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C. NADINE  WATHEN   Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies   The  University  of  Western  Ontario   North  Campus  Building     London,  Ontario,  Canada    N6A  5B7   Tel:  519-­‐661-­‐2111  x88480  Fax:  (519)  661-­‐3506     CURRENT  POSITION(s)   2010  -­‐  

Associate Professor  (tenured),  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The  University   of  Western  Ontario.  

2011 -­‐    

Program Coordinator,  Joint  Graduate  Programs  in  Health  Information  Science,   Faculties  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  and  of  Health  Sciences,  The  University  of   Western  Ontario.  

2015 -­‐    

Research Scholar,  Centre  for  Research  and  Education  on  Violence  Against  Women   and  Children,  Faculty  of  Education,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario.  

EDUCATION 2004-­‐2006  

Post-­‐doctoral Fellowship,  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural  Neurosciences   McMaster  University,  Hamilton,  Ontario.  Supervisor:  Dr.  Harriet  L.  MacMillan.  


Ph.D., Library  &  Information  Science,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The   University  of  Western  Ontario,  London,  Ontario.    Dissertation  title:  The  Pause  in   Menopause?  What  Informs  Women’s  Decisions  to  Discontinue  Hormone  Replacement   Therapy?  Supervisor:  Dr.  Roma  M.  Harris.  


M.A., Experimental  Psychology,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario,  London,  Ontario.   Thesis  title:  Multiple  Pattern  Learning  in  Rats  on  an  Eight-­‐Arm  Radial  Maze.   Supervisor:  Dr.  William  A.  Roberts.  


Honours (First  Class),  Experimental  Psychology,  Dalhousie  University,  Halifax,  Nova   Scotia.    Supervisor:  Dr.  Werner  K.  Honig.  


B.A., Experimental  Psychology,  Dalhousie  University,  Halifax,  Nova  Scotia.  

PROFESSIONAL  EXPERIENCE   2007  -­‐  2010  

Assistant Professor,  LIS  Programme,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The   University  of  Western  Ontario.  Tenure-­‐stream  faculty  member.  

2005 -­‐  2007  

Assistant Professor,  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto.    Tenure-­‐ stream  faculty  member.  

2005 -­‐  2007  

Assistant Professor  (adjunct),  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural  Neurosciences   McMaster  University.    Maintaining  ongoing  research  collaborations  and  providing   educational  offerings  such  as  Grand  Rounds.  


Adjunct Professor  &  Instructor,  MLIS  Programme,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media   Studies,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario.  Developed  and  taught  courses  in  the   MLIS  programme.  

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National Coordinator,  Canadian  Task  Force  on  Preventive  Health  Care.  Managed  and   conducted  (in  lead  and  supporting  roles)  systematic  evidence  reviews  and  national   practice  guidelines  for  primary  care  physicians.  


Research Associate,  Centre  for  Studies  in  Family  Medicine,  Department  of  Family   Medicine,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario.    Coordinated  a  large  multi-­‐year  Senior’s   Independence  Research  Program.  


Project Coordinator,  Department  of  Psychology,  Dalhousie  University.    Coordination,   recruitment  and  data  collection  for  a  research  project  linking  first  time  teen  mothers   via  an  online  BBS.  


Community Researcher,  Social  Planning  Council  of  Cambridge  (Ontario).    Conducted  a   community  needs  assessment  and  reported  to  Council.  

HONOURS &  AWARDS   2014-­‐2016  

Western Faculty  Scholar,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  UWO.  


Honour Roll,  Dean’s  Award  for  Excellence  in  Teaching,  Faculty  of  Information  &   Media  Studies,  UWO.  


Dean’s Award  for  Excellence  in  Teaching,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,   UWO.  


New Investigator  Award  -­‐  Canadian  Institutes  of  Health  Research  (CIHR)  (Open   Competition)  &  CIHR/Ontario  Women’s  Health  Council  (5-­‐year  salary  award;   $300,000  +  $50,000  research  stipend)  [19%  success  rate  in  Open  competition].  


Post-­‐doctoral Fellowship  –  CIHR  Open  Competition  &  CIHR/Ontario  Women’s   Health  Council  (2-­‐year  salary  award;  $80,000)  [20%  success  rate  in  Open   competition]  


Ontario Women’s  Health  Scholar  Fellowship  [declined]  


Special University  Scholarship,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  


Admission Scholarship,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  


Merit Scholarship,  Dalhousie  University  

PUBLICATIONS Books   Harris,  R.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Wyatt,  S.  (Eds.)  (2010).  Configuring  Health  Consumers:  Health  Work  and  the   Imperative  of  Personal  Responsibility.  Basingstoke,  Palgrave  Macmillan.     Wathen,  C.N.,  Wyatt,  S.,  Harris,  R.  (Eds.)  (2008).  Mediating  Health  Information:  The  Go-­‐Betweens  in  a   Changing  Socio-­‐Technical  Landscape.  Basingstoke,  Palgrave  Macmillan.     Refereed  Articles  in  Peer-­‐Reviewed  Scholarly  Journals  (published  &  accepted/in  press)   Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (2015)  The  role  of  integrated  knowledge  translation  in  intervention   research.  Prevention  Science.  Online  First.  DOI:  10.1007/s11121-­‐015-­‐0564-­‐9    

CV ♦  Nadine  Wathen  ♦  page  3  

Kwon, Y.,  Lemieux,  M.,    McTavish,  J.,  Wathen,  C.N.  Identifying  and  removing  duplicate  records   resultant  from  systematic  review  searches  –  a  comparative  investigation.  Journal  of  the  Medical   Library  Association  (accepted  Mar  2015).   Wathen  C.  N.,  MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  MacQuarrie,  B.J.  (2015).  The  impact  of  domestic  violence  in  the   workplace:  results  from  a  pan-­‐Canadian  survey.  Journal  of  Occupational  and  Environmental  Medicine,   57(7):  e65-­‐71.  DOI:  10.1097/JOM.0000000000000499     Burnett,  C.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Berman,  H.,  Ward-­‐Griffin,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2015).  A  critical  discourse   analysis  of  provincial  policies  impacting  shelter  service  delivery  to  women  exposed  to  violence.  Policy,   Politics,  &  Nursing  Practice.  DOI:  10.1177/1527154415583123   Sibbald,  S.,  Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2015).  An  empirically  based  model  for  knowledge  management   in  health  care  organizations.  Health  Care  Management  Review,  Mar  2.  [Epub  ahead  of  print]  DOI:   10.1097/HMR.0000000000000046   Harris,  R.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacGregor,  J.,  Dennhardt,  S.,  Naimi,  A.,  Ellis,  K.  (2015).  ‘Blaming  the   flowers  for  wilting’:  Idealized  aging  in  a  health  charity  video.  Qualitative  Health  Research.  Online   February  5,  2015,  doi:  10.1177/1049732315570121.   Sibbald,  S.,  MacGregor,  J.,  Surmacz,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2015).  Into  the  gray:  A  modified  approach  to   citation  analysis  to  better  understand  research  impact.  Journal  of  the  Medical  Library  Association,   103(1):49-­‐54.  doi:  10.3163/1536-­‐5050.103.1.010.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Harris,  R.M.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Hansen,  M.  for  the  Ontario  Shelter  Research  Project.   (2015).  What  counts?  A  mixed-­‐methods  study  to  inform  evaluation  of  shelters  for  abused  women.   Violence  Against  Women,  21(1),  125-­‐46.  DOI:  10.1177/1077801214564077.   MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Kothari,  A.,  Hundal,  P.K.,  Naimi,  A.  (2014).  Mobilizing  knowledge  on   intimate  partner  violence  and  child  maltreatment:  An  integrative  review.  BMC  Public  Health, 14,  862   doi:10.1186/1471-­‐2458-­‐14-­‐862.   Harris,  R.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Lynch,  R.  (2014).  Assessing  performance  in  shelters  for  abused  women:   Can  ‘caring  citizenship’  be  measured  in  ‘value  for  money’  accountability  regimes?  International   Journal  of  Public  Administration,  37:  737–746.   MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2014).  'My  health  is  not  a  job':  A  qualitative  examination  of   personal  health  management  and  imperatives  of  the  'new  public  health'.  BMC  Public  Health  14:726.   DOI:  10.1186/1471-­‐2458-­‐14-­‐726.   Kothari,  A.,  Sibbald,  S.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2014).  Evaluation  of  partnerships  in  a  transnational  family   violence  research  network  using  an  integrated  knowledge  translation  and  exchange  model:  a  mixed   methods  study.  Health  Research  Policy  and  Systems,  12:25.  doi:10.1186/1478-­‐4505-­‐12-­‐25.   Tanaka,  M.,  Afifi,  T.O.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Boyle,  M.H.,  &  MacMillan,  H.L.  (2014).  Evaluation  of  sex   differences  in  health-­‐related  quality  of  life  outcomes  associated  with  child  abuse:  Results  from  the   Ontario  Child  Health  Study.  Epidemiology  and  Psychiatric  Sciences.  Published  online:  01  May  2014     MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2014).  Children’s  exposure  to  intimate  partner  violence.  Child  and   Adolescent  Psychiatric  Clinics  of  North  America,  23,  295-­‐308.   Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (2013).  Children’s  exposure  to  intimate  partner  violence:  impacts  and   interventions.  Paediatrics  &  Child  Health,  18(8),  419-­‐22.   Stewart,  D.E.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (2013).  Intimate  partner  violence  [Position  paper].   Canadian  Journal  of  Psychiatry,  58(6)  S1-­‐S17.    

CV ♦  Nadine  Wathen  ♦  page  4  

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Paper 2:  Boyko,  Kothari.  Implementation  and  evaluation  of  a  deliberative  dialogue  process  to   address  the  challenge  of  communicating  family  violence  prevention  to  effect  change.   Paper  3:  Kothari,  Wathen,  Boyko.  Evaluating  the  PreVAiL  Network:  an  integrated  knowledge   translation  strategy.   Wathen,  C.N.  (May  2015).  Intimate  Partner  Violence  in  Adults.  American  Psychiatric  Association   Conference.  Toronto,  ON.   Wathen,  C.N.,  MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  MacQuarrie,  B.  (May  2015).  The  relationship  between  intimate   partner  violence,  health  and  work.  Canadian  Public  Health  Association  Conference.  Vancouver,  BC.   Browne,  A.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (May  2015).  World  Café:  Tackling  Violence  and   Inequity  at  Multiple  Levels.  Canadian  Public  Health  Association  Conference.  Vancouver,  BC.   Browne,  A.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (April  2015).  Addressing  the  intersections  of   violence,  trauma  and  discrimination  in  PHC  settings:  Researching  the  effectiveness  of  an  innovative   organizational  intervention.  20th  Conference  of  the  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women   International,  Atlanta,  GA.   Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Mantler,  T.,  Colquhoun,  R.,  Dietrich,  P.,  Merritt-­‐Gray,  M.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.,   Wuest,  J.,  Hammerton,  J.  (April  2015).  Toward  an  Effective  Primary  Health  Care  Intervention  for   Women  Who  Have  Experienced  Intimate  Partner  Violence:  Who  Benefits  and  Why?  20th  Conference   of  the  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International,  Atlanta,  GA.   Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Browne,  A.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (April  2015).  Looking  through  a  Health  Equity   Lens:  An  integrated  approach  to  measuring  the  implementation  of  Trauma-­‐  and  Violence-­‐Informed   Care.  20th  Conference  of  the  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International,  Atlanta,   GA.   Jack,  S.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.  and  the  NFP  IPV  Research  Team  (April  2015).   Setting  the  stage  for  effective  translation:  Factors  influencing  implementation  and  evaluation  of  an   intimate  partner  violence  intervention  into  an  existing  evidence-­‐based  nurse  home  visiting  program.   20th  Conference  of  the  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International,  Atlanta,  GA.   Varcoe,  C.,  Browne,  A.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Garinger,  C.  (April  2015).  How  can  we  connect   interpersonal  violence  to  structural  violence?  20th  Conference  of  the  Nursing  Network  on  Violence   Against  Women  International,  Atlanta,  GA.   Fisk,  M.,  Bresett,  K.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (co-­‐presenters  June  2014).  EQUIP  Healthcare:  An   Innovative  Research  Partnership  to  Enhance  Equity-­‐Oriented  Primary  Health  Care.  Association  of   Ontario  Health  Centres  Annual  Conference,  Toronto,  ON.     Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Browne,  A.,  Varcoe,  C.,  &  Wathen,  N.    (May  2014).  Development  and  Initial  Testing   of  a  Theoretically-­‐Grounded  Measure  of  Equity-­‐Oriented  Health  Care:  E-­‐HoCS.  Canadian  Association   of  Health  Services  and  Policy  Research  Conference,  Toronto.     Sibbald,  S.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Kothari,  A.  (February  2014).  A  Preliminary  Model  for  Knowledge   Management  in  Healthcare  Organizations  [Poster].  ARGC  FHS  Partnerships  and  Possibilities  in  Health   Research  Symposia.  London,  ON.   Browne,  A.J.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M,  Wathen,  N.,  Wong,  S.,  Smye,  V.  (December  2013).   Measuring  and  Monitoring  in  Difficult  Times:  Tracking  to  Mitigate  Health  Inequities  in  Primary  Health   Care  Organizations.  Paper  presentation  at  the  Health  Services  Research  Association  of  Australia  and   New  Zealand  Conference,  Wellington,  New  Zealand.  

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Wathen, C.N.,  Harris,  R.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.  (June  2013).    More  than  just  a  bed:  A  mixed  methods  study   of  the  role  of  shelters  in  the  lives  of  abused  women.  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women   International  (NNVAWI)  Conference.  Vancouver,  BC.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  McKee,  C.,  Boyle,  M.,  Tanaka,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (June  2013).     Predictors  of  Improved  Outcomes  for  Women  Exposed  to  Intimate  Partner  Violence:  Results  from  a   Multi-­‐site  Study  in  Health  Care  Settings.  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International   (NNVAWI)  Conference.  Vancouver,  BC.   MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (June  2013).  Health  in  the  Home:  A  Qualitative  Analysis  of   Perceptions  of  Personal  Health  Management  (poster).  Canadian  Public  Health  Association.  Ottawa   ON.   Browne,  A.J.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M,  Smye,  V.,  Wathen,  N.,  &  Gerlach,  A.  (June  2013).  The   Intersections  of  Violence,  Trauma  and  Inequity:  An  Intervention  to  Enhance  Primary  Health  Care.   Paper  presentation  at  the  National  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women,  Vancouver,  BC.     Varcoe,  C.,  Browne,  A.J.,  Gerlach,  A.,  Wathen,  N.,  &  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.  (June  2013).    Integrating   Structural  Violence  in  Trauma-­‐  and  Violence-­‐Informed  Care.  Paper  presentation  at  the  National   Network  on  Violence  Against  Women,  Vancouver,  BC.     MacMillan,  H.L.,  Tanaka,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (March  2013).  An  Update  on  Guidelines  to  Respond  to   Intimate  Partner  Violence  and  WHO’s  VPA  Research  Priorities:  What’s  Known  and  What’s  Next?  5th   World  Congress  on  Women’s  Mental  Health.  Lima,  Peru.   Wathen,  C.N.,  MacGregor,  J.C.D.,  Sibbald,  S.L.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2012).  Decision-­‐based   Evidence  Making:  Evaluating  the  Uptake  and  Framing  of  Research  Evidence  on  Universal  Screening   for  Partner  Violence  Against  Women.  Advancing  Excellence  in  Gender,  Sex  and  Health  Research   Conference.  Montreal,  QC.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Sibbald,  S.L.,  Kothari,  A.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2012).  Evaluating  Researcher-­‐ Knowledge  User  Partnerships  in  an  International  Research  Network  on  Violence,  Gender  and  Mental   Health.  Advancing  Excellence  in  Gender,  Sex  and  Health  Research  Conference.  Montreal,  QC.   Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  Wuest,  J.,  Merritt-­‐Gray,  M.,  Varcoe,  C.,  Dietrich,  P.  Wathen,  C.N.  (October  2012).   Toward  an  effective  primary  health  care  intervention  for  women  who  have  experienced  intimate   partner  violence:  Initial  Outcomes  and  Processes  of  Change.  Advancing  Excellence  in  Gender,  Sex  and   Health  Research  Conference.  Montreal,  QC.   Jack,  S.M.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.  for  the  NFP  IPV  Research  Team  (October  2012).  Clinical   supervision  of  nurses  working  with  women  exposed  to  intimate  partner  violence.  Advancing   Excellence  in  Gender,  Sex  and  Health  Research  International  Conference,  Montreal,  PQ.   Harris,  R.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  (September  2012).  What  does  ‘care’  mean  in  shelters  for  abused  women?   Critical  care:  Advancing  an  ethic  of  care  in  theory  and  practice  (Conference).  Brighton,  England.   Jack,  S.M.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.  for  the  NFP  IPV  Research  Team  (September  2012).  Using   qualitative  research  to  develop  context  specific  interventions  to  address  family  violence.  XIXth   ISPCAN  International  Congress  on  Child  Abuse  and  Neglect,  Istanbul,  Turkey.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Stevenson,  S.,  McKenzie,  P.,  Sibbald,  S.  (May/June  2012).  Panel:  The  Rhetoric  and   Reality  of  “Knowledge  Mobilization”:  Perspectives  from  the  Research  Front.  Canadian  Association  for   Information  Science  (CAIS-­‐ACSI).  Waterloo,  ON.  

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MacGregor, J.C.D.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (May/June  2012).  Poster:  Evaluation  of  an   Information-­‐based  Intervention  for  Women  Exposed  to  Intimate  Partner  Violence.  Canadian   Association  for  Information  Science  (CAIS-­‐ACSI).  Waterloo,  ON.   Sibbald,  S.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Kothari,  A.  (May/June  2012).  Paper:  Knowledge  Management  in   Healthcare:  Where  are  we  and  where  should  we  go?  Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science   (CAIS-­‐ACSI).  Waterloo,  ON.   Hegarty,  K.L.,  Feder,  G.S.,  Taft,  A.  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (March  2012).  Methodological  and   ethical  issues  in  randomised  controlled  trials  of  health  care  interventions  for  women  survivors  of  IPV   (workshop).  The  6th  Biennial  National  Conference  on  Health  and  Domestic  Violence.  San  Francisco,   CA.   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  N.,  Stewart,  D.  (November  2010).  PreVAiL  -­‐  Child  Maltreatment  and   Intimate  Partner  Violence  (IPV).  CIHR  Institute  for  Gender  &  Health  Innovations  in  Gender,  Sex  &   Health  Research  Conference.  Toronto,  ON.   Coben,  J.,  Herrman,  H.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Stewart,  D.,  Wathen,  N.  (November  2010).  The  PreVAiL   Research  Network.  CIHR  Institute  for  Gender  &  Health  Innovations  in  Gender,  Sex  &  Health  Research   Conference.  Toronto,  ON.   Sibbald,  S.L.,  Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Shoemaker,  K.  (June  2010).  How  interdisciplinary  primary   health  care  teams  access  and  share  knowledge.  Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science  (CAIS-­‐ ACSI).  Montreal,  QC.   Sibbald,  S.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Kothari,  A.  (May  2010).  Knowledge  management  practices  in  acute  care   organizations  across  Canada.  Canadian  Association  for  Health  Services  and  Policy  Research  (CAHSPR)   Conference.  Toronto,  ON.   O'Grady,  L.,  Betel,  L.,  Shachak,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Hockema,  S.,  Luke,  R.,  Chignal,  M.,  &  Jadad,  A.   (February  2010).  Sensemaking  and  credibility  of  health  information  in  online  message  forums:  a   multi-­‐method  study  assessing  tagging  and  tag  clouds  (workshop).  Computer  Supported  Collaborative   Work  (CSCW).  Savannah,  GA.   Sibbald,  S.L.,  Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Shoemaker,  K.  (January  2010).  Accessing  and  sharing   knowledge  in  interdisciplinary  primary  health  care  teams.  CIHR  Primary  Health  Summit.  Toronto,  ON.   Lent,  B.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  N.  (November  2009).  Universal  screening  for  intimate  partner   violence  in  health  care  settings:  results  of  a  multi-­‐site  randomized  trial.  North  American  Primary  Care   Research  Group.  Montreal,  Quebec.   Lent,  B.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  N.  (October  2009).  Universal  screening  for  intimate  partner   violence  in  health  care  settings:  results  of  a  multi-­‐site  randomized  trial.  Family  Medicine  Forum.   Calgary,  Alberta.   Witteman,  H.,  Whyte,  S.,  Bender,  J.,  Janutka,  M.,  Sutton,  E.,  O'Grady,  L.,  Sellen,  K.,  von  Tunzelmann,   M.,  Prior,  C.,  Enkin,  M.,  Borgerson,  K.,  Wathen,  N.  (September  2009)  Apomediation  and  Women's   Choices  of  Birth  Place  and  Attendants.  Medicine  2.0.  Toronto,  Ontario.   Wathen,  N.,  McKeown,  S.  (May  2009)  Is  information  enough?  egovernment  and  the  information   response  for  women  experiencing  domestic  violence.  Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science   (CAIS-­‐ACSI).  Ottawa,  Ontario.     McTavish,  J.,  Harris,  R.,  Wathen,  N.,  (May  2009)  Searching  for  health:  the  topography  of  the  first   page.  Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science  (CAIS-­‐ACSI).  Ottawa,  Ontario.  

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Sibbald, S.,  Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  N.  (May  2009)  Knowledge  flow  and  exchange  in  interdisciplinary   primary  health  care  teams:  an  exploratory  study.  Canadian  Association  for  Health  Services  and  Policy   Research  (CAHSPR).  Calgary,  Alberta.   Witteman,  H.,  Whyte,  S.,  O'Grady,  L.,  Sutton,  E.,  Janutka,  M.,  Bender,  J.,  Prior,  C.,  Enkin,  M.,   Borgerson,  K.,  Wathen,  N.  (October  2008).  Narratives  in  online  communities  and  women's  decisions   about  birth  attendants  and  birth  place  (poster).  Society  for  Medical  Decision  Making.  Philadelphia,   PA.     Wathen,  N.  (August  2008).  Information  as  superhero:  Is  there  anything  it  can’t  do?  Society  for  the   Social  Studies  of  Science  (4S).  Rotterdam,  The  Netherlands.   Wathen,  N.,  Bella  L.,  Harris,  R.,  Wyatt,  S.  (May  2008).  A  Comparative  Analysis  of  Librarians  and  Health   Professionals  as  “Health  Info(r)mediators”.  Canadian  Health  Libraries  Association  Conference,  Halifax,   NS.   Wathen,  N.,  Jack,  S.,  MacMillan,  H.  (February  2008).  Asking  About  Intimate  Partner  Violence  in  Health   Care  Settings.  Ontario  Communities  Working  Together  the  End  Violence  Conference,  Kitchener,  ON.   Wathen,  N.,  Gutmanis,  I.,  Freeman,  C.,  Beynon,  C.,  MacMillan,  H.  (February  2008).  Are  Health  Care   Providers  Prepared  to  Address  Intimate  Partner  Violence  Against  Women?  Ontario  Communities   Working  Together  the  End  Violence  Conference,  Kitchener,  ON.   Wathen,  N.,  Lewis,  N.,  Jack,  S.,  Brooks,  S.,  Macedo,  S.,  &  MacMillan,  H.  (October  2007).  The  McMaster   VAW  Research  Program  Knowledge  Translation  Project.  15th  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against   Women  International  (NNVAWI)  Conference.  London,  ON.   Jack,  S.,  Wathen,  N.,  Brooks,  S.    &  MacMillan,  H.  (October  2007).  A  process  evaluation  of  knowledge   translation  strategies  to  promote  the  awareness  and  uptake  of  research  evidence  by  VAW  decision-­‐ makers.  15th  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International  (NNVAWI)  Conference.   London,  ON.   Wathen,  N.,  &  Brooks,  S.  (October  2007).  Development  of  an  online  violence  against  women   community  of  interest.  15th  Nursing  Network  on  Violence  Against  Women  International  (NNVAWI)   Conference.  London,  ON.   Lent,  B.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (May  2007).  Screening  for  woman  abuse  in  health  care   settings.    European  General  Practice  Research  Network  Meeting.  Nijmegen,  The  Netherlands.   [Conference  Award  for  Best  Poster.]   Jack,  S.M.,  Catallo,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  &  MacMillan,  H.  (April  2007).  Ontario  women’s  perceptions  of   screening  for  woman  abuse  by  health  care  providers.  19th  Annual  Research  Day,  Department  of   Psychiatry  &  Behavioural  Neurosciences,  McMaster  University,  Hamilton,  Ontario.   Strohm,  S.,  Wathen,  C.  N.,  Jack,  S.,  Wilson,  M.,  Catallo,  C.  Fear,  J.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2007).  A   meta-­‐analysis  of  risk  indicators  for  intimate  partner  violence  against  women  (work-­‐in-­‐progress).  19th   Annual  Research  Day,  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural  Neurosciences,  McMaster  University,   Hamilton,  Ontario.   Jack,  S.M.,  Catallo,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  &  MacMillan,  H.  (October  2006).  Ontario  women’s  perceptions   of  screening  for  woman  abuse  by  health  care  providers.  McMaster  University  13th  Annual  Nursing   Research  Day.  Hamilton,  ON.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Harris,  R.M.  (July  2006).  An  examination  of  the  health  information  seeking  experiences   of  women  in  rural  Ontario,  Canada.  Information  Seeking  in  Context  Conference  (ISIC  2006),  Sydney,   Australia.  

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Harris, R.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Fear,  J.M.  (July  2006).  Searching  for  health  information  in  rural  Canada:   Where  do  residents  look  for  health  information  and  what  do  they  do  when  they  find  it?  Information   Seeking  in  Context  Conference  (ISIC  2006),  Sydney,  Australia.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Jamieson,  E.,  Wilson,  M.,  Daly,  M.,  Worster,  A.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2006).   Characteristics  associated  with  exposure  to  intimate  partner  violence  in  a  sample  of  Ontario  women.   Enhancing  Women’s  Health  Research  Conference,  Ottawa,  Ontario.   Cheng,  C.  &  Wathen,  C.N.  (April  2006).  Childhood  maltreatment  and  depression  among  Canadian   women:  A  systematic  review.  Enhancing  Women’s  Health  Research  Conference,  Ottawa,  Ontario.   Jack,  S.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2006).  Ontario  Women’s  Perceptions  of  Screening  for   Woman  Abuse  by  Health  Care  Providers.  Enhancing  Women’s  Health  Research  Conference,  Ottawa,   Ontario.   Fear,  J.M.,  Harris,  R.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (April  2006).  A  comparison  of  health  information  websites  for   women’s  health  information  needs.  Enhancing  Women’s  Health  Research  Conference,  Ottawa,   Ontario.   Jack,  S.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2006).  Women’s  perceptions  of  screening  for  woman   abuse  by  health  care  providers.  12th  Qualitative  Health  Research  Conference,  Edmonton,  Alberta.   Fear,  J.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Ploeg,  J.  (December  2005).  Data  extraction  for  the  non-­‐statistician:  Lessons   learned  from  a  systematic  evidence  review  and  meta-­‐analysis  of  risk  indicators  for  abuse  of  older   persons.  4th  Canadian  Cochrane  Symposium,  Montreal,  Quebec.   Wathen,  C.N.,  Jamieson,  E.,  Wilson,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2005).  Development  and  testing  of   a  Risk  Indicator  Tool  for  woman  abuse.  World  Conference  on  Prevention  of  Family  Violence.  Banff,   Alberta.   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Jamieson,  E.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Catallo,  C.  (October  2005).    The  health  sector  response   to  violence  against  women:  evidence-­‐based  approaches  to  identifying  abused  women  in  health  care   settings.  World  Conference  on  Prevention  of  Family  Violence.  Banff,  Alberta.   Catallo,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Jack,  S.M.,  Fear,  J.,  Wilson,  M.,  MacMillan,  H.L.    (October  2005).  The   evidence-­‐base  for  primary  prevention  of  violence  against  women:  a  meta-­‐analysis  of  risk  indicators.   World  Conference  on  Prevention  of  Family  Violence.  Banff,  Alberta.   Jack,  S.M.,  Webb,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2005).  Women’s  perceptions  of   screening  for  woman  abuse  by  health  care  providers.  World  Conference  on  Prevention  of  Family   Violence.  Banff,  Alberta.   Harris,  R.M.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (October  2005).    Health  info  seeking  in  an  (almost)  wired  world:  what  do   rural  dwellers  do  with  health  information  from  the  internet?  Canadian  Rural  Health  Research  Society   Conference.  Quebec  City,  Quebec.   McNutt,  L.A.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Jamieson,  E.  et  al.  (July  2005).  Randomized  trials  of   screening  for  intimate  partner  violence.  9th  International  Family  Violence  Research  Conference.   Portsmouth,  New  Hampshire.   Wathen,  C.N.  &  Leckie,  G.J.  (June  2005).  Educating  information  professionals  to  support  evidence-­‐ based  health  care.  Canadian  Health  Libraries  Association,  Toronto,  Ontario.   Ploeg,  J.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Fear,  J.M.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (May  2005).  A  meta-­‐analysis  of  risk  indicators  for   abuse  of  older  persons.  Interdisciplinary  Health  /  Aging  Research  Meeting.    Faculty  of  Medicine  &   Dentistry,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario,  London,  Ontario.  

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Wathen, C.N.  (April  2005).  How  information  helps  abused  women:  A  prospective  cohort  study  in   health  care  settings.  17th  Annual  Research  Day,  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural   Neurosciences,  McMaster  University,  Hamilton,  Ontario.   Wathen,  C.N.  (January  2005).  Health  information  seeking  in  context:  How  women  make  decisions   regarding  hormone  replacement  therapy.  Association  of  Library  &  Information  Science  Educators,   Boston,  Massachusetts.   Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Webb,  M.,  Jamieson,  E.,  McNutt,  L.A.  (October  2004).  Testing   approaches  to  screening  for  violence  against  women.  Family  Violence  Prevention  Fund  Conference,   Boston,  Massachusetts.   Harris,  R.  &  Wathen  C.N.  (October  2004).  Health-­‐related  help-­‐seeking  by  rural  women  in  Ontario:  a   qualitative  study.  Second  Canadian  Conference  on  Literacy  and  Health.  Ottawa,  Ontario.   Tang,  B.,  Wathen,  C.N,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2004).  The  cost  of  child  abuse:  A  systematic  review.     Canadian  Association  for  Child  and  Adolescent  Psychiatry  Annual  Meeting.  Montreal,  Quebec.     Ploeg,  J.,  Lohfeld,  L.,  Patterson,  C.,  Webb,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (October  2004).   Perceptions  of  elder  abuse:  Giving  voice  to  older  persons  and  caregivers  through  focus  groups.   McMaster  University  Nursing  Research  Day,  Hamilton,  Ontario.   Lent,  B.,  MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (June  2004).  Approaches  to  screening  for  violence  against   women.    Trillium  Primary  Care  Research  Forum.    London,  Ontario.   Ploeg,  J.,  Lohfeld,  L.,  Patterson,  C.J.S.,  Webb,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2004).  The   Canadian  New  Emerging  Team  on  Violence  Across  the  Lifespan:  Giving  voice  to  older  persons   participating  in  focus  groups.    International  Network  for  the  Prevention  of  Elder  Abuse  Latin  America   Seminar,  Health  and  Human  Rights  Related  to  Elder  Abuse  and  Neglect,  Cienfuegos,  Cuba,  April  27-­‐ 30,  2004.   Webb,  M.,  Patterson,  C.,  Ploeg,  J.,  Wathen  C.N.,  Eveleigh,  K.,  Walsh,  C.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2004)   Health  impacts  of  violence  across  the  lifespan:  A  multidisciplinary  approach  to  measuring  abuse  in  the   elderly.  16th  Annual  Research  Day,  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural  Neurosciences,  McMaster   University,  Hamilton,  ON.   Wathen  C.N.,  Webb,  M.,  Jamieson,  E.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  (April  2004)  Screening  for  violence  against   women:  A  program  of  research.16th  Annual  Research  Day,  Department  of  Psychiatry  &  Behavioural   Neurosciences,  McMaster  University,  Hamilton,  ON.   Ploeg,  J.,  Eveleigh,  K.,  Hutchison,  B.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (December  2003).  Risk  factors  for  elder  abuse:   what  does  the  research  say?  From  Policy  to  Practice:  The  Home  Care  Challenge.  13th  Annual   Canadian  Home  Care  Association  Conference,  Toronto,  ON.   Harris,  R.  &  Wathen  C.N.  (October  2003).  Pushing  the  parameters  of  care:    Should  public  libraries   facilitate  access  to  consumer  health  information?  EEI21  -­‐  MEMPHIS  –  2003.   Wathen  C.N.  &  Harris,  R.  (May  2003).  Rural  women’s  health  information  needs:  are  technology-­‐based   services  the  answer?  Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science  CAIS2003.  Halifax,  NS.   Harris,  R.  &  Wathen  C.N.  (November  2002).  Health  Information  Infrastructure(s)  in  Canada:  Should   Public  Libraries  Play  a  Role?  Sofia  2002:  Libraries,  Civil  Society  and  Social  Development.    Sofia,   Bulgaria.   McWilliam,  C.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.  et  al.  (May  1996).    Primary  care  research  to  promote  seniors'   independence:    Progress  in  a  Seniors’  Independence  Research  Program.  Trillium  Primary  Care   Research  Forum.    Toronto,  Ontario.  

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CV ♦  Nadine  Wathen  ♦  page  18  

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CV ♦  Nadine  Wathen  ♦  page  19  

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Key Stakeholder  Workshops  –  3  workshops  held  in  Toronto,  Ottawa  and  London  in   October  2006  with  80+  stakeholders  from  across  Ontario.  

Follow-­‐up interviews  with  a  stratified  random  sample  of  workshop  attendees  in  January   &  February  2007.  

Development and  launch  (March  2007)  of  the  Violence  Against  Women  (VAW)  Online   Community  of  Interest  (  a  wiki-­‐based  site  to  foster  discussion   regarding  the  VAW  Research  Program  results,  and  related  issues.  

December 2008  policy  working  group  to  identify  key  messages  with  representatives  of   several  Ontario  Ministries  with  VAW  portfolios.  

CV ♦  Nadine  Wathen  ♦  page  20  

January 2009  –  Inter-­‐ministerial  Briefing  (Ontario)  and  Family  Violence  Knowledge   Exchange  Forum  with  100+  key  stakeholders  from  across  Canada.      

All activities  include  multiple  data  collection  techniques  to  assess  uptake  of  research   findings,  effectiveness  of  knowledge  exchange  strategies  and  follow-­‐up  to  assess  impact   of  knowledge  on  decision-­‐making  in  the  different  sectors  (clinical,  policy,  etc.)  

The Women’s  Health  Knowledge  Capsules  Project  (N.  Wathen,  PI;  Funder  –  Ontario  Women’s  Health   Council  (OWHC)).    Development  of  a  process  to  synthesize  and  summarize  research  and  technical   reports  in  a  number  of  women’s  health  topics  to  brief,  policy-­‐relevant  products  (samples  at:   http://www.echo-­‐­‐topics-­‐research-­‐a-­‐program-­‐summaries.html).     Journal  of  the  American  Medical  Association  “Author  in  the  Room”  –  North  American  Broadcast   discussion/call-­‐in  on  the  VAW  Screening  Trial  published  in  JAMA  in  August  2006  (with  Harriet   MacMillan),  September  20,  2006:   GRANTS  &  FUNDED  RESEARCH   Submitted     Awarded  -­‐  Current   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Greaves,  L.,  Poole,  N.  Development  of  Pan-­‐Canadian  Public  Health   Guidance  on  Family  Violence.  Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada:  Investment  to  Support  Victims  of   Violence  and  Protect  Children.  2015-­‐2018.  ($4.47M).   MacQuarrie,  B.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (co-­‐principal  investigators),  et  al.  The  Impact  of  Domestic  Violence  on   Workers  and  Workplaces.  SSHRC  Partnership  Development  Grant.  2014-­‐2016.  ($198,646).   Phaneuf,  G.,  Wathen,  C.N.  Mapping  and  Promoting  the  Use  of  Family  Violence  Surveillance  Data.   Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada.  2014-­‐16.  ($60,000)  (technical  lead;  sub-­‐contractor).   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Tanaka,  M.  (co-­‐principal  investigators).  Identifying  and  Refining  Global   Intimate  Partner  Violence  Prevention  Research  Priorities.  Wellspring  Advisors  (a  charitable  funding   brokerage)  2014-­‐2015.  ($60,000).   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Boyle,  M.,  Coben  J.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.,  et  al.  Evaluating  an  intervention   to  address  intimate  partner  violence  to  assist  children  and  women.  Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada.   2014-­‐2016.  ($381,800)  (co-­‐principal  investigator).   Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.  Varcoe,  C.,  Wuest,  J.  et  al.  Effectiveness  of  an  Internet-­‐Based  Decision  Aid  in   enhancing  safety  behaviors,  reducing  exposure  to  violence  and  improving  mental  health  among   women  experiencing  intimate  partner  violence.  CIHR  Operating  Grant.  2012-­‐2017.  ($1,250,000)  (co-­‐ investigator).   Browne,  A.,  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.  Varcoe,  C.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (co-­‐principal  investigators),  et  al.  Equity-­‐ oriented  primary  health  care  interventions  for  marginalized  populations:  Addressing  structural   inequities  and  structural  violence.  CIHR  Operating  Grant:  Programmatic  Grants  in  Health  and  Health   Equity.  2011  –2016  ($1,974,691).   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Stewart,  D.E.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Coben  J.,  Herrman,  H.  (co-­‐principal  investigators).   Centre  for  research  development  in  gender,  mental  health  and  violence  across  the  lifespan.  CIHR:  

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Centres for  Research  Development  in  Gender,  Mental  Health  and  Addictions.  2009-­‐2017.   ($2,000,000).   Raina,  P.,  Ciliska,  D.,  et  al.  McMaster  Evidence  Review  and  Synthesis  Centre  (MERSC).  Canadian   Institutes  of  Health  Research  (CIHR):  Knowledge  Synthesis-­‐Preventive  HealthCare,  Evidence  Review.   (co-­‐investigator).  2010  –  2015.  ($3,492,354).   Awarded  -­‐  Completed   Wathen,  C.N.  Preventing  Violence  Across  the  Lifespan  Evidence  Briefs:  4  Policy-­‐Relevant  Research   Summaries.  Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada.  2014.  ($34,925).  (principal  investigator)   Wathen,  C.N.  Child  and  Youth  Exposure  to  Intimate  Partner  Violence:  A  Review  of  Impacts  and   Interventions.  Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada.  2013.  ($9,350)  (principal  investigator).   Hansen,  M.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  et  al.  Evaluation  of  the  effectiveness  of  shelter  services  in  Ontario.  Ontario   Trillium  Foundation  –  Provincial  Grants.  (co-­‐investigator).  2009-­‐2011.  ($248,000).     Morrow,  M.,  et  al.  Pathways  to  equity:  Exploring  resilience  in  the  fields  of  gender,  violence  and   mental  health.  Canadian  Institutes  of  Health  Research  (CIHR)  Operating  Grant:  Programmatic  Grants   in  Health  and  Health  Equity  (2010-­‐07-­‐02):  Letter  of  Intent.  ($15,000)     Browne,  A.  et  al.  Equity-­‐oriented  primary  health  care  interventions  for  marginalized  populations:   Addressing  structural  inequities  and  structural  violence.  CIHR  Operating  Grant:  Programmatic  Grants   in  Health  and  Health  Equity  (2010-­‐07-­‐02):  Letter  of  Intent.  ($15,000)   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Stewart,  D.E.,  Wathen,  C.N.  (Co-­‐PIs).  Centre  for  research  development  in  gender,   mental  health  and  violence  across  the  lifespan  –  Letter  of  Intent.  CIHR:  Centres  for  Research   Development  in  Gender,  Mental  Health  and  Addictions.  Proposal  Development  Grant.  ($10,000).     Wekerle,  C.,  et  al.  CIHR  Team  in  Applied  Injury  Research  –  Letter  of  Intent.  CIHR  Strategic  Teams  in   Applied  Injury  Research  (STAIR)  Program.  Proposal  Development  Grant.  (co-­‐investigator)  ($10,000)   Wathen,  C.N.,  Jack,  S.M.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  Evaluating  the  impact  of  research  evidence  on  decision-­‐ making  in  the  area  of  violence  against  women.  SSHRC  Presidential  Fund  Initiative:  Capturing  the   Outcomes  and  Impacts  of  Publicly  Funded  Research.  2008-­‐2009.  ($24,542).   H.  MacMillan,  N.  Wathen,  M.  Ford-­‐Gilboe,  C.  Wekerle  (Co-­‐PIs).  New  knowledge  about  violence  across   the  lifespan:  sharing  the  findings  of  three  NET  Programs.  CIHR:  Meetings,  Planning  and  Dissemination   Grant:  End  of  Grant  Knowledge  Translation  Supplement.  2008-­‐2009.  ($23,500).   Harris,  R.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Wyatt,  S.  Health(y)  citizenship:  negotiating  health  information  &  technology   in  a  consumerist  age.  SSHRC:  Aid  to  Research  Workshops  and  Conferences  in  Canada.  2008-­‐2009.   ($24,913).   Shoemaker,  K.,  Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Petrella,  R.,  Salmoni,  A.,  Willson,  A.,  Prapavessis,  H.  The   Western  Institute  for  the  Interdisciplinary  Study  of  Healthy  Living  Across  the  Lifespan:  Enabling   lifestyle  management  in  family  practice.  University  of  Western  Ontario  Interdisciplinary  Development   Initiative.  2008-­‐2011.  ($259,000).   Kothari,  A.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  Shoemaker,  K.,  Petrella,  R.  Ebb  and  Flow:  Understanding  interactions  in   primary  health  care  teams  using  social  network  analysis.  Faculty  of  Health  Sciences  Interdisciplinary   Research  Award,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario.  2008-­‐2009.  ($6,000).   Wathen,  C.N.,  Witteman,  H.  et  al.  How  online  storytelling  shapes  women’s  decisions  about  birth   attendants  and  birth  place.  CIHR  Interdisciplinary  Capacity  Enhancement  Sub-­‐grant,  2007-­‐08.   ($4,000).  

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Hockema, S.  et  al.  Sense-­‐making  and  credibility  of  health  information  on  the  social  web:  A  multi-­‐ method  study  accessing  tagging  and  tag  clouds.  SSHRC  Image,  Text,  Sound  &  Technology  (ITST)   Strategic  Research  Grant.  ($39,100).  2008-­‐9.  (co-­‐investigator).   MacMillan,  H.L.  et  al.  Development  and  Evaluation  of  an  Intervention  for  Intimate  Partner  Violence  in   the  Context  of  Nurse  Home  Visits.  Centers  for  Disease  Control  and  Prevention:  Injury  Prevention   Center  Grant,  University  of  West  Virginia  Medical  School.  2007-­‐2012.  ($1,167,107.00)  (co-­‐ investigator).   Luke,  R.  et  al.  Advanced  Patient  Education  for  Cancer  Survivorship  (APECS):  Using  the  Internet  to   Build  and  Maintain  a  Community  of  Survivors.  SSHRC  Standard  Research  Grant.  2007-­‐2011.   ($142,900).  (co-­‐investigator).   Ford-­‐Gilboe,  M.  et  al.  The  Effects  of  Personal,  Social  and  Economic  Resources  on  Physical  and  Mental   Health  of    Women  in  the  Early  Years  after  Leaving  an  Abusive  Partner:  Waves  3,  4  and  5.  CIHR   Operating  Grant.  2007-­‐2012.  ($1,169,492)  (co-­‐investigator).   O'Grady,  L.,  Jadad,  A.  (Co-­‐PIs)  et  al.  The  impact  of  Web  2.0  on  credibility  indicators  in  health  care.   CIHR  Interdisciplinary  Capacity  Enhancement  Sub-­‐grant,  2007-­‐08.  ($8,000)  (co-­‐investigator).   Wathen,  C.N.,  Jack,  S.M.,  Treviranus,  J.  The  Women’s  Health  Knowledge  Capsules  Project.    Ontario   Ministry  of  Health  &  Long-­‐Term  Care  –  Ontario  Women’s  Health  Council.  July  2006  –  June  2007   ($104,610)  (principal  investigator).   Wathen,  C.N.,  Jack,  S.M.,  Lewis,  N.,  Cooper,  E.,  MacMillan,  H.L.  Evidence-­‐Informed  Decision-­‐Making   in  Women's  Health:  Translating  Research  Knowledge  about  Violence  Against  Women  for  Policy  and   Practice.  Canadian  Institutes  of  Health  Research:  Strategic  Initiative  -­‐  Knowledge  into  Action,  Phase  1.   February  2006-­‐March  2007  ($66,731)  (principal  investigator).   Diaz-­‐Granados,  N.,  Stewart,  D.  Wathen,  C.N.,  Grace,  S.,  Ross,  L.,  Whitney,  D,  Munce,  S.  Women  Most   at  Risk  of  Depression  and  their  Access  to  Care:  A  Systematic  Evidence  Review.  Ontario  Women’s   Health  Council.  September  2005-­‐December  2005  ($60,000)  (co-­‐investigator).   MacMillan,  H.L.,  Wathen,  C.N.,  (co-­‐leads)  Freeman,  C.  et  al.  Professional  Education  for  Responding  to   Violence  Against  Women:  Review  of  Current  Practices  in  Ontario’s  Health  Sector.  Ontario  Women’s   Directorate.  April  2005  –  March  2006  ($125,000)  (co-­‐principal  investigator)   Leckie,  G.  &  Wathen,  C.N.  (Co-­‐PIs)  Training  Information  Professionals  to  Support  Health  Technology   Assessment,  Evidence-­‐Based  Decision-­‐Making  and  Knowledge  Transfer.  Canadian  Coordinating  Office   on  Health  Technology  Assessment,  April  2004  –  March  2005  ($52,437)  (co-­‐principal  investigator).   Balka,  E.  et  al.  The  Role  of  Technology  in  the  Production,  Consumption  and  Use  of  Health   Information:  Implications  for  Policy  and  Practice.  Social  Sciences  and  Humanities  Research  Council  of   Canada  -­‐  Initiatives  in  the  New  Economy.  October  2003-­‐September  2007  ($3,000,000)  (collaborator).   MacMillan,  H.L.  et  al.  If,  When  and  How  to  Ask  the  Question(s):    Assessing  Screening  Approaches  to   Identifying  Woman  Abuse  in  Health  Care  Settings:  An  Integrated,  Multidisciplinary  Program  of   Research.  Ontario  Women’s  Health  Council.  April  2003  –  December  2007  ($3,000,000)  (co-­‐ investigator).   Wathen,  C.N.  The  “Pause”  in  Menopause?  What  Informs  Women’s  Decisions  to  Discontinue   Hormone  Replacement  Therapy?  Wyeth  Canada  Inc.,  January  2003  –  June  2004  ($15,400).  (principal   investigator).  

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MacMillan, H.L.  et  al.  Health  Impacts  of  Violence  Across  the  Lifespan:  A  Multidisciplinary  Approach.   Canadian  Institutes  of  Health  Research-­‐Institute  for  Gender  and  Health  New  Emerging  Team.  April   2002-­‐March  2007  ($1,250,000)  (new  investigator).   Feightner,  J.W.  &  Wathen,  C.N.  Building  Relationships  with  Health  Decision-­‐Makers:  Linking  Evidence   to  Policy.    Ontario  Ministry  of  Health  &  Long-­‐Term  Care.  March  2001-­‐July  2002  ($50,000).  (co-­‐ investigator).     TEACHING   Graduate  Courses   Social  Contexts  of  Health  Information:  A  Critical  Review  of  Theory  and  Research  (FIMS9855).  Faculty   of  Information  and  Media  Studies,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  (Winter  2014,  2015).   Interdisciplinary  Issues  in  Health  Information  Science  (HIS9241)  Faculty  of  Information  and  Media   Studies,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  (Fall  2011,  Fall  2012,  Fall  2013,  Fall  2014).   Evidence-­‐Based  Health  Care  for  Information  Professionals  (MLIS9322/HIS9242);  Faculty  of   Information  and  Media  Studies,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  (Fall  2004;  Winter  2008-­‐10;  2012-­‐ 13).   Research  Methods  &  Statistics  (MLIS  504/9004);  Faculty  of  Information  and  Media  Studies,  The   University  of  Western  Ontario  (Fall  2003,  Fall  2008,  Fall  2010,  Winter  2013).   Evidence-­‐based  Health  Care  for  Information  Professionals  (FIS2306);  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,   University  of  Toronto  (Fall  2006).   Information  Practices  in  Health  Care  (FIS2135H);  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto   (Winter  2007).   Guest  Lectures,  Seminars  &  Workshops  to  Students   Systematic  searching  for  evidence.  Evidence-­‐Informed  Health  Care  International  Workshop,  School  of   Nursing,  McMaster  University  (June  2007;  June  2008).   Systematic  reviews:  Synthesizing  evidence  to  inform  health  decision-­‐making.  Health  Professional   Education  Seminar  Series,  Graduate  Program  in  Health  and  Rehabilitation  Sciences,  The  University  of   Western  Ontario.  (November  2007).   Informing  health:  Women,  information  &  health  decision-­‐making.  Health  Care  Technologies,  People,   &  Places  Course,  Health  Care,  Technology  and  Place  Program,  University  of  Toronto  (February  2007).   Various  guest  lectures  in  Master’s  and  Doctoral  courses  at  The  University  of  Western  Ontario  and  the   University  of  Toronto.   Transfer  &  uptake  of  evidence-­‐based  preventive  guidelines.  1-­‐day  workshop  to  University  of  Western   Ontario  medical  students.  (June  2001).   Disseminating  evidence-­‐based  preventive  guidelines.    Seminars  to  University  of  Western  Ontario   Faculty  of  Information  and  Media  Studies  graduate  students.  (December  2000,  July  2001,  December   2001,  June  2003).  

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SUPERVISION Post-­‐doctoral  –  Supervisor   Jennifer  Boyko,  2014-­‐present;  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies  and  Faculty  of  Health  Sciences,   University  of  Western  Ontario  (co-­‐supervised  with  A.  Kothari).     Jennifer  MacGregor,  2011  –present.  Faculty  of  Health  Sciences  and  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media   Studies,  University  of  Western  Ontario  (funded  by  Ontario  Council  of  Graduate  Studies  –  Women’s   Health  Scholar  Award  and  PreVAiL  Research  Network;  co-­‐supervised  with  A.  Kothari  to  2013).   Shannon  Sibbald,  2009-­‐2012;  Faculty  of  Health  Sciences  and  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,   University  of  Western  Ontario  (funded  by  CHSRF;  co-­‐supervised  with  A.  Kothari).   Laura  O’Grady,  2006  –  2009;  Faculty  of  Information  Studies  &  Centre  for  Global  eHealth  Innovation,   University  of  Toronto  (funded  by  CIHR;  co-­‐supervised  with  A.  Jadad).   Doctoral  –  Supervisor   Eugenia  Canas,  2013-­‐  Health  equity  and  social  determinants  of  mental  health  through  the  eyes  of   youth  stakeholders:  Evaluating  critical  youth-­‐engagement  strategies  to  inform  policy  development  at   the  Public  Health  Agency  of  Canada.  HIS  Program,  FIMS,  UWO  [joint  supervisor  with  H.  Berman]   Jill  Veenendaal,  2013  –  Domestic  violence  survivors  and  Equity-­‐oriented  service  provision.  HIS   Program,  FIMS,  UWO.  [chief  supervisor]   Selinda  Berg,  2008-­‐present,  The  “Evolution”  of  Evidence  for  Clinical  Practice  LIS  Programme,  FIMS,   UWO  [joint  supervisor  with  R.  Harris].   Sherry  Coulson,  2013  –  2014  (WDN).  Agency  and  empowerment  in  online  health  information  about   dementia:  A  critical  discourse  analysis.  HIS  Program,  FIMS,  UWO.  [joint  supervisor  with  P.  McKenzie]   Karen  L.  Smith,  2006  –  2008;  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto  (co-­‐supervised  with   Prof.  Andrew  Clement;  retired  from  committee)   Doctoral  –  Committee  Member   Laura  Cayen,  2013-­‐,  Dept  of  Women’s  Studies  and  Feminist  Research,  UWO.  Assuming  Feminism:   Postfeminist  and  Gendered,  Neo-­‐Liberal  Health  Discourses  in  Online  Sexual  Health  Information.   (Member,  Thesis  Committee,  Chief  supervisor:  S.  Knabe).   Isioma  Elueze,  2014-­‐,  LIS  Programme,  FIMS,  UWO.  Investigating  the  Knowledge  Translation  Practices   of  Researchers  in  the  National  Agriculture  Research  Institutes  in  Nigeria.  (Member,  Comprehensive   Examination  Committee,  2014;  Member  Thesis  Committee,  Chief  supervisor:  I.  Ajiferuke).   Shawna  Bourne-­‐Shields,  2011  -­‐  ,  Health  &  Rehabilitation  Science,  Faculty  of  Health  Science,  UWO:   Understanding  and  explaining  the  KT  practices  of  Environmental  Health  Officers  in  Canada:  A  mixed   methods  study.  (Member,  Thesis  Committee,  Chief  supervisor:  A.  Kothari).   Keith  Willoughby,  LIS  Programme,  FIMS,  UWO.  (Member,  Comprehensive  Examination  Committee,   Fall  2013).   Peggy  Nzomo,  2012.  LIS  Programme,  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  UWO.  Member,   Comprehensive  Examination  Committee  (Summer  2012).   Camille  Burnett,  completed  2012;  School  of  Nursing,  UWO.  The  impact  of  advocacy  services  on  the   agency  and  health  of  women  who  have  experienced  violence.  (Member,  Thesis  Committee,  Chief   supervisor:  M.  Ford-­‐Gilboe)  

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Jill McTavish,  2008-­‐2011;  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The  University  of  Western  Ontario   (Member,  Comprehensive  Examination  Committee;  supervisor  for  guided  research  course).   Jennifer  Abrahamson,  2009-­‐2010;  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The  University  of  Western   Ontario  (faculty  GRA  supervisor).   Ahmad  Kamal,  2009-­‐2010;  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies,  The  University  of  Western   Ontario  (faculty  advisor).   Jackie  Bender,  2007-­‐  2009;  Department  of  Public  Health  Sciences,  University  of  Toronto  (former   Mentor,  Health  Care  Technology  &  Place  Program,  University  of  Toronto).   Holly  Witteman,  2006-­‐2009;  Department  of  Industrial  &  Mechanical  Engineering,  University  of   Toronto  in  progress  (former  Mentor,  Health  Care  Technology  &  Place  Program,  University  of   Toronto).   Sambhavi  Chandrashekar,  2007-­‐  2008;  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto   (Member,  Determination  of  Research  Readiness/Comprehensive  Examination  Committee).   Karen  Knautz,  2007-­‐  2008;  Department  of  Public  Health  Sciences,  University  of  Toronto  (former   Mentor,  Health  Care  Technology  &  Place  Program).   Sarah  Whyte,  2006-­‐  2008;  Department  of  English,  University  of  Waterloo,  in  progress  (former   Mentor,  Health  Care  Technology  &  Place  Program,  University  of  Toronto).   Masters  -­‐  Theses   Moutasem  Zakkar,  2015-­‐16.  Masters  in  Health  Information  Science  Thesis:  Using  Information   Visualization  to  Represent  the  Social  Determinants  of  Health.  Committee  member  (supervisor:  Prof  K.   Sedig).   Ufuoma  Eghele,  2013-­‐15,  Masters  in  Health  Information  Science  Thesis  (Title  TBD).  Committee   member  (supervisor:  Prof  D.  Fitzsimmons).   Christine  Garinger,  2013-­‐14,  Masters  in  Health  Information  Science  Thesis  The  Clinic  Narrative:    A   Multiple  Case  Study  of  Integrated  Knowledge  Translation  and  Equity-­‐Oriented  Primary  Health  Care.   Chief  supervisor  (completed).   Andrea  Campbell,  2012-­‐13.  Masters  in  Health  Information  Science  Thesis:  Exploring  Accuracy  in  Press   Releases  and  Journalism  Stories  Reporting  on  Neuroscience  Research  Findings:  A  Comparative  Case   Study.  Chief  supervisor  (co-­‐supervisor,  M.  Levine)  (completed).   Masters  –  Major  Projects  &  Guided/Independent  Studies  (supervisor)   Suhair  al  Shanteer,  2012-­‐13.  Masters  in  Health  Information  Science  Major  Research  Project:  Exploring   Knowledge  Practice  Gaps  in  Neonatal  Resuscitation.  Chief  supervisor  (completed).     Yoojin  Kwon,  2014.  FIMS-­‐MLIS9411  guided  research  project:  A  Comparison  of  Different  De-­‐ Duplication  Methods  for  the  Purposes  of  a  Systematic  Review.  (completed).   Erica  Lenton,  2012.  FIMS-­‐MLIS9410  independent  study:    The  Electronic  Medical  Record’s  Impact  on   Clinical  Terminologies  (completed)   Susan  Wright,  2011.  Independent  Study  Course  (FIMS-­‐MLIS9410):  The  Role  of  Different  Types  of   Information  in  Public  Health  Policy-­‐Making.  Project  supervisor.  (completed).   Heather  Long,  2009.  Guided  Research  project  (FIMS-­‐MLIS9411):  Consumer  Level  CAM  Information   Sources  for  Pet  Health.  Project  supervisor.  

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Jenna Dixon,  2009.  Master’s  Thesis.  UWO  Sociology:  Health  care  policy:  Context  to  the  creation  of   health  care  teams.  Committee  member.  (Supervisor:  Prof.  Tracey  Adams)   Sandra  McKeown,  2008.  Guided  Research  project  (FIMS-­‐MLIS598):  Evaluation  of  Online  Government   Information  for  Women  Exposed  to  Domestic  Violence.  Project  supervisor.   Diana  Bang,  2008.  Guided  Research  project  (FIMS-­‐MLIS598):  The  Contribution  of  Information  Seeking   Theories  to  the  Field  of  Knowledge  Translation.  Project  supervisor.   Marilyn  Carr-­‐Harris,  2007.    Reading  course  (FIS2010)  project:  The  role  of  the  information  professional   in  the  development  of  Aboriginal  health  information  systems.  Project  supervisor.   Thesis  Examinations   University  Examiner,  Master’s  Thesis  Examination,  Rachel  Colquhoun,  UWO  School  of  Nursing,   Women's  Experiences  of  the  Intervention  for  Health  Enhancement  After  Leaving  (iHEAL).  Jan  2013.   Chair,  Master’s  Thesis  Examination,  Lee  McGuigan,  UWO  Faculty  of  Information  &  Media  Studies   (Media  Studies).  Commodity  audience,  commodity  everything:  Interrogating  t-­‐commerce  in  the   United  States  cable  industry.  September  2011.   University  Examiner,  Master’s  Thesis  Examination,  Allison  Cook,  UWO  Faculty  of  Education,   Deliberate  self-­‐harm  and  communication  in  maltreated  youth.  February  2009     EDITORIAL  &  REVIEWING   Program  Review   University  of  Toronto,  Master  of  Science  in  Biomedical  Communication,  External  Reviewer  (2015).   Grant  Review     Canadian  Institutes  of  Health  Research  (CIHR),  Foundation  Stage  1,  Review  Panel  Member  (2014).   CIHR  HS1  Health  Services  Research  &  Interventions.  Review  Panel  Member  (2013  -­‐  2014)  (2   competitions)   CIHR  MAL  Maternal  Health  -­‐  From  Pre-­‐conception  to  the  Empty  Nest.  Scientific  Officer  (2010  -­‐  13)   OCGS-­‐Ontario  Women’s  Health  Scholars  Awards  Selection  Committee  (2008)   Israel  Science  Foundation  (2005)   Echo:  Improving  Women’s  Health  in  Ontario,  June  2010   Promotion  &  Tenure  Review   3-­‐year  pre-­‐tenure  review,  School  of  Library  and  Information  Studies  {US  University}.  2014.   Reviewer,  Promotion  &  Tenure  {Canadian  University}.  2011.   Editorships   Associate  Editor,  BMC  Health  Services  Research,  2009  –  2014   Manuscript,  Report  &  Book  Review   American  Journal  of  Managed  Care  

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BMC Public  Health   Canadian  Journal  of  Information  and  Library  Science   Clinical  Evidence   Journal  of  Epidemiology  and  Community  Health   Journal  of  the  American  Medical  Association  (multiple  reviews)   Journal  of  the  American  Medical  Women’s  Association   Journal  of  the  American  Society  for  Information  Science  &  Technology   Library  and  Information  Science  Research   McMaster  University  Evidence-­‐Based  Practice  Centre   New  England  Journal  of  Medicine   United  States  Preventive  Services  Task  Force   Women’s  Health  Issues     World  Health  Organization   Expert  Panels     Violence  Against  Women  Learning  Network  Resource  Group,  Ontario,  April  2012-­‐   Echo:  Improving  Women’s  Health  in  Ontario,  Research  Expert  Panel,  June  2009  -­‐  2013   Guideline  Review  Panels     World  Health  Organization  (WHO).  Development  of  guidelines  on  the  health  sector  response  to   violence  against  women.  External  reviewer.  2011-­‐2012   Cancer  Care  Ontario  Expert  Panel  on  Cancer  Screening  Uptake,  Sept  2008  –  May  2009.   Conference  Program  Committee  Member   Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science  (CAIS),  2009-­‐2013  and  Conference  Co-­‐Chair  in  2009.   Enhancing  Women’s  Health  Research  Conference,  Ottawa,  Ontario  (Nov  2005-­‐Apr  2006).   SERVICE   Extra-­‐University   Member,  Board  of  Directors  (Governing),  London  InterCommunity  Health  Centre,  2014-­‐   Member,  Advisory  Board,  Centre  for  Research  &  Education  on  Violence  Against  Women  and  Children,   London,  Ontario,  May  2012-­‐   University     Member,  Decanal  Selection  Committee,  UWO,  Schulich  School  of  Medicine  and  Dentistry,  2014-­‐5.   University  Senate  (UWO);  Representative,  School  of  Graduate  and  Postdoctoral  Studies  and  Member,   Operations  and  Agenda  Committee,  2013-­‐2015.   Program  Development  Working  Committee,  Joint  Graduate  Program  in  Health  Information  Science,   UWO,  Feb  2008  –  2011.   Health  Research  Council,  UWO,  Jan  2008  –  2012  (a);  July  –  Dec  2007.   Faculty  Search  Committee,  Joint  Health  Informatics  Program,  Univ  of  Toronto,  2007.   Steering  Committee,  Joint  Health  Informatics  Program,  Univ  of  Toronto,  2005-­‐7.   Program  Executive  Committee,  Collaborative  Program  in  Women’s  Health,  Univ  of  Toronto,  2005-­‐7.   Faculty  

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Decanal Selection  Committee,  Faculty  of  Information  and  Media  Studies,  UWO,  2011.   Committee  on  Space,  Faculty  of  Information  and  Media  Studies,  UWO,  2008-­‐  2015.     Committee  on  Standing,  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto,  2006  –2007.   Inforum  Committee,  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto,  2006  -­‐  2007.   PhD  Program  Committee,  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto,  2006  -­‐  2007.   Faculty  Search  Committee,  Faculty  of  Information  Studies,  University  of  Toronto,  2005  –2006.   Research  &  Ethics  Committee,  Faculty  of  Information  and  Media  Studies,  UWO,  2001-­‐2003.   Program   Coordinator,  Health  Information  Science  Graduate  Program  (MHIS  &  PhD),  Faculty  of  Information  and   Media  Studies  &  Faculty  of  Health  Sciences,  UWO,  2011-­‐present.   Health  Information  Science  Program  Committee,  and  Admissions  Committee  FIMS,  UWO,  2012-­‐present   (Chair).   Doctoral  Program  Committee,  FIMS-­‐LIS,  UWO,  Sept  2010-­‐12  (Secretary)   ALA  Accreditation  Steering  Committee,  MLIS  Program,  FIMS,  UWO,  2010-­‐11.   MLIS  Program  Committee,  FIMS,  UWO,  2007-­‐10  (Secretary  for  2007-­‐2008)   MLIS  Program  -­‐  ALA  Accreditation  Working  Group  on  Standard  1:  Mission,  Goals  and  Objectives,  FIMS,   UWO,  2010-­‐11)  (Chair).   MEMBERSHIPS   Research  &  Teaching  Affiliations   2005-­‐15     Mentor,  Health  Care  Technology  &  Place  Program,  University  of  Toronto   2006-­‐8   Mentor,  Collaborative  Graduate  Program  in  Women’s  Health,  University  of  Toronto   2006-­‐8   Member,  Knowledge  Media  Design  Institute,  University  of  Toronto   2006-­‐8     Member,  UHN-­‐Women’s  Health  Program,  University  Health  Network  &  University  of   Toronto   2005-­‐7   Member,  Coalition  for  Research  in  Women’s  Health,  Women’s  College  Hospital   2005-­‐7   Member,  Centre  for  Global  eHealth  Innovation,  University  Health  Network  &  University  of   Toronto   Professional  Organizations   Canadian  Association  for  Information  Science  (CAIS)  

Dr. Nadine Wathen CV