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Analisi critica a cura della Dott.ssa Chiara Saccani

"L'art a mes yeux est la meilleure faรงon de communiquer avec le monde sans l'aide de la parole" Tony Stuckens

Tony Stuckens was born the 28th of July 1943 in Wemmel, a suburb of Brussels in Belgium. Just after the studies at the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts in Architecture he started working in the modern art ateliers of the city, and then he fastly improved his career as interior decorator. In 1976 he left Belgium and moved to New York to expand in the decoration ďŹ eld, but, unsatisďŹ ed, he returned to his home country to start a long trip around the world that led him to France, Spain, Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisy, where he felt in love with the city of Djerba and where he received a job oer from a greek company that changed his life. He is living since 2003 in his little house in the middle of cretan mountains, where he can fully dedicate to art. In Crete he found the reason of his life and his deeper inspiration. When we look at Tony Stuckens' artworks we can see that he paints with maximum three colors, mixed spontaniously and instinctively with water to avoid the possibility of a heavy and disparate composition.

He donates to the world a series of well finished, bright, studied works in great harmony between one another. The attention to the prospective's principles is a crucial element in his works, that helps the observer to find the real subject of the painting: the observation and the meticulous study of the light are what make them so different and unique, imbued with mistery but at the same time familiar. As a student, he preferred oil colours but then he switched for water colours: richer in shades, they gave him the possibility to chose the perfect nuance to express himself. The liquid component of the water creates a totally new impression of movement, far from all the others styles, and it makes the master's hues soft and velvety. The final result is a mix of great balance, intrepid but harmonious shades, and beautiful contrasts, a creation of creativity, imagination and virtuosity.

Interview with the artist: CS: what is art for you? TS: Art, for me, is the best way to communicate with the world without the word's help. CS: What do you want to communicate with your works? TS: I'm an athletic, jovial and energic man and my paintings translate in general the "joie de vivre" that impregnates my being. CS: What did you fell the ďŹ rst time that you painted? TS: Since I was a child I used to lock myself in my parents' friends' bathrooms armed with my pastels to decorate their sad walls, and that made me feel extremely happy as someone who carries out perfectly his task. Chiara Saccani

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Tony Stuckens, Artist  

Analisi critica a cura della Dott.ssa Chiara Saccani

Tony Stuckens, Artist  

Analisi critica a cura della Dott.ssa Chiara Saccani