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Office of Student Involvement

Welcome To Mason Nation! Mason offers a ton of choices when it comes to getting involved and engaged in the campus community. It’s all up to you to make the most of your experience! Whether it’s playing pool in the Corner Pocket, hanging out in the Rathskellar, getting involved in or creating your own student organization, you can decide how you make your mark as a Patriot on our campus.

A Year of Major Involvement Awaits You... + The Preamble (Welcome Week) + Patriot’s Weekend + Comedians + Homecoming Week + I-Week (International Week) + Greek Week

Ten Easy Ways To Get Involved... 1 2 3 4 5

6 + Mason Day + Distinguish Quill Awards + Mason On Location & Service Saturdays + Bench Painting + Family Weekend Comedian & Activities + Concerts

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Go to, where you can find a calendar of events and find info on any student group. Attend the Connection Carnival during the first week of school. Participate in The Premable events, including Mason Mayhem. Watch for fliers and posters advertising group meetings. Attend a recruitment event for a fraternity or sorority.

Look into lending your creative talents to one of many Student involvement events and initiatives - we’re always looking for the creative, energetic folks! Join Student Government and have your voice be heard! Hang out in the Johnson Center and see what groups are promoting themselves or sponsoring an activity. Drop by the Program Board office and find out how you can help with the next event and possibly join a committee. Talk to a staff member about how you can start your own organization.

GAPSA Weekends Program Board Student Government Student Organizations Fraternity & Sorority Life Recognized Student Organizations

Do You Have Time? 15 hours of class time + 30 hours of study time (2 hours per class) + 56 hours of sleep time (8 hours per night) + 21 meals (1 hour per meal ) + 20 hours of part-time work = 26 hours left over


Student Organizations visit for a Full list of organizations and events. Mason is proud to have over 300 student groups and organizations. Each of these groups are separated into 7 categories which make up the Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) and our newest Graduate and Professional Student Association (GAPSA). All organizations provide leadership opportunities, workshops, and round tables each semester.

Student Government visit to join Student Government represents students and advocates for your issues. As elected representatives, they strive to work toward the interests of the Student Body and ensure the University works toward a set of goals that empower us, now and in the future.

You Are Living One of the Most Exciting Times In Your Life! Your upcoming years will be filled with new people, new experiences, and many memorable moments. College is the time to not only study, but to learn about who you are.

Membership in student organizations gives you the opportunity to:

+ Go beyond the classroom and express yourself + Learn about yourself and others + Meet people with backgrounds different than your own + Create relationships that will impact the rest of your life

There are several ways to stay connected to the Mason community: Why Collegiate Link? CollegiateLink provides a way for ALL Mason students to keep track of the many involvement opportunities and events that are offered within the university. Whether it is community service, seeking membership to a student organization or just looking for something to do, CollegiateLink is your ticket to getting involved! Visit for more information.


visit for more info

Join a dynamic community of over 1,200 students from 38 Greek-letter organizations. The Fraternity and Sorority Community values leadership, service, philanthropy, community, friendship and Scholarship above all else. You’ll participate in many activities and events throughout the year that directly relate to our core values.

Weekends at Mason was established in 2008 to foster community on campus Thursday-Sunday through coordination of events, promotion of events, and outreach/collaboration with others in the Mason community.

+ Develop new interests + Emerge as a leader + Become a decision-maker + Further your education

Stay Connected on and off Campus!

+ CollegiateLink - NEW! + Facebook + Twitter + AIM + YAHOO + MSN

Fraternity and Sorority Life

Weekends @ Mason!

Chapters participate in individual events ranging from community service to social oriented events. As a community there are many events that occur each semester, each with its own highlights, including Homecoming, Greek Week, Step Expo, Leadership Retreat/ Conference, and many more.


Program Board

visit for more info

visit for more info

The Graduate & Professional Student Association is a student governed body representing the graduate student population on campus. GAPSA aims to unite graduate students and establish a forum which graduate and professional students are able to address issues, grow professionally, and cultivate a stronger graduate community. Join one of these committees:

+ Concerts +

Program Board is a student organization that strengthens community through activities which are entertaining, interactive, and educational. They believe in bringing diverse events means representing the multiple cultures of the George Mason community. Film Committee

+ Homecoming + Comedy and Speakers +

Special Events

Think Outside of the Box and Have More Fun!

Expose Yourself to New Cultures. Languages. Experiences.

In the Office of Student Involvement we encourage students and staff to think creatively. We want everyone to contribute ideas and think of new ways they may enhance campus and their experience at Mason. There are many ways to be creative with the type of experience you’ll have during your time here.

The Office of Student Involvement sponsors many activities throughout the year that celebrate our diverse community at Mason. Some of the events and activities are sponsored or co-sponsored by our department while others are developed by students who share the same passion for embracing the diversity that makes our campus so great.

Maybe you’ll find a way to work on campus that uses skills you’re acquiring in your classes. Or it may be something you’re really good at doing and you want to see if you can take those skills to the next level. Whatever the case may be, never quit thinking creatively!

Create Your Own Student Organization or Join One!

Events Celebrating the Diverse and Unique Mason Community Include: + Heritage Month Celebrations + Cultural Fusion + International Week + Cultural Nights

+ Salsa Dancing + Argentinian Tango + Caporeira + And Much More

Bring an Innovative Program to Campus and Work With Our Office to Make it Happen! Run for Senate and Create Change on Campus!

visit or ca l l u s The HUB (SUB II), Room 2300 at the Fairfax Campus 703.993.2909


Student Involvement Guide  

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