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The daily lives of US. Olyviah Gonzalez

You’ve seen the car that drives for you manually, and you’ve seen the car without a driver at all. Now witness a car like never before, the very first of its kind. The all new Hover Board X! Thanks to the new co-owner of Google Industries, Olyviah Gonzalez. She has turned to what once were wheels on ground to levitating through the air. You can check out more on the website page for full access for interviews and more at Olyviah who has now been working for Google for over 10 years now has decided to step up her game in becoming the new owner of Google Industries. She told us and I quote “Now that I’ve finally reached the highest point in my life I want to make sure it stays that way. Helping to engineer and create the new hover board x took a lot of hard work, dangerous experiments, and crazy fun ideas. And the people I worked with on this project were just as amazing on helping me envision and create this car. I think just by doing this seemed to be impossible car it should put me in a good place with the company, so I am hopeful that my fellow helpers and I get a well

November 10, 2035

deserved promotion in the company, and if not then we’ll just have to work ten times more hard the next time that we want to get the better position.”

*A picture of the new Hover Board X

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Newspaper chap 5 (1)  
Newspaper chap 5 (1)