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Rosci Diaz

M3 Magazine sat down with the 106th & Park star during her recent visit to Birmingham for this exclusive interview.

Rebecca: We’re here with none other than Rocsi from 106th & Park! How are you doing today?

what’s your take on Mark Ingram coming to the New Orleans Saints cause I know you have some roots in Louisiana?

Rocsi: I’m doing great. Thank you for having me!

Rocsi: Of course! Everybody that knows me knows that I’m from New Orleans… So I told him I won’t shake his hand until he brings us a ring home (laughs).

Rebecca: No problem! So is this your first time being in Birmingham? Rocsi: You know…Yes I believe it is. I think it’s my first time in Alabama… maybe… I’m not sure Rebecca: Really? Rocsi: I think so… I think it might be, I think it might be Rebecca: So what’s your take on Alabama so far? Rocsi: Well, the hotel food has been very nice… I really haven’t been able to really see but it seems like a nice beautiful area from what I have seen, and calm, and everyone seems super-duper nice and friendly. Rebecca: Okay, and I know you’re here for Mark Ingram’s Celebration Bash… So 4

Rebecca: Okay! Alright and as far as Rocsi, I know that you have some acting inspirations going on so do you have anything else coming up in the future?

Rocsi: No, but I think from what I’ve seen he’s an outstanding young man, and I think he’s gonna be a fine addition to the New Orleans Saints brand. There’s a lot to live up to and a lot of legacy there, a lot of tradition, and from what I know he’s been trying to make an impact in the city already, from opening up his arms to the people and I think that’s really important as one of the stars that’s coming in.

Rocsi: There’s a movie that I’m shooting right now it’s called “Soul Ties”, we have a lot of people in there like Terry Vaughn from the Steve Harvey Show is staring in the movie so it’s gonna be a lot of fun and the cast is amazing and I’m just having so much fun with this experience and of course my radio show, Rocsi on the Radio, you can check it out. We’re syndicated all over the country, it’s a very, very, very good look and it’s the youngest and one of the only female syndicated shows out there right now so I am very very proud of myself!

Rebecca: Okay and that’s awesome! And I know that you have a charity as well! Rocstar right?

Rebecca: Well, that’s awesome and hats off to you! Thank you so much for what you do!

Rocsi: Yes, Rocstar Reveals. It’s my nonprofit organization, we tend to help out schools that have been damaged during a hurricane or any natural disaster and we mainly target New Orleans but we are looking to branch off to other different countries now.

Rocsi: Keep on doing your thing girl! Rebecca: Thank you! Rebecca Sampson here at Mark Ingram’s Celebration, here with none other than Rocsi from 106th & Park!

Visit M3 magazine at| facebook/M3magazine | twitter @makingmovesmag

Visit M3 magazine at| facebook/M3magazine | twitter @makingmovesmag


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