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Серія семінарів від Cambridge English «Cambridge English Schools: the competitive edge in English language teaching and assessment» Cambridge University Press, Cambridge English Language Assessment та компанія Лінгвіст, офіційний дистриб’ютор видавництва в Україні, запрошують викладачів англійської мови відвідати практичні семінари в Сімферополі, Харкові та Вінниці.

Сімферополь 19 листопада 2013

Доповідачі на семінарах: Terry Prosser has been a teacher and teacher trainer for over 15 years and he's worked in England, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and the United Arab Emirates. He has a BA in Philosophy, Literature and French, a CELTA, a Higher Trinity Diploma in TESOL, as well as a Post-Graduate Teaching Diploma and an MA in TESOL. Terry is an international conference presenter for Cambridge University Press, and has written teacher's books for coursebook series such as 'Into English' and 'For Real' by Helbling / Cambridge.

Увага! Попередня реєстрація обов’язкова! Тел.: (044) 599 32 28, e-mail: Для реєстрації вказати: ПІБ, навчальний заклад, контактний телефон, e-mail.

Stephen Dewsbury teaches English as a Foreign Language at the university level. He has been teaching English and methodology at Opole University. For 11 years taught at Opole Teacher Training College. Stephen is a fully fledged examiner for the Cambridge English Exams and a contributing writer, presenter and trainer for Cambridge English Language Assessment. His professional interests include sociolinguistics and cultural studies. In his spare time, he enjoys travelling, listening to music, watching football and spending time with his family.

м. Сімферополь Таврійський національний університет імені В.І.Вернадського п-кт Вернадського 4, корпус А, актова зала

13.00 – 13.30


13.30 – 13.45 13.45 – 14.35

Дарина Сіжук, консультант Cambridge English Language Assessment Світлана Калицька, менеджер компанії Лінгвіст Cambridge English Schools – innovative solution for educational establishments Terry Prosser: ‘The First Flower’ - teaching grammar to young learners.

14.35 – 15.25

Although many teachers feel that it is fairly pointless and almost impossible to teach grammar to young learners, this seminar identifies the benefits of form-focused lessons and shows how we can provide input in an understandable and contextual way. We’ll discuss the use of repetition in classroom discourse, pictures, stories and video and show how songs can offer memorable reinforcement of structural aspects of the language. In addition, we’ll also look at how we can create interest, adapt activities to different levels and age groups and provide a sound foundation for later learning. The talk includes helpful examples and handouts from ‘Super Minds’ and ‘Primary Grammar Box’ from Cambridge University Press. Stephen Dewsbury: ‘Play me a story!’ – using multimedia in teaching young learners.

15.25 – 15.45 15.45 – 16.35

Nowadays, in our lives dominated by technology, everything is digital, accessible, downloadable. Not only are children surrounded by 3D films, games and countless images, they can also watch any cartoon they want when they feel like it. What is more, they have audio books… As a result, more and more frequently, instead of ‘tell me a story’, we hear ‘show me a story’ or ‘play me a story’. In this presentation participants will have a chance to see how to use both traditional and internet based resources in the classroom in a practical way in order to develop young learners’ skills and prepare them for Cambridge English Young Learners and Cambridge English Key for Schools. Перерва/Книжкова виставка/Виставка екзаменаційного центру Terry Prosser: My Window on the World’ - personalisation and connection.

16.35 – 16.40

This session identifies the differences between young learners and teenagers and offers practical insights into the kind of engaging lesson content that lower-secondary learners need at A1 level. With material from the ‘Your Space’ series from Cambridge University Press, the presentation will highlight ways of increasing involvement, personalisation and motivation by focusing on learners’ interests and response to coursebook content. Відповіді на запитання, вручення сертифікатів

Кожний учасник семінару отримає подарунок (за умови попередньої реєстрації). По завершенні видається сертифікат.

Запрошення cambridge листопад 2013 сімферополь  
Запрошення cambridge листопад 2013 сімферополь