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our dear manager geevarghese mar thedocious



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Pq_nen sIm≠mSp∂ CS- ° pfw am¿tØmΩm Sot®gvkv tImtf-Pn\v `mhp-I-߃ Biw-kn-°p-∂p. Ign™ Ccp- ] - Ø n- b ©p kwh- ’ cw tZi- Ø n\pw k`bv°pw ka¿∏n-X-cmb A[ym-]-Isc ]cn-io-en-∏n-°p∂-Xn\v tImfPv \n¿h-ln® tkh\w F∂pw Hm¿an-°s - ∏tS-≠-Xm-Wv. Ccpƒ \o°n shfn-®-Øn-tebv°v Hcp kaqlsØ \bn-°p∂ Cu henb b⁄-Øn¬ G¿s∏-´n-cn°p∂ Gh-scbpw A\p-tam-Zn-°p-∂p. b⁄w XpS-cp-I. ssZhw A\p-{Kln-°s´

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Rev KG Joseph Sabha Secretary




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At the landmark of completing 25 years of loving service, with the grace and blessings of Almighty, Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College has made significant contributions in the field of education. All these years we have been training our trainees to face challenges of future life efficiently apart from preparing to quality for academic demands. There have been many changes as the college has grown and developed over the past quarter of a century and we pay tribute to all who have contributed to the MTTC family story. It gives me immense pleasure to note that MTTC is celebrating its Silver Jubilee and publishing a special edition "B` 2020' I appreciate the entire editorial team for their commitment and smart work especially the staff editor Dr. Sheela K. Shany and student editor Mr. Joseph V. Thomas, for bringing out this issue successfully. I am sure that as you flip the pages you will witness the activities of our college. It is pulsating with youthful vigour and throbbing with the throb of hundred hearts. Arise and shine, this day is yours and mine, to live and to share, to live and to care. I hope you will enjoy reading Dr K.S. George (Principal) MA; MSc; MEd;PGDHE; PhD




22 22

One more batch is going out after getting trained in the noble teaching profession. This year is very important for all of us in Marthoma Teachers’ Training College family as we are celebrating the silver jubilee of the college. It gives me immense pleasure that we could produce our magazine that gives glimpses of the multifarious activities, achievements, and throbbing in the hearts of our younger generation. ‘Abha’ is the creative thinking of our students. It reflects the experiences and friendship of their memories during their study at this college. This magazine is an illuminating chronicle that provides an insight into the ethos of the college. It reveals in capturing the accelerating flashback of inception of the college, its illustrious journey of 25 years marked with aspirations and accolades earned in scholastic and coscholastic spheres. It is my privilege to associate with the journey of such an esteemed institution, which through its years has shaped the lives and careers of thousands of students. We are hit hard by the covid pandemic and have found ways to adapt. We have done so by upgrading our skills. Our classrooms have moved into virtual space. Our team spirit is, and will always be, the key in overcoming the difficult times. My gratitude to our Principal Dr.K.S. George for giving guidance and support for materializing this magazine. Joseph V.Thomas, the student editor needs special mention, who left no stone unturned to get this dream of college magazine come true. I heartily thank the entire college family who contributed their time and creations for this edition. The need of the hour is not only to become professional graduates but also to kindle the spark of sensitivity in us so that we can nurture students into sensible, constructive and respectable citizens of our Nation.

Dr.Sheela K. Shany Staff Editor

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A[ym-]I ]cn-io-e-\-{]-{In-b-bn¬ kp{]-[m-\-]-¶p-h-ln-®p-sIm≠v At\Iw A[ym-]I - t- {i-jT v sc kaq-lØ - n\p \¬Inb am¿tØmΩm Sot®gvkv s{Sbn-\nwKv tImtfPv AXns‚ cP-X-Pq-_nen \nd-hn¬ FØn\n¬°p-∂p. cho-{µ-\mY SmtKm¿ Cßs\ A`n{]m-bs - ∏-Sp-∂p. “Hcp Zo]-Øn\v AXns‚ Pzme Fcn-™p-sIm-≠n-cn-°p-Ib - s - √-¶n¬ as‰mcp Zo]sØ {]Im-in-∏n-°m-\m-hn-√”. ]cn-io-e\ - {- ]{In-bb - n¬ \nd-Zo-]a - mbn tim`-]c - Ø - p∂ Cu Iem-eb - Ø - ns‚ Ign-™I - me Hm¿Ω-Ifpw A[ym-]I - h - n-Zym¿∞n-If - psS k¿Km-flI cN\-If - p-amWv ‘B` 2020’ ˛¬ Dƒs°m-≈n-®n-cn°p-∂X - v. ]T-\I - m-eb - f - h - n¬ e`n® A\p-`h - ßfpw Hm¿Ω-Ifpw kulr-Zß - fpw {]Xo-£Ifpw CXn¬ {]Xn-^e - n-°p-∂p. ⁄m\hpw hn⁄m-\hpw \nd-s™m-gp-Ip∂ Aaq-ey-\n-[nbn-Sß - f - psS A£-bJ - \ - n-bmWv Hmtcm A[ym]-Ih - n-Zym¿∞n-bp-sa∂v hy‡-am-°p-∂X - mWv B`-bnse Hmtcm krjvSnbpw. CXn-eqsS e`n°p∂ Dƒ°mgvN ]pXp-Xe - a - p-dbv°v ]I-cphm≥ Hmtcm-cp-Ø¿°pw km[n-°s - ´.

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The 25 th Anniversary of Marthoma B.Ed College is both an occasion for thanks giving and commitment to face the new challenges. This college is not just an institur tion t , its n a large g zfamily that gives its students opportunities to experience the subtle abstraction and inherent beauties of life by organizing various curricular and co-curricular activities. I carry fond memories of my time as a student in MarThoma B.Ed College. I pray that God continue to shower His choicest blessings on members of the College family and on all their endeavours. “I convey my good wishes and thanks to everyone assosciated with this institution and publication for this souvenir for their tireless work and support to make this College a successful entity. Lastly, i would like to say that, "Anything is possible if we are willing to put in our efforts."

Every teacher is a model and every classroom is holy. Then teachers training colleges are much more sacred. I am really glad that Edakulam Mar Thoma Teachers Training College,Ranny is completing 25 years in its educational voyage. I am really indebted to this college for all the guidance and support throughout my career as a teacher. As a student of the first batch (1995-1996) I still remember the beginning days. Let this Institution be an r inspiration t n for g many. z Let its holiness be shared to the coming generations.



Pq_nenbpsS \ndhn¬ \n¬°p∂ RßfpsS kz¥w CS°pfw _n.- F Uv tImtfPns‚ amt\Pv s a‚ n\pw Sot®gv k n\pw BiwkIƒ. hnPbIcamb 25 h¿jw tImtfPv ]q¿Ønbm °pIbmWt√m Rm≥ 2006˛07 _m®nse KWnXimkv{X hnZym¿∞nbmbncp∂p. Fs‚ {]nbs∏´ A[ym]IcpsS ¢m pIfpw D]tZißfpamWv Rm≥ F∂ A[ym]Is\ hf¿ØnsbSpØXv. 2007˛¬ Rm≥ PSC ]co£°v At]-£n °pIbpw 2012 s^{_phcnbn¬ hSt°SØpImhv Kh. lb¿ sk°≠dn kv°qfn¬ F®v.-Fkv hn`mKØn¬ tPmen°v tNcpIbpw sNbvXp. tImtfPv kabØv e`n® ]cnioe\amWv XpS¿∂p≈ Fs‚ HutZymKnI PohnXØn\v ]n≥_eambXv. Fs‚ tImtfPv C\nbpw Dbcßfn¬ FØs´ F∂v Biw kn°p∂p

am¿tØmΩm Sot®gvkv s{Sbn\nMv tImtfPv AXns‚ kn¬h¿ Pq_nen BtLmjn°p∂ Cu thfbn¬ Hcp amKkn≥ ]pdØnd°m≥ Xocpam\n®Xmbn Adnbm≥ Ign™p. Hcp ]q¿∆ hnZym¿∞n F∂ \nebn¬ Rm≥ ]Tn® Cu Iemebw kn¬h¿ Pq_nenbpsS \ndhn¬ FØn \n¬°p∂p F∂Xv Fs∂ kw_‘n®v G‰hpw A`nam\w \nd™ Hcp \nanj amWv. F¥mbncn°Ww Hcp A[ym]I≥ F∂Xv ]T\ kn≤m¥ßfn¬ IqSn am{Xa√ Xs‚ {]h¿Ø\ßfn¬ IqSnbpw hnZym¿∞n kaqlØn\v ap∂n¬ Im´nØ∂ Hcp ]nSn \√ A≤ym]Icpw Ah¿°v IcpØpw {]tNmZ\hpw \¬In apt∂m´v \bn°p∂ Hcp anI® amt\Pvsa‚pw BWv Cu ÿm]\Øns‚ apX¬°q´v. \nd™ a\tkmsSbpw \µntbmsSbpw am{Xta F\n°v Fs‚ Cu A≤ym]\ ]cnioe\ IemebsØ Ipdn®v Hm¿°m≥ km[n°pIbp≈q. Cu AhkcØn¬ Hcp ]nSn \√ Hm¿aIfn¬ Nen®p Hcp amKkn≥ ]pdØp hcptºmƒ AXneqsS C∂p≈ Xeapdbv°pw C\n hcm≥ t]mIp∂ XeapdIƒ°pw Cu ÿm]\w ]n∂n´ \mƒhgnIsf Ipdn®v a\knem°phm≥ DXIp∂ H∂mbn AXv amds´ F∂v Biwkn°p∂p. Cu Iemebw C\nbpw Hcp]mSv t\´ßƒ ssIhcn®p anIhns‚ Hu∂Xyßfnte°v FØn tNcs´ F∂v {]Xymin°pIbpw sNøp∂p


26 26

I am very happy to learn that Mar Thoma Teachers Training College is celebrating its Silver Jubilee. Its an exciting moment for all those who had the benefit of studying in this college. I am confident that this great institution will groom the students in taking up positions as leaders in the future of our community. I extend my best wishes and prayers to my Alma Mater.

It is indeed a great pleasure to felicitate all the faculty, staff, alumni and students on the occasion of this Silver Jubilee. During the past 25 years, this institution has made a significant landmark in the society by building value oriented teachers. I am very happy and proud to be a former student of Marthoma Teachers’ Training college. I wish Marthoma Teachers’ Training College all success on its glorious journey that started from 1995. May the almighty God bless this institution to achieve many heights of glory.

Greetings to Marthoma Teachers Training College, Edakulam. I came to MTTC with an aspiration of teaching that was aided and maneuvered by the hard work, perseverance and irreplaceable efforts of my teachers. After years, I too became a mentor because of the spark generated by the mentors of MTTC who taught me and provided the basis of teaching at B.Ed program.So dears, now you are in a prestigious institution. The only requisite is to be stay focused and keep the flame burning to see yourself as a better and improved person in future . If you are determined, nothing dares to stop you.So, keep going and follow the lines of the great man of action Swami Vivekananda "Arise awake" and stop not till the goal is reached. 27 27


ae-\m-Sns‚ dmWn-bmb dm∂n-bpsS lrZ-b`- m-KØv hfsc A\p-{Kl-Ic - a - mb coXn-bn¬ {]h¿Øn-°p∂ am¿tØmΩm _n.-FUv tImfPn\v F√m hnP-bm-iw-k-Ifpw t\cp-∂p. Hmtcm-cp-Ø-cnep-ap≈ ss\k¿§nI hmk-\I - sf ]cn-t]m-jn-∏n-°p-hm≥ \mw t\Sp∂ hnZym`ym-kØ - n-eqsS Ign-bW - w. hnZym-`ym-kØ - nse Im¬`m-Kta BNmcy-\n¬ \n∂pw In´p-∂p-≈p. Im¬`mKw injy≥ kz¥-ambn´pw Im¬`mKw kl-]m-Tn-If - n¬ \n∂pw Im¬`mKw Ime-{I-taW t\SpIbpw sNøp-∂p. \√ Ign-hp≈ A[ym-]I - s - c-bmWv \mw hm¿sØSp-°p-∂Xv. ]Tn-∏n-°p∂ hnZym¿∞n-Isf ]c-am-h[n F√m-Ø-cØnepw {]m]vXc - m-°p-hm≥ {ian-°W - w. CXv ssZh-hn-fn-bm-W.v ssZhtØmSpw a\p-jy-tcm-Sp-ap≈ IS-∏mSv hnkvac - n-°c - p-Xv. A - [ym-]I - ¿ ]WvVn-Xcpw Ip´n-Isf ]d-™p-a\ - k - n-em-°p-hm≥ Ign-hp≈ hy‡nbp-am-bn-cn-°W - w. Cu amK-kn≥ cP-XP - q-_nen h¿j-Øn¬ {]kn≤o-Ic - n-°p-hm≥ ITn-\m-[zm\w sNbvXv hy‡n-Iƒ \nc-h[ - n-bm-Wv. Bcp-sSbpw t]cv FSp-Øp-]d - b - p-∂n-√. ssZh-Ir-]b - n¬ B{i-bwh-®p-sIm≠v Hmtcm-cp-Øc - p-sSbpw HutZym-KnI PohnXw \n¿h-ln°p-hm≥ ssZhw klm-bn-°s - ´-sb∂p {]m¿∞n-°p-∂p.

Pn√-bnse Ing-°≥ ae-tbmc taJ-eb - n¬ hnZym-`ym-kc - w-KØp Hcp henb Nph-Sp-hb - ] v m-bn-cp∂p CS-°pfw am¿tØmΩm _n.-FUv tImtf-Pv. Cu ÿm]-\Ø - n¬ ]Tn-°p-hm≥ Ign™XneqsS ssIh-cn® Adnhpw Xncn-®d- nhpw henb apX¬°q-´m-bn. cP-XP - q-_nen Biw-kI - ƒ


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“Student’s life is a golden life”, said Jawaharlal Nehru. I feel this is a very apt statement, because I have spent golden years of my student life in Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College. It was during those days that my personality was moulded in the gracious hands of my teachers. I am very happy that Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College is celebrating Silver Jubilee. The completion of 25 years is indeed a major milestone in the life of an Educational Institution. It is with great privilege I wish the College very grand performance in accomplishing its goal and great success on the occasion of Silver Jubilee of the Institution. Wishing all the success and a great future ahead.

It gives me immense pleasure to send greetings for the Silver jubilee magazine of the college. Its our privilege to train thousands of teacher trainees for the past 25 years. I hope that our silver Jubilee edition of the magazine will be a commemorative volume of lasting merit. We realize it is time to introspect into the past, reflect on the current achievements and resolve future goals. The jubilee celebration will definitely be an opportune time to thank God for the countless blessings. May all our students soar high in uncharted skies and bring glory to the world and their profession.

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Principal’s Report A\p-kvac - Ww : A`n-hµy Koh¿Kokv am¿ AØ-\m-tkymkv k{^-K≥ sa{Xm-t∏m-eoØ cmjv{So-bØ - ns‚ D≈-dI - f - n-tebv°v Teacher a™-∏S- ˛- B - c - m-[I - ° - q´w AVENGERS-ENDGAME IS¬ Pohn-XØ - n-\∏ - pdw NneXv icn-bmb A[ym-]\ - [ - ¿Ωw \nco-iz-c≥ ˛- H - cp hnNn-{X`m-h\

Motivation: As the Heart of Self Improvement _tbm-sa-{SnIv ]©nwKv I Love You Try, Try, Try Again Rm\pw an∂m-an-\pßpw Life ? hnZym`ym-kØ - n¬ Ie-Iƒ°p≈ ÿm\w Huj-[k - k - y-ßf - psS A¤p-Xt- emIw AXn-Po-h\w




42 45 47 48 50 52 53 54 56

78 79 80 81 82 83 84 86 88

Proverbs of Daily Life c‡-Øp-≈n-Iƒ aq∂-£cw kvt\l-Zo-]amw ssZhw BSp-Po-hn-XØ - n-eqsS ico-csØ `b-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ 10 Imcy-߃ tZh-Zm-kn-bpsS ]cn-Wbw The E-Life

C™…… +…{… BEÚ +…n˘∂…« +v™……{…EÚ ΩÈ˛ ? Realization amXr-kvt\lw

au\w {]Ir-Xn-bn-tebv°v aSßmw Ia-e] - pjv]w bm{X KWn-Xhpw Pohn-Xhpw angn-Iƒ \ndsb Education and Covid-19 Pandemic C¥y≥ hnZym-`ymkw: C∂-se, C∂v, \msf {]-f-b-kvar-Xn-Iƒ tImtfPv bqWn-b≥ dnt∏m¿´v

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]pXp-{]-Xo-£-Iƒ ag-sIm≠pam{Xw km¥z\w Acp-hn-bn-semgpImw Aen-™ndßmw AIse Hc-—≥

∫…°Ú±…i…… Photo Gallery - I A`n-apJw:ssZh-Øns‚ hewssI s_\ym-an≥/B` FUn-t‰m-dn-b¬ t_m¿Uv A`n-\µ - \w DXn-cp∂ XcwKw

cm{Xn-Iƒ A\n-hm-cy-amWv Pew Pohm-arXw Be a Positive Person A Stitch in Time Saves Nine A Great Teacher ag-bn¬ IpXn¿∂ s\mºcw Forever Im´-cphn hnZym-`ymkw aqeym[njvTn-Xa - m-°m≥ DW-cpI ho≠pw \mw AW-bc - pXo \mf-߃ shfn-]mSv

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B¿´n-an-kv... ho B¿ tKmbnwKv Sp Zn aq¨, Sp tKm am¿kv A`n-apJw : Icp-Xe - ns‚ CS-bt- {i-jvT≥ ssd‰v.d - h - .-tUm. bqbm°nw am¿ Iqdn-temkv F∏n-kvtIm∏/B` dnhyq IΩn‰n Photo Gallery - II Memory Lane Scientific Facts in Bible \o¿am-Xfw ]q°p-tºmƒ Nph∂ Im¬∏m-Sp-Iƒ


150 154 169 172 176 179

Fs‚ ae-bmfw Are Women Really Empowered BtKm-fX - m-]\ - hpw ] - c - n-ÿnXn {]iv\ß - fpw h\nXmZn\w F¥psIm≠v ? Quotes on Teaching a-cWØns‚ \ngtem \o Liberty of Words t_m[-\i - m-kv{X-Ønse ss\XoIX Artsitry Address \µn

196 197 198 200 201 202 203 205 208 210 224 33


Principal’s Report for the academic year 2019 -2020

I really feel proud and previleged to present the 25th Annual day report of our college. Twenty five years is a major milestone for the institution and individuals to take stock of and it is quite befitting. I am happy to give a brief review of our college activities for the year 2019 - 2020.



About The College The journey of Mar Thoma Teachers’ Training College began on 1st June 1995 by the Ranni Nilackal Diocese of The Marthoma Syrian Church of Malabar with a vision, developing competence in the prospective teachers and enlightment of future generation, when the government of Kerala sanctioned B.Ed professional colleges in the self financed sector. The college is affiliated to the Mahatma Gandhi University recognized by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) and the College was accredited with ‘A’ Grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) The dedication service was led by the late Metropolitan His Grace Dr Alexandar Mar Thoma and then the Suffragan Metropolitan Rt. Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom who is the founder Manager of the college and Prof. V.M Philipose as the Principal. MTTC is a co-educational institution started functioning near Aramana with 130 students of 6 optional subjects viz, English, Malayalam, Mathematics, Natural Science, Physical Science and Social Science and it was shifted to the new venue at Edakulam on 11th September 1997. Two year B.Ed Course was implemented by NCTE with one unit of 50 students since 2015.

In order to satisfy the requirements of NCTE a spacious two storeyed building was constructed and declared open by Rt.Rev. Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilos Episcopa on 16th June 2000. The construction of the second floor of this building was completed in Sepetember 2006 and it was inaugurated by the Manager of the college Rt.Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Diocesan Episcopa. A name that needs special mention in the history of MTTC is Late Rt Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athana sious Suffragan Metropolitan (Manager 2001 - 2018), a great visionary of innovative ideas. His occasional visits to the campus even after MTTC grew as a wellknown educational institution was a great motivation to the staff till His sad demise on April 2018. I am with firm belief that His blessings and intercession from heaven will continue to shower on this institution. The college is situated about 20 kilometers from the district headquarters Pathanam thitta, between the Holy river, Pampa and the road leading to the famous Pilgrim centre Sabarimala.



Now the College building complex has the appearance of a beautiful ‘Nalukettu ‘ which encloses a famous ‘Nadumuttam’. The flora and lush growth of vegetation on the surrounding hill slops provides a noise - free, pollution-free serene atmosphere like the ‘Asramas’ or ‘Gurukulams’ of the past. We equip students to carry out their accountability very effectively anywhere they are placed. It is hoped that in the process of national reconstruction, our teacher educands of the teaching profession will play the role and this institution will succeed in its efforts to produce exemplary teachers. Students Strength The college has at present on its rolls a total of hundred students, 50 students each in senior and junior batch for the B.Ed programme. Staff: This year we have eight teachers, of which four are Ph.D holders in addition to the part time Physical Education & Art teachers and five non-teaching staff. Results: The result of our college in the University examination 2018 - 19 maintained a cent percentage. I am happy that in the past years we were able to maintain 100% or near by cent percent result for the B.Ed degree examination of the Mahatma Gandhi University . 36


Students Placement Above 50 Percent of students of the previous outgoing batch are serving as school or college teachers. Six students are pursuing higher studies, two students cleared NET examination and many students cleared SET, K-TET examinations.

Inauguration of Silver Jubilee Celebrations His Grace the Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Joseph Marthoma Metropolitan, Manager of the college inaugurated the Silver Jubilee celebrations on 28th June 2019. Accomplishment of Sudents Our Students participated in several inter-collegiate competitions conducted by Peet Memorial Training College, Maveli kkara, Titus II Teachers college, Thiruvalla, SJB College of Education Nedumkunnam, St Mary’s Women’s College of Teacher Education , Thiruvalla, and Mar Theophilus Training College, Trivandrum.

The recipient of the late former Principal Prof. V.M Philipose Endowement Prize for the Best outgoing student for the year 2020 on the basis of performance in academics, co-scholastic and general behaviour is Fr. Bright M. Tom.

The recipient of His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom Valiya Metropolitan award for the top scorer in academics for the year 2019 was Ms. Sherin Mary Varghese. Dr. T.K. Mathew, former governing board member, endowment prize was also distributed to Ms. Aparna Raju, top scorer of Physical Science option. New Endowment prize is instituted by the students of 2018-20 batch, in memory of late. Rt.Rev. Geevarghese Mar Athanasius Suffragan Metropolitan for securing highest marks of each optional student. Proficiency awards were distributed to students for their outstanding performance in MG University examination of 2019. Proficiency prize was also awarded to those students securing ‘A’ Plus Grade in all subjects of SSLC examination of Gurukulam Higher Secondary School. The Kalathilakam of the year 2020 is Ms. Lois Mariam John and The Kalaprathibha is Fr. Bright M. Tom. The Women’s Champion of the year 2020 is Ms. Ann Maria Chacko and the Men’s Champion is Mr. Nirmal Benny. Hearty congratulations to the winners who could distinguish themselves from others.

Library The library playing a vital role in realizing the aims of the institution as well as coping with the changing and growing informations needs of the readers. Thanks to the Librarian Sri. P.T Geevarghese. Thought for the Day Every working day starts with a thought for the day programme which is conducted along with the morning prayer. It prepares the students for the whole life itself. Onam Celebrations

Onam was celebrated on 6th Sept 2019 with all it’s traditions. Fact Mohanan gave the Onam Message and it was followed by Onam Sadhya. Teachers Day



Teachers’ day, Guruvandanam celebrations was organized on 5th September 2019. Dr Mohan Varghese, HoD, Department of Political Science, Marthoma College Thiruvalla was the Chief Guest on that occassion. Seminars A health awareness programme ‘Increase in population and social issues’ was conducted in connection with World Population Day on 13th July 2019. Sri Ajith R Pillai DBHSS, Parumala led the session and a class on "Btcm-Ky-]c - a - mb IpSpw-_m-kq-{XWw' was delivered by Dr. Harikrishnan B, Asst Surgeon CHC Kanjeetukara. First Aid Our college in collaboration with Water Mans Club Niranam organized a demonstration class on first aid on 7th August 2019. Mr Robin Mathew emerging medical service trainer, Kuwait was the resource person of the day.

Inter School Quiz Competition InterSchool Quiz competition was conducted on 19th September 2019. Sri Shambu Ramachandaran, Asst. Prof. NSS College Pandalam was the Quiz Master. Cash award 38


and certificates were awarded to the winners. Interview Technique A class on group discussion and how to face an interview was organized on 30th January 2020. Sri Vinod K Raju, Asst Professor, Musliar Institute of Management, Pathanamthitta led the session National Level Online Quiz Programme for Teacher Education colleges Department of Physical Science organized a national level online quiz competition for teacher educands on 15th and 16th July 2020. E- Certificate was issued for participants scoring above 60%. Congratulations to the General Convenor Mrs. Anilja Nair and Student Convenor Ms. Josely Mariam Jose for their dedicated efforts. Demonstration Class on Snakes A demonstration class on snakes was conducted by Sri. Vava Suresh, a wild life conservationist and snake expert. His missions for saving snakes straying into human inhabited areas in Kerala are very appreciable.

Christmas Celebrations

A class on ‘moulding better family relationship’ was conducted by Fr Sebastian Vattathara, Counsellor Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirapally. An innovative class on ‘Teaching through Art’ was taken by Sri. Sreekumar S Nair, Senior Lecturer, DIET Pathanamthitta.

The present outgoing batch 2018-20 was fortunate to celebrate two Christmas celebrations with all it’s solemnity. 2018 Christmas was celebrated on 21st December. The Christmas message was given by H.E Mar Mathew Arackal, Bishop of Kanjirapally Diocese. 2019 X’mas was celebrated on 20th December 2019. The Most Rev.Dr. Samuel Mar Irenios, Bishop of Pathanamthitta Diocese delivered the christmas message at this function, the carol service and nativity play made it colourful. Community Citizenship Training Programme Five day community citizenship training programme was conducted for envisaging a resourceful community from 13th to 17th January 2020. Rev. P.A Abraham Diocesan Secretary inaugurated the programme. Eminent speakers of various fields led the sessions.

A class on ‘Gender inclusiveness’ was led by Isha Kishore, who is a transgender activist in Kasargode. Interface Meetings with Great Teachers viz, Mrs. Anu Kurian, Principal, Nicholsan HSS Thiruvalla, Mr Issac P George, Head Master CMS HS, Kumplampoika, and Mr Thomas T. Thomas , former Principal CSI Vocational HSS for the Deaf, Thiruvalla was arranged. All sessions were really informative for our prospective teachers. Felicitaion Meeting to Auto Drivers A felicitaion meeting was arranged to congratulate the dedicated service of auto drivers in and around Edakulam, Blockupadi etc. on 13th Januray 2020. Rt.Rev.Dr. Euyakim Mar Coorilose Episcopa, former Manager of the College was the chief guest on the occasion.

A class on "Teacher as a communicator in the new era'' was conducted by Sri Brahmanayakam, Chairman, Atma Ability Foundation, Trivandrum. A lecture on a\p-jy\pw Z¿i-\hpw was delivered by Sri V.S Sajeev Kumar, Village officer, Ennakadu, Chengannur.

Hand of Help The College could extend financial help for needy students and others. 39


An amount of Rs 10,000 was given to Ms Rincy Mariam Thomas Gurukulam HSS for her medical treatment, Rs 18,000 was contributed to Mr. Sasi, neighbourhood of the college for the renovation of his house and Rs 25,000 was given to Rev. V.S John for his dialysis treatment. Arts Competitions Teaching Practice 14 Schools supported the institutions for the smooth conduct of the short and long term internship programme. As usual Gurkulam HSS served as our model school. We are very much indebted to the Principal Mrs. Annie Philip and her colleagues who extended their whole hearted co-operation by providing facilities for conducting demonstration, criticism classes, teaching practice and university practical examinations. House System We have introduced the house system as part and parcel of the B.Ed Programme. The whole students are divided into three houses namely Jasmine, Lotus and Rose. They have been functioning as groups under the leadership of staff members. The house system provided opportunities for healthy relationship and develop leadership qualities among students. Sports Meet Annual Sports meet was inaugurated by Dr. Sosamma John, HoD Physical Education Department, Catholicate College, Pathanam thitta on 15th Nov. 2019. Mr. Nirmal Benny was the Secretary of Sports Club.



Various Arts competitions were conducted for 2018-2020 batch students. Mrs. Chippy S served as Arts club Secretary. Parent - Teacher Association The association includes all faculty members and parents of all students. It supports the various development programmes of the college. Alumni Association The alumni association organised its annual re-union on 4th January 2020 in the college auditorium. University Practical Examination The practical examination was held on 29th November 2019. Dr. Tessy Joseph Kallarakal, Asst. Professor St. Joseph’s Training College Mannanam, Kottayam served as the Chairperson and Dr. Sunila Thomas, Associate Professor Titus II Teachers College, Thiruvalla served as the Co-ordinating Chairperson of the university practical examination of our college. Excursions This year two excursions were arranged. One group went for one day trip to Mango Meadow, Kaduthuruthy and the other group to Hyderabad. But as per the directions from the collectorate the trip was cancelled on the way then the trip was re-

their unstinting support, constant care and timely guidance.

scheduled to Kannur and Wayanad. It was the time of real enjoyment and memorable experience for all. College Union

I am indebted to Rt. Rev. Dr. Geevar ghese Mar Theodosius Suffragan Metropolitan the present Manager, for His prayers and blessings and all the members of the Governing Board for strengthening the institution with the essential academic environment and infrastructure. I especially thank Rev. P. A. Abraham Secretary and Mr. Saji Mukkaranathu Treasurer of the Ranni Nilackal Diocese who take great concern and personal interest in the activities and progress of the college.

This year too, the college was blessed to experience the organized execution of several innovative programmes under the I express my indebtedness to all who in leadership of the Union Chairman Mr. Abin their own way have helped in raising the inJacob. A detailed report of their activities will stitution where it stands today. be presented in the Secretary’s Report. My utmost sincere thanks to my colGoverning Council leagues both teaching and non teaching staff His Lordship the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph for the willingness to share responsibility Mar Thoma Metropolitan and the acting and their valuable suggestions and the Chairman Very Rev. Skariah Abraham and affluent support given to me. the newly appointed Manager Rt. Rev. Dr. I also acknowledge with gratitude, the Geevarghese Mar Theodosius suffragan Metaffection and generous co-operation given ropolitan and the members of the Governby my students of Senior and Junior Batch ing Council took keen interest in the develespecially college union Chairman Mr. Abin opment of the college and the welfare of Jacob and his team to maintain the decorum the staff and students. of the teacher education programme. Note of Gratitude Finally thank God Almighty for having I thank, Padma Bhushan His Grace the given me a chance for serving this instituMost Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostom tion, which has established its own position Valiya Metropolitan, the founder Manager in the field of teacher education. Through of the college for His constant source of the year we could feel His presence and prostrength and prayers in all our activities. tection. May God’s choicest blessing be with With deep gratefulness to the Mar each and every student in every endeavour thoma Sabha, I take this opportunity to thank undertaken by them in the future. His Grace the Most Rev. Dr. Joseph Mar Thanks to one and all. Thoma Metropolitan our Patron and Former Dr.K.S George Manager of the college, and the former act- Edakulam ing Chairman Very Rev. Skariah Abraham for 06-08-2020 Principal 41


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Fs‚ ImgvN-∏m-Sn-s\bpw Pohn-X-sØ-Øs∂bpw AXv hf-sc-b-[nIw kzm[o-\n-®p F∂Xv kXy-am-Wv. C∂sØ am¿tØmΩm k`m sk{I-´dn dh. sI. Pn. tPmk^v, `{Zmk\ sk{I-´dn dh. ]n. F. F{_-lmw, ap≥ tImtfPv _¿km¿ dh. tUm. ssh. tPm¿Pv, {]K-¤-cmb {]n≥kn-∏¬am¿, A≤ym-]I t{ijvT¿ F∂n-h-tcm-sSm∏w tImtf-Pns‚ {]h¿Ø-\-ß-fn¬ ]¶p-tN-cp-∂-Xn\v Ahkcw e`n-®p. F√m-h-cp-sSbpw HsØm-cp-an®p≈ {]h¿Ø\w tImtf-Pns‚ D∂-a-\Øn\v Imc-W-ambn `hn-®p. NAAC s‚ A{In-Un-t‰-j-\n¬ A`n-am-\-I-camb ‘A’ Grade tImtfPns‚ D∂- X - \ n- e - h m- c Øns‚ kqN\ Xs∂bm-Wv. AXn¬ hfsc kt¥mjw tXm∂p-∂p. tImtf-Pns‚ amt\P¿ F∂ \ne-bn¬ Xncpta-\n-bn¬ \n∂pw hfsc hne-s∏-´, [\y-amb t\Xr Xzw BWv e`n-®n-cp-∂-Xv. ]T\, ]mtTy-Xc Imcy-ß-fnepw ASnÿm\kuIcy hnI-k\ - Ø - nepw Xncp-ta\n hfsc {i≤ sNep-Øn-bn-cp∂p F∂v ASpØ-dn-bp-∂-Xn\v Ign-™n-´p-≠v. A≤ym-]-IcpsS Hgn-hp-I-fn¬ \nb-a\w \S-Øp-tºmƒ \n›nX tbmKy-Xbpw {]mK-¤yhpw D≈ anIhp-‰-hsc Is≠-Ø-W-sa∂v Xncp-ta-\n°v \n¿_‘w D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. G‰hpw A\p-tbmPy-cm-b-hsc tImtf-Pn¬ \ne-\n¿Øp-∂Xn\pw hfsc {i≤n-®n-cp-∂p. AXp-sIm≠p Xs∂ anI® Hcp A≤ym- ] I kaqlw tImtf-Pn¬ F∂pw D≠m-bn-cp∂p F∂Xv a‰v kzm{ib tImtf-Pp-I-fn¬ ImWm≥ IgnbmØ Hcp {]Xn-`mkw BWv. AXp-t]m-seXs∂ hnZym¿∞n-I-fpsS AUvan-js‚ \S-

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NCTE bpsS \n¿_‘ {]Imcw c≠v ÿnc\n- t £- ] - ß ƒ C´n- c p- ∂ - X ns‚ ]eni A∂sØ {Iao-Ic - Ww A\p-kc - n®v _m•q¿ NCTE bpsS ssIhiw Bbn-cp-∂p. 10 e£tØmfw D≠m-bn-cp-∂Xv Ahn-sS-t∏mbn tImtf-Pn\p th≠n hmßn-sb-Sp-°p-∂-Xn\v Ign- ™ Xv kmº- Ø nI _p≤n- a p- ´ p- I ƒ XmXvIm-en-Ia - m-bn-s´-¶nepw adn-IS- ° - p-∂X - n\v klm-bn-®p. sNe-hp-Iƒ Npcp-°nbpw hcpam\w h¿≤n-∏n®pw tImtfPv \ne-\n¿Øp-∂Xn\v Xncp-ta-\n-bpsS Zo¿L ho£Ww Gsd klm-bn-®p. _n. FUv. tImtfPv amt\-Ps v a‚ v Atkm-kn-tb-js‚ ao‰nw-Kp-If - nepw ]s¶-Sp°p-∂-Xn\v Xncp-ta\n \n¿tZ-in-®-b-®n-cp-∂p. tImtf-Pns‚ hf¿®-bn¬ Hcp t{]c-I-L-S -I-ambpw NmeI-i-‡n-bmbpw Xncp-ta\n A t\I h¿j-߃ {]h¿Øn-®n-cp-∂p. ae-¶c am¿tØmΩm kpdn-bm\n k`bpsS k{^K≥ sa{Xm-t∏m-eo-Øm-bpw, dm∂n-\n-e-bv°¬ `{Zm-k-\-Øns‚ sNdpXpw hepXp-amb F√m Bh-iy-ß-fnepw ]s¶-Sp-°p∂-Xn-\v Xncp-ta\n kabw Is≠-Øn-bn-cp-∂p. Akm-am\y ssh`-h-ap≈ Hcp {]`m-j-I≥ ]d-bp-∂Xp Xs∂ {]h¿Øn-°p-∂-Xn\pw, Pohn-X-Øn¬ F√m taJ-e-I-fnepw Nn´-Iƒ ]pe¿Øp-∂-Xn-\pw, kz¥w ImgvN-∏m-SpIƒ°-\p-k-cn®v {]h¿Øn-°p-tºmƒ Hcp hn´p-ho-gvNbv°pw Xøm-d-√mØ BNmcy t{ijvT≥, icn sNøp-∂-hsc tN¿Øv ]nSn°p-∂X - nepw A≤zm-\n-°p-∂h - sc A\p-tam-Zn°p-∂-Xnepw F∂pw X¬]-c≥ Bbn-cp∂p Xncp-ta-\n. A`n-hµy Koh¿Kokv am¿ AØ\m-tkymkv k{^-K≥ sa{Xm-t∏m-eoØm Xncp-ta-\nsb ]‰n-bp≈ kvac-WI - ƒ F∂pw P\-lr-Zb - ß - f - n¬ D≠m-bn-cn-°pw.

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hfsc A¿∞ hym]v X n- b p≈ Hcp ]Z- { ]- t bm- K - a mWv cmjv{So-bw. cmjv{SsØ kw_-‘n-°p-∂Xv F∂¿∞w. s]mfn‰n-°¬ kb≥kv F∂mWv BwK-teb `mj-bn¬ Adn-b-s∏Sp-∂-Xv. t]mƒ Pm\-‰ns‚ (Paul Janet) A`n-{]m-b-Øn¬ cmjv{S-aoamwk kmaq-lnI imkv{X-Øns‚ `mKw Xs∂-bm-Wv. AXv cmjv{S-Øns‚ ASn-ÿm-\-sØbpw `c-W-Ip-S-Øns‚ XXz-ßsfbpw ]cn-K-Wn-°p-∂p. cmjv{Sobw F∂ hnjbw cmjv{S-ao-amwk F∂ XXz-Øns‚ {]mtbm-KnI Xew F∂ cq]-Øn¬ hni-I-e\w sNøp-∂XmWv DNn-Xw. AXm-bXv H∂v kn≤m-¥-Xew as‰m∂v AXns‚ {]mtbm-KnI Xew. cmjv{Sob kwhn-[m\w C√msX temIØn\v \ne-\n-ev]n-√. cmjv{S-߃ Ds≠-¶n¬ AXns\ \bn°m≥ cmjv{S-X{- ¥-⁄c - m-bh - s - cbpw A\n-hm-cy-am-Wv. Hcp tZiØns‚ X\na, kwkvIr-Xn, kmaq-lnI Pohn-X-{Iaw, `mj Chsb√mw A\p-k-cn-®m-bn-cn°pw B tZi-Øns‚ cmjv{Sobw cq]-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. 45


cmjv{Sobw F∂ hnjbw tIƒ°ptºmƒ s]mXp-k-aq-l-Øn\v Hcp Kuchw A\p-`-h-s∏-Sm-dn√ F∂Xv bmYm¿∞y-amWv. F∂m¬ cmjv{Sob Ah-t_m-[-an√mØ Hcp s]mXp-k-aqlw Cu cmjv{SØn\v aptºm-´p≈ {]bm-W-Øn¬ XS-kambn \n¬°p-∂p. cmjv{Sobw F∂ hnj-bsØ kzm[o\n-°m-hp∂ Nne hkvXp-X-Iƒ A\m-hcWw sNømw. Hcp a\p-jy-k-aq-l-Ønse a\p-jycmWv cmjv { So- b - Ø ns‚ h‡m- ° fpw {]tbm-‡m-°fpw F∂p-≈X - n-\m¬ Xs∂ a\p-jy¿°p-≠m-Ip∂ KpW-]chpw KpW]-ca - √ - m-ØX - p-amb GXv hnj-bh - pw A\p`-hßfpw cmjv{Sob kwhn-[m-\ß - s - fbpw Kuc- h - a mbn kzm[o- \ n- ° p∂p F∂- X v \nkv X ¿°- a mb Hcp hkv X p- X - b mWv . KpW-ta≥a-bp≈ Hcp ]uc-k-aq-lsØ Xmsg ]d- b p∂ Nne hkv X p- X - I ƒ sIm≠v \ap°v tcJ-s∏-Sp-Ømw. * hnZym-k-º-∂-cpsS kaqlw * ]ptcm- K - a - \ - ] - c - a mb Z¿i- \ - ß fpw Nn¥ ]≤-Xn-I-fp-ap≈ ]uc-k-aqlw * anI® kmwkvIm-cnI kº-Øns‚ ]n≥_-e-ap≈ ]uc-k-aqlw * kmaq- l y- X n≥a- I - t fmSv i‡- a mbn {]Xn-I-cn-°p-hm≥ Pm{KX ]pe¿Øp∂ hy-‡n-Iƒ hkn-°p∂ kaqlw apI-fn¬ kqNn-∏n-®Xv am{X-a√ kq£vahn-i-I-e\w sNbvXm¬ hnhn[ hkvXp-XIƒ KpW-ta-∑-bp≈ Hcp ]uckaq-lØns‚ angn-hm¿∂ hkvXp-X-Iƒ shfns∏-Sp-Øp-∂p. F∂m¬ ]uc- t _m- [ - a n- √ mØ aqey-{I-aß - tfm, KpW-ta≥atbm C√mØ kmaq-ly-hy-hÿ \ne-\n¬°p∂ P\-kaqlw C√mØ \mSns‚ Ahÿ Xmf`wKw h∂-Xm-bn-cn-°pw. \ap°v AXns\ Cßs\ t{ImUo-I-cn-°mw. 46


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Rincy Varghese Physical Science Second Year

Welcome to the world of mystical powers! Where you see the unskilled she! She is neither an incredible dancer nor A marvellous singer Still she magnificently sing with dance She is not a miraculous doctor but she heals your wound She is not a sensational motivator but she does motivates you wonderfully she is neither a programme coordinator nor a counsellor Still she cocordinates your programmes beautifully and counsels like your mother She is not an artist who can convert colours to art still she impart colours to your life! She is the light in the path of learning She is the water which you discover in the thirst for knowledge she is the hand you hold to grow with all these powers Even today she lives in millions of hearts including you. Now it’s time to unveil this mystical person That’s our teacher whom we met in our journey of unique life 47 47



dpw 90 an\n‰v am{Xw Bbp- p≈ Bcm-[I - c - √ R߃. F√m Znh-khpw, Hmtcm aWn-°qdpw R߃ ^pSvt_m-fns‚ Bcm-[I - c - m-Wv. Soan-t\°mƒ {]i-kvXc - mb Bcm-[I - ¿ Dt≠m F∂p tNmZn®v s\‰n Npfn-°p-∂h - ¿°p≈ adp-]S- n-bmWv tIcf ªmtÃ-gk v ns‚ kz¥w Bcm-[I - I - q-´mbvab - mb a™-∏S- . C¥y≥ kq∏¿ eoKns‚ Ncn-{X-Ønse Xs∂ G‰hpw henb Bcm-[I hrµ-amWv a™∏- S . Bcm- [ - I - c psS ]n¥p- W - b psS 48


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tIcf ªmtÃ-gk v ns\ am{X-a√ adn®v C¥y≥ ^pSvt_m-fns\ hf-cm≥ klm-bn°p∂ Hcp Iq´w IqSn-bmWv a™-∏S- . C¥y≥ Sow Ifn°p∂ a’-cß - ƒ°v t]mepw tÃUnbß-fn¬ a™-∏S Xß-fpsS km∂n[yw Adnbn-°p-Ibpw _m\-dp-Iƒ hln-°p-Ibpw, hnam\-Øm-hf - Ø - n¬ kzmKXw sNøp-Ibpw, tÃUnb-Øn-tebv°v tLmj-bm-{X-Iƒ {Iao-Ic - n-°pIbpw sNbvXp. a™-∏S tIhew Hcp Bcm-[I - k - aq-la - √, Hmtcm \K-cØ - nepw, kwÿm\Øpw kwL-SnX hmSvkv B∏v {Kq∏pI-fp≈ cmPy-Øp-S\ - ofhpw `qJfi-ßf - nepw hym]n-®p-In-S° - p∂ Hcp kwL-SnX IpSpw-_a - m-WnXv. kz¥-ambn Hm^v kok¨ t{]m{Km-ap-Iƒ, Nmcn‰n Ch‚pIƒ, ^pSvt_mƒ Sq¿W-sa‚pIƒ XpS-ßn-bh \S-Øp-∂p. Xnc-Iƒ C\nbpw B™-Sn°-Ww...... B¿Øn-cº - W - w..... ASn™p-Iq-Snb Agp-°p-Is - f√mw Hcn-°¬ H∂n®v Xncn®v sImSp-°p∂ G¿∏mSv IS-eΩ - °p-≠.v ..... B Znhkw hsc R߃ im¥-ambn-cn-°pw..... Cu Xnc-Iƒ Ct∏mƒ a‰p-≈h¿°v shdp-samcp Bkzm-Z\ IYm-]m{Xw am{X-am-bn-cn-°pw..... ] - t£ B¿°pw {]h-Nn°m≥ ]‰m-Øh - n[w GXv \nan-jhpw CXv B™- S n- ° mw. \Ωƒ Xncn- ® - S n- ° pw #KeralablastersFC

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Cast and Crew Direction

Anthony Russo Joe Russo Produced By Kevin Feige Screen Play Christopher Markus Stephen McFeely Production Company Marvel Studios Distributed By Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Cinemotography Trent Opaloch Music Alan Silvestri Based on The avengers by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby Starring Robert Downey jr. Chris Evans Mark Ruffalo Chris Hemsworth Scarlett Johansson Jeremy Renner Don Cheadle Paul Rudd Brie Larson Karen Gillan Danai Gurira Bradley Cooper Josh Brolin



A MARVEL(OUS) JOURNEY As Avengers: Endgame is leaping towards the record of the highest grossing films ever, the two names that stand out are Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel studios, the two unknown names until the release of Ironman, 14th April 2008. In the early 2000’s, superheroes other than Batman, Spider man and Shakti-man were only a piece of joke to the indian audience. DC comics had already made their appearance through Superman and Batman movies, whereas Marvel studios was not much familiar among the movie goes though rich in superhero characters. Moreover, Marvel studios had huge financial liabilities due to their unfinished project in the early 90’s

Though the studio tried to bring ironman to the big screen in the late 1990’s, it never made its way out of the box. Nicolas Cage and Tom cruise showed interest in the project during 1994-99. In 2006, the Iron man project was again revived by Jon Favreau. It was the name of Tom cruise that topped the preferences of the studio, along with Hugh Jackman, who later became popular as Wolvorine. When the latter had to withdraw from the project for his commitment with Fox Studios, Tom cruise was left out by Marvel Studios as he was planning to produce the movie himself.

When the studio finally left the casting to the director, Favreau went to Robert Downey Jr, Who was not so popular until then. Favreau believed that there is no other actor capable of doing this role better that Robert Downey Jr. whose belief is proven as right. This was the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, MCU, a franchisee who brought its spectators three consecutive sagas of 22 films. MCU is mainly divided into three phases. The first phase began with Iron man and culminated with The Avengers, it includes six films. The second phase included another six films which set out with Ironman 3 and wrapped up with Ant-man. The third phase is the biggest phase of MCU. It took off with Captain America Civil war and will be concluded with the release of Spiderman Far From Home. The three phases in the franchisees are collectively known as the infinity saga. The third and final phase of the infinity saga is over with the release of Avengers: Endgame.

Abraham Shaji English Second Year

A notable speciality of MCU films is their well strategized endcredits for all films except for the last one. These credit cookies open a thread to the upcoming movie of the series. MCU has also made cultural impacts upon society with movies like Black Panther. With the Avengers : Endgame MCU has surpassed the record of James Cameron’s Avatar as the world’s highest grossed movie. 51


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Hcp km[m- c - W - I p- S pw- _ - Ø n¬ P\n® hfsc km[m-cW - ° - m-cn-bmb hy‡nbmWp Rm≥. ]T-\Ø - n¬ icm-icn anIhp am{Xw ImgvNh - b - v°p∂ Hcp Ip´n. F∂m¬ ho´n¬ D≠m-Ip∂ {]iv\-ß-fn¬ ]X-dphm≥ CS-bm-bn-cp∂ kml-N-cy-ß-fn¬

Fs∂ ssI]n-Sn®p apt∂m´v sIm≠p-t]m-Iphm≥ Ipsd \√ A[ym-]I - ¿ D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. Hmtcm ¢m-knepw Hm¿sØ-Sp-°p-hm≥ Ipsd A[ym-]I - c - psS apJ-߃ D≠v. Ah¿ X∂ kvt\lhpw Icp-Xepw hm’-eyhpw am¿K\n¿t±-i-ß-fp-amWv hnZym-`ym-k-cw-KØv F\n°v A`n-am-\n-°p-hm≥ km[n-°p∂ Hcp ÿm\w t\Sp-hm≥ CS-bm-°n-b-Xv. shdpw icm-icn anI-hn¬ \n∂pw Fs‚ bYm¿∞ Ign-hns\ Is≠Øn Fs∂ Rm\m-°n-bXn¬ apJy-]¶p hln-®Xv t{ijvTcmb A[ym-]I - c - m-Wv. F∂m¬ Pohn-XØ - n¬ BZy-ambn A[ym-]I - cn¬ \n∂pw ssIt∏dnb A\p- ` - h hpw t\cn-Sp-hm≥ CS-bmbn. sNømØ sX‰pIƒ Btcm- ] n- ° pIbpw am\-kn-Ia - mbn Xf¿Øp∂ hm°pIƒ sIm≠v IpØn t\mhn-°p-Ibpw sNbvXt∏mƒ AXv Fs∂ \bn-®Xv ac-WØ - ns‚ ]mX-bn-te-°m-W.v Rm≥ Gsd Biz-kn-®n-cp-∂Xpw kt¥m-jn-®n-cp-∂Xpw kvIqfn¬ hcp-tºmƒ am{X-am-bn-cp-∂p. F\n°n∂pw Adn-bn√ F¥n-\mWv Fs∂ B So®¿ C{X- a m{Xw t\mhn- ® Xv F∂v . sNømØ sX‰n\p Fs‚ a\-km-£nsb thZ-\n-∏n-®-t∏mƒ F√mw Ah-km-\n-∏n®v, ChnsS \n∂pw t]mIp-hm≥ Xøm-dm-bn-cp∂ Fs∂ ho≠pw ]Tn-°p-hm\pw Pohn-°phm\pw t{]cn-∏n-®Xv as‰mcp A[ym-]n-I-bmWv. kvt\l-Øn-eq-sSbpw icn-bmb D]-tZi-Øn-eq-sSbpw F\n°p tNm¿∂p t]mb am\-knI i‡n Xncn-sI-Øc - m≥ Ah¿°p km[n-®p. C∂v Fs‚ a\ v Fs‚ e£y-

Øn-se-Øm≥ ]mI-Øn\pw i‡n-bm¿÷n®n-cn-°p-∂p. AXn\p ImcWw Hcp A[ym]nI am{X-am-Wv. ssZhw `qan-bn-te°v F\n°mbn sIm≠p h∂ Hcp tXPkv F∂p ]dbmw. Cu c≠p kµ¿`-ßfpw Rm≥ ChnsS Ah-X-cn-∏n-°p-hm≥ ImcWw \Ω-sf√mw A[ym-]I - ¿ BIm≥ B{K-ln-°p-∂h - c - m-W.v icn-bmb A[ym-]\ [¿Ωw F¥m-sW∂p \mw a\-kn-em-t°-≠Xv A\n-hm-cy-am-Wv. \ΩpsS hm°nepw {]h¿Ønbnepw \mw hfsc {i≤n-°Ww. F∂m¬ sX‰p sNøp∂- h sc in£n- ° - c pXv F∂√ AXn-\¿∞w. \ΩpsS kvt\lhpw Icp-Xepw Bbn-cn-°Ww- Hcp Ip´nbpsS sX‰p-Xn-cp-Øp-hm≥ \mw kzoI-cn-°p∂ Bbp-[w. "Hcn-°epw Ip´n-I-fpsS a\- k m- £ nsb, hy‡nXzsØ Iodn-ap-dn-°m-Xn-cn-°p-I.' Fs‚ Pohn-XØ - n¬ Hcp A[ym-]I - ≥/ A[ym-]nI Fßs\ Bbn-cn-°W - w, Fßs\-bm-bn-cn-°-cpXv F∂v a\-kn-em-°p-hm≥ km[n-®p. Fs∂ hf¿Øn hep-Xm-°nb Fs‚ A[ym-]I - ¿ ImWn® \√ am¿§-߃ kzoI-cn®v Hcp \√ A[ym-]nI BIp-hm≥ Rm≥ B{K-ln-°p-∂p. F√m-h¿°pw AXpt]mse al-Ømb Hcp tkh-\-Øn-eqsS \√ Xe-ap-dsb hm¿sØ-Sp-°p-hm≥ km[n°- s ´. \ΩpsS Hmtcm hm°pw {]h¿ Ønbpw Hmtcm lrZ-b-ß-sfbpw kv]¿in°p-∂Xv Bbn-cn-°-s´.... F√m A[ym-]-Iscbpw G‰w kvt\l-tØmsS Hm¿ØpsIm≠v \n¿Øp-∂p.... 55


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The term proverb is derived from the latin word ‘Proverbium’. It expresses a truth, love based on common scare or practical experience of mankind. Study of proverbs is called paremiology. A proverb is a short, generally known sentence of the folk which contains wisdom, truth, morals and traditional views in a metaphorical, fixed and memorable form and which is handed down from generation to generation.

V. Sibin Mathew English Second Year

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1) A friend in need is a Friend indeed. Friendship is important. It is to be considered as a great blessing that helps a person to have a joyful existence in this world. The love and support of a friend can be of a great help and assistance in life. Friendship is always a complicated matter. The story of ‘two friends and bear’ shows the true friendship. A true friend is who supports and solve the problems of others. A true friend is to be identified from his/her approach to us when we are in trouble.

2) Action speaks louder than words. Speaking out great ideas is very simple in itself, but it demands great courage and guts to make them real in practical life. The world is in search of men of action whose deeds would inspire others to follow their example. One can speak anything but cannot take into action. Systematic planning can contribute to success. Success is possible only when every second is changed into moments of action and invested properly.

3) Early bird catches the worms. We are living in a competitive world. One never loss the opportunities to seek it. Those who are quick, vibrant and prudent will grasp the opportunities to reach the success. Consequently, weak ones will be thrown out of the race. Take challenge; use the opportunities and reach high.

4) Experience is the best teacher. Reading books, Scoring good marks do not make you a good teacher. Knowledge one gains from books may be lost in the due course of time, but what one learns through experience is never forgotten. If one does not accept his mistakes, He continue this some mistake. We should always derive some important lessons from our experiences, It is for better, If one could observe the experience of other people and derive knowledge.

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Best Compliments from

Mr Linto Sebastian 64


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"K¿`w' F∂ aq∂-£-c-Øn¬ \n∂v "P\\w' F∂ aq∂-£-c-Øn-eqsS s]m´n hnS¿∂ \mw "PohnXw' F∂ aq∂-£-c-Øn-eqsS k©-cn®v "kpJhpw' "Zp:Jhpw' F∂ aq∂-£-c-Øn-eqsS bm{X sNøp-tºmƒ s]s´-s∂m-cp-\mƒ "acWw' F∂ aq∂-£cw \sΩ ]nSn-IqSpw "I√d' F∂ aq∂-£-c-Øn¬ sIm≠p-t]mbn sh°p-tºmƒ Hm¿°pI aq∂p "IjvWw' XpWn-bmWv Ahn-sSbpw \ap-°p-≈-Xv B I√-d-bnepw \sΩ ssIhn-SmsX Iq´n-\p-≈Xv "Ccp´v' F∂ aq∂-£-cw, AhnsS \ap°v "shfn®w' F∂ aq∂-£cw e`n-°-W-sa-¶n¬ c£bpw "kv\m\w' F∂ aq∂-£cw t\Sn acn-°Ww AXn\v "{InkvXp' F∂ aq∂-£-csØ hniz-kn-®p, "hN\w' F∂ aq∂-£cw A\p-k-cn®v Pohn-°-Ww. At∏mƒ aq∂v A£-ca-- p≈ "kz¿§w' In´pw As√-¶n¬ aq∂-£-c-ap≈ "\cIw' In´pw.

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apXn¿∂-ht- cmSpw ˛ F√m-ht- cmSpw {]tXyI ASp∏w ImWn-®p. "alm-cm-Pmhv ImWWw F∂v Adn-bn®n-´p≠v' ˛ sIm´mc-Ønse ZqX≥ bap-\bv°v ktµiw ssIam-dn. XnI™ Bi-¶-tbm-SpIq-Sn-Ø-s∂ bap\ sIm´mc-Øn-tebv°p \S∂p XpS-ßn. ]mXn-hg - n-bn¬ t]mb {- ]-Xm]- I m- e - Ø ns‚ Hm¿Ω- k v X w- ` - ß - f mbn \n¬°p∂ DW-ßnb hr£-߃. sIm´mc-Øn-seØn alm-cm-Pm-hns\ apJw ImWn®v Iev]-\-°mbn ImtXm¿Øp\n-∂p. ""\mw ]pd-s∏-Sp-∂p. C\n Xncn-®p-h-c-hn-√. CXv ]c-a-c-l-ky-am-bn-cn-°s´'' bap\ XncnsI Xs‚ Bhmk-ÿ-e-sØ-Øn. Hcp kz]v\w t]mse ! ]d-™-dn-bn-°m-\mImØ BÀm-Zw. ]I¬ am™p. cm{Xn ho≠pw i‡n {]m]n-®p. bap\-bpsS ssI]n-Sn®v alm-cmPmhv km[m-c-W-°m-c-\mbn Xs‚ cmPy-tØmSv hnS-]-d™p. Pcm-\-c-Iƒ _m[n® tZhZm-knbpw tZh-Zm-kn-sb -a-d-°m-\mImØ alm-cm-Pmhpw a\p-jy-a\ - - ns‚ AXn Xo{h-`m-hØ - n\v \ndw ]I¿∂p-sIm≠v bm{X-bm-cw-`n-®p. tZh-Zm-kn-tbm-sSm∏w hm¿≤-Iy-Øn¬ \mSp-hn´ alm-cm-Pm-hns‚ IY ]n∑p-d-°m¿ {]N- c n- ∏ n- t ®- ° mw. ]t£ Ime- Ø ns‚ ssIsbm∏v alm-cm-Pm-hns\ {]W-bn® tZhZm-kn°pw IqSn Ah-Im-is - ∏-´X - m-Wv....

{ioIm-¥≥ sI amØ-am-‰nIvkv c≠mw h¿jw 71 71


Leenu Mathew K Physical Science Second Year


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In this world of e-mails, e-papers, e-change, e-transfer and the latest e-governance. Never forget “E - shwar” (God) who makes e-verything, easy for e-veryone e-veryday. “E” is the most Eminent of the english, alphabets. Men or Women does not exist without “E”. Bread or Butter cannot be found without “E”. “E” is the begining of “existence” and the end of “trouble” it is not at all in war but twice in ‘peace’. it’s one in hell but twice in “heaven” “E” is represented in ‘Emotions’ Hence all the emotional relationships like father, mother, brother, sister, wife, friends, have ‘e’ in them. “E” also represents effort and energy. Hence to be ‘Better’ from good, both ‘e’s are added. Without “e” we would have no love, life, friends or hope and to see, hear, smell or taste as eyes, ears, nose, tongue all are incomplete without “e”. Hence go with “E” but without E-go

C™…… +…{… BEÚ +…n˘∂…« +v™……{…EÚ ΩÈ˛ ? ∂……∫j…… ®…‰ M…÷Ø˚ E‰Ú +l…« E‰Ú §……Ɖ˙ ®… §…i……™…… M…™…… Ω˲ EÚ "M…÷' EÚ… +l…«« Ω˛…‰i…… Ω˲ +∆v…EÚ…Æ˙ +l…¥…… +Y……x… +…ËÆ˙ "∞¸' EÚ… +l…« Ω˛…‰i…… Ω˲ |…EÚ…∂… +l……«i… M…÷Ø˚ ¥™… HÚ EÚ…‰ +Y……x… ∞¸{…“ +∆v…EÚ…Æ˙ ∫…‰ Y……x… ∞¸{…“ |…EÚ…∂… EÚ“ +…‰Æ˙ ±…‰ V……i…… Ω˲* <∫… ±…B M…÷∞¸ EÚ…‰ ∫……I……i…¬ <«∑…Æ˙ ®……x…… M…™…… Ω˲ * V…∫… |…EÚ…Æ˙ ∂…§n˘ ∫…‰ +l…« EÚ…‰ +…ËÆ˙ +l…« ∫…‰ ∂…§n˘ EÚ…‰ ∂…Æ˙“Æ˙ ∫…‰ |……h… EÚ…‰ +…ËÆ˙ |……h… ∫…‰ ∂…Æ˙“Æ˙ EÚ…‰ {…fil…EÚ x…Ω˛” EÚ™…… V…… ∫…EÚi…… Ω˲ =∫…“ |…EÚ…Æ˙ Ω˛®… Æ˙…π]≈ı EÚ…‰ ¶…“ ∂…I…EÚ ∫…‰ {…fil…EÚ x…Ω˛” EÚÆ˙ ∫…EÚi…‰ +…ËÆ˙ x… ∂…I…EÚ EÚ…‰ Æ˙…π]≈ı ∫…‰ * ∫…®……V… +…ËÆ˙ n‰∂… EÚ“ =z… i… B¥…∆ +¥…x… i… §…Ω⁄˛i… E÷ÚUÙ ∂…I…EÚ…‰∆ {…Æ˙ Ω˛“ x…¶…«Æ˙ EÚÆ˙i…“ Ω˲ * +…n˘∂…« +v™……{…EÚ EÚ… I…‰j… §…Ω⁄˛i… ¥…∫i…fii… Ω˲ * Ω˛®……Æ˙“ ∫…∆∫EfiÚi…“ ®… M…÷∞¸ EÚ…‰ ®……i……- {…i…… i…l…… <«∑…Æ˙ ∫…‰ ¶…“ + v…EÚ ∫…®®……x… n˘™…… M…™…… Ω˲ * +v™……{…EÚ +…ËÆ ¥…t…l…‘ E‰Ú Æ˙∂i…‰ ∫…‰ ∫…SS……

+…ËÆ˙ ®…v…÷Æ˙ Æ˙∂i…… EÚ…‰<« x…Ω˛” Ω˛…i‰ …… Ω˲ * |…‰®… ∫…‰ +…‰i…|……‰i… +v™……{…EÚ +{…x…‰ UÙ…j…… EÚ…‰ +x…÷∂……∫…x… ®…‰ Æ˙J…i…… Ω˲, {…Æ˙ =∫…E‰Ú +x…÷∂……∫…x… ®…‰ o˘fi√ …… Ω˛…i‰ …“ Ω˲ EÚ`ˆ…Ɖ ˙i…… x…Ω˛” * ∫…∆SS…… M…÷Ø˚ +…n˘∂…« ¥…t…Ãl…™…… E‰Ú ∞¸{… ®… ∫…®……V… +…ËÆ˙ Æ˙…π]≈ı EÚ…‰ V…“¥…x… +…ËÆ˙ V……M…fii… EÚ… n˘…x… |…n˘…x… EÚÆ˙i…… Ω˲ * ¥…Ω˛ ∫…®……V… +…ËÆ˙ Æ˙…π]≈ı EÚ…‰ B‰∫…“ ∫…®{… k… n‰˘i…… Ω˲ V…∫…‰ {……EÚÆ˙ ∫…®……V… +…ËÆ˙ Æ˙…π]≈ı ™…÷M…… - ™…÷M…… i…EÚ ∂……Œxi… +…ËÆ˙ +…x…xn˘ EÚ… ={…¶……‰M… EÚÆ˙i…… Ω˲ *˙

Priyanka English Second Year

73 73


Julie Jacob Natural Science First Year



To realize the value of one life time, Ask someone, who missed a chance To realize the value of a sister, Ask someone, who doesn’t have one. To realize the value of one year, Ask a student, ‘ who failed in an exam To realize the value of one month, Ask a mother, who has given birth to a premature baby To realize the value of one week, Ask an editor, who writes in the weekly To realize the value of one day, Ask a labourer, who receives daily wages To realize the value of one hour, Ask the lovers, who meets at the park To realize the value of one minute, Ask a person, who has missed the bus To realize the value of one second, Ask a person, who has survived in an accident To realize the value of one millisecond, Ask an electric engineer who has brought brightness to a city.

B GIm- ¥ - X bn¬ AhfpsS a\ v Hcp s\cn-t∏mSv t]mse \odp-I-bm-bn-cp-∂p. IØn-Pz-en-°p∂ kqcyc- i v a n- I ƒ°v apºn¬ Hcn‰p sh≈- Ø n- \ mbn Zmln-°p∂ `qan-t]mse Ahfpw. B kvt\l-Øn-\m-bn..... B XW-en-embn B{K-ln-®p..... F∂m¬ Hcp \mƒ, AXm-bXv PohnX-Øns‚ BZy-]p-kvX-I-Øm-fp-Iƒ Ahƒ°v kΩm-\n-®-Xv Hcp \qdp-P-∑w In´m-hp-∂-Xnepw A[nIw kvt\lhpw hm’-eyhpw Bbn-cp-∂p. B ]pkvX-I-Ømfp-Iƒ adn-°p-tºmƒ Ah-fpsS ]p©ncn GsXmcm-fnepw kt¥m-j-Øns‚ ]pXp-h-k¥w Xo¿°pam-bn-cp-∂p. amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ B amemJ Ip™ns\ s]m∂p-t]mse kvt\ln-®n-cp-∂p. AXp-sIm≠v Xs∂ Xß-fpsS {]nb Ip™n\v Ah¿ s]m∂p F∂mWv t]cv \¬In-b-Xv. s]m∂p tamƒ°v Bh-iy-Øn-e[nIw hkv{X߃, Ifn-∏m-´-߃.... F∂p-th≠ Xs‚ Ip™v ]d-bp-∂-sX√mw amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ

{]nb adnbw tPmk^v \mNzd¬ kb≥kv H∂mw h¿jw 75


\nd- ™ - a - \ - t kmsS \¬Ip- a m- b n- c p- ∂ p. Aßs\ Ah¿ s]m∂p-hns\ Hma-\n®p hf¿Øn. Aßs\ B Zn\w hs∂-Øn. Hcp IdpØ-\n-g¬ t]mse `h-\-Øns\ XI¿ØpI-f™ Zn\w. s]m∂phns‚ A©mw ]nd∂mƒ! BtLmj Znh-kw. A∂p-Xs - ∂-bmWv, s]m∂p-hns‚ A—\v s_Ãv _nkn-\ vam≥ Ahm¿Uv In´n-b-Xns‚ NSßpw. c≠pw Hcp Zn\w Bb-Xn¬ IpSpw_w henb kt¥m-jØ - n¬ Bbn-cp-∂p. sshIp-t∂cw 6 aWn°v Bbn-cp-∂p NSßv h®n-cp-∂-Xv. _‘p- a n- { Xm- Z n- I ƒ, {]apJ cmjv { Sob ˛ _nkn- \ kv hy‡n- I ƒ Gh- s cbpw NS-ßn¬ s]m∂p-hns‚ A—≥ £Wn-®n-cp-∂p. A∂p cmhnse D≈ ]≈n-bnse Ip¿_m-\bv°mbn \√ shfpØ DSp∏v Hs° AWn™v, s]m∂p- t amƒ sdUn Bbn \n∂p. s]m∂ptamƒ, D®- Ø n¬ A—s\ hnfn®p, ""A—m, H∂p thKw hs∂, Rm\pw, AΩbpw sdUn-bm-bn.'' ]d™ DSs\ Xs∂ A—≥ sNdp-]p-©n-cn-bp-ambn IS-∂p-h-∂p, ""Fs‚ anSp-°n-Ip´n kpµcn Bb-t√m.'' s]m∂ptamsf hmcn-sb-SpØv DΩh®v, tijw Xs‚ `mcy-bpsS ssIbnte°p sImSp-°p-∂p. H∏w aq∂p-t]cpw IqSn Ip¿_m-\bv°p t]mbn. CS-hI - - hn-Imcnb®≥ NS-ßn¬ hc-Ww- F∂v H∂p-IqSn Hm¿Ωn∏n®p. Aßs\ kt¥m-j-tØmsSbp≈ XncnsI aS-°w. AXn-cm-hnse Xs∂ Fgpt∂‰ £oW-Øn¬ s]m∂p Ddßn-t]mbn. s]s´∂mWv AXv kw`- h n- ® - X v , an∂n\n¬°p∂ \£- { X- Ø ns\ Im¿taLw h∂p-aq-Sp-∂-Xp-t]mse Ah-cpsS PohnXw IdpØ \ng-embn AXn-th-KØ - n¬ ]m™p-


76 76

h∂ an\n-temdn Pohn-X-Øns‚ ˛ IpSpw-_Øns‚ kt¥m-jsØ X√n-s°-Sp-Øn. B Zn\-Øn¬, s]m∂p-hn\v Xs‚ AΩsb F∂-t∂-°p-ambn \jvS-am-bn. ]cp-°p-ItfmsS A—≥ Bip-]{- Xn-bn¬. F∂m¬ Ddßn-°n-S∂ amem-JI - p-™n\v \n m-c] - c - n-°pIƒ am{Xta D≠m- b n- c p- ∂ p- ≈ p. Cu Zp:JØn¬ \n∂v Ic-Ib - d - m≥ Znh-kß - fpw, Ipsd amk-ßfpw th≠n-h∂ - p. Aßs\ ]n∂o-Sp≈ Pohn-Xw, A—s‚ PohnXw,s]m∂p-hn\v th≠n-bm-bn-cp-∂p. tamfpsS ]T-\w, `mhn, AXm-bn-cp∂p B{Klw. Ah-fpsS AΩ B{K-ln-®-Xpt]mse Xs∂ Ahsf Hcp A[ym-]nI B°-Ww. AXmbn-cp∂p At±-lØ - ns‚ a\ n¬. ho´n¬ A—\pw aIfpw H‰-bv°v. aI--fpsS Imcy-߃°pw, ho´nse tPmen-°m-cy-߃°p-ambn the-°m¿ D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. F∂m¬ ]et∏m gpw tPmen-Øn-c°v ImcWw Xs‚ aIsf H∂v hm’-ey-tØmsS ]cn- ] m- e n- ° m≥ A—\v Ign- ™ n- √ . s]m∂p tamƒ ]d-bp-∂Xv A—≥ hmßnhcpw ]t£, At∏m-tg°pw cm{Xn Gsd sshIp-sa-∂X - n¬ s]m∂ptamƒ Dd-ßn-t∏mIpw. ]t£ F∂pw B A—≥ Xs‚ I¨aWn°v DΩ- s Im- S p- Ø ns´ Dd- ß q. s]m∂ptamƒ cmhnse kvIqfn-tebv°v t]mIm-\p≈ [rXnbpw Bbn-cn°pw. CSbv°p≈ Ah-[n-Zn-\-ß-fn¬ h√-t∏mgpw A—\pw aIfpw IqSn bm{Xbv°pw kn\na ImWm\pw t]mIpw. Hcp Znh-kw, s]m∂ptamƒ°v IW°n\v 50¬ 50 am¿°v In´n. hfsc kt¥mj-tØmsS BWv kvIqfn¬ \n∂v h∂-Xv. A—s\ t^mWn¬ hnfn-®p-]d - ™ p. A—≥

F∂m¬ Xs‚ _nkn-\ v Imcy-߃ ImcWw At±-lØ - n\p hcm≥ Ign-™n-√. s]m∂phn\v hf-sc-b[ - nIw k¶Sw Bbn. Ahƒ A—-t\mSv an≠n√ F∂p ]d™v Dd-ßn-t∏mbn B cm{Xn. ]nt‰∂v A—s‚ apdn-bn¬s®-∂p. A—-t\mSv Ipsd kwkmcn-®p. F∂m¬ _nkn-\kv Imcy-Ønse Ft¥m {]iv\w ImcWw At±lw H∂pw {i≤n-®n-√. s]m∂ptamƒ ho≠pw hmin-]nSn-®p. F∂m¬ A—\v h√mØ tZjyw h∂p. A—≥ s]m∂phns\ BZy-ambn ASn®p. Ahƒ hfsc D®-Øn¬ Ic-™p. ho´nse the-°mcn tN®n Biz-kn-∏n-®p. ]n∂oSv Ahƒ Hcm-gvN-tbmfw A—-t\mSv an≠n-bn-√. Cu ka-b-Øm-Wv, a\p A¶n-fns\ Ahƒ ]cn-Nb - s - ∏-Sp-∂X - .v Ahƒ t]mIp∂ _knse I≠-IvS¿ Bbn-cp∂p AXv. AhfpsS k¶Sw B A¶n-fn-t\mSv Ahƒ ]d™p. A¶nƒ Ahƒ°v anTmbn sImSp-Øp. CS-bv°n-S°v tlm´-en¬ sIm≠p-t]mbn Blm-chpw hmßn-sIm-Sp-°pw. A—-t\mSp≈ Ah-fpsS kvt\lw Ipd-™p. AXv Ahƒ°mbn PohnXw \bn-°p∂ A—s\ Gsd Xf¿Øn-sb-¶nepw At±lw AXv ]pdØv {]I-Sn-∏n-®n-√. Hcp Znhkw a\p A¶nƒ Ah-tfmSv ]d™p, \o hcpt∂m Fs‚ IqsS? Rm≥ \ns∂ kz¥-am°mw F∂p ]d-™p. F∂n´v \o \msf Xs∂ ho´n¬ \n∂v Cd-ß-Ww. _kvtÃm∏n¬ IrXy-k-a-bØv FØ-Wsa∂pw, B kabw Rm≥ \ns∂ Iq´n-sIm≠p-s]m-bvt°mfmw F∂p-]-d-™p. Ahƒ AXn\v icn F∂mWv DØcw ]d-™-Xv. B kvt\l-Øn-\m-bn..... B XW-en\mbn Ahƒ B{Kln- ® p.... Cßs\ Btem-Nn-°p-tºmƒ, ap‰Øv tXmcm-ag B¿Øp- s]-bvXn-d-ßp-I-bmWv. GtXm

IÆp- \ o¿ Xp≈n- t ]mse, Bcp- s Stbm At]£t]m¬ ag-s]-øp-∂p..! \n¿ØmsX. Ahƒ a\-kn¬ Dd-®-Xo-cp-am\w FSp°p∂p. Bcpw ImWmsX _mKn¬ s{U pw, km[-\ß - fpw ASp-°n-h® - p. \msf AXn-cm-hnse Xs∂ ]pd-s∏-SWw Ahƒ Dd∏n-®p. s]s´-∂mWv AΩ-bpsS Ae-am-cn-bn¬ \n∂v B _p°v Xmsg hoWp. s]mSn-]n-Sn® _p°v BsW-¶nepw AXnse A£-c߃°v H´pw \ndw-aß - n-bn-´n-√m-bn-cp-∂p. CXv AΩ-bpsS Ubdn At√? Ct∏mƒ kabw C√ CXp-hm-bn-°m≥, F¥m-bmepw _mKn¬ Ccn-°s´ F∂p hnNm-cn®p Ib-‰n-h-®p. kabw Bb-t∏mƒ bmsXmcp ]cn-`hw IqSmsX Ahƒ ]pds∏´p. F∂m¬ IrXy-k-a-bØv FØnb Ahƒ°v \ncm-ib - mWv ^ew. a\p A¶nƒ h∂n-√. Ahƒ ho≠pw Ic-™p. F¥p-sNø-W-sa-∂-dn-bmsX \ne-Øn-cp-∂p. s]s´∂mWv ag XI¿Øp-s]-øm≥ XpS-ßn-b-Xv. IpS FSp-°p-hm-\mbn _mKv Xpd-∂-t∏mƒ B Ubdn Iøn¬ In´n. Ubdn Iøn¬ DS°n F∂p- X s∂ ]d- b mw. ]n∂oSv _ vt‰m-∏n¬ \n∂p-Xs∂ Ahƒ AXv hmbn-®p. DSs\ Xs∂ Ah-fpsS ]\n\o¿]pjv]w t]mse D≈ apJw Nph-∂p. IÆp-\o¿Xp≈n-Iƒ C‰n-‰p-ho-gm≥ XpSßn. hf-sc-thKw Xs∂ ho´n-te°v Ahƒ aS-ßn. A—s‚ Im¬°¬ hoWp. am∏-t]£n-®p. A—≥ Xs‚ I¨a-Wnsb hm’ey-tØmsS Npw_n-®p. H∏w C∂v Fs‚ s]m∂p-tam-fpsS P∑-Zn\w BsW∂v A—≥ ]d-™p. HSp-hn¬, AΩ-bv°p≈ ]\n-\o¿]p-jv]ß-fp-ambn A—\pw, aIfpw AΩ-bpsS ASptØ°v \oßn... 77 77


Regardless of the countless negativity the world brings about, how do we keep ourselves motivated? Try on the tips from A to Z... which I think is quite easy and appropriate!!! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z 78 78



Achieve your dreams, Avoid negative people Belive in your self, and in what can you do Consider things on every angle and aspect Don’t give up Enjoy your work, as if you don’t need money Family and friends are life’s greatest facilitators of happiness Gain insight into who you are and what you do Hang on to your dreams Ignore those who try to destroy you Just be your self, the key to success is to be yourself Keep trying, no matter how hard life may seen Learn to love your self Make things happen Never lie, cheat or steal Open your eyes Practice makes man perfect, practice is about motivation Quitters never win and winners never quit Ready to do anything to be your everything. Stop Procrastinating Take control of your life Understand others Visualize your highest self Want it more than anything means believings Neelu Rose Benny X factor is what will make you different from others Physical Science You are unique. No one in this world look - alike First Year Zest is the secret of all beauty

BcXn Fkv. \mb¿ \mNz-d¬ kb≥kv H∂mw h¿jw

Hcp tPmen-°m-c≥ tPmen ÿeØv hcp-∂Xpw t]mIp∂-Xpamb kabw IrXy-ambn tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øp∂ kwhn-[m-\a - mWv _tbmsa-{SnIv A‰≥U≥kv knÃw. tPmen-°m-cs\ Xncn-®d - n-bp∂ Hcp Iºyq-´-dmWv CXns‚ {][m\`mKw. hnc-e-S-bm-fw, ssI∏-Øn-bpsS hep-∏w, IÆnse IrjvW-aWn-bpsS {]tXy-I-X, apJ-Øns‚ {]tXy-I-X, sd‰n\ XpS-ßn-bh-bn-te-sX-¶nepw ]cn-tim-[n-®mWv Cu Iºyq-´¿ Hcp tPmen-°mcs\ Xncn-®d - n-bp-I. CXn-\mbn BZyw Xs∂ F√m tPmen-°m-cp-sSbpw CØcw {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ Iºyq-´-dns‚ Um‰m-t_-kn¬ ^oUv sNtø-≠Xp-≠v. {]tXyI Iyma-d-Iƒ D]-tbm-Kn-®mWv IÆn-s‚bpw apJØn-s‚bpw a‰pw {]tXy-I-X-Iƒ Iºyq-´¿ H∏n-sb-Sp-°p-I. hnce-Sb - mfw Xncn-®d - n-bp-∂X - n\pw CØcw kwhn-[m-\a - p-≠m-bn-cn-°pw. CXp-hgn F√m tPmen-°m-cp-sSbpw Um‰ Iºyq-´¿ tcJ-s∏-SpØpw. C\n Hcp tPmen-°m-c≥ h∂v Iyma-dbv°p ap∂n¬ apJw Im´pItbm hnc-e-S-bmfw ]Xn-∏n-t°-≠n-SØv ]Xn-∏n-°p-Itbm sNbvsX∂p Icp-Xp-I. Abmƒ AXp sNbvX kabw DS≥ Iºyq´¿ IrXy-ambn tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øpw. C∂v ]©nßv knÃw hnZym-`ymk temIØpw IS∂p h∂n-cn-°p-∂p. CXp-hgn tae-[n-Im-cn-Iƒ°pw A≤ym-]-I¿°pw Poh-\-°m¿°pw hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°pw \n›nX kabsØ km∂n-[ysØ tcJ-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂X - v Dd-∏p-hc - p-Øp∂-Xn\v km[n-°pw.



Something makes me happy Something makes me scared But something makes me excited I can feel it and I can touch it It’s in my heart That’s love; I am a true lover Oh! Can I be a true lover? My question to my dear lover At last the word from my lip to my lovers ears I love you......


80 80

Smitha S. Anand Natural Science Second Year

Dimple Ponnu Thomas Mathematics Second Year

Success does not come in the first attempt. We have to try until we succeed. No one has an unbroken series of successes on the other hand, everyone has faced several failures. It is only through failures that we can succeed and we have to try again without giving up hope. Failure is not uncommon. We should not get disappointed, when we meet with a failure. Every failure will have something to teach us. Those who are aware of these facts will realize that failure are the stepping stones to success . It is foolish to give up effort and weep when we fail in our attempt. Instead, we must try again. The lesson that we learn from our failures will help us to do better or even succeed in later attempts. The world around us in like what it is today is because our forefathers did not give up their attempts when they failed. So, we must try again and again till we succeed.

81 81


an∂n-Øn-f-ßp∂ shfn˛ ®sa \o BcmWv ? \n∂psS t]sc-¥mWv ?. Nncn-®p-sIm≠p ad-™p. ]nt‰-\mƒ cm{Xn-bn¬ ho≠pw FØn I≈-®n-cn˛ bpambn ho≠pw Rm≥ Bcm™p \o BcmWv? adp-]-Sn-bmbn Hcp \pdp-ßp-sh-´-Øn¬ AI-te°p ad™p Rm\mWv an∂m-an-\p-ßv..........


82 82

sd\p t]mƒ \mNz-d¬ kb≥kv H∂mw h¿jw

What is life? Something we live.... But just to live is not life..... Life has emotions Both happiness and sadness But just emotions Its not life.. success and failures is the way of life It makes life complete but it’s just a way Not life..... Love and respect The main element of life Makes us to lead life But just this Is not life Then, what is life? We don’t know But we still live it The question Remains a question That’s what life is?

Julin George Mathematics Second Year


83 83

hnZym-`ym-k-sa∂v ]d-bp-tºmƒ _p≤ntbbpw I¿Ω-i-‡n-tbbpw hf¿ØpI F∂p am{X-a√ \mw hnh-£n-°p-∂X - v. a\pjys‚ A¥-kØ - sb hnI-kn-∏n-°p-Ibpw ip≤-am-°p-Ibpw sNøp-I, A-h-bn-ep≈ XmW-Xcw hnIm-c-ßsf sacp-°p-Ibpw k¬kz-`m-h-ßsf kwkvI-cn-°p-Ibpw sNøp-I-, C-h-sbms° hnZym-`ym-k-Øns‚ a‰p Nne e£y-ß-fm-Wv. Nn¥n-°m\pw B[p-\nI Pohn-X-Øns‚ k¶o¿W-amb Npa-X-e-Isf Gs‰-Sp-°p-hm\pw Ign-hp≈ sNdp-∏° - msc krjvSn-°pI F∂Xv GXp cmjv{S-Øn-s‚bpw \ne-\n-ev∏n\p Xs∂ Bh-iy-am-Wv. ¢m p-ap-dn-I-fnepw et_m-d´-dn-If - nepw HXpßn \n¬°mØ Hcp hnZym`ym-ka - p-≠v. kmln-Xy-Øn-s‚bpw Ie-If - psSbpw a\p-jy-N-cn-{X-Øn-s‚bpw aWn-b-dI-fn¬ \n∂p am{Xta CXp e`n-°p-I-bp≈p. Cu hnZym-`ym-k-amWv a\p-jys‚ GWpw tImWpw sNØn-an-\p°n Ah\v Hcp kwkvIm-ck - º-∂s‚ cq]w \¬Ip-∂Xv. kmln-Xy-Øn\pw Ncn-{X-Øn\pw apºpXs∂ hnZym-`ym-k-Øn¬ ÿm\w \¬Inbn- ´ p≠v . ]t£ Ie- I ƒ°v ÿm\w 84


Ct∏mƒ \¬In-Øp-Sß - n-bn-t´-bp-≈p. tX®p- a n- \ p- ° n- b m¬ Im¥nbpw aqeyhpw hbv°p∂ \nc-h[n cXv\-߃ \ΩpsS hnZym-eb - ß - f - n¬ A[n-Ia - m-cp-sSbpw {i≤-bn¬s∏-SmsX InS-∏p-≠.v Ahsc tXSn∏n-Sn®v Ah-cpsS Iem-]-c-amb Ign-hp-Iƒ hf¿Øn-sb-Sp-Øm¬ `mhn `mc-X-Øn\v AsXmc\p-{K-l-am-bn-cn-°pw. Cu Dt±iytØm-sS-bmWv hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°mbn bphP-t\m-’hw kwL-Sn-∏n-°-s∏-´n-´p-≈-Xv. hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ°v Ah-cpsS Iem-]m-Shw klr-Zb - k - a - £w Ah-Xc - n-∏n®v AwKo-Imcw t\Sm-\p≈ Hcp kph¿Æm-h-k-c-amWnXv. sslkvIq-fp-I-fn-se∂ t]mse temh¿ ss{]a-dnbpw A∏¿ ss{]adnbnep-ap≈ hnZym¿∞-n-Iƒ°mbn t{]m’m-l-\-Øn\p≈ am¿§w sXfn-™n´p-≠v. klr-Z-b-lr-Z-bm-Àm-Z-P\I-amWv Ie. kwKo-Xhpw \rØhpw Nn{X-I-ebpw lrZbw Ih-cp-tºmƒ kmlnXyw _p≤ntbbpw Nn¥-tbbpw kv]¿in®pW¿Øns°m≠v lrZ-bØ - n\p hnImkw ]I-cp-∂p. a[p-tcm-Zm-c-amb Ie, \n ¿§-kp-µ-c-amb Ie, \nXm-¥-kp-{]-`-amb Ie, Nen-∏n-

°mØ lrZ-bß - f - n-√. Npcp-°Ø - n¬ k¬Iem-Im-c-∑m¿ timI-l-X-amb Cu temIØn\v arX-k-RvPo-h-\n-Iƒ Xs∂-bmWv. Ip´n-I-fpsS Iem-]-c-amb kzX-{¥hn-Imk-Øn\v A[y-b-\-k-a-b-Øn-\-∏pdw kabw Is≠- Ø n- b n- c n- ° p- ∂ p. kv I qƒ B¿Svkv ¢∫p-Iƒ AXn-\p≈ G‰hpw \√ cwK-samcp°p-∂p. bph-P-t\m-’-ß-fpsS Bhn¿`m-h-tØmsS C∂p ]e hnZym-e-bmß-fnepw Iem-k-an-Xn-Iƒ cq]w sIm≠n´p≠v. Iem-hm-k\ - b - p≈ Ip´n-Isf sXc-s™Sp-°p-hm\pw Ah¿°p Hcp-an-®p-IqSn XßfpsS Ign-hp-Iƒ {]I-Sn-∏n-°phm\pw B¿Svkv ¢∫p-Iƒ kuIcyw \¬Ip-∂p. hnZym-e-b-Øn¬ Hcp Iem-ka - nXn F∂-Xn\-∏pdw {Umam-‰nIv ¢∫v, ayqknIv hn`mK-Øn\pw {]tXyIw ¢∫p-Iƒ D≠m-bn-cn°p- ∂ Xv IqSp- X ¬ {]tbm-P-\-I-c-am-bn-cn°pw. Hmtcm- ∂ n\pw XmXv]cyhpw Ignhpw D≈ A[ym- ] - I ¿ t\XrXzw sImSp°- W w. Aßs\ Cu Iem-ka - n-Xn-Iƒ°pw Iem-Imc∑m¿°pw am\y-amb AwKo-Imcw e`n-°phm-\p≈ Ah-k-c-ap-≠m-I-Ww. kvIqƒ B¿Svkv ¢∫ns‚ hI-bmbn \mSIw, Km\taf, \rØw XpS-ßnb Iem-]-cn-]m-Sn-Iƒ s]mXpcw- K Øpw \S- Ø m- h p- ∂ - X m- W v . Aßs\ D≠m-Ip∂ kmº-Øn-Ie - m`w Iemk-an-Xn-°m-h-iy-amb D]-I-c-W-ßfpw a‰pw hmßm≥ D]-tbm-Kn-°mw. B¿Svkv ¢∫nse AwK-am-bncn-°pI F∂Xv Hcp henb ]Zhn-bmbn Ip´n-Iƒ°p tXm∂Ww. hnZym¿∞-nIfpsS Iem-hm-k\ - I - sf ]cn-t]m-jn-∏n-°p-hm-\p≈ as‰mcp]m-[n-bmWv ssIsb-gp-Øp-am-kn-I, `mhn-bpsS hmKvZm-\ß-fmb Ihn-If - pw, IYm-Ir-Øp-°f - pw, Nn{X-

Im- c ∑mcpw Dƒs°m≈p∂- X m- W t√m C∂sØ hnZym¿∞n-tem-Iw! Fgp-Xn-Øp-S-ßp∂ kmlnXy-Im-c∑m¿°pw ssIsø-gpØp amkn-Ib - n¬ XßfpsS k¿§-kr-jvSn-Iƒ {]kn-≤o-I-cn-®p-ImWp-hm≥ kzm`m-hn-I-ambpw hfsc Hu’pIy-ap-≠m-bn-cn-°pw. Iem- ` y- k - \ - Ø n¬, {]tXy- I n®v \rØw, hmZy-kw-Ko-Xw, Nn{X-Ie - , inev]I - e, IY-Ifn XpS-ßn-b-h-bn¬ G¿s∏-´n-cn°p∂ Ip´n-I-fn¬ kmº-Øn-I-k-lmbw A¿ln-°p-∂-h-cp-≠mIpw. CXn\p s]mXp P\-ß-fn¬ \nt∂m c£m-[n-Im-cn-I-fn¬ \nt∂m th≠ kl-Ic - Ww e`n-°p∂-Xn-\p≈ am¿§-߃ A[ym-]I¿ Is≠-tØ-≠-Xm-Wv. C∂sØ A[y-b-\-k-{ºZmbw Gdnb ]¶pw ]mT-]p-kI v ß- s fbpw AXp- I - g n- ™ m¬ Imbn- I - h n- t \m- Z - ß - s fbpw tI{µo-Ic - n®p \n¬°p-∂p. Iemhn-jb - ß - ƒ G‰hpw ]n¥-≈s - ∏´n-cn-°p-∂p. lrZ-bsØ hnI-kn-∏n°p- I - b pw- kw- k vIm- c - t _m[w DW¿Øp-Ibpw sNøp∂ efn-X-I-e-Isf Ah-K-Wn-°p-∂-Xv hf-cp∂ Xe-ap-d-tbmSp sNøp∂ henb Hc-]c - m-[a - m-bn-cn°pw. AXn\m¬ hnZym-`ym-k-cw-KØv efn-X-I-e-Isf ]p\:{]Xn-jvTn-°p-I-bmWv A[ym-]-I-cpsS C∂sØ AXn-{][m\amb IS-a.

Nn∏n Fkv \mNz-d¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw



Huj-[-k-ky-߃ Aaq-ey-amWv. Ah-bn¬ AS-ßn-bn-cn-°p∂ A¤pX- ] q¿∆- a mb KpW- ß sf a\- n- e m°msX \mw Ah-bn¬ ]e-Xn-s\bpw Ifbm- b mWv ImWp- ∂ - X v . ]t£ \mw \ntXy\ ImWp∂ Cu kky-߃ ]eXpw amcI hym[n-Iƒ°p≈ NnIn’bv°v D]-tbm-Kn-°mw. `mc-X-Øns‚ X\Xv NnIn’m k{º- Z m- b - a mb Bbp¿thZw kºq¿W-ambn B{i-bn°p-∂Xv kky-Ip-Spw-_sØ BWv.


86 86

Bbp¿thZ NnIn-’bv°v a‰v ]m¿iz-^-e-ß-sfm∂pan√ F∂-XmWv Cu k{º-Zm-bØns‚ G‰hpw henb KpWw. F√m kky-߃°pw Huj-[K - p-Wß - ƒ Ds≠-∂mWv Bbp¿t∆Z BNm-cy-∑m-cpsS ]£w. Huj-[k - k - y-ßf - psS {]m[m\yw a\- n-em°n \mw Ahsb {]tXy-I-ambn ]cn-]m-en-t°-≠-Xm-Wv. Hcp ho´n¬ Hcp Huj-[-k-kysa-¶nepw D≠m-h-Ww. AXp-t]mse hnev]-\-e-£y-tØmsS \´p-h-f¿Øn-bm¬ \√ kmº-ØnI sa®hpw In´pw. \ne-hn¬ Cu cwKØv Huj[ kky-ßfpsS Zu¿e`yw {]I-Sa - m-bn-Im-Wp-hm≥ km[n-°pw. Cu Ipdn-∏n-t\m-sSm∏w Nne Huj[ kky-ßfpw Ah-bpsS kky-Ip-Spw-_hpw imkv{X-\m-ahpw Huj-[K - p-Wß - fpw tN¿Øn-cn-°p-∂p.

♦ Itøm∂n kky-Ip-Spw_w ˛ BÃ-td-knsb imkv{X-\maw ˛ F¢n]v‰ B¬_ Itøm∂n IqSp-X-embpw tIi-h¿≤-\bv°v ^e{-]-Z-amb Huj-[-k-kyamWv. CXv apSn-sIm-gn-®n¬, ImgvN Ipd-hv F∂nh ian-∏n-°p-∂-Xn\v DØa-am-Wv. ♦ Ipcp-ap-fIv kky-Ip-Spw_w ˛ ss]∏-td-knsb imkv{X-\maw ˛ ss]∏¿ ss\{Kw Npa, I^w, ]\n, Zl-\-°p-dhv Chbv°v ia\w In´p-∂-Xn-\mbpw kpK-‘{Z-hy-am-bn´pw D]-tbm-Kn-°p-∂p. ♦ iXm-thcn kky-Ip-Spw_w ˛ en√n-tb-knsb imkv{X-\maw ˛ Bkv]-cm-K-kvd-kntam A]-kvam-cw, hmXw, a™-]nØw Cßs\ [mcmfw tcmK-߃°v ia\w \¬Ipw ♦ Nßew ]c≠ kky-Ip-Spw_w ˛ ssht‰-kntb imkv{X-\maw ˛ ssh‰nkv Izm{Um≥ Kpem-cnkv HSn™ Aÿn-Iƒ Iq´n-tN¿°p∂ Huj[ i‡n-bp≈Xn\m¬ Aÿn-kw-lmcn F∂pw t]cp-≠v. I^w, hmXw Ch ian-∏n-°pw. dnb ]p∂qkv \mNz-d¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw 87


Pohn-X-Øn¬ F∂pw kar≤nbpw kt¥m-jhpw am{Xw kwPm-Xam-IW - s - a∂p B{K-ln-°mØ a\p-jycn-√. BÀm-Zn-°m\pw Btam-Zn-°m\pw am{X-ap-≈-XmWv Cu Pohn-X-sa∂v hniz-kn-°p-Ibpw AXn-\p-th≠n PohnXsØ \Ωƒ Nn´-s∏-SpØn h®n-cn-°pI-bp-am-Wv. AXp-sIm≠v Xs∂ Hcp {]bmkw hcp-tºmƒ AXp BI-kvanI-am-sW∂p IcpXn \mw Xf¿∂p-t]mIp-∂p. B Nn¥-Iƒ \sΩ `b-Nn-Øcm-°p-∂p. Pohn- X - Ø ns‚ Xpc- ¶ - Ø neqsS bm{X sNøp-∂-h-cmWv F√m a\p-jy-cpw. B Xpc-¶-Ønse Ccp´v Ahs‚ bm{Xsb XS- -s∏-Sp-Øntb°mw F∂m¬ Cu Xpc-¶-Øn\v Ah-km-\a - p-≠v F∂ Ahs‚ Xncn-®dn-hv, Xpc-¶Ø - n\p tij-ap≈ shfn-®sa∂ alm- k - t ¥m- j - Ø n- t e°v Ahs\ \bn-°p-∂p.

teJ Ip´-∏≥ ^nkn-°¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw



Hcp Pe-I-Wn-I-bpsS Pohn-XN{Iw ]cn-tim-[n-°pI hfsc sNdnb Hcp \ocp-dh - b - n¬ \n∂mWv AXns‚ Bcw-`w. B Pe-I-WnI Hcp \oscmgp-°mbn amdp-∂p. Cu \oscm-gp°v Gsd Zqcw k©-cn®v Acp-hn-bmbn cq]m-¥-c-s∏-Sp-∂p. B Acp-hn-bpsS {]bmWw Gsd im¥-K-Xn-bn-em-Wv. bmsXmcp {]Xn-k‘ - nbpw AXv t\cnSp-∂n-√. F∂m¬ F√m ImeØpw B cq]-Øn¬ Xt∂ XpS-cp-∂n√. Acphn apt∂m´v t]mIp-tºmƒ AXv Hcp ]pgbmbn amdp-∂p. AXv apt∂m´v IpXn°pwt¥mdpw hf¿ ®-bpsS Hmtcm L´ßƒ ]n∂n-Sp-I-bmWv. ]pg hf¿∂v HSp-hn¬ Hcp kap{Z-ambn amdp-∂p. Ddh-bn¬ \n∂pw XpSßn-b-t∏mƒ AXv tIhew Hcp PeI-WnI am{X-am-bn-cp∂p. F∂m¬ HSp-hn¬ Ahƒ Hcp kap- { Z- a mbn amdn-bn-cn-°p-∂p. Iq‰≥ Xnc-am-e-Iƒ, {]£p-_vZ-amb A¥-co£w, hoin-b-Sn-°p∂ sImSp¶m- ‰ v , Cßs\ Pe- I - W n- I - b psS hf¿®-bvs°m∏w Xs∂ AXns‚ kml- N - c y- ß fpw amdp- ∂ p. AXpsIm≠v Xs∂ kap-{Z-Ønse henb henb sh√p-hn-fn-Isf AXn-Po-hn®mWv AXv \ne- \ n¬t°- ≠ - X v . Cßs\ Db¿® XmgvNI - f - p-sSbpw Pb]-cm-Pb - ß - f - p-sSbpw an{in-Xa - mb a\pjy-Po-hn-XsØ t\m°n C¥y-bpsS cmjv { S- ] - X n- b m- b n- c p∂ F.]n.sP. A_vZpƒIemw ]d™ hm°p-Iƒ BWnh.

""ag- s ]- ø p- t ºmƒ ]£n- I sf√mw XW¬tXSn t]mIpw. F∂m¬ ]cp¥v taL-߃°pw aosX ]d∂p agsb XcWw sNøpw. {]iv\-߃ Gh¿°pw Hcp-t]m-se-bmWv. AXv A`n-ap-JoI-cn-°p∂ coXn-bmWv {][m-\w.'' Pohn- X - Ø nse {]Xn- I q- e ߃ a\p-jys\ AXn-Po-h\w Fs¥∂v ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂p. AXn-Poh\w F∂ {]Xn- ` m- k sØ ssItamiw h∂ a\p- j y\v hcm≥ t]mIp∂ {]XnIqe kml-N-cysØ t\cn-Sm≥ Ign-bn-√. hnip≤ {KŸamb ss__n ƒ ]d-bp∂p “Imem-fp-It- fmSv IqsS HmSn-bn´p \o £oWn- ® pt]m-bm¬ IpXn-cI- t fmSv Fßs\ a’-cn-t®mSpw? kam[m\w D≈ tZiØp \o \n¿`-b-\m-bn-cn-°p∂p F∂m¬ tbm¿≤ms‚ h≥ Im´n¬ \o F¥p sNøpw?” AXp-sIm≠v BZy-]-cmPbw A`n-ap-Jo-Ic - n-°m≥ \mw Hcn°epw ad-°-cp-Xv. ImcWw hnPb-I-c-amb Hcp IW°v t]mepw XpS-ßp-∂Xv “]qPy-Øn¬ \n ∂mWv”. a\p- j ys‚ PohnXw AXn- P o- h - \ - Ø n- \ p- ≈ - X m- W v . Hmtcm thZ-\bpw Ah\v Hcp ]mTw \¬Ip∂p. Hmtcm ]mThpw Hcp \√ hy‡nsb krjvSn-s®-Sp°p-∂p. 89


cRvPnX B¿ tkmjy¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw


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Dr. Bindumol K.K Asst. Prof. of English

Educational institutions have been badly affected by COVID-19 lockdown in the last few months. Suddenly they were forced to consider a new medium which had been only in the experimental stage till then, Classes were held in the physical envi ronment, usually in the form of lectures, group work or case study.The pandemic transformed the education of the world, especially our country. The old chalk and talk teaching model has converted into a new model driven by technology. The outbreak of corona virus created unprecedented challenge in the educational field. Nearly 185 countries around the world announced the closure of schools and universities towards the end of


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March. Rulers in the various countries were forced to shut down the schools as a precautionary measure to prevent the spread of virus. On 24thMarch, our Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi ordered a nationwide lockdown. Lockdown created an unpredicted pressure on the education system. The major change is availability of educational content digitally and most of it for free, especially some universities offered free online access to their libraries. Thus digital technology is providing all sources of remote learning opportunity for students not only in India but across the globe and enables the teachers to create virtual experiences. The use of technology in teaching leads to a new era wherein the best of faculty will be available from

across the globe to students. Education quality will be gauged not just by the quality of faculty but will also have quality of IT infrastructure and familiarisation of the faculty with digital teaching technologies as important parameters. The digital platforms like Google classroom, Global meet , Zoom etc are providing remote learning opportunities. Government of India also has released a list of E-learning platforms to cover both school and higher education. Some of these platforms include Diksha, e-Pathshala or e-content containing modules on social science, arts, fine arts, natural and mathematical science, CEC-UGC YouTube channel etc.

learning such differences in the society must be considered. For students who do not have access to technology, books, food or literate adults at home, remote learning runs the risk of drastically widening the gap between haves and have-nots . The students, in addition to the missed opportunities for learning, no longer have access to healthy meals during the covid days. At times classes get distributed due to internet issues. Inclusive learning solutions especially for the most vulnerable and marginalised need to be developed.

However it was reported that online education was likely to be adopted as a strategy to enhance the gross enrolment ratio in higher Atal Innovation education. The chairman of UGC Mission (AIM) has come up told to the news agency “We with a novel idea to fuel are seeing at this time of Covidthe new learning stra 19 and even later when all of tegy. AIM progra mme this is over, to give a push to director Dr. Agesha Cha online education. It is udhary remarks “One important for improvement in needs passion and willing the Gross Enrolment Ratio ness to perceive a crisis as (GER) in the country.” A prolonged an opportunity to discover strategy is necessary to manage the something new. Learning is a crisis and the policy makers has to ensure lifelong process, irrespective of age, gender and access to sophisticated resources. the delivery of e-learning to the different sectors And with digital technology, learning has become of society. With a rapid increase of mobile an unstoppable experience”. Even as the internet users in India, which is expected to reach institutions make changes to teach in different 85% by 2024, technology enables ubiquitous ways, all should give highest priority to students access even in the remote parts of the country. and parents with targeted communication. Use of technology in education results in the move Pandemic precautions called “social dista from teacher-centric education to student- ncing” or “physical distancing” reduce inter pers centric education. onal contact and thereby minimize the kind of However, it cannot be forgotten that as the system shift to digital learning, its access to devices and connectivity will have a high impact on the students of different socio-economic background. Those who are backward may fall behind. The existing inequalities must be taken into consideration while providing digital learning. Even though it’s a great promise to high quality

community transmission of corona virus. So edu cation systems around the world has been compelled to respond to the pandemic with emergency e-Learning” protocols, marking the rapid transition of face-to-face classes to online learning systems. Corona virus threatens our education system and government has no other alternative than resort to the digital technology.”

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C¥y≥ hnZym-`ymkw : C∂se Nnc]pcm-X-\-Imew apXse \mw temI-Øn\p hgn-Im-´n-bmbn h¿Øn® alXv cmPy-am-Wv. \ΩpsS hnZym-`ym-k] - m-cº - c - yØns‚ aIp-tSm-Zm-lc- W - a- mWv \f-µbpw X£in-eb - pw. {]mNo-\`- m-cXw temI-Øn\pw kw`mh\ sNbvX alXv hy‡n-If - mWv Bcy-`´bpw IuSn-ey\pw Nc-I\pw πmÃnIv k¿P-dnbpsS ]nXmhv F∂p temIw hmgvØp∂ ip{ip-X\ - pw.-ssh-Zn-I˛- _ - p≤ Ime-L´- ß - f - n¬ DZ-bk - q-cy-s\-t∏mse Pzen®p \n∂ C¥y≥ _u≤n-Ic - wKw ]n∂oSv h∂ sshtZ-inI B{I-aW - Ø - n-s‚bpw kmwkvIm-cnI A`n-\nth-iØ - n-s‚bpw `mK-ambn {Kl-WZ- n-ib - nte°v {]th-in-®p. X∑qew \ap°v \ΩpsS ]q¿∆n-I¿ ]I¿∂p X∂ Adn-hp-Iƒ \jvSs∏-Sp-Ibpw {]mNo\ hnZym-`ymk k{ºZm-bßfpw hnZym-`ymk tI{µ-ßfpw \in-∏n-°s - ∏Sp-Ibpw sNbvXp. {_n´o-jp-Im-cpsS hc-thm-SpIqsS \ΩpsS {]mNo\ hnZym-`ymk ]mc-ºcy-Øns‚ ]X\w ]q¿W-am-hp-Ibpw \mw XnI®pw \ho-\hpw A]-cn-Nn-Xh - p-am-bn-cp∂ ]m›m-Xy h - n-Zym-`ym-kØ - n-tebv°v amdp-Ibpw sNbvXp. C¥y≥ hnZym-`ym-kØ - ns‚ am·mIm¿´ F∂-dn-b-s∏-Sp∂ 1813 se Nm¿´¿ BIvt‰m-Sp-IqsS \mw ]m›m-Xy-co-Xn-bn-ep≈ hnZym-`ym-kk - {- º-Zmbw kzoI-cn-®p. C¥y≥ hnZym-`ymkw : C∂v Nm¿´¿ BIvt‰m-Sp-IqSn C¥y-bn¬ Bcw-`n® B[p-\nI hnZym-`ym-khpw hnZym`ymk \b-ßfpw XpS¿∂v 1835 se a°msfbvkv an\n-‰k v ,v 1854 se hpUvkv sUkv]m®v, 1870 se Fe-sa‚dn FUyp-t°-j≥ BIv‰,v 1929 se lm¿t´mKv IΩ-‰n, 1837 se Km‘n-PnbpsS hnZym-`ymk \bw, kzmX-{¥ym-\¥ - cw 45˛mw C¥y≥ `c-WL - S- \ B¿´n-°nƒ, 1968 sebpw 1956 sebpw \mj-W¬ t]mfnkn Hm^v FUp- t °- j ≥, DPEP (1991), SSA(2001), RMSA, RUSA, hnZym-`ymkw

Ah-Im-i\ - n-ba- w(2009), PWD BIvSv F∂n-hbn-eqsS hf¿∂v C∂v Hcp alXvhr£-ambn \ne-sIm-≈p-∂p. {_n´ojv BK-a\ - t- Øm-Sp-IqSn Bcw`n® B[p-\nI hnZym-`ym-kØ - ns‚ ]n≥XpS¿®bmWv \ΩpsS C∂sØ hnZym-`ymk\bßfpw e£y-ß-fpw. Imem-Im-e-ß-fmbn At\Iw am‰-ßfpw ]cn-jI v m-cß - fpw \ΩpsS hnZym-`ym-k-cw-KØv \S-∂n-´p-s≠-¶nepw sImtfm-Wn-b¬ N´-°qSv Dt]-£n-°p-hm≥ \mw k∂-≤-am-bn-´n-√. kzmX-{¥y-Øn\p apºv Bhn¿`-hn® {_n´ojv `c-WØ - n\p klm-bI-ca - m-Ip∂ Hcp ]‰w ¢m¿°p-amsc krjvSns®-Sp-°pI F∂-Xm-bn-cp-∂p C∂pw \ΩpsS hnZym-`ym-kØns‚ {]Ya ]cn-KW - \, Xncn-®dnhv D≈ Hcp kaq-lsØ krjvSn-°pI F∂Xn¬ \n∂pw amdn Adn-hp≈ Hcp kaqlsØ krjvSn°pI F∂XmWv. F∂m¬ Adnhv t\SpI F∂ H‰ e£yw am{X-ambn hnZym`ymkw ]cn-an-Xs - ∏-Sp-Øp-∂X - ns‚ Bi-¶I - ƒ \mw Kuc-ht- ØmsS Xs∂ ImW-Ww. bqWnth- g v k n‰n FUyp- t °- j ≥ IΩo- j ≥, tImØmcn IΩo-j≥, apX-en-bm¿ IΩo-j≥, XpSßn At\Iw IΩn-‰n-Ifpw IΩo-j\ - pIfpw Cu Hcp _men-ia - mb kn≤m-¥Ø - n\p FXnsc i_vZw Db¿Øn-bn-´p-s≠-¶nepw icnbmb {]I-º\w kaq-l-Øn¬ AXns‚ ams‰m-en-Iƒ {]Xn-[z-\n-∏n-°p-hm≥ ]e-t∏mgpw ]q¿Æ-hn-Pbw hcn-°p-hm≥ km[n-°msX h∂n-´p-≠.v 99


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sa®w F∂v Bt£-]n-®-h¿°p apºn¬ temtIm-Øc {_m≥Up-Iƒ \mw Ah-Xc - n-∏n®p. H∂p-an-√m-bav b - n¬ \n∂p XpS-ßnb \ΩpsS _ln-cm-Imi Kth-jWw N{µ\pw sNm∆bpw ]n∂n´v _lp-Zqcw apt∂-dn-bn-cn-°p-∂p. Bbp[-߃°m-bn a‰v cmPy-ßsf B{i-bn-®n-cp∂ \mw BW-hc - m-j{v S-ambn apt∂-dn-bn-cn-°p-∂p. Xo¿®- b mbpw CsX√mw B[p\nI hnZym`ymk-Øns‚ t\´-ßf - m-W.v C¥y≥ hnZym-`ymkw : \msf A\p-Zn\w amdn-sIm-≠n-cn-°p∂ temI-Øn¬ C¥ybv°v C\nbpw _lp-Zqcw ap∂n-tebv°v IpXn-t°-≠X - m-bp-≠.v AXn-\mbp≈ hy‡-amb cq]-tcJ Xøm-dm°n thWw \mw \ΩpsS `mhn hnZym-`ymk ]≤Xn-Iƒ Bkq-{XWw sNøp-hm≥. BtKm-fh - Xv°c - W - w, hyh-km-bn-Ih - ¬°-cW - w, hnh-ckm-t¶-XnI hnπhw F∂n-hb - psS ap∂n¬

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{]fbw Hcp km[y-X-bm-Wv, \mw A`n-ap-Jo-I-cn-t°≠n hcp-sa∂v ]Tn-®Xpw ]Tn-∏n-®Xpw 2018 HmKÃv 14 cm{Xn 12 aWn°v tij-am-Wv. `oIc i_vZw ASpØv FØp∂p F∂p am{Xw Xncn-®-dn™v Poh≥ c£n-°m≥ HmSn Cd-ßn-b-hcpw H∂pw FSp-°msX ssIbn¬ In´n-bXv Ip´n-I-fmWv F∂v Xncn-®d- n™v Ahsc sIm≠v HmSn kpc-£n-Xÿ - e - ß - ƒ tXSnb-h-cp-ap-≠v. {]fbw Nne _‘p-°sf Hm¿Ωn-∏n-°m≥ ImcW-am-bn. Nne¿ Hm¿a-If - m-bn, Nne {]tZ-iß - ƒ Hcp t^mt´m t]mepw kq£n-°msX a\p-jys‚ a\- nse Hm¿Ω-I-fn¬ am{X-am-bn. {]fbw F∂ hm°v tIƒ°p-tºmƒ AXv ss__n-fn¬ hmbn-°p∂ Hcp kw`-htam CSbv°v _wKm-fnepw lnamN¬{]tZ-inepw DØ-cm-J-WvUnepw \S∂p F∂p ]d™v h¿Ø-am\ ]{X-Øn¬ ImWp-∂, hmbn®p X≈p∂ Hcp hm¿Ø-bm-bn-cp-∂p.

2018 HmKÃv 14, D®-Xc - n™v 3 aWn°v HmW]cn-]m-Sn-If - psS \nb-am-hen sIm≠p-h∂v t_m¿Un-en-Sp-tºmƒ a\-kn-\I - Øv Hcp BtLm-jØ - ns‚ Xnan¿∏v. Iq´p-Im-cs‚ A∏≥ acn-®X - ns‚ thZ-\t- bm¿Øv ]n∂oSv kl-ssh-Zn-I¿°v H∏w bm{X Xncn-°p-tºmƒ A∏s‚ Hm¿Ωbv°v apºn-te°v sN∂v cmhnse XncnsI t]mIm≥ bm{X Xncn®p. AhnsS cm{Xn 8 aWn°v sN√p-tºmƒ ]d-bp∂p Umap-Iƒ Xpd-°p-∂p. XncnsI s]s´∂v \m´n-te°v (tIm-∂n-bn-te-°v) t]mI-Ww. Iptd t\cw Ahn-Sncp∂v R߃ XncnsI N∏mØv FØp-tºmƒ ]me-tØmSv ASpØp \n¬°p∂ sh≈-hp-ambn Hgp-Ip∂ s]cn-bm¿. Ifnb√ Imcy-am-sW∂p ]dbp-∂s - X∂v a\- n¬ tXm∂n-.

]p√p]mdbv ° v c≠v hfhv apºn- e p≈ ÿeØv h®v apºn¬ Ib-dnb Zpcn-Xm-izmk temdn-°m-cs\ t\m°n. Ch≥ Fhn-tSbv°p t]mhp-Ib - m-Wv- F∂v tIm]-tØmsS t\m°n s]s´∂v apºn¬t]mb -temdn t{_°n´p. t\m°p-tºmƒ Hcp ae-bpsS sskUv CSn™v apt∂m´p \oßp-∂p. ]n∂oSv Ahn-sS-sb-√mhcpw tN¿∂v hgn-Iƒ icn-bm°n apt∂m´p \oßn. AØn-°b - s - Ø-Øn-bt- ∏mƒ sh≈w AXn-`o-Ic - i - _ - Zv Ø - n¬..... Ccp-´m-bX - p-sIm≠v H∂pw Xncn-®-dn-bm-\m-Ip-∂n-√. I√-d-]m-eØnepw Ntºm-Wnepw h≠n ]IpXn apßn. hS-t»-cn-°-c-bn-se-Øp-tºmƒ Ahn-sSbpw sh≈w. ]n∂oSv cm{Xn-bn¬ Fhn-sS-sbms° tbm Id-ßn, cmhnse \mep-a-Wn°v tIm∂nbn-se-Øn. ]n∂oSv ]nt‰-Zn-hkw tIm∂n-bnepw sh≈-s∏m°w. Aßs\ sh≈-s∏m° ZpcnXm-izmk {]h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ... B Zn\-ßf - nse ad-°m-\m-ImØ Nne kw`-hß - ƒ Ipdn-°s - ´.A©v A\p-`h - ß - ƒ 1. {]f-bI - m-esØ (cm-hnse) Hcp thmbnkv t\m´v dm∂n-bnse sh≈ s]m°-ambncp∂p A∂p {][m\ hnj-bw. Rm\pw cmhnsebncp∂p Iq´p-Imsc hnfn®p. Nnesc sse\n¬ In´n. Nnesc In´n-bn-√. Rß-fpsS B.Ed Chunks

(Hcp hm´vkv B∏v {Kq∏v)¬ F√m-hcpw Iq´pImsc°pdn-®p≈ Bh-em-Xn-Iƒ. CSbv°v Nne¿ FØn R߃ kpc-£n-Xc - m-sW∂p ]d-bpw. AXp tIƒ°p-tºmƒ AXn-bmb kt¥mjw. ASp- Ø n- c n- ° p- ∂ - h - t cmSp tXm∂p∂ Bfl-_-‘-Øns‚ Bgw Ahsc- ° p- d n- ® p≈ B[n- b n¬ \n∂p- Afs∂Sp°m-am-bn-cp-∂p. Aßs\ {Kq∏v N¿®Iƒ°nS-bnse Hcp thmbnkv F\n°v tcmam©-am-bn-cp-∂p. ""Fs‚ hoSns‚ Iptd Xmsg hsc sh≈w FØn Rm≥ _mKn¬ AXym-hiyw FSpØv km[-\-߃ h®p. C\n sh≈w h∂m¬ Rm≥ Fs‚ Ip™p-ßsf c≠pw FSpØp HmSn c£-s]-Spw.'' Ipdn∏v: AXv Hcp AΩ-bpsS Dd-∏p≈ hm°m-bn-cp∂p. Fs‚ AΩ Fs∂ t\m°nb- t ]mse.... F√m a°fpw tIƒ°m≥ sImXn-°p-∂t- ]mse Hcp hm°v Rm≥ c£s∏-Sphm-tW¬ Fs‚ a°-tfm-sS∏ambncn°pw. CXv h√y-Im-cy-a√ - m-bn-cn°mw ]s£ {]f-bs - Ø-°p-dn-®p≈ kvac-Wb - n¬ kl-]mTn-sb-°p-dn®v Hm¿°m≥ F∂pw a\- n¬ Ipdn-®-XmWv CXv. 2. CS-bØv kvIqfns‚ ap∂nse IpSn-∏I R߃ Iptd-t∏¿ Zpcn-Xm-izm-kØ - ns‚ BZy Im¬hbv∏v \S-Øp-Ib - m-Wv. 103


bph-P-\-߃ Hcp-an-°p-∂p. tIm∂n-bn¬ Rß-fpsS aq∂p hi-ßfpw sh≈-Øn¬. B hm¿Unse saº¿ `£Ww ]mIw sNøm≥, `£Ww hnX-c-W-Øn-\mbn HmSn \S-°p∂ ImgvN. At±-lsØ klm-bn-°m≥ Ipsdt∏¿ CS-bØv kvIqfns‚ ap‰Øv Blmc km[-\ß - f - p-ambn FØp∂p... F√m-h¿°pw hni-∂n´v hø. Nne¿ Atßm´pw Ctßm´pw \S-°p-∂p. Nne¿ k¿°m-cns\ NoØ ]dbp- ∂ p, Nne¿ BIm- i - t Ø°p t\m°n \n¬°p-∂p. Nne-cpsS \nev]p I≠m¬ PohnX-Øn¬ BZy-ambmWv hni-∂n´v `£Ww t\m°n \n¬°p-∂Xv F∂p a\- n-em-°mw. Cu kml-N-cy-Øn-emWv \ΩpsS IY (C\n Ub-tem-Kv) saº¿ : AXym-hi - y-Øn-\p≈ `£W km[\-߃ ChnsS sIm≠p h∂n-´p-≠v. hr≤≥ : s]s´∂v FSp°v jpK¿ Xm∂p t]mIpw. saº¿ : CØncn Ign-®n´v kv{XoIƒ tNmdpw ]bdpw Idn-hbv°v

(F-√m-hcpw Np‰pw t\m°p-∂p) kv{XoIƒ ""\o hbv°v..... \o hbv°v'' Aßs\ Nne¿ Acn hbv°m≥ kΩ-Xn-®p. saº¿ : tN®n ]bdp IqSn hbv°mtam? tN®n : \nß-sf∂m ]d-bps∂ tXß-bn√msX Rm≥ sNdp-]-b¿ Ign-°n√ (hmin CØncn Dt≠m? F∂v kwi-bw) saº¿ : Rm≥ tXßm DSs\ FØn-°mw. tN®n : \S-°n√ saºsd Rm≥ Idn h®m¬ Ahcpw Xn∂n-t√? Aßs\ Ahƒ kpJnt°-≠. (Np‰pw \n∂- h ¿ sR´n. R߃ sIm≠psN∂ ]IpXn km[-\ß - ƒ ]Xps° ]mbv°v sNbvXv Xncn-s®SpØv h≠n-bn¬ Ibdn XncnsI t]m∂p.) Ipdn∏v: {]fbw ssZhw A\p-h-Zn-®-Xm-sW¶n¬ At±lw \mWn®p ImWpw. hoSp apßn DSp-Xp-Wn°v adp-Xp-Wn-bn-√. ]t£ \ΩpsS Akq-b....-AXv hnP-bn-∏n-°Ww As√-¶n¬ NpΩm \memsf Iq´n hnP-bn-∏n-°-Ww. 3. bphm-°f - psS ISpØ kvt\lw {]f-b-Øns‚ c≠mw Znhkw cmhnse Nm¶q¿ aps°∂ ap°-he cwKw. F√m-hcpw h≠n-Iƒ FSpØv Nn‰m-dn\p t]mIp∂ hgnbn¬ \n∂v cmhnse sh≈w Af-°p-∂p. Hcmƒ s]m°w, H∂-c-bmƒ Fs∂ms° ASpØv \n∂v A`n- { ]mbw ]d- b p- ∂ p. F∂m¬ sh≈w I≠t√m; XncnsI t]mbmtem F∂p ]d™v IqSn\n∂ R߃ ]nd-tIm´v Xncn™v A°sc \n∂v s]s´-s∂mcp Iqh¬ Hmbv... (C\nbßv Ubtem-Km-Wv). bphm-°ƒ : BcmXv ? (s]-s´∂v Xncn™v Hcp t\m´w,hr≤-\mb Hcp a\p-jy≥ Dds° hnfn-°p-∂p.) bphmhv : Um AXn-bm-\mSm ]nip-°≥ tPm¿÷.v thsdm-cmƒ : F¥mWv?

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hr≤≥ : F\n°v acp∂v Ign-°m≥ CØncn sh≈w Xcptam? (Bcpw an≠p-∂n√ Nne bphm-°ƒ apJw ISp-∏n-°p-∂p. ]ns∂bpw Dds° Aedn hnfn-°p-∂p.) Fs‚ jpK-dns‚ acp∂v Ign-°m\m CØncn sh≈w FØn-°ptam? H∂mw \ne GI-tZiw aqSn \n¬°p∂p Hcp ho´n¬ c≠mw \ne-bn¬ \n∂v B a\p-jy≥ tNmZn-°p-∂p. bphm-°t- fmSv : Um CØncn sh≈w sIm≠pt]mbn sImSp-°m≥ Btcm ]d-bp-∂p. bphmhv : Rm≥ sImSp-Øn√ R߃ : Fs¥-Sm, acp-∂n\t√. \o sh≈w h≠n-bn¬ \n∂v FSpØv sImSp°v bphmhv : sImSp- Ø n- √ . R߃ HmW In‰n\mbn CØncn ss]km tNmZn-®-t∏mƒ Abmƒ ]d-bmWv ]d-ºn¬ ]Wn-sb-SpØm¬ ]´nWn D≠m-hn-√. Rm≥ ss]km Xcn√ F∂p ]d™v Rßsf Cd°n hn´p. hr≤≥ : a°-sf CØncn sh≈w sIm≠p hmSm.... (F√m-hcpsSbpw \n¿_-‘-Øn¬ B bphm-°ƒ sh≈-Øn-eqsS sN∂v sh≈w sImSp-Øn´v ]d™p) bphmhv : A∏p-dsØ sN√-ΩmΩ ]Wn-sbSp-Øn´v HmW-In-‰n\p X∂ 20 cq]bv°v hmßnb sh≈am IpSn-t®. XncnsI h∂n´v bphmhv : F\n°v Xr]vXn-bmbn. Ic-W°p‰nbv°Sn-°Ww Ft∂m¿ØXmWv. A∂v ho´n¬ \n∂n- d - ß nb sN√- Ω m- Ω sS ss]kbv°v sh≈w hmßn-sb∂p ]d-™n´mWv ]nip-°≥ sh≈w sImSp-ØX - v. (IqSn \n∂-h¿ F√mw Nncn®p. hr≤≥ sh≈w IpSn-®p)

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hymgmgvN _mKv ]m°v sNbvXv hmkptZ-h\ - n-dß - n. ]pe-cp-tºmƒ A—-s\m-cp-°nb IWn Ah≥ I≠n-cp-∂p. sh‰n-ebn¬ h® A©p cq]-bpsS kz¿Æ \nd-ap≈ \mWbhpw Ah≥ ssI\o-´ambn FSp- Ø n- c p- ∂ p. sh≈n-bmgvN Ign™p, i\n Ign™p hmkp-tZh≥ C\nbpw h∂nt√? CXp- ] - X n- h m- b - X psIm≠v cma- \ m- Y \v DXvI-WvT-sbm∂pw tXm∂n-bn-√. Hcp t^m¨ hnfn t]mepw CXp- h sc h∂n- √ . FØn tlm´- e n¬ apdn- s b- S pØp F∂p ]d™v tkXp-e-£vansb hnfn-®-X√msX ]n∂oSv Hcp hnh-c-hp-an-√. tkXp-e£van°pw DXvIWvT D≠m-bn-cp-∂p.

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Xn¶- f mgv N cma- \ m- Y ≥ Hm^o- k n¬ t]mbn- Zn-\-N-cy-I-fn¬ Hcp am‰hpw h∂n√. sshIp-t∂cw ho´n¬ h∂-t∏m-g-dn™p aIs\-°p-dn®v C\nbpw hnh-c-sam-∂p-an-s√-∂v. tkXp-e-£van-bpsS i_vZw IqSn-b-t∏mƒ Abmƒ Xs‚ kplr- Ø n- s \bpw Iq´n t]meokv tÃj-\n-te°v t]mbn. ]nt‰∂v cma- \ m- Y s‚ t^m¨ i_vZn®p sk≥{S¬ tÃj-\n¬ \n∂p-am-Wv. Hcp kwi-b-ap≠v tImh-fØv Hcp t_mUn In´n-bn-´p-≠v. AXmtWm F∂-t\z-jn-°m≥ DS≥Xs∂ tImh-f-sØ-Øn. 117 117



∂……∆ i… EÚ“ ∂…÷∞¸+…i… ®…÷∫E÷ÚÆ˙…Ω˛]ı ∫…‰ Ω˛…‰i…“ Ω˲.... * ®…∆ V…±…‰ =xEÚ…‰ ®…±…i…“ Ω˲, V…x…E‰Ú ∫…{…x…… ®… V……x… Ω˛…‰i…“ Ω˲ * ∫…°«Ú {…∆J…… ∫…‰ E÷ÚUÙ x…Ω˛” Ω˛…‰i…… n˘…‰∫i…… Ω˛…Â∫…±…… ∫…‰ =b˜ı…x… Ω˛…‰i…“ Ω˲ * V…xn˘M…“ ®… +∫…±…“ ∫…°Ú±…i…… Ω˛®… i…¶…“ Ω˛… ∫…±… EÚÆ˙ ∫…EÚi…‰ Ω˲, V…§… Ω˛®… n⁄˘∫…Æ˙… EÚ…‰ ∫…°Ú±… Ω˛…‰x…‰ ®… ®…n˘n˘ EÚÆ˙x…… ∫…“J… ±…‰i…‰ Ω˲ * =x… {…Æ˙ v™……x… ®…i… n˘“ V…B, V……‰ +…{…EÚ“ {…“`ˆ E‰Ú {…“U‰Ù §……i… EÚÆ˙i…‰ Ω˲ * <∫…EÚ… ∫…“v…… ∫…… ®…i…±…§… Ω˲ * +…{… =x…∫…¬‰ n˘…‰ EÚn˘®… +…M…‰ Ω˲ *



Smitha S. Anand Natural Science Second Year

Programmes photo

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1. s_\ym-an≥ (ssZ-hØ - ns‚ hew-ssI ˛ lo{_p) t]cnse hyXy-kvXX I¿Ω-taJ-eb - n¬ kzm[o\w sNepØn-bn-´pt≠m?

bn¬ Cu \ntbmKw Gs‰-Sp-°p-Ib - m-Wv. F√mw hfsc bmZr-›n-Ia - mbn h∂p tNcp∂-Xm-Wv F∂m-Wv Icp-Xp-∂X - .v

A√, ]e-t∏mgpw \Ωƒ Hcp hmb-\° - mc≥ ]pkvXI - ß - ƒ sXc-s™-Sp-°p-∂Xv ]ehn[ Imc-Wß - ƒ sIm≠mWv. Fgp-Øp-Imcs‚ t]cv hfsc {][m-\s - ∏´ H∂m-sW∂v hnNm-cn-°p-∂p. Fs‚ bYm¿∞ t]cv s_∂n F∂m-Wv. s_∂n F∂ t]cv ImWp- ∂ - X n- s \- ° mƒ hmb- \ - ° m¿°v ]pkvXIw sXc-s™-Sp-°p-tºmƒ BI¿jIXzw tXm∂p-∂Xv s_\ym-an≥ F∂p ImWp-tºmfmWv F∂p Icp-Xp-∂p. ImcWw hmb\-°m¿ Ft∏mgpw hyXykv X - a mb t]cp- I ƒ, ]pkvXI - ß - f - psS Xe-s°´p-Iƒ CXn-sems° Hcp ]pXpa Is≠-Øm≥ {ian°p-∂p-≠.v ]ns∂ Fs‚ Pohn-Xh - p-ambn Xmc-aXyw sNbvXv ]d-bp-Ib - m-sW-¶n¬ \n›-b-ambpw ssZh-Øns‚ hen-sbmcp Icp-Xs - ems° Fs‚ FgpØn¬ Ds≠-∂mWv Rm≥ hnNm-cn-°p-∂Xv. ImcWw Hcn-°epw Hcp kmln-Xy-Im-c\m-IW - s - a∂v hnNm-cn-°p-Itbm kmln-Xyhn-jbw sF—n-I-ambn FSpØp ]Tn-°pItbm sNbv X Hcm- f √ Rm≥. Rm≥ F©n-\o-bd - nwKv BWv ]Tn-®X - .v Aß-s\sbms°bm- W v Kƒ^n¬ t]mIp- ∂ - X v . km[m-cW Hcp tPmen-°m-c\ - m-bn Pohn®p XpS-ßp-tºmƒ AhnsS \n∂v Fs¥m s°tbm Nne \ntbm-Kß - fpsS ]n≥_-eØn-emWv Fgp-Øn-tebv°v hcp-∂X - v. A t∏m-ƒ AXv \n›-ba - mbn Rm≥ B{Kln® Hcp hgntb Bbn-cp-∂n-√, \Ωƒ AhnsS FØ-s∏-Sp-Ib - m-W.v B FØ-s∏-Se - ns‚ hgn-

2. ho´nse ]›m-Øew Fgp-Øp-Im-cs\ krjvSn-°p-∂X - n¬ hln® ]¶v F¥mWv?

130 130


H∂v, Rm≥ ho´nse H‰-bmb ]p{X-\m-bn-cp∂p. Fs‚ ktlm-Zcn Bdv hb v aqØXmWv. sNdp∏w apX¬ A\p-`-hn® Hcp GIm- ¥- X bpw AXv \ΩpsS D≈nse \tΩm-Sp-Xs∂ kwkm-cn-°m-\p≈ hensbmcp Ah-kc - a- m-W.v Fgp-Øp-Im-c≥ BIpI F∂p- ] - d - b p- t ºmƒ Xs∂ ]pdw-tem-I-hp-ambn kwkm-cn-°p-∂X - n¬ A[nIw-Xs∂ \Ωƒ AItØmSv, \Ω-tfm-Sp-Xs∂ kwkm-cn-°p∂ Hcp Ahÿ-bm-sW∂p ]d-bmw. kzm`m-hn-Ia - m-bn´pw AXv Aßs\ km[y-am-bn-´p≠v F∂mWv. ]ns∂ a‰p-Xc-Øn-ep≈ _mly-amb IcpXep-Iƒ D≠m-bn-´pt≠m F∂v F\n°v Adn-™p-Iq-Sm. ImcWw Fs‚ IpSpw-_Øn¬ Aßs\ hym]-Ia - mbn hmbn-°p-∂h¿ D≠m-bn-cp-∂n-√. AΩ-bpsS A—≥ \∂mbn hmbn°p∂ Bfm-bn-cp-∂p. AΩ-bpsS A—s‚ ssIbn¬ [mcmfw ]pkvXI - ß - ƒ I≠n-´p≠v. ]t£ B Hcp {]tNm-Z\ - Ø - n¬ \n∂mbn-cn°mw ]n∂oSv ]pkvXI - ß - t- fmSv CjvSsams° tXm∂n-bX - v F∂mWv Rm≥ IcpXp-∂X - v. {][m-\a - mbn Rm≥ Icp-Xp-∂X - v, H∂v, Fs‚ amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ Ah-cpsS kz]v\ß - ƒ Fs‚-ta¬ FSp-Øp-h® - n-´n-√. Rm≥ F¥mbn-Øo-cm≥ B{K-ln-®pthm AXm-bn-Xo-cm≥ Ah¿ Fs∂ A\p-hZ- n-®p.

]e-tâˆ?mgpw amXm-]n-Xm-°Ć’ Ah-cpsS kz]v\-Ă&#x;Ć’ a°-fpsStaÂŹ ASn-tÂŽÂŹ]n°p∂ ImgvNb - mWv I≠p-hc - p-∂X - .v Fs‚ amXm-]n-Xm-°Ć’°v Fs∂-°p-dnÂŽv AĂ&#x;s\ kz]v\-Ă&#x;Ć’ C√m-bn-cp-∂p. FÂĽm-bn-Ă˜ocm≼ Rm≼ B{K-ln-ÂŽpthm AXm-bn-Ă˜ocm≼ Ign-™p-sh-∂mWv hniz-kn-°p-∂X - .v 3 ]≈nbpw {InkvXob Pohn-Xhpw FgpĂ˜ns\ kzm[o-\n-ÂŽn-´pt≠m ? kzm`m-hn-I-am-bn´pw D≠m-Ipw. \â„ŚpsS PohnXw Xs∂-bmWv Fgp-Ă˜p-If - nÂŹ Hs° {]Xn-^e - n-°p-I. H∂pw hmbn-°p-Ib - n-söp ]d-bp-tÂşmgpw F√m {InkvXob IpSpw-_Ă&#x;-fn-sebpw t]mse sshIn´v ss__nĆ’ hmbn- ° p∂ ioew D≠m- b n- c p- ∂ p. ss__nĆ’ kzm`m-hn-I-am-bn´v ]n°mesĂ˜ Fs‚ Fgp-Ă˜nÂŹ \nc-ÂĽcw kzm[o\n-ÂŽn-´p-≠.v BSp-Po-hn-Xw F∂ IrXn-sb-°pdnÂŽv kwkm-cn-°p-tÂşmĆ’t]mepw AXnse IYm-]m-{X-Ă&#x;fpw Pohn-Xk - Âľ - Âż`-Ă&#x;f - p-sa√mw

C‌m-an-I-am-Wv, FÂśnÂŹt]mepw AXn-\IĂ˜v apt∂m- ´ p- h - b v ° p∂ ZÂżi\w ss__nĆ’ apt∂m-´p-h-bv°p∂ {]Xymi F∂ ZÂżi-\a- m-W.v AXv Adn-bmsX \â„ŚpsS {Inkv X o- b - P o- h n- X - Ă˜ nÂŹ, ]≈n- b nÂŹ t]m°nÂŹ\n∂v, k¨tU-kvIqĆ’ ]T-\Ă˜nÂŹ\n- ∂ v , ss__nĆ’ hm- b - \ - b nÂŹ \ns∂ms° Adn-bmsX D≠m-Ip-∂X - m-W.v AĂ&#x;s\ Hmtcm a\p- j ys‚ D≈nepw AĂ˜-c-Ă˜n-ep≈ Hcp kzm[o\w AdnbmsX D≠m-Ipw. ss__nĆ’ F√m-Ă˜c - Ă˜nepw Fs∂ kzm[o-\n-ÂŽn´p≠v. ]n°meĂ˜v A_o-i-Kn≼, {]hm-N-I-∑m-cpsS c≠mw ]pkvXIw F∂o t\mh-ep-If - nÂŹ B kzm[o-\sĂ˜ Is≠-Ă˜m≼ Ign-bpw. ]n∂oSv amÂĽ-fn-cnse Ccp-]Xp Iayq-WnĂƒv hÂżj-Ă&#x;Ć’ F∂ t\mh-ense k`bpw IayqWnĂƒv hnizm-khpw Xâ„Śn-ep≈ X¿°hpw k` FĂ&#x;- s \- b mWv CXn- s \- s bms° ImWp-∂X - ,v k`-bn-ep-≈h - Âż FĂ&#x;-s\-bmWv CXns\ adn-I-S-°p-∂Xv CĂ&#x;-s\-bp≈ [mcmfw Imcy-Ă&#x;s - f-°p-dnÂŽv \ap°v 131 131


Hcp t_m[w D≠m-Ip-∂Xv Cu Hcp {InkvXob ]›m-Øe - Ø - n¬ \n∂pX-s∂-bm-W.v IY-Iƒ- H-s°-Øs∂ ]cn-tim-[n-®m¬ ]pd-Øp-\n∂p ImWp∂ Hcmƒ°v {Inkv X ob ]›m-Øew Xs∂ Is≠-Øm\mIpw.

4. "ssZh-Øns‚ hewssI' F∂v A¿∞w hcp∂ t]cneqsS kmln-Xy-Øn¬ ]pXn-sbmcp hgnXp-d° - p-∂X - n\pw AXn-eqsS Xt‚Xmb Hcp kw`m-h\ \evIWw F∂ Dt±-iy-ap-≠m-bn-cpt∂m? kzm`m-hn-I-ambn t]cn-Sp-tºmƒ Fs∂ Bcpw Xncn-®d- n-bc - pXv F∂p≈-Xm-bn-cp∂p {][m-\s - ∏´ Imcyw. ImcWw Fs‚ kplr-Øp-°ƒ Hs°-Øs∂ Fs∂-°mƒ \∂m bn hmbn-°p-∂-hcpw kmlnXyw Adn-bp-∂-h-cp-am-bn-cp∂p. Ahscms° sse{_-dn-bn¬ t]mhpI bpw, ]pkv X - I - ß - s f°pdn®p kwkm-cn-°p-I-bp-sams° sNøptºmƒ hfsc Zqsc \n∂v tIƒ°pI-am-{Xw s - N-bX v n-´p≈ hy‡n-bmWv Rm≥. Ah-cpsS ap∂n-tebv°v ]n∂oSv Rm≥ Fgp-Øp-Im-c\ - mbn IS-∂p-hc - p-tºmƒ F\n°p hen-bt]-Sn-bm-bn-cp-∂p. AXp-sIm≠p Xs∂ Hcp t]cns‚ ]n∂n¬ ad™n-cn-°pI F∂ e£yw am{Xta A∂p- ≠ m- b n- c p- ∂ p- ≈ p. ]t£,

132 132

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]n┬г┬░m-e├ўv Fgp├ўp Xp-S-├Ъn-b-tРѕЈmкњ kaq-l├ў - n┬г CXp-hsc IРЅаn-┬┤n-Рѕџm├ў PohnX-├Ъs - f┬░p-dn-┬«,v ]d-Рёбn-┬┤n-Рѕџm├ў IY-Is - f┬░p-dn┬«v thdn┬┤ hgn-bn-eqsS k┬Е-cn-┬░Ww FРѕѓ t_m[yw DРЅаm-bn-cp-Рѕѓp. Hmtcm Fgp├ўp-Im-c\pw DРЅаm-IpРѕѓXv A├Ъ-s\-Xs - РѕѓbmWv FРѕѓmWv Icp-Xp-РѕѓXv. ImcWw \Рёдкњ \nc-┬Цcw ImWp-Ibpw A\p-`h - n-┬░pIbpw sN├ИpРѕѓ Imcy-├Ъкњ \Рёдкњ Nne ]pkvXI - ├Ъ - f - n┬г hmbn-┬«d- n-bp-t┬║mкњ, ]t┬Б AXv Fhn-sSbpw ImWmsX hcp-t┬║mкњ CXv kmln-Xy-├ўn┬г AS-bm-fs - РѕЈ-Sp-├ўn-bn┬┤n-РѕџtРѕџm FРѕѓv hnNm-cn┬«v \Рёдкњ Fgp-XmРЅЦ {ian-┬░p-Рѕѓp. \nРђ║-ba - mbpw thdn┬┤ hgn-bneqsS \S-┬░mРЅЦ {ian-┬«n-┬┤p-РЅаv. ap┬║p- ] - d - Рёб - X p- t ]mse hfsc bmZr- Рђ║ n- I - a mbn \ntbm-K├Ъ - f - psS Hcp-hg- nbn-eqsS \S-┬░p-t┬║mкњ kw`- h n- ┬« p- t ]m- I p- Рѕѓ XmWv. 5. Hmtcm cN-\-Ifpw Fgp- X n- ┬░ - g n- b p- t ┬║mкњ Xm┬Х-fpsS B№гѓ-hn-izmkw IqSp-Ib - mtWm sN├Иp-РѕѓX - v? Hmtcm t\mhepw Hcp ]pXnb A\p-`hw BsW-РѕѓmWv F\n┬░p tXmРѕѓp-РѕѓX - v. FgpXn-┬░g- n-bp-t┬║mкњ AXv Xo┬┐Рѕѓp. Hcp IpРёбv \S-┬░mРЅЦ ]Tn-┬░p-Рѕѓ-Xp-t]mse, hoРЅаpw HtРѕѓ FРѕѓv \SРѕѓp ]Tn┬░p-РѕѓXp t]msebmWv Hcp ]pXnb t\mh┬г Fgp-Xp-РѕѓX - .v AXv B№гѓ-hn-izmkw Iq┬┤p-Ib - Рѕџ, bYm┬┐Рѕъ├ўn┬г Ipd-b┬░ v p-Ib - mWv sN├Иp-РѕѓX - .v Hmtcm ]pXnb t\mh┬г Fgp-Xp-t┬║mfpw \РёдpsS D├ў-ch - m-ZnXzw IqSp-Рѕѓp. \РёдpsS taepРЅѕ {]Xo- ┬Б - I књ IqSp- Рѕѓ p. ]pc- k v I mcw sImРЅаpw Bfp-If - psS kvt\lw-sImРЅаpw

IqSp-X┬г IqSp-X┬г D├ў-ch - m-Zn-Xz-├Ъкњ DРЅаmIp-Рѕѓp. Ahm┬┐Up-Iкњ e`n-┬░p-Рѕѓ-Xp-hsc kzX-{┬Ц-\mbn Fgp-Xp-hm-\pРЅѕ kzmX-{┬Цyap-РЅаm-bn-cp-Рѕѓp. Ahm┬┐Up-Iкњ \РёдpsS ta┬г IqSp-X┬г D├ў-ch - m-Zn-Xz-├Ъкњ┬░qSn Gev]n┬░p-I-bm-Wv. \n├Ъ-fn┬г\nРѕѓv IqSp-X┬г R├Ъкњ {]Xo-┬Бn-┬░p-Рѕѓp FРѕѓv IqSp-X┬г Bfp-Iкњ hmbn-┬░p-t┬║mкњ \Рёд-tfm-Sp-]d - b - pI-bm-W.v ]pc-kI v m-c├Ъ - књ \Рёдp-sS-ta┬г hensbmcp `mc-amWv \evIp-РѕѓXv.

6. BSp-Po-hnXw FРѕѓ t\mh-em-WtРѕџm Xm┬Хsf Fgp-├ўp-Im-c-s\Рѕѓ \nebv┬░v {]i-kvX-\m-┬░n-b-Xv. hyРђАn-]-camb {]hm-kP - o-hnXw GXphn-[├ў - n-emWv t\mh-en┬г {]Xn-^e - n-┬«n-┬┤p-РЅѕXv ? [mcm-fa- m-bn-┬┤p-РЅа.v ]pd-├ўp\nРѕѓp hmbn-┬░pРѕѓ Hcm sf kw_-Рђўn-┬«n-St- ├ўmfw AXv \Po-_nsРђџ Hcp IYbm- W v . F┬Хn┬гt]mepw RmРЅЦ ]Xn- \ ┬Еp h┬┐jt├ўmfw Kкњ^n┬г DРЅаm-bn-cp-Рѕѓp. AXn\ptij-amWv B t\mh┬г FgpXp-РѕѓX - .v AtРѕЈmкњ kzm`m-hn-Ia - mbpw RmРЅЦ A\p-`h - n┬« GIm-┬ЦX - , FsРђџ HРђ░-sРѕЈ-S┬г, FsРђџ ac-hn-РѕЈ,v FsРђџ PohnXw, acp-`q-an-bnse FsРђџ A\p-`h - ├Ъ - књ, A├Ъs\ [mcmfw Imcy├Ъкњ hcn-Iкњ┬░n-Sb - n┬г AXn-ep-РЅаv. Hmtcm hcn Fgp-Xp-t┬║mgpw RmРЅЦ IS-Рѕѓpt]mb ]Xn-\┬Е - p-h┬┐js├ў Hmtcm Hmtcm A\p-`-h-├Ъfpw AXn┬г DРЅаm-bn-cp-Рѕѓp. A├Ъs\ kq┬Бvaa - mb Hcp k┬х┬┐`w ]d-bW-sa-┬Хn┬г \Po_v Hcp IpРёбn-s┬«-Snsb ImWpРѕѓ Hcp A\p-`hw AXn┬г ]d-bpРѕѓp-РЅа.v AXv bYm┬┐Рѕъ-├ўn┬г Hcp

133 133

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Znhkw sXcp-hn-eqsS \S-∂p-t]m-Ip-tºmƒ Rm≥ I≠ Hcp Ip™n-s®-SnX-s∂-bm-W.v AXv Fs‚ Bfl-hn-izmkw hf¿Øn-b hn[w Ct∏mgpw Hm¿°p-∂p-≠.v acp-`q-an-bpsS \Sp-hn¬ Hcp Ip™n-s®-Sn°v hf-cm-sa-¶n¬ a\p-jy≥ F∂ \ne-bn¬ F\n°pw ChnsS kzbw AS-bm-f-s∏-Sp-tØ-≠Xp≠t√m F∂v Rm≥ Ft∂m-Sp-Xs∂ ]d-™- Hcp A\p-`h - a - mWv AXv. ]t£ ]n∂oSv AXv Fs‚ D≈n-tebv°v Adn-bmsX hcn-Ibpw, AXp as‰mcp IYm-kµ - ¿`w Bbn-Øo-cpIbpw sNbvXp F∂p≈Xm-W.v ! B t\mhen-ep-S-\ofw Fs‚ kz]v\-߃, Fs‚ hnNm-c-߃, Fs‚ Z¿i-\-߃, Fs‚ Zp:Jß-sfms° hoWp-In-S∏ - p-≠.v

7. BSpPohnXw Ne-®n{XamIms\mcpßp∂p. kmln-Xy-Ir-Xn-Iƒ Ne-®n-{X-am-Iptºmƒ IrXn-tbmSp \qdp-iX - a - m\w \oXn]p-e¿Øm≥ km[n-°ptam? A√, kmln-Xyhpw kn\n-abpw c≠msW∂v Xncn- ® - d n- ™ m¬ B hnjbw \ap°v ]cn- l - c n- ° m- h p- ∂ - t X- b p- ≈ p. kmlnXyw \Ωƒ hmbn-°p-tºmƒ \Ωƒ Hmtcm-cpØpw \Ωp-tS-Xmb Nne kz]v\߃ ImWp-Ibpw \Ωƒ \Ωp-tS-Xmb IrXn kzbw ]Wn-Xp-b¿-Øp-Ibpw sNøp∂p. \n߃ A©pt]¿ BSp-Po-hnXw hmbn-®p-sh-¶n¬ A©p-Xc - Ø - n-emWv AXv hmbn-®n-cn-°p-∂-Xv. \Ωƒ \Ωp-tS-Xmb coXn-bn-emWv hmbn-°p-∂X - .v AXns‚ Hcp hymJym\w am{X-amWv \n߃ kn\n-ab - n¬ ImWp-∂Xv. AXv kwhn-[m-bI - s‚ hymJym\-am-W.v AXv \Ωƒ I≠ kz]v\ß - f - pambn bmsXmcp _‘-hp-an-√. \Ωƒ kn\na ImWp-tºmƒ Ft∏mgpw sNøp-∂Xv \Ωƒ I≠ kz]v\ß - s - f-°m-ƒ apI-fn-emtWm Cu

134 134

134 134

kz]v\w \n¬°p-∂Xv F∂mWv XmcXayw sNøp-∂Xv. Rm≥ I≠ acp-`q-antb-°mƒ at\m-lc - a - mb acp-`q-an-bmtWm CXv ? Rm≥ I≠ akdv t]mse-bmtWm akdv kn\n-a-bn¬ \ne-\n¬°p-∂Xv F∂v Xmc-Xa - yw sNøp-Ibpw \Ω-fpsS kz]v\a - mWv hep-sX-¶n¬ \Ωƒ Cu kn\na tami-am-sW∂p ]d-bp-Ibpw sNøpw. Aß-s\-bmWv ]e-t∏mgpw kmln-Xy-Ir-Xn-I-tf-°mƒ tami-amWv kn\na F∂p hymJym-\n-°p-Ibpw sNøp∂p. At∏mƒ AXnepw at\m-lc-ambn, \n߃ Hmtcm-cp-Øcpw I≠Xn-t\-°mƒ at\m-lc - a - msbmcp temIw-

8. Hcp t\mh┬г/sNdp-IY ]q┬┐├ўo- I - c n- ┬░ m- s \- S p┬░pРѕѓ ka-bs - a-{X-t├ўm-famWv ?

kr-jSv n-┬░emWv kwhn-[m-bI - sРђџ shРѕџp-hnfn FРѕѓp]-db - p-РѕѓXv. AtРѕЈmкњ├ўsРѕѓ AXv kwhn-[m-bI - sРђџ am{Xw hymJym-\hpw kz]v\h - p-am-sWРѕѓ t_m[yw \ap┬░v DРЅаm-IW - w. kmln-Xyw F - t- РѕЈmgpw kmlnXyambn \nev ┬░ p- I bpw \РёдpsS kz]v \ - ├Ъ књ FtРѕЈmgpw kz]v\a - mbn \n┬г┬░p-Ibpw sN├ИpРѕѓp FРѕѓXm-Wv. A├Ъs\ Hmtcm hmb-\-┬░m-csРђџ kz]v\├Ъкњ┬░v apI-fn┬г kz]v\w ]Wn-bm-\mWv s┬фkn {ian┬«p-sImРЅаncn-┬░p-Рѕѓ-Xv. \n├Ъкњ B kn\na ImWpt┬║mкњ C{Xbpw at\m-lc - a - mbn RmРЅЦ hmb-\b - n┬г AXp IРЅаnРѕџ FРѕѓpw, Xo┬БvWa - mbn hmb-\b - n┬г F\n┬░v A\p-`h - s - РѕЈ-┬┤nРѕџ FРѕѓpw Hm┬┐an-РѕЈn-┬░m-\pРЅѕ {ia-amWv \S-├ўp-РѕѓX - .v AXv hnP-bn-┬░W - s - a-Рѕѓp-РЅѕXv R├Ъ-fpsS Hcm-{K-la - m-W.v

AXv Hmtcm krjv S nsbbpw B{i-bn-┬«n-cn-┬░pw. AXp \ap┬░p ]d-bmРЅЦ Ignbp-I-bn-Рѕџ. BSpPohnXw aqРѕѓp- h ┬┐jw FSp- ├ў p. aРёб-sh-bn┬г ac-W├Ъ - књ A┬Еp-h┬┐j-├Ъ-sf-Sp-├ўp. A┬г╦ЏA-td-_yРЅЦ t\mh┬г ^mIvSdn \mep h┬┐jw sImРЅаmWv Fgp-Xn-b-Xv. am┬Ц- f ncnse Ccp]Xp Iayq- W n├Ѓv h┬┐j- ├Ъ књ aqРѕѓp h┬┐j-├Ъкњ sImРЅаm Wv Fgp-Xn-bX - .v A├Ъs\ ]e Imew sImРЅаmWv \РёдpsS DРЅѕn┬г Hcp hn├ўp]mIn AXv apf┬«p hcp-РѕѓXv. AXv \ap-┬░-dnbmРЅЦ Ign-bpw. CXp \РёдpsS-bp-РЅѕn┬г hnI-kn-┬░p-РѕѓpsРЅаРѕѓpw Cu t\mh┬г \Рёд-tfm-sSmРѕЈw k┬Е-cn-┬«pXp-S├Ъn┬░gn-Рёбm┬г ]nsРѕѓ \Рёдкњ ]e-h-┬┤w- FgpXn \ap┬░v Xr]vXn-bm-IpРѕѓ Hcp Imew hcpw. C\nbpw CXn-\I - ├ўv HРѕѓpw sN├Иm\nРѕџ FРѕѓ Nn┬Ц hcpw hsc \Рёдкњ AXns\ sImРЅаpt]m- I pw. AXphsc \РёдpsS DРЅѕn-semcp Akw-Xr]vXn InS-┬░pw. AXp-sImРЅаvv h┬┐jw Hcn┬░epw \nРђ║-bn-┬░mРЅЦ 135 135

135 135

Ign-bp-Ib - n-√. hf-sc-thKw Fgp-Xn-Xo¿Ø IY-I-fp-≠v. F∂m¬ F´pw H≥]Xpw ]Øpw amk-Øn--\p-tijw {]kn-≤o-Ic - n® IY-If - p-ap-≠.v AXp-sIm≠v Ime-L´w h®psIm≠v Fgp-Xp-hm≥ Ign-bp-Ib - n-√. CXv Hcp ]{X-{]-h¿Ø-\a - √ - t- √m. ]{X-{]-h¿Ø-I\v Hcp hnjbw In´nbm¬ \n›nX ka-bØ - n\p-≈n¬ FgpXn \¬IWw F∂ Npa-Xe - bp-≠v. ]t£, CXß-s\-b√ - . Hm¿lm≥ ]mapIv ]d-bp-∂X - p-t]mse kqNn-sIm≠v InW¿ Ipgn-°p-∂X - p-t]m-se-bm-Wv t\mhse- g p- X p- ∂ - X v . iq\y- X - b n¬ \n∂m- W v ]pXnb temIw krjvSn-s®Sp-°p-∂Xv . AXn- s \mcp Ime- a n- √ . AXp \ΩpsS D≈n¬ hnIkn-®p-hc - n-Ib - m-W.v

9. Fgp-Xp-hm\mbn {]tXy I ÿew sXc-s™-Sp°m-dpt≠m ? F\n-°-ßs\ Imev]-\nI kz]v \ - ß - s fm∂pan- √ . F\ns°s‚ ho´n-en-cp-∂mse FgpØp hcnI-bp≈p F∂p am{X-ta-bp-≈p. ho´n¬ kzÿambn Ccn- ° p∂ ka- b Øp am{XamWv Fgp-Xmdp-≈Xv. Fs‚ apºn¬ A\-¥-amb kabw Ds≠∂v tXm∂ptºmƒ am{Xta Rm≥ Fgp-Xm-dp-≈p. AXpsIm≠v Rm≥ cm{Xnbn¬ IqSp-X¬ kabw Ccn-°pw. t\cw ]pe-cp∂Xp-hsc F\n°p kabap≠t√m Fgp-Xm≥ F∂p≈ Hcp tXm∂¬ F\n-°p-≠m-Ip-∂p. AXpsIm≠p IqSq-X¬ kabw cm{Xn Fgp-Xp-∂p. 10. Fgp- Ø n- √ mØ ka- b - ß - f n¬ Fs¥√mw {]h¿Ø-\ß - f - n-emWv Xm¶ƒ {i≤ tI{µo-Ic - n-°p-∂Xv ? 136 136


[mcm-f-ambn hmbn-°pw. Fs‚ ho´n¬ `£Ww ]mIwsNøp- ∂ Xv Rm\m- W v . [mcmfw bm{X-sNøpw, ss{Uhv sNøpw, Ip´nI-fpsS Imcyw t\m°pw. Aßs\ F√mØcw {]h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ sNøm≥ B{K-ln°p∂ HcmfmWv Rm≥. 11. kmln-Xy- cN\ \S-Øp-tºmƒ AXn¬ ]q¿Æ-amb kwXr]vXn tXm∂n-bn-´pt≠m? ]q¿WX F∂Xv a\p-jy\v km[y-amb H∂√ ssZh-Øn\v am{Xw km[y-amb H∂msW∂mWv Rm≥ Icp-Xp-∂X - .v Ft∏mgpw A]q¿Æ- X \ΩpsS a\- n¬ D≠m-Ipw. F{X {]mhiyw XncpØn Fgp- X n- ° - g n™mepw ]n∂oSv {]kn≤o-I-cn®pIgn-bp-tºmƒ A]q¿WX tXm∂pw. F∂m¬ Rm≥ AXns\-°p-dn®v thh-em-Xn-s∏Sp-I-tbm, ]n∂oSv CXv Cßs\ Xncp-Øn-sb-gpXm-am-bn-cp-∂p-sh∂v Nn¥n°pItbm C√. ImcWw Hcp IrXn {]kn-≤o-I-cn-®p-I-gn-™m¬ AXv hmb-\° - m-cs - ‚bpw kaq-lØ - n-t‚-XpamWv. AXp-sIm≠p Ign-™-Xn-tebv°p Xncn-™p-t\m-°p-Ibn√. AXp-sIm≠mWv ]pXnb IrXn Fgp-Xp-∂X - .v Ft∏m-sg-¶nepw Rm≥ AXv ]q¿W-ambn Fgp-Xn-Øo¿∂p, AXn¬ kwXr-]X v \ - m-sW∂p tXm∂n-°g- n™m¬ ]n∂oSv F\n°p as‰mcp IrXn-bntebv°v Hcn-°epw t]mIm≥ Ign-bp-Ib - n-√. B¿°pw Ah-cpsS Hcp {]h¿Øn-bnepw ]q¿WX ImWp-hm≥ Ign-bp-Ib - n-√. Rm≥ Akw-Xr-]X v \ - m-bn-cp∂ Ime-ØmWv \ap°v ho≠pw ho≠p-aXv sNøm-\p≈ Hcp Xzc \Ωp-sS-bp-≈n-ep-≠m-Ip-∂X - .v Rms\-t∏mgpw hnNm- c n°pw Rms\- g p- X m≥ t]mI∂ ASpØ IrXn ]q¿W-ambpw at\m-lc - a- mbpw

C├Ъs\ tdm╦Џ-sa-Рђ░o-cn-b┬г t]mse \nev ┬░pРѕѓ HРѕѓm-Wv. AXns\ \Рёдкњ IYmhXvI-cn-┬░pI FРѕѓXv {][m-\-sРѕЈ┬┤ HРѕѓpw shРѕџp-hnfn \nd-РёбX - p-am-Wv. Ncn{Xw IYbm-┬░mРЅЦ Ign-Рёбn-sРѕџ-┬Хn┬г hmb-\-┬░-c\v apjnРѕЈv A\p-`-h-sРѕЈ-SpРѕѓp. AXns\ IY12. ""Ncn{Xw Hcp \mSnsРђџ PohnX bmbn ]cn- h ┬┐├ўn- РѕЈ n- ┬░ pI FРѕѓ- X mWv IYbmWv; kmlnXyw AXnsРђџ B№гѓ-I- AXnse GРђ░hpw henb shРѕџp-hn-fn. AXv Ybpw '' ╦Џ FРѕѓv lUvk┬е ]d-bp-Рѕѓp. Cu \Рёдкњ \mSnsРђџ Ncn{Xw FgpXpt┬║mкњ, hm┬░p-Isf km[q-I-cn-┬░p-Рѕѓ-h-bmWv {]tXy-In┬«v Ncn{Xw Fgp-Xp-t┬║mкњ AXn-\Xm┬Х-fpsS cN-\I - f - n┬г A[n-Ih - pw. NcnIs├ў kXy-k-РђўX {][m-\-sРѕЈ-┬┤-Xm-Wv. {Xs├ў A`n-kw-t_m-[-\-sN-├Иp-Ibpw AXns\ ]p\┬┐\n┬┐an-┬░p-Ibpw sN├Иp-t┬║m- \Рёдкњ Ncn-{Xs├ў ^n┬Б-\m-bn-s┬┤gpXpgp- РЅа m- I pРѕѓ {][m\ shРѕџp- h n- f n- I књ t┬║mкњ "Ncn{Xw' AXn-sРђџ-bp-РЅѕn┬г kXyk-Рђўa - mbn \mUo-Rc - ┬║pt]mse \n┬гt┬░F┬ЦmWv? РЅа-Xm-Wv. B ka-b-├ўp-X-sРѕѓ AXn┬г Ncn-{X-s├ў-┬░p-dn┬«v Fgp-Xp-t┬║mgpРЅѕ Hcp ^n┬Б-tРђџ-Xmb LS-I-├Ъкњ tN┬┐├ўp-h{][m\ shРѕџp-hnfn FРѕѓp ]d-bp-РѕѓXv AXv bvt┬░-РЅа-Xp-РЅаv. Cu tN┬┐├ўp-h-bvРѕЈmWv - РѕЈ┬┤ shРѕџp-hn-fn. IY-bm-┬░namРђ░pI FРѕѓXmWv. Ncn{Xw GРђ░hpw {][m-\s ]q┬┐├ўn-bm-Ip-saРѕѓv hnNm-cn-┬░p-Ibpw AXv A]q┬┐W-am-bn-cn-┬░p-Ibpw hoРЅаpw ASp├ў IrXn-bn-tebv┬░p t]mhp-Ibpw sN├ИpРѕѓp FРѕѓp- РЅѕ - X m- W v . AXp- s ImРЅаv Xr]v X n FРѕѓXv Hcn-┬░epw DРЅаm-Ip-Рѕѓn-Рѕџ.

137 137

137 137

13. B[p-\n-Im-\-¥c ae-bm-f-km-ln-XyØnse Hcp khn-tij cN-\m-co-Xn-bmbn ^n£-W¬ dnb-en-ksØ Ah-Xc - n-∏n-°p∂p-≠t- √m. AsX-∏‰n H∂p hni-Zo-Ic - n°mtam? ^n£-W¬ dnb-enksa∂v Rm≥ hyh-t—Zn-°p-∂sX¥m-sW∂p tNmZn-®m¬, \Ωƒ kºq¿W-ambn ^n£-\n¬ \n¬°ps∂mcp Imehpw, kºq¿W-ambn dnb-en¬ \n¬°ps∂mcp Ime-hp-ap-≠.v CXns\ c≠n-s\bpw \ap°p ]e-L´- ß - f - n¬h®v Hcp-an-®p-tN¿ØpsIm≠mWv Fgp-Øp- ap-t∂m-´p-t]m-Ip-∂X - .v AXn\v Fs‚-Xs∂ G‰hpw anI® DZm-lc-Ws - a-∂p-]d - b - p-∂Xv Hcp ]t£, a™-shbn¬a-cW - ß - f - m-bn-cn-°pw. AXn-\I - Øv dnbemb [mcmfw Ncn-{X-ßf - p-≠.v DZbwt]cqcns‚ Ncn-{Xw, hnt√m¿h´w tXmam-cm-Pm°-∑m-cpsS Ncn-{Xw, A{¥-t∏¿ IpSpw-_Øns‚ Ncn{Xw F∂n-ßs - \. AtX-ka - bw Xs∂ [mcmfw A¨dn-b-emb tUm°psa‚ k v p-t]mepw AXn-\I - Øv krjvSn-s®Sp-°p-∂p-≠.v A{¥-t∏¿ IpSpw-_h - pw, {^©p tImf-\nbpw XΩn-ep≈ [mc-WI - s - f-°p-dn®p≈ tUm°p-sa‚ vkv hfsc ^n£-Wembn \n¿Ωn-s®-Sp-°p-∂-Xm-Wv. dnb-ens‚bpw ^n£-\n-s‚bpw XΩn-ep≈ taf-\Øn- e qsS IYsb apt∂m´p \bn- ® psIm≠pt]m-Ip-Ibpw AXn¬ ]d-bm-\p≈ Imcy-߃ ]d™v t]mIp-∂-co-Xn-bmWv ^n£-W¬ dnb-en-k-sa∂ cN-\m-co-XnsIm≠p Rm≥ Dt±-in-°p-∂X - .v 14. icn°pw hf-sc-b[ - nIw At\z-jW - ßfpw \nKq-VX - I - fpw \nd™ t\mh-emWt√m a™-sh-bn¬ ac-Wß - ƒ. CXnse \mb-I\ - mb A{¥-t∏-dns\ Is≠-Øn-bXv Fß-s\-bmWv ?

138 138

138 138

A{¥-t∏-dns\ Is≠-Øn-bXv 2005 se `mjm-t]m-jn-Wn-bpsS e°-Øn¬ ]n.sI {iocm-a≥ Fgp-Xnb Hcp teJ\ap≠v. AXv A{¥-t∏-dns‚ IpSpw-_s - Ø-°p-dn-®p≈-XmWv. Ah¿ Ct∏mgpw tN¿Ø-eb - n¬ Pohn°p∂ hfsc {]kn≤-amb IpSpw-_a - m-W.v B IpSpw-_-Øns‚ Ncn{Xw tI´-t∏mƒ BWv F\n°v BZy-ambn A{¥-t∏¿ F∂ Bsf-°p-dn®v Hm¿Ω h∂-X.v AsXmcp a\pjys‚ bm{X-bpsS IY-bmbn k¶¬∏n°mw. Aß- s \- b mWv Rm\n- t ∏mgpw k¶¬∏n-°p-∂-Xv. ImcWw a\p-jys‚ Nn¥bn¬ Ft∏mgpw Fs‚ aÆv Fs∂mcp hmZw Xs∂-bp-s≠-∂p-Im-Wmw. bYm¿∞Øn¬ a\p-jys‚ Ncn{Xw ]cn-tim-[n-°ptºmƒ \nc-¥cw bm{X-sNbvXv ]pXnb ]pXnb CS-ß-fn-tebv°p t]mIp-Ibpw sNbvXp-sIm≠ncn-°p-∂p. AXns‚ Hcp cq]amWv A{¥-t∏¿ IpSpw-_s - a∂p ]d-bp-∂Xv. t]m¿®p-Ko-knse enkv_W - n¬ \n∂pbm{X XpS- ß n sIm®nbn- s e- Ø p- I bpw sIm®nbnse cmPm-°∑ - m-cpsS kma-¥∑ - mcm-Ip-Ibpw sNøp∂p. XpS¿∂v tIc-fØ - nse 75 Ic-∏pdw amSºn IpSpw-_Ø - nse H∂mbn Ah¿ am-dp-∂p, Ic-∏p-d-tØbv°p U®v ]´mfw hcp∂ ka-bØv \njv{In-ba - mbn Ahn-Sa - p-t]-£n®v t]m≠n-t®-cn-bn-tebv°p t]mIp-∂p. t]m≠n-t®-cn-bn¬ {^©v ]´mfw hcp-tºmƒ Ah¿ Ahn-sS-\n∂pw UotKm Km¿jybn-tebv°p t]mIp-∂p. ]n∂oSv UotKm Km¿jy-bn¬ \n∂pw k¶-e] v Ø - n¬ B{^n-°b - n-te°p t]mIp-∂p. Cßs\ a\pjy≥ k©-cn-®p-sImt≠bn-cn-°p-Ib - m-Wv. Aßs\ B k©m-csØ kqNn-∏n-°m≥ ]‰nb G‰-hpw-a-t\m-l-c-amb IpSpw_w CXmWv F∂ Nn¥-bn¬ \n∂mWv Cu t\mhen\v XpS°w In´p-∂Xpw AhnsS \n∂mWv A{¥-t∏¿ F∂ IYm-]m-{XsØ krjvSn-°p-∂X - pw.

GsX√mw ]co-£-W-߃ \S-Ømtam AØcw ]co-£W - ß - f - n-eqsS IS-∂p-t]mIm≥ {ian-°p∂ Hcm-fmWv Rm≥. AXmWv Rms\∂p ]d-bp∂ Hcmƒ, AXnse IYm]m-{X-am-Ip-Ibpw hmb-\° - m-c\v IqSp-X¬ IuXp-Iw P - \ - n-∏n-°p-Ibpw Rm≥ ]d-bm\p≈ Imcy߃ \nß-fd - n-bmsX tIƒ°pIbpw sNøp∂ XcØ n¬ Ah-X-cWw G‰hpw BXy-¥n-Ia - mbn Icp-Xp-∂Xv Rm≥ - .v Fgp-Xp-∂Xv hmb-\° - m¿ hmbn-°pI F∂- km[y-am-°p-Ibpw sNbvXX XmW.v ]s≠ms° 50 t]Pv hmbn-°p-tºmƒ C∂v A©v t]Pv BIp-tºmƒ hmb-\a - Sp- 16. ae-bm-fn-bpsS Ct∏m-gsØ kmlnXy - Ø-°p-dn®v F¥m-W°p∂ Hc-hÿ - b - m-W,v C∂v BÀm-ZØ - n\v Bkzm-Z\ \ne-hm-cs Gsd CS-ßf - p-≠.v AXn-ep-]c - n-bmbn Fs‚ `n-{]mbw ? - Ø-°p-dn®v F\n° IY apgph≥ ]d-™p-Xo¿°p-∂X - p-hsc hmb- BkzmZ\ \ne-hm-cs \-°msc AhnsS ]nSn®p \n¿ØpI F∂Xv dn™pIqSm. ae-bm-fn-Iƒ \√-Xp-t]mse - mbn tXm∂n-bn-´p≠v. {]tXyGsXmcp Fgp-Øp-Im-cs\ kw_-‘n®nS- hmbn-°p-∂X - pw. Ah¿ tØmfw hen- b - I m- c yamWv . AXn- \ m¬ In®v Ip´n-Ifpw bphm-°f 15. CXc ae-bm-f-t\m-h-ep-I-fn¬ \n∂v a™-sh-bn¬ac-Wß - sf hyXy-kX v a - m-°p∂Xv t\mh¬ cN-bn-Xm-hmb Xm¶ƒ Xs∂ AXnse IYm-]m-{X-am-Ip-∂X - m-Wv. Cusbmcp ]co-£Ww \S-Øp-hm\nS-bmb kml-Ncyw hni-Zo-Ic - n-°mtam ?

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139 139

GXp-Xcw ]pkvXIw hmbn-°Wsa∂p \ap°p \n¿W-bn-°m-\h - I - m-ia - n√. F√mhcpw H.-hn. hnP-bs\ As√-¶n¬ B\µns\ hmbn®v Bkz-Zn-®p-sIm≈W-sa-∂n√. hmb-\-bpsS XpS-°-Im-e-Øp-\n∂pw Ah¿ apt∂m´p apt∂m´p t]mIp-Ibpw temI kmlnXy IrXn-If - n-tebv°v FØs∏- S p- I bpw sNøp- ∂ - X m- s W- ∂ mWv F\n°p tXm∂n-bn-´p-≈X - .v Bg-Øn-ep≈ hmb\ \S-°p-∂p-t≠m-sb∂v kwi-ba - m-W.v Nne {][m-\s - ∏´ IrXn-Iƒ, ]pc-kvIm-c߃ e`n® ]pkvX-I-߃ F∂n-ßs\ skeIvSohmbp≈ hmb-\b - mWv C∂p \S°p-∂X - .v

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140 140

17. temI-hn-hc - ß - ƒ GXpw hnc¬Øpºn¬ e`y-am-Ip∂ Cu Ime-L´- Ø - n¬ _m°n-bmb hcpw-Im-eØv A®-Sn-]p-kX v I-ßf - psS km[yX F{X-tØm-fa - m-Wv ? Rm≥ H´pw aaXbp≈ hy‡nb√. ]pXnb Imea\p-k-cn®v ]pXnb ]pXnb km[-\ß - ƒ h∂p-sIm≠ncn-°pw.- P\-߃ amdn-s°m≠ncn-°pw. πm-‰tv ^m-ap-Iƒ BWv amdp-∂X - v. \Ωƒ Hcp-Im-eØv Hme-bn¬ FgpØp ]Tn- ∏ n®n- c p- ∂ p. ]n∂oSv t…‰nsegpXn. AXn\p apºv \ΩpsS ]q¿hnI¿ XpI¬Øm- f p- I - f n- e pw aW- e n- e psams°sb-gp-Xn. A - s - Xms° Hmtcm-Xcw πm‰vt^m-ap-If - m-W.v AXn¬\n∂v amdn A®Sn-bn-tebv°v h∂-t∏mƒ Bfp-Iƒ Bcpw hnNm- c n- ® n- √ , kmlnXyw Akv X - a n®p t]msb∂v . kmlnXyw \ne- \ n- e v ° p∂pt≠m F∂p am{X-amWv \Ωƒ At\zjn-t°-≠X - .v AXn¬ BXy-¥n-Ia - mbn a\pjy-s\-°p-dn®p ]d-bp-∂p-t≠m, Ahs‚ hyY-I-sf-°p-dn®p ]d-bp-∂p-t≠m, kaqlsØ AS-bm-f-s∏-Sp-Øp-∂p-t≠m, Ncn{XsØ AS-bm-fs - ∏-Sp-Øp-∂p-t≠m, AXp hmbn-°s - ∏-Sp-∂p-t≠m, AXp hne-bn-cp-Øs∏-Sp-∂pt≠m F∂p tNmZn-®m¬ shdpw πm‰vt^mw am‰-sØ-tbm¿Øv hymIp-es - ∏tS-≠-Xn-√. Fs‚ _p°p-Iƒ Ct∏mƒ Øs∂ HmUntbm _p°p-I-fmbn hcnIbpw Hm¨sse\n¬ e`y-hpam-W.v ImeØn-\\ - p-kc - n®p amdp-I. kmlnXyw ]pkvXI-am-bn-Øs∂ FØWw F∂-√, Bfp-Iƒ hmbn-°p-∂pt≠m, FØ-s∏-Sp-∂pt≠m F∂-XmWv {][m-\w. FgpØn¬ \Ωƒ Chn-sS-Øs∂ \n¬°p-Ib - m-Wv. {]N-cW - coXn, hnX-cWw F√mw amdn-s°m≠ncn-°pI-bm-W.v AtXm-sSm∏w Ime-Øn-\\ - p-kc - n®v kmlnXyw, FgpØv Hs° amdp-∂p-≠v. Ctam-Pn-If - psS Ime-ØmWv \mw Pohn-°p-

∂-X.v `mj \nc-¥cw ]pXp-°s - ∏-´p-sIm≠ncn°p-Ib - m-W.v `mj kwkm-cn-°mØ Imcyß-fmWv Ctam-Pn-Iƒ kwkm-cn-°p-∂-Xv. `mjm hnπ-ha - mWv kw`-hn-°p-∂X - .v kv\lØn- \ v , {]W- b - Ø n- \ v . ka- b - Ø n- \ v . .. Fs¥√mw Nn”-ßf - m-W.v Hcn-°epw hm°pIƒsIm≠v AS-bm-fs - ∏-Sp-Øm≥ ]‰mØ Imcy-߃°v Nn”-ßfneqsS ]d-bp-∂p. AØ-c-Øn¬ `mj, IqSp-X¬ Xe-Øntebv°v amdn-s°m≠ncn-°p-∂p.

≠v. KpW-Ic - a- mb {]N-cWw t]mse tZmjI- c - a mb {]N- c - W hpw tkmjy¬ aoUnbaqew D≠m-Ip-∂p-≠.v kaqlw \∂mbm¬ tkmjy¬ aoUnb \∂mbn F∂Xm-Wv.

18. tkmjy¬ao-Unb kmln-XysØ F{Xam{Xw kzm[o-\n-°p-∂p≠v ?

]e-Xc - Ø - n¬, Hcp ap∂-dn-bn-∏p-am-{X-a√ Hcp AS-bm-fs - ∏-Sp-ج IqSn-bm-bn-cp∂p F∂p thW-sa-¶n¬ ]d-bmw. bYm¿∞Øn¬ Kƒ^p Pohn- X sØ bmYm¿∞yt_m[-tØm-SpIqSn Bcpw AS-bm-fs - ∏-SpØn-bn-´n√ F∂-XmWv kXyw. bYm¿∞-Øn¬ Ahs‚ k¶- e v ] - Ø nt‚bpw bmX-\b - p-sSbpw {]bm-kØ - n-s‚bpw H‰-s∏S-en-s‚bpw Hcp Pohn-Xa - ps≠∂v ]d-bpI Fs∂mcp DØ-c-hm-ZnXztØmSpIqSn-bm-Wv AsX-gp-Xn-b-Xv. AtX-k-abw \nßsfmcp amkv a - c nI kz]v \ wt]mse ImWp∂ `qan A{X amkvac - n-Ia - s - √-∂pw, \n߃ Cu bmYm¿∞yw IqSnbpƒs°m≠pthWw Cu temI- Ø ntebv°p hcm≥ F∂p≈ Cu ap∂-dn-bn∏p-IqSn Ds≠-∂p-≈X - m-W.v Aßs\ ]e Xc-Øn-ep≈ e£y-߃ B t\mh-eneqsS km[y-am-°n-bn-´p-s≠-∂p-≈-XmWv kXyw.

kmlnXyw AXns\m∏w k©-cn-°p-Ib - mWv. tkmjy¬ aoUnb Fßs\-bmWv \Ωsf kzm[o\n- ° p- ∂ Xv F∂p]d™m¬ ]≠v Hcp]pkvX Iw Cdßnsb∂v Bsc¶nepw Hcmƒ Ft∏msf¶n epw ]dbp-tºmfmWv Adn™n-cp-∂Xv. Ct∏mƒ tkm jy¬ aoUnb [mcmfw KpW߃ Cu taJ- e - b n¬ sNøp∂p. ]pXnb ]pkvXI - ß - f - d - n-ßp-tºmƒ \ΩfdnbmsX \Ωsf hmbn-°m≥ t{]cn-∏n-°p-∂p. AØ-c-Øn¬ kmln-Xy-Øn¬ IqSp-X¬ KpW-߃ D≠m-Ip-∂p. AtXm-sSm∏w [mcmfw hna¿i-\-߃ D≠m-Ip-∂p-≠v. Ct∏mƒ C.- k-t¥mjv Ipam-dns‚ ]pXnb IY amXr-`qan hmcnIbn¬ h∂p. AXv ]cs° {]N-cn-°s∏SpIbmWv. Cu IY hmbn-°s - ∏-tS≠Xm-Wv. At∏mƒ ]e-bnSØv ImWp-tºmƒ \ΩpsS D≈n¬Øs∂ Adn-bmsX Xzc D≠m-Ip-I-bm-Wv, Cu IYsbm∂p hmbn-°Wsa∂v. AØ-cØn¬ kmln-XysØ klm-bn-°p∂ XcØn¬ tkmjy¬ aoUnb \ne-\n¬°p-∂p-

19. h¿j-߃°p apºp≈ {]hmkn Pohn-XØns‚ t\¿°m-gN v b - pw Hcp ap∂dn-bn-∏p-am-bn-cpt∂m BSp-Po-hn-Xw F∂ t\mh-en¬ Dƒs°m≈n®n-cp-∂Xv.?

20. BSpPohn-XØ - n\p apºpw BSp-Pohn-XØ - n\p tijhpw Pohn-Xs - Øbpw kmln-Xy-sØbpw Fßs\ t\m°n-°mWp∂p? 141 141

141 141

BSp-Po-hn-X-Øn\p apºv Rm≥ aq∂p t\mh-ep-Iƒ Fgp-Xnbn´p-≠,v Ipsd-tbsd IY-Iƒ Fgp-Xn-bn-´p-≠,v Btdmfw ]pc-kI v mc-߃ F\n°p In´n-bn-´p-≠v. ]t£ AsXms° km-ln-Xyw G‰hpw Kuc-hambn hmbn- ° p∂hcpsSbnS- b n¬ am{XamWv Adn-b-s∏-´n-cp-∂-Xv. "BSp-PohnXw' hcp-∂t- XmsS-bmWv kmlnXysØ Kuc- h - a mbn FSp- ° mØ, F∂m¬ kmlnXyw hmbn-°Ww F∂p B{K-ln°p∂ Bfp-If - psSbnS-bn¬ s_\ym-an≥ F∂ t]cv AS-bm-fs - ∏SpØp-∂X - .v \n›b-ambn BSp-Po-hnXw F∂ t\mhen\v Fs‚ Fgp-Øn¬ {][m\ÿm\w D≠v. AsXs∂ ]cs° hmbn-°-s∏-Sp-hm≥ ImcWambn-´p-≠.v AtXm-Sp-IqSn AXn-\papºv Fgp-Xn-bn-´p≈ IrXn-Iƒt]mepw ]ns∂ aS-ßn-t∏mbn hmbn-°p∂ Hcp A\p`-hØ - n-tebv°v t]mhp-Ibpw AXn-\p- tij-an-dß - nb ]pkvXI - ß - ƒ hfsc B¿ØntbmsS, hfsc BÀm-Zt- Øm-Sp-IqSn hmbn°p-Ibpw sNø-s∏-Sp-∂p.

142 142

142 142

21. BSp-Po-hnXw F∂ t\mh-en-t\m-Sp≈ hmb-\° - c - psS {]Xn-Ic - Ww F{]-Im-ca - mbn-cp∂p ? Hcp- kvIq-fn¬ ]cn-]m-Sn°p-t]m-bt- ∏mƒ Hcp-Ip-´n- h∂p ]d-bp-Ib - p-≠m-bn, kmdns‚ BSp-PohnXw hmbn-®p. AXn-\p-tijw Fs‚ Nn¥m-KXn amdn. AXp-hm-bn-®t- ∏mgmWv Fs‚ A—≥ F{X-am{Xw Kƒ^n¬ InS∂p IjvSs - ∏-´n-´p-≠mIpw F∂v a\- nem-bn. Hcn-°epw C\n sNdn-b-Im-cy߃°mbn A—-t\mSv Rm≥ hg-°p-≠m°n-√. AXv Hcp Ip´n-bn¬ am\-kn-I] - c - nh¿Ø-\a - p-≠m-°n. Hcp sNdp-∏° - m-c≥ Hcn°¬ Bfl-lXy sNøm≥ Xocp-am-\n®v dqan¬ Ib-dn. tPyjvT≥ hmßn-®p-sIm≠p h∂ BSp-Po-hnXw tai-∏p-dØ - p-h® - n-cn-°p∂Xp I≠p. AXpIqSn hm-bn-®n´p acn-°mw F∂p hnNm-cn®v cm{Xn Ccp∂v BSp-Po-hn Xw hmbn-®t- ijw Bfl-lX - y-bn¬ \n∂p ]n∑m-dn. kaq-l-Øn¬ ]pkvX-I-߃ apt∂m-´p-hb - ° v p∂ Hcm-ibw Bcn-emWv {]h¿Øn-°p-∂Xv F∂p tNmZn-®m¬

hfsc A]qÂżhw- a-\p-jy-cpsS a\- n-emWv {]hÂżĂ˜n-°p-∂Xv F∂-Xm-Wv RĂ&#x;Ć’°p In´p∂ G‰hpw henb ktÂĽm- j w. AĂ&#x;s\ ]e-Xc - Ă˜ - nÂŹ a\p-jys\ AXv kzm[o-\n-°p-∂p-≠.v 22. ]pXnb Xe-ap-db - nse kmln-Xym-kzmZ-It- cmSv FÂĽmWv ]d-bm-\p-≈Xv ? kmln-XysĂ˜ \nĂ&#x;Ć’ \∂mbn Bkz-Zn°p-∂p-≠.v \nĂ&#x;Ć’ \√ Xe-ap-db - m-W.v ]ebn-SĂ˜pw kwkm-cn-°p-tÂşmĆ’ ]d-bm-dp-≠,v RĂ&#x;-fpsS Xe-ap-ds - b-°mĆ’ \√ Xe-ap-dbm-Wv \n-Ă&#x;f - p-tS-sX-∂.v RĂ&#x;-fpsS Xeap-db - mWv ]pg-IĆ’ \in-âˆ?n-ÂŽX - ,v {]IrXn \in-âˆ?n-ÂŽ-Xv, F√mw RĂ&#x;-fpsS Xe-ap-dbnÂŹs]-´h - c - m-Wv. F∂mÂŹ ]pXp-Xe - a - pd IqSp-XÂŹ BÂżPhw D≈-hcpw, kmln-Xyt_m[w D≈cpw cmjv{So-b-t_m-[-ap-≈hcpw kvt\l-ap-≈-h-cp-am-Wv. AĂ˜-cĂ˜nÂŹ B kaqlw IqSp-XÂŹ {]Xym-it- bmSp-IqSn apt∂m-´p-t]m-Ip∂p F∂-Xm-Wv CÂĽysb kw_-‘n-ÂŽS- t- Ă˜m-fa - p≈ {][m\-sâˆ?´ Imcyw. ]e-tâˆ?mgpw bph-Xe - a - p-dmbWv kmaq-ln-I{- ]-i\ v Ă&#x; - f - nÂŹ i‥-ambn apt∂m´p hcp-∂X - .v Ncn-{X-tĂ˜mSpw kmlnXy-tĂ˜mSpw \oXn-]p-eÂżĂ˜n apt∂m´p t]mIp-I a - m-{X-amWv sNøp∂-X.v RĂ&#x;-sf°â‰ v \nĂ&#x;Ć’ ]Tn-°p-I-b-√, \nĂ&#x;-sf°â‰ v RĂ&#x;Ć’ ]Tn-°p-Ib - mWv sNøp-∂Xv. 23. kmln-XysĂ˜ ]cn-t]m-jn-âˆ?n-°p-∂XnÂŹ tI{Âľ-Ë›kwĂżm\ Kh¨sa‚p-Ifpw _‘-sâˆ?´ A[n-Im-c-tI-{Âľ-Ă&#x;fpw \SĂ˜p∂ CS-s]-Se - p-IĆ’ ^e-{]-Za - m-sW∂v Icp-Xp-∂pt≠m ? A°m-Za - nI]c-amb Hcp Imcyw kmlnXysĂ˜ t{]m’m-ln-âˆ?n-ÂŽn-´n√ F∂mWv

F\n°v tXm∂n-bX - .v CsXms° a\p-jy≼ Ahs‚ ITn-\m-[zm-\Ă˜ - ns‚bpw {]b-X\ v Ă˜n-s‚bpw ^e-ambn D≠m-bn-hc - p-∂X - mWv. sNdnb ]T-\Ă˜ - ns‚ kwhn-[m-\s - a∂ \ne-bnÂŹ ]T-\Ă˜ - n\v kuI-cy-an-√m-Ă˜h¿°v kuI-cy-samcp°pI F∂ \nebnÂŹ am{X-a√ - msX kmlnXyw F∂ hensbmcp imJsb a\p-jy≼ Ahs‚ GImÂĽ-Xb - nÂŹ ]Sp-Ă˜p-bÂżĂ˜n-s°m≠ph-cp∂ temI-amWv F∂mWv Rm≼ IcpXp-∂X - .v AXp-sIm≠v AĂ˜-cĂ˜ - n-ep≈ Ăżm]-\Ă&#x;Ć’ Hcn-°epw kmln-XysĂ˜ hfÂżĂ˜psa∂v Rm≼ Icp-Xp-∂n-√. AhÂżs°tâˆ?mgpw Ah-ch - c - p-tS-Xmb AP-≠I - fpw Ăżm]n-X-Xm-Xv]-cy-Ă&#x;-fp-sams°bp≠v ]tÂŁ d^-d≼kp-IĆ’ In´m\pw apt∂m-´pt]m-Im-\p-ap≈ Hcp CS-ambn \â„Ś-fX - ns\ D]-tbm-Kn-°pI F∂-XmWv, A√msX kmln-XysĂ˜ hfÂżĂ˜p∂ps≠∂ Hcp hnNmcw F\n-°n√. 24. kmln-Xy-k-tâ„Ś-f-\-Ă&#x;Ć’ kmlnXysĂ˜ ]cn-t]m-jn-âˆ?n-°p-∂X - nÂŹ hln°p∂ ]sÂś-ÂĽmWv ? kmlnXy ktâ„Ś-f-\-Ă˜n-eqsS ]pXnb Bi-b-Ă&#x;Ć’ \ap°p e`n-°p-∂p. bYm Âżâˆž kmln-Xy-ktv \-ln°v ]pXnb FgpĂ˜p-Imsc ImWp-hm\pw Ah-tcmSp kwhZn-°m-\p-ap≈ hen-sbmcp Ah-kc - a - mWv CXv Hcp-°p-∂X - .v temI kmln-Xy-Ă˜nse {]ap-Js - c-tâˆ?mepw CĂ&#x;-s\-bp≈ ktâ„Śf-\Ă&#x; - f - nÂŹ ASp-Ă˜p-Im-Wp-hm\pw AhcpsS Bi-b-Ă&#x;Ć’ tIĆ’°m\pw AhÂż FĂ&#x;-s\-bmWv Pohn-ÂŽX - v, AhÂż FĂ&#x;s\-bmWv Fgp-Xn-bX - ,v 143 143

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Fß-s\-bmWv apt∂m-´p-h-∂Xv F∂Xns\ kw_-‘n-®p≈ hkvXp-XI - ƒ a\ n-em-°p-∂X - n\pw Pohn-XsØ kw_-‘n®p≈ ⁄m\w t\Sp-∂X - n\pw kmln-Xyk-tΩ-f\ - ß - ƒ KpWw sNøp-∂p.

kmlnXyw kmaq-ln-I] - c - n-jI v c - W - Øn\v am{Xw D≈Xv F∂ Nn¥ kaqlw Dt]-£n-®p. AXn\p]-cn-bmbn Pohn-Xs - Ø°p-dn®v am{Xw ]d-bpI F∂p-≈X - .v ImcWw kmaq-lnI ]cn-jI v c - W - Ø - n\v Hs° AØc-Øn-¬ kaq-lsØ kzm[o-\n-°p∂ BfpI-fpsS FÆw ]e-Xc - Ø - n¬ amdn-t]m-IpIbpw NnX-dn-t]m-Ip-Ibpw sNbvXn-´p-≠v. AtX kabw hfsc hy‡n-]c - a - mbn Nnecp-sSbp≈n¬ Nne-am-‰ß - ƒ Ds≠-∂p-≈X - √msX hnπ-hI - c - a - mb Bi-bß - ƒ, kaq-lsØ apt∂m-´p-\b - n-°p∂ Xc-Øn-ep≈ Bib-߃ ]dbp∂ I - mew kmln-Xy-Øn¬ Ah-km-\n-®p-sh∂p ]d-bmw. AXn-ep-]c - nbmbn kq£va-amb cmjv{Sobw ]d-™psIm≠v Pohn-XsØ AS-bm-f-s∏-Sp-Øns°m≠v \nß-fpsS D≈n¬ B¥-cn-Ia - mb ]cn-h¿Ø-\Ø - n\v kmlnXyw {ian-°p∂p. AXv {]I-S\ - mfl-Ia - √ - .

25. ]pXp-Xmbn IS-∂p-hc - p∂ Hcp kmlnXy-Im-c\v hf¿∂p-hc - m-\p≈ A¥-co£w \ne-hnse ae-bm-fk - m-ln-Xy-Øn¬ e`y-amtWm ? \n›-ba- mbpw D≠v. A¬]w k¿§mflINn¥ Ds≠-¶n¬ hf¿∂p-hcm\p≈ km[y-Xbpw D≠v.- ap≥Im-eß - f - n¬ \n∂v hyXy-kvX-ambn [mcmfw km[y-X-Iƒ. Ct∏mƒØs∂ \ap°v tkmjy¬ aoUn-bbn-eq-sSbpw FgpXn \ΩpsS Ignhp sXfn-bn®p-sIm≠v hcmw. ]pXnb Fgp-Øp-Im¿ Hs° Xs∂ Aßs\ h∂n- ´ p- ≈ - h ¿ BWv . ]n∂oSmWv AXv A®-Sn®v ]pkvXI - ß - f - mbn hcp-∂Xv. t^kv_p°v t]mse D≈ am[y-aß-fn¬ IqSn Fgp-Xn R߃°v k¿§m-flIX Ds≠∂p sXfn-bn-°m≥ Ah¿°p km[n- 28. kmlnXyhmk\ Ip´n-Ifn¬ FØn- n¬ A[ym-]I - c - psS ]s¶¥mWv? °p-w. Aßs\bp≈ Ah-kc - ß - ƒ Gsd- °p-∂X bmWv C∂p-≈X - .v Pohn-XØ - n¬ Hm¿Øn-cn-°p-∂Xv ]e-t∏mgpw 26. FgpØv / kmlnXyw Hcp hcp-am-\a - m¿K- \sΩ \∂mbn ]Tn-∏n® A[ym-]I - scb-√, ambn kzoI-cn-°m≥ C∂sØ ÿnXn-bn¬ adn®v \√ Pohn-Xm-\p-`h - ß - ƒ ]-¶p-h® - h - s - ckm[y-amtWm ? bmWv Hm¿°p-∂Xv. 45 an\n‰v ¢m v FSpØp-sh-¶n¬ 15 an\n‰v Pohn-Xs - Ø-°p-dn®v, \ΩpsS Bi-b-߃ ]d-bp∂p apt∂m-´p≈ bm{X-sb-°p-dn-®,v \ΩpsS e£yF∂-XmWv {][m-\w. hcp-am\w F∂Xv c≠m- sØ-°p-dn-®v, Pohn-XØ - n¬ ]cm-Pb - ß - ƒ asØ am¿§-am-Wv. Cu Bi-bß - sf Fgp- D≠m-Ip-tºmƒ A-Xns\ t\cn-tS-≠X - n-s\-°pXp-Ibpw Nn¥-Isf ]I¿∂p-\¬Ip-Ibpw, dn®v ]d-™p-X-cp∂ A[ym-]-I-sc-bmWv \ΩpsS kz]v\ß - s - f-bp-sams° Fgp-XnhF√m-°m-eØpw Hm¿an°pI. \n߃ \nßbv°p-Ibpw A - Xp-sIm≠v hcp-am-\a - m¿§w fpsS hnZym¿∞n-If - psS a\- n¬ Ib-dn-°qD≠m-Ip∂ps≠¶n¬ AXvv \√-Im-cy-amSm≥ B{K-ln-°p-∂p-sh-¶n¬ Ahsc ASn-asW∂mWv Rm≥ Icp-Xp-∂Xv. I-fmbn ImWmsX kplr-Øp-°-fmbn - Ø-°p-dn®p 27. kmln- X y- Ø n- e qsS kmaqly]cn- ImWp-Ibpw Ah-tcmSv Pohn-Xs kwkmc n° pI bpw ]pXnb {]Imiß - ƒ ]djvIcWw C∂sØ kmaq-lnI ÿnXn ™p-sImSp°p-Ibpw sNøp-I. AXn\v D≠mbn¬ km[y-amtWm ?

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th≠Xv \n߃°v shfn®w D≠m-IpI F∂-XmWv. \nßfpsS-bp-≈n¬ shfn® aps≠- ¶ n¬ am{Xta AXv ]I¿∂p \¬Im≥ Ign-bq. ]pXnb ]pkvXI - ß - ƒ ]cn-Nb - s - ∏-Sp-Øp-I. ]pXnb Bi-bß - ƒ ]d™p sImSp°p-I. ]pXpa D≈Xv ]d-™psImSp°p-I. AØ-cØ - n-ep≈ shfn®w Ip´nIƒ°v ]I-cp-∂t- Xm-sSm∏w kmlnXyhpw ]d-™p-\¬Ip-I.

]pkvXI - ] - c - n-Nb - a- mbn am{Xw HXp-ßn-t∏m-Ip∂-X.v AXn-\∏ - p-dt- Øbv°v Zm¿i-\n-Ia - mbn AXn-s\ kao-]n-°m≥ km[n-°p-∂h - ¿ Ipdhm-W.v AXm-Wv \ncq-]W - k - m-lnXyw t\cnSp∂ {][m-\s - h-√p-hn-fn.

29. \ne-hnse ae-bmfkmln-Xy-Ønse \ncq-]W - s - Ø Xm¶ƒ Fßs\ hne-bncpØp∂p ?

AXv F√m-°m-eØpw D≠m-bn-cp-∂p. XIgn-tb-t∏m-setbm, s]m≥Ip∂w h¿°n-sbt∏msetbm tIi-ht- Z-hn-s\-t∏msetbm D≈-h¿ AhcpsS cmjv{Sob kzm[o\-hpw Ah-cpsS kmapZm-bnI kzm[o-\hpw kmln- X y- Ø n- t e bv°p sIm≠ph-∂n´p-≠v. AXv ]pXnb Ime-Øp-ap-≠v. ]t£ cmjv{So-bhpw PmXnbpw aX- h psams° Fgp-Øn-\pta¬ kΩ¿Zw sNepØp∂ Hcp Ime-ØmWv \mw \n¬°p-∂X - .v AXv G‰-hpw A - ] - I - S-Ic - a - m-W.v Hcp a\p-jy\v Hcp Bi-ba - p-≠.v AXp ]e-Xc - Ø - n¬ {]I-Sn-∏n-°p-∂X - n\v Hcp Ipg-∏h - p-an-√. ]t£, R߃ ]d-bp-∂X - pt]mse thWw \n߃ Fgp- X m≥, Rßsf hna¿in-°p-∂X - c - Ø - n¬ Fgp-Xm≥ ]mSn-√, C∂-bn∂ hm°p-Iƒ AXn¬\n∂pw Hgn-hm-t°-≠X - p-≠v, C∂-bn∂ Imcy-߃ \n߃ ]d-bm≥ ]mSn√ F∂ Xc-Øntebv°v kΩ¿Z-i‡ - n-If - mbn cmjv{So-bhpw aXhpw PmXn-bpw amdp-∂X - mWv A]-IS- I - c - amb Ah-ÿ.

\ncq-]W - Ø - ns‚ km[yX-Xs - ∂ Ah-km-\n-®psh-∂mWv F\n-°ptXm-∂p-∂-Xv. Imc Ww ap≥Im-eß - f - n¬ Ipd-®p-t]-cn-se-Øn-bncp∂ ]pkvXI - ß - ƒ C∂v F√m- h - c n- e p -sa-Øp∂ Hcp-Im-eØmWv \mw Pohn-°p-∂Xv. AXp-sIm≠v F√mhcpw \ncq-]I - c - m-Ip∂ Hcp-Ime-amWv C∂p-≈X - .v AXn-\m¬ \ncq]-W-Øns‚ kmwKXyw F¥m-sW∂p tNmZn-®m¬ Hcp ]pkvXI - Ø - n-\I - Ø - p≈ at\m-lc - a - mb Bi-bß - ƒ \Ω-fn-semcp km[m-cW - h - m-b\ - ° - m-c≥ I≠m¬ Xncn-®d- nbm-\m-ImØ ]pXnb Bi-bß - ƒ Is≠ Øn B ]pkvXI - Ø - n\v Cß-s\bpw at\ml-ca - mb hmb-\I - ƒ Ds≠∂p ]d-™p-Xc - nI-bmWv Hcp \ncq-]I - s‚ ZuXyw. AØ-cØn¬ Hcp ]pkvXI - Ø - n-s‚-bp-≈n¬ \n∂pw ]hn-gß - f - pw- ap-Øp-Ifpw Is≠-Øp∂ \ncq]-Ic - p-sS-sbÆw Ipd-™p-hc - p-∂p. AXpsIm≠pX-s∂-bmWv \ncq-]Ww shdpw Hcp

30. cmjv{Sob˛km-ap-ZmbnI kzm[o-\ß - ƒ kmln-XysØ kzm[o-\n-°p-∂-Xmbn tXm∂p-∂pt≠m ?

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tSman Xs‚ kvt\ln-Xt- \m-sSm∏w Hcp SmIvkn-

s_√m h¿§okv \mNz-d¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw 146 146


bn¬ \K-cØ - n¬°qSn bm{X-sN-øp-Ib - m-bn-cp-∂p. SmIvkn-bn¬ \n∂n-d-ßn-b-t∏mƒ kvt\ln-X≥ ss{Uh¿°v lkv X - Z m\w sNbv X p- s Im≠v ]d™p ""lrZy-amb bm{Xbv°p \µn. Xm¶ƒ G‰-hpw- an-I® - h - n-[Ø - n¬ ss{Uhv sNbvXp F∂Xn¬ Fs‚ A`n-\-µ\w'' ss{Uh¿ CXp tI´v B›-cy-s∏-´p. Abmƒ tNmZn®p ""Xm¶ƒ Bt£-]-kz-c-Øn-tem, AtXm Bflm¿∞-Xtbm-sStbm ]d™Xv?'' adp-]Sn : {]nb kvt\lnXm, Rm≥ Bflm¿∞-Xt- bmsS ]d-™X - m-Wv. Xnc-°p≈ hoYn-bn¬°qSn £a-tbmSpw kq£a-X-tbmSpw ss{Uhv sNbvX-Xn¬ Rm≥ A`n-\µn-°p-∂p. hnS¿∂ ]p©n-cn-tbmsS ss{Uh¿, hfsc \µn F∂p ]d-™n´p SmIvkn HmSn®p t]mbn.

AXn-\p-tijw tSman kvt\ln-Xt- \mSp tNmZn®p: Xm¶ƒ F¥n\mWv ss{Uh-tdmSv C{Xbpw kulrZw ImWn-®Xv ? kvt\ln-X≥ ]d-™p, Cu \K-cØ - n¬ kvt\lhpw kulr-Zhpw ssIh-cp-Øm-\mWv Xm≥ {ian-°p-∂-Xv. tSman : Xm¶ƒ Hcmƒ hnNm-cn-®m¬ \S-°p∂ Imcy-am-tWm -AXv? {`m¥p-]-d-bm-Xn-cn-°q... kvt\ln-Xs‚ adp-]Sn : Rm≥ am{X-a-√, B ss{Uh-dpsS Imcyw FSp-°p-I. Rm≥ AbmfpsS {]h¿Øn-bn¬ kt¥m-jhpw kwXr-]vXnbpw D≠m-°p-hm≥ CSbmbn. Abm-fpsS SmIvkn-bn¬ C∂p Ib-dp∂ bm{X-°m¿°pw Abmƒ AXp ssIam-dpw. Ah-cn¬ Nne¿ DtZym-K-ÿ-cm-Imw.-Nn-e¿ _nkn-\ - p-Im-cm-Imw. Ah-sc√mw B kt¥m-jØ - n-s‚bpw kulrZ-Øn-s‚bpw hoNn Ah-tcmSp _‘-s∏-Sp-∂-h-tcmSp ssIam-dnbm¬ AXv Cu \Kcw apgp-h≥ hym]n-°p-I-bn-t√. tSman : Xm¶-fpsS {]Xo£ At∏mƒ B SmIvkn ss{Uh-dn-em-Wt- √. hfsc hnNn-{X-amb {]Xo-£I - fpw kz]-\vßf - p-sa-∂√ - msX F¥p-]d - b - m≥..! BI-s´, Rm≥ B a\p-jys\ A`n-\-µn-®Xn¬ F\n°p ka-b\ - j - vStam [\-\j - vStam H∂pw D≠m-bn-√, Abmƒ AXp kzoI-cn-°ptbm {]Xn-Icn-°p-Itbm sNømsX t]mbm¬t]mepw F\n°p \jvSa - n-√. AXp tI´-t∏mƒ tSman ]d™p : \nßfp-sS-sbmcp {`m¥v F∂p am{Xta F\n°v CXns\ hnti-jn-∏n-°m-\m-Iq. Ah¿ \S-∂p-ap-t∂m´p \oßn-b-t∏mƒ Hcp sI´n-S-Øns‚ \n¿am-WØ - n-te¿s∏-´n-cn-°p∂p sXmgnem-fnsb I≠p. tSman-bpsS kvt\ln-X≥ : \n߃ Hcp henb bXv\-Øn-em-W-t√m. {]bm-khpw A]-IS- hpw \nd™ tPmen-bm-Wt√m \n߃ sNøp-∂X - .v tPmen-°m¿ hnkva-b-tØmsS Abmsf t\m°n. tNmZyw : Ft∏m-ƒ AXv ]q¿Ønbm-Ip-sa-∂mWv {]Xo£ ? adp-]Sn : Cu Pq¨ amk-Øn¬. kvt\lnX≥ : Xo¿®-bmbpw \nß-fpsS henb t\´-am-bn-cn°pw CXv. A`n-am\n-°Ø - ° - Xv F∂p ]d-bmw. tSman ]d™p : Xm¶-sf-t∏mse A[n-Ia - m-scbpw Rm≥ I≠n´n-√. kvt\ln-X≥ ]d™p : Rm≥ Ifthm AXn-it- bm-‡ntbm H∂pw ]d-™-X-√. F∂m¬ Fs‚ hm°p-Iƒ B sXmgnem-fn-Isf D’ml-`c - n-Xc - m-°pw. AXv Ah-cpsS tPmen-bn¬ {]Xn-^e - n-°p-Ibpw sNøpw. Cu \K-c-Øn\p Xs∂ \∑ hcp-Øpw. G‰hpw {][m-\-s∏´ Imcyw \ncm-i-_m-[n®p \nkw-K-cm-I-cp-sX-∂-Xm-Wv. \ΩpsS km∂n-[yhpw hm°p-Ifpw a‰p-≈-h¿°v ss[cyhpw t{]m’m-l-\hpw \¬Ip-∂-Xm°m≥ {i≤n-°-Ww. Hcmƒ°v e`n-°p∂ A`n-\-µ-\hpw t{]m’m-l\hpw Abm-fn¬ HXp-ßn-\n¬°msX AXns‚ A\p-cW - \w a‰p-≈h - cn-te°p FØm-Xn-cn-°n-√. 147 147


""a\p- j y\v sNdn- s bmcp Im¬ s-hbv],v am\-hc - m-in°v hen-sbmcp IpXn-®p-Nm-´hpw'' N{µs‚ aÆn¬ BZy-ambn Imep-Ip-Ønb \o¬ Bwkv t {Smw- K ns‚ hm°p- I ƒ. AsX, {]mtbm- K nI imkv { XØns‚ G‰hpw henb t\´-ß-fnsem∂v {Ko°v tZh-\mb At∏mtfm-bpsS \ma-Øn¬ a\p-jy¿ A¥- c o£w Xm≠n \S- Ø nb kml-kn-IX - . N{µ-\n-te-bv°p≈ alm-bm{X. 1969 Pqsse 20 \v "At∏mtfm 11' ZuXy-Øn-se-Ønb \o¬ Bwkv t {SmMv N{µ- \ n- ¬ Imep-Ip-Øn-b-t∏mƒ Adp-]-XpIƒ km£yw hln®Xv B almkw- ` - h - Ø n- \ m- W v. `qan- b n¬ imkv{Xw Ce-Iƒ hnS¿Øn h≥ ac-ambn hf¿∂p-b¿∂ \nan-jw. 148 148


kvt\l acnb tPmkv ^nkn-kv °t¬ kb≥kv \l acnb tPmkv H∂mw^nknh¿jw °¬ kb≥kv H∂mw h¿jw

Ime-߃ IS-∂p. ioX-bp≤w IqSp-X¬ IqSpX¬ XWpØv HSp-hn¬ AS-ßn. `oam-Im-c-amb _P-‰pI-fpsS ]cm-[o-\-X-bn¬ Ata-cn-°≥ _ln-cm-Imi GP≥kn-bmb \mk N{µs\ kuI-cy-]q¿hw ad-∂p. tkmhn-b‰v bqWn-b\n¬ \n∂p≈ kzbw ]cn-Wm-aØn¬ djybpw Nm{µ-]≤ - X - n-Iƒ Npcp-´n-s°-´n. Hcn-°¬ Iog-S° - nb N{µ≥ a\p-jy-cm-in°v A{]m-]y-ambn BImiØv sh√p-hn-fn-®p-\n-∂p. CXn-s\√mw Ah-km-\-an´v Ac \q‰m-≠ns‚ CS-th-fb - v°p-tijw N{µ-\n-tebv°p Xncn-°p-Ib - mWv a\p-jy≥. N{µ-\nse ]cp-°≥ ]›mØ-eØ - n¬ sh∂n-s°mSnbp-ambn \n¬°p∂ a\p-jy≥ F∂ kz]v\w AXns‚ bmYm¿∞y-Øn-se-Øn-°m\mWv \mk-bpsS B¿´n-ankv hcp-∂X - .v N{µ-\n-tebv°p am{X- a - √ , kuc- b q- Y - Ø ns‚ hnhn[ taJ- e - I - f ntebv°pw Cs°m√w kmt¶-XnI taJ-e-bn¬ \n∂p h∂ G‰hpw henb hm¿Ø-If - n-sem∂mWv B¿´n-ankv bmYm¿∞y- a mIpw F∂ \mk- b psS Dd∏pw AXn\mbp≈ hml\w ˛ saKm-tdm-°‰v Fkv-F¬-Fkns‚ A\m-—m-Z\ - h - pw. {Ko°v CXn-lm-kØ - n¬ N{µs‚ tZh-Xb - mWv B¿´n-an-kv. At∏mtfm tZhs‚ Cc´ ktlm-Z-cn. \mksb C∂sØ \mk-bm°n hf¿Ønb At∏mtfm ZuXy-Øns‚ ]mc-ºcyw t]dp∂ ktlm-Z-cn. aq∂p ZuXy-ßf - mWv B¿´n-ankv ZuXy-Øn¬ Ct∏mƒ {]Jym]n-®n-´p-≈-Xv. CXn¬ 2024¬ Hcp ]pcp-j-s\bpw N{µ\n-se-Øp∂ BZysØ kv{Xosbbpw hln-°m≥ B¿´nan-kns‚ aq∂mw ZuXyw ]≤-Xn-bn-Sp-∂p. BZy c≠pZu-Xy-߃ Cu e£y-Øn-se-Øp-∂X - n-\p-th-≠n-bp≈ Xbm-sd-Sp-∏m-Wv. At∏mtfm ZuXy-߃ Ata-cn-°b - psS kmt¶XnI Icp-Øns‚ {]Z¿i-\-am-bn-cp-∂p-sh-¶n¬ B¿´nankv CXn-\-∏pdw kuc-bq-YsØ {]mtbm-Kn-I-ambpw Kth-j-W-]-c-ambpw D]-tbm-Kn-°m-\p≈ {ia-߃°v \mµn-Ip-dn-°-em-Wv. N{µ-\n¬ ÿnc-am-b a\pjy km∂n≤yw Dd-∏n-°m\pw sNm∆ Dƒ--s∏sS a‰n-Sß - f - n-tebv°p≈ ZuXy-߃°v CS-Øm-hfw BIp-hm\pw Aßs\ `qan°p shfn-bn-te-b° v p≈ a\p-jys‚ F√m {]h¿Ø-\ß - f - p-sSbpw A®p-X≠ - m-Im\pamWv ZuXyw e£y-an-Sp-∂X - v. B¿´n-ankv ZuXy-sØ-°p-dn-®p≈ \mk-bpsS ap{Zm-hm-Iy-Øn¬ \n∂p-Xs∂ AXp hy‡w. ... "hn B¿ tKmbnwKv Sp Zn aq¨, Sp tKm Sp am¿kv' R߃ N{µ-\ntem-bv°p-t]m-Ip-∂p, sNm∆bn-tebv°p t]mIm≥ !

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* kvt\l-Øn-s‚bpw Icp-Xe - n-s‚bpw CS-bt- {i-jvT≥ F∂mWv Xncp-ta\n Adn-b-s∏-Sp-∂-Xv. Hmt´m-dn£m sXmgn-em-fn-Isf BZ-cn°p-∂X - p-t]m-ep≈ hyXy-kvXa - mb {]h¿Ø-\ß - ƒ sNøm≥ Xncpta-\n°v km[n-°p-∂s - X-ßs - \-bmWv? F√m-bvt∏mgpw as‰m-cmsf AwKo-Ic - n-°p-∂Xv B hy‡n-bpsS alØzhpw kt¥m-j-hp-am-Wv. F√m-hcpw Ah¿°p Xpey-amb kmaqly-\n-e-hm-c-Øn-ep-≈-hsc am\n-°m\pw BZ-cn-°m\pw am{Xta Xmev]-cy-s∏-Sm-dp-≈p. km[m-c-W-°m-cmb Hmt´m sXmgn-em-fn-I-fpambn bm{X-bn¬ Imip sImSpØpbm{X sNøp∂p Fs∂mcp _‘w am{X-am-Wp-≈-Xv. F∂m¬ AXn-\-∏p-d-am-sbmcp _‘w R߃ °ps≠∂p ]d-bp- h - m≥ CØ-cØ - n-ep≈ {]h¿Ø-\Ø - n-eqsS km[n°pw. F√m-hcpw ASn-ÿm-\] - c - a - mbn a\p-jy-cm-W.v GXp kmaq-lnI \ne-hm-cØ - n-ep-≈h - s - cbpw AwKo-Ic - n-°m\pw Dƒs°m-≈m\pw Ignb-Ww. 150 150


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with its tremendous contribution to mundane affairs and to the enrichment of life in general is of little help in answering the age old questions like who is man, what is the meaning of life and many more questions. The Bible alone offers the satisfactory explanation of these questions. Francis Bacon saw God’s work in Nature and His words in the Bible as the twin facets of His self-disclosure. Galileo and Copernicus remained devout Christian men; they convinced that their work glorified God. Now I’m going to give some of the scientific facts in the Bible which were written centuries back. Job 28:25, “To establish a weight for the wind, and apportion the waters by measure.” Air has weight. It was once thought that air was weightless. Yet 4,000 years ago Job declared that God established “a weight for the wind.” In recent years, meteorologists have calculated that the average thunderstorm holds thousands of tons of rain. To carry this load, air must have



mass. However, we know that air has mass not only because we can feel it when the wind blows, but strong winds can cause large trees to topple over... Anything with mass has weight. Psalm 8:8, ”...and the fish of the sea that pass through the paths of the seas.”The sea is just a huge mass of water; how could it have “paths”? Man discovered the existence of ocean currents in the 1850s, but the Bible declared the science of oceanography 2,800 years ago. Matthew Maury (1806–1873), considered the Father of oceanography noticed the expression “paths of the sea” in Psalm 8. Maury took God at His word and went looking

life. It carries water and nourishment to every cell, removes the waste material from cells, and maintains the body’s temperature. Blood also carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. If you lose your blood, you will lose your life. Genesis 2:7, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life: and man became a living being.” Scientists have discovered that the human body is comprised of some 28 base and trace elements – all of which are found in the earth.

Dr Sheela K Shany Asst.Prof. Natural Science

for these paths, and his vital book on oceanography is still in print today. Leviticus 17:11, ”For the life of the flesh is in the blood.” The Scriptures declare that blood is the source of life. Until two hundred years ago, sick people were bled and many died because of the practice. We now know that blood is the source of

Genesis 2:1-2, “Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which “He had done.” The First Law states that the total quantity of energy and matter in the universe is a constant. One form of energy or matter may be converted into another, but the total quantity always remains the same. Therefore, the creation is finished, exactly as God said way back in Genesis. Job 26:7, “He stretches out the north over empty space; He hangs the earth on nothing.” While other sources declared the earth sat on the back of an elephant or turtle, or was held up by Atlas, the Bible alone states what we now know to be true – “He hangs the earth on nothing.” Jonah 2:5-6, “The waters surrounded me, even to my soul; the deep closed around me, weeds were wrapped around my head. I went down to the moorings of the 173 173 173


mountains; the earth with its bars closed behind me forever; yet You have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord, my God. Jonah, who lived about 3000 years ago, spoke of going down to the “bottoms of the mountains”. His prayer from the stomach of the fish included the words. Only in recent history has man discovered that there are mountains on the ocean floor. The tropical Revillagigedos Islands are the visible peaks of a underwater mountain chain-known as the Eastern Pacific Rise, that stretches all the way to Antarctica. The deepest part of Mariana’s Trench, east of the Mariana Islands, has been measured at 35,798 feet below sea level. Mount Everest is only 29,035 feet.



Leviticus 13:46, “He shall be unclean. All the days he has the sore he shall be unclean. He is unclean, and he shall dwell alone; his dwelling shall be outside the camp.” Medical quarantine instituted long before man understood the principles of quarantine, God commanded the Israelites to isolate those with a contagious disease until cured. Genesis 6:15, “And this is how you shall make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. The Bible specifies the perfect dimensions for a stable water vessel. Ship builders today are well aware that the ideal dimension for ship stability is a length six times that of the width. Keep in mind,

God told Noah the ideal dimensions for the ark 4,500 years ago. Genesis 1:20, Then God said,”Let the waters abound with an abundance of living creatures, and let birds fly above the earth across the face of the firmament of the heavens.” Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This question has plagued philosophers for centuries. The Bible states that God created birds with the ability to reproduce after their kind. Therefore the chicken was created first with the ability to make eggs! Yet, evolution has no solution for this dilemma. Job 38:24, “By what way is light diffused, or the east wind scattered over the earth?” Sir Isaac Newton studied light and discovered that white light is made of seven colours, which can be parted and then recombined. Science confirmed this four centuries ago – God declared this four millennia ago! Psalm 147:4, “He counts the number of the stars; He calls them all by name”. Although man is unable to calculate the exact number of stars, we now know their number is finite. Of course God knew this all along –What an awesome God! Job 38:31, “Can you bind the cluster of the Pleiades, or loose the belt of Orion?” The Pleiades star cluster is gravitationally bound, while the Orion star cluster is loose and disintegrating because the gravity of

the cluster is not enough to bind the group together. It is only recently that we realized that the Pleiades is gravitationally bound, but Orion’s stars are flying apart. Genesis 10:25. “To Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg, for in his days the earth was divided; and his brother’s name was Joktan.” The name Peleg means division. The text then explains that he was so named because in his days the earth was divided. The Pangaea theory is the hypothesis that the continents once formed a single landmass called Pangaea which means ‘all lands’ in Greek before breaking apart and drifting to their present locations. Although the idea caused sharp disagreement among geologists, evidence in favour of continental drift is now extensive. The conti nents resemble pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle that fit together perfectly. For example the coastline of the West Coast of Africa fits perfectly in with the coastline of East Coast of South America. Geological similarities on matching continental edges suggest that they were once joined. Science means Knowledge and true Science always agrees with the observable evidence. Scientific research continues to unfold the wonders and mysteries of our Universe. When we study the Scripture we can find much more scientific facts explained. Interestingly there is only one book that has anticipated many of the scientific facts; that Book is the BIBLE. 175



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1963 ˛¬ PEN Asian Poetry Prize Dw 1985˛¬ Xnc-s™-SpØ Ihn-X-Iƒ°v kmlnXy A°m-Zan Ahm¿Upw 1984 ˛¬ kmln-Xy-Øn-\p≈ t\m_¬ kΩm-\Øn\v Ia-em-Zmkv \ma-\n¿t±iw sNø-s∏Sp-Ibpw sNbvXp. Aßs\ sNdpXpw hep-Xp-amb At\Iw ]pc-kvIm-c-߃ Ahsc tXSn- s b- Ø n, Ihn- X , IY, t\mh¬˛ F∂o taJ-e-I-fn¬ XpS-ßnb Ah¿ 15˛mw hb- n¬ sI. am[-hZ- m-kns\ hnhmlw Ign-°p-I-bpw am[-h-Zm-kv, Pbkq-cy-Zm-kv, Nn∂≥Zmkv F∂n-h-cpsS AΩ-bm-Ip-Ibpw sNbvXp. am[-hn-°p´n kv{XoPo-hn-XsØ hc- ® p- I m- ´ p- ∂ - X n- t \m- s Sm∏w kv { Xoa- \ kns‚ {]W- b - k m- K - c - ß sf AXns‚ ]q¿W-kw-ln-XI - t- fmSpw ad-bn-√msX Xpd∂p-Im-´n. thdmcpw k©-cn-°mØ ]mX sh´n- X p- d - ∂ - h ƒ, B \me- ∏ ms´bmbn k©-cn-®p. {]W-bsØ Bflm-hns‚ `£-W-ambn I≠-hƒ, Rms\mcp s^an\n-Ã√ F∂p-d-s°-∏-d-™-hƒ, s^an-\nk-Øns‚ cq]m-hn-jvIm-c-ßsf \ncm-I-cn®p. ]pcp-j-hn-tZz-jn-bmb s^an-\n-Ãn-s\b√, adn®v ]pcp- j - ∑ m- c n- s √- ¶ n¬ Cu temIsØ PohnXw X\n°v km≤y-as√∂v a\- n-em°n Ah¿ C{]-Imcw Ipdn®p. ‘Hmtcm ]pcp-j\pw Hmtcm EXp-hmWv’ IrjvWs‚ cq]-sØ-°mƒ kvt\l-k¶¬]sØ {]W- b n® am[- h n- ° p- ´ n. X\n°p IrjvW-t\mSv `‡n-b√ adn®v AKm-X-amb kvt\l-am-sW∂v ]d™ am[- h n- ° p- ´ n Xs‚ IrXn- I - f n- s e√mw \nd™p \nev°p∂ IrjvW-km-an]yw sImXn-°p∂ cm[. AsX, Ah¿ F√mh-scbpw sR´n®v 65˛mw hb-kn¬ C…mw aXw kzoI-cn-®p. 1999 Unkw-_¿ 16˛mw XobXn ho´n¬ sh®v \S∂ Hcp an\n‰v \o≠p-\n∂ NS-ßn¬ Ah¿ aXw amdn. F{]-Im-ca - mWv Ia-em-Zmkv kzm[o\n-°-s∏-Sp-∂Xv? F{]-Im-c-amWv Ia-emZmkv {]tNm-Z\ - a - mbn Xocp-∂Xv? AXv Adnb-W-sa-¶n¬ A£-c-ßsf IqsS Iq´p∂ 178


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Positivity is an essential quality of a person. We should be positive towards all circumstances. Past is past, but we should learn to live in the present. In human life there will be many Obstacles, but we should cross them bravely. A person’s character depends on his/her thinking. Positive thinking makes a person better. As a person, I want to be positive and I will face all circumstances without betraying anyone. There are some tips to become a positive person. 1. Give a try in each and everything, as you can. 2. If you fail, never give up. Try again and again. 3. Be optimistic and work hard. 4. Be a positive inspiration for others in our society.

Dimple Ponnu Thomas Mathematics Second Year 184 184


A stitch in time saves nine is a wise saying. It means that a timely effort that will prevent more work later. It certainly means prevention is better than cure. Furthermore, this important phrase tells that procrastination is a bad habit. Hence, if a problem exists, then one must fix it immediately. If not fixed in time, then more problems will arise. First of all, time is a very precious aspect of life. According to many successful individuals, time is money. There are only 24 hours in a day. Also, the average human life expectancy probably ranges from 80 to 90 years. This certainly means that one can’t afford to waste time in all. Hence, “A stitch in Time saves Nine” avoids wastage of time. Another advantage of this concept is less effort. This is due to early dealing with a problem. Dealing with a problem early, requires a certain amount of effort. However, with delay the problem becomes ugly. Now to rectify this even more difficult

problem means much more effort. So following “ A stitch in time saves nine” saves effort. “A stitch in time saves nine” has another advantage. It is better decision making. Following this concept means that a person has sufficient time to handle a problem. Therefore, a person can prepare solutions efficiently. In contrast, a person who delays problems will have a shortage of time. Consequently, this person would become stressful and nervous. Due to this, poor decision making would result.

Karthika O. Nair English First Year



Teaching is one of the most important and complicated jobs today. It demands broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards; enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning; knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques; and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. With all these qualities required, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to find great teachers. Great teachers expect that all students can achieve in their classroom, and they don’t give up on underachievers.Effective teachers have lesson plans that give students a clear idea of what they will be learning, what the assignments are and what the grading policy is. Assignments have learning goals and give students ample opportunity to practice new skills. The teacher is consistent in grading and returns work in a timely manner.They are in their classrooms early and ready to teach. They present lessons in a clear and structured way. Their classrooms are organized in such a way as to minimize distractions. Effective teachers use facts as a starting point, not an end point; they ask ‘why’ questions, look at all sides and encourage students to predict what will happen next. They ask questions frequently to make sure students are following along. They try to engage the whole class, and they don’t allow a few students to dominate the class. They keep students motivated with varied, lively approaches. (Courtesy-'What makes a great teacher', Published at greatschools.org)

Sherin Marettu Social Science First Year



ag-bn¬ IpXn¿∂ s\mºcta \o s]bvsXm-gn-™n´pw Ft¥ \o ho≠pw IS-∂p-hc - p∂p Pq¨am-kØ - ns‚ Hcp kmbm-”Ø - n¬ IÆp-If - n-te°v D‰p-t\m°n Ah≥ Ft∂mSv tNmZn®p \ns∂ Rm≥ {]W-bnt®ms´? Rm≥ hcp∂ hgn-Øm-cb - n¬ Hcp Xncn-™p-t\m-´Ø - n-\m-bp≈ ]c°w ]m®n¬; ag-Øp-≈n-Iƒ C‰p-ho-gp∂ Ce-Iƒ km£n-bmbn BZy I≠p-ap-´-ep-Ifpw Imeta \o F¥n\v C{X-thKw IS-∂p-h∂p ag-bn¬°p-Xn¿∂ t\¿Ø au\-ßfpw Zo¿L-\n-izm-kß - fpw; D≈n¬ tXß-ep-If - p-ambn Nncn-Xq-Ip∂ \n≥ apJw \ob-dn-bmsX F≥ angn-Iƒ Cud-\-Wn-bp-∂pthm; Pohn-Xb - m-{X-bpsS \o¿®p-gn-bn-te°v \o hen-®n-gb - v°s - ∏-Sp-tºmƒ ]X-dmsX t\¿Ø tXß-ep-I-fp-b-cmsX \n»_vZw apt∂-dWw \ns‚ [ym\-Øn¬ \ob-dn-bmsX Rm≥ sXfn-bp-tºmƒ H∂p Nncn-°pI \n≥ In\m-hp-Iƒ ]qh-Wn-bs´ Rm≥ t\cp∂p `mhp-Iß - ƒ ag-bn¬ IpXn¿∂ s\mº-cta \o s]bvsXm-gn-™n´pw Ft¥ \o ho≠pw IS-∂p-h-cp-∂p.

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Joicy Thankam Roy English First Year



It began to rain The lump in my throat got heavier Was the sky crying? Love hurts, so does life... Once gone is never replaceable So, you love... I do wonder. how different things might be If that one thing didn’t happen...

Xp≈n \rØ-am-SoSpw ag-bn¬ apgpIn Im\\ \Sp-hn-eq-sSm-gp-InSpw \o h\y-ar-Kß - ƒ X≥ Zmlw ian-∏n®v ]md-s°-´n¬ X´n-®n-Xd - nbpw IÆp-\o¿ Xp≈n-t]m¬ sXfn-\o-cmbv \o Im‰n¬ Nm©m-Sn-bm-SnSpw \n∂-cn-IØv \n¬°p∂ sNdp-k-ky-߃ X≥ ta\n-bn¬ Xgp-Inbpw IuXp-Ia - m-sb∂pw Hgp-InSpw \o kqcy-Xm-]Ø - m¬ h‰nhc-≠mepw ag-ta-La - mbv ho≠pw ]p\¿P-\n°pw ]e-bpKw ho≠pw k©-cn°pw {]Ir-Xn-X≥ kz¥w Im´-cphn

tPmkv\ tPmkvv amØam-‰nIvkv H∂mw h¿jw 189 189


h f- c p- I bpw hnI- k n- ° p- I bpw sNbv X psIm≠ncp∂ Hcp kaq-l-Ønse hf¿∂psIm≠ncn- ° p∂ Pohn- X - Ø n\v cq]w sImSp°p∂Xv bmsXm∂mtWm AXmWv hnZym-`ym-k-sa∂v kmam-t\y\ ]d-bmw. A\pZn\w amdn-s°m≠ncn-°p∂ PohnX ho£-WØn-\\ - p-kc-Wa - m-bn-´mWv hnZym-`ym-khpw ]cnh¿Ø-\-hn-t[-b-ambn AXm-bXv Np‰p-]m-SpIƒ°- \ p- k - c - W - a mbn hnZym- ` ym- k - Ø ns‚ e£yhpw A¿∞-Ønepw am‰-ap-≠m-Ip-∂p. hnZym¿∞n-Iƒ ]Tn®p anSp-°-cmbn `mhn-bn¬ hnhn[ ÿm\- ß ƒ Ae- ¶ - c n- ° p- ∂ Xp ImWm≥ B{K-ln-°p-∂h - c - mWv A[ym-]I - ¿. 190 190


tkm\n tXmakv ae-bmfw H∂mw h¿jw

imkv{X-km-t¶-XnI cwKØpw hnZym-`ym-kcw-KØpw `c-Wc - w-KØpw BXp-ci - p-{iq-jmcw- K Øpw \√ F©n- \ o- b ¿am- s cbpw tUmIvS¿am-scbpw hf¿Øn-sb-Sp-°m≥ Ah¿ {ian-°p-∂p. F∂m¬ tIhew Hcp F©n-\o-btdm tUmIvStdm am{Xw Bbm¬ t]mc a\p-jy≥ IqSn Bsb-¶n¬ am{Xta {]kvXpX hy‡nbn¬ IqSn kaq-l-Øn\p \∑ ssIh-cn-Ib - p-≈p. hnhn[ tkh-\ß - f - nte¿s∏-´n-cn-°p∂ ]e¿°pw \√ a\p-jycmbn Xocp-∂X - n-\p≈ hnZym-`ymkw e`n-°mXn-cp∂ Imc-W-Øm¬ C∂v AXns‚ ]e Zqjy-^e - ß - fpw \mw A\p-`h - n-°p-∂p. icn-bmb ASn-Ød ]mIpI t\´-߃ ssIh-cn-°p-∂X - n-\p≈ Ah-k-c-߃ e`n-°p-tºmƒ icn-bmw-hn[w hnPbw hcn-°p∂-Xn-\m-h-iyamb kz`m-hKpWw Pohn-XØ - n¬ ap∂ta cq]- s ∏- S p- Ø p- h m≥ Hcp A[ym-]I - ≥ hnZym¿∞n-Isf {]m]vXc - m-°W - w. cmjv{S-]X - nbm- b n- c p∂ tUm.- c m- [ m- I rjvW≥ C{]-Imcw ]d-bp-∂p. ""hnZym- ` ym- k - Ø ns‚ e£yw kz`m-h-Kp-W-am-Wv. kz`m-h-Kp-W-an√mØ hnZym-`ymkw D]-tbm-K-iq-\yhpw B]¬°-c-hp-am-Wv''. Hcp hy‡n hnZym-kº-∂t\m F∂v \n›-bn-°p-∂Xv At±-lØns‚ t]cn\v ]n∂mse F{X _ncp-Zß - ƒ FgpXn tN¿Øn-cn-°p∂p F∂p t\m°n-b√; kz`m-h-a-lna t\m°n-bm-Wv. hy‡n PohnX- Ø n¬ ]cn- h ¿Ø- \ - Ø n- \ p≈ A`nhmRvO sNdp-∏-Imew apXte e`n-°p∂ aqeym-ht- _m-[Ø - n¬ A[n-jT v n-Xa - mbn-cn-°p∂p. icn-bmb hnIk\-Øn\v aqeym-[n-jT v nX hn-Zym-`ymkw ASn-Ød ]mIp-∂p. Ip´n-Iƒ°v \√ dm¶v e`y-am°n sImSp°p-∂-Xn\v Bth-i-]q¿hw hnhn[ hnj-bß - ƒ Ahsc ]Tn-∏n-°p-hm≥ th≠n Hcp-ßp-∂-Xn¬ H´pw Ipd-bmsX Imcy-Kuc-h-tØmSpIqSn aqeym-`ym-k\w \¬Ip-∂-

Xn\pw \ap°p {i≤-sN-ep-tØ-≠n-bn-cn-°p∂p. kz`m-hK - p-Ws - a-∂X - v ]-T\ - k - w-_‘ - a - mb a‰p-t\-´ß - ƒ ]n≥_-ea - m-°p-hm≥ \mw aqeym`ym-k-\-Øn\v {]m[m\yw Iev]n-°-Ww. \ΩpsS hn\n-ab coXn-Iƒ Xs∂ AXn\p klm-bI - c - a - m-IW - w. hnhn[ kmwkvIm-cnI ]›m-Ø-e-ß-fn¬ hf¿∂p-h-cp∂ Ip´nIƒ°v tIhew hm°p-I-fn-eqsS Bi-b-hn\n-abw aqey-ßsf kw_-‘n®v ]I-cp-∂Xn\p {ian-°p-∂t- Xm-Sp-IqSn aqeym-ht- _m[w hn\naw sNøp∂ A[ym-]I - s‚ Pohn-Xs - sien-Xs∂ Ip´n-Iƒ°p \√ ktµ-i-ambn Xo¿°p-hm≥ Icp-X-tem-Sp-IqSnb PohnXw \bn-t°-≠n-bn-cn-°p∂p [m¿Ωn-Ihpw BfloI-hpamb aqey-߃ k¥p-en-Xamw-hn[w Pohn-XØ - n¬ ]Icp-∂-XmWv \√-Xv. Nne \nb-a-߃ ]men-°phm≥ Ip´n- I sf \njvI¿jn-®-XpsIm≠v Ah¿°v AXm-Xp-th-f-I-fn¬ \√ Xocp- a m- \ - ß ƒ FSp-°p-hm≥ Ign-bW-sa-∂n-√. F∂m¬ D∂-X-am¿∂ kz`m-h-KpWhpw kml- N - c y- ß sf t\cn- S p- ∂ - X n- \ p≈ IcpØpw h¿≤n- ∏ n- ° p- ∂ - X n- \ p≈ aqey- ß fpw {]h¿Ø-\-ß-fp-amWv ]I-cp-∂-sX-¶n¬ Ah¿ \nbaw ]men-°p-∂-Xn-ep-]-cn-bmbn aqeym-`ym-k\w kzmKXw sNøp-∂p. Bflob-Xsb Ah-K-Wn-®p-sIm≠p≈ [m¿Ωn-IX-b√ \mw ChnsS {]Xn-]m-Zn-°p-∂-Xv. At\I Bh- i y- ß ƒ a\p- j y- \ - ∑ sb IcpXn \nh¿Øn-®p-sImSp°p-hm≥ \√ aqeym-h-t_m-[-ap≈ \√ a\p-jysc Bhiy-am-Wv. \∑ sNøp-∂X - n\v F{Xtbm Ahk-cß - f - mWv apºn-ep-≈X - v. Ahsb Ic-KX - am-°Ø - ° - h - n-[Ø - n-ep≈ B¥-cn-I_ - e - hpw kz`m-ha - l - n-abpw Ip´n-If - n¬ hf¿Øn-sb-Sp°p-hm≥ hnZym-`ymk {]h¿Ø-\ß - f - n-eqsS CS-bm-tI-≠Xv A\n-hm-cy-am-Wv.




eo\p amXyp sI. ^nkn-°¬ kb≥kv c≠mw h¿jw \mw Adn-bmsX GXp \nan-jhpw sI´p-t]m-Ip∂ Hcp hnf-°mWv \ΩpsS Pohn-Xw. PohnXw Hcp-\mƒ Ah-km-\n-°psa∂v Adn-™n´pw a\p-jy≥ IqSp-X¬ Xnc°p-If - n¬ G¿s∏-Sp-∂p. Pohn-XØ - n¬ GsX¶nepw \ne-bn¬ BI-Ws - a∂v B{K-ln-°mØ-h-cmbn BcpwXs∂ D≠m-hp-I-bn-√. B≤zm-\a - mWv AXns‚ Xmt°m¬. A≤zm\n-°p-∂Xv sshIn-bm-sW-¶n-epw, AXn\v Hcp \mfn¬ hnPbw e`n-°pw. Pohn-XsØ Ft∏mgpw t]mkn-‰o-hmbn ImWp-I. \ap°v thW-sa-¶n¬ \sΩ \in-∏n-°p-hm\pw \∂m°p-hm\pw km[n-°pw. DZm-lc - W - a - m-bn, Hcp IY: Hcn-°¬ Hcp I¿j-I≥ c≠v ]b¿ hnØp-Iƒ C´p. aÆn\-Sn-bn¬ FØn-b-t∏mƒ Hcp hnØv Nn¥n°p-hm≥ XpS-ßn. I¿j-I≥ F\n°v sh≈w Xcpw. Fs‚ thcp- I ƒ aÆp- X p- f ®v Xmtg°p hfcpw. Aßs\ Rm≥ hep-XmIpw. Rm≥ hnØn¬ \n∂v ]pd-Øp-h∂v kpµ-c-amb temIw ImWpw. Aßs\ B hnØv hf¿∂v hep-Xm-Ip-Ibpw sNbvXp. at‰ hnØv Nn¥n-®Xv C{]-Imcw Bbn-cp∂p. Fs‚ thcp-Iƒ Xmtgm-´p-t]m-bm¬ h√

192 192


Irjn-Io-S-߃ \in-∏n°pw. hf¿∂v apIfn-tem´v t]mbm¬ Hcp ]t£, I√pw ap≈pw X´n t]md-ep-Iƒ D≠m-Ipw. `oI-ca - mWv Cu temIw F∂p t]Sn®v hnØn-\p-≈n¬Xs∂ Npcp-≠p-In-S-°m≥ B hnØv B{K-ln-®p. hf-cp-∂n-s√∂v Xocp-am-\n®v B hnØv Aßs\ InS-∂p. Ipd®p Znhkw Ign-™t∏mƒ Hcp tImgn AhnsS h∂p. aÆn¬ Dd-ßn-°n-S-°p∂ hnØns\ AXv I≠p. AXns\ sImØn Xn∂p-I-f-™p. \ΩpsS a\ pw Cß-s\-bmWv \√ Nn¥-If - m¬ AXv \nd-™n-cn-°W - w. As√¶n¬ Dd-ßn-°n-S° - p∂ hnØns‚ Ahÿ \ap°v D≠m-Ipw. Hm¿°pI : \ap-°p≈ GI ]cn-anXn \ΩpsS a\ v am{X-am-Wv. PohnXw Ft∏mgpw kt¥m-ja - m-bn-cn-°m≥ a\- n¬ \√ Nn¥-Iƒ sIm≠v \nd-bv°pI. \mw Hcn-°epw Dd-ßn-°n-S° - p∂ hnØns\-t∏mse BI-cp-Xv. F∂m¬ DW¿∂p InS-°p∂ hnØns\ t\m°p-I. AXv \sΩ ]Tn-∏n-°p-∂Xv Ft∏mgpw DW¿∂n-cp∂v a\ n¬ \√ Nn¥-IƒsIm≠v \nd-bv°Ww F∂m-Wv. AXv \sΩ-Øs∂ \∂m-°p-∂Xn\v Xpey-am-Wv.

Ign-™- Hcp Zim_v-Z-Øn-tebv°v \mw Xncn™p t\m°p-tºmƒ Gsd thZ- \ m- P - \ - I - a mb Imgv N F∂Xv `mcX-Øns‚ H´p-an° CS-ß-fnepw kv{XoIƒ imco-cn-I-ambn t\cn-tS-≠nh- ∂ ]oU- \ - Ø ns‚ sR´n- ° p∂ hm¿Ø-If - m-Wv. Fhn-sS-bmWv \mw Db¿Øn∏n- S n- ° p∂ `mc- X ob aqey- ß ƒ sNs∂-Øn-bn-cn-°p-∂Xv? \mw sI´n-]Sp-Ønb hnI-k\ - h - n-Im-kß - f - psS Xesb-Sp-∏p-Iƒ ? F¥mWv CXn-tebv°p \bn-°p∂ Imc-W-߃ ? {]mbtam ? A√. ImcWw Bdpw Adp- ] Xpw ]oUn- ∏ n- ° - s ∏- S p- ∂ p. hkv { X- [ m- c Wtam? A√. Fs¥-∂m¬ ]n©p-Ip™n\pw CXv kw`-hn-°p-∂p. aXtam? A√. Aº- e - Ø nepw ]≈n- b nepw kv{Xo kpc-£n-X-b-√. 193 193


]ns∂ F¥mWo A{I-aW - ß - ƒ°v ]n∂n¬ kw`-hn-°p-∂Xv ? C{Xbpw ss]im-Nn-Ia - mb {]hr- Ø n- I - f m¬ `mcXw temI- Ø n\v ap∂n¬ Xe- I p- \ n- t °- ≠ n- h - c p∂Xn\v F¥mhmw ImcWw ? t]mb-h¿jw sslZcm-_m-Zn¬ sh‰n-\dn tUmIvS¿°v kw`-hn®Xpw DØ¿{]-tZ-in¬ kw`-hn-®Xpw D∂mh tIkpw F√mw Xs∂ Hcp-sa-gp-Ip-Xncn sh´Øn¬ \mw {]Xn-tj[w Adn-bn®v Dt]-£n® H∂p-Xs - ∂-bm-Wv.

\ymbw Is≠Ømw. F∂m¬ Xncn-®m-bm¬ Bsc-bmWv XS-hn¬ hbvt°-≠X - v. CXv ]oU-\-Øns‚ Imcy-Im-c-W߃ Is≠Øn t]mwhgn Is≠-Øm≥ FgpXp-∂X√, adn-®v- F-s¥√mw {]Xn-hn-[nIƒ FSp- Ø mepw ^ew ImWm- Ø - X n- \ m¬ D≈n¬ tXm∂p∂ Nn¥ ]¶p-hb - ° v p-Ib - m-W.v hcpw Xe-ap-d-bnse B¨Ip-´n-Isf F¶nepw amXm-]n-Xm-°ƒ ]d™v a\-kn-em°s´ s]Æv F¥m-sW∂pw Ahsc sX‰mb

Cu ]d™ tIkp-I-fn¬ F√mw Xs∂ Hfn™pw ad™pw a\-kns‚ AIØ-f-ß-fn¬ _m[n-°-s∏´ kv{Xosb Ip‰w ]d-bp∂ Hcp P\-Xbpw \ap-°n-S-bn-ep-≠v. "Ahƒ F¥n\v cm{Xn H‰°p \S∂p?' ""AhfpsS Ipg-∏-amWv am\y-ambn \S-°Ww'' F∂v ]d-bm\pw aSn-Im-Wn-°m-Øh - ¿ \tΩmsSm∏ap≠v AXpw ]I¬ hna¿in®v cm{Xn kpJw tXSn-bn-dß - p∂ Ipe-]p-cp-j∑ - m-cmWv CXn\p ap≥]-¥n-bn¬. kv{XoIfpw ]n∂ne√. ChnsS tNmZn-°m≥ B{K-ln-°p∂Xv Fs¥- ∂ m¬ B¿°mWv ChnsS kv{XoI-fpsS ]cn-[n-]c - n-an-Xn-Iƒ Xocp-am-\n°p-hm≥ Ah-Imiw? Ipg-∏° - m¿ kv{XoIƒ BsW-¶n¬ Iq´n¬ C´v hf¿Øp∂Xn¬

IÆn¬ t\m°-cp-sX∂pw. Cu temIw Ahcp-tS-Xp-Iq-Sn-bm-sW∂pw, BWns\ IqSp-X¬ _e-hm-\m-°p∂Xv Ahsf Iogvs∏-Sp-Øm\- √ , adn®v kwc- £ n- ° m- \ m- s W- ∂ pw. Ah¿s°-¶nepw e`n-°s´ kZm-Nmc IÆpI-fpsS ]nSn-bm¬ AI-s∏-SmsX \√ kulrZ-߃ sI´n-∏S- p-Øp-hm\pw kam-[m\w \ne\n¿Øp-hm-\pw...



h¿Kokv tPmk^v amØ-am-‰nIvkv H∂mw h¿jw

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au\-Øn-eq-sS-bmWv hfsc Xo{h-amb A¿∞-߃ ssIam-dp-∂s - X∂p A∂v \o ]d-™-t∏mƒ Bibw hy‡-am-ImsX Rm≥ H∂p ]X-dn. Hcp ]s£ B ]X¿® \ns‚ hcn-I-fpsS bYm¿∞ A¿∞w a\-kn-em-°n-bX - n-\m-emhmw F∂p ]n∂oSv Hm¿Øp s\mº-cs - ∏-´p. B\-µ-amb t{]a-Øn\v \o Is≠-Ønb `mj Hcp ]s£ \ns‚ B au\-am-Is´ F∂p hniz-kn-°p-∂p. Imb-epw, ]pg-bpw, \Zn-bpw, ssItØm-Sp-Ifpw Cu `qan-bpsS c‡-[a - \ - n-If - m-Im-sa∂pw Ah Xfw sI´n \n¬°p-tºmƒ GtXm AZriy i‡n-bpsS t{]c-Wb - m-se-∂t- ]mse Ah _‘n-Xa - m-sW∂pw Rm≥ a\-kn-em-t°-≠n-bn-cn-°p-∂p. ImapIn ImapI k¶¬]-Øn\v D≤-cW - n-Iƒ Hcp-]m-Sp-≠¶ - nepw Rm≥ Ahsb tImdn-bn-Sp-∂Xv Nh-‰p I - q-\b - n¬ cXn-th-gvNb - n¬ G¿s∏-Sp∂ Iq\≥ ]pgp-°-tfm-SmWv au\-Øns‚ GtXm aq¿[-\y-Øn¬ F∂nse t{]aw AW-s]m-´n-sbm-gp-In-tb-°m-sa∂p Rm≥ `b-s∏-Sp∂ kXyw Aßs\ hcp-tºmƒ am{Xw Rm≥ \ns∂ Ibv]p≈ hm°p-Iƒ sIm≠v A`n-kw-t_m-[\ sNøp-∂Xv \n¿a-amb Hcp thh-em-Xn-bpsS h√m-sØmcp t]‰p t\mhn¬ IpSpßn InS-°p-tºm-gm-hmw, £an-°p-I. 195 195


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Today we can see a lot of posts and activities regarding women empowerment in social medias. It has become themes for many advertisements and programmes in nation wide. But I wonder, are they really empowered? How do you measure this? Recently we have seen that, as remembering a day for Nirbhaya, the department of child development was organised a night walk on 29th december 2019. This campaign called “Sadhairyam Munnottu” (March ahead boldly) was from 11 pm to 1 am at 100 selected centers in the state. This campaign was aimed at spreading a message of “public place is mine too” I doubt, will these be beneficial for women? Especially in a state like Kerala, discrimination towards women who travels in the late hours is rampant. In my opinion strict rules and harsh punishments must be imposed on all crimes against women. Women should be made strong to protect themselves. Training in martial arts, kungfu etc must be given to girls from school level. They must be well equipped to defend themselves. A feeling should inculcate among girls that, they are capable for fighting. They should be courageous to respond and react. Men and women are equal creations of God and hence they must live and enjoy equal rights. I hope this 2020 bring good intiatives and programmes for women to inculcate courage and confidence. We can hope for a safe and bright future for women.

Aswathy P. Anil Physical Science, First Year

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“teaching kids to count is fine but teaching them what counts is best.” Bob talbert A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Henry B Adams “Teachers teach because they care. Teaching young people is what they do best. It requires long hours, patience, and care.” Horace Mann “Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theatre.” Gail Godwin It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. Albert Einstein “Teachers can change lives with just the right mix of chalk and challenges” Joyce Meyer “A teacher’s job is to take a bunch live wires and see that they are well-grounded.” D Martin Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, caliber, and future of an individual. If the people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honor for me. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Geethu Mary Xavier English Second Year

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and install a love of learning.” Brad Henry



tIcfw F∂Xv tIcw Xnßpw tIc-f-\mSv F∂p ]d-bp-∂Xv XnI®pw A\z¿∞-am-bn-cp∂ Hcp Imeap-≠m-bn-cp∂p a-e-bm-fn-bpsS a\- n¬. {]IrXn F∂p tIƒ°p-tºmƒØs∂ aÆv, acw, kap-{Zw, Ipf-߃ F∂nh \ΩpsS a\- n-te°v BZyw IS∂p-h-cp-∂p. hntZ-in-Iƒ°v t]mepw hf-sc-tbsd BI¿jWw P\n-∏n-®n-cp∂ ssZh-Øns‚ kz¥w \mSmWv tIc-fw. "hkp-ssZ-hI - p-Spw-_Iw' F∂ Bib-Øn\v ae-bm-fn-Iƒ Gsd {]m[m\yw \¬In-bncp∂p. BZna a\p- j y¿ {]Ir- X nsb Adn™p Pohn®p. ]cn-ÿnXn aen-\o-I-cWw h¿≤n-®p-h-cp∂ Hcp Ime-L-´-Øn-emWv \mw C∂v Pohn-°p-∂-Xv. ""C\n hcp-s∂mcp Xe-ap-dbv°v ChnsS hmkw km[ytam'' F∂ Cu hcn-Iƒ ]pXnb Xe-ap-db - nse Ihn-Iƒ t]mepw Dd-s°-∏m-Sp-I-bm-Wv. F¥pw hnesImSpØv hmßm-\mIpw F∂ A[-aamb t_m[w ae-bm-fn-bpsS a\- n¬ \nc-¥cw {`an-°p-∂p-≠v. a\pjy≥ F{X-ta¬ Db-cØ - n-seØn F∂p ]d-™mepw N{µs\ Iog-S°n F∂-hI - m-is - ∏-´mepw ASn-ÿm-\]-c-ambn aÆn¬ hnf-bp-∂Xv am{Xta `£y-tbm-KyamIq F∂-XmWv kXyw. πmÃn-°p-I-fpsS AanX D]-tbmKw cmk-Io-S\ - m-in-\n-Iƒ aÆns‚ ^e-`q-bnjvSX - sb \in-∏n-°p-∂p. {]Ir-Xn-bpsS Cu Ahÿ ImWp-tºmƒ Fgp-Ø— - s‚ hcn-If - mWv a\- n-tebv°p hcp-∂Xv. ""N£p, {ihW Kf-ÿamw Z¿±pcw `£-WØ - n-∂t- ]-£n-°p-∂t- ]mse Imem-ln\m ]cn-{K-kvXamw temI-hp˛ amteme tNX m t`mK-߃ tXSp∂p'' ]mºns‚ hmbn¬ AI-s∏-s´mcp Xhf Xs‚ hni∏p am‰p-hm≥ th≠n `£Ww At\z-jn-°p-∂p. CXpt]mse Hc-h-ÿ-bn-tebv°v A[nIw sshImsX Xs∂ hcpw F∂-XmWv ]q¿Wamb kXyw. {]IrXn-sbbpw Ah-bn-ep-≈h - s - bbpw ssZhw \evIn-bh - bm-Wv. {]Ir-Xnsb kwc-£n-t°≠ DØ-ch - m-Zn-Øw \mw Hmtcm-cp-Ø¿°p-am-Wv.

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Jain Ann Chacko Physical Science First year

The people assaulted and clustered Around the stack of books and scrolls. And as the soldiers came up with blazing torches A mass began to form And as the mob roared loudly The general on his horse peeped around And at his barked order the soldiers Threw their fiery torches down And as the pages caught on fire The books began to burn. So the pages turned to ashes They flew as black angels on fire And caught within the clouds They flied higher and higher And as the wind blew into the clouds They began to expand so softly So that the ashes spread over the world As the dark clouds began to weep. And so as the droplets pearled to earth The pages watered the trees

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I. 5 years fundamentals (1) Nursery, (4) Std. 1st

(2) Jr. K.G. (5) Std 2nd

(3) Sr. K.G (4 yrs- 8 yrs)

II. 3 years preparatory (6) Std 3rd

(7) Std 4th

(8) Std 5th (9 yrs- 11 yrs)

III. 3 years middle (9) Std 6th

(10) Std 7th

(11) Std 8th

IV. 4 years secondary (12) Std 9th (15) Std (SYJC)

(13) Std SSC (15 yrs- 18 yrs)

(14) Std FYJC

(12yrs - 14 yrs)

No board exam in 10th Std. There will be board exam in 12th class only 4 years of college degree M.Phil will also be closed etc.

temIw UnPn‰¬ bpKØneqsS IS∂p t]mIptºmƒ hnZym¿∞nIƒ am¿°n\p th≠n ]Tn°p∂ k{ºZmbw amdWw. aq∂v LSIßfmWv `mhn Xeapdbv°v th≠Xv. k¿§tijn (creativity) ]pXnb Imcy߃ AXnthKw kzmwioIcn°m\p≈ Ignhv (Learning ability) , \ncq]WmflIamb Nn¥mtijn (Critical thinking) F∂nhbm Wh. IqSmsX tkm^v‰v k-vIn¬, tkmjy¬ aoUnbbnse CSs]SepIƒ, _p≤ni‡n s{]m^jW¬ anIhv, t\Xrtijn F∂nh sb√mw PohnXhf¿®bv°v AXy¥mt]£n XamWv. AhcpsS ss\k¿KoIamb Nn¥m i‡nsb hf¿Øp∂Xn\pw {]iv\ßsf A]{KYn®v a\ nem°m\pap≈ hnNn¥\ tijn Icp∏nSn∏n°p∂Xn\v \qX\hnZym`ym k coXn°v km[n°Ww. Hu]NmcnI hnZym`ymkØns‚ BZyL´w apX¬ a\:]mTam°p∂Xn\p ]Icw Ip´nIƒ At\zjn®v Is≠Øm\pw ]co£W˛\nco£Wßfnte¿s∏´p sIm≠v ]pXnb Is≠ØepIƒ°v \qX\ kmlNcyw kwPmXamIWw.

A\\yamb k¿KmflIamb ]cnlmcw Is≠Øm≥ Ip´nIƒ°v km≤yamIWw. ChnsSbmWv Howard Gardner˛s‚ aƒ´n∏nƒ C‚enP≥kns‚ {]k‡n. AXn\v A≤ym]I≥ injys‚ \s√mcp kplrØpw, hgnIm´nbpw, Zm¿i \nI\pambncn°Ww. Zo¿Lamb hnZym¿∞n PohnX ImeØv Hcp Ip´nbpsS _u≤nI hnImksØ G‰hpa[nIw D∑oen∏n°p∂ h\mbncn°Ww. AhmNyamb B A\p`qXn bpw Zo]vXkvacWIfpw A\p`hn®pXs∂ Ip´nIƒ hfcWw. Ip´nIfpsS a\ pw, lrZbhpw hf¿ØnsbSp°p∂ coXnbnep≈ kao]\tØmSp IqSn CSs]tS≠Xmhiy amWv. Aßs\ `mhnXeapd ss\]pWyap ≈hcpw icnbmb Znimt_m[ap≈hcpw, Aht_m[ap≈hcpw aqeym[njv T nXap ≈hcpw kvt\lap≈ hcpw, {]Xn_≤Xbp ≈hcpw BbnØocm≥ \ap°v Iq´mbn {]bXv\nbv°mw, {]h¿Øn°mw. \n߃°v km≤yambXn¬ G‰hpw anI®XmhpI! Be the best you can be! 207


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209 209


Dr.K.S George Principal Mob:9447462037

210 210


Mr.Sudarsanan Achary K.V Asst.Prof. Malayalam Mob: 9496738663

Dr.Sheela K. Shany

Dr.Bindumol K.K

Asst.Prof. Natural Science Mob: 9495241645

Asst.Prof. English Mob : 8156810385

Dr.Minni George

Mrs.Rintu K.K

Asst.Prof. Mathematics Mob: 9495758235

Asst.Prof. Social Science Mob : 9747154554

Mrs.Anilja Nair

Mrs.Annamma Skaria

Asst.Prof. Physical Science Mob : 8606821360

Craft Instructor Mob: 9656480111

Mr. Jaise Jacob Asst.Prof. Physical Education Mob : 9446859207

Mr.Mathew Samuel Technician Mob : 9495067965

Mrs.Usha Thomas

Mrs.V.S Mariamma

Superintendent Mob : 9947458390

Attendant Mob : 9961225018


Mr.Jacob John

Librarian Mob : 9447162824

Attendant Mob : 9605766640

211 211








AISWARYA Nediyakalayil(H) V-Kottayam P.O Pathanamathitta Pin - 689656 Mob - 9497385761 E-mail - aiswaryasatheesh59@gmail.com

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