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Narrative Poem Olyviah Gonzalez Walking down the hall. As people stared me down. Feeling so nervous. My backpack dragging me down. While gave a wide grin to everyone I see. And they all gave it right back to me.

I arrived to my room. Where kids were screaming and running. My mom let my hand go. My tears started overwhelming. So there I saw her in a chair sitting low. My teacher was gorgeous from her head to her toes. She said in a loud voice don’t be shy come on in As she sat up in her chair and gave it a spin. “Welcome to the first day of Kindergarten!” As she said it with such joy. Then she gave me a cool pencil, and it came with a toy. I gazed around the room for a seat. Then I took out my supplies. As they were laid out all nicely and neat. Then there was snack time. A time for buy and trade. But I didn’t give up my snack, because mine was homemade. After our snack time we would have recess. and all the other the kids were playing, while I played with the woodchip pieces. Then along came my new friend, a girl that I haven’t seen. She came over all nice and content, and not rude or mean. She said with a smile“what’s your name”? As I got up to say do you want to play, and along she came. I could not believe that I finally made a friend. I knew that we would be best friends until the end. So after some time it was time to eat. I got my lunch bag, in the cafeteria and saved Jaylin a seat. We were hitting it off as we were laughing and giggling,

but then along came this bully that started getting annoying. She would poke and pull our hair. She would try to scare us by following us everywhere. She finally stopped for some reason why. Then moments later she made Jaylin cry. I was angry, I was annoyed, I was upset I went to confront her to tell her to stop. And all she said is “you wanna bet”. That’s when I couldn’t handle her. If she wasn’t going to stop I would punch her in the mouth for sure. So she said with a sad face it was all fun and games, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Then I said “you could’ve just asked to come and play, that’s all you had to do”. At the end of the day we packed up our stuff. The teacher passed out candy since she had enough. Then I said my goodbyes to my friends. Happy to be leaving at the days’ end. Carried myself on the bus and drove away Can’t wait for tomorrow, my second Kindergarten day.

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