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Failing products!


5 pre failed products!  The zune!  Mc  Sony Betamax!  Tom’s natural deodorant!  Fujitsu gaming system!

The Zune!  Microsoft first came out with there music media

device the zoon in 2006 in many different generations known as the Zune. The Zune faced many major challenge is the main one being the its competion of the IPod the top seller in the music media. In 2008 the revenues had decreased by 54%/100 million$

Mc Hula Burger!  According to church canon, Catholics over the age of 14 are

required to abstain from meat on Fridays, this being the reason the new owners of McDonalds in 1963 Ray Kroc had larger hopes that his burger called the mc hula burger would substitute for the meat filled burger for those of these religions. This burger was simply the same as a regular burger with a slice of grilled pineapple instead of the original meat filled burger.

Sony Betamax!  The betamax was a video cassette that was

simply beat by the VHS. When 40 companies decided to run with the VCR-compatible format instead. The lower price of VHS-C camcorders probably helped a little too. And to add the cooler name and higher quality.

Tom’s natural deodorant!  Simple reasons why this deodorant

failed aside from many other companies launching deodorants were the quotes people used to describe this product  Ex1: I have sensitive skin so I was

looking for a natural deodorant. Unfortunately, this deodorant stopped working after 2-3 hours and I found out because someone else noticed which was embarrassing. I was not working out at the time but just standing on the bus. Don't waste your money.  Ex2: Tom’s Deodorant (stick) actually

made me smell bad. I’m not a smelly person and don’t enjoy paying to become one.

Fujitsu gaming system!  Home console gaming was becoming an

increasingly bigger deal in the early 90s, and Fujitsu released the FM Towns Marty for the Japanese market in 1993. Its 32-bit capabilities meant that users would be able to play more demanding games with better graphics, but interest never took off. The system was expensive and the game library was a bit limited. The manufacturer cancelled production, and this led to a saying in Japanese business culture called "Marty's Law," which loosely translates to "if you don't keep offering something to sell, you can't increase sales."

5 Products due to fail!  Eye writer!  Road-Embedded chargers!  Body powered devices!  Spray-on fabric!  Better 3D glasses!

Eye writer!

 I personally don’t think this product will

sustain through reality of existence due to not every one’s eyes are the same as well as often people may have a problem with their eye that may change the way this product works!

Road-Embedded Rechargers!  I don’t think this

product is really going to be a great product because your simply driving over it how long would that charge you for like you would think your would have to sit over top of a charger. And who ever said all cars will be electric ?

Body powered devices  I personally don’t think this

has much of a chance for one who on the planet is willing or ahs the time to walk for 12 hours just to get 1 hour of charging and not all phones are the same or even why walk for 12 hours when you could most likely drive and hour at the most for a new cord! Just saying it sounds like a pretty pathetic idea!

Spray-on fabric  I don’t see this product

working due to if I go out in the rain are my clothes going to disappear or how hard and long will it take me to get off in the shower, will it hurt? I just see to many problems with this product that are all so possible.

Better 3D glasses  I don’t really see these

glasses working due to the fact that I haven’t seen a pair of so called 3D glasses that have worked properly yet. Or maybe even the fact that they have complications like you have to put them on over your regular glasses if your near sighted.


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