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Curs 4t Anglès Semipresencial Curs 2010-2011 M. Dolors Farran

The course 

Made up of 2 integrated components: 

50% F2F teaching 

Classes on Thurdays 17-19. Room 14. + Tuesday Dec. 21

50% online teaching http://agora–  12 pathways (set of activities around a topic) (1 every 2-3 weeks) 

Online component   

12 Pathways in EOICampus platform 8-10 Compositions. Readings :  

 

The n.1 Ladie’s Detective Agency by A. McCall Smith Short stories

Introduction to Grammar & Grammar practice Tool: Moodle virtual classroom to access EOICampus materials and for summaries of class activity, homework and digital copies of what we do in the F2F class.

F2F classes     

Oral expression practice. Grammar & Vocabulary practice and correction. Reading follow-up activities. Tests on grammar, vocab., listening, writing & oral. Tool: No textbook but photocopies, digital copies of everything I provide will be posted in Moodle.

Assessment 

continuous assessment:  Compulsory attendance: 65% face-to-face sessions,  participate in the writing activities on the Moodle platform  complete at least eleven pathways in the EOICampus.  Satisfactory mark in the progress tests. final exam in June:  For students who do not fulfill the above requirements.  Students who do not pass the course by means of continuous assessment.

Communication Class forum.  Message through Moodle for personal matters.  Latest News block for announcements and homework. 

Online learning (features)    

Flexibility in time (when and how long) , space, pace... Communication ( T Ss ) (Ss Ss) Virtual community of learners Communication: written New roles in the teaching learning act.  Teachers

guide, advise, accompany, encourage,

assess…  Students assume responsibility for learning process & become more autonomous.

4th level blended course  

A document to be used for the presentation of the 4th level English course at the EOI Lleida.