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Book of Memories

Chapter 1 Who am I I am an athletic girl with a funny personality. I am a kind hearted person which gives me sensitive feelings. I am someone who doesn’t blend in with the crowd but stands out. My curly hair and dark brown eyes kind of defines that about me. I am a tall chocolate colored girl with round dimpled cheeks and mountain like lips. I am a strong independent girl with a curious mind. I am a city girl with a small town background. I’ve lived in Wisconsin my whole life, and started off in a small town called Tomah. It was a bit of a dull community and not so spacious with very little to do. We later on found Franklin. A cute little city with suburban neighborhoods, strip malls, cafes, and banks at every corner. I loved it a lot there and I think that’s what kind of

shaped my personality. I could do a lot more activities like sports. I made more friends than I’ve

ever had. I also started doing more charity work and not everyone was the same. But I still have a little country left in me since my whole line of family grew up there. Now that I’m in bigger places with greater opportunities I think I’ll be able to reach my goals. One of them is acting. I would just love to see myself on the big screen performing in front of millions. But my most important goal is working for NASA. In doing so I’m trying really hard in getting a scholarship so I can get accepted into NASA. I know it’s going to take a lot of hard work and studying, but if I really believe that I can succeed it I’m absolutely sure that I’ll make it. Chapter 2 Friendly Letter 2970 Icecap Rd. 9/16/2013 Dear Jaylin, I just wanted to send you this letter because I really miss you and just wanted to say hi. This letter was just one of the ways I thought to get a hold of you. I know we haven’t really talked in awhile for some odd reason, but I really want to change that. I’m not sure when you’re busy but I'd really like to come visit you sometime. I think it would be the perfect opportunity to catch up on some things.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I’ve missed you. Nobody here really understands me like you did. Remember that one time in school where people were kind of going through a phase about what my skin color was? Well I remember you telling them “the darker the chocolate the richer the taste”, and everyone was just surprised and stunned by that little comment that they didn’t mess with us anymore. That was the best day of that entire school year for me. I will never forget that day. I also think I know where that little quote you said came from. I think it was the movie Hairspray? Never mind the matter all that I know is you always stuck up for me even on days when you got mad. In conclusion you were always my best friend when we were younger but now I’m afraid we’re starting to part. I want those careless days to come back but unfortunately they can’t. I can’t stress enough on how much I want to come see you, but not trying to be pushy or creepy in a way. I hope that you’re having a grand time at where you are, and make twice as many friends than you did at Country Dale. Yours truly, Lyvi Chapter 3 Autobiographical incident Olyviah Gonzalez One significant Incident that I can recall had happened a long time ago, when in my early years of elementary school. It started as a nice day, but later on would end in humiliation. I wanted to be apart of this club like everyone else, but it turned out that my actions would cause

a lot of consequences, and a little bit of shame. In a way this was very significant to me because it taught me a valuable lesson by which I’m glad it did, or I could still be doing the same thing I was today. The time it happened was at recess and took place on the wide piping hot black top. I was being taken there for a series of test that I needed to pass in order for me to participate in a club. The main judges that were there to see me do everything were my two older friends. Almost like sisters one girl had dark blonde and the other with light blonde. I was over to the side as they were giggling some new ideas for this “test”. I was just glancing all around me and all I could see were my real friends looking down from the tall blue slides with faces of discouragement. Finally they had come to conclusion and decided what I needed to accomplish. There was really no one laughing or cheering me on. Just a peep of silence through the air, and the wind blowing from one end of my ear through the empty inside of my head. The first task was not an easy one. I had to tell a random boy that I liked him, and to make sure that it was real I had to give him a hug. Which by the way I had not even talked to him before because he was a grade above me. My second task wasn’t that much more fun. I had to scream at the top of my lungs for a minute, until the teacher came over to tell me off. I didn’t get into that much trouble only enough that she just told me to shut up. The third task kind of got the best of me and was humiliating. They told me to take down my thick coarse hair and run around so everybody could see it, and at the time I was very embarrassed about it because I guess I was the only one in my class with that kind of hair. My last and most worst task made me sick. I had to go into the outfield and eat off the dandelion’s stem. After a few minutes people started to take notice in what I was doing and kind of paused for a moment to see what would happen. I finally took that first big bite of the stem and it just slipped all in my mouth as I was trying to chew it do to the slimy inside. The judges looked a bit disgusted by it and so did my face. It was the worst feeling ever and left a really bad after taste in my mouth. I was so humiliated and surprised that I ate the stem, but everyone else watching was kind of impressed by how fast I ate it. I now know how stupid and a bit of a show off I was when that happened and still felt the same way as I did about when it happened. Now a days when that memory comes into my mind I kind of just shake it off and laugh about it. Just like how some people say “we’ll one day look back on this and laugh about it”, which I guess was true for me. Just never thought that it would take me this many years to forgive myself and those girls. That incident had taught me a lesson in a way. I kind of learned that I don’t need to be apart of what everyone else is doing or be like everybody else, or I could end up in some bad situations, and could cause consequences for others and myself. I’m glad that this happened to me because I could still be choosing not to be myself and going with the crowd and hanging still with those two trouble makers. Then I wouldn’t have the friends I have today and be where I am now, and I am very happy with where I’m at and know that I don’t need to change and be like everyone else. Chapter 4 Narrative Poem Olyviah Gonzalez

Walking down the hall. As people stared me down. Feeling so nervous. My backpack dragging me down. While gave a wide grin to everyone I see. And they all gave it right back to me.

I arrived to my room. Where kids were screaming and running. My mom let my hand go. My tears started overwhelming. So there I saw her in a chair sitting low. My teacher was gorgeous from her head to her toes. She said in a loud voice don’t be shy come on in As she sat up in her chair and gave it a spin. “Welcome to the first day of Kindergarten!” As she said it with such joy. Then she gave me a cool pencil, and it came with a toy. I gazed around the room for a seat. Then I took out my supplies. As they were laid out all nicely and neat. Then there was snack time. A time for buy and trade. But I didn’t give up my snack, because mine was homemade. After our snack time we would have recess. and all the other the kids were playing, while I played with the woodchip pieces. Then along came my new friend, a girl that I haven’t seen.

She came over all nice and content, and not rude or mean. She said with a smile“what’s your name”? As I got up to say do you want to play, and along she came. I could not believe that I finally made a friend. I knew that we would be best friends until the end. So after some time it was time to eat. I got my lunch bag, in the cafeteria and saved Jaylin a seat. We were hitting it off as we were laughing and giggling, but then along came this bully that started getting annoying. She would poke and pull our hair. She would try to scare us by following us everywhere. She finally stopped for some reason why. Then moments later she made Jaylin cry. I was angry, I was annoyed, I was upset I went to confront her to tell her to stop. And all she said is “you wanna bet”. That’s when I couldn’t handle her. If she wasn’t going to stop I would punch her in the mouth for sure. So she said with a sad face it was all fun and games, I didn’t mean to hurt you. Then I said “you could’ve just asked to come and play, that’s all you had to do”. At the end of the day we packed up our stuff. The teacher passed out candy since she had enough. Then I said my goodbyes to my friends. Happy to be leaving at the days’ end. Carried myself on the bus and drove away Can’t wait for tomorrow, my second Kindergarten day. Chapter 5 The Future Me