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Started as a passion project by a teenage concert photog, Local Wolves has vastly matured over its short lifespan. Today it has evolved into a prominent brand known for embracing diverse talent across multiple creative industries. Here we share a snapshot of how Local Wolves has managed its growth from one dedicated individual to a staff of 50 collaborators scattered around the globe.

About Local Wolves

Long Beach, CA
Spring 2012

Local Wolves is a magazine by millennials for millennials, focused on young creators making artistic innovations in various creative fields. Read Local Wolves here.

Cathrine Khom

Cathrine Khom

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

Expanding from a solo mission to a group effort has made Local Wolves the success it is today.

Since its conception in founder Cathrine Khom’s small hometown of Long Beach, CA, the Local Wolves’ team has expanded to every corner of the country and beyond. From California to Florida to New York, Cathrine has found young creatives who share a similar passion for creating, and are willing to put in the work required to make something great.

Local Wolves

Recently, she’s even started working with contributors from London and Canada, making her team an international one.

The magazine we know today made its first debut as a blog, where a teenage Cathrine who was working as a concert photographer decided to display her work. Before long it grew into a full-blown magazine, which today includes over 40 issues in their backlog and around fifty people on staff helping to create content its readers can’t wait to read each month.

On a typical day, Cathrine must manage interns running her social media, a staff of writers and editorialists spread across the country and photographers submitting from around the world. Local Wolves has turned into a truly global business, but because of different time zones and the struggle of organizing such a large group, it’s been hard for Cathrine and her team to navigate this worldwide collaboration.

Follow Local Wolves' Path to Success

Local Wolves

“The hardest thing about running a publication is managing the team that’s not with you,” says Cathrine. Even as the editor-in-chief, she has never met most of her international staff. As a full time student (as many of her contributors are) there isn’t time for her to travel to far flung corners of the earth for editorial meetings. This caused an unorganized workflow that was robbing them of precious time that could have been spent creating.

Earlier this year, Cathrine discovered Issuu Colaborate to help the Local Wolves’ staff streamline its workflow and get everyone on the same page. With Collaborate, the guesswork of organizing your documents and communicating with your team is minimized, so the focus can be on your publication’s success.

This diversity in staff and the coming together of different ideas and perspectives has helped Local Wolves step up its game and become the magazine Cathrine set out to create.

”I started out where I had to be in charge of all the elements of the publication,” says Cathrine.

“Now I distribute work and collaborate on submissions from other writers, photographers and illustrators.”

Coming from the one-woman show Local Wolves was three years ago, the expansion has been the true mark of success for Cathrine and her team.

With the publication running smoothly, Cathrine is looking to the future. “My next big goal for Local Wolves is to take initiative in small gatherings or meet-ups with my staff,” she says. “I want to run monthly issue launch parties to interact with our readers and staff with live music, readings, discussions and giveaways.” Until then, she’s focusing on things like growing her online community and finding new narratives to share in the next few issues.

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