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Work experience I started working very young as a way to help me determine which area I would like to work on in the future. I worked in photography, in the city hall, helping to file documents, with children and in a part time job in a restaurant, during college. Although I had only decided to work in architecture few years before entering university, I always pursued my goals with creativity and logic, two qualities that provide me to accomplished most of my work so far.

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Mónica Daniela Ribeiro Pacheco Rua 1º de Dezembro nº 43, 4580-021 Paredes, Porto, Portugal


00351 935157012


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My first architecture job was, in my second year of bachelor degree, in an office, helping build models: Durão e Pontes, Architecture Office. Thereafter, already in the last years of my education, I was invited to sketch a Family House in Brazil, for a friend of my parents. Due to the distance and lack of experience, I didn’t followed the construction, but it helped me to value the details of a project. After this experience, I was invited to gather a team of architecture students to work on an Historic house in the city center of Oporto. It started when I applied to a contest of EASA (European Assembly of students of Architecture) with a proposal of a box containing the most important things a house needs. This concept was later studied to be adapted in an historic house, where keeping its architectural characteristics was a priority, but also creating a contemporary space, for young workers, who live according the place of their work. The team was composed by 6 students of architecture, and together we transformed this concept into a real example. It became the most important accomplishment of my life so far.

Education and Training

Personal Skills and Competences

During secondary school:


Design and Communication Workshop

Portuguese, English, Spanish and knowledge of

Materials Workshop


Physics Olympics Photography workshop

Computer skills:

After completing secondary school:

Adobe Photoshop (11 years of experience)

5 years of Studies in Architecture - Master Degree in Architecture

Autodesk Revit ( 3 years of experience, daily use)

Adobe Indesign (3 month experience) Autodesk Autocad (basic knowledge)

During Architecture education:

Archicad (basic knowledge)

EASA - European Assembly of Students of Architecture, 3 times, 3 years, 3 different countries: Manchester (UK), Cรกdiz (Spain), helsinki (Finland)

Autodesk 3D studio Max (1 month experience)

Workshop CC+W with Architect Eduardo Souto Moura Web Marketing Workshop

Google Sketch Up (3 years experience )

Academic Project of House for a River’s Vigilant Man Hand made sketches Aleixo, Portugal March June 2009 Final grade 15 (scale 0-20, best grade in 100 students: 16)


Academic Project of Urban Planning - Housing Autocad and Revit Sketches Avenue Boavista, Portugal January June 2011 Final grade 16 (scale 0-20, best grade in 100 students: 18)


First Phase - “Freedom of lines�

Second Phase

Revit and Photoshop Work

Third Phase - Housing

Fourth Phase Construction Details

Academic Project of a Dance Academy Revit Sketches Matosinhos, Portugal January June 2012 Final grade 15 (scale 0-20, best grade in 100 students: 18)


Revit and Photoshop Work

ground floor

first floor

second floor

3D Studio Max and Photoshop Work






Phase: Construction Revit Sketches Jo達o Pessoa, Brazil May 2012


Project of a Family House (idea proposal)

Sketch Up and Photoshop Work

Competition for an Installation of a temporay Bar Revit, Sketch Up and Photoshop Sketches Matosinhos, Portugal February 2010

Revit and Photoshop Work

Installation of a Small Wooden Architectural form in a post-industrian landscape Autocad and Revit Sketches Gdansk, Poland October December 2012 Final grade, best of the class: 5.5 (scale 0-5.5)


Revit and Photoshop Work

Rehabilitation Project of a Historic House (First project built) Revit and Photoshop Sketches Rua Alferes Malheiro, Porto, Portugal Construction Period: April 2012 June 2013 House Description: 4 Levels - Ground, 1ยบ, 2ยบ and 3ยบ floor Total Area - 613,1600 m2 Construction Area - 427,8000 m2 6 Studio Apartments and 1 comercial area



The concept of home is increasingly influenced by changes in mentality of the different cultures of the world. Currently architects and engineers seek to develop modular housing, in mass production, in which space, although small can meet all needs. However, this concept can’t be accepted in cities due to the lack of free land. Thus, we attempt to develop an object capable of having the same kind of thinking, portable, practical and functional but to be used inside another space, whether already built or to be build (simple apartments for instance). A kind of box, which is what characterizes the space as a dwelling. Unlike the currently proposed modular housing in a lot of countries, rather than to dwell within, the idea of this object is to dwell around it., releasing the space, making it spacious and avoiding wasting space unnecessary with things like walls and furniture. After a thorough study, we identified a parallelepiped of square base of minimum dimensions 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.5, as the most conducive to endure all that is essential to a house (electrical, sanitary equipment, storage, bed, etc.). Each face corresponds to a program of housing (living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom). The product is also studied in order to be adapted to different situations, varying in size, in programmatic provision, in colors, materials, but always keeping the same concept of a box that encompasses everything. Starting as a proposal for an architectural competition (in the event European Assembly of Students of Architecture), it was adapted in to a historic house in the city of Oporto.

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