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Maria Grevsjรถ

ICELAND Book design that enlighten Iceland for it’s great art treasures. Layout and typography speaks for it’s magnificent nature.

JIPPIE// Fictive art and culture magazine that embrace the “ugliness� and turn it into art.

TEENDREAMS Mission to create a product targeted to young people with access to Designarkivet’s work and collection of Swedish design history. We chose to do a t-shirt, a pillow case and a poster that you can color with textile pens and markers that comes with the product. Original Design: Boulbous by Stig Lindberg.

“JUST NU” Poster on the theme “Human Rights” in favor for Amnesty. Created for the exhibition “Yellow+Black” at Kalmar Art Museum (17/11-10)

“NYBRO“ Illustration created for the exhibition “Karaktär” (Character) at Kalmar Art Museum (7/12-11) I randomly picked out and combined tree different headlines and pictures. Through that created the charaters of Nybro, the small town in Sweden where I go to school.

FASHION ILLUSTRATION Inspired by Swedish fashion design.

X Prototype of a coffee table created by the shape of the typeface Gill Sans Bold, letter “X”.

Maria Grevsjรถ


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