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Car Culture


Faster, faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death‌

Done on a Permitted Lot

Car Clubs around the world dont treat each other like friends, as soon as you enter, you are part of this high performance family.

Each car can and will mostly be diffrent. It could be the power it out puts or the look. Mustangs are used and found offten in muscle car clubs.

And offcourse, each club has a president, this one being GTO-Fredy. He owns an 06 Pontiac GTO with an LS2 engine.

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The Parade

All sorts of cars can be in diffrent car clubs.

From 4-Bangers to V8’s.

Even police cars are muscle cars.

People come out to see the monster muscle cars roaring down the streets.

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Car Culture  
Car Culture  

Bert Perez