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The New bamix® App

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As the inventor of the hand blender, with its unique, ergonomic shape, bamix® has been inspiring cooks around the globe since 1954. We would like to welcome you to the bamix® family and thank you on behalf of our employees for your purchase. We hope you enjoy using your bamix®.

“  The motor is the heart for extraordinary performance ” At the very beginning of the manufacturing process, we check every single component of the motor to ensure its faultless production, because the motor is the centre and heart of every bamix® it is crucial for the powerful and efficient performance.

“  As precise as Swiss clockwork ” In order for the motor to develop its full power, it must run absolutely smoothly and be perfectly balanced. Each of our employees is responsible for this and ensures that everything is in perfect balance.

“  Lifelong quality through elaborate work done by hand ” With bamix® we don’t take the easy way. All individual parts are soldered to the motor, this elaborate work done by hand. This is the only way to guarantee that nothing will corrode and that our high demands on the product and its durability are met.

“  We celebrate craftsmanship ” The trained eye and many years of experience of the well-rehearsed team are an invaluable skill for completing the motor on the motor assembly line. Experience and careful craftsmanship are indispensable for perfect and flawless quality.

“  The motor is the heart of every bamix® ” Over 350,000 motors per year pass through our hands. We have a feel for how each individual motor has to be centred so that it functions smoothly and lasts a lifetime. And we’ve been doing this every day for more than 65 years.

“  Craftsmanship in perfection ” An important step is the connection of the stainless steel drive shaft with the motor. This is carried out by hand every day with the greatest precision. A matter of course for bamix®.

“  Workshop 4.0 ” In the automated age, we rely on accurate and solid handwork. We solder cables and switches in the final assembly and install the handle as well as the housing. The result is an all-round perfect product.

“  Before a bamix® runs the first time ” The last step finalises the perfect assembly of the bamix®. After screwing the housing together, the cutter guard is attached and checked for a solid fit.

“  Guaranteed function thanks to perfected final inspection ” Each bamix® is connected to the power supply and then, while running at full power, is forced down all the way to zero. This unique full-load test and the many years of experience of our qualified staff guarantee the perfect functioning of the bamix®.

“  From beginning to end with great passion ” Packaged with love - that’s what we pay special attention to. Each bamix® is inspected closely once more and carefully placed in the packaging before being shipped from Mettlen to locations all over the world.

Brilliantly simple. Simply brilliant. Since 1954.

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Roger Perrinjaquet lays the foundation for a new kitchen appliance - the first portable food processor. He calls it bamix®, a combination of “battre” and “mixer” beating and mixing.

The founding year of ESGE AG in Glarus and the ESGE electrical device factory in Mettlen, Thurgau. To this day, it is the only production site there. As a special honour, the designers Acton Bjørn and Count Sigvard Bernadotte gave the bamix® its ingenious ergonomic shape. Even today, the bamix® radiates this unmistakable iconic design, which has earned it an entry in the “Design Classic Yearbook of the 20th Century”.

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With the great sales results at trade fairs in Germany, Belgium and Scandinavia, sales in Germany increase dramatically. In addition, the bamix® is very popular with TV chefs. Due to the high demand, there are temporary delivery problems.

With the bamix® Gastro, the appliance moves into professional kitchens and is still indispensable today. Star chefs like Alfons Schuhbeck, Gordon Ramsay, Johann Lafer and Yoko Arimoto rely on the bamix®.

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The introduction of the Slicesy® completes the principle of the “All-in-One Kitchen Machine”. The bamix® is finally able to grate and cut now, too.

The bamix® Academy is founded. Up to now, more than 1,500 amateur chefs have experienced working with the bamix® each year while cooking their own three-course meal, and have learnt useful tips and tricks directly from the bamix® professionals.

We’re keeping up with the times and focusing on new trends – for vegan cuisine and healthy food on the go with the “bamix toGo”, the “bamix baking” is for those with a sweet tooth, and for the preparation of baby food or for barbecue fans there’s the “bamix BBQ”.

The bamixŽ is unique in terms of durability and performance. Due to the high proportion of work which is done by hand, it lasts a lifetime and can master even the toughest tasks in the kitchen with flying colours. All parts come from suppliers in Switzerland and are made from high-quality materials 100% made in Switzerland, sustainable, repairable and, as a result, resource-saving.