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Montian Gilruth

Texas Jam

JazzMan Correia Frets Nirvana Soundman: Sing it out loud

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Editor's Note Seasons greetings and welcome to issue #6, our last issue for 2009. It has been a big year for M3. The magazine marked its first year anniversary (as of the previous issue), the number of subscribers increased five-fold to around 10,000, the magazine is available from 80 newsstands located throughout Second Life, and we have just launched our own website, Matters of Music ( Even with all these changes, there is still more in store for next year. This brings me to the big announcement that I had said was coming this issue. Starting in January, Music Matters Magazine is changing to a bi-monthly publication schedule. With six issues per year the M3 staff will be able to keep you, our readers, informed about the SL music scene in a more timely fashion, and be able to get the word out more quickly when there are major, breaking news about music related events. If you would like to get your own newsstand so visitors to your club, mall, or even small store, can pick up the latest issue of Music Matters Magazine, send an IM to Reslez Steeplechase. There are several stylish models available which use from 1 to 10 prims. The newsstands help spread the word about the SL music scene, and encourages return visits to your place of business. On behalf of the entire M3 staff, warm wishes for a safe and happy holiday season.

Impressum Editor Andrew Hellershanks Assistant Editor Shannon Oherlihy Art, Layout & Design Kaela Kilara Sales & Distribution Reslez Publisher Pat Insoo

Contributors Angharad Catteneo Bibi Ballinger, Jura Shepherd, Shannon Oherlihy, Shellie Sands, Sherrie Shepherd, Solomon Brink, Taff Nouvelle, Throughthesewalls Moody

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// Issue 6 // Dec 2009

Texas Jam Gathering holds true to the claim that everything is big in Texas

Nuts and Bolts Reflections, a performer`s view

JazzMan Correia – Fusing Entertainment with Spiritual Feeling

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The Soundman Tweaky, tweaky little star, you want to shine bright as you are

Members of the Second Life™ music community got together for a gathering in Dallas the weekend of October 23-25th. For three fun filled days, SL musicians and fans played, listened, danced, hugged, and supported each other. Following a smaller but successful Montreal Jam in the summer, the same organizers decided to try one in the USA in a totally different environment, the deep southwest. Luka Mikoyan, Maximillion Kleene, and Renee Bimbogami selected a good sized hotel with a ballroom in a busy suburb of Dallas, Texas. Twenty six musicians signed up to play and probably three times as many fans and supporters came in from the US, Canada, and one, Angelwithahintoflife Piertersen, who flew in from Ireland for the Jam.

You might wonder why people hanging out in a social network on their computer would lay out a good amount of cash in this economy to travel and meet folks they don‘t know in real life. I‘m not sure there is an answer. To what extent virtual realities affect our personal lives still raises more questions than answers. How people use Second Life™ as part of their real lives is certainly about social networking but is proving to be so much more. So far, as residents, we are less inclined to analyze this phenomenon and more inclined to immerse ourselves into the experience. So, at the end of October, nearly a hundred people took a chance that the real

life experience of getting together for three days would be essentially the same as sitting home at the computer, hanging out with their SL friends and enjoying live music. How remarkable!

The ballroom of the Holiday Inn was filled with large tables and a simple stage barely big enough to hold amps, a keyboard, and one musician, much less the 5 or 6 who The Jam began quietly enough with eventually joined their friends on a few of the organizers arriving stage to play. By Friday evening, earlier in the week to organize and the tables filled with people setting put plans in motion. Some of us up laptops, cameras, various silly arrived on Thursday to meet those hats, and art materials to create who‘d we been friends with for posters and simulated gestures, for some time in SL. Only because of streaming live into Second Life™. exchange of pictures and phone calls Gwampa Lomu set up Ustream so over time would we even know who that folks in Second Life™ could to look for. The fun of discovering watch the Jam in real time. As it a close friend in a hallway, or at turned out, the number of viewers the next table, at breakfast was was huge with several hundred extraordinary. “Anyone here from tuning in at any one time. Well Second Life™?” Silas Scarborough over 9,000 viewers tuned in to the asks a room full of people at live stream and many hundreds breakfast − lots, it turns out! attended in world. There was

barely any space in the ballroom for dancing but people managed to boogie anyway. Oddly enough, no one danced anything like our avatars in SL. Someone forgot to bring pose balls! Food was provided for those who signed up for the event. An excellent Texas barbeque and Mexican buffet were provided Saturday and Sunday. The music was the reason for this weekend. It, too, proved remarkable. People who are solo musicians in-world, stepped up to the stage to jam with each other as though they had been doing it for years. Some musicians had never performed with others or had any real stage experience but you would never have known. The

joy of sharing this experience with each other brought out the best in everyone: talent, courtesy, a lack of egos. You should remember that the majority of Second Life™

No one danced anything like our avatars. Someone forgot to bring pose balls! musicians don‘t hang out at other shows in-world. There is some artist attendance, as artists show up a few minutes prior to scheduled gigs and may hang around for a few minutes after their shows to be courteous. To see performers stepping up to support their peers, often in the smallest way, was wonderful.

Max Kleene introduced us to “The Box” which was the most underrated, but easily most popular, instrument at the Jam. It was just an empty case that he and others sat on to drum with their hands. There were lots of beautiful instruments of course. Guitars, keyboards, dobros, and electronic bass fiddles made wonderful music, but The Box stole the show! Two SL venue owners, Cryene Madonna and Gwampa Lomu, were in the audience. Lea Anatra, who manages Strummer Vultee, was there. Strummer and Morton Shamen jammed together and we learned that they have a history as a bar band in the past. Long time SL star, Kim Seifert, stepped up to sing with many, as well as doing her show on Sunday. A surprise attendee was Ictus Belford who had a false start on Friday with a vehicle

breakdown. He finally arrived on Saturday, as Silas Scarborough was on stage, and joined Silas in doing “Make My Day”, an original that Ictus is most known for. Kim joined them on stage and made a memory that Silas says he will have forever. Silas had, less than an hour previously, discovered his truck packed with musical equipment had been broken into and looted. To get up on stage and perform at that moment was courageous to say the least. Haroldthe Burrel, Creola Deledda, and Woodstock Burleigh, three of the most popular music supporters in SL, came in from Philadelphia, New Orleans, and New England respectively. Maylo Lilliehook provided comic relief in addition to her wonderful singing. She donned a dinosaur costume and was the life of the party for much of the weekend. Curiosity brought a few non Second Lifers and at least

lessons learned from each event. How, or if, events such as these will continue in the future is an unknown but enthusiasm is high for now.

one, Feather Foxdale, has become a new resident. It‘s impossible to name everyone who came but people are still talking about the experience, and the SL Music Jam in Texas group is still up and being used everyday to promote shows of those performers who played at the Jam and for just keeping in touch with new friends. With its overwhelming success, other Jams are being planned for 2010. Ones that have been mentioned but not confirmed are in Connecticut, Virginia, and Los Angeles. One with a proposed date and location is for Chicago. June 18 to 21st is all but confirmed. Anek Fuchs is the lead and there is a group, Chicago Jam-Summer of 2010, with over 80 members so far. Everyone is invited to join and lend support and ideas for another successful event. There will be

So what we are learning is that musicians want to share their music in real life, not just Second Life™. Supporters and fans also want to be part of the experience. Anonymity is falling away in favor of the real experience of being with friends made on a social network. What

Anonymity is falling away in favor of the real experience of being with friends is different about this community is that not only is it based on a common interest but that everyone involved is working to promote music and artists in and out of Second Life™. Finding the ways to pursue meaningful recognition for one‘s music is the big challenge right now. Perhaps the real life Jams are a way to begin as getting together allows for more immediate, substantive discussion. In any case, it is a heck of good time!

Nuts and Bolts Why do we DO THIS, anyway? by Solomon Brink

We all know that Second Life™ is a very fertile ground for musical talent. On a given evening we can hear a selection of live music to rival any major city. For most, listening to five separate, highly talented, musicians would at the very least require serious risk for DWI. And the cover charges would kill you. While we smugly discard messages informing us that our last-week’s favorite artist will begin a set at the Hummingbird in five minutes, do we ever pause to consider that five or six years ago nothing in the history of the world gave us this capability? How fortunate are we to have become this jaded?

That’s just the listening side of it. From a musicians’ standpoint, it boggles the mind to realize that maybe half the avatars in your crowd are from countries you never heard of. And because of them, possibly several other people in countries you never heard of have heard of you. Who knows, maybe if they like you, they’ll buy your CD from CD Baby. Or at least download an MP3 from So it’s a match made in Heaven. SL musicians are cashing in like OPEC here, right? Not the ones I talked to. Most cite SL’s effect on the bottom line, as at best, secondary motivation.

The most optimistic assessment came from blues player extraordinaire, Kelvinblue Oh, who feels that his near-daily live shows have a positive effect on his CD sales at Kelvin draws good crowds, and stays at it persistently. In fact, persistent effort is the common theme among those who report a financial boost.

Forsythe Whitfield

Forsythe Whitfield, for instance, utilizes several web based approaches to sell CDs and downloads. He’s also a frequent SL player and hosts a Saturday morning live music show at his latest SL venue, Heart and Soul. In real life, he alternates his time between touring the US and doing whatever people in Canada do when they’re not touring the US, so he stays pretty busy. He reports that his sales are hard to quantify, since they come from varied sources, but figures SL probably helps. Well-known SL music figure, Ictus Belford, sells cds online with his RL band, Pipe Full, and solo cds and downloads at http://www.myspace. com/Ictus_Belford. He seemed rather lukewarm about the effect of his SL gigs on CD sales. He was

Ictus Belford

most enthusiastic about in-world MP3 vendors. Blue4u Nowicka is the Queen of SL blues. Her fans love her madly; her fellow musicians are mostly in awe of her. She packs venues, in SL and RL. This is no accident. She’s a master guitarist with a voice that’s exactly what Blues are supposed to sound like. She’s the Real Deal. She may be the most web-savvy Blues player in history. She’s been marketing in various net venues for as long as I’ve been aware of them. I remember her from as far back as maybe ’96 or ’97, and she was a pro then. I haven’t caught up with her lately so I don’t know what she thinks of the benefits of SL. But among the folks I’m aware of, she seems to make the most seamless blend of SL/RL/YouTube/MySpace/ WhatHaveYou. I suspect that, had I talked to her, it would have all come back to that persistence thing I mentioned earlier.

It’s not just that you can reach a global audience; it’s that they’re some of the globe’s finest. it. So despite the aforementioned fiscal dynamics, I want to give it another shot. Since I’ve been back I’ve talked to others who have also left and returned. Others yet have been frustrated enough to leave, but just didn’t. Why does that happen? It’s no small effort to do this. Return on investment is negligible, time-wise. What keeps us here, or pulls us back when we leave? It’s fairly simple, really - we’re musicians. Musicians need two things: 1) solitude, and 2) crowds.

Which means it’s not the magic wand I was looking for. I suspect others will find the same. You can actually make a little money in SL, but it’s slow, incremental, and the result of more hours labor than it’s probably worth. So I quit.

Creativity is usually achieved by people working alone. Once achieved, however, there’s a nearimmediate need to bounce it off others, share it, receive feedback, and support. SL is a wonderful and immediate forum.

I didn’t play in SL for nearly a year and, for much of that time, I missed

And SL crowds are the best. When it all comes down, that’s it. It’s not

just that you can reach a global audience; it’s that they’re some of the globe’s finest. You’ll find people from all walks of life. But in a world where language, culture, and time barriers are routinely crossed, where computer literacy is a requirement, you’ll find few idiots. Your audience may be small, but it’s diverse, and highly sophisticated. If they like you, and buy your stuff, it’s probably because you’re good. It’s comforting to know that.

Blue4u Nowicka

So we come back.

– Correia

an M z z Ja ntertainment E Fusing eeling F al u pirit S with rd e h p e h S e i By Sherr

Reggie Spires (A.K.A. JazzMan Correia), has been a performing artist since the age of seven and has been writing his own songs for seventeen years. He brought his outstanding talent to Second Life™ because he felt SL was an “Incredible way to get exposure for very little money investment.” He also feels, “Low overhead, playing in my boxers, and the amazing global outreach to so many people” are all benefits to performing in SL. Correia explains, “The gospel is my calling… honouring the One who blessed me with the talent. The gospel addresses what I believe is a need in every human being which is a spiritual feeding of sorts.” However, gospel is not the only genre that Correia performs. He says, “The other, which is a fusion of Jazz/R&B/Pop, is for another need I believe every human needs and that is entertainment. They are very different in their purpose and focus but both a part of my life‘s purpose.” Reflecting on how he got into performing, he said, “Gospel is what

I have performed since I was a kid growing up in the church. Jazz I started liking when I started playing trumpet in the 6th Grade. My band director also started a middle school Jazz band and I was hooked from that moment forward. Now I love anything with a groove and decent lyrics.” Of his songwriting, Correia says he gets his inspiration based on what he may be going through at the time or what he observes. He says, “All my music is deeply connected to me in one way or another… most of it based directly on something I have experienced.” In July 2009, Correia performed his first all gospel shows at The Sleeping Dragon. All of the heartfelt songs performed by Correia were originally written by him with one song in particular, “Where would I be”, capturing the crowd. It was a song written by Correia after a difficult time in his life., a site for independent musicians, voted that particular song number one for several weeks. Hostess at the event, CoCoLady Dench, said, “I became an instant fan of JazzMan and was

“Gospel is what I have performed since I was a kid growing up in the church. Jazz I started liking when I started playing trumpet in the 6th grade” very excited to hear he would do a gospel set. I know it was an honor for The Sleeping Dragon’s to provide the venue and hope there will be many more to come.“

Nighbor, to manage me and off we went. Then not too long ago I added Maali Beck to my team as PR Director/Hostess and she has been amazing in building the fan base at shows. She is without a doubt one of the most gifted people in that Getting started in SL he attributes area I have met on here. Nighbor to Trax, which he describes as is equally gifted in working with an incredible resource for live musicians. “It has a ton of info-based venue owners. She has also been very instrumental in bringing fans tutorials that show you how to do to the group.” Correia invites SLers it. I have always been a gadget geek so I had a lot of stuff from my to visit his Trax Listening Booth at RL gigs that helped me get started quickly. I asked a friend, Distracting Trax/158/174/27.

Realizing a dream, Correia opened The House Of Jazz in August. In launching the club, he took to his own stage and offered a stunning mix of his fusion of Pop, R&B, Motown, Jazz, and Blues repertoire. The house was packed and you could feel the electricity throughout the 3 hour musical extravaganza. Looking to the future, Correia believes he will be very successful. He adds, “It has been a long road, and very difficult at times. It is difficult right now… but it is what I do, who I am. I can‘t do anything else. I will never forget or totally leave the folks here on SL. My fans truly are an extended family to me. I love them dearly and will forever be grateful for every moment and Linden they have invested in my career.

It is very difficult sometimes to help people understand that although the majority of folks in SL are here for fun, it is a job for me. It is business. At the end of the day, I have to feed my family and pay bills like everyone else. I work hard at trying to keep my expectations realistic here but at the same time I believe the sky is the limit. I hope that I not only take from SL but am also a vibrant part of leadership, growth, and change in the Live Music Scene. I desire to give as much as I receive.”

More infos about

JazzMan Correia


Frets Nirvana releases new music compilation

t r o h S o Life is To e v o o r G e n O r o f

Frets Nirvana, the premier fingerstyle guitar artist in the virtual world Second Life™, announces the release of his new compilation of music. Included are 12 fingerstyle arrangements of high profile songs such as George Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, great traditional music such as “Amazing Grace”, and some of his own compositions such as “Holler Stomp”. Each selection is unique because Frets believes that “Life is Too Short for One Groove”.

Frets will be introducing this great compilation of music at CD listening parties in December, 2009. For additional information on Frets Nirvana’s release of “Life is Too Short for One Groove”, contact Frets Nirvana, or visit

Frets Nirvana grew up in the rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio and in his good old band days could be seen hanging out and playing in clubs with the likes of Joe Walsh All selections are available through and the James Gang, and Phil the music vendor MP3 by Me at all Keaggy and Glass Harp. While of Frets Nirvana’s performances in playing guitar for as long as he can Second Life. It will also be available remember, his love of that instruin 2010 on sites such The Sixtyone, ment has developed into a focus on iTunes, and Bandcamp. acoustic fingerstyle guitar. His music interests are wide. At any moment

in time you can hear him playing something from Merle Travis, Chet Atkins, or Jerry Reed then moving on to old Delta type blues tunes, picking up a resonator guitar to play slide then playing an arrangement of a classic Beatles tune, or even delving into some gypsy swing while performing a Django Reinhardt piece. Frets feels that life is

too short to experience one genre of music and as a result ‚ his playing keeps the listener interested by offering a variety that demands Frets constantly concentrates on improving his skills.

On Easter weekend of 2008 MUSIC NOT POLITICS, with the assistance of Money Island and JSP Island, set out to raise awareness of live music in Second Life™. A scheduled 48 hour live event was held on the Money Island Sims. The general music groups, musicians, and venues were invited to participate in the event which lasted 52 hours and brought over 1,100 new fans to the music scene. On Easter Weekend 2009, the now annual Music Awareness event, carried on for over 100 hours.

Coming on April 2, the Easter weekend of 2010, MUSIC NOT POLITICS, with the assistance of Money Island and Z‘s Music Club, are pleased to present MUSIC AWARENESS 2010. This event is expected to run at least 100 hours; the response has already been tremendous. The event will be promoted both in-world and out through simulcasts on FCMC Radio and the MUSIC NOT POLITICS web site. Money Island will have a special area set up where musicians and venues will be welcome to have a box of free promotional materials.

Musicians wishing to participate in this event are required to contact Throughthesewalls Moody directly and only through email at Check the Calendar at (move the date to April 2 and scroll to find available dates. Please include dates, and times you are available and a Skype ID if you have one. Limited slots are available. Once they are filled we will expand hours as long as needed to accommodate all who wish to participate. In the spirit of Music Awareness this year we are looking to put together a compilation SLCD and/or SLCD‘s of music to be distributed free to fans attending the concerts held during the event. Each artist wanting to participate shall have one original song on the album. A copy of the CD with full perm rights will be given to each artist following the event with the understanding that the CD will not be sold. The benefit to your participation is, of course, exposure of your music to a wide variety of fans from all genre.

This event will be staffed by MUSIC NOT POLITICS staff and volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help with the event, please contact Moody at Any Venues wishing to participate and/or help with promotion, please send an email to Throughthesewalls Moody at musicawareness2010@

Check calendar and updates at Click Web Tab!

Montian Gilruth Better than therapy I looked forward to seeing Monti play at Stonehenge, having only heard him briefly once before. Dressed in a kilt, and donning his guitar, Monti took the stage, opening with a great rendition of “Free Fallin´” followed by a ballad. He softly stroked his guitar, melody after melody, singing in a surprisingly rich, powerful voice with evident emotion. His guitar style is somewhat off the beaten path of the norm I am accustomed to hearing. A friend, who was familiar with virtual worlds and already well established in Second Life, introduced Monti to SL. According to Monti, he quickly recognized the potential for music here. One day he stumbled across the Hummingbird Cafe where he was immediately welcomed by the owners. They explained the streaming process in SL and he was off and running, performing at the next regular open mic there. Following that performance he was approached to do a full hour set the following

by Shellie Sands

week. Throughout this time period he was also doing weekly open mics at Sterling Vineyards. Born and raised in Montreal, Canada, he organized the Montreal Mixer this past summer. In real life, he regularly plays with a big musical community there. He also runs a coffee house type event in the Montreal area once a month, showcasing interesting new talent. The lower level of his home is like a studio, and he takes his music seriously, maintaining high standards for his music. An amateur musician by his own admission, Monti has been “fiddling about for years” with some live performances, music event production, coffee houses, and benefit concerts. Monti typically plays 3 gigs per week alternating between 6 venues, but only one gig per night. His regular gigs include Monday evenings at Heron Island Performing Space (HIPS) or Sterling Vineyards, and Wednesday evenings at Nitida Ridge

or Prim Economy Music Park. On Thursdays he alternates between Tranquil’s Paradise Garden and Stonehenge Arena. He has also been known to do the occasional impromtu gig but he does not like to “overplay”.

which was “a ton of fun, with about 14 SL musicians and another 35 fans hanging out for the weekend. This type of event can be something that really helps to build the community aspect of music here in SL and I would be interested in continuing to develop this concept. I have kicked around the idea of perhaps coordinating a number of meetups on the same weekend at different locations and tie them all together through SL and video streaming.” Monti sees it as a “great promotional aspect“ for bringing awareness of the music

He has also been known to do the occasional impromtu gig but he does not like to “overplay” scene here in SL, as well as an “opportunity to work on the development of SL music and performance”, a type of “global RL/virtual convention”. When asked about his future plans in SL music he was hesitant, saying, “Well… I should be thinking about recording at one point… but that seems a bit daunting.” He talked about the Montreal Mixer in July


C.Y.D. s Record

Syl Darcy

e s a Ch r u o Y

s m a e r D by


erlih h O n o n n Sha

Syl Darcy joined Second Life™ to market her artwork. She was already painting on the Internet when one of her viewers mentioned that she should have her art on Second Life™. Her first gallery was on the Broadway Live Island sim. She was looking for ways to increase sales of her artwork and thought that adding live music would bring in more prospective buyers. “When I first

learned of the music industry in SL I was blown away,” she says. Ms.Darcy would hang out at Orientation Island and talk to the people entering SL (she was looking to hire people to sell her artwork for commission) and found that she was meeting so many musicians, that it dawned on her to start a music business.

C.Y.D. (Chase Your Dreams) Records was founded in August of 2008 to give musicians everything they need to become successful in SL, and in RL. They provide each of their musicians with a record label contract, a personal stream, broadcasting training, booking management, an exclusive video of selected music tracks, group support and management, professional photography, promotion and sale of tracks on iTunes and MySpace, MySpace design, a wide variety of venues at which to perform, a custom stage board, a custom tip jar, and a press kit. C.Y.D. Records also benefits venue owners by bringing to them quality artists and seamless shows as well as helping to book last-minute performers.

others use backing tracks. Musicians who wish to be represented by C.Y.D. must audition first. Artists with their own music are preferred. Syl says, “We do want to have the best artists, and I think we do have some of the best, but we also help the ones that sing with backing tracks.” When asked what criteria she uses for accepting musicians into C.Y.D., Syl says, “I don’t have criteria for helping someone. I normally will help all, or try to.”

Currently, there are 17 C.Y.D. musicians, including Elisha Wulluf, PM Bookmite, AMFORTE Clarity, Karter Stonecutter, CarbonCrooner Constantine, Bosco Constantine, strum Diesel, Keith Madsen, Cylindrian Rutabaga, Bara Jonson, Heaven Deschanel, Zerbie Magic, Blaine Scorpio, Molly Serpente, Snoopy Azalee, iCandy Overland and Valeria Pera. Nine of them play their own instruments, while eight

“This past year has been amazing for C.Y.D. in so many ways”, Syl says. I believe that hard work pays off. “I have nearly 3,500 contacts on my list and get IMs daily from venue owners interested in C.Y.D. artists.” Drawing from that momentum, Syl has some big plans for C.Y.D. Records in 2010, including the development of a C.Y.D. website and creating a presence in RL, among other things.

Quality artists and seamless shows

t i g Sin

d u o l out

This month I have been finding the tips and tricks to using WINAMP as a live music source on WINDOWS XP computers. I had been told that it was not possible to use WINAMP to play music and to use the microphone input at the same time. This is not correct. It is possible, and I am going to show you how. First, you will need the newest version of WINAMP. These instructions will not work with older versions. Have a great holiday, and please send any comments or questions to the Soundman.

Install WINAMP and open the program on your desktop. Now press Ctrl + P to open Preferences.



Look on the left for DSP/Effect and click on that, then in the main window select Nullsoft SHOUTcast Source DSP. Click

“Configure active plug-in” at the bottom of the window. This will open the SHOUTcast Source DSP plugin window behind the main window.

Bring the Shoutcast Source plugin wi forward and click the Input tab. At “I Device” select Soundcard Input.

Beneath that, select Microphone Inpu radio button.

Next, press the Open Mixer button. This will open both the Recording and Playback mixers. In the recording section, from the menu bar, select Options, then Properties. Make certain that “Stereo Mix” is selected. Set the volume slider to slightly less than half way.

window t “Input


Problems There is a Push to Talk button on the DSP window. This will dim the music and increase the mic level on some soundcards, but not all. If the Push to Talk button works on your card then you will need to press the Lock button and set the BG Music Level to 0dB. This will allow you to use the mic without dimming the music level.

In the Playback mixer section, make sure that Mic Volume, Wave, and master Volume Control, are not set to Mute. The master Volume Control will only affect the local output to your speakers. Set Wave to maximum and set the Mic Volume to the desired level for your voice. Now you should be able to hear music and voice on any broadcast.


Toys for tots Second Life Christmas CD


Residents who have been around for a while know that fundraising for charities within Second Life™ is something we do well as a community, and as a platform. Relay for Life, Project Children, Kiva and more, are easily recognizable to Second Lifers and they have benefited from the generosity or residents. In this spirit of giving, Wunderland Records in cooperation with Hermes PPMM and the Live Entertainment Music Awards have released the first annual Second Life Christmas CD. This collection of music from top Second Life™ entertainers was produced not only for listening enjoyment during the holiday season, but to serve as a fund raiser for another well known charity organization, Toys for Tots. Toys for Tots began in 1947, when a group of Marine Reservists in Los Angeles, California collected and distributed 5,000 toys to needy

children. Over the 62 years of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program more than 400 million toys have been distributed to more than 188 million needy children. Featuring 50 artists, the CD spans all genres and cultures. It is no secret that the entertainers of Second Life™ are mighty givers, and when called upon for this collection of your favorite Christmas songs, they delivered in championship form. Organizing even a handful of musicians can be a task but executive producer, Pat Wunderland, tells us, ”all of them were professional, and fun to work and play with. Every single one. Their level of talent never ceases to amaze me. I am very proud of their efforts and want to thank them for letting me be a small part of the Second Life™ music community.” The project was 60 days in the making with the last song being

 added one hour before the CD release at 11 pm on October 31st.

Second Life residents have a solid record when it comes to charitable causes. Although it isn’t practical to donate real world toys in our digital The L$500 price tag delivers a lot world, SL musicians have come of entertainment value. The CD together to offer a way to make sure contains nearly 4 hours of music Toys for Tots can buy a lot of Barbie and buyers will also receive a dolls and footballs that will put a Hermes MP3 player/radio with 75 smile on some children’s faces this stationsand a limited edition Jukeholiday season. For musicians, it’s box with a „how-to“ notecard. It is a chance to do what they love; to a breeze to set up by following the help a great cause. It also gives notecard instructions and support is provided by Wunderland Records SL residents a chance to contribute, get some great music, and be and SLevolution. proud of being part of such a 100% of all Linden dollars from sales generous community. of, and other donations for, this star studded CD will go to the Toys for Tots charity. Sales reports are up-dated every 24 hours and can be viewed at http://xmas09.lemaCD Information: Venue owners, store http://xmas09. owners, entertainers, or anyone that wants to help with this fund raising effort, can contact Pat Wunderland, he will provide them with a low prim single object vendor.


 SL Christmas CD Credits:

Fabulous festive Entertainers Potlatch Foggarty w Ratpture Damone w KevinMThomas Carpool w ChelseaMarie Noel w Gregg Huet w Winters Kanto w mica Breen w Erin68 Frog & Satin Galli w Pato Milo w Dougie Moonites w Charndon Kass w Yip Jannings w Maxx Sabretooth w Mich Rumpler w Gina Stella w Pat Wunderland w Joaquin Gustav w Skylord Carnell w Savannah Coronet w Maximillion Kleene w Vincent Merricks w Billy Mikoyan w LoveSongs Writer w Moondoggirl Moomintoog w iCandy Overland w Tristyn Homewood w Gina Gracemount w davecorbett Darwin w DonFranko Dagostino w Stummer Vultee w Bones Writer w ZEN7MEN Mannonen w Tone Uriza w Gins Allen w Angee Seetan w Damian Carbenell w Loran Andretti w ArorA Chadbourne w Kris Electricteeth w Heath Elvehjem w Phil Senter w Anek Fuchs w StevenJaimz Hunniton w Niles Compton w Paulette Oldrich w Elvera Lerner Director - Potlatch Foggarty Scripting & Webmaster - Madpeter Zond Coding - Hippyjim Starbrook Distrubution - BadWolf Bracken Art - Ann Wunderland Quality Control - ppmediadev Blinker Packaging - Gilbered Grantly Executive Producer - Pat Wunderland


Open Mic Directory Times listed are Second Life™ Time (PDT). Precise at printing, and updated regularily. Contact Reslez in world for submissions, corrections, questions and for advertising!

SUNDAY TwoKats Time: 7 am - 9 am Run by: Solana Python SkyBeam%20Estates/183/57/24

Open Mic at the Lema Awards Time: 7 am - 9 am Run by: Pat Wunderland Streams/203/129/22 Kickin Club Atlantic Time: 4 am - 7 am Run by: Tia Foxtrott Club%20Atlantic/30/32/21

Strung Up Time: 12 pm - 3 pm Run by: Fable Sinatra and Sylar Morrisey Acheron/15/251/7

U21 Global Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth Tarington/227/220/37



Mediaculture Open Mic

Cafe Casablanca

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: LadyDragon Essel

Time: 1 pm - 4 am Run by: Daedalus Lemuria mediaculture/120/99/24 Valtor/45/49/22

TUESDAY Merry Pranksters Time: 6:00 am - 9:00 am Run by: Nancy Lei Tarington/227/220/37

Foxy Hollow Time: 10 am - 1 pm Run by: Terri Breen Smelton%20Hollow/221/250/22

Blue Moon Time: 1 pm - 4 am Run by: Fieryredhead Denimore Bay%20Terrace/109/35/21 POPUBASE Time: 11 am - 2 pm Run by: Syl Darcy POPUBASE/118/236/3

THURSDAY The Hummingbird Cafe Time: 4 pm - 6 pm Run by: DimiVan Ludwig Menorca/46/7/24



U21 Global

Club Atlantico

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth

Time: 6 am - 8 am Run by: Tia Foxtrott Global%20Campus/145/218/103 Club%20Atlantic/29/33/21


Crystal Silver

Time: 7 pm - 10 pm Run by: Sonatrix Dench

Time: 8 am - 10 am Run by: Sher Salmsont Hallelujah%20Azul/212/139/24 Shouldice/16/14/2775

Tantalum Time: 6 am - 8 am Run by: Giadda Robbiani exandrite%20Island/46/144/25 POPUBASE Time: 11 am - 2 pm Run by: Syl Darcy


M 3 - Metaverse Live Music Publication issue 6  

M 3 - Metaverse Live Music Publication m3online Music Matters Magazine (M3) web edition. M3 is a quarterly music publication focused on the...

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