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Education Auburn University Undergraduate 2018-2023

Awards IDEA Regionals 1st Place Revit CAD Competition (2018) IDEA State 2nd Place Revit CAD Competition +636 628 5400 Linked In:

Languages English Spanish French

AIAS Instudio 3rd Place Photography Competition Grand Concours Gold Medal National French Contest

Activities Soccer Drumming Learning Italian Digital Modeling and Rendering

Skills Adobe Revit Rhino 3D AutoCAD Lumion Digital Modeling Hand Modeling Technical Drawing









DEDUCE Keystone Library 2018

Keystone Library | 2018 The task was to design a library in order to learn about the process of design and how to translate the design into the digital world. One of my earliest design projects, I was challenged to take all of the skills I had been working on and use reason to compile it together to create a singular cohesive work. It was required to have a a second floor and a green roof, which I chose to position between two wings in order to seperate the main quiet area from the activities wing.

DISCIPLINE Menil Museum 2019

Menil Museum | 2019 An exploration on creating an experience for visitors that delves deeper than my previous project by focusing on phenomenological concepts. The main idea is that by designing underground, circulation through the museum becomes a journey into a foreign world that is inhabited by art and where it rains light. A system of paths and ramps lead to and from rooms in order to emulate a small town with roads.

Side of model is removed in order to be able to look inside

Two point perspectival hand renderings of the exterior and interior

Site plan of the Menil Campus with my design highlighted in blue

Menil Museum | 2019

Isometric showing roof paterns and isometric without roof

A large 1/2” = 1’-0” study model was created to explore how light perforates through multiple roof plates with patterned apertures. This idea was inspired by the Louvre Abu Dhabi designed by Jean Nouvel

DIGITIZE Old St.Louis Courthouse 2019

Old St. Louis Courthouse | 2019

Concentrating on improving digital modeling skills, I transformed a hometown landmark into a three-dimensional model. Working on details was prioritized and the dome is especially heavily ornamented. A quick replica of the Gateway Arch was also made in order to complete the scene.

DESIGN Chicago Printshop 2020

Chicago Printshop | 2020

Focusing primarily on how the definition and manipulation of space can affect the experience of occupants, I worked with contrasting exposure and seclusion on public areas while designing a dynamic space for the private workareas. The first floor is a public gallery that is shut away from the context with minimal daylighting that directs your attention to the artwork inside and away from any distractions outside the room. Meanwhile, the second floor is completely open, allowing for easy accessibility via stairs from the sidewalk and encouraging visitors to look out into the beautiful and traditional Printer’s Row neighborhood.

First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

Chicago Printshop | 2020 The upper floors are divided into a service area and a work area by a large lightwell that cuts through and brings light down to the open second floor. Seperating the fixed amenities from the work area and an open plan allows flexibility to create a dynamic space and circulation for employees with demountable walls and irregularly placed staircases.

Elevation from the East

Section through center

Elevation from the South

A 1/16” = 1’-0” model that comes apart like a puzzle to show each floor individually


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Daniel Mejia Portfolio 2020  

Daniel Mejia Portfolio 2020