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Q.5 List and explain the 10 rules which serve as the guidelines for development of high technology. Ans. Guidelines for development of high technology Some guidelines in the form of rules which help organization to be strong in this area.

Rule1. Identify the critical technology and make a deliberate choice for indigenous development.

Rule2. Always aim one step higher in performance.

Rule3. Focus on multi use technologies.

Rule4. Spot the competency of divisions and empower them for technology development.

Rule5. Ensure redundancy for critical systems and technologies.

Rule6. Focus efforts through Programme/Projects/Mission oriented approach.

Rule7. Build concurrency into every activity.

Rule8. Build long term partnership with all the stake holders.

Rule9. Focus on Problem Forecasting and Prevention.

Rule10. Ensure continuous and integrated Performance Measurement

Assignment (manish solanki)  

MBA 2nd sem, assignment answers

Assignment (manish solanki)  

MBA 2nd sem, assignment answers