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Editor's Note Greetings, and welcome to issue 9 of Music Matters Magazine. If you like discovering new places for music, or just enjoy going to corners of Second Life which you haven’t been to before, you are in luck. This issue, our featured venue article, which usually provides information on a single venue, has information on a bakers dozen worth of musician owned music venues. While waiting for the musician at one of those venues to start his set, you can read part 2 of the history of music in Second Life®. Don‘t worry if you missed part 1 in issue 8. Issue 8, along with all back issues of Music Matters Magazine, are available from the Matters of Music website at Click the M3 image then select “Back issues” from the M3 drop-down menu in the top right corner of the screen. So, find yourself a comfortable chair to sit in while you read this issue, and get your walking shoes on so you will be ready to visit the places you will be reading about when you are done.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS // Issue 9 // May 2010

Second Life速 Music History Profile of a Pioneer

The Follow Fantastic! Lots more to follow...

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When Cher Harrington joined Second Life® in July of 2005, the same month that Frogg Marlowe became the fourth SL Musician to perform live, she had no idea that she would become a luminary of the live music scene. Cher dove right in as a DJ and made herself at home in Dublin SL. now Cher is one of the greatest supporters of live music in SL as the expeditor of the music schedule at the Blarney Stone in Dublin, and with a hit radio station. Launched in July of 2007 as Radio Cher, the internet radio station is now named SL Live Radio. “I fell in love with the whole concept”, Cher says thinking back to when she discovered the live music scene in SL. She was already DJ-ing and started to feature recordings of SL musicians in her shows hoping to make audiences more familiar with virtual venue musicians and to help promote them—in Second Life and beyond. When she launched Radio Cher in July, ’07 there were about 30 artists which she featured. now that number is over 200 as musicians have found SL to be such a great vehicle for their music. Soon after the launch of SL Live Radio, in December 2007 she helped produce the “Catch a Rising Star” competition for Dublin SL. “I learned just about everything I know today from producing that event”, she shared. the event is similar to the “Idol” or “…’s got talent” competitions from tv-

land. Harrington’s found six artists new to Second Life, and got them up to speed with good sound, bio cards, and photographs. She signed the artists, managed the publicity, recruited venue owners to sit in, created signage, and emceed the event. keeping her finger on the pulse of the music, Harrington tries to get out to the many venues to hear live performances, scanning the event listings for new entries into the music scene. She also relies on internet sites like MySpace, Facebook and thesixtyone. She constantly looks for new talent “to promote, or create awareness”, Harrington says, “you have to work it!” For new artists looking for support and promotion, Harrington consults on everything from getting started to marketing and promoting. She has personally managed Johnny99 gumshoe.

“I create events, DJ, host and promote live artists, perform weddings live on air, emcee events, and am the Dublin and San Diego in SL Live Events Scheduler. I was a writer and podcast hostess for Muse Isle and have been interviewed by Fox tv, SLatenight Magazine, Metaverse Messenger, and newsweek. I am also a Blaze Fine Fashion greeter and Atlantis Modeling Agency streaming emcee and model.”

She continues to expand not only her own horizons but those of others bridging SL and RL. She has been involved with classes at San Diego Community College, Harrington has spent so much time with a number of philanthropic perfecting all that she does that organizations, and lends her hand she is now listed as a Second Life to educate, collaborate, and share Solutions Provider as a consultant in knowledge where it can enrich Audio, Events and Marketing. others lives.


the Follow began around a lunchroom table in the Moberly High School cafeteria. the original idea was to let out what was inside in the drummers basement; to pick up the instruments and let them tell the story. to nurture the yet undefined lyrics that give hope to a song. Mat Matlack and troy Rickertsen began to write songs and went through a couple of bass players until they finally recruited their longtime friend and troy’s future wife, Amy Waldron. With one album under their belt, the Follow began writing a second album with Amy, known as AJ in Second LifeŽ, and she provided all the low end rumble and sweet singing charm. Mat, who we know as Powers in SL, controls all manner of electronics as well as plays the drums for the band. troy holds down the guitar duties, sings, and composes various elements of the songs.


With the release of Seveneverend, Origins, nowaitingplease, up With the Sun, and Mixtures, the band is embarking on a new journey, gearing up for the upcoming album which is pending a release date. the band prefers to let the songs settle, giving them time to breathe before performing and releasing them to the world outside. the previous two albums cover a wide and diverse style, from Alternative to Electronica, and from Rock to Ambient Pop. their live shows have an energy all their own and the members keep quite busy controlling the various instruments onstage. On top of the guitar, bass, and drums pairing, they also manually trigger synth sounds, samples, and motifs while performing, staying in sync while remaining fluidly open to improvisational moments. From the stage in real life to the virtual stages in Second LifeÂŽ, the band can be heard in both environments and their shows can be followed at

SANDY: What brought you to Second Life®?

tRoy: What initially brought us in-world was the band.

We’ve always been interested in new ways of reaching out and sharing the music with others. We didn’t expect that there would be such a response and such a community of people who love and support the arts. It’s amazing really. SANDY: Did you ever think to use your real name for what you usually do in Second Life®?

tRoy: Funny you should ask that question. I do actually use my real name in SL, and would have used the same last name

too but they force you to choose an SL friendly last name. I think Powers and AJ came up with my last name. SANDY: Where are you from?

tRoy: We are from the united States, central mid-west

Missouri. the band is located in Columbia, less than an hour from where AJ and I live, which is in a small town called Moberly. Powers and Shalea Halostar are living in Columbia, near our rehearsal studio space, where we perform into Second Life速. SANDY: How long have you been playing music?

tRoy: Wow, how long... I almost need to pause and

think about that. It feels like most of our life. We started in

high school and have been the Follow ever since. We have released 5 albums together, plus a rarities b-sides album a few years back. We started in ‘89 but didn’t release our first album until a few years after, as we were young and wanted to progress a bit before diving in. So the early years were very exploratory in style, which is funny because we are in an exploration stage again on the writing and recording of the next album ... SANDY: What instruments do you play?

tRoy: I enjoy playing guitar and singing in the band. Earlier in our career I may have thought I was a guitar player who also sang, but now the roles may have flipped.

I focus greatly on the lyrics and melodies, so it’s much more prominent in the songs that we write together. I also have a great passion for arrangement, and for the sound, so I spend a great deal of time trying different formulas and textures to


see what sparks a fire in a particular tune. It’s one of those mysteries, the gift of a song, that makes you want to do it for a lifetime in gratitude. SANDY: How did you discover SL?

tRoy: My best friend, Powers Avon, mentioned this

virtual world where we could share our music with others. I remember him talking about avatars and how we could make them look like us and even have gear designed virtually to represent our same gear in ‚real life’. So this was intriguing and we soon found ourselves immersed in between the pixels of two lives, RL and SL. the merging wasn’t as hard as one might think as our band has worked hard to make the presentation and sound as good as we

possibly can. We do all our own mixing so all that was already in place from our efforts in RL. So, getting the mix in-world wasn’t as hard as transitioning our minds to multitask in a different way than when we perform to a live audience in real life. It’s quite fascinating to attend a show at a venue in Second Life®. I really think one must see it and experience it to understand it. SANDY: What do you like to do here in Second Life® when you are not playing? Do you like shopping, or going to music concerts, or art exhibits?

tRoy: Really really do enjoy going to see artists perform

in SL. the concerts in-world are really cool and it’s great to read the response of people in local chat and just the energy

The gift of a song - makes you want to do it for a lifetime in gratitude and buzz that happens at a show. I love that electric feeling, and some shows get to an almost spiritual plane where the art is coming straight from their soul. there is a certain unpredictability about music too which I think makes it all the more exciting. you never know what might happen at a show. As far as other activities, yes I do like shopping, but maybe not quite as much as AJ. I’m not into acquiring stuff as much but I do enjoy going to art exhibits and buying a piece or two at an art gallery, like Mysts Of Forzane. SANDY: What has influenced you to get to where you are today musically?

tRoy: I’d have to say that life experiences certainly play

a major role in where one goes with their music, but there are so many other factors I believe. I think the personality of each of the band-mates are very influential on the art that is created. Our own interests in different styles of music has to be a factor too. All three of us like similar music, for the most part, and I think that has helped us hone in on the sound. Lyrically speaking, what’s on our heart naturally spills over into the words of a tune. It’s almost as if the songs are self guided if we stand aside and let them be what they were meant to be. Sometimes the harder you try the more of a mess it becomes, so I think it takes a certain amount of patience and willingness to listen to the spirit of what the song is trying to

say. It’s hard to describe but the writing process is such an amazing thing because it’s constantly changing and evolving into something different and new. SANDY: Do you think SL can be a valid showcase for your RL works?

tRoy: I really do think SL is very good at showcasing all

types of music. there seems to be venues and clubs that cover nearly every style you can think of, which is so cool to see. Second Life® has already done many wonderful things for our band as well as for us as people. I must say that it’s the people who make it special; the music isn’t the same without them. So, I remind myself that it’s because of them that the gigs spark into something of substance. Some artists can write at home and never release their material. I think that is something very special too, and in a way it’s really cool because they have the ability to find their own value in it as well as share it with their creator.

Each venue in the tour represents a different part of the world, with its own culture

SANDY: How would you describe your style?

tRoy: I have a hard time pinning styles associated with

bands. So many overlap and so I think it’s hard to say an artist is in this one particular category. I suppose it’s an issue I have personally too, with labels. It does help people to get an idea of what they’re hearing, so it’s good in sense. We thought of a more visual representation that we heard someone say to us a few years back, which is panoramic rock. We definitely lean towards melodies, and since it is rock based, perhaps we are also a touch of ambient melodic rock. SANDY: Which are the sources of your inspiration?

tRoy: So many things can be a source of inspiration.

For me, mostly the blessings of life, but also the wrestling with darkness and how to persevere through the adversity. Embracing truth and walking into the flame, being in the middle of that. Observing the world and the way it works is interesting, but it’s the stories of others and the trials and joys that are really inspiring to me. Faith is what draws me personally to write and is a heavy lyrical guide to the songs.

SANDY: Do you use other kinds of digital promotions?

tRoy: If you mean digital promotion like music downloads

and videos, we do both. We also have a forum where we blog and write about what’s on our minds and share a bit of behind the scenes on the band. the music is available online in CD and MP3 format, from, or alternately at itunes (under thefollow), or Our forum is over at We do some digital press as well and are currently promoting our upcoming World tour In A Day, which is happening on March 26th inside Second Life®. It will consist of 5 shows, in 1 day, in 2 worlds! We are performing in RL and transmitting into SL ‚live’, and will be running audio and video in-world for the event. We even have a contest for anyone who attends all five shows [will win] our last album, as well as being entered into a drawing, for their own free Follow concert. to qualify, simply be at each show for the duration, and take a snapshot of yourself with the band in the background, and send it to Powers Avon who will be at each show, since he’s playing the kit SANDY: Let’s talk about the World Tour in a day...something that is possible only in the magic Second Life® world, that nullifies space and time distances. When did you get the inspiration to do it and how did you choose the venues inworld?

tRoy: If I’m not mistaken, the idea actually came about

by our bassist AJ, who coined the term and presented it to Powers, who transformed it into much more than an idea. Our booking agent, Jenna Dirval, as well as Powers, were foundational in choosing the venues. What we wanted to do with this particular tour was to connect with all the

major parts of the globe, crossing continents with the help of todays technology. From Australia to India, from Italy to Brazil, and then back home to the uS. Each venue in the tour represents a different part of the world with its own culture, with a commonality in the love of music, as it is the universal language making all this possible. not having the limitations of space and time, as you said, opens up many possibilities that are presently physically impossible in real life. So, we’ll be playing live in real life and transmitting the gigs into SL, so that’s where the merging of the two worlds happens. SANDY: It seems also that you decided to manage this tour as a real life one, using some promo gadgets for your fans and a great communication strategy. Would you suggest to other RL bands to use SL as a promotional medium?

tRoy: We would love to see more bands entering Second LifeÂŽ. I know one of the biggest hurdles for many is having the ability to get their sound in-world with the quality they feel represents them. this always proves difficult for

Some shows get to an almost spiritual plane, where the art is coming from the soul anyone, getting the sound. It takes a great amount of time and resources for a full band to get their live gigs translated somewhat transparently. I think it can be really tough for local bands, as well as national acts, for different reasons. A local band might not have the equipment or the experience to attain the sound they are wanting. With national acts, they likely have their sound and show down tight but they simply lose too much in funds by not touring in RL to meet their overhead. With technology making great strides, it’s easier and less costly for groups to attempt this. As SL gets faster and smoother with less lag, and as the users get faster machines, I think even a broader range of artists will start to enter the virtual world. SANDY: Where do you see yourself a year from now? Will Second Life® still exist?

tRoy: While it’s very hard to know what the future will bring, we really do love the friends and fans we’ve made in Second Life®. Our hope is that the community will continue to grow and the art is still an important part of that world. We also like to invest in others so we hope to continue the walk with our peers inside Second Life®, learning and growing together. What I do see in the future of the band is the release of our next album, and a tour to follow. We are excited because this means we’ll be on the road in RL and hope to cross paths with those we’ve met in SL, seeing them at the shows. It would be a nice dream to merge the worlds as one :)

MuSICIAnS tAkE COntROL At tHEIR OWn vEnuES By Damaris Whitfield

fsB showcase (freestar tammas)

musicians have to open their own music performance venues. the expenses and logistics are a small fraction of operating a real life nightclub making venue ownership affordable for many SL musicians. Why would a musician want to open their own venue? Owning a club can reap great benefits for the musicianowners. It gives them a place to perform their own works, and to have the choice to book shows with any type of music they like with the musicians they like. Sometimes it‘s as simple as wanting a place for their friends to hang out. However, venue ownership requires the Second Life® music community investing a lot of time and a lot of money, sometimes much more than has always offered numerous the fledgling club owner expected. benefits unavailable to musicians Occasionally this can close down a in “real life”. these include zero transportation costs, greatly reduced club, but usually the owner pitches in more of their own personal funds equipment costs, and the ability to reach audiences all over the world, and time to keep it open. Most will tell you that operating an active SL just to name a few. venue is a full-time job, but they love it anyway for the music, the Another particularly tempting benefit of Second Life® is the ability camaraderie, and the artistic control.

A large number of SL entertainment venues in general are built by the owners themselves, who have produced many imaginative and unique designs. Musicians aren‘t immune to the building bug and some musician-owned venues are built by their owners as well. the results are as creative and diverse as the music they play. It‘s one more way that the audience can experience the artists‘ ideas and creations. We present here only a sampling of musician-owned venues in Second Life®. there are also many more inworld that are sure to please the Second Life® music lover. Slurls are provided at the end of the article.

the island of menorca has been open and running since all the way back in January 2006. It was founded by uk musician Slim Warrior and has been featured by Channel 4 and Rolling Stone magazine. Menorca hosts a variety of music-related activities in addition to their performance venues. Another time-honoured venue in Second Life® is Pannie‘s & media circus, owned by Pannie Paperdoll and Rosedrop Rust. the Media Circus features four lava flows towering above all four corners of the venue. the freestar Bay (fsB) showcase, founded by Freestar tammas in

Pannie‘s & Rosedrop media circus (Pannie Paperdoll and Rosedrop Rust)

September 2007, is also a longtime favorite. FSB utilizes several different stage builds, and has hosted a longrunning showcase on Saturday nights. the Showcase is on hiatus as of this writing but will possibly be back in one form or another before long.

the Hotel chelsea manhattan was founded by Mykal Skall in an effort to raise awareness of the state of the real-life Hotel Chelsea in new york City. It is built to look like the real-life Hotel Chelsea, and features mostly singer-songwriters. Euterpe “EQ� Queller and Zen Revnik have created the songwriters Loft and Resource center

Hotel chelsea (mykal skall)

September 2007, is also a longtime favorite. FSB utilizes several different stage builds, and has hosted a longrunning showcase on Saturday nights. the Showcase is on hiatus as of this writing but will possibly be back in one form or another before long.

the Hotel chelsea manhattan was founded by Mykal Skall in an effort to raise awareness of the state of the real-life Hotel Chelsea in new york City. It is built to look like the real-life Hotel Chelsea, and features songwriters Loft and Resource ce (euterpe Queller and Zen Revnik) mostly singer-songwriters. Euterpe “EQ” Queller and Zen Revnik have created the songwriters Loft and Resource center which houses a performance venue and an area where songwriter resources are provided. It‘s casual and comfortable, the kind of place where you want to sit on the floor and play bongos. All genres are featured, focusing on original music showcases and tribute events. Another charming, comfy bohemianstyle venue is Angel‘s Place, owned by Angelica Svenska, which offers different types of live music. the Pocket, owned by Australian musician OhMy kidd, is a casual, friendly hangout situated in a quiet

the Rind (obeloinkment Wrigglesworth)

angel‘s Place (angelica svenska)


) moonacy - owner moondoggirl moomintoog

each B y r i a bia f o h p a k Rasta aide k s i r t x (hex yao) n m s j and

the Pocket (ohmy Kidd)

cove with a striking transparent colored glass dance floor. Friday nights are especially big at the Pocket when they usually have a long string of performers who play well into the night so that Australian musicians have a chance to perform. the music there is “eclectic, mostly acoustic”, according to the owner. Some musician-owners go for a rustic, old world vibe. violinist naftali torok owns mexana monica, a venue with a traditional Balkan feel, which features various types of music. the Rind, owned by Obeloinkment Wrigglesworth, is the picture of simplicity. It‘s

not much more than a bonfire, and some drums and logs and is situated on the edge of the water on a tranquil beach. there‘s an ethereal feel to it. they play mostly guitar-based acoustic music. Rastafairy Beach is another laid back beach venue, owned by hexx triskadekaphobia and jsmn yao. they offer “music with a heart and soul”. Blindboy gumbo owns an outdoor venue called the forest. It is an enchanted place with a giant mushroom and a special magical vibe, slightly psychedelic, with lots of lush greenery. they offer alloriginal music. Other club owners choose more

the forest (Blindboy g


Wamtv Headquarters (PoL arida)

mystery (alazarinmondrian)

mexana monica (naftali torok) modern or futuristic designs. moonacy, which is owned by Moondoggirl Moomintoog, is a sleek and hi-tech open-air venue built into the side of a mountain. Bara Jonson‘s venue, called Bara Bar, is a classic, real-life modern club design with lots of black leather and shiny amps. It hosts live shows only.

a lyricist‘s dream with his futuristic venue Blacktail Ridge Retreat. It features his song lyrics posted in large letters on all the walls. It must make sing-along easy, too. this venue is one of a few that are reserved for performances by the owner. there‘s the fabulous Wamtv

Professor Beliveau has created

Blacktail Ridge Retreat (Professor Beliveau)

Lemon Lady Records Crossing Second LifeÂŽ and Real World Music By Lana Shoshtakovich

Lemon Lady Records began four years ago as a real world record label. Started by Sarah Berner, aka Etierre Bonde in SL. Sarah’s experience in music began as a child. Her mother, father, and stepfather were talented musicians and greatly influenced her love of the art form. An entrepreneur since she was thirteen years old, it was only a matter of time before she combined all of her life experiences into a business that allowed her to follow her passions.

Sarah’s experience in the music industry began approximately twenty-five years ago in Boulder, Colorado. She had decided that she could produce records better than what she had heard. Sarah took a course and asked her teacher to mentor her. One of only a handful of women in the industry she began helping to produce records. Eventually she became the chief engineer. It was there that she met Dave Small, DaveSmall Finesmith in SL, and his band Bullet.

The beginning of a working relationship and friendship that holds strong today and is the focus of Lemon Lady Records. When asked how she came by the name Lemon Lady Records I was directed to her MySpace page ( lemonladyprod). A very sweet, endearing story on how Sarah Berner became the Lemon Lady.

Origin of the Lemon Lady Name Lemon Lady Productions and Lemon Lady Records came by their names in the most meaningful way and I am very grateful to my favorite band for being the seed from which the name grew. And so I think it merits a little story... I was living with my great friend, Deanna, in Missouri, and we were two young, music crazy girls. My favorite band was The Strawbs and hers was Todd Rundgren.

Etierre Bonde

We tag teamed the stereo and I wore grooves on top of the grooves of Ghosts, The Strawbs latest album. Lemon Pie, a particular song, caught her for some reason (and it is a Strawbs’ classic). I don’t know if it was because I had blonde hair or what, but, in her own, wonderful, generous way (she is a beautiful model whose beauty goes deep and who treats us ‘regular’ people as beautiful, too) she nicknamed me Lovely Lemon Lady, who is the subject of the song. At the time I just thought it very sweet.

When I was recently dealing with other Strawbs’ fans, I started signing off with that name, leaving off the ‘Lovely’ (other people can decide whether I am or not!). So it was natural to use this name for my production company. Then, I was thinking of names for my record label and I ran them by one of my clients. He said no to all of them and why didn’t I use Lemon Lady? I said, you mean the same name as my production company? He said, “But, you ARE Lemon Lady.” So that capped it for me.

DaveSmall Finesmith

The name has been good to me and of course is meaningful in many ways. If you haven’t already, check out The Strawbs at Strawbs MySpace or StrawbsWeb Official Web Page. They are a seminal progressive rock band who helped launch the careers of Sandy Denny and Rick Wakeman, among others.

“I was here for a couple of months before I found the music scene and went wheee.”, Sarah stated when asked how she happened on SL. She contacted Dave, “Dave, you have to see this! You can gig from your living room!” Dave decided that they should “continue the interest” in his writing and singing by gigging in SL.

I am grateful to Dave Cousins, lead singer, main writer, and heart and soul of The Strawbs, for approving my use of the name Lemon Lady and also to Dick Greener, of The Strawbs’ organization, for, oh, everything. And of course, Deanna.

As with most things in life, Sarah began working in SL to expand Lemon Lady into the virtual world, beyond just social media and networking, with exuberance and enthusiasm. Sarah, aka Etierre, was proud to show off her in-world

A hangout for artists and a place where they could do sound checks has evolved into a full studio and thriving SL business.

studio. “I’ve dragged this building all over SL.” They had humble beginnings. A simple building with a simple stage in the early days, at what became known as Lemon Lady Beach. Lemon Lady Beach is where they had parties, a hangout for artists and fans, and a place where they could do sound checks. It has evolved into a full studio and thriving SL business. Dave has had some difficulty gigging due to his DSL connection. Without a good strong internet connection live streaming can be difficult for musicians. Dave does have hope that the connection will improve and we will be able to enjoy his live performances once more. He lives very rurally and was proud of the fact that they “got flush toilets last

year” to exemplify the hope he has of improved DSL connection in the near future. Both Dave and Etierre agree that SL has granted musicians a larger outlet for their life works. Getting gigs out in the real world has always been difficult, today more so than ever. Artists in every genre have the opportunity to perform live for a world wide audience. While many may still have to sing for their supper, the opportunity to be heard is tremendous and technology available allows them a greater chance at success. With the help of LLR (Lemon Lady Records) and other similar companies Second Life® ® is a 3-D public relations dream. Using it in combination with, Facebook, and other The number of concerts performed social media outlets, the music is in SL will increase as people realize exploding with new talent. that they can go “out on a Saturday night without getting a babysitter Lemon Lady Records focuses on and needing a designated driver!� being a concierge service for artists In the virtual world Lemon Lady focusing on personal service. Etierre’s goal is to be an all inclusive Records is on the cutting edge of service. Not just producing records technology. Working as Etierre Bonde, Sarah is helping to push but marketing, SL performance sound consults, and engineering. through new technology that will Currently the only artist being allow LLR and other record labels managed is DaveSmall Finesmith. to create multi-track CDs in-world. Etierre would consider managing This would make SL CDs identical another artist under special to what customers can purchase in circumstances. the real world. Currently the albums must be created out of world and Etierre feels that as technology then uploaded. evolves more well known artists and record labels will be found in-world more frequently.

By Sandy Demina

RoseDrop Rust, known to friends as Rusty, is an intriguing individual. A poet, lyricist, and musician, Rusty sends notices for his shows that are far beyond the ordinary. He works under the wire, plying us with prose that he composes at the 11th hour, just moments before a show. Rusty came to Second Life® to promote his podcast “RoseDrop Media Circus”. This was an independent project he undertook prior to joining SL. Once in-world, he got the idea of blending SL into the RL podcast. Showing his podcast in RL, he observed that people came to the bars and coffee houses bringing their laptops and reacting/interacting with the podcast. Now his podcast is recorded weekly on Sundays

in Portland and simultaneously broadcast at Pannie’s and RoseDrop Media Circus in SL. Rusty, aka Dan Linn, began his musical career in Portland, Oregon, where he first learned to play ukulele, taught to him by his mother, as well as a Hawaiian steel guitar, with frets installed by his father. He went on to take 8 years of classical piano, which is his instrument of choice in SL, although he does play guitar as well. Rusty did some restaurant gigs in Portland and later left for San Francisco, playing at a local coffee house and other folk venues. Back home again in Portland, he played at various taverns and then formed the Dan Linn Trio. The Trio

toured Canadian hotel lounges and earned a reputation for their unusual arrangements of an eclectic selection of songs. I first heard Rusty play a couple of years ago at the Piano Bar where I was impressed with his talent and style. It wasn‘t until I joined his group that I began to know Rusty as a poet, through his delightful and entertaining group notices. Often dramatic, sometimes hilarious, other times somber and profound, I was compelled to copy his notices into a note, which I have labeled “Rusty-isms” (this actually came to his aid one night...). In addition to performing his music in SL, Rusty moves about in the SL literary world as well, attending poetry readings and a weekly gig at Circe‘s Sanctuary.

Often dramatic, sometimes hilarious, other times somber and profound

and his ability to manipulate words, make his writings and musings interesting, reflective, and imaginative. He didn‘t always write poetry and started out with an interest in slam poetry.

Having played in RL live bands and open mics, he has also spent some time in the musical theater realm. This is evident in his SL live shows where he uses the piano almost as a theatrical tool and to engage with the audience, often injecting poetry By his own admission, Rusty is during his musical performances. “an emotional boy” who seems to He has now played over 1000 maintain a delicate balance between shows since beginning his music in depression and euphoria, anger and SL. Rusty is a multi-faceted, multicynicism. This is the “fuel of art”, talented performer who brings his Rusty claims, “the ability to find RL feelings and abilities to SL to energy to express wide ranges of entertain, as well as to utilize SL as a emotion”. His ability to do just that, vehicle to express his thoughts.

Bullett Proof featuring DaveSmall Finesmith, SL CD and RL CD Release

Bullett was DaveSmall Finesmith’s (Dave Small in RL) former band, based in Boulder, Colorado, USA, and this SL CD and RL CD is a collection of 12 songs (all but one written by Dave, all sung by Dave) from those years of the “70’s Colorado music boom”. Some of the tracks he gigged in SL, as different versions, notably: “Tell Them Lies”, “Heart and Soul”, and “Veronica”. This SL CD/CD is a great addition to Dave’s solo collection, and of course stands on its own merits very nicely!

to the tracks and the backing vocals from John Butler (bass) and Andy Peake (drums) are reminiscent of Queen. The songs range from straight ahead rock, to hot pop, alt country, rock ballads, and a high energy instrumental, but all have the “Colorado Sound” that was so popular at the time. The Bullett Proof album was produced and remastered by Etierre Bonde who also engineered many of the songs, originally. See Bullett’s web page for a full listing of credits.

This album is a bit of history, another time, another Dave, a rougher, rockier Dave who also took time to mellow out and put together Some of the source material was some great ballads. Richie (Michalik) old and difficult, but the result is Reno added blistering guitar solos still exciting and energizing. The left

over artifacts are only a salute to the hard work that went into this production and the joy we share in its resurrection. The very short list of the musicians’, producers’, and engineers’ credits include: Prince, Eric Clapton, Derek & The Dominoes, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, personnel from the original Byrds, Frank Zappa, Poco, REO Speedwagon, Peter, Paul, & Mary, Delaney & Bonnie, ELO, Dan Fogelberg, Harry Belafonte, Aretha Fanklin, Harry Chapin, Bee Gees, Meat Loaf, Warren Zevon, Steve Vai, Kathy Mattea, Nicolette Larson, and Delbert McClinton (on Conan O’Brien). See the Bullett web page, below, for the full listing.

Bullett‘s Web Page: overview_fan#/bullett Lemon Lady Records’ Web Page: main/overview_fan#/label/ lemonladyproductions ALL SONGS © DFS PUBLISHING, ASCAP MEMBER © LEMON LADY RECORDS PRESS RELEASE MARCH 2010 PR CONTACT: Etierre Bonde (Sarah Bullington Berner in RL), Owner, Lemon Lady Records,

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Prankster´s tuesdays night open mic

Time: 10 am - 1 pm Run by: Arnold McKeenan Melaenis/50/68/527 MONDAY Twilight Time: 12 pm - 2 pm Run by: Rayna Gorham APart%20No%20More/51/ 49/22

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm Run by: izdovcr Finesmith nkster%20Isle/144/126/55

Rockin Roost Roadhouse Time: 6 pm -8 pm Run by: Ceithlan Zane WhoopEm%20Up/195/180/23

Rockin Roost Roadhouse

WEDNESDAY Cafe Cassablanca Time: 1 pm - 4 am Run by: Daedalus Lemuria Valtor/45/49/22

Trax Music Center Time: 7 pm - 9 am Run by: Gina Montpenier Trax/128/128/27 U21 Global



Kickin Time: 5 am - 9 am Run by: Kickin Monitor

U21 Global Club%20Atlantic/29/33/21

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth

U21 Global U21Global%20Campus/144/220

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth Global%20Campus/144/220

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Issue # 9 May 2010








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