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Bringing Help and the Gospel to the People in Eastern Europe.

Together we create circumstances for miracles.

“What insprires me in this new year?” Ignat Ivanov, president

The shelter home children pray for their cook - And witness a miraculous healing

Our Yekaterinburg ministry leader Andrey shared this story with me in the beginning of this year. It is a great testimony about Galya, a former drug addict who is one of our team members. She completed our rehabilitation program and is now free from her drug addiction. She lives at our shelter home with her son. She also graduated from a cooking school and now works in the heart of the home: the kitchen. While living on the street, Galya’s chin and gums were severely damaged. Abscessed tissue and broken bone needed to be removed and replaced with a metal implant. A doctor told her she would eventually die from this damage if surgery was not performed. On the night before the surgery Galya asked everyone to pray for her at that evening’s prayer meeting. “Please pray for me,” she said. “I am terribly scared.” On the morning of the surgery the doctor was doing the last pre-operation checkup and was astonished. The bone had become whole again and all tissues were healthy! No surgery was needed!

I was very touched by the children’s prayers for their cook. I imagined little Danail, a very active boy with speech challenges, wholeheartedly repeating everyone else’s prayers as he does, “P-please L-Lord, heal Aunt Galya!” I remember how the children from the streets in Yekaterinburg had prayed for a shelter home years ago. Soon afterwards, we received a donation to purchase a building. That home is where prayer for this miracle happened! We cannot heal anybody. We cannot deliver anybody from drug addictions. We cannot change anybody from the inside. These are things only God can do. But we can do our part and create circumstances where God can do His work according to His will.

It is a joy to tell you that we have begun work in two new cities in Siberia. Also, expansion of the rehabilitation

center in Asbest is currently going on, and a half-way house has opened in Ufa. With your help, dear friends, we have been able to establish eleven centers where the lives of desperate, homeless, sick, and abandoned children, teens, and families can be restored and changed. Thank you for helping us create circumstances where miracles can happen!

Aunt Galya’s food and cakes are the best!

Yekaterinburg: An HIV crisis zone Due to an unbridled drug and HIV problem, the officials of Yekaterinburg have declared the city a crisis zone. Mission Possible has been authorized by the city to conduct free HIV tests and to direct infected ones to treatment. Our van with testing units visits rehabilitation centers and places where young people congregate. Because they are familiar with our team, they allow us to test them.

Here is the entrance to the underground world of the street youth. In 2011, our Yekaterinburgstreetpatrolhelpedabout sixty young people off the street.


Alittlegirlins toourshelter Needy children are brought to our shelter home by our street patrol, the police, or child protection officials. Some of the children stay with us while different accommodations are made for others. The best case scenario is when we can help both the child and the parents. This has been possible with little Masha and her family.

shockwasbrought rfromacrimescene One late October night, police brought a little girl to our shelter home. She was in a state of shock, hungry, and so exhausted she couldn’t stand up. Masha (not her real name), five years old, came straight from a homicide scene. Her grandmother, who had been drunk, killed a companion – and Masha saw it all. An officer described the grandmother’s house where Masha had been living as filthy, reminding him of a public restroom! It was a gathering place for local alcoholics. Masha’s mother, who was partially paralyzed from a surgical mistake, also lived there, but Masha was hungry and neglected. We bathed and fed Masha and tucked her in a warm bed. After a long rest, she woke up and was thrilled to discover she was in a real bed! Masha is very sharp and mature for her age, in spite of the fact she’d been so badly neglected. Of her

grandmother, she said, “Grandma is good, but when she drinks, she becomes bad.” Soon after Masha’s arrival we had a birthday party. As we set the table, Masha hid herself in a corner, hunched over, and whispered to herself. We approached her and she continued to murmur, “I have to think…have to think…Mom drinks all the time. Grandma drinks. I tell them not to drink, but they drink anyway. Mom loves me, and everything would be okay if there wasn’t any vodka…” We then understood what she was fearing: the bottles on the table. She thought people would be drinking alcohol at our party. My wife Natasha took Masha by the hand and said, “Look, this is just soda! None of us drink. Never. Don’t be afraid.” Masha calmed down and happily joined the others for the party. Our team went to visit Masha’s family and saw for ourselves the disgusting living situation. We

Thirty-five children and teens lived in our Yekaterinburg shelter home last year.

had a serious conversation with the grandmother and mother and made a conditional agreement, “We’ll help you, but you must do your part.” After only a month with this family we’ve seen amazing progress. Both mother and grandmother visit Masha regularly at our shelter home. During these visits we share the Gospel with them. The grandmother has come to church with us, has acknowledged her problems, and wants to go to a Christian rehabilitation center. We cleaned their home, renovated their kitchen, helped the mother claim the disability allowance she’s entitled to, and have taken her to physical therapy. Masha’s eyes shine with joy when she spends time with her mother and grandmother, who have stayed sober. It is evident she loves them. The change has begun!

ASBEST Oleg Nikiforov

Dozens of mothers become free from drugs every year Natalya is one of more than fifty mothers at our Asbest rehabilitation center, where their sixty children live as well. Like Natalya, nearly all these women have become free from their addictions, and forty have become Christians!

A drug using mother:

“My life is such a mess that no one can help me...” When Natalya showed up to our center, she was extremely depressed and overwhelmed. She carried three year-old Denis who had been born while she was imprisoned for fraud. Because of substance abuse, she had lost custody of her six year-old daughter. When she was released from prison her husband died from drug use. She then had no one to support her. Drugs and her son were her only sources of comfort. After arriving at our center, she got more shocking news: she was pregnant. Life seemed impossible now. Yet, in the midst

of all uncertainty and turmoil, she committed her life to Christ. Baby Masha was born prematurely, but in spite of this and her mother’s former drug abuse, she is healthy. We are now helping Natalya rebuild her life. Some important practical help we’ve given her includes obtaining her official documentation and family financial allowances. Natalya now has faith as her foundation and is helped and supported by her big rehabilitation center family. “I believe that with God’s help everything will work out and that I will even get my daughter back!”

Dreams are coming true! A half-way house and more space We will soon have more space for mothers and children living at the rehabilitation center. Currently, a second floor is being added to the facility. In addition to this, we purchased a fourroom flat in December. For a small rental fee, it will serve as a half-way house for families who have completed rehabilitation and have a source of income, but do not yet have a more permanent living arrangement. This will help them towards independence and will make room available at the center for others in need of rehab. We have been dreaming about these facilities for a long time, and now our prayers are answered!

Asbest and our rehabilitation center are located directly next to the world’s largest open asbestos mine.

Together we create circumstances for miracles.


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OUR MINISTRY TODAY: WORKERS AND FACILITIES: • Local full time workers in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Albania: 80 • Shelter homes: 6 • Rehabilitation centers: 3 • Activity centers: 2 EDUCATION AND PUBLISHING • International Education Fellowship (IEF): oven 1000 students a year. • 2 seminars a month, hundreds of participants. ➢ Children’s Magazine in Albania

• The only Christian women´s magazine in Bulgaria • Books, booklets. HOMELESS CHILDREN AND YOUTH: • Street Patrols: 2 • Day centers and youth clubs: 3 • Soup kitchens in slums: 5 • Children in shelter homes: 160 in a year • Children reached through different forms of ministry: over 2000 in a year • Rehabilitants: 140 in a year

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Have you noticed? Miracles happen when we create the circumstances for them! The challenge for our ministry this year is to create circum-stances where children, teens, and families can be saved: • New target cities • New facilities • New ways to minister Everyone’s involvement is important. Your help is so appreciated. Thank you!

Mission Possible 02/2012