted helmet imbues the wearer with the spirit and fury of Orion. The helmet gives Athelwyn a 6+ armour save, which can be normally combined with other equipment. When Athelwyn charges, he receives +1 Attack and +1 Weapon Skill for the duration of the turn.

The leader of the Wood Elf delegation is Athelwyn from the Willow kin. He will do anything he can to retrieve the magical objects he believes the Bretonnians have stolen from Athel Loren. He prepared a clever plan in case the Wood Elves were re not able to win over the objects in honest battle.

ELTHRYN SPECIAL RULES: Forest Walker, Asrai Archery,

Elthryn is a sneaky wood elf, lf, who often comes to Quenelles for trade. He knows the Bretonnians very well and knows how one can outfox them. Athelwyn chose him as his companion for this reason, reason for he has a cunning plan to steal the prizes of the Bretonnian tournament.



MAGIC ITEMS: Rain of Arrows of Doom Elthryn brought through wise foresight one of the very rare and very precious and deadly Hail of Doom Arrow with him,, which is kept by his kin in a secret clearing. Hee knew that there will be trouble with the Bretonians, having dealt with them already.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 6 6 4 3 2 7 3 9

POINTS: 120.

Enchanted Item. One ne use only. Magic Arrow. When fired, the arrow splits into 3D6 magical Strength 4 arrows. Roll To Hit for each arrow.

TROOP TYPE: Infantry (Special Character, Hero). EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, long bow, light armour.


GWERCUS THE TREEMAN Gwercus acts as the protector of the sacred willow clearings, which are home to the Willow Kin. Most of the time he just stands there, still and motionless, like the rest of the ancient, gnarled willows surrounding the clearings. From time to time he changes his place, only to get the most sunlight during when the seasons change!

There is nothing which irritates Gwercus more than noise, riot, the bad waves of human magic and the sound of axes which burry themselves into the flesh of his tree brothers!


M WS BS S T W I A Ld 6 5 0 6 6 6 2 5 9

POINTS: 325.

Gwercus is revered by the kin and he is cared for by countless dryads, who live between the trees and saplings surrounding him. Adding to that, he is guarded by the rangers, asked for advice by mages and on special occasions awakened or calmed by the war dancers during their rituals. Gwercus is unimaginable old and is revered by the dwellers of the clearing as living god, a mighty spirit protecting their homes. Should somebody or something enrage him and cause im to awake, they will follow him and attack those, who disturbed his peace.

TROOP TYPE: Monster (Special Character, Lord). EQUIPMENT: None. SPECIAL RULES: Forest Spirit, Forest Walker, Stubborn, Strangle-roots, Flammable, Large Target, Scaly Skin (3+), Tree Singing, Terror.


Yolath is the highest mage of the Willow Kin. It is his duty to watch over the sacred clearings and to perform the Rites and Ceremonies of the Seasons. His ancestors have lead his kin cenuries ago into this part of Athel Loren and Yolath does not intend to be the elf who looses their territories to the Bretonnians.

Thalandor Great Eagle

Silver Arrow The Silver Arrow has the following inscription: “I strike down every foe. No armour can offer protection against me”. Enchanted Item. One use only. Magic Arrow. This arrow has the Multiple Wounds (D6) special rule. No armour saves may be taken against Wounds suffered by it.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld 5 4 4 3 3 3 5 1 9 2 5 0 4 4 3 4 2 8

POINTS: 430.

Acorncasket This golden casket contains a handful of enchanted acorns.

TROOP TYPE: Monstrous Cavalry (Special Character, Lord).

Enchanted Item. One use only. These acorns may be planted into the soil, at the start of the Wood Elf Magic phase. Immediately place a unit D6 Dryads anywhere within 6” of Yolath.

EQUIPMENT: Hand weapon, long bow. MAGIC: Yolath is a level 4 Wizard. He may use spells from the Lore of Life, Lore of Beasts, or Lore of Athel Loren.

The Old Staff This is a skilfully carved wooden staff with an engraved face. On the staff there is a line, which says “This all that remained of Guath the Old. Plant me, if you are in great danger.”

SPECIAL RULES: Fly, Forest Walker, Asrai Archery, A Blight of Terrors.

Enchanted Item. One use only. The staff may be put into the ground at the start of the Wood Elf turn. Place a Treeman anywhere within 1” of Yolath. The Treeman acts as part of the Wood Elf army until the start of the next Wood Elf turn. After this, remove the model.


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Warhammer: Special Characters  

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Warhammer: Special Characters  

A fan-made book containing update rules for classic Special Characters for Warhammer. For the latest updates, visit http://warhammerarmiespr...

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