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Unit 1 •

Give words from the text for the following definitions:

1. It means that you do something well or achieve something._____________________ 2. It refers to the only one of its kind, rare and unusual _______________________ 3. It means that you get very angry ________________________ 4. It means that a person develops into an adult _______________________ 5. It means that a person becomes famous _______________ 6. It refers to a new or difficult task that tests your skills _________________ 7. It refers to something done after a lot of work or effort; accomplishment_______________ 8. It means a prize for doing something well _____________ 9. It refers to something that is given in exchange for good behaviour or work_____________ 10. It means that it is imaginative, it produces new and original ideas_________________ 11. It means smooth and elegant_______________________ 12. It means that it is so important that you spend money or time doing it ________________ 13. It means that it is worth mentioning because it is unusual or surprising _________________ 14. It means very surprising ________________


Adjectives for describing a person:

1. a person who is calm and relaxed ____________________ 2. a person who thinks only of oneself ______________ 3. a person who is very beautiful and attractive __________________ 4. a person who is full of life and energy _______________ 5. a person who shows affection __________________ 6. a person who makes you feel among friends __________________ 7. a person who has a strong desire to succeed in life _____________ 8. a person who is reserved and uncomfortable in the company of others _________________ 9. a person who enjoys other people´s company ___________________ 10. a person who is sure of his/her abilities to do things___________________ 11. a person who makes very little noise _____________________ 12. a person who is calm and trendy ____________________ 13. a person who feels that he / she is more important than other people; conceited _______________ 14. a person who is anxious and afraid ______________________ 15. a person who is unable to relax ________________ 16. a person who makes a lot of noise __________________________-

Vocabulary Unit 1 2ºBac  

words from the text and speaking section

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