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Issue # 10 July 2010

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The Born Again   Pagans POL   Arida   Nance  Brody 

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Louis Landon Second Life® music history

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Editor's Note Greetings, and welcome to issue 10 of Matters of Music Magazine. This issue we focus on music and music artists. We have articles on musicians Pol Arida, and Nance Brody, and music group The Born Again Pagans. In addition we have press releases from LANCE and Louis Landon about their latest CDs. If you like discovering new music artists, and fine stage venues, this issue is for you. Pull up a comfortable chair, sit back, and relax as you prepare to read this latest set of articles and information brought to you by the writers and staff of M3.

Impressum Editor Andrew Hellershanks Assistant Editor Shannon Oherlihy Art, Layout & Design Kaela Kilara Sales & Distribution Reslez Publisher Pat Insoo Writers Sandy Demina, Shellie Sands

Table of Contents // Issue 10 // July 2010

POL Arida Revealed The Man and the Music

Second Life® Music History The long lived Key West Resort

The Born Again Pagans

Grooving up the Netherlands

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Nance Brody Brightening up the Blues

Louise Volare “Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids."

LANCE Rembrandt

"I Wish You Were Here"

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Pi the

POL Arida   Revealed The Man and  the Music By Shellie Sands

POL Arida brings to us a show unlike any other. It is a fluent stream of creativity, a musical pictorial of life if you will. His music is at once dark and intense, laced with sorrow and exploding with passion. My exploration of Mr. Arida has been a study in the man, the music, and the mind that drives it all. A POL show will leave you breathless and thinking. His lyrics are wise, funny, and thought provoking. His highenergy performance leaves not only POL exhausted and out of breath, but also the audience. The words are often quite deep, always personal, and often laced with cynicism borne from life’s tragedies and sorrows. Many of the songs are overly simple and may have to be listened to several times for the full impact.

of a mentally retarded boy who never progressed beyond the age of 7 mentally. Society at large does not understand or sympathize with individuals such as he. Laws for non-mentally challenged adults do not apply to those who are. If a mentally retarded individual commits any crime, although he/ she may have the mind of a child and may not grasp the impact and implications of his/her actions, the law does not allow for a case like that to be heard in a juvenile court. In other words, if an adult mentally retarded individual is in that situation, he or she cannot be tried in the type of court in which the proceedings might be understood at the child level. POL has been active in RL trying to effect change in the laws in this regard.

In his latest song, “WINNING”, the message seems obvious but it’s  only the surface of the meaning  As well, the full meaning lies buried that is readily understandable.  behind the lyrics in many cases and  POL explained it is a song about without knowing the feelings and/  when two people first felt love, but added that we first feel lust, then or events behind the inspiration,   comes “the fear of losing something, the true meaning may be lost on   as losing it would change our lives...  the listener. in the end, many people stay together for that reason alone”. In The song “Screaming Song for essence, “it asks the question what a Retard”, has deeply personal ACTUALLY is the need for love? It’s significance for POL. It is the story

abstract. That’s what the chorus is’s a feeling that you get but the reality is something else”. Touché. From the time I started going to POL’s performances in SL,   I developed a sense of who the man “might” be but my desire to know what his drive was became stronger and stronger. Intuitively, I knew there was something there behind the sometimes odd lyrics and topics and I knew the “obvious” was not really obvious. Keeping that in mind, I explored several other songs with POL, several of which are   my favorites.

The song “obvious” is about a young widowed woman who lost her husband suddenly, when he is only 38, leaving her alone to raise three young boys aged 4, 7, and 9. The last verse is the ‘sucker punch’ “love plays the trick of never learning by experience”. No matter what we experience we cannot completely “convey the knowledge and emotion we have (learned) through our own tragedy”.

“love plays the trick of never learning   by experience”.

died of Alzheimer’s at age 63 after actually losing her husband when he was 38. In the song formerly titled “Jane Goes”, and now titled “The Suicide of Jane”, the melody/tone is somewhat haunting and the lyrics are quite sad...about a woman who apparently did not know of her own self worth...because no one had told her. In reality, this is about a friend of POL’s who he found dead in a bathtub, a victim of suicide. The song has a part two, “Juliet A poet who lived in her own world Forgets”, which is about a strong and intelligent woman who develops that she thought she could control. Jane takes the time to understand Alzheimer’s at the tender age of 44 which gradually progresses until the meaning of a calculation based on nothing at all. She obviously her death at age 63. In this song, however, it is embellished in that the discovered otherwise. husband does NOT die but becomes The lyric “and I’m falling down” angry with her growing condition from the song “Falling Down at because he does not understand Columbine” is a direct reference what is happening to her. Either to the shooting at Columbine. way, she, as POL puts it, never “stopped winning”. Both songs are “Falling Down in Columbine” is an attempt at getting into the mind dedicated to POL’s mother who

of a murderer. It is that attempt which is illustrated in the lyric “I am a victim of the State... I am a product of my home, but I feel so alone”. This seems to indicate the thoughts of the shooter. In another song, “I Live in a Place Where the Birds All Fall Down”, the reference is to “forced confinement” such as a nursing home or other place we ship our elderly off to when we can no longer care for them. POL explained the image in his mind was that of someone looking out of a window day after day...even the birds were falling down”. A chilling thought indeed.

POL has also been working on some ongoing projects, The ORIGINALS and MONSTERS. The ORIGINALS, which the music guru Harrie Skjellerup now organizes, has had multiple productions and is a means to showcase original new talent in SL as well as established, more experienced original SL musicians. In these performances artists only perform original compositions. The shows have had a profound effect on the SL music scene. 

MONSTERS, on the other hand, is a different “animal” altogether. No one can better describe it than the man himself, and he explained the objective behind it as follows: POL also frequently references the “Monsters is a story. Why have a word “home”. When asked about story surrounded by songs? Why this, POL explained it has different not just sing the songs and explain meanings. The song “Home” them? Well, you can explain songs itself is self explanatory. Home but, then again, things mean shows up in other songs, such as “Passion”. POL had stopped writing different things to different people so I thought it would be good to for 15 years and then he began “contextualize” the songs in a simple writing again. He had, in fact,   story that everyone can relate to. If “come home” in that sense. The song “Passion” references this in the   the songs are sung in a context of a situation then no explanation is lyric “...passion is coming home”. required, thus, only the emotional This is when the passion (for effect of the song is felt. For people  writing) returned. The passion had wanting to get deeply into a come home.

“I Live in a Place Where the Birds All Fall Down” 10

particular song there are the words on the web site. Monsters is meant to be a bit more general and just imply a context. It’s obviously based on a King Kong type story, which is an interesting film. Brilliant in its simplicity at putting emotions into a simple but effective story.”

other cities. It showed primarily digital art. Sadly, the club closed in 2003 when it was discovered drugs were being sold there by staff (surprise?). Both the building and screen are still there and it is now the home of MTV Europe.

A POL show is an experience.   His music comes from the heart A recent visit to POL’s H O M E and often explores social issues and location in SL revealed his “latest freaky design” in the form of a video governmental issues and personal thoughts in relationships, such as in superimposed in his new 3-D light one of his newer songs, “Immune box. While he usually uses a light to Collusion”, which deals with “the box during his show, the new light role that masterbation has in all of box brings a new dimension and our personal relationships”. The POL effect to his performances. The experience for the mature adult history behind his in-world home who has been through some of life’s venue is interesting. In 2000, he, HELLS. His songs are interactive in conjunction with a company he observations which we can all relate did not name, opened the home to. It is ALWAYS worth going to a nightclub in London’s Leceister show with POL. You just never know Square. At a cost of roughly $50 what he will do. million, and with over 8 floors of entertainment, it was Europe’s first “superclub”. The design was “out of this world”. POL was brought in as Director of the GMI, or Global Multimedia Interface, which he built into the front of the architecture. It was a 66 meter, high definition, outdoor video screen which was interactive with internet, art works, mobile phones, and CCTV from

part 4

Second LifeÂŽ music history

Surviving Venues

 By Shellie Sands

Key West offers a broad spectrum of daily events across timezones. Many venues in SL come and go With live music from around the due to lack of financial backing and globe, and popular theme parties other reasons. Some venues never and movies on the big screen, Key enjoy the popularity of others. In an West has become a favorite among environment such as SL, maintaining the international crowd. From a successful venue is truly an live classical acoustic guitar from accomplishment. One such venue Argentina to lively, multi-lingual is Key West Resort & Marina, The discussions of various topics (such Wave @ Key West. as the impact of a disability on the senses of an artist), Key West has Envisioning a premium resort something for everyone and every destination and a haven for those culture. seeking "something better", the creators of the Hot Sax Jazz Club The owners combined their expertise opened the doors of the resort and in technology, design, and a passion marina on July 7, 2007. Owned and for music in the creation of the operated by owners Galt Hax and sim. Under this direction, the sim Liz Harley, and Eo Sands, the resort has flourished into what it is today. combined with Hot Sax in early A 24/7 stream on a private server 2009 and The Wave @ Key West keeps the music flowing between was born. acts.

ily, some Presenting live acts and DJs da performers of note include: scovered by scouts for di an ici us m zz ja lar pu po a n, Von Johi rtaiment and te En ty ali Re ny pa m co ia ed tim the real world mul usic will be released m 's on . V ct ra nt co g in rd co re signed to a RL under his SL name. olk and progressive ef di in g in rm rfo pe e or m er Ev Chris accoustic covers. melodies with rock/ c lti ce r he g in ar sh l zu ee D e yn Jordanre industrial inspired rhythm. influences and an p po k/ oc /r nk pu g rin fe of ity ar AMFORTE Cl engaging performance. Allister Westland Montian Gilruth

re listening to the u' yo k in th 'll ou (Y ic bl pu Re y FunkyFredd great Neil Young himself!). his Pink Floyd covers and r fo n ow kn n, oo om Ky d ar w Ed excellent backing tracks. e variety of songs. Damian Carbenell with his wid strings. Skye Galaxy mixing piano and ne. the dynamic Maximillion Klee repertoire in both ic ct le ec an rs fe of ho w r, te en Mimi Carp English and French. pling of the diverse music m sa all sm a st ju ts en es pr re is Th offered at Key West.

In addition to the musical acts, Â Key West offers many other amenities across four main areas, including the marina, a clubhouse, beach and water park, and private residential areas. Visitors and residents can enjoy activities such as boating, diving, kite and wind surfing to mention a few. Members may use any of the facilities on the sim for private parties and events. Membership is by invitation only through a current member in good

standing. Alternatively, you may ask anyone with The Wave over their heads, or by touching any one of the Key West signs twice, to notify Galt Hax of your interest. Key West is an example of how a venue can survive the test of time with their broad variety of events and activities. Visit Key West at your next opportunity and discover the magic and beauty for yourself!


By Sandy Demina

The Born Again Pagans are Madame Amoufhaz on synths, percussion and assorted madness, and hexx Triskaidekaphobia on vocals, guitars, percussion,, loop machines and ...assorted madness. Their s,tyle is definitely improvisational, live, and direct, with strong reggae roots. In their Second Life® gigs they don’t use any backing tracks, playing live guitars, percussion, vocal chords, and a bit of keyboard.

“Life and music itself, the infinite number of universes that lay hidden in a mere six strings, people we met and worked with along the way, and the miracles of modern technology (more specifically: the loop machine)” these are some sources of their inspiration.

I asked hexx to introduce himself “I’m from the Netherlands (otherwise known as ‘Holland’), a country in Europe”, he saysStreaming live and direct from “which, in its turn, is north of the Coolsounds & Magick Studios Africa. Contrary to popular belief, in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, my country is NOT the capital of The Born Again Pagans have been Denmark. It’s also not located in touring the grid since the summer Michigan. Been into music since of 2008. don’t get me started, but really sucked at playing an instrument at Madame Amoufhaz and hexx that time. Took me some time to Triskaidekaphobia are their real get a grip, but now I play guitars names, the same they use in Second and some sorts of keyboards and Life.® They create their music in RL percussion and stuff. I also do and stream it into SL. And for now, vocals. Gotta say though, that I SL is the only place where they would be totally lost without my perform so definitely they think that dear friend Madame Amoufhaz.” SL can be a valid showcase for RL works. They also use other kind When I asked him to describe their of digital promotions: a website, a own style they just say, “Honestly I MySpace profile, and Twitter. wouldn’t know how to describe our

style”, Hexx says “... new grooves pop up all the time. The ones we remember, we try to do again. Lyrics are a delicate thing — it takes some time to get the rhythm and the words and the flow right. And once all that is settled, the tune keeps on growing up. Basically, all we can do is try to pass it through as good as we can” The list of the acts that have most inspired hexx is very long with some surprises inside, including, in this order: the Canterbury scene, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, Dr. John the Night Tripper, Genesis (when Peter Gabriel was still part of it), Traffic, White Noise, Amon Duul II, Cream, Bob Marley & the Wailers, Kevin Ayers, the James Last Orchestra, Doe Maar, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Mr. Albert Show, anything from Motown, Johnny Cash, Zijlstra, Blindboy Gumbo, Daevid Allen, Lou Reed, Thievery Corporation, Tony & the Torpedoes, DUB Inc., The Invisible Band!, Blind Faith, Alexis Korner, Black Uhuru, Blues Breakers, Maarten van Roozendaal, Winston Ackland,

Sly & Robbie, Patti Smith … and of course their moms and dads too! That list could go on and on and on‚ till the break of dawn.   And then some. Actually, part from inspiration, behind BAP music there’s a lot of work. “Gotta get out there and spread the word.-says hexx “Good thing we got technology to help us. I can now fire up the machines and start broadcasting the audio and video all over the Internet. That’s what I like about SL: we can do and be and build whatever we want in there. They’re trying to turn it into a huge shopping mall and who knows, they might just pull it off”. In a very wiseful way hexx ends our conversation just saying “But hey, All the freaky people make the beauty of all the worlds!” And we definitely agree to this final statement!

NANCE Brody By Sandy Demina

NANCE Brody is a Canadian Singer/ Songwriter from Victoria. She lives on beautiful Vancouver Island. She has been playing music since the age of 13 and she plays a 12 string takamine and, once in a blue moon, she brings out her 6 string.

She defines her unique style as "Rawkin, Rootsy, Bluesy, Folkin' good music" and she can down right rock your socks off at times.

Many singers are in SL just to promote their RL works. NANCE is a singer/songwriter who has A pioneer in the live online made live online performing her performing field, playing for only career. "I no longer do the RL audiences around the globe, music thing", NANCE says, "I am broadcasting live and interactively an exclusive online entertainer and over the internet since '99, she is have done so for over 9 years now. courageous, sexy, and right out I perform only my own material there. Her love for music shines in online to people all around the her sultry voice, guitar playing, and world. It doesn't get better than lyrics, making her audiences laugh, this. I have been asked many times cry, smile, heal, and ponder; NANCE throughout my online performing is loved dearly by many fans around career why I don't perform in the the world, both virtual and real. real world and my answer is always

"I doubt I would have travelled this far with my music. She has been the wind in   my sails, my support and   my encouragement."

her own material, the inspiration came from deep within herself; the same answer, and that is, it's not from her own inner strength and where my audience is. My fans are experiences. Above all the main here, online, so why would I want to source of her inspiration is Julie, the be anywhere else!" love of her life without whom, she says, "I doubt I would have travelled She's very profilic as a songwriter this far with my music. She has been and, since 1990, she has written the wind in my sails, my support over 200 songs. She needs just a and my encouragement." couple of days usually for the entire song, spending the most time on the NANCE had been singing for a music. She says she tries not to be few years online before SL came inspired or influenced by other acts. into existance. Some of her fellow As a songwriter she keeps focused musicians, Peidra and Dallas on her own style, getting ideas for Cowgirl, who had been with her her songs or pieces of music from on the other program, had already everyday life, people on the same made the move over to SL so they path, circumstances that arise, or made sure that I knew of it. After things that can get in the way. that it was just a matter of time before she was able to get her pc Many musicians have inspired updated enough to do the graphics NANCE in her younger days. to get on SL and her virtual Second However, after she started to write Life® career finally got started!


NANCE is her real name and she does use it in SL. "My avatar pushed through the sound barrier when my fans started wearing NANCE Brody on their real life t-shirts and other merchadise", she says. "They know me as NANCE in and out of SL." When she is not on stage NANCE loves to build and to create fan merchandise, clothing, etc. Since SL is a very creative place she loves to discover its endless creative possibilities. She is not so interested in shopping. "I only shop when I need something so I must say I am not much of a shopper in RL or SL and I am not much of an audience member either. The stage is where I feel more comfortable and more at home." For NANCE, SL most definitely is a valid showcase for her music because it IS her RL work. "The two worlds are meshed together and entertwine beautifully for me." In SL she opened a live music venue, since she's at a point in her career where she performs just because she wants to play. She's no longer a slave to her music and she's so

grateful for that. For this reason she created her own venue to play when she wants to play and have her own stage to perform on when the spirit moves her and this is were she does most of her shows. "I do, however, enjoy playing at other venues when it feels good to do so and of course when the price is right", she tells me, laughing. NANCE does not use other kinds of digital promotions and her whole career is focused on SL. "It would be a sad day for me to not have SL in my life", she says, "SL is my community, my world, it is part of me. I am very proud to tell the real world out there that it rocks. And I stand up for my SL fans and friends and this wonderful virtual world that we have. The people in SL are real people, not just avatars, and they are part of my life and will be for as long as I can sing and be here. I hope SL will exist and grow into an even stronger community that will become an accepted and loved place in everyones real world too. I know I am presented with opportunities all the time that let me tell the real world what my SL existence is all about and I

personally take those opportunities to make sure that I speak of SL as one awesome place to be. I will never keep my SL existence in the closet nor do I want anyone else to. I would hope that my name be shouted from the roof tops by my fans the same way as I brag about them, and that my SL friends would be as proud as I am about our strong relationships and our awesome community. I also know that a lot can happen in any time period when communities choose to grow and prosper together as one. So, yes, I think our Second Life速 community is going to be around for a long time." Of course, anyone of us in-world agrees with her statements!

“I Wish You Were Here� July 21, 2010- LANCE will release a new five-song EP called "I Wish You Were Here". This EP is an acoustic collection of new songs, and will be released exclusively on http://www. for $4.99. This EP is the first of three five-song EPs LANCE will be releasing this summer and into early fall. Critics are acclaiming that LANCE has really started to find his mark even more with this set of recordings, defining himself as a writer and performer. "This EP makes you feel good. Even as I was in the process of recording this project all those around [me] could feel there is a special vibe coming from this piece of work.", LANCE states about the EP. Not short on emotion and passion, you have this feeling as if you can put this EP on repeat and fall in love all over again.

The title track "I Wish You Were Here" is very simply stated, with the tone of LANCE's voice combined with his lyrics and passion. You have no choice but to feel the pining to be with that one that holds your heart. "More Than A Ring" takes you on a lyrical and melodical journey of the ring that starts the forever love. The other three songs (Down Stairs, Be with You, Forever and Ever Me and You) are just as awe-inspiring to listen to. LANCE continues his dedication to his loyal fans across the world and sees music as a gift to the world and a responsibility on his behalf to pour all he has into his writing and performing. This EP with the two others to come are worth adding to your collection.

Just realeased  

“Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids”

Louis Landon has just released his 9th CD called “Solo Piano for Love, Peace & Mermaids.” This is Landon's 4th solo piano CD, which was recorded in two days at Piano Haven Recording Studios, Kenmore, WA on April 2, 2010 and May 5, 2010. The music was inspired by Landon's Improvs for Peace that he has been recording and posting to his website for free download for the past two years. Over 12 hours of music has been created in total. These Improvs were used as stepping stones for much of the music on this CD as well as some pieces that were recorded especially for this project. As a solo pianist for peace, Landon has expanded his mission to create a peaceful and loving world for all life forms, particularly mermaids, who are now classified as an endangered species.

Music written, arranged, produced, recorded and performed by Louis Landon  Music mastered by Joe Bongiorno  Cover art and art direction:   Dan Levin Thanks to my family, friends, and fans for their love and support! Special thanks to: Eric Tingstad, Leroy Henry, Paul Hirsch Extra special thanks to:   Joe Bongiorno, Dan Levin

Go to sla ndo for bookings

lou i

sheet music, C Ds, contact info ,  and more  

Open Mic Directory Times listed are SL Time (PDT). Precise at printing, and updated regularily. Contact Reslez in-world for submissions, corrections, questions and for advertising!



The Clocktower

Prankster´s tuesdays night open mic

Time: 10 am - 1 pm Run by: Arnold McKeenan Melaenis/50/68/527 MONDAY Twilight Time: 12 pm - 2 pm Run by: Rayna Gorham APart%20No%20More/51/ 49/22

Time: 6 pm - 8 pm Run by: izdovcr Finesmith nkster%20Isle/144/126/55

Rockin Roost Roadhouse Time: 6 pm -8 pm Run by: Ceithlan Zane WhoopEm%20Up/195/180/23

Rockin Roost Roadhouse

WEDNESDAY Cafe Cassablanca Time: 1 pm - 4 am Run by: Daedalus Lemuria Valtor/45/49/22

Trax Music Center Time: 7 pm - 9 am Run by: Gina Montpenier Trax/128/128/27 U21 Global


Your Club here FRIDAY

Kickin Time: 5 am - 9 am Run by: Kickin Monitor

U21 Global Club%20Atlantic/29/33/21

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth

U21 Global U21Global%20Campus/144/220

Time: 1 pm - 3 pm Run by: Keko Heckroth Global%20Campus/144/220 40

Issue # 10 June 2010

Music Matters magazine

Metaverse Live Music Publication

Issue # 10 June 2010

Matters of Music Magazine

Metaverse Live Music Publication

The Born Again Pagans POLÂ Arida Louis Landon Open Mic Directory

Matters of Music Magazine  


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