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soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010



the voice of healthcare THE HEALTH FACTORY’s soap box magazine is part of our holistic approach to healing & living a healthy lifestyle. The publication is a revolutionery concept in that its content is not only relevant to living the healthiest life possible, it is also written by health professionals and wellness experts. This monthly magazine features, among other things: ° real life stories relating to THE HEALTH FACTORY’s community / charity initiatives. ° articles pertaining to health & wellness. ° reviews of relevant products & information on upcoming events in the health & wellness industry. ° delicious, healthy & simple to make recipes endorsed by our in-house dietitians. Every month 5000 copies of the magazine will be distributed into the hands of the target market identified by our marketing team as being the ideal audience for your business, i.e corporate business parks and doctors’ rooms. We will also make an online copy available, thus the opportunities for distribution are endless! We would love to give you the opportunity to advertise your product in our magazine. And if you do not already have a ready to print ad, we will design your advert free of charge.

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Women’s month is celebrated during August in South Africa, as it marks the anniversary of the great Women’s March of 1956, where women marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the carrying of pass books. On 9 August 1956, about 20 000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria to protest legislation aimed at tightening the apartheid government’s control over the movement of black women in urban areas.

contributors Biokineticist Kabelo Sennelo Chiropractors Dr Nadia Carlyle Dr Ronnie Cloete Dr Dylan Herwill Dietitian Niki Urquhart Physiotherapist Andrew van Rensburg Yoga Instructor Geraldine Anderson Psychologist & Mentor Roleen Kaplan Image Consultant Tanya Sachs Editor & Designer Marike Groot

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AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

adies, gather round! August is here and it’s time to celebrate everything that makes you a woman! This month’s issue is all about you! But we’ve got some awesome surprises for the gents too! We kick off with 2 fantastic competitions! On pages 4 & 12 we give you the chance to WIN a complete health & wellness make-over and a Toyota Yaris! WOW! This is the opportunity of a lifetime! And winning couldn’t be simpler. Go on, check it out now! Right, so now that you’ve entered the competitions, let’s get back to what we’ve got lined up for you this August ... We asked around and realised that although the answer to the age old question “what do women want?” may not be simple, one of the things what women really want is to be in control of their own health and wellbeing. Which is why in this edition of the soap box magazine you’ll find lots of useful information that’s sure to help you on your way. In fact, just reading through it will make you feel happier and healthier already! First we take a look at how Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and even friendships can help women deal with their health problems – there’s no need to suffer in silence, help is at hand! There is great news on the diet front too: No need to forego the sweet stuff! You just need to know your sugars from your sweeteners. And because looking good is just as important as feeling good, our Image Consultant shares the psychology behind colour – with her comprehensive colour guide you’ll never again have to wonder what to wear! Speaking of which, whether you’re in your track suit or your business suit, the Yoga position on page 16 will help you relax and catch your breath. Which is great since the products featured on page 19 will definitely make you want to go shopping! Have a fabulous Women’s Month!

health Treated Like a Lady Contrary to popular belief, Physiotherapy is about more than injury recovery. In fact, it can help women with a whole range of health problems.


Headaches A Chiropractor might be able to help you get rid of your headaches. Whether they stem from your neck or your high stress levels, Chiropractic can help!


Girlfriends are Good for You! Women can help each other heal – emotional ties amongst females, who have true and loyal friends, reduce the risk of illness.


Gimme Some Sugar Your craving for something sweet needn’t sabotage your diet! Read up on the alternatives to sugar and make informed choices in the future.

wellness Colour Me Beautiful Understanding the psychology behind colour can help you make the right choices for your wardrobe. It’s lots of fun too! Take a Breather This Yoga position will help you relax after a long day at the office – or even in your lunch break! Just put your feet up and take a few deep breaths.

community & going green We Have a Dream THE HEALTH FACTORY is dreaming big! Find out how you can help us eradicate poverty and promote sustainable development.

look what we’ve found!

Turn Over a New Leaf We’ve found some interesting products to help you stick to your diet.

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we have lots to tell you!

soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010 THE


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Our health & will work experts w ign a together to desction personalised a tally plan to to transform you – mind, body & soul!

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THE HEALTH FA vide continue to pro ill w e n zi ga a m to tools you need you with all the into h & wellbeing take your healt s and to make your own hand on ur transformati the most of yo g the also be featurin journey. We’ll ders winners so rea 0 1 r u o f o ss e progr inner! e grand prize w th r fo te vo n ca

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Simply tell us (before 31 August 2010) why you need and deserve this health & wellness make-over: send an e-mail  ( with your motivation and we’ll be in touch! Remember to include your contact details!

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

Treated like a lady



t may surprise you to know this, but physiotherapy can help with more than recovery from injury. It can, in fact, also help with a whole range of health problems – especially those faced by women on a daily basis – everything from back pain during pregnancy to incontinence. Bladder incontinence is a problem for 13 million Americans on any given day. And although some men do have this problem, it presents in much greater numbers in women. There are a number of different kinds of incontinence: stress incontinence happens when the person coughs or sneezes; urge incontinence causes a sudden urge to use the bathroom; prolapsed organs, such as a tilted uterus, can lead to incontinence too. Fortunately, Physiotherapy can correct nearly 70% of incontinence problems. Many cases are due to weak muscles in the pelvic floor. The Kegel, a very specialized exercise, is usually the most effective form of treatment. But at least half the patients who try to do it on their own, fail miserably. It takes biofeedback from a qualified physiotherapist to get it right. Other therapies such Electrical stimulation and soft tissue manipulation are used as well. Physiotherapy also offers many treatment options to help the pelvic pain affecting many women’s health. It may, among other things, be due to vulvodynia (abdominal surgeries) or falling, especially on the tailbone. These conditions often curtail sexual activities and can lead to an overall deterioration in a woman’s health. No discussion of how physiotherapy can help with women’s health would be complete without a word on pregnancy. Women who are pregnant know that their bodies undergo various changes that can be uncomfortable, or even painful. Lower back pain is only one of them. A Physiotherapist can help by introducing gentle exercises to relieve tension in the back. Lying on the floor with the

Physiotherapy can help women in more ways than you might think knees up and gently pressing the small of the back to the floor, for example, provides a great feeling of relief. Exercises to strengthen the back can also help (see our June 2010 issue for examples with illustrations). But great care needs to be taken when exercising during pregnancy – the mother and baby’s health are both extremely important during this time. It’s therefore very important to seek the advice of a Physiotherapist or other qualified physical therapist. A closely monitored exercise programme, mainly revolving around core strength, will not only assist with discomfort during pregnancy, it can also speed up recovery postpartum. A Physiotherapist can advise women on getting back into shape and preventing back problems while taking care of their new child, even after a caesarean section (once healing from the surgery has taken place). Again the focus will be improving core and pelvic floor strength, while ensuring the exertion of the exercise is not too vigorous. There are many more problems suffered by women that will respond positively to physiotherapy and enable a longterm improvement in health and quality of life. But even just the examples mentioned above should be enough proof that a visit to your Physiotherapist (or other physical therapist) could be beneficial in more ways than you might think. sb

by Andrew van Rensburg – physiotherapist


soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010


why do we get headaches?

If you are suffering from a nagging headache, the source of the pain might very well be your neck! Headaches caused by neck dysfunction are technically termed cervicogenic – cervico meaning “neck” and genic meaning “starting from” – and often stem from spinal misalignment in the neck. These misalignments restrict movement in the vertebrae of the neck, and therefore reduce or change the normal blood supply and movement of the muscles in this area.

where does the pain come from?

Misalignments of the neck refer pain to the head via the Trigeminocervical Nucleus, part of the nervous system. Sources of this referral include muscles, muscle coverings (fascia), ligaments, nerve roots, nervous system components exiting from between vertebrae or running along each side of the spine (dorsal root ganglions) and the Trigeminocervical Nucleus itself. A Cervicogenic headache typically presents as a unilateral headache of fluctuating intensity increased by movement of the head and typically radiates from the back of the head to the front of the head.


do many people get headaches?

The numbers of Headache sufferers are reaching epidemic proportions! In one study, 57 percent of men and 76 percent of women reported suffering from at least one significant headache each month (MMWR 1991; 40:331-38). Another study with over 5000 headache sufferers found that almost 40 percent of cases originated in the spine of the neck, also known as the cervical spine. Two thirds were due to a malpositioning of vertebrae, while the other third resulted from a narrowing where spinal nerves exit the spinal cord (Wien Med Wochenschr 1994; 144:102-8).

migraines and tension headaches

While cervicogenic headaches are considered separate from migraines and tension headaches, these may also be aggravated by problems in the neck. Both migraine and tension headache sufferers often experience the tell-tale signs of neck disorders such as neck pain, tenderness and muscular “knots” in the upper cervical region. In addition, the normal spinal curve of the neck is often greatly reduced or absent. X-Ray evidence of joint dysfunction in the upper and lower cervical spine is often also evident.

what can I do?

If you are continuously suffering from headaches, consider making an appointment with a chiropractor. A thorough initial consultation of your spine will determine the source of the pain and the appropriate course of action to take. Thousands of people worldwide gain relief from headaches through Chiropractic care daily! sb

by Dr Dylan Herwill – chiropractor



bsolutely! Headaches are the third most common symptom, following back and neck pain that people seek Chiropractic care for. Since we can be certain that headaches are definitely not as result of a lack of aspirin, it makes sense that Chiropractic as a natural, safe and effective form of treatment is a better alternative to using pharmaceutical pain control which only masks the ongoing symptoms.

Can Chiropractic help?

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine


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soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine


e recently received an interesting e-mail that’s just too good not to share! And it’s perfectly suited to this month’s theme ...


friends heal

A recent study published by the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), implies that friendship amongst women is actually very special. The research has identified that female friends contribute to strengthen identity and protect our future. They constitute a heaven in the middle of our real world full of storms and obstacles. Female friends help us fill the emotional gaps in our relationships with men and help us remember who we actually are. After 50 years research, a study points out that there are chemical substances produced by the brain that help create and maintain friendship bonds amongst women. The scientists involved in the research were mostly men. They were all surprised to find the following results. When a hormone called Oxitocin is released as a result of stress, women have the need to protect their children and group with other women. When this happens, larger quantities of this hormone are produced and even the most profound stress is reduced provoking a calming down effect. These reactions do not appear in males because the testosterone produced by men has a tendency to neutralise the effects of Oxitocin; while female estrogens increase the production of this hormone.

It’s not only fun to have friends, it’s healthy too! After repetitive analysis, it was proven that existing emotional ties amongst females, who have true and loyal friends, reduce the risk of illness related to blood pressure and cholesterol. This might be the reason why women generally live longer than men. Women who do not establish friendship relations with other women do not show the same health results. So having female friends not only help us live longer but also to live better. The study also suggests that the more female friends a woman has, the greater the possibility that she will reach an advance age without many physical problems. In the same study it was observed how women can cope with critical moments (such as the passing of a spouse or parents) as it was perceived that those women who can trust their friends recuperate faster than those who do not have a person to trust by their side. The study concludes that friendship amongst women is a source of strength, wellness, happiness and health. We hope this inspires you to go and make new friends and also to appreciate the ones you already have. May you all live long, happy and healthy lives! sb



soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010

Gimme some

ugar and its various alternatives can be a very confusing topic, especially due to all the conflicting media reports surrounding this issue. Yet, contrary to what you might believe, sugar versus artificial sweeteners isn’t the only question. You also need to be able to distinguish between the various forms of sugar and decide which is best for you and your specific needs. The table sugar everyone thinks of as “sugar” is known as sucrose. Other examples of sugar include fructose, glucose, lactose (milk sugar) etc. and each of these have their own pros and cons. But while we all know that table sugar isn’t good for us, it may surprise you to know that some other forms of sugar are low GI and might even be beneficial to your health.

low GI (least effect on blood glucose levels) Fructose is mainly found in fruit. ° contains as many calories as sucrose (table sugar) but has a LOW GI. ° should not be consumed in excess (max 20g per day) in its concentrated form, as it might cause kidney and eye problems as well as cramping and bloating. Indigestible oligosaccharides include Frutafit HD, IQ, TEX, Inulin (FOS), polydextrose, litesse ultra, raffinose and Sugalite ° are low GI. They act like fibre in that we cannot digest them. ° offer certain health benefits such as acting as a probiotic – they’re used as food by the bacteria in our colons. ° the majority are calorie free (except for Sugalite, which contains a third of the calories found in sucrose). ° can cause gastric discomfort when consumed in excess. ° are a suitable alternative to sugar. Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in many fruits and vegetables. ° tastes like sucrose but does not act like it, i.e. Xylitol doesn’t raise blood glucose levels as much. ° has a low GI and contains 1/12 of the calories found in sucrose. ° it has been associated with health benefits such as preventing tooth decay (it’s used in most sugar-free chewing gum).



° °

is good to use for weight loss and safe to use for ADD. is a good alternative to sucrose.

Stevia is a herb of which the actual leaf can be used as a sweetener. It’s also available in crystal and tablet form. ° is low GI and low in calories. ° is a good alternative to sucrose. Artificial sweeteners include saccharine, cyclamates, acesulfame K, aspartame and sucralose. ° are low GI and calorie free. ° should not be consumed in excess as the long term effects have not been established yet. Many studies have reported adverse effects, but artificial sweeteners are still labeled as “safe” when used moderately. Never use more than 10 tablets or 5 sachets a day. ° may promote carbohydrate cravings. ° are often found in processed foods, so read the label.

intermediate GI (greater effect on blood glucose levels) Sucrose (table sugar) is a combination of glucose and fructose and is an extremely refined product. ° should not be consumed in excess. ° has been called “the great white poison” by some. ° may lead to weight gain, mood swings, depressed immunity and put you at risk of many other health problems if consumed in excess.

high GI (greatest effect on blood glucose levels ) Glucose, dextrose, maltose and maltotriose are extremely high GI and contain as many calories as sucrose. ° are usually found in refined, processed foods. ° NB: read labels carefully. Dextrins (look for ingredients ending in dextrin) contain the same amount of calories as sucrose. ° are high GI. ° in various processed and sweetened food items. ° NB: read labels carefully.

by Niki Urquhart – dietitian

Sources: L. Delport & G. Steenkamp (2003): Eat Smart and Stay Slim. The GI diet; S. Creed (2007): Let Food be your Medicine; photo:


There are various alternatives to sugar that won’t sabotage your diet!

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

tasty recip e appr s o v e d by our

Sugar-free breakfasts dietit ian!

muesli 2 servings ° 100 g rolled oats ° 50 g ground almonds ° 2 tbs pumpkin seeds ° 2 tbs macadamia roughly chopped ° 1 tbs sunflower seeds ° 2 tsp xylitol Mix together and serve with yoghurt/milk. Tips: multiply the recipe by 7 to get 1-2 weeks’ supply. Experiment with various seeds and nuts.

granola 2 servings ° 1 tbs macadamia roughly chopped ° 1 tbs olive oil/canola oil ° 50 g rolled oats ° 1 tbs flaked almonds ° 1 tbs ground almonds ° 1 tbs pumpkin seeds ° 1 tbs sunflower seeds ° 1 tbs xylitol 1. Melt the oil and xylitol in a pan. 2. Add oats and stir for approx 3 mins (or until golden). 3. Add nuts (flaked almonds and macadamia) and stir for a further 2 mins. 4. Remove from heat and add ground almonds and seeds. 5. Serve with yoghurt/milk. Tips: multiply the recipe by 7 to get 1-2 weeks’ supply. Experiment with various seeds and nuts. sb



soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010

the science behind exercise

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Our health practitioners & fitness scientists will completely revolutionise the way you exercise – helping you impro­ve your health & quality of life. Personalised attention to your exercise regime, eating protocol & healthcare will ensure that you

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AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

“Women are always beautiful.” – Ville Valo

Colour me beautiful getting it right

Once you understand the psychology behind the different hues, it’s easy to show your true colours


ust think about it … We react more formally to someone wearing a dark navy outfit than a beige one, right? And have you ever seen the President of a powerful nation wearing an earth toned suit or, for that matter, a Guidance teacher dressed in a black suit? Colour is the first thing we notice, even from a distance. It affects our reactions to people, influences our emotion and sways our perception, judgement and behaviour. Our body’s nervous and hormonal systems react to the magnetic energies of a colour (i.e. the temperature of a colour), i.e. we physically sense and visually interpret a colour (temperature) which results in an emotional response.

by Tanya Sachs – image consultant

Despite our individual likes and dislikes, we all have the same subconscious reaction to a particular colour. This is because there is a specific psychological and physical reaction to each colour. In a Colour Analysis consultation, an image consultant will advise you on the correct use of colour so that you can use it to your physical and psychological advantage. At The Whole Story we start off by analysing your skin tone and matching it to 1 of 12 potential colour spectrum groups. This allows us to identify the colours and tones best suited to your specific complexion which will, in turn, help you to always make perfect colour choices for clothing, makeup, nail polish and hair. Now that we’ve helped you understand the physics of colour, we move on to understanding the psychological power of colour. Because colour can create a persona – a desired image – knowing how and when to use which colours can assist in the improvement and management of interpersonal relationships. One of the easiest ways to use colour psychology is of course through clothing. Wearing particular colours does influence the way others relate to you as well as the way you relate to them. Various colours have the capacity to vitalise, animate, heal, enlighten, energise and inspire, depending upon their characteristic vibration. Knowing the effects of different colours can help you dress in a way that will enliven your mood, make you look refreshed and affect those that see you in a positive way.



soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010


You d to con r ward kno 60% sist of a robe sh w! oul pp co You lour an roxima d d c a 4 n’t l 0% tely the whi basics ive wit basic. ho te, (n bec stone, avy, bla ut a b pink use co rown ck, , s coo , green lours (b grey) rdin l s ate , etc) w ues, with i out ll not them .

appear less intimidating: ° earth tones appear friendly and approachable ° pastels are calm, gentle and nonthreatening ° yellow is positive and friendly ° blue-pink is calming and appears non-aggressive

express yourself

look authoritative, senior and in the position to make decisions: ° dark colours (particularly black, charcoal, medium to dark gray, midnight blue, navy and dark blue ) make you appear stern and reserved – the darker the shade, the more powerful, intimidating and threatening the effect

Wear these colours if you would like to ... appear trustworthy: ° clear earthy colours (camel, tan, yellow-beige) appear warm, open and down to earth and give the impression of dependability and credibility, combined with ° navy or medium blue to suggest professionalism and reasonableness. attract attention: ° bright colours (orange-red, orange, yellow, lime) are visually and psychologically compelling but not necessarily classic or classy. look successful and create the impression of having social influence, power and prosperity: ° rich but subtle sophisticated colours (not strong or neon colours) such as camel, butternut, burgundy, salmon and blue-gray appear calm and reassuring: ° pastels are unassuming, quiet, diplomatic, calming and deflect criticism ° green is balanced and gives the impression of peace and orderliness ° muted warm colours (earth tones) are centred and down-to-earth



appear friendly and approachable: clear earth tones (mid-brown, camel, tan) are warm and friendly and approachable ° light yellow is highly visible, and therefore sociable, but not as demanding as bright yellow ° clear warm colours (coral, sunflower, peach) are non-threatening and open °

appear professional, commited & capable: ° medium to dark colours (navy, charcoal, gray, dark blue, gray, beige) - like traditional men’s suits - appear serious and business like while also suggesting efficiency, strength and assertiveness appear creative & forward thinking: ° strong clear colours are expressive, extroverted and positive ° purple is related to higher intellect

by Tanya Sachs – image consultant

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

Colour psychology is a simple but effective way to enhance your image. The right colours can improve your looks, making you appear younger, healthier and more energetic.



is a soothing colour that relaxes the muscles, subdues aggression and anxiety and encourages rest. It’s a very gentle and calming colour that stimulates feelings of innocent romance (in contrast to the lusty emotions associated with red!). Pale pink draws energy and relaxes, making its wearers more approachable - this makes pale pink the ideal colour to wear on a date!

symbolises the intuitive, sensitive and high aspirations. Purple has traditionally represented luxury, royalty, wealth and sophistication and is a colour of power that also has a feminine and romantic appeal, especially in its lighter shades. It’s rarely found in nature, so it instantly draws attention and sometimes appears artificial.


is one of the most popular colours. After all, it is found so many places. From the sky and the ocean to baby’s blue eyes and the forever fashionable blue jeans, it relaxes, lowers the heart rate and respiration, soothes and cools the emotions. It even stimulates a chemical reaction in the body, producing feelings of peace and tranquillity. Blue also symbolises truth and wisdom.


a calming and refreshing colour, represents nature. It’s uplifting and relieves depression by denoting compassion and soothing and relaxing both mind and body. It also suggests wealth, generosity and prosperity, and medieval brides even wore green to symbolise fertility and fruitfulness. It’s easy on the eye and studies suggest that it may even improve vision!


the colour of passion and love, is the most emotionally intense colour. It’s stimulating, exciting and warms the body by quickening the pulse and increasing the breathing rate, getting people all hot and bothered. Red can also appear confrontational, so avoid wearing it while negotiating or in interviews, as it may work against you.



is a fantastic way to command attention. Like yellow, it’s intellectually stimulating, but also signifies warmth, energy, change, and health. It encourages appetite, reduces fatigue and can bring pleasure and joy. It is great colour for your kitchen or dining area as it is a creative and nurturing colour that encourages conversation and creates a warm, welcoming feeling.

Men may respect women in muted tones at the office, but they don’t want to have dinner with them ... Sludge green and head to toe earth tones leave men cold. To fire passions try pastels, especially pink. And to get his blood pumping, go for red. But sometimes it’s better to keep it subtle and limit it to just a top, scarf, fingernails or lips ...

energises and stimulates the memory, enhances concentration and lifts the spirit. It can bring pleasure and joy and denote confidence and achievement. Because it’s such a stimulating colour, babies cry more in yellow rooms (rather keep the tones in baby’s room neutral or light lavender).


is hands-down the most stylish and timeless colour in the world of fashion. This legendary status may be in part due to the fact that black absorbs light and makes people look thinner. Dramatic black is often worn by creative types, and in commercial society it is the colour of authority and power.

by Tanya Sachs – image consultant


is considered a summer colour. Wearing white keeps you cool while contrasting the bright colours of spring and summer nicely. Doctors and nurses also traditionally wear white to imply sterility. sb



soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010

Take a breat her

See the world from a different angle …


ry this effective, restorative Yoga respite in the midst of your work day (after lunch is a good time), after travelling, or when lying on your bed before you go to sleep at night. All you need is 5 minutes – but if you have 10 or 15, that’s even better!

legs-up-the-wall pose Viparita Karani: (vip-par-ee-tah car-AHN-ee) viparita = turned around, reversed, inverted karani = doing, making, action


Sit on the floor with one hip pressed right against the wall. If you are not on carpeting or a bed, spread a mat or blanket evenly underneath you.


Exhale and, with one smooth movement, swing your legs up onto the wall and your shoulders and head lightly down onto the floor.


How close your hips are to the wall here will depend upon how open the muscles are in the backs of your legs. If you are more flexible, your sitting bones will be close to the wall. If that feels like a strain, back your hips away from the wall so that your legs are more than 90 degrees away from your torso. Keep your legs relatively firm, just enough to hold them vertically in place.

did you Th qua e glute kno d w? u mov riceps a s musc

bloo e mass nd ham les, iv d s grou as the e amo trings unts larg ps in est ful i the m of n Kara version body. A uscle flow ni aids like Vi restp “de , reliev venous arita c e bran ompre s tensi blood sses on a es, tion allowin ” cell m nd em g o fu f –w ww muscle ll relax .ato ney fibers. aoga .com

“Let go of past and future struggles. Experience your life in the present moment. There’s nowhere else to be.”


Rest your arms slightly away from your side, palms up. Close your eyes, cast your gaze downwards toward your heart. Breathe smoothly and evenly through your nostrils. Let your belly expand and contract with the breath. photo:


To come out, bend your legs, press your feet into the wall, and roll to one side. Rest there for a few moments before using your hands to press back up to a seated position. Enjoy! sb



by Geraldine Anderson – yoga instructor

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine

We have a dream ...

... for a 21st century Eco-Village

photo: flickr


t’s a crisp, clear morning with the sound of children playing in a bubbling stream nearby – the source of a beautiful work in progress – drifts on the wind. A water collection system feeds the centre of a modern eco-village and snakes outward toward the homes and organic gardens of the very people who built the entire village. The water is reused and recycled through purpose-built storm water culverts, water run-off catchments, specialised collection tanks and organic riverbed water purifiers. A solar and wind pump is used to distribute purified water to gardens, farmlands and even taps for drinking water. Men and women tending the fields nearby sing cheerfully, while volunteers in the Community Centre and Clinic whistle as they work and watch the children playing in the streets of the village. Young dancers, wearing traditional skirts and beaded tops made by members of the Elders Group, are entertaining residents and tourists. They are spreading the message and purpose of the village: saving the environment and the Community. The Community Centre, Clinic, Tourist Attraction Centre and its surrounding buildings, all painted in vibrant traditional colours, form the heart of a proud and budding community. This is the people’s home and centre for further development, showcasing the highly innovative “Eco-Village” initiative –sustainable development put into action. It is also an educational centre – not only for those living in the village, but also for people wanting to learn more about implementing the “Eco-Village”-model elsewhere. All of these buildings, as well as the homes lying on the village outskirts, have been built using innovative and alternative building methods which promote the principles of sustainability and caring for the environment.

Some of these innovations include: Earth roofs (to maintain constant temperatures throughout the year) ° Alternative insulation systems ° New foundation-building and flooring methods ° Natural and sustainable building materials Twenty homes (housing between 60 and 100 people), complete with electricity, sanitation and running water, have already been completed. The long-term aim is to build 1 000 of these homes (housing between 3 000 and 5 000 people) in this village and to implement the “Eco-Village” concept nationwide. The necessary planning to ensure attainable and sustainable growth has already been put in place. The village promotes the original ideas and ideals of Community. Everyone is involved in decision making in order to better the lives of everyone within the community – ensuring employment, a roof over every single person’s head and a full stomach for all. Because the people of the village feel safe and secure within their surroundings, they are more receptive to further education, health awareness and awareness of self and the environment. Their “can-do” attitude coupled with their newly acquired skills creates an entrepreneurial culture which will go a long way toward creating opportunities for all. In the market square, men and women selling their organic produce and other products made through the various co-operative initiatives that form part of the village call out to customers looking for bargains. The village is not only geared for sustainability and self-sufficiency, it is also a major tourist attraction. But its success lies mostly in its mixed-use: it is a place where people live, work and play. They form a closeknit society where every single person works toward a better life for everyone. °

going green


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our wish list

mayb e you (o one you k r some­ can h now) elp!

EDUCATION / SKILLS DEVELOPMENT The success of this project will, to a great extent, lie in the ability to educate every member of the community and so empower them for a bright future. In order to do this we need the help and services from people within the following fields: Volunteer Teachers ° Basic literacy ° English ° Numeracy ° Business Skills, Entrepreneurship ° Basic bookkeeping ° IT Skills Building Trades ° Trained in various systems and building techniques ° Plumbing ° Carpentry ° Roofing ° etc Crime Prevention & Fire Fighting ° Local fire Department – skills and basic safety ° Security – basic training Enviromental Education ° General recycling ° Creative recycling ° Composting ° Plant identification ° Energy and water conservation (solar ovens, convection, hot boxes, etc) Healthcare ° Volunteers ° General practitioners ° Specialists Organic, Sustainable Gardens ° Creating gardens ° Preserving and processing methods Youth Development ° Career Guidance ° HIV/ AIDS and Sex Education ° Self Development Training Sports Development ° Sports, physical training, gymnastics, martial arts, yoga, etc to improve confidence and general well-being



making our dream come true

A network of partnerships between the community and visionaries will be essential to make this project happen. It will be imperative to get the assistance of National Government Departments such as the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEAT), the Department of Minerals and Energy (DME), the Department of Housing as well as the City of Johannesburg and its Municipalities. DONATIONS AND WISH LISTS Anything and everything! Building Materials ° Cement ° Zinc sheets ° Timber ° Tools ° Nails and screws ° Paving slabs ° Roof sheeting ° Guttering ° Window and door frames ° Windows and doors ° Paint flooring ° Tiles ° Scaffolding ° etc Creche And Soup Kitchen ° Low energy fridge/ freezer ° Kitchen cupboards ° Shelving ° Plumbing ° Gas stove and oven ° Kitchen utensils ° Cutlery and crockery ° Kettles ° Saucepans ° Hot boxes ° etc Educational And Other Equipment ° Children’s tables and chairs ° Bookshelves ° Toys ° Posters ° Mattresses and blankets ° CD player ° Heater (gas) ° Writing materials ° Crayons and pencils ° Paints ° Exercise books ° Teachers desk and chairs ° Basins ° Carpets ° Curtains ° etc Clinic ° Chairs ° Receptions desk and chairs ° Computers and printers ° Gas heaters ° Couches ° Linen

Desks for consulting rooms Chairs ° Plinths ° Medical equipment (Stethoscopes, BP Cuffs, Otoscopes etc) ° Shelving ° Fridge ° Posters ° Stationery (patient records) ° Notebooks ° Air purifiers ° etc Youth Centre ° Carpets ° Desks ° Library shelving ° Computers and desks ° Stackable chairs and benches ° Games ° Handcraft and art equipment (beads, paints, paper etc) ° Sports equipment ° T-Shirts and Caps ° School Stationery and books ° Books for library ° TV/ DVD Player ° etc Food Gardens ° Seeds and seedlings ° Manure ° Tools ° Trays ° Watering cans ° Hosepipes ° Containers ° Shade cloth ° etc Handcraft Workshop ° Industrial sewing machines ° Overlockers ° Any fabric and thread ° Tables ° Chairs ° etc Office ° Photocopier ° Fax machine ° Filing cabinet ° Desk ° Chairs ° Phone ° Stationery ° etc sb ° °

AUGUST 2010 / soap box magazine


soap box magazine / AUGUST 2010

a fresh start

Detox isn’t merely a fashionable trend to help you get ready for summer. It’s an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Think about it. More than 2 billion kilo’s of toxins are released into the environment every year. These toxins enter our bodies through the food we eat, the water we drink and even the air we breathe. And since we can’t exactly stop eating, drinking or breathing, we need a way to get rid of these toxins building up in our systems. Detox is necessary to ensure optimum health and wellbeing. UltraClear PLUS, a Metagenics product, is a high quality “medical food” (meal replacement shake) to nutritionally support the management of chronic fatigue syndrome and detoxing. In other words, this meal replacement is designed to give you everything you need in a meal while at the same time helping your body eliminate everything it doesn’t need. The product also comes with a Quick-Start Guide or a more comprehensive Patient Guide to help you understand and make the most of your detox process. Available at THE HEALTH FACTORY and any health store carrying Amipro products. Visit for more information.

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wheat-free made tasty

sweet nothings

One of the first things to eliminate from your diet while detoxing is sugar. And since refined sugar doesn’t really hold many health benefits, it’s probably best to eliminate it from your diet altogether. But that doesn’t mean life can’t be sweet anymore! See our article on page 8 for the various alternatives to sugar. According to our own dietitian (and many, many others!), Xylitol is arguably the best sugar replacement out there. This 100% natural sweetener found in fruit and vegetables has the same sweetness as sugar but 40% fewer calories, no unpleasant aftertaste and none of the negative tooth decay or insulin release effects – making it the perfect low GL sweetener (it has half the GL score of fructose). In fact, you’d have to eat 9 spoonfuls of Xylitol to get the same effect on your blood sugar levels as just one spoonful of sugar! It has also been proven to reduce breath odour and reduce cavities in children. Use Xylitol daily for baking and sweetening drinks and foods like tea, coffee, cakes, biscuits and cereals. It’s really as simple as replacing sugar spoon for spoon with Xylitol. Health Connection’s Xylitol is available at most health stores and even comes in handy 5g sachets.


look what we’ve found!

When I realised I need to eliminate wheat from my diet, I switched from bran to oat bran, from wholewheat to wholegrain rye and from wheat crispbread to rye crispbread. The transition was relatively easy. I found replacements for pretty much everything I used to enjoy. But the one thing I missed more than anything was pasta. None of the wheat-free pastas I tried tasted right. Until now, that is. Puccini Maize pasta tastes fantastic! It’s my new favourite food! Made from 100% maize, Puccini Maize pasta is not only suitable for people who are wheat intolerant, its Intermediate GI level (GI = 56 – 69. GL = 19 per serving / 120g cooked) makes it ideal for diabetics (after exercise lasting at least 1 hour or as a special treat). It’s also free from cholesterol and trans fatty acids and low in fat and sodium. It’s available in Macaroni (hollow tube-shape ideal for baked dishes or soups), Penne Rigate (ribbed tube-shape normally served with heavier sauces, or used in salads), Fusilli (screw-shaped pasta that’s best with chunky sauces that get trapped in its grooves) and Ditalini (short, ridged- tube that can be used as the base of any dish). Puccini Maize pasta can be found in most supermarkets.

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