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NEW YEAR’S EVOLUTIONS Re-Designing Mental Health for the 21st Century

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Editor in Chief / Creative Director / Graphic Design / Writer Bec Doyle @becdoyle_ Photographer/ Writer / Hair Stylist / Make-Up Glenn Nutley @glennnutley


Videographer / Photographer Greg Levitt @gl_image Photographer James Van Alden @jamesvanalden Photographers Albert Sanchez & Pedro Zalba @SanchezZalba Copy Editor Caren Singer-Simon @simonsez277 Writer Chris O’Shea @chrisoshea10 Writer Clementine Heath @iamclementineheath Writer Darienne Arnold @Dariennearnold Writer Shana Klimeczko @shana_LA Writer Sarah Lawrence @calicraftcoctails Stylist Linda Medvene @lindamedvenestyling Stylist Dani Norton Smith @dindylousie Make-up Artist Georgie Eisdell @georgieeisdell Make-up Artist Lilly Keys @lilly_keys Make-Up Artist Stevi Christine @naturallyby Make-Up Artist Michal Cohen @michalmaekup Hair Stylist Gregg Lennon Jr @gregglennonjr Hair Stylist Di Dusting @didusting Hair Stylist Anshila Roy @anshila.roy Model Agency It Model Management @itmodelmanagement

ON THE COVER Kenzie wears sweater by Ralph Lauren

Photographer: Glenn Nutley @thecontentcollective Wardrobe Stylist : Linda Medvene @lindamedvenestyling Hair & Makeup : Glenn Nutley @glennnutley





Cozy With Kenzie Q & A - Growing up in the digital age and the pressure of Social Media


Fateful Redemption The inspiring story of Nhut Vo

Rob Weiss : Success In Stability 10 Where it began and whats next! The Unfaithful 94 Apprecaite When Faith Trumps Facts



FASHION Clancey - Poetry in Motion 24 Julia Julia Debuts her First completely Sustainable and Vegan Collection at Home with OpenClosit 48 NYE Do NYE At Home in Style


Stories Of Sapa Latest Collection from Sustainable Fashion Label La Fuori




Play 66 Pastel A lesson in Less is More - when it comes to Skincare

Skin Do’s & Dont’s 74 Darienne’s Dare to be bold with Fall Runyway inspired beauty




HEALTH & WELLNESS Years Evolutions 80 New Re-Designing Mental Health for the 21st Century to Pilates 77 Intro The Best at home workout you can do for your body and Mind Kitchen 84 Lo’s Delicious Moroccan Inspired Plant Based Dinner Menu to Entertain this Winter



FATEFUL REDEMPTION “I chose to isolate myself my whole life and I chose to carry a lot of prejudice because of fear. But I realized a lot of my assumptions about life and about people were wrong.” By Bec Doyle

One of the first things I noticed as I began what would be an hour long conversation with Nhut Vo, was how articulate, self aware and well spoken he was. Only months after his early release from prison, through the help of The Innocence Program, Vo’s sentence of life without the possibility of parole had been successfully overturned. And despite being released during a worldwide pandemic Vo is full of positivity and determination. Moving from Vietnam to Westminster, California when he was 9 years old, he was shy and didn’t speak much English. “I lived in a rural area of Vietnam at that time so when I came here it was just like heaven with all the technology and all the people. It was a bit overwhelming.” Vo says he spent a lot of time in his own thoughts making a lot of assumptions. With his parents both working full time to support the family, and his older brothers starting their own families, Vo had a lot of free time, which he accounts as one of the catalysts in gravitating toward the gang lifestyle, “they were struggling with the same problems I had, like they didn’t belong anywhere.”After his parents divorced he found himself with even more freedom and time by himself, which further ingrained him into the gang lifestyle. “At some point all the moral values that I was taught growing up kind of shifted.” He says the culture shift, with children having so much freedom, was difficult for his traditional Asian parents, and he took advantage of that. “Looking back now I understand how much my parents actually struggled, they were in the process of adjusting themselves.” At the age of 16, while attending a party, they ran into a rival gang and an argument ensued, which escalated, resulting in 2 young men losing their lives that day. “In my mind, at that time, I thought I had everything figured out, my world was so small, I just lived in that little city and I thought 6 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

that was the world.” Vo explains that no charges were filed on that day due to numerous accounts of him trying to stop the fight, although he attributes that as self serving behavior, wanting to appear as the good guy. Almost 3 years later charges were filed against Vo for the crimes committed at that fateful gathering. “I was arrested, and I was tried, and I was given life without the possibility of parole.” Already in a dark, negative space Vo says “I felt like I was drowning already and that was like the last blow. I felt like I didn’t have any hope after that.” At 19 years old, still not even considered an adult, his outlook felt very bleak “That sentence is essentially saying you’re going to die in prison,” he says. Vo describes the unfortunate need to live up to the stigma of his charges when he started his sentence. “Going into prison with a double homicide, it places a certain status on you, an expectation, for me I felt the need to live up to that status, I felt like it was the only way I could survive.” This further perpetuated the cycle of negativity in Vo’s life, getting into fights and living in fear, “I continued the same destructive belief system that I had.” Vo would spend 15 years in a maximum security prison “because of my fear and because of my behavior, there wasn’t any real incentive for people with my sentence”. Vo explains programs like the GED were reserved for inmates with parole dates. So Vo taught himself how to draw “at first I started out with tracing”. After discovering a market within the prison population for drawings of ‘Precious Moments’ cartoon images, Vo, with his natural ability, began to make drawings on request for fellow inmates, as gifts for their families and partners. “I started out just drawing, I only learned how to paint recently,” he adds. In 2014 Vo was contacted by The Human Rights Watch organization who were advocating to end the sentence of life without the possibility of parole for juveniles. “There’s a lot of scientific

Above : Mural For positive Change Program

Above : Portrait of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Above : Depiction of inmate at parole hearing

Above : Commisioned painting of ‘Charlotte”


study saying people have not fully developed until the age of 25,” Vo explains. This call would change the trajectory of Vo’s life. Still skeptical, after all the unsuccessful attempts at appeals, “In my mind it was safer to accept things for what it is, not to nurture any hope out of fear of being crushed again.” Around this time something incredible happened for Vo (and countless others sentenced as juveniles), the Supreme Court ruled it “cruel and unusual punishment to sentence a child to life without the possibility of parole,” Vo explains. He recalls this news came during a time of segregation when he had a lot of time by himself to reflect on his life and choices, and he saw this news as the glimmer of hope he so desperately needed. “The Innocence Project” then reached out to Vo, and after reviewing his case and speaking to witnesses, firmly believed he should not have received his sentence. “After that I started to realize there is a lot more to life and you know, there’s a possibility I could go home.” Vo began taking college classes, he started to learn a lot about Buddhism, and even formed his very own Buddhist meditation group, overcoming his insecurities regarding his accent and speaking in front of people. “I started building my self esteem, I didn’t really have a strong foundation, but the more positive things I would do, the more affirmation I would get.” Vo soon discovered a sense of purpose leading this group and found the value in giving back, “To be honest, when I was doing these things, the thought of going home didn’t even cross my mind because I just enjoyed what I was doing so much.” In 2016 after 2 years of working with “The Innocence project”, The Supreme Court ruling finally came into effect and Vo was able to go back to court for resentencing. “When they make a Supreme Court ruling it takes a while for each state to adopt the law,” Vo explains. “It was a surreal experience because I never thought I would have this opportunity.” When Vo went back to court for his resentencing hearing, the probation officer assigned to his case was a woman he’ll never forget named Kristin. “Their purpose is to actually oppose your sentencing hearing, they look at all your juvenile records, 8 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

look at all your behavior and present that to the judge.” Vo says. Call it an act of fate or good fortune, after all his misfortune, it turned out Kristin had also studied Buddhism and she was in a recovery program helping ex addicts, a cause Vo had also pioneered in prison. “I had facilitated a group for Alcoholics Anonymous, I was in the lead position, so I had to study and know the steps, so I think we connected with that. She told me, I believe in you, she said this law was created for people like you, and that was exactly what she told the judge.” All this kindness and compassion reinforced Vo’s belief that his previous way of thinking and operating was wrong. Once the judge passed the reduced sentence, granting the possibility of parole, he was sent to a “lower level, level 3” section of the prison, which allowed him access to more programs including one extra special program that we featured in M. Citizen Magazine, “The Pawsitive Change Program.” In this program Vo interacted with dogs for the first time in his life and went into the program with an open mind determined to make the most of every opportunity afforded to him. “In every program I always take the lead position, I go out of my way to make sure I’m contributing to it.” Vo got involved with numerous other programs available to him and has remained in contact with a lot of those organizations since his release. “When you plant positive seeds that’s what you’re going to get in return. There were alot of things that I was able to do, and now I have something to show for it.” Vo would like to see more programs in prison allowing inmates the opportunity to earn credits. “There are a lot of people in there that have a lot to give, and they’re not getting that opportunity,” he adds. Before leaving prison Vo had aspirations to mentor youth in his community, not ever imagining he would also have the ability to share his story on such a vast platform. “Before I went in I was using a pager,” Vo says with a chuckle. So navigating the world of social media has been a brand new experience for him. Exposure from organizations like the Pawsitive Change Program and its founder Zach Skow has given Vo a platform to share his story, his love of animals, and his impressive art. He describes being out

of prison as a sensory overload, “just the spatial aspect, you don’t have the sense of confinement anymore, and everything is full of color.” But in that same breath the thought of no boundaries was also a scary feeling after 20 years inside the prison walls. He recalls the heartbreaking thoughts he would have simply looking up at the sky during his incarceration; “this is the same sky that my family looks up to, but I’m not in the same world, even though we share the same sky.” Through social media Vo has formed friendships and connections with people he never felt possible, and feels humbled when people contact him for advice or support. “I know how powerful words can be, you can say one simple thing and change someone’s perspective.” While incarcerated Vo painted beautiful murals for “The Innocence Project” and “The Pawsitive Change Program”. “Most of the time I paint for people because they have been kind to me.” Vo goes on to say that for him it’s a form of gratitude. But he also just paints for the joy of it. He laughs as he recalls painting the lunch bag that they hand out in prison, “I just didn’t want to eat it anymore, and I just wanted people to see it, and you can’t take pictures, so I painted it.” After learning of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s passing Vo painted a beautiful portrait to honor her, with gratitude for her part in the Supreme Court ruling that juveniles convicted of murder can not be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. He recalls reading over the law that essentially led to his release, so many times, with Ginsburg’s words in particular still lingering in

his mind, “These are children, and you are essentially creating a throw away person. What is the value in that.” Vo says he sees Ginsburg as a “caring mother, that’s very forgiving, I just felt that she saw value in us. People that were young and made terrible choices, she still believed that we had some value and contribution that we could give to society.” After hearing Vo’s inspiring journey of spirituality, self discovery, and perseverance, I can’t help but feel proud of his achievements, and feel privileged to share his story. He is NOT a ‘throw away person’, and never was. Which makes you wonder, how many more Vo’s are out there, waiting for their twist of fate? Vo has aspirations to own his own business someday, and hopes to go back into prisons with “The Pawsitive Change Program” as a dog trainer, to inspire and share his story, and encourage the inmates to take advantage of all the programs offered, and get an education. “I chose to isolate myself my whole life and I chose to carry a lot of prejudice because of fear. But I realized a lot of my assumptions about life and about people were wrong.”


Rob Weiss :

Success In Stability By Bec Doyle Photographs By James Van Alden Rob Weiss, the guy who brought you Ballers, Entourage and How To Make It In America, hasn’t let this hell of a year slow him down. Sitting on his deck that overlooks LA, panoramic views stretching from Griffith to Downtown, signature cigar in hand; Weiss explains how his career has in a word been “blessed”, but not without its challenges. His first film “Amongst Friends’’ landed him nominations at the prestigious Sundance festival AND garnered theatrical release. “That was just the beginning, it was great, then my career dipped, then my career came back. I’m just looking to stably work until I’m old and then die,” Weiss candidly exclaims. With numerous original projects in development, and a slew of award winning shows under his belt, stability is a modest quest for this accomplished writer and director. At the age of 24, the universe truly aligned for Weiss on his first project. “I wasn’t thinking oh I want to build a career, I was thinking I want to get out of Long Island,” Weiss recalls. Seeing friends go off to college and return to career jobs at Goldman Sachs and the like, Weiss says, “I was already like a washed up club promoter, I just didn’t want to do it anymore, and I was like fuck, what am i going to do with my life?” Attending The Parsons school of design, unsure of what he wanted to pursue, he found himself bouncing between different departments. His love of film and tv is what ultimately inspired him to take the leap of faith and undertake what would be his first foray into the entertainment industry with Amongst Friends. Starting out with between $40 - $60K Weiss explains, “I was just a kid trying to do this thing, surrounded by really talented young people.” Through good instincts and good fortune, Weiss enlisted two young college graduates he describes as “super young, hungry producers, who had never actually produced anything,” and one thing led to another. Weiss adds “The universe aligned - it was weird.” When money was running out it would almost miraculously appear and save the day, or the movie rather, Weiss explains it as a strength in numbers; “if enough people have this collective drive, whether its conscious or unconscious, and they really share a vision - shit happens - same thing happened with Entourage.” “I’ve done 3 shows with HBO, all very different experiences,” he says. With Entourage Weiss was predominantly in the writing room, “we were basically writing the final episode as we were prepping to film it,” so he didn’t log much time on set. Though he explains this focus on writing allowed him to really connect to the characters, their development and story arc. Weiss describes 10 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

“No ing ins Im shit is ing t

othing I’m workon is going to be spired by covid. m not shooting t where everyone wearing a fuckg mask when this thing is over.”



Ballers was an all encompassing experience; “I was fortunate enough to get the scripts done prior to production so I could direct also, and I think cause I also directed, I felt more connected to the actors on that show, and the experience overall.” With Ballers wrapping on its 5th and final season last year Weiss reveals, “I would have done fucking 10 seasons of that, you know. I love that show, I loved working with those guys… the whole cast was amazing, so yeah I was definitely sad to see it go.”

take out in the new year, with some pretty high level partners,” he says. And despite being superstitious about prematurely announcing projects, Weiss does divulge an HBO script he’s co-writing with Steve Levinson; working title “Guard Dogs”, set in the world of personal security. He also mentions a series based on the world of Formula 1 racing that’s in the very early stages of development. “The one thing I learned is that you don’t put all your eggs in one basket, so I’m developing a lot of different projects with a lot of different people across a lot When asked of his preference, film or television, of different platforms. Weiss undoubtedly says; “My Podcasts to pods that preference will always be to can become series, docu“I would have done do television at this point.” dramas, 1 hours, ½ hours.” fucking 10 seasons of Explaining the prospect of Weiss goes on to explain working on a project for 5 to 10 the challenges of writing, [Ballers], you know. I years is much more appealing I’m disciplined about love that show, I loved “writing than the year or so spent on a film, something when and starting over again. “There working with those something is due, when are so many aspects of television I write with partners guys… the whole cast that I love - first and foremost I’m driven to do it, when would be the opportunity to was amazing, so yeah I sit down on my o wn develop the character long I was definitely sad to sometimes I just get a little range, to keep peeling the layers, bit in my own way.” Weiss see it go.” keep getting inside that person, says that for him, knowing so many different pivots and where to prioritize, stories, different arcs, it’s more especially when developing challenging. I’m not gonna lie, there’s a shit ton multiple shows at once, is important; “for me it’s more money in it than I think there is in movies right always quality control - I don’t want to ever sacrifice now…. not that I’m getting it, but I hope to.” the integrity of the project.” Weiss keeps it real Having steadily moved from show to show over the adding, “ONE of the shows I’m developing WILL last 15 years, the pandemic allowed Weiss the time happen - if I’m super lucky or “blessed” it will be two to step back and just develop, “I’m accepting all of or three of them.” it, cause we don’t really have a choice, but I don’t One project Weiss owns the rights to, the infamous welcome anything that happens, that involves people book, “Pimp” by Iceberg Slim, a passion project suffering,” he adds. However he does find this new of sorts, has been in the pipeline for a few years, era of pitching much more appealing, “I like zoom primarily due to timing issues with the network. pitches, I don’t mind them at all - all those years “We were close to producing it a couple years ago driving around to places, [zoom] is so much cooler, with Michael P Jordan and Idris Elba. I’m like a you just show up on your computer - and you don’t custodian, I’m not writing it, I’m not directing it, really know who’s on there.” But you’re not going but I think it’s an important piece of work - so I’d to see any pandemic themed projects from Weiss, love to see that happen.” “nothing im working on is going to be inspired by covid. Im not shooting shit where everyone is Weiss believes once the pandemic is under control, wearing a fucking mask when this thing is over. there will be a huge” feeding frenzy”, which means a People are like oh this would be a great pandemic lot of opportunity for new projects. His advice is to thing - I’m like dude once we’re out of this fucking find the platform that best suits what you want to thing, I dont want to think about it.” create, to work on your ideas now and start getting them out there. “This WILL end, life will resume,” “There are a couple of projects I’m getting ready to he concludes. ■ 13 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

“I definitely used to feel like I needed to look like every instagram model on social media, but now I just stay true to myself and not worry about what other people think of me.”

Kenzie wears Cream Sweater by Helmut Lang

Cozy With

Kenzie Photographer: Glenn Nutley @thecontentcollective

Wardrobe Stylist : Linda Medvene @lindamedvenestyling

Hair & Makeup : Glenn Nutley @glennnutley


At only 16 years old Kenzie has already achieved so many career milestones, but this gorgeous, hardworking, talented and down to earth teenager has no plans on slowing down. Kenzie is finishing 2020 on a high with a slew of tracks released this year, inlcuding ‘Exhale’ featuring Sia, and her brand new Holiday track “Cozy With Me”, that has us wishing it was Christmas time, all year round. She started a Skincare line “Bubble” with her friends And still finds time to volunteer at one of her favorite organisations “My Friends Place”, which helps youth experiencing homelessness. Growing up in the public eye, Kenzie remains unaffected, using her influence to uplift and inspire. In a world full of phony’s Kenzie is an authentic beacon of hope for the next generation. Q. How has it been to grow up in the public eye ? A. It has definitely been hard to grow up in the public eye especially as a teenager. everything i do is put on social media and sometimes i want some things private but i wouldn’t change it for the world!!! Q. What has been your favorite project to date, and why? A. I can’t really pick!! My favorite thing to do is make music so i’m just enjoying the whole experience.


Q. What is your main focus in your career right now? A. I’m super focused on music right now. It’s been hard to make music during the pandemic, but i’m making the most of it!! Q. Your social media is so refreshing and authentic - Do you ever feel the pressures on social media to look or behave a certain way? A. I definitely used to feel like i needed to look like every instagram model on social media but now i just stay true to myself and not worry about what other people think of me. Q. What’s the one thing you hate about social media? A.I hate all of the negativity on social media. i wish everyone could just love each other and spread positivity. sounds cliché but i think it’s true. Q.What’s one thing you love about social media? A. Love that I can be a role model for other girls and use my platform to make a difference. p► Q. What advice would you give to young girls/ your followers?

Kenzie wears Grey sweater by Celine.



“I Love that I can be a role model for other girls and use my platform to make a difference”

THIS PAGE Kenzie wears Navy Sweater by Loro Piana. Tights by Calvin Klein. OPPOSITE PAGE Kenzie wears Shorts and Jacket by Lexi. Grey sweater by19Celine. M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

Kenzie wears cream coat By Gucci Kenzie wears Cream sweater by Ralph Lauren

“My mental health was definitely the worst it’s ever been during lockdown. Meditating really helps me feel more calm.”


Q. What advice would you give to young girls/ your followers? A.Try not to compare yourself to everyone else on social media. i know we all do it but social media can definitely ruin ur mental health. take a break if you need to!!! Q. Who has been the most inspirational person to you and why? A. My sister Maddie for sure. She has always been an inspiration for me. I am so glad that I get to grow up with her as my role model. Q. What are you most passionate about outside of performing? A. I am very passionate about giving back.”My Friend’s Place” is a homeless shelter that my friends and I love to go and volunteer at. Q. How did life change for you during the pandemic? A. It changed my life a lot. I love working but i don’t get to work as much, so I definitely appreciate working a lot more. My mental health was definitely the worst it’s ever been during lockdown. Meditating really helps me feel more calm. Q. Do you have any new year’s resolutions? A. My New Year’s resolution is to eat healthy!! it’s definitely not going to happen but I’m going to try!

Q. What are you most looking forward to in 2021? A. I’m really excited for it all!! I’m excited to see where my music career is going to go. Q. What is your biggest aspiration? A. My biggest aspiration is to sell out Madison Square Garden. It has always been a dream of mine. Q. Tell us about your skincare line Bubble! What products are in the line? How did it come about? A. Bubble is my skin care line with a bunch of other influencers!! I am so excited to be a part of this brand because it is all for teens and it’s affordable. It’s been really hard for me to find a skin care brand that works for me and this has really helped my skin!! Q. Can you tell us a little bit about your two gorgeous rescue bunnies featured in this issue? A. So we met a lady at my sister’s 18th birthday party. She has her own non-profit organization called “Little Horse on the Prairie”. She brought all these animals for us to play with, and we came to find out they’re all rescues. She had baby bunnies that she rescued that needed homes. So we decided to take two of the bunnies. They are the sweetest creatures ever, they are actually like little puppy dogs. They lick us, come to us when we call them, and sit on our laps. ■


Kenzie wears Cream Sweater By Ralph Lauren


The Beauty Breakdown With Glenn Nutley

For Kenzie’s cover shoot look we went for natural and wintery with clean skin and flushed cheeks to let her beauty shine through, keeping in the tone of being “Cozy with Kenzie”… I prepped the skin with the Bubble “Slam Dunk” hydrating moisturizer, followed by a light wash of foundation and spot concealing for more coverage where needed… I used the same cheek tint on both her lip and her cheek which was the “Peach Out” cream blush by Morphe x Maddie Ziegler and pressed a tiny bit of balm into the lip over the top of the tint to keep them hydrated. For the eyes I used small individual lashes and then on a bare lid I applied the Morphe x Maddie Ziegler “Dew Bomb Face Gloss Stick” for a glossy lid holiday look. I put nothing under this gloss, not even concealer as anything would have creased during the shoot. I’m so excited for the new “BLEU” line from R&Co which is Vegan, Cruelty Free, and 100% sustainable, made from recycled materials and is 100% recyclable. As someone who is environmentally conscious and a vegan myself, it makes me really happy to be able to use a line from this luxury hair styling and care brand that now incorporates all of these attributes while maintaining the quality of the professional products. I used the R&Co Bleu “Hair Tonic” to prepare the hair, followed by a blowout using the Harry Josh Pro Tools “Pro Dryer 2000” and giving the hair intermittent bends with the Harry Josh Pro Tools “Traveling 1.25 curling iron”. Next I blasted the hair with the R&Co Bleu “Volume and Texture Spray” and let it sit for a few mins before breaking up the subtle wave with my fingers only. For finishing touches I worked a little R&Co Bleu “Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil” into the ends and finished with the R&Co Bleu “Featherlight Hairspray. ■


Julia Clancey

Poetry In Mo

T h e L A B a s e d , B r i t i s h F a s h i o n D e s i g n e r J u l i a C l a n c e y, i s p re d o m i n a n t l y known for her fabulous collection of Luxury Kaftans and Turbans, with her d e s i g n s w o r n b y s o m e o f t h e b i g g e s t n a m e s i n F a s h i o n i n c l u d i n g D i t a Vo n Teese, Megan Fox and Sienna Miller. Now the designer is committed to cre-

ating her fabulous designs sustainably , debuting her first completely Vegan and Sustainable collection right here with M. Citizen Magazine. By Bec Doyle

P H OTO G R A P H Y Albert Sanchez & Pedro Zalba @SanchezZalba A RT WO R K Lisa Donohoe & Brynn Gelbard @londubhstudio MAKE-UP Lilly Keys at A-Frame Agency w/ MAC Pro Cosmetics @lilly_Keys

HAIR G r e g g L e n n o n J r. @ g r e g g l e n n o n j r F E AT U R I N G Obiani Esu @etherealchocolategoddess India-Haylee Barton @indiahayleebarton Love Bailey @loveisbailey



Obiani wears the Hemp Edith turban & hemp Tassel Queen Mask.

Fashion Designer Julia Clancey, perched in front of a delectable stand of vibrant dragon fruit cheesecakes by the Vegan Cake Girl, is the epitome of elegance and style. Wearing one of her signature Kaftans, in soft pink, and a white tasseled turban, she effortlessly coordinates with her surroundings. Clancey has always been environmentally conscious, but recently set out on an endeavor to create her first completely sustainable AND vegan capsule collection. And as she explains the process wasn’t a walk in the park, something she hopes will change as more and more brands venture down the necessary path of sustainability. A vegan/vegetarian for most of her life Clancey hasn’t eaten meat for over 40 years. “It just seemed right to me, given my beliefs, that this is what I should be doing.” She admits some naivety when it came to fabrics that had long been a part of her collections, including silk, “I just had no i d e a t h a t t h a t ’s w h a t happened, that they were boiled alive… so I have been responsible for the death of millions of little silkworms! So I thought I best right that wrong, and start learning.” But sourcing sustainable fabrics came with its own set of challenges for Clancey and she soon realized the massive void in sustainable fabrics available here in the US, and what WAS available was ridiculously overpriced. While on her sourcing mission, Clancey visited a sustainable fair in London, “The Future Fabrics Expo”, which seemed to have an incredible selection, “They had some great fabrics, but the problem was there was hardly anyone there from the companies I had interest in,” she says. Hitting yet another obstacle, she did however

make contact with a company out of the Netherlands that made a great sustainable velour, but found the communication difficult when trying to secure the fabric due to export difficulties. The next issue she faced was how to dye the materials. Torn between natural and chemical dyes, realizing the natural r o u t e m i g h t n o t a c t u a l l y b e b e t t e r, Clancey explains “The process on how the dye is extracted is an issue and new developments with dyeing using less water, it’s just lots of learning. If you’re a small independent brand like me, there’s just so much you need to learn, and I guess it’s still quite early, so in a few years it’s going to be a lot easier for people.” It really is a full time job. Clancey investigated alternative options for things like plastic beading, considering glass, only to realize glass is not classed as sustainable as it is not biodegradable. She adds “Not everything needs to go in the garden and be broken down, if something is made really, really well - I design things to be handed down for generations”.

“I just had no idea that that’s what happened, that they were boiled alive… so I have been responsible for the death of millions of little silkworms! So I thought I best right that wrong, and start learning. ”


Clancey describes her new Sustainable capsule collection ‘Poetry in Motion” as very romantic, and reveals some of the designs are a throwback to her earliest collections. “When people think of sustainable clothes, and you mention fabrics like hemp, you just think, oh my god everything is going to be green or beige, like sacks, and it normally is. A Lot of the time you look at a collection and it’s just rows of linen with basic silhouettes. You know it’s a little bit dull,” she says. From its inception she knew she wanted her sustainable collection to be “a little bit more exciting.” On hearing that the►

Click on the Link Below to watch the Full Interview with Fashion Desiner Julia Clancey



THIS PAGE India wears: Eucalyptus Coco Queen Blouse. Hemp Tasseltastic mask with organic cotton tassels. Viscose Coco Edith Turban. OPPOSITE PAGE Obiani wears: Linen Coco Poncho. Linen Coco Mask & Lady Napper.



Love wears: The Freedom Skirt & Pierrot Blouse

India wears: Hand pleated cupro Madam Fan kaftan. Full moon collar

Winter issue of M. Citizen was going to have a focus on mental health, Clancey was inspired by different states of emotion, leading her to base the collection around the Pierrot Doll. “The people that I wanted to bring into the shoot also inspired me,” she adds. Clancey successfully avoided the dull preconceptions of ‘vegan’ and ‘sustainable’ with this stunning collection. Beautiful shapes and textures are created through her meticulous search for the best in sustainable fabrics. She adds pops of color with naturally dyed organic cotton tassels, and also features unisex designs, “I have so many guys that wear my stuff, I wanted to do something that kind of flowed between the two.” Clancey reveals she is constantly asked when she is going to create a menswear collection, to which she amusingly admits would be “as camp as Christmas.”

Matches and Harrods demanding very strict guidelines when sending goods. To adhere to guidelines Clancey began making her eye masks packaging out of recycled plastic but admits; “I don’t want to use ANY plastic, even if it’s recycled plastic, I don’t want to use it.” Clancey’s dedication to minimizing her carbon footprint is admirable, even adding “PLEASE RECYCLE” boldly on all of her packaging as a reminder to her c u s t o m e r s . C l a n c y ’s turban boxes are also made from recycled materials , and even better she notes that these boxes often become a keepsake for the customer. “My swing tags are made from recycled card, but then the ribbon is not sustainable. So it’s all those little details of things, which take time.”

“Not everything need s to go in the garden and be broken down, if something i s made really, really well I design things to be handed down for generation s”.

Clancey has been operating at zero was for a few years now. While visiting the factory where her fabrics were being cut she noticed a long line of cut-off fabric ‘waste’ that was headed for the trash. She initially used this excess fabric to make scarves until it eventually became the fabric for her signature turbans. “That’s how that side of the business developed, from waste, and making it into something” she says, a principal she has applied to all her excess materials, down to the tiniest of sequins left on the design room floor. “Im a proper little hoarder. I think it started when I was little, I would always go crazy if my mom didn’t recycle,” she says. Clancey collects all the unused materials and volunteers with “Art Of Elysium”, donating fabric scraps to set up crafting stations for the kids, remarking how amazed and impressed she is by their innovative creations. Packaging, Clancey explains, is another monster in itself, and has always been a real challenge, with Department stores like

“I think one thing we need right now, and I’d love to see, is a platform where we can all help and advise each other. The one thing I find a little bit disheartening with some of the big luxury brands or even some of the high street brands, as much as they’re doing all this incredible development, there’s no access for people like myself or other young designers or established designers, whoever, to learn from that or have access.” Clancey is very passionate in her belief that for the growth and development of sustainable materials and practices, information should be shared, to become more accessible and affordable. She recalls contacting a well known brand for information regarding a new sustainably developed faux fur they were using and getting nowhere. “If any designer wants to know where I’m getting my fabrics from, or sourcing, I’m totally fine with that, because the more we get people using it, you know the prices will come down. I’m constantly discovering things - and it would be nice to share that.” ■ otally fine with that, because the more 33 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 01


THIS PAGE Obiani wears: Classic Madam Cupro turban. Flounce puff ball dress in Viscose. OPPOSITE PAGE: Love wears: Coco Edith Turban. Coco Rose Petal Mask. Rose Petal Poetry Poncho.


THIS PAGE Obiani wears: Abundance hand pleated cocktail dress in Viscose. OPPOSITE PAGE India wears: Classic Turban Twist made with Cupro. Hand pleated Trudy Kaftan From upcycled deadstock. Kiss curl Necklace.


L à

F u o r i

Stories of


Là Fuori is a brand that empowers its consumers, the

c o m m u n i t y, a n d t h e a r t i s a n s . I t ’s a b r a n d t h a t c r e a t e s c u l t u r e s o f consciousness, fostering environmental conservation, and

advocating for diversity and inclusion in each collection.


Andrea Wears Hanoi Night Sky Romper made from Self Dobby Cotton Silk & Sunset Poppies Jacket made from Organic Silk Dupion. 38 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

C o l l e c t i o n

Top Aniela Parys @ anielaparys. Bottoms by Aniela Parys @ anielaparys. Jewelry by Lucy Folk @lucy_folk



Elizabeth wears Phillipa V Neck Dress made from Vegetarian Silk Crepe.

Mansi Wears Elizabeth Pleated Draped Top made from Bamboo Silk & Sunset Traveller Skirt made from Ecovera Rayon.

THIS PAGE: Shirt By BITE Studios @bitesvtudios Skirt by Aniela Parys @anielaparys Jewelry by Lucy Folk @lucy_folk Clutch by Svala @svalaco OPPOSITE PAGE:Dress by Ores @oresstore Jewelry by Lucy Folk @lucy_folk 41 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

Andrea Wears Coconut Cream Blouse made from Silk Bamboo


Mansi Wears Safari Pant Suit made from Organic Cotton Jacquard.


Archana Wears Sapa Traveller Jump Suit made from Organic Cotton.



Archana Wears Chiffon Robe Dress made from Silk Chiffon.

Elizabeth wears Hoi An Blouson made from Silk Bamboo .



With OpenClosit


Là Fuori is a brand that empowers its consumers, the STYLIST

c o m m u n i t y, a n d t h e a r t i s a n s . I t ’s a b r a n d t h a t c r e a t e s c u l t u r e s o f DA N I NORT ON SM I T H

consciousness, fostering environmental conservation, and @DI N DY L OU ISE

advocating for diversity and inclusion in each collection. MAKE-UP ST EV I CHR IST IN @ST EV ICHR IST INE @ N A T U R A L LY B Y





THIS PAGE: Barbara wears Dress by Rodarte via OpenClosit, earrings by F&H, Ring By Washed Ashore. Megan wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit and bangles by Washed Ashore. Kaitlyn wears dress by Rachel Zoe via OpenClosit. Caina wears dress by Ronny Kobo Via OpenClosit and earrings by F&H

Top Aniela Parys @ anielaparys. Bottoms by Aniela Parys @ anielaparys. Jewelry by Lucy Folk @lucy_folk


Megan wears Ronny Kobo Via OpenClosit, bangles and ring by Soko


Kaitlyn wears Rachel Zoe Via OpenClosit and earrings by F&H


THIS PAGE: Model wears Ivy Dress in Red Rose Embroidery OPPOSITE PAGE: Model wears Ivy Dress in Red Rose Emboidery and matching hand-made mask by Melissa Pellone @pellonedesignercollection


THIS PAGE: Megan wears Dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit bag by Suryo and ring by Soko. OPPOSITE PAGE: Caina wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit and earrings by F&H



Kaitlyn wears dress by For Love + Lemons via OpenClosit, earrings by Soko and ring by Washed Ashore . Barbara wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit , earrings by F&H and bangles by Soko 55 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

Kaitlyn wears dress by For Love + Lemons via OpenClosit, earrings by Soko and ring by Washed Ashore . Barbara wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit , earrings by F&H and bangles by Soko


Caina wears dress by Rebecca Vallance via OpenClosit, Earrings and ring by Soko 57 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

THIS PAGE: Model wears Ivy Dress in Red Rose Embroidery. OPPOSITE PAGE: Dahlia L/S Top and Border Skirt in Mint Green by Melissa Pellone @pellonedesignercollection


Megan Wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit, belt by Zara, rings by Soko.


THIS PAGE: Megan wears dress by Ronny Kobo Via OpenClosit , belt by Zara. Kaitlyn wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit rings by Soko. Caina wears dress by Dyspnea via OpenClosit OPPOSITE PAGE bag by Suryo 60 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02



THIS PAGE: Kaitlyn wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit rings by Soko. OPPOSITE PAGE Megan wears dress by Ronny Kobo Via OpenClosit , belt by Zara.


“OpenClosit is a sustainable fashion platform that allows women to rent and list designer dresses. In this way, it allows you to tap into the designer closets of other women as an alternative to buying new with one occasion in mind.” Johanna Moonan, OpenClosit


Kaitlyn wears dress by Ronny Kobo via OpenClosit. Caina wears dress by Saint Laurent via OpenClosit and earrings by F&H



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Bringing the life


back into these cold months with pops of co

to brighten up the darkest of Winter days. Featuring Braclet PlayHardLookDope.



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Kassie Wears Saie Slip Tint Moistuizer, Armani Classico Mascara, Dior Stage Liner in 876 Matte Rusty and 541 Yellow, Tower28 Beach Please in Happy Hour on Cheeks, Kosas Lip Balm.

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THIS PAGE : Kassie Wears Saie Slip Tint Moistuizer, Armani Classico Mascara, Makeup Forever Pallete -Grey and Livid 12 Flash. OPPOSITE PAGE: Ella Wears Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, Pat McGrath Loose Powder, Chanel Pencil Stylo Yeux Waterproof 946 Intense Teal, Viseart pallette 08 Editorial, Makeup Forever Grey & Livid 12 Flash 69 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

THIS PAGE: “Vampire Bride” Eyes: Ilia Tenderly multistick, Tarte Double Take eyeliner. Lips: Hourglass Cosmetics Ultra Slim High Intensity Lipstick in “I Hide My”. Earrings & necklace by Jessica Matrasko Jewlery. OPPOSITE PAGE: “Wing-It” Tarte clay pot waterproof shadow liner in black. Lips: Glossier cloud paint in “Puff”. Rings: Jessica Matrasko Jewlery.


THIS PAGE: Ella Wears Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, Pat McGrath Loose Powder, Marc Jacobs Mascara, Stilla Stay All Day Liquid Liner In Snow, Pat McGrath Lip Liner in Ground Control and Lano Lips Lip balm. OPPOSITE PAGE: : Kassie Wears Saie Slip Tint Moistuizer, Armani Classico Mascara, Tower28 Beach Please in Happy Hour on Cheeks, Kosas Lip Balm


THIS PAGE: Ella Wears Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser, Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation, Pat McGrath Loose Powder, Marc Jacobs Mascara, Pat McGrath Lip Liner, KKW Nude lip 1.5, Nars BLKR 413 Cheek.



Darienne’s Do’s and Don’ts of Skincare By Darienne Arnold

It’s easy to be fooled by companies selling you “perfection” in a bottle. Maybe the packaging is beautiful, or the brand is held in high esteem. Perhaps, you feel that the sticker price somehow legitimizes the claim. You could be a longtime skin-junky, or just getting started. Let me save you a lot of time and money… YOU are the reason YOU have bad skin. My name’s Darienne Arnold. Born in a small town in Northern California, I made a name for myself as a runway model in Paris, Milan, New York, and Tokyo. I remained one of the most successful runway models for over 20 years, which is extremely difficult to do in one of the most highly lucrative and competitive industries known to man. Since then, I’ve played a key role in the placement of models at agencies such as LA Models, Wilhelmina, IT Model Management, and Industry LA. In 2005, I developed NTA Talent Agency’s print division. Currently, I am one of the producers of the international event, “World Championships of Performing Arts.” This is when you wonder… why me? What could I possibly know about skincare? For the last 15 years, I have turned my lifelong passion into a Beverly Hills business. My skincare empire of 1000+ personal clients was built solely on word of mouth, hard work and customized treatments. It is for that reason that my dear friend, Editor in Chief of M. Citizen Magazine, Bec Doyle, invited me to share some of my professional insights on how to get perfect skin. These are a collection of my “tricks of the trade.” Enjoy.

Health Equals Skin Wealth The first time we get a pimple, what do we do? We cover it up with makeup. But that’s exactly what it is… a coverup. If you want good skin, you have to take care of your health in its entirety. You need to eat, drink water, and sleep well. Remember, skin is the largest organ in your body. Like any organ, your skin is telling you what it needs if you’d only listen to it. Chances are if your face is flaring up, there are a lot of other health concerns that could also be at play.

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It As tempting as it can be to just “try” a product you’ve seen on your Instagram Feed, remember that marketing is deceiving. Advertising is the business of profiting off insecurities. If you’ve found a routine that works, do not change it. Don’t be afraid to quit if a product isn’t reacting well with your skin (even if it’s very popular). If you have a persistent issue, maybe it’s time to see a professional. Whatever you do, don’t make careless decisions with your skin out of fear of what 50 may look like.

Don’t Overpay for Skincare Many stores such as CVS, Rite Aid, and Amazon, offer the same quality product as the companies they’re out marketed by. Don’t be fooled by overpriced products in expensive packaging. If there’s a specific brand you like, my recommendation is to always buy directly from them; it will guarantee the best price and quality.

You Are What You Eat


Plain and simple. My body, for example, does not react well to nuts, dairy, or fast food (except for my Taco Bell Bean Burrito guilty pleasure). Even just one bite of Gouda sets my skin back for weeks… and I mean weeks. Inflammation to your Gastrointestinal track will result in a less than becoming skin appearance.


Water is a Game Changer You’re never going to meet your skincare goals if you don’t drink water. Dehydration wreaks havoc on skin. Not only will your body be unable to rid itself of toxins, but it will also make the appearance of wrinkles more noticeable, and give your skin a dull appearance. If you have acne AND you don’t drink water, you’re in for a rude awakening. Your acne will get trapped under a layer of dead, dry skin which means your expensive lotions/serums/treatments won’t be able to penetrate and hydrate. What a waste! So how much water are we talking about? Take your body weight and divide it in half. Drink that in ounces. Remember, it’s okay to start slow. Look, Don’t Touch Trust me… I know how tempting it is but whatever you do, don’t pick or scrub your skin. See a white head? Leave it alone. If you touch it, the active acne infection will spread across your face. Even just a lightly scrubbing can send your entire face into a breakout battle.

Sleep More, Stress Less Stress releases the hormone Cortisol. Cortisol, among other factors, can negatively impact your sleep. A quality night’s rest is absolutely necessary if you want to improve the health of your skin.

Less is Not Always More Think you can skimp out on moisturizer just because your skin is oily? Think again. Your skin absolutely needs it. Just make sure you select an “Oil Free” alternative.

The Sun’s Your Enemy Sunscreen only lasts 1.5/2 hours before you need to reapply. Despite popular belief, only apply it before exposure. This means that if you have an office job, for example, apply immediately before lunchtime.

Winter Skincare Winter skincare can be tricky. If your moisturizer is not soaking in your skin within 5/10 minutes, it’s either too much or too heavy. Before you return it, try watering it down. Run the hand that has the moisturizer on it under water (briefly). Mix it together then apply to your face. Experiencing the opposite? Double-down on your moisturizer on at least extremely dry areas.

Summer Skincare Oily skin in the winter means oily skin in the summer. The difference? Dry, dead layers on top of the skin have been subject to inside heaters, hot showers, wind, and worse. As skeptical as you may be to this information, 10,000+ facials have taught me that you can basically use the same moisturizers you’ve been using all year (Shhh don’t tell the corporations you know!). All you need to do is adjust the amount you’re applying. Get samples and test/return products to see if it works for you. Make sure to also exfoliate 2x-3x a week to get all those dead skin cells off that beautiful face (but remember, not active acne).

When in Doubt, Get Checked Out It never hurts to see a dermatologist. If you have a problem that persists or that your skin has gotten out of control without probably cause, it’s time to see a doctor. Maybe your hormones are out of whack. Do your homework and compare reviews. Seeking medical attention for your skin is not where you want to cut corners.



Darienne’s Recommended Products Dr. Grandel: Derma Pur (oil free), Hydro Soft (medium-normal skin), “Regeneration” (dry skin), Hyaluron Filler Caps, Hydro Active Filler Cream Charles McKnight (USA): Oil Free Moisturizer, Serums, and Cleanser. Charles is a master with ingredients his products contain AHA’S, peptides, retinol, plant extract and many more. One of my favorite things is his products contain NO water. Charles is also working to personalize products for individual clients. I am in love with his cleanser. I love, love, love it. Whamisa: “Organic Flowers Water Cream”, Organic Flowers Toner Deep Rich (New Design) Lerosett: Spot Treatment, Face Masks Shu Uermura: ‘Ultime8 Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil’ Hands down the best I’ve ever used (30+ years I’ve used it). Without water pump into hands rub over the face lightly. It will dissolve like magic!! It’s water-soluble so just rinse then use cleanser. Serious Skincare: “Olive Oil Emulsifying Cleanser” (Sensitive Skin), “Olive Oil Hydra Flash Marine Algae Hydra Gel” (Extremely sensitive skin) doTERRA: “On Guard Protective Blend” This is the best spot treatment for pimples I have ever used. A tiny bit goes a long way. Dab on the pimple, wait three minutes, then add a tiny amount of water. This will help penetrate it. Don’t be alarmed, you will feel it working. Do morning and night until the zit clears. It’s not designed for this, but it should be! Best happy accident I’ve ever fumbled upon. Simply Porceline: Overnight Rejuvenative Performance Night Cream, Lavender Clay Masque

Having an effective skincare regiment is more intuitive than you’d think. Trust yourself, and don’t judge a bottle by its cover. And remember… hydrate! For all questions and inquiries, please visit @DarienneArnold




P i l a t e s

By Shana Klimeczko

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness” -Joseph Pilates

This has been quite the trying year, with many people suffering from depression, weight gain, financial distress and loss of loved ones. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we all focus on our mental and physical well being. Exercising is fundamental in your weekly if not daily routine. Health & fitness when combined are key to building your immune system and increasing your serotonin levels. That being said, Pilates is the perfect at-home workout during this pandemic. It’s Interesting to note that Pilates was originally called Contrology. Contrology is defined as “the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit.” Pilates to me is the best total body workout. The exercises focus on using your core, which is not just your abdominals but also your hips, glutes, inner thighs and low back. Unlike any other workout, you really need to not only focus on the movements in Pilates but also recognize why you are moving that way. Using slow, controlled, precise movements with a focus on breathing and flow of the exercises. Pilates is truly for everyone of any age, shape and size. When committed to a Pilates program you learn to stand taller, stand 78 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

more confident and strong. I began teaching 8 years ago when I had my “ah ha” moment and realized that if you turn your passion into a career, you will never work a day in your life. So many people suffer from neck pain, low back pain, gut issues and on top of it depression and low self esteem. We have learned to adapt to staying in our homes this past year. Sitting, standing, driving and texting for long periods of time creates poor posture, rounded shoulders and neck & back pain. Adding Pilates to your workout regimen will help you recognize your misalignments and imbalances in your body. You can start to see and feel the benefits of pilates with a minimum of 3 sessions or more a week, and after approximately 3 months, your entire body will transform.

Click on the link (Page 77) for a full body workout designed for any level of fitness. And follow me at @shana_LA . Once you train with me I assure you will gain a confidence in yourself, you never knew you had. Don’t get me wrong, Pilates is definitely “humbling” your first time. Just like any challenge, the more you practice, the better you become.

Photography by Greg Levitt @gl_image

NEW YEAR’S EVOLUTIONS: By Clementine Heath Photo by Margaret Ellen Burns Renowned psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung explored the power of the sub-conscious mind and its relationship to our emotional psychology extensively in his work. Throughout his career he used himself as a guinea pig for much of his research on the topic, exploring shadow work (repressed, unknown aspects of the personality) deep in his psyche with various techniques. Something I can relate to, for it was my own personal struggle for over thirty years with mental illness that led me down a path of deep self-exploration, a period of time that led me to the moment I was able to drastically heal my mindset, a re-wiring if you will. At thirty-six years of age I broke. I decided that I could no longer live in my mental prison and I was ready to end my life. Somehow, this moment of absolute surrender allowed me full access to heal sub-consciously what I had been unable to access for over three decades. I surrendered myself entirely on a cellular level, and it was during a very deep meditation in late 2018 that my perception shifted and my healing could begin. I was finally able to relate to the world around me with a healthy new perspective, no longer polluting my lens with my narrow- mindedness and internal suffering. With my ego out of the way I was free to see the bigger picture, thus elevating my state of awareness consciously my perspective was no longer hurting me but rather enriching my life through every experience, whether it be positive or challenging. Understanding the essence of what it meant to be unconditional with friendship, love, kindness and joy. I was able to create boundaries in my life and my relationships, both personal and professional, that I had previously neglected to do for myself out of fear of rejection. My responses during times of conflict and crisis is where I feel the greatest improvement internally. I used to get horribly sick from anxiety. My cortisol levels were so elevated from stress I was on the verge of pre diabetes and my health was in a dangerous decline. Doctors had no clue how to help my failing health. From a young age I always had digestive issues, internally my system was in constant fightor-flight mode. They kept offering prescription medications to treat the symptoms but I knew none of that would work so I declined. The battle was in my mind and it was making me physically sick, so it was a race against time for me. I would either find a way to cure myself or die. In the summer of 2018, prior to my shift in mindset, I 80 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

did consciously make a decision to find the answers. In doing so I made a commitment to myself to want to try, and my body also felt this because it was the only reason I could get out of bed and leave the house, sheer determination. It was roughly six months from the time of my commitment when the healing began, it’s as if it had been waiting for me. The last two years

Re-designing Mental Health Management For the 21st Century

have taken me on a profound inner journey, one that has undeniably instilled in me the tools to be able live an emotional psychologically balanced life. Just surviving 2020 without breaking down has been all the proof I need. It has challenged me greatly, as it has all of us, but it didn’t break me. Even though I lost so much work and had to give up everything that gave me a sense of

security, and for the most part I’ve been living out of my suitcase moving around between friends’ places. Having no idea what tomorrow will bring, unable to travel home to see my family, barely able to support myself, constantly questioning what will happen next. I don’t know how, but at my core I have remained calm, trusting in the feeling of a positive outcome. Blessed that my family are safe and healthy. Blessed for my wonderful friends. Grateful for this day, each day one day at a time. Grateful that I succeeded in being kind to myself and therefore present in the moment and able to be kind to others. That is the power we gain when we give up the need to control everything, and 2020 gave us no choice but to surrender. It was a year that forced us to honor our blessings and stop comparing what we have to what we don’t. Comparison, after all, is the thief of joy. So how can my experience with mental health help you? Obviously there’s years of research I can’t summarize here but I hope to plant some seeds of wisdom to help you on your way. Where to begin? For 2021 and beyond I propose a new perspective on our attitude, our mindset and our conviction to bettering our Self for the greater community, but most importantly for our own well being. Just start now, no need to wait, just start where you are. If there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that new year’s resolutions are annoying and end up becoming something of a nagging chore that you might eventually get around to, even then it’s usually met with contempt or disdain. So begin now, by making the conscious decision to take care of yourself. And that doesn’t mean denying yourself enjoyments. I want you to enjoy yourself! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Just be mindful of the right intentions. Self-care begins by checking-in with your mental and emotional state daily and making that paramount. So take a deep breath in and out and ask yourself: How am I feeling today? Am I calm and relaxed or do I feel on edge? Do I have knots in my belly or discomfort in my body? Is my mind foggy or do I feel clear and focused? If I’m feeling anxious, why? Is there a meeting today I am nervous about? Did I have a bad dream last night? Did I have a fight with a friend or loved one that is bothering me? Have I over-extended my time to other people and not given myself time for me first? These might sound like basic questions yet most people fail to take the time to address issues or discomforts when they arise. Not realizing that the suppressed aggravation is what’s causing the internal angst, because they feel like they have no choice, but that’s just their p► 81 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

perception. By asking yourself WHY, why you’re feeling this dis-ease, you are willingly integrating your subconscious into your present consciousness and you will find answers. For example, if your mental to-do list is causing you hidden anxiety you might find that your body will indicate this physically, it could be something as subtle as body tension or indigestion if you are stressed. I do a mental health check every morning just before meditation so that I can ease mental or physical tension if there is any. During meditation I dive into my sub-conscious for the answers. Perhaps it means re-scheduling myself with others for that day if feeling overwhelmed or over- committed, and that’s ok. Obviously there will be priorities at times, but it is not selfish to want to feel grounded before taking on a world of responsibilities. Self-care is paramount. So just start now with something easy like making sure you have at least twenty minutes for yourself every day (preferably the morning), switched off and disconnected from all devices and people so that you can get connected and grounded with your Self. If you keep putting it off you will always find an excuse. Jump in and just see where it takes you. There is a wonderful shift in energy vibration that comes from the clarity of awareness of your self when you are operating at your optimum level on any given day, and what you can’t get done today you will do tomorrow or the next day. Take your foot off the accelerator, but do prioritize. And remember, all we have is time. So make the time for introspection, time for self-reflection and allow yourself opportunity for conscious growth. Just like society’s governed system, our own internal system at some point will override if there’s too much repression and denial. So how do we shift gears in order to understand where the root of our mental and emotional unrest comes from? The foundation of self awareness is about understanding the relationship between Perception and Perspective. It is the perception of our reality that controls our perspective. Many people think it’s the other way around, however it is through our perception that we give meaning to anything and everything in our sensory awareness. So if we are

that you grow more and more disconnected from who you authentically are. Any repressed emotions and their triggers will eventually find their way out whether you like it or not. This will not be a one time event either. Usually it starts off as something small and grows fatter and bigger over time. Feeding off the denial. With a person who self-medicates with alcohol for example, it is often seen during their black out phases, it’s like they become another person, go to a “dark place”. A lot of what we repress comes out when our sub- conscious mind is allowed to take over. It makes it easier for our shadow to come out and wreak havoc. Carl Jung masterfully explored the realm of shadow work understanding that the “relationship we have between the conscious and sub-conscious parts of our psyche is crucial for our well- being. Integrating our shadow into our conscious personality holds great ability to harness one’s self and maintain a more grounded state”. It is only by trying to deny all our qualities and continued repression that we in fact render ourselves prone to possession by it’s destructive side, we unknowingly give it more and more power. The key to mastering your shadow begins by opening the trap door and letting the light in. Without light, there is no shadow anyway. I’ve heard an alarming number of people express their fears about all their feelings and dealing with depression this year. It’s all coming to the surface because there’s nothing to be distracted with as everyone is in quarantined lockdown. Depression from isolation, to the devastation and grief from loss of loved ones, or the stress and worry from losing businesses and loss of income. There’s a collective feeling of sadness and hopelessness being experienced. Underscored with all the protests and marches, the necessary uprising of the people against an unfair and unjust system, so much cruelty and divide, so much hate where there should be love and inclusion... it’s only natural to be feeling emotionally overwhelmed. We’re only human. I’m here to tell you, all these emotional grievances and fears are valid and justified. Feel all the feels, don’t be afraid to let it out because suppressing it is what does the most damage. Just be safe about it and don’t lose yourself in the pain. Give yourself permission to cry or be angry if you need to let it out, and then let it go.

struggling B rwith e a kour i n ginner-self, t h e m oour l d emotional with psychology, then we must shift our perception in Just like our external environment, our internal universe f a l the l r cycle. u n wOur a y perspectives i n s p i r e dcome b efrom a u t yoperates t r e n in d smuch b yofm ake order to break the same way. It is no coincidence our perceptions u p aand r t our i s tperceptions B r i t t a are n ycreated P a i gfrom e L ahow m b human e r t @beings p e c kwere i s mdesigned, e in contrast and our beliefs. So how do we shift our created beliefs if reflection to our environment that is in contrast and P hserving o t o gusr awell? p hTreat y b ytheBcause, e n Snot h athe n i reflection to our Universe in space and time as we they are not symptom. @ It isb the e ngreatest s h a n iself-inflicted p r o d u c tdisservice i o n s to know it. IT is and we all are connected. To be clear, I deny ourselves the liberty of healing. I know it feels never said this work would be pretty, it requires brutal M opop d eal pill B eand c D o yonl ewith @ things, b e c d but o y l ehonesty. _ easier to just get Man’s ego and greed for power and control anyone who has tried this knows, the cause does not has been the culprit for what has kept necessary truths go away and over time you are just dealing with more in the dark. Now that we are all experiencing first hand symptoms arising that can’t be explained, or perhaps what happens when the lights are finally turned on, you feel so lost in a haze of sub- conscious unknowing there is so much chaos and it’s ugly but the truth can’t 82 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

be hidden anymore. Like a dormant volcano boiling beneath the surface, it is only ever a matter of time before it erupts. This is exactly what the world has been building up to and in 2020 we witnessed the volcano erupting. So perhaps it is worth considering the notion that there are key ways to operate our own personal systems in order to function at our optimum level without fear of overriding our emotional centers. Just as we have witnessed first hand this year what happens when feelings get repressed, denied, ignored or shamed. Chaos, uprising and conflict ensue. At the end of the day, it is our emotional psychology in the driver’s seat (conscious or not), and if you’re not operating from a grounded foundation then you are in for one hell of a rollercoaster ride without anyone controlling the breaks. Here’s a quick crash

feel negatively about myself and therefore everything and everyone around me was negative. Paranoia, alienation and anxiety. This was my operating system for thirty-six years! I was depressed, anxious, suicidal and self loathing, and I wanted to die because I sure as hell didn’t want to live this torment anymore. Pretending to be fine to make others feel comfortable when deep down I was living a life shackled in a psychological prison of emotional despair. And now, with over two years of deep shadow work, I’ve changed my inner story and my emotional psychology has transformed consciously. Just like the current state of affairs in our world, on a macro level we need to rebuild the system. On a micro level we must also rebuild our own personal s ys te m . I’m t a l k i n g a b o u t mental health and wellness for all. Approaching Mindfulness using the tools of Metaphysics works. It’s unfortunate that it’s considered abstract to most people because I truly believe this philosophy when applied holds the essential tools we all need as human beings for our own personal emotional psychological care and development. I’m not saying it’s easy nor am I saying you won’t be challenged or tested. However, the difference between feeling overwhelmed by everything and allowing your emotions to be rattled, compared to that of just looking for the bigger picture and trying to see the eye of the storm from many angles rather than placing yourself at the center of it... THAT is the real test. See it from another perspective before you make your conclusions, you’ll see that the drama is usually not about you at all. Don’t be so quick to allow yourself to be sucked in and overwhelmed by situations or circumstances beyond your control. And remember to breathe.

“The best way to live a more grounded and Mindful life is to not try to be perfect. Don’t fear your feelings. We are human beings, we are supposed to feel things, that’s how we grow”

course in layman’s terms: the best way to live a more grounded and Mindful life is to not try to be perfect. Don’t fear your feelings. We are human beings, we are supposed to feel things, that’s how we grow, that’s how we learn what we like and what we don’t. Feelings are indicators. Your friend. Yet so many people hide in fear of feeling, and by repressing any hurt or pain or indifference, you do more harm than you realize.

In order to shift one’s perception of things, by things I mean feelings (triggers, emotional responses), the story needs to change. It’s about understanding the WHY and its relationship to your Self. This tool can be very helpful if you suffer from mental health related issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and even for some forms of depression. The story we keep telling ourselves is largely the culprit, and it’s why these chronic attacks never seem to go away. Not for lack of trying, however the recurring commonality from my experience is the struggle of managing the mindset. What to do when one feels overwhelmed in response to an event, a person, or sometimes for no specific reason one can figure out, it’s just overwhelming sadness. I’ll tell you this much, there is no long term quick fix by popping pills. Do the work. For me the hidden trauma was complex but a large part of it grew from my internal dialogue. My feelings were stewing inside my head and my mind was particularly destructive. I was wrapped up in fear and feeling displacement, yet longing for external approval and connection. But in my quest to hide and fit in at the same time, and not feel all the emotions of rejection with the subsequent paranoia about that too, I was literally making myself sick. But it wasn’t on purpose. And because I would only hear negativity from my inner-voice, I trained myself to only

A compassionate heart and a calm mind is the foundation from which we all should strive to begin our day. So begin now. Begin with yourself. Challenge yourself to be honest and accept that it won’t be pretty or easy at first. Welcome the teacher by finding the lesson in the contrast of emotions. Learn from it, accept it for what it is without prejudice, grow from it, evolve from it... then let it go. I promise you, you can’t not be changed by doing this work. It is scary to open your eyes inward, but once you do you will realize that You have been waiting for You all along. And you will no longer feel alone. Not with your feelings, your fears or your joys, understanding we are all connected in this great Universe. You will begin to truly understand what it is to know Love. ■ 83 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02



L O ’ S K I T C H E N


1 small bunch of fresh dill 1 English cucumber 2 red and yellow small bell peppers 40z of Hummus

HUMMUS CUCUMBER CANAPES The perfect little canape to entertain guests this holiday season

Using a vegetable peeler slice the cucumber into thin ribbons. Double up and spread a thin layer of hummus down each cucumber slice. On one end place 2 peppers and a sprig of fresh dill Roll up and serve


1 Cauliflower 1tsp Paprika 1ts Cumin 1ts Turmerick 3 Tbs Olive oil 3 Tbs Red wine vinegar Garlic paste Handful parsley Half a lemon Pomegranate seeds Toasted Almonds (optional) Coconut Yoghurt (optional)


K MOROCCAN CAULIFLOWER STEA e Pre heat your oven to 425F

t a n a r g e m o p h t i w

Pull the roots and green off your cauliflower keeping the main base in place. Slice into steaks about 2/3 inches thick. (Most Likely to solid steaks per cauliflower) In a bowl add all your spices, olive oil and vinegar. Mix together into a paste and pour over your steaks in an ovenproof dish and make sure your cauliflower is totally covered in the paste. Place into the oven and turn at least twice to get the lovely char on your cauliflower. Cook for 20 - 25 minutes. Remove from the oven and top with a sprinkle of fresh parsley, toasted almonds, pomegranate seeds, and a dollop of Coconut yoghurt (optional).

SERVI NG SUGG ESTIO NS Crispy Brussel Sprouts Spicy rice Roast potatoes Creamy mash


Click on the Link Below to See Lo’s New Years Eve -Plant Based Dinner Menu brought to life!


SPICED PUMPKIN SOUP 400g of Pumpkin 2 Celery sticks 3 Carrots 1 Onion

1 tsp Turmeric

1⁄2 tsp Nutmeg 1 tsp Cumin

1 tsp Paprika

1 tsp Chilli flakes

Ginger (thumb size) Roughly chop all your vegetables, garlic and ginger and add to a pan with 3 TBS of olive oil. Let the veg sweat for a few minutes then add all your spices until the veg is fully coated. Next add your vegetable stock and bring to the boil. Leave to simmer on a low heat for 40 minutes until all the veg is soft and cooked through. Take off the heat and blend till smooth using a hand held blender.

3 garlic cloves 3 tsp olive oil

1 pint vegetable stock Parsley to top

Chilli flakes to top

To serve sprinkle with flat leaf parsley, chilli flakes and toasted pumpkin seeds. Tip - To toast the pumpkin seeds simply line a baking tray with parchment paper, add a little oil and salt to the seeds and cook at 400 for 10 min.


n a g e V

CHO COL ATE MO USS E Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water and allow the chocolate to slowly melt, making sure not to burn. When the chocolate is smooth and melted take off the heat and allow to cool. Halve and de-stone the Avocados, scoop out the flesh into a food processor discarding the skins. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse for a minute till smooth. When your chocolate is cooled add this to your processor and pulse again till smooth. Divide the mixture into bowls and pop into the fridge to chill for at least 30 minutes. Serve with an extra grating of dark chocolate.


2 Large ripe Avocados 3tbs Maple Syrup 2tsb Vanilla Essence/ paste 2tbs Cocoa Powder 150g Dark dairy free Chocolate 1 tin of Coconut cream


e r u t a n g i S The

Rosemary Fizz

by @CaliCraftCocktails

1 oz Lemon 3/4 Oz Rosemary Syrup 2 oz Vodka or Gin Egg White Garnish with Rosemary Sprig


For our Winter Cocktail M. Citizen Magazine turned to Cali Craft Cocktails to share their signature cocktail “The Rosemary Fizz”. Cali Craft Cocktails is a mobile bartending company specializing in high-end, hand-crafted cocktails. All their drinks are made fresh onsite with premium, organic ingredients and nothing artificial. They have provided the bar at over 500 weddings, plus countless corporate gigs and private parties. And the best part; they bring everything to fit out the bar area including the bar itself, back bar, shelving, everything right down to the trash cans! An all inclusive, white glove service. In the wake of Covid-19, Cali Craft Cocktails had to shut its doors and move everything out of their warehouse premises and into storage. However, they are still doing cocktail deliveries within the Los Angeles area, sitting tight in anticipation of everything getting back to normal. Check their website for menus or contact sarah@calicraftcocktails.com to plan your next event or cocktail service (even if it’s just for you, and your quarantine Pod!)


Appreciate The Unfaithful W h e n F a i t h ‘ Tr u m p s ’ F a c t s , b y C h r i s O ’ s h e a

“In 2016 Donald Trump angered the people of Haiti. This was dangerous, because you can make a good voodoo doll of Donald Trump, by rolling a doughnut around a Labrador’s basket.” - comedian Frankie Boyle, 2016. I remember it, because it was the last time I found Trump funny. At the other end of the scale, the most sickened and afraid I felt, was a week before the 2020 election. I had the misfortune of going outside during a vehicle rally for Trump, in Big Bear, California: The men in camo-gear, the MMA beards, the religious country-music. I’d have made fun, but you’d be surprised how much visible weaponry sucks the humor out of a situation. At the beginning, the situation had seemed so ridiculous and cartoonish: this fat, orange, TV host is all of a sudden a born again Christian, who won’t disavow The Klan? You couldn’t write it. Everyone will see through it won’t they? But they didn’t. And once they’d voted him in, that was it. Once power had happened, the joke wasn’t funny anymore. It reminded me of an old rhyme I came across while at university, studying 17th Century England. The author writes about a Puritan “hanging of his cat on Monday/ Because it killed a mouse on Sunday.” It wasn’t the rhyme that caught my eye, it was what the historian had written underneath: “Of course, Tyndale wouldn’t have dared write this four years later, when the Puritans were in power.” You see, they’d found it funny too. In the days of the Maypole, the idea that, within four years, these 94 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

zealots would revolt, kill the king and force their brutally banal way of life on everyone, would have been absurd. Thankfully the Puritans left England on the Mayflower in 1620, I can’t remember, off-hand, where it dropped them off… Fast forward 300 years and, I’m standing, watching a heavily armed political rally in California, afraid to make a joke. Looking at the participants, it struck me that the men at the rally (and it was 80% men,) with their beards, rifles and trucks, looked a lot like white versions of the Taliban. How terrifying it would be, I thought, if the fundamentalists of the world suddenly realized they had quite a lot in common, and that their real enemy was modern, secular, humanism. The problem is that we’re tending more extreme. These days, it’s not enough for a Republican politician to be a religious conservative- you win primaries by being the most religious conservative. Seeing these Trump supporters, in California, rifles over their shoulder, I couldn’t help wondering if a Taliban candidate wouldn’t be a solid shout, for the Republicans, in a close run-off in Tennessee? You think you don’t like divorce? You think you don’t like gay people? Once they got over the language barrier, I think a Taliban candidate would run a moderate Democrat quite close. On the day of the Trump rally, I parked in a Gelson’s, next to a truck with flag on it that said: “Trump 2020, No More Bullshit.” The smart-ass in me wanted to point out that, since

he’d been President for four years now, didn’t that make it his bullshit? But that felt a bit like mopping the floor of the Titanic. I looked in the window and saw a baby seat and a guy having lunch with his wife and kid. Considering the extremism of the outside, the inside looked so normal. The great American physicist and Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg famously said that “without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes religion.” Trumpism has become a religion, complete with fanatics, high-priests (Rudy Giuliani?) and an infallible deity. It is leading otherwise good people to do, say and think terrible things. My mum wrote to me the other day, to ask if I’d heard that “the Democrats had stolen the election?” She’d seen a video on YouTube. She’s not from America, is politically central and not given to conspiracy theories. It took the best part of an hour to walk her back. For its own part, puritanical, televangelized religion has taken an “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach. With a couple of exceptions (I’m thinking of the “Christianity Today” editorial) the evangelical community has had a look at Trumpism and seen an ally not a

competitor. The fact that Trump is clearly not a Christian, is a problem everyone can overlook. Belief in God isn’t a dealbreaker. Trump, ironically, has demonstrated that when it comes to what he will say and do for support, nothing is sacred. This has led to hilariously awkward episodes, like the one where he’s asked to name his favorite passage from the gospels and declines because the question is “too personal.” Wish I’d thought of that during my exams… In 1959, in a rare recording of the philosopher Bertrand Russel, he was asked what advice he had for future generations. “Ask yourself only “what are the facts of the matter?” Never let yourself be diverted by what you wish to believe…” At the moment, “truth” is a matter of where your allegiances lie. I was in a makeup trailer at a studio once, when a makeup artist I was working with announced that she doesn’t listen to a certain radio host: “I don’t like that stuff- I’m a conservative.” About what? I thought. On what specific issue? The words “liberal” and “conservative” aren’t the names of tribes, they’re labels we give to groups of opinions. When the great journalist and polemicist Christopher Hitchens was asked what the most over-rated virtue was, he simply said “faith.” Looking around, it’s hard to disagree. 95 M. CITIZEN MAGAZINE | ISSUE 02

Julia Clancey

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