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Market to Market Relay Sponsors The Market to Market Relay would like to recognize and thank all of the sponsors who made this event possible. Presenting Sponsor

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Letter from the race director Welcome Runners! Thanks for joining us for the special 5th year anniversary of the Market to Market Relay presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital. This year we are excited to have 400 teams and over 3,000 relay runners making the journey from Omaha to Lincoln. Of the 400 teams, at least 86 have run in the event all five years! Also, to commemorate our 5th year, we’ve added to the bucket list of Midwest runners by creating the Market to Market 50k. Over 200 ultra-athletes will race 31 miles from Grandpa’s Woods Golf Course near Murdock to the Finish Line in Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket. (More information on the M2M 50k is on page 39). Safety is always a top priority for the Market to Market Relay. Please read this guide carefully and follow all race rules and instructions. Pay attention while you run and drive and listen to volunteer directions. Take care of yourself, your teammates and other participants. As runners we have a unique opportunity to show how considerate and responsible we are to the residents of the communities we travel through. The Market to Market Relay visits several unique rural and urban areas including Omaha, Bellevue, Papillion, Springfield, Louisville, Murdock, Elmwood, Eagle, Walton and Lincoln. This race would not happen without the support of these communities and their residents. Let’s keep making strides by putting our best foot forward. I want to thank all sponsors for helping to create such a great event and supporting the Nebraska running community. A list of all race sponsors is located on the inside cover of this booklet. A special thank you goes out to Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital, proud presenting sponsor of the Market to Market Relay since 2008. They believed in the event when it was just an idea. Finally, this race has 250-plus volunteers that help keep you safe and make the event possible — without them the race would not happen. Many of the volunteers along the course are part of local community based civics groups and non-profits who help Nebraska communities out year-round. Please let them know how much you appreciate their help today. Enjoy the day and we’ll see you after the race at the Gatorade Post-Race Shindig & Expo!

Ben Cohoon | Race Director P.S. New this year, you can sign up NOW for the 2013 Market to Market Relay AND at 2012 prices. All officially registered 2012 team captains should have received an e-mail with a special code and registration instructions. Team captains will have until Friday, October 19, 2012, at 11:59 pm, to reserve a guaranteed spot for 2013. Teams not registered by this date will need to enter the General Lottery in March, 2013, for a chance to enter the 2013 race. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and get registered now. Race Day for the 6th annual Market to Market Relay will be Saturday, October 12, 2013. Learn more at

Emergency Contact Cheat Sheet (additional Emergency Information on page 4) In case of emergency, dial 911. Then contact the Race Emergency Director. EMT’s will be located at Exchange Points 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and the Finish Line. Look for parked ambulances. Race Emergency Director: 402-890-2123 (cell) 2

race course safety Safety is the first and foremost priority. It is important that all runners and drivers realize that the race course occasionally crosses traffic and follows roadways. Further, the running route will occasionally parallel the driving route. Please error on the side of caution, drive slowly, be alert, read the following safety tips and have a great race! Runner Safety: Please read and understand all race rules and seek clarification as needed. Beware of vehicles. A significant portion of the race course is on roads. Obey all traffic and pedestrian laws, unless instructed differently by a police officer. Course Signage: Follow all M2M Relay signs and read the stage directions in this guide carefully. It is your job to know the running route — the signs are only there to assist you. We recommend carrying water and a cell phone while running. Run Against Traffic: Runners must run against traffic if running on city or county roads unless instructed otherwise. VISIBILITY REQUIREMENT: New! All team’s are REQUIRED to have at least 2 Reflective Safety Vests, 2 Headlamps and 2 blinking LED taillights. One of each MUST be worn by all runners beginning a new Stage during Official Nighttime Hours, before 7:30 am and after 6:30 pm. No Headphones: Runners may not use iPods, MP3 players, earphones or any other equipment that interferes with their hearing. Music devices with speakers below the head are allowed if it does not interfere with your hearing. YOU NEED TO HEAR APPROACHING VEHICLES. If caught you will be disqualified. Water: Runners are in charge of their own water on the course. There will not be water areas between Exchange Points. Certain Exchange Points will have refill areas, but teams should bring enough water to last the duration of the race. As a way to reduce race day waste, plastic cups will not be provided. Please bring your own reusable, refillable water bottles and team water jugs. Vehicle and Driver Safety: Beware of runners on the driving course. A significant portion of the race course is on roads. Please refer to the Rules Concerning Vehicles section on page 5. Tips for Successful and Safe Driving: Focus on driving! Have your co-pilot read driving directions and give you instructions. Know where you are going and look at the map before you start driving. Do not arrive at Exchange Points significantly early. Water, Food and Team Emergency Gear: It is your team’s responsibility to carry adequate team water, food, blankets, first aid supplies, cell phones, clothing layers and rain gear in your vehicle. Emergency Information: In case of emergency, dial 911. Basic first aid kits are available at all Exchange Points. Emergency Responders with advanced first aid and response skills will be stationed at Exchange Points 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 and the Finish Line. Look for this red 3

Race Course Safety marker on the stage maps. Emergency Responders will have red MEDICAL t-shirts and will be located near the Exchange Points in Ambulances. Notify the nearest volunteer and the Race Emergency Director with any concerns or emergencies. HAM Radio Volunteers will be located at most Exchange Points. These special volunteers can help connect you with medical volunteers, other Exchange Points or help answer any questions you have. Look for these volunteers in blue shirts or green vests. Race Emergency Director: 402-890-2123 (cell) In case of emergency, dial 911. Police Assistance and Traffic Laws: Runners will be provided with police assistance at Stages 1, 19 and 20. Runners MUST obey all traffic laws unless they are instructed by an officer of the law not to. Note: If for some reason during the day your team is stopped either because of heavy traffic when crossing a street or because of a train at one of the two rail track locations — these situations are considered part of the course.

M2M Relay Volunteer color Coded t-Shirts Exchange Point Safety & Parking Emergency Responder Medical Knowledge Mobile Response Team Move from Point to Point


HAM Radio Communication with Medical and Director

Escort Biker Help Escort Runners during Dark Market to Market 50k

M2M Relay Visual Clues On-Course Medical

Exchange Point Markers Look for these large feather banners marking each Exchange Point.

Runner Direction Arrows Located at difficult intersections or turns you will see one of three arrow signs; UP, LEFT, RIGHT. These signs are to help you navigate, but it is your responsibility to know the course as signs could be removed or hidden. Consider running with your map located in the Race Day Guide. 4

General Rules 1. Team Matrix: Teams shall consist of six, seven or eight runners. Each runner shall complete multiple legs of the Relay, called Stages. Each Stage will be 2.7 to 5.5 miles. Teams must carry a “baton,” passing it from runner to runner at each Exchange Point. There will be 20 Stages and, therefore, 20 Exchange Points and a group finish (the starting line is Exchange Point 1). 2. Minimum Team Speed: Teams arriving at the finish line after 8:30 pm will not receive a finish time.

Rules Concerning Vehicles Please use your best judgment when driving, and please watch for runners and other pedestrians. 1. Vehicles and Runners: Vehicles may not interact with runners unless an injury has occurred or a runner has taken a wrong turn. Vehicles interacting with runners will be given a time penalty for the first and second offense. If a third offense is observed, the team will be disqualified. Please remember, runners are in charge of their own water while running between Exchange Points. 2. Number of Vehicles and Types Allowed: Teams may use only one registered vehicle, unless they have faster than a 42-minute 10k average; these teams qualify for two registered vehicles. Team vehicles must be less than seven feet in width and less than 30 feet long. Large vans, mini-vans and SUV’s are allowed. No RVs, mini-buses or limos are allowed. Team’s violating this rule will be disqualified. 3. Location of ID Tag: Registered team vehicles must display an official identification tag in the front and rear window. The tag must be visible to race officials at the Exchange Points. Only team vehicles displaying the official tag will be allowed to park at the Exchange Points. 4. Driving Directions: Team vehicles are encouraged to follow the driving directions provided in the Race Day Guide. Directions have been designed to eliminate vehicle contact with runners and to provide the quickest route to the next Exchange Point. If a vehicle gets lost or takes a wrong turn and does not reach the next Exchange Point in time, the time is lost and will not be awarded back. 5. Traffic Laws: Team vehicles MUST obey all speed limits, traffic signs, other traffic laws and instructions from race officials. 6. Runner safety: Team vehicles must drive at a normal rate of speed. Vehicles may not block or interfere with other vehicles, and must yield the right of way to runners at all times. 7. Parking: At the Exchange Points, team vehicles must park in designated areas only. Vehicles may not stop within the Exchange Zone, even to discharge runners, except where directed.


Rules Concerning Runners 1. Running Order: Team members will run in a fixed order. For example, on an eight-person team, Runner 1 will complete Stages 1, 9 and 17; Runner 2 will complete stages 2, 10 and 18; and so on. On a seven-person team each will run three legs. For example, Runner 1 will complete Stages 1, 8 and 15; Runner 2 will complete Stages 2, 9 and 16; and so on. On a six-person team, Runner 1 will complete Stages 1, 7, 13 and 19; Runner 2 will complete Stages 2, 8, 14 and 20; and so on. 2. Official Bibs: Runners must wear their official race bib numbers corresponding to their position on the team. The first runner must wear a number ending in “1”, the second runner must wear a number ending in “2” and so on. Race numbers must be visible from the front. 3. Baton Exchange: The “baton” must be passed from one runner to the next within a 50-meter Exchange Zone at each Exchange Point. Runners must carry the “baton” so that it is visible to race officials while approaching and leaving the Exchange Zone. Batons will be supplied and will also serve as this year’s timing chip. See page 7 for details. 4. Wrong Turn: Runners who take a wrong turn must return to the course where they left it and continue on the correct route. Runners may use the team vehicle or other transportation to return to the correct route, provided they complete the entire correct route unaided. 5. Traffic Laws: Unless a police officer instructs you differently, you need to obey all pedestrian traffic laws.

Rules Concerning All Participants 1. NO LITTERING: Participants must leave the course litterfree. Teams are encouraged to use the trash bags given in the race packets to leave the course better than we found it. 2. NO PUBLIC URINATION: Participants should only use the bathroom facilities provided. No public urination or other public relief is allowed. 3. NO Consumption of liquor on public property: In accordance with state law 53-186, consumption of liquor on public property is unlawful and is only allowed on private property with proper permits. Violation of any of these rules will result in team disqualification.





Contests All winners will be announced at the Post-Race Shindig and via after race day. All voting will be done via the Team Scorecard in the Race Day Guide and must be turned in one per team at the Post-Race Shindig. Best Team Costume They key to victory is wearing your costume all day long. The more elaborate and ridiculous the better! Best Decorated Vehicle To win the Best Decorated Vehicle Contest, your team vehicle must not only be awesome, but also be considered a legal Market to Market Relay vehicle. Best Team Name It’s up to your peers. The wackier and more creative, the better. Just keep it awesome and appropriate. “Best of” Rules: ➢[1] Voting is done via the Team Score Card in the Race Day Guide. Turn in at the Post-Race Shindig. ➢[2] Limit one vote per team. ➢[3] The team with the most votes wins. Winners get an automatic invitation into next year’s race. Predict Your Team Finishing Time All teams are entered into this competition when you submitted Predicted Team Finish Time on the Team Roster Tool. Rules: ➢[1] Submit your team’s Predicted Team Finish Time via the Team Roster Tool ➢[2] Team Closest to Time Wins Winners get a FREE spot into next year’s race.

Baton/Chip Timing Runner #1 on each team will pick up your team’s timing “baton” at the starting line. The timing bracelet will keep track of your team’s time through a timing chip system. Please use this for your baton.

TEAM SCORECARD & CONTEST VOTING BALLOT New! On the inside back cover of this Race Day Guide is the Team Scorecard & Contest Voting Ballot. Record your runner times throughout the day and submit ONLY one complete card to the M2M Relay Headquarters tent located at the Post-Race Shindig.


Market to Market Relay Runners Community People are talking about the 5th Annual Market to Market Relay. They are sharing pictures, comparing training advice and discussing costumes for race day. We want to make it easy for you to get in on the race conversation. Check out M2M on Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Want to see what runners are saying before and during the race? Follow M2M on Twitter @M2MRelay and search for #M2MRelay tweets. On race day, you can watch runners tweet their way across our Twitter Map at If you are running, keep everyone posted on your team’s progress by tweeting when you can throughout the course. Use the #M2MRelay hashtag and make sure that you activate the tweet location setting on your online account or on your mobile device so your updates can be seen on the map.

Become a fan of M2M on Facebook by joining our fan page. Meet other racers and get access to the latest M2M news by searching for “Market to Market Relay” on Facebook.

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Divisions & Awards Open (Awards to top 7): All teams may compete, generally all male. Mixed (Awards to top 7): At least three members of the team must be of each sex. Women (Awards to Top 3): All team members must be women. Masters (Awards to Top 3): All team members must be at least 40 years old. Mixed Masters (Awards to Top 3): At least three members of the team must be of each sex and all team members must be at least 40 years old. Women Masters (Award to 1st Place): All team members must be at least 40 years old and female. Corporate (Awards to Top 3): All team members must be employed by the same employer or immediate family members. 6 Person (Awards to Top 3): A team with just 6 members. Armed Forces (Awards to Top 3): Instrumental to the nation’s defense and/or community safety (Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, private militia, FBI, Police, Firefighters). Run Club (Award to 1st Place): A team must be made up of members of the same running club either RRCA or USATF sanctioned club. Academic (Award to 1st Place): All team members affiliated with one school, college, university, or other center of learning. This can be students, faculty, or both.



Exchange Point

On-Course Medical



19 18








Everyone has their own opinion on what the best section of the course is, but I think we can all appreciate the sections on the trails. Over 50 percent of the race course utilizes the Nebraska trail system between Lincoln and Omaha. There are many people, groups and organizations to thank for creating such a GREAT trail infrastructure in Nebraska. Using the trails and supporting groups like the Nebraska Trails Foundation, Eastern Trails Network, Great Plains Trail Network and the National Resource District will help to continue to expand and maintain this asset to the state of Nebraska.

The M2M Relay course was developed to be a snapshot of Nebraska in one day through large cities, rural Nebraska and small towns.


78.70 miles

The Course











Runner Matrix For teams of 6, 7 and 8 8 Person Team Matrix Runner 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

1st Leg Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6 Stage 7 Stage 8

Miles/ Rating 3.2/EM 3.4/E 4.3/E 3.4/EM 4.8/H 4.7/H 4.5/MH 5.3/EM

2nd Leg Stage 9 Stage 10 Stage 11 Stage 12 Stage 13 Stage 14 Stage 15 Stage 16

Miles/ Rating 5.5/EM 3.0/H 3.6/M 3.9/EM 2.7/E 5.2/M 3.0/E 4.2/E

3rd Leg Stage 17 Stage 18 Stage 19 Stage 20 GROUP

Miles/ Rating 2.9/E 3.7/EM 3.0/E 4.1/E 0.3

Total Miles 11.6/EM 10.1/MH 10.9/M 11.4/EM 7.8/M 9.9/H 7.5/M 9.5/E

Grand Total

7 Person Team Matrix Miles/ Runner 1st Leg Rating 1 Stage 1 3.2/EM 2 Stage 2 3.4/E 3 Stage 3 4.3/E 4 Stage 4 3.4/EM 5 Stage 5 4.8/H 6 Stage 6 4.7/H 7 Stage 7 4.5/MH

2nd Leg Stage 8 Stage 9 Stage 10 Stage 11 Stage 12 Stage 13 Stage 14

Miles/ Rating 5.3/EM 5.5/EM 3.0/H 3.6/M 3.9/EM 2.7/E 5.2/M

3rd Leg Stage 15 Stage 16 Stage 17 Stage 18 Stage 19 Stage 20 GROUP

Miles/ Rating 3.0/E 4.2/E 2.9/E 3.7/EM 3.0/E 4.1/E 0.3


Total Miles 11.5/EM 13.1/E 10.2/M 10.7/M 11.7/M 11.5/M 10.0/MH

Grand Total


6 Person Team Matrix Miles/ Rating

4th Leg

Miles/ Rating

Total Miles 11.6/H

Stage 13


Stage 19



Stage 14


Stage 20




Stage 15





Stage 10


Stage 16



Stage 11


Stage 17



Stage 12


Stage 18



1st Leg

Miles/ Rating

2nd Leg

Miles/ Rating

3rd Leg


Stage 1


Stage 7



Stage 2


Stage 8



Stage 3


Stage 9


Stage 4



Stage 5



Stage 6


12.3/M Grand Total



Stage 1

3.2 miles · easy

Memorial Park

Note: If you are heading east on Dodge St. to Memorial Park (number streets getting smaller) you will not be allowed to turn north (left) at 62nd and Happy Hollow Dr. Please head north at 72nd then turn east (right) at Cass St. to arrive at the starting line.

Driving directions

Course Description

Head west on Underwood Ave. towards 72nd St.

Timing Chip and Baton are picked up at the Start Line by your first runner. If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required. The race begins at one of Omaha’s most historic monuments, Memorial Park. From Memorial Park runners will pass the iconic Dundee statue and over Dodge Street via the Memorial Park pedestrian bridge. Runners will continue this downhill leg past the Historic Field Club Neighborhood and head into Elmwood Park, a 216-acre park created in 1889. Here runners will follow the Elmwood Trail through the tree-lined park before reaching the Aksarben Village area and connecting with the Keystone Trail.

Underwood will turn into Cass St. Turn left onto 72nd St. (follow for 1.3 miles). Turn left onto Pine St. (follow for 0.3 miles). Turn right onto Aksarben Dr., follow until you reach Blue Cross Blue Shield building. Turn into Blue Cross Blue Shield and follow parking attendants. Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 1 is presented by:

Timing Baton Pickup

Staging Area Exchange Point 2 11

Starting Line

1st Runner Drop Off: Drop first runner off north of Memorial Park in the neighborhood or east of Memorial Park in Brownell-Talbot School parking lot. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED IN MEMORIAL PARK.

Stage 2

3.4 miles · EASY

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska Staging Area

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

· Last minute packet pick-up · Final Announcements · Free Long-Term Parking Garage (Aksarben Village)

Exchange Point 2 Staging Area

The driving directions have been made with the runners in mind. Please avoid using the same roads as the runners (follow these maps). It will be safer for everyone involved if runners do not have to worry about traffic. There WILL NOT be signs for drivers, please follow directions and maps.

Driving directions Starting from Blue Cross Blue Shield parking lot. Turn right (south) on Aksarben Dr. Take next right onto Mercy Rd. Take next left onto 72nd St. (head south on 72nd St., follow for 2.25 miles). Turn left onto Q St. (follow for 1 mile). Turn right onto 60th St. (follow for about .85 miles). Turn right into Al Veys Park (6506 South 60th Street).

Course Description Starting near the Aksarben Village area and College of Saint Mary runners will continue heading south on a flat to slight downhill section. Runners will run exclusively on Omaha’s Keystone Trail, a paved trail that stretches nearly across the city and goes all the way to Hayworth Park in Bellevue. If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required. Runners will be running through the city of Omaha, passing neighborhoods, parks, businesses, and pools until they arrive at Al Veys Park, a park featuring youth baseball fields.

Exchange Point 3

Stage 2 is presented by: 12

Stage 3

4.3 miles · easy

Al Veys Park

Driving directions

Course Description

Exit park and turn left (south) onto 60th St. (follow curve of access road to Harrison St.).

Leaving Al Veys Park runners will continue heading south on the Keystone Trail. This section of the Keystone Trail is flat and features several wooden bridges. Runners will pass both urban and rural features seeing farms, parks, and neighborhoods as they make their way out of Omaha and into Bellevue. Near the end of this leg runners will make a sharp right hand turn over the creek to connect with the Papio Trail and head toward Twin Creek Cinema. If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required.

Turn left onto Harrison St. (follow for 1 mile). Turn right on 48th St. (follow approximately 2 miles). Turn left onto Cornhusker Rd. (follow 1 mile). Turn right at 36th St. (follow 0.98 miles). Turn right onto Raynor Pkwy. Turn left into first entrance of Twin Creek Cinema parking lot (park near Raynor Pkwy.). Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 3 is presented by:

Exchange Point 3

Exchange Point 4 13

Exchange Point 5

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Turn right onto Highway 370 (follow for 4 miles).

Turn right onto 36th St. (follow to Highway 370).

Turn left onto Brook Dr. towards 36th St.

Leaving Twin Creek Cinema, DO NOT EXIT via Raynor Pkwy. Exit on south side of parking lot (opposite side of where you came in onto Brook Dr.).

Driving directions

Follow volunteers to find spot in Papio Bay (exchange point to the north on Papio Levee Trail).

Turn right on E. Halleck St. (continue heading straight will run into exchange Halleck Park/Papio Bay).

Turn right (north) on S. Washington St./84th St. (follow .72 miles).

RELAY TIP: It could be possible for Stage 4 runners to beat their vehicle to Exchange Point 5. Consider sending your Stage 5 runner ahead early to Exchange Point 5 in another team’s vehicle.

Exchange Point 4

Stage 4 is presented by:

Leaving Twin Creek Cinema runners will head west and follow a section of the Papio Trail. Stage four runners will follow the Papio Creek and pass the Bellevue Berry and Pumpkin Patch before reaching Halleck Park. The trail is relatively flat but features a few underpasses that have short steep hills. If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required.

Course Description

Stage 4 3.4 miles EASY/moderate

Twin Creek Cinema


Stage 5

4.8 miles · Hard

Halleck Park

Driving directions

Course Description

Leaving Papio Bay turn north (towards Papio Levee Trail).

Leaving Halleck Park runners will pass a small lake and continue heading west following the Papio Creek. For nearly the first mile runners will run next to a series of parks in Papillion. Runners will turn right and go on the rounda-bout under 96th St. and be greeted by a long steep hill. At the top of the hill runners will turn right into a residential neighborhood on Santa Fe Circle. DO NOT miss this RIGHT TURN as it connects to the Highway 370 underpass into Walnut Creek Lake. As runners leave the tunneled underpass they will be greeted by a forest and a winding path through Walnut Creek Lake and Recreation Center. At the top of the hill runners will turn right and run across the dam. Here the paved trail winds around a tall grass prairie around the lake until runners turn right at the “High School Trail” intersection to meet their teammates at Papio South High School.

Follow Halleck Park Rd. Halleck Park Rd. turns into E. Lincoln St. near lake. Continue on E. Lincoln St. (.5 miles). Turn left onto Washington St./84th St. (follow 1 mile). Turn right onto Highway 370 (follow 2.15 miles). Turn left onto 108th St. Turn left into second entrance of Papio South HS (park in front lot, exchange point in back of school).

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 5 is presented by:

Exchange Point 5

Exchange Point 6 15

Stage 6

4.7 miles · Hard

Papio South High School Driving directions Leaving Papio South HS head south/turn right onto 108th St. Follow 108th heading south (approximately 0.78 miles).

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Exchange Point 6

Turn right onto Schram Rd. Take next left onto 114th St. (follow approximately 2.0 miles to exchange).

Course Description Leaving Papio South High School runners will return to Walnut Creek and cruise downhill as other teams head into the exchange point uphill. Runners will follow the trail around the Walnut Creek Lake until they reach the park exit on Turkey Road. Runners will head south and follow Turkey Road out of the park and across Schram road. Here runners will enter rural Nebraska and its famous gravel roads. Turkey Road has a nice mixture of rolling hills and flat sections. Runners will eventually reach the small town of Richfield with a population of “around 20” passing livestock, businesses, and homes on a short section of paved road. As runners leave Richfield they will turn right onto Fairview Road and climb one last gravel hill before handing off the baton at 114th Street.

Exchange Point 7


Good Luck to All the Teams

5 year teams are in bold


Masters Division

Druken Immunity

Avoiding Injuries

Dude, Where’s My Van

K-Town Runners

Commonwealth Electric Company

Running Challenged!

Corn Fed Beef

Lincoln Running Co./ Pepsi - Masters

Dunder Mifflin Paper Company


Corona Light


Emerson Running Club


Dino’s Storage

Team Bar Bet

Endurance Entourage

Team Z

Dude...Where’s My Van?

Twitching Roadkill

Fantastic friends

Winged Ears


6 Person Team Division

Will Run for Rum

Dust in Time Empyrean Brew Crew

Mixed Division

Concordia Alumni

Faces For Braces

4 guys & 4 athletes

Four Sores and Seven Blisters Ago

CUSM Runners

Fat Brain Toys

A Petit Dejeuner

Four Years Older

GSH Hawks



Gently Rolling Hills

NBC Staff

Found Down

Good Life Fitness

Neature Run


And then the vultures eat you...



Are We There Yet?

Grandpa’s Woods: 8 Under Par

Run OT Run



Gretna Runners

Kickin Asphalt


Half Fast

Kiss My Asphalt


Haymarket or Bust


Bast Fastards

Here For the Beer

BeerFeet Running Co

Honey Badger Don’t Care

The Mighty T-wolves Armed Forces Division Omaha Fire Team Patriot

LBL/Allstate Market Makers

Black Lung Brown Cow

67th BFSB

Midwest Medical Transport Co.

Army of Coolness

Nebraska Heart Pacers

Captain Underpants

First ACCS Running Team

Northstar - Black Ops

Case of the Runs

NorthStar Team #3

Caution: Frequent Stops

Lincoln Police Nebraska Guard Bums

Omaha OB-GYN Associates

Offutt Road Warriors


omaha police endurance team


Hortons & Hammers In It Not To Win It It’s All Good!! just for fun Karen, A Life Well Run Keg Leeches

Chariots on Fire

Kellerstock Jocks

People’s City Mission

Children of the Corn-Huskers

Kens Kegs - Running with the Bulls

ProActive Run Squad

Chlorine and Crewcuts

Kind Of A Big Deal

QLI: Fueled by Brain Power!

Code Runners

Lactic Acid Theory

Columbia Track Club


Stache Masters




Commitment Running

Malone & Co.


Cool Runnings

Max Muscle 2

Team NorthStar

Crazy Eights

10/11 News


Misters and Sisters with Blisters

Alegent Health

The Advengers of Snitily Carr

Death, Taxes and Running

Papillion Fire/Rescue TEAM FED The Thundering Herd used to could Corporate Division

Ameritas Assurity Fit Club Big Blue


For the run of it

Academic Division

UP Men UP Rail Runners We Got The Runs

Dirty Half Dozen plus one Don’t Run Me Over Doug Heimes

Money Bags Naughty Numerates Ndorfopaedic Nebraska Heart Worst Pace Scenario

Good Luck to All the Teams Nice Pace

Running of the Bulls

Team Advocare

The Incredibles

Night Train


The Longshots



Team Chipotle Ritz Cracker

Orange you glad I didn’t say Bananas

Schmitt Chiropractic

Over the Hills Plain Label

Screen Ink. Select She Made Me Do It

Poker Face


Poop Ship Destroyers Purple Haze R is for Running Rat Race

Slammed I Am Small Town Kids Smoke and Mirrors Smokin’ Toes

Regan’s Runner Road Runners Rudersdorf Flyers Run Fast

Sole Train Sole Train Speed Bumps Squirelly Fast

Run Jovi

St. Teresa’s Trailblazers

Run Your Pannus Off Runners with a Reason Running Of The Bulls

Strangers on the Run Team 4:13

Team Endure

The Odds Will Ever Be In Our Favor

Team FedEx

The Pace Makers

Team Ibuprofen

Thigh Masters


Thirsty Scholars

Team Lulu

Thunder Road Racing

Team Nebraska Mixed

Tight Butts and Sweaty Nuts

TEAM PERDUE Team Shickley Team SVT Team TerMNTRs

TNNT Turbo Turtles Vitamin V

Team Weeping Water

Wagas Running Group With a Drinking Problem Part 3

Team WTF

Walking Wounded

Teaming of the Shrewd


The Common Tread

We’re Animals



Team Troponin

The good time gang

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Good Luck to All the Teams Will Chafe for Beer

Bagel Bunch


Reticulated Giraffes


Bar Harbor


Road Runners



Doniphan Divas

Run Now Wine Later

Bennie & the Jets

Eletech Elite Eight

Run to the Hills

Booze Hounds

Fine Tuned Machine


Brad Placeholder 1

Freaky Fast Runners



GD Dream Team

Runnin to Eat

Catalina Wine Mixers

Good Times

Running Fools

Catch the Moose


Running on Empty


Granite City

Seal Team 7

MixedMasters Division Live Long and Perspire Pheidippides Phans Philippians 4:13 Running With Scissors Tiger Coaching

Chicken Shirts

Hoof Hearted


Open Division

Coffee Cartel

I’m Here For The Beer

Slow Expectations


Crazy 8

27th Street Connection

Crazy Heart

In a van down by the river

Someone Has to Finish Last!


Crazy Legs


Southview Striders

7 Guys and a Cooler

Crossfit Lincoln


Speed Sold Separate

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Stage 7

4.5 miles Moderate/Hard

114th and Fairview Road Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 7 is presented by:

Exchange Point 7

Driving directions Head south on 114th St. until Fairview Rd. Turn right on Fairview Rd. *** Caution *** Runners and vehicles share this section of the course.

Follow Fairview Rd. for about 1.4 miles until 132nd St. Turn right on 132nd St.

Exchange Point 8 Water Refill Area

Follow 132nd about 1.0 mile to Capehart Rd. Turn left onto Capehart Rd. Follow Capehart Rd. for about 1.0 mile to Highway 50. Turn left at Highway 50 and follow for about 2.5 miles to the town of Springfield.

Gatorade Oasis

Turn left at Main St. Turn right at Railroad St. Follow for about 0.1 miles and follow parking volunteers.

Course Description This rolling section of the course passes farmland as runners head west towards Highway 50. Before runners reach Highway 50, they will turn south onto MoPac’s crushed limestone trail. This downhill section runs parallel with Highway 50 towards the town of Springfield. As runners get close to Springfield they will go underneath a bridge and circle around to a parking lot. At this point, runners will take a right towards a gas station (east). The course runs through residential Springfield towards Main Street and on to Exchange Point 8 at the Sarpy County Fairgrounds. Be sure to re-hydrate at the Gatorade Oasis. 21

Stage 8

5.3 miles · easy/moderate


Driving directions

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Gatorade Oasis

Hey driver, no rush to get to the next Exchange Point. Your runner has over 5 miles of running ahead of them. Relax. Take a 10 minute break and re-hydrate at the Gatorade Oasis before leaving Springfield. Besides, this will make things easier for everyone at the next busy parking lot. Vouchers for FREE Gatorade available at the Runner Exchange Zone.

Exchange Point 8

Turn left (north) on Railroad St. and follow until Main St. Turn left onto Main St. Head west towards Highway 50. Turn left onto Highway 50 (south). Follow Highway 50 for a little over 4.0 miles until Riha Rd. (Slow down, this turn is very easy to miss.) Turn right at Riha Rd. (Look for Brown Meadow Oaks sign). Follow Riha Rd. for 0.8 miles until Highway 31. Turn left at Highway 31 and follow for about 0.4 miles. Take a right into the Exchange Point and follow parking volunteers.

Course Description Leaving the rodeo of the Sarpy County Fairgrounds, runners will head south on the shaded MoPac Trail and parallel Highway 50 towards the Platte River. This crushed limestone section is one of the longest of the course, but is also one of the flattest. Towards the end of the leg, runners will go underneath Highway 50 before they reach Exchange Point 9.

Stage 8 is presented by:

Exchange Point 9

Parking Detail on next page. 22

Parking Details Exchange Point 9 Parking Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path


Exchange Point 9 Vans will exit off of Highway 50 at Riha Rd. before you reach Highway 31. This will create one way traffic flow and eliminate a backup onto Highway 50, which creates a dangerous situation.

Driver Entrance

Private Property


Driver Exit

Runners: be careful as you exit, as you will have to cross traffic twice. Vans are instructed that you have the right of way but they may not be looking out for you.

Please be respectful of private property to the south and west of this Exchange Point. No trespassing please.

Stage 9

5.5 miles · Easy/Moderate

Highway 50/31

Driving directions

Course Description

Leaving the Exchange Point, turn right out of the parking lot onto Highway 31.

Leaving the MoPac Parking Lot, runners will head west on Highway 31. This paved two-lane Nebraska highway follows the Platte River. Runners will want to stay on the south side of the road, running on the same side as oncoming traffic. This up-and-down section of the course offers some of the most scenic views on the entire course. As runners approach the Platte footbridge, they will turn left into a parking lot at around 4.0 miles and head downhill past a series of trailers and tall cottonwood trees before they reach the bridge. The footbridge gives a great view of the surrounding bluffs and state parks around the Platte River. Runners will continue running on the trail past Camp Kitaki, over the railroad tracks, and under Highway 66 towards the parking lot where they will exchange the “baton.”

Follow Highway 31 for 20 feet until you reach Highway 50. Take a right (south) onto Highway 50. Follow Highway 50 for about 3.0 miles. (Highway 50 will go over the Platte River and merge with Highway 66. Continue straight on Highway 50/Highway 66, past town on left side). Turn right at E. Park Highway 66/State Spur 13E (towards Platte River State Park). Follow E. Park Highway 66 for 4.8 miles until you reach the town of South Bend. Turn left (south) at 328th St. Follow 328th St. for about .8 miles until you see parking volunteers. *** Parking will either be on the right side of the road or in parking lot that can hold about 35 vans. *** *** You will continue heading south as you exit this Exchange Point. ***

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 9 is presented by:

Parking Detail on opposite page. Exchange Point 10

Exchange Point 9


Stage 10

3.0 miles · Hard

Platte River

Driving directions

*** DO NOT PARK on 310th St. ***

328th head south (left out of parking lot) for .25 miles until you reach a fork in road.

*** Park on the shoulder of Mynard Rd. facing west. You will continue west on Mynard Rd. to next Exchange Point. ***

*** Caution *** Runners and vehicles share this section of the course. ***

Take left at fork in road (W. Lake Park Dr.). Runners will head right. Follow W. Lake Park Dr. until Highway 66. Turn left onto E. Park Highway 66. Follow E. Park Highway 66 for about 2.0 miles until 310th St. Note: If you need to use bathrooms either use the ones at the gas station (Sinclair) in South Bend or the bar at the corner of 310th St. and Highway 66 because there are NO restrooms at this Exchange Point. Take a left onto 310th St. Follow 310th St. for 2.0 miles to Mynard Rd. Turn right (west) onto Mynard Rd. Runners’ Path

*** Note there will NOT be bathrooms at the Exchange Point 11. ***

Course Description Leaving the parking lot, runners will be heading the same way as exiting team vehicles for a short period. At the fork in the road, runners will head right as their teammates head left. At the top of the hill (between a graveyard and farmhouse), the road will turn south onto Allison Drive and meander past a sleepy farm. Runners will follow Allison Drive for about 1.5 miles until Mynard Road. Runners will turn right on Mynard Road and the only thing between runners and the Exchange Point is an impressive hill.

Drivers’ Path

Exchange Point 10

Exchange Point 11

Parking Detail on next page


RELAY TIP: It could be possible for Stage 10 runners to beat their vehicle to Exchange Point 11. Consider sending your Stage 11 runner ahead early to Exchange Point 11 in another team’s vehicle.

Parking Details Exchange Point 11 Parking Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path



Exchange Point 11 Parking should not be a problem, but you may have to park up to .5 miles from the Exchange Point. The big thing here is DO NOT park on 310th St. We want Cass County to invite us back next year. Once you exit and head towards the next Exchange, continue heading west on Mynard Rd.

Driver Exit


Exchange located at corner of 310th St. and Mynard Rd., be careful of traffic as you make that turn. Do NOT drop your runner off at the intersection. Please wait until you have parked to drop off your runner.

Dodge and Regency Pkwy. in Omaha (402) 393-1200


Stage 11

3.6 miles · Moderate

310th and Mynard

Driving directions Continue heading west on Mynard Rd. towards 286th St. (about 1.9 miles). Turn left onto 286th St.

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Parking Detail on previous page

Follow 286th St. for about 3.0 miles to Waverly Rd. Turn left onto Waverly Rd. Follow Waverly Rd. for about 1.5 miles to Wyoming Rd.

Exchange Point 11

Turn right at Wyoming Rd. Turn right into Murdock High Parking Lot.

Course Description Surrounded by farmland and rolling hills, this classic rural Nebraska road passes a quilt barn — one of 12 in the area — created by ElmwoodMurdock students. Runners need to run on the left side, facing oncoming traffic. Runners will reach the town of Murdock and turn into the town on 2nd Street and head towards Elmwood-Murdock High School. The town of Murdock was part of the Ox-Bow Trail which was an important feeder trail into the Oregon Trail.

Exchange Point 12

AD??????? 27

Stage 12

3.9 miles · easy/Moderate


Driving directions

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Head south on Wyoming Rd. (right out of High School Parking Lot) away from Waverly Rd. Follow Wyoming Rd. for about .43 miles, then you will come to a stop sign. Turn right towards Highway 1 for another .50 miles.

Exchange Point 12

Turn right onto Highway 1 and follow for about 2.2 miles to Alvo Rd. Turn left (east) at Alvo Rd. (Slow down, this turn is very easy to miss. Look for large green Wabash sign). Follow Alvo Rd. until 310th St. (1.0 mile). Turn right onto 310th St. *** Caution *** Runners and vehicles share this section of the course. ***

Follow 310th St. until you reach Grandpa’s Woods. DO NOT stop until you reach the Grandpa’s Woods Parking Lot. Please follow parking volunteers and watch out for runners.

Course Description Runners will leave the town of Murdock, which was part of the Ox-Bow Trail, an important feeder trail into the Oregon Trail, and head back to 310th Street. Once runners reach 310th Street they need to run on the left side, facing oncoming traffic. Runners will turn right away from the large church where their teammates just came from and head towards Grandpa’s Woods. This executive golf course will be the host of the next Exchange Point. Participants are encouraged to purchase a Gatorade or a snack from Grandpa’s Woods to help show our appreciation of allowing us to use their parking lot.

Exchange Point 13

Parking Detail on next page Stage 12 is presented by: 28

Parking Details Exchange Point 13 Parking Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path


Driver Entrance

NO PARKING Grandpa’s Woods Parking lot

Roadside Parking

Driver Exit

Exchange Point 13 This Exchange Point will be congested. Please listen to volunteers about where to park. DO NOT stop and drop your runner off at the Exchange Point; park first. You will either be directed to park in the Grandpa’s Woods parking lot or along the shoulder just to the south. If you use the restroom inside, please purchase something; otherwise use outdoor port-apotties. Exchange is located to the north of the parking area near the one-lane bridge. Watch out for cars as you exit. Grandpa’s Woods is where the Market to Market 50k Solo Ultra-Marathon began at 11:00 am. Cheer loud for runners wearing yellow race bib, they are running 31 miles to Lincoln. See page 39 for more details.


Stage 13

2.7 miles · easy

Grandpa’s Woods

Driving directions Leaving Grandpa’s Woods continue heading south on 310th St. Take the 1st right onto Fletcher Ave. (follow to Highway 1/298th St). Turn left onto Highway 1/298th St. (follow about 1.80 miles to H St. in Elmwood).

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Parking Detail on opposite page. Exchange Point 13

Turn left onto H St. Take 1st right onto 5th St. Follow exchange point volunteers — parking will be on left or on street. Please DO NOT block anyone’s driveway.

Course Description 310th Street meets up with the MoPac Trail, which picks up again at Wabash Road and continues into Lincoln. This relatively flat section of the MoPac heads southwest underneath hanging trees and over numerous streams. The trail was once a Missouri Pacific Railroad line that was abandoned in 1984 and the land was purchased by the Nebraska Trails Foundation. Runners will reach the town of Elmwood. Volunteers at this exchange are raising money to improve Elmwood’s park, where the exchange is taking place. Caution: Due to the drought this summer the trail is experiencing cracking and potholes. Watch your footing.

Exchange Point 14

Stage 13 is presented by:


Stage 14

5.2 miles · Moderate



Driving directions Leaving Elmwood Park head west on F St. (just south of the park). Take first left onto Highway 1/N. 4th St. (follow about 2 miles). Turn right on Highway 34/O St. (follow Highway 34 about 5 miles).


Turn right onto 250th St. and follow exchange volunteers. You may want to consider turning your van around because you will be returning to Highway 34 when you continue driving to the next exchange point.

Course Description

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Available 24/7 for ALL your transportation needs

Stage 14 is presented by:

Exchange Point 14

Exchange Point 15



Leaving Elmwood, runners will continue on the MoPac and head southwest on the crushed limestone trail. The first mile of this leg gains about 60 feet in elevation and is not as tree-covered as the previous stage, allowing runners to see the surrounding rural areas. Racers will reach the Exchange Point at 250th Street.

Stage 15

3.0 miles · Easy

250th Street

Driving directions Return to Highway 34/O St. Turn right onto Highway 34/O St. (west). Follow O St. for about 3.0 miles and take a right at the Cenex/Kabredlos gas station. (Street is labeled “1st St.” but should be “214th St.”)

You can't run all day (unless you start early in the morning)

Follow 1st St. for 0.2 miles. Turn right and park on north side of the Eagle Elementary School. Exchange Point 19 is one block to the north.

Course Description Runners continue down the MoPac Trail, heading west towards the next Exchange Point in Eagle, Nebraska. This relatively flat section of the MoPac runs parallel to O Street and the runners pass Wright Cemetary on the left. As soon as runners reach Eagle, they will make the transition to the next runner.

Runners’ Path

Exchange Point 16 Water Refill Area


Be sure to stop by our booth at the post-race shindig for a chance to win free stuff.

Drivers’ Path

Exchange Point 15


Stage 16

4.2 miles · Easy


Driving directions Return to Highway 34/O St. Turn right on Highway 34/O St. Follow Highway 34/O St. for about 3.8 miles until you reach 162nd St. Turn left at 162nd St. Follow to Exchange Point, about 0.4 miles. FIND A SPOT ALONG THE STREET.

Course Description Leaving Eagle, runners will again be surrounded by a canopy of trees above the MoPac Trail. Runners continue heading west and will cross over O Street at about 184th Street. This slightly downhill section of the MoPac Trail ends at 162nd Street just south of O Street.

Proud to Support

Market to Market Relay No. 347 Please be respectful of private property and do not cut across home owner’s lawn when walking from the Eagle Elementary parking area to the Exchange Zone. Please stay on the sidewalk. Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path


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AD 369 8/12

Stage 16 is presented by:

Exchange Point 16 Water Refill Area

Exchange Point 17


Stage 17

2.9 miles · Easy

162nd Street

Driving directions Leaving from 162nd St. you will continue heading south (away from Highway 34).


Take the 1st right onto A St. (follow A St. for 3 miles). Take right onto 120th St. (watch for runners at this intersection, the trail crosses here). Follow 120th St. north for about 0.3 miles. Exchange point is on the right.

Course Description This stage of the course starts with a steady elevation drop, losing about 100 ft. in the first mile and a half. The MoPac Trail continues through rural Nebraska for most of this section and passes Crooked Creek golf course near 132nd Street. Shortly after crossing one of the wooden bridges runners will turn right onto the dirt “horse trails”. This off-road section will lead runners to an open gate into the Boyscout Cornhusker Council’s property. Your team will be waiting for you on the west side of the field.

Runners’ Path

Exchange Point 18


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Be as competitive in business as you are in this



Drivers’ Path

Exchange Point 17


Stage 18

3.7 miles · Easy/moderate

Cornhusker Council Driving directions

Course Description

Leaving from Boyscout Council turn right (north) onto 120th St.

Leaving the Boyscout Cornhusker Council, you will have a short off-road section before returning to the MoPac trail. Soon you will pass the silos of Walton. Next, runners head down one of the busier sections of the MoPace Trail. This section of the course is coverd by tree canopy. Runners may start to notice an increased number of birds in this section especially when they pass the Audubon Grassland Prairie area before 100th Street. Runners will pass a small country estate as they run over A Street at about 98th Street. Continuing down the crushed limestone trail, runners pass YMCA’s Spirit Park before reaching the Exchange Point at the MoPac Station Trailhead.

Follow 120th St. to Highway 34. Take a left onto Highway 34 (follow about 2.43 miles). Turn left at 84th St. (stop lights). Follow 84th St. for about ¼ of a mile. Turn left into State Farm Building parking lot (second entrance) at Cherrywood Dr. Take first right once in parking lot. Find place to park (exchange point is just south of you).

If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required.

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Exchange Point 19 Water Refill Area


Stage 18 is presented by:

Exchange Point 18

Stage 19

3.0 miles · Easy

MoPac Trailhead

Driving directions Leaving the State Farm parking lot take a right (north) on 84th St. Follow 84th St. for about 0.2 miles to O St. Turn left (west) on O St. Follow O St. for about 2.30 miles to 48th St. Turn right at 48th St. Follow 48th St. for about 0.5 miles until you reach a light at Vine St. Turn left at light and follow 0.2 miles until 45th St. Turn right onto 45th St. Follow 45th St. to W St. Turn right at W St. Follow W St. to B&R parking lot (4554 W St., second left hand turn).

Course Description Starting on the eastern edge of Lincoln, runners cross 84th Street and continue on the MoPac. The trail changes from crushed limestone to a paved recreation path. Heading west, runners pass through residential areas past Wedgewood Lake and then cross over O Street on a footbridge. Quickly cutting through Lincoln, runners pass a local nursery before they cross 66th Street and then Vine Street. From here, the trail continues through residential areas until runners make it to the Exchange Point shortly after they cross the 48th Street bridge. If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required. *** Runners must obey traffic laws. ***

Runners’ Path

Exchange Point 20

Drivers’ Path

Stage 19 is presented by:

RELAY TIP: It could be possible for Stage 19 runners to beat their vehicle to Exchange Point 20. Consider sending your Stage 20 runner ahead early to Exchange Point 20 in another team’s vehicle.

Exchange Point 19 Water Refill Area 36

Stage 20

4.1 miles · Easy


Driving directions

Course Description

Leaving the parking lot take a right back on to W St. to 45th St.

The next runner continues heading west toward downtown Lincoln. After Peter Pan Park runners will continue on the MoPac Trail over 27th Street on the new bridge. After passing over the bridge runners will head south a few blocks until they reach Vine Street, towards the University of Nebraska. Runners continue on Vine until runners reach the Antelope Valley trail and head towards the Haymarket. Following the lights, runners will stay on the trail and head towards Memorial Stadium, home of Husker Football. Immediately after passing the stadium runners will cross over to Lincoln’s Historic Haymarket and arrive at the Gatorade Post-Race Shindig & Expo.

Turn left onto 45th St. Take 45th St. to Vine St. Turn right (west) onto Vine St. Follow Vine St. about 2 miles until 16th St. Turn left (south) at 16th St. Follow 16th St. for 0.3 miles to Q St. Turn right (west) at Q St. Follow Q St. to 8th St. in the Haymarket. Turn right on 8th St. Follow 8th St. until dead end and park in right (east) parking lot.

Group Finish at 8th St. and S St.

If you are starting during Official Nighttime Hours, a reflective vest, head lamp and blinking LED taillight are required.

Congratulations you DID IT!

*** Runners must obey traffic laws. ***

Post-Race Shindig to your left.

Runners’ Path

Drivers’ Path

Stage 20 is presented by:

Group Finish

Exchange Point 20


Group finish Haymarket Park Pedestrian Bridge Course Description This is the last and final Exchange Point. From the parking lot, teams will walk north over the Haymarket Park Pedestrian Bridge. Then, together as a team, you will run over the bridge to the finish line to celebrate your accomplishments.

Shower Facilities Showers are available at the Downtown YMCA located at 11th & P Street.

Parking Parking is available in the lot at the end of 8th Street.

Gatorade Post-Race Shindig & Expo Located just past the Finish Line. Check out pages 43-44 for details. Runners’ Path

Group Finish


Finish Line Post-Race Shindig

Downtown YMCA at 11th & P Street (Free Showers)


Market to market 50k 31.06 Miles

This unique point-to-point 50k course begins near the village of Murdock and slices south along gravel roads and then west along crushed limestone trails towards the prairie capitol of Lincoln, Nebraska. The MoPac Trail, a former railroad line, will be your constant companion as you tick off the miles through canopied woodlands and freshly harvested fields. Along the way, you’ll visit rural Nebraska towns like Elmwood, Eagle and Walton. 50k runners will celebrate their accomplishment with thousands of Market to Market Relay runners in Lincoln’s Haymarket at the Gatorade Post-Race Shindig (page 43-44).

50k course 1



4 7 6



50k aid stations There will be eight Aid Stations for 50k runners ranging from 3.1 to 4.4 miles apart. Do not rely solely on Aid Stations to provide your nutrition! You should be eating and drinking throughout the course. Aid Stations will be stocked with water refills, sports drink mix, bananas, oranges, pretzels, potato chips, crackers, and other fun surprises. Aid Station Foods and Snacks will be provided by Whole Foods Market Omaha. 1. 310th Street | mile 3.8 2. 286th Street | mile 7.2 3. 250th Street | mile 10.4 4. Eagle | mile 13.5 5. 162nd Street | mile 17.6 6. Walton | mile 21.0 | Drop Bag Location & Intermediate Cut-Off Location 7. MoPac Trailhead: 84th Street | mile 23.7 8. Lincoln: 46th Street | mile 26.7 39

50k runner drop-off & shuttle map | lincoln haymarket park

50k Parking or Drop50k Pickup

50k race day runner arrival schedule Runner Wave Arrive Lincoln Wave A Wave B

9:15 am 10:00 am

Shuttle Departs Race Start Time 9:45 am 10:30 am

11:00 am 11:45 am

The Market to Market 50k is a unique point-to-point course. Please use the official shuttle bus system on the morning of race day. Do not attempt to drive to the starting line to get dropped off or to park. There is no room for vehicles at, or near, the start line area. Runners attempting to drive to the start line will be disqualified. Be sure to arrive for your Shuttle early. Parking or drop-offs at the Shuttle location are available.

50k race day packet pick-up Runners that have not already picked up their Race Packet may do so to get their race bib when they arrive for their shuttle at Lincoln’s Haymarket Park along N. 4th Street. Be sure to arrive early if you still need to pick-up your Race Packet.

50K CHIP TIMING This race will be chip timed using a timing bracelet. Timing chips will be available once the shuttle drops you off at the starting line. Splits will be located throughout the course.


50K SPECTATORS While spectators are encouraged, please realize that spectators add unnecessary vehicles to an already busy race course. If you must watch, please do not watch at Market to Market Relay Exchange Points. Only watch at official 50k spectator stops listed in the 50k spectator guide. Download the 50k Spectator Guide at

50K RACE COURSE SAFETY Course Hazards This is an open course and parts of the course are run on roads. Please run against traffic on all roads unless otherwise instructed by volunteers or signs. The running route also crosses several roads that could be potentially busy and dangerous. Use caution. Look both ways twice and listen for approaching cars before crossing. Follow all traffic laws even if it means waiting at a crosswalk. Runners may not use iPods, MP3 players, earphones or any other equipment that interferes with their hearing. YOU NEED TO HEAR APPROACHING VEHICLES. If caught you will be disqualified. Medical Support and Emergency Information Medical Support will be available at Aid Stations throughout the course if you need assistance. In case of emergency on the course, notify the nearest volunteer or Ham Radio operator. If needed, dial 911 and relay as many specific details as possible.

50K CUT-OFF TIMES & TIME LIMITS There will be an intermediate cut-off time at 4:30 pm in Walton, Nebraska, mile 21.0. Runners arriving at Walton after 4:30 pm, regardless of their Starting Wave, will be asked to drop. Please be respectful of race officials if you are asked to drop - no discussion. You will be provided with transportation back to the Finish Line Area if you cannot get a ride. Runners completing the 50k race in over seven hours will not receive a finish time.

50K DROP BAGS Drop Bags will be allowed for all 50k participants and must fit in a provided one-gallon bag. The drop off location for Drop Bags will be located at the Start Line Area on race day. Bags will be taken to the Drop Bag Aid Station available at mile 21.0 in Walton, Nebraska. Drop Bags will be taken to the Finish Line Area once the Drop Bag Aid Station in Walton closes at approximately 5:00 pm.

50K AWARD CATEGORIES • Top three Male & Female (under 40) • Top three Male & Female Masters (40-54) • Top Male and Female Super Masters (55+) • Special Market to Market 50k gifts for all finishers



Eight Aid Stations will be stocked with water, fruit and snacks from Whole Foods Market Omaha.

Follow the Yellow 50k direction arrows when they differ from the Green Relay arrows. Otherwise the Relay & 50k courses are the same and are marked with Green Arrow Signs.


Gatorade post-race Located just across the finish line Post-Race Shindig Just beyond the finish line will be the Gatorade Post-Race Shindig & Expo where everyone can celebrate their accomplishment of completing the course. The Gatorade Post-Race Shindig & Expo will feature food from Famous Dave’s, Whole Foods, GUP Kitchen and Pizza Hut. FREE Aquafina, Pepsi products and Gatorade will be on hand. Michelob Ultra and other beers will be available for purchase. The entire area will be a large festival featuring music, sponsor freebies, team pictures and much more. Plan on enjoying the excitement in the Haymarket once you finish the race, and have your family and friends join in the fun! Show your race bib at the ID Station and a receive a FREE Corona beer. Remember to bring your ID and cash for additional food, drinks and Market to Market Relay gear! Schedule of Events 3:00 to Close: Exhibits and Vendors Open 3:00 to 8:00: Teams Finish Race 3:00 to 7:00: Free Team Photos and Massages 5:30 to 6:00: 50k Awards Ceremony 8:15 to 8:45: Relay Awards Ceremony 8:45 to Close: Live Music

A proud sponsor of the Market To Market Relay. 43

Shindig & Expo M2M Store

Team Photos

max muscle awards

Parking under Interstate 180



noh medical

whole foods Michelob Ultra

d s o or fo d n ve


massages Finish Line Chute

M2M Headquarters


M2M Relay App

Track your run, see the maps and share your times. The M2M 2012 application, presented by the Market to Market Relay and created by Planet What Development (, is FREE to download on Google Play and iTunes App Store. Put away those clipboards and maps and let the application do the work. It does it all, from reporting teams/runners times throughout the race to displaying updated course info. NEW THIS YEAR: • Available on Android and Apple (iPhone & iPad)! • Improved runner and team time syncing* • Race Day Notifications!

TEAMS: • • • •

Simple Setup (Add team/runners) Course & Leg Notifications Automatic Syncing Set/sync Stopwatch

• GPS Enabled Routes (Van & Runners) • Reports: Team & Individuals • Race & Leg Information

FANS (family & friends): • Real-time Team Tracking • Leg completed/Legs left • Current Time/Pace • Estimated Leg/Overall Finish

• • • •

Displays Runner’s Order Leg Descriptions & Maps After Race Party Information Email Reports

* This application uses data; Cellular network data charges may apply


Team Scorecard MUST be turned in to M2M Headquarters at the Post-Race Shindig. One Scorecard MAX per team. TEAM NAME:_________________________________________________ TEAM #:__________________________ STARTING TIME:______________________________________________ DIVISION:_________________________ TEAM CAPTAIN:____________________________________ NUMBER OF RUNNERS ON TEAM: ___________ RUNNER FOR EACH STAGE




1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 TOTAL TIME

CONTEST VOTING BALLOT Contest Winners Receive a Guaranteed Entry into 2013 M2M Relay Best Team Costume____________________________________ Team #:_______________________ Best Decorated Van____________________________________ Team #:_______________________ Best Team Name_______________________________________ Team #:_______________________ ONLY ONE TEAM SCORECARD & CONTEST VOTING BALLOT PER TEAM MUST BE TURNED IN AT M2M HEADQUARTERS AT POST-RACE SHINDIG Contest winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony and via


Race Day Guide | M2M Relay 2012  
Race Day Guide | M2M Relay 2012  

Race Day Guide for 2012 Market to Market Relay presented by Nebraska Orthopaedic Hospital