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universe. With the band living on different continents, and in different time zones, SL provided a way to perform concerts and promote their album. A production crew, consisting of Tommy Parrott, Lighting, Stage and Pyrotechnics; Izzy Cole, Tour Photographer; Bella Dutton, Virtual Music Publicist; and Dannon Robbiani, sim designer and builder, help bring the concerts alive. These concert performances in Second Life have complex programmed equipment. The custom tailored lighting, particle effects, and pyrotechnics work in realtime, complimenting and accentuating the custom space ship styled stage

SpaceJunky‘s popularity continues to grow. The band is constantly changing, adapting to and incorpoCD Lesson Of Love. SpaceJunky’s rating new technologies. Always with first CD Resident Alien was recoran eye to new ventures, SpaceJunky ded while they were all together in is working on taking the show on a the USA and Australia. They worked RL tour. with Grammy-nominated songwriStay tuned! ter/producer Rafe Van Hoy. The music is about the unforeseen Resident Alien is available cosmic forces that connect people on iTunes. CDBaby and most through energy and space in the download sites.

M 3 - Metaverse Live Music Publication  

Music Matters Magazine (M3) web edition. M3 is a quarterly music publication focused on the live music of Second Life and other virtual envi...

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