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Few high school passion projects have evolved into as vital a creative outlet as Mad Sounds has for its founder, Giselle Melendres. With a little help and inspiration from other Issuu publishers, Giselle is growing a business she hopes will inspire others to follow their own creative passions.

About Mad Sounds

Davis, California
December 2013

Mad Sounds Magazine is a monthly online and print publication for the young and daring, dedicated to the creative youths of today. Mad Sounds is a publication for creative minds and innovators, featuring artists and influencers within the intersections of fashion, design, media, entertainment, entrepreneurship, music and more. Read Mad Sounds Magazine.

Giselle Melendres

Giselle Melendres

Founding Editor in Chief, Creative Director & Designer

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In the beginning, Giselle Melendres was the founder, editor in chief and main source of content for Mad Sounds. Thanks to the Issuu Generators and her relationships with other publishers, Giselle now has a team of people to help her, and more resources and connections than she thought she would have when she first launched her magazine.

Mad Sounds | No. 15

Running a magazine alone is tough, and Giselle Melendres has first-hand experience. “I had to run all the social accounts and email and manage the publication itself,” she says. “It was really hard to keep track of, especially with the website.” A few years later, and she now has a staff of writers, photographers and interns helping her run the show.

When Giselle met Cathrine Khom from Local Wolves at the Issuu Generators Camp, she learned plenty from her fellow Issuu publisher. “I took a lot of advice from Cathrine about how she has interns to run certain things like social media and email,” she says. It was hard for Giselle to keep up Mad Sounds’ momentum alone, so, following in Cathrine’s footsteps, she hired interns to post content on the website and handle their social media.

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“Before I had this mentality where I had to do everything, but now I’ve realized that having a collaborative effort is really helpful in running a magazine.”

On top of running Mad Sounds, Giselle goes to school full-time and works a part-time job, so she loves having a team of creatives helping out, especially when her interns contribute ideas that she hadn’t thought of. Being able to talk to the Issuu Generators and connect with different publishers has also helped Giselle grow as a creative. She credits these relationships with giving her different insights as to how she can improve her publication or different tactics for being an effective publisher and running a business.

“Before, I had this mentality where I had to do everything. Now I’ve realized that having a collaborative effort is really helpful in running a magazine,” says Giselle, “Just being able to network and form connections is important.” Whether finding a new photographer or contributor, Giselle is happy to work with others on her creative project. She loves how collaborations have taken Mad Sounds to the next level.

Mad Sounds | No. 15 and 20

For Giselle, Mad Sounds is truly a passion project. The most important thing about making Mad Sounds is connecting with her readers and inspiring them.

And how has this publication changed the people around her? She thinks it has affected both the staff and their readers in different ways. For the people who work for it, she believes they enjoy having a platform where they can express their passions and where they have a lot of creative freedom. She also says, “Based on feedback we’ve gotten, people feel inspired to create from reading our magazine.” It is Giselle’s hope that her readers feel inspired and excited to do something creative, and to pursue their passions without any apologies.

“Issuu is a great place to start if you’re looking to create a publication, and if you’re looking for inspiration because that’s where I found mine.”

If you’re an aspiring publisher looking for some advice, Giselle has some suggestions: really think about what your magazine will be about, stick to that idea and always be passionate about what you’re doing. “Never do anything you’re not truly passionate about because it will show in your work,” she says, “Also, Issuu is a great place to start if you’re looking to create a publication, and if you’re looking for inspiration because that’s where I found mine.”

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