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letter forms

station letter forms


similarity grouping

translation proximity grouping [space]


proximity grouping [alignment]

radiation continuation

dilation closure figure-ground reversal

We live in a hurry. Students rush from class to class. Business executives hurry from one meeting to the next. Firefighters hustle to a burning home. What if we stopped to LOOK? Even in the midst chaos, letter forms surround us. Fire Station 32 in Kettering, Ohio serves as one location that reveals the entire alphabet from A to Z; all we have to do is look.

DATE 10.02.07 COURSE VAD 312 ARTIST michelle stawicki SOFTWARE adobe indesign LOCATION university of dayton FONTS univers 55 roman • univers 75 black

Design Principles Alphabet book  

Project explores a local fire station; finding each letter of the alphabet in the equipment, vehicles, and gear. Design concepts correspond...

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