You could work hard to find more readers. Or, sit back and watch them find you.

Don’t waste time trying to find more readers. Let us put your publication in front of more readers so they can find you. Once they do, all you have to do is keep them coming back for more. And remember, better numbers are the key to higher ad rates.


Homepage Placement

You’ll find millions of potential new readers visiting our homepage every day. Once on our Recommended Publications shelf, your publication is guaranteed to be seen over and over again. Just like that, you have an opportunity to reach more readers than ever before.

Promoted Publication Reader

With our Promoted Publication Reader, readers who have chosen a publication on a similar topic as yours are given a preview of your publication while theirs is loading. If they choose to keep reading yours, we’ll serve it up to them instead of their original selection.

Enhanced Social Placement

Social media can really boost reads, but it remains limited by the community you’ve established. To get your publication seen by substantially more new readers, we’ll use our deep influence across Twitter, FB, Snapchat or Instagram to help drive the reads you need.

Email Newsletter Placement

Millions of issuu readers receive our Weekly Digest Newsletter, which features several issuu-promoted publications. And beginning later this year, we can send a dedicated email promoting your publication only to a targeted list of readers.

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