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Vocabulary Unit 6 Adjectives for advertising 1. _____________(pésimo, espantoso)- it means very bad, very upsetting 2. _____________it means attractive and pleasing 3. ______________(controvertido, polémico) it means something people don´t agree about 4. ______________ this is what rude people are; it means unpleasant and rude 5. ____________it means optimistic; positive, cheerful and happy 6. ___________it means very strong 7. ______________it means easy to believe 8. ___________ it means not acceptable 9. _____________ it means very boring and dull 10. ________________ it means real 11. ________________it comes from nature 12. ____________the opposite of slow 13. _______________it means intelligent 14. _______________ the opposite of expensive 15. _______________ it means that it is hard to find or it doesn´t often happen 16. _______________ it means new and different 17. ________________( muy valioso) it means it is worth a lot of money

Kitchen items 1. _________ (tazón) a tall cup for drinking with a handle 2. _____________ (abrelatas) a tool for opening tins 3. _________ it is used for keeping food cold and fresh 4. ____________where you put slices of bread to toast 5. ___________ a bowl-shaped tool with a handle for stirring, serving and eating food 6. ________________a container for heating water 7. ____________ a pot with handle(s) for cooking 8. ____________ a sharp blade with a handle used for cutting 9. _____________ (fiambrera) a box for carrying food 10.______ a tool with a handle at one end and three or four points at the other for eating food 11._________ a closed box used for cooking and baking 12. ______________ a flat pan with a long handle, used for frying food. 13. _______________ a pot for cooking food very quickly by the pressure of the hot steam UK English

USA English apartment trash chips fall subway eraser can-opener

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advertising, kitchen items

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