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June 2018 • Issue: 212


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Lyttelton Harbour Review is a 100% voluntary community newsletter initiative developed after the February 2011 earthquake. It’s a Lyttelton Harbour Information Centre initiative produced by former Chairperson Wendy Everingham and Committe Member Jenny-Lee Love. The objective of the Lyttelton Harbour Review is to help keep local residents informed with what is going on in the wider Lyttelton Harbour community. Of course the success of the Lyttelton Harbour Review could not be possible without the ongoing support and enthusiasm from the wider community. A big thank you goes out to everyone who sends information; is willing to be interviewed or lets us know what might be happening in the neighbourhood. The Lyttelton Harbour Review project would not be possible without you all. If you have an event, topic, sport announcement, fundraiser or cause that you would like to share with the harbour community, then Wendy or Jenny-Lee would love to hear from you:

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LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

Farewell Christine Wilson A Totara has Fallen

Born at Cressy House in 1958, Christine Bachop, nee Mauger, Wilson spent her life in the Lyttelton area. Christine was involved with so many facets of Lyttelton life. Hundreds of people, family, friends and wider contacts attended a celebration of her life. The service was held on the Lyttelton Recreation Ground. With a lifelong connection to sport and in particular rugby and netball it was a very fitting location. In her early years Christine’s life was centred on family, friends and sport. She was the eldest of seven children. There were memories of her as a defacto mum for her younger sibblings. She became a mother at seventeen and had three children. Her work with the wider community began as her children were growing up. Christine and her then husband Keith set up a thriving youth club at the former Holy Trinity Church. It was really successful. There were over 50 local kids involved. Bonds established in those days continued throughout her life. Keeping young people in Lyttelton safe was a huge passion for Christine. The family home was a revolving door for many. People were the most important thing in her life. Over the years this love of people became more public. She was the face of Community House and the Lyttelton Youth Centre. She was a great bridge between old and new Lyttelton. She was also a great link to Rapaki having lived there for four years. Through her work at Community House she established the yearly Lyttelton commemoration of Parihaka. She also helped make Matariki a regular celebration on the yearly calendar Her community roles expanded when she got involved in local body politics. She was appointed to the Lyttelton Mount Herbert Community Board in 2013 and in 2016 she became the Banks Peninsula Community Board Chair. Christine was able to bring a genuine Lyttelton community voice to the table. This work was celebrated recently with a Community Service Award. Christine’s life will be remembered as one of selfless and humble service to her family and the wider community. Tribute Lyttelton Review


A Voice for Public Good Ann Brower Recognised

Ann Brower is another of Lyttelton’s outstanding achievers. She has just been awarded the 2017 Critic & Conscience of Society Award. The award ceremony was held at the University of Canterbury on May 31st. The award was established by the Gama Foundation a philanthropic entity established by Grant and Marilyn Nelson from Christchurch. Ann is the fortunate recipient of the Honour and also receives a $50,000 prize that she can apply to any aspect of her academic work that she chooses. “We created this award last year because we wanted to reward people who were bold and who used their academic talents to benefit the public good” said Grant Nelson. It was highlighted that the Education Act of 1989 explicitly states that it is the role of academics to be a critic and conscience of society. “The award is encouragement for academics to do this” said Grant. Mike Joy from Massey University was the first recipient of the award and now he is followed by Ann Brower. Ann is a Senior Lecturer in the Geography Department at the University of Canterbury. Her day research focuses on Land Tenure Review and she has been very vocal about the inequity of land sales by the crown in relation to high country properties. She has highlighted that public land has effectively been privatised for little public gain and then on sold by land purchasers for significant capital gain. Her award was given partly for this work and partly because she used her academic skills to convince the New Zealand Parliament that the Building Act needed to be strengthened after the Canterbury Earthquakes to focus on prioritising the reinforcing of masonry, parapets and facades, because these were the first to fall and had the deadliest consequences in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Ann was speaking from first-hand experience. She was the sole survivor in a bus that was crushed by falling masonry during the Christchurch earthquake. She was badly injured and spent many months recuperating from her injuries. During this time she was fortunate enough to have a face to face meeting with the Dali Lama. This one on one meeting was the inspiration for her to do something meaningful and to make peace with the pain. “He empowered me to give something back to the world” she said. From that time forward she decided that even though she didn’t know anything about the Building Act she was going to use her academic skills to research the issue and use her knowledge to inform society how things could be improved.

to the ‘Brower Amendment’ to the Building Act. She convinced Parliament to make tougher regulations. As a result building owners in aftershock zones in New Zealand have to prioritise reinforcing of masonry, parapets and facades, because these are the first to fall, cheapest to fix and have deadly consequences. In 2017 her work also led to Cabinet shortening the timeframe for reinforcing masonry in an aftershock zone from 15 years to 12 months. Her award was well deserved. To help others do similar work she has also written a book, “The Little Guys Guide to making a Difference”. Her key messages were: • Choose your battles • You must focus on something that is in the public interest • Information is power • Use the media wisely, early and often • Never give up • Speak your truth as you see it • As a small guy you can win Ann is an inspiration to us all. Friend and neighbour Sarah Van Der Birch was very proud of her achievement. “She’s my neighbour and good community person. She wants to make Lyttelton and New Zealand a better place”. Article Lyttelton Review

Her work after the Royal Commission hearings, select committee hearings and much research led LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Recently a team of locals were invited for a cruise of the harbour with the Management Team at the Lyttelton Port Company. The water front vantage was the ideal way to talk about the new developments proposed, see Waterfront House, the company’s new Head Office close up and float past Te Ana Marina. The tour coincided with LPC gaining resource consent to dredge the harbour shipping channel so that larger container vessels will be able to dock at Lyttelton Port.

than 100 years’ experience. Their dredge will start operating in late July/early August and the dredging programme will last around 11 weeks”.

Peter Davie informed us, “The channel deepening lengthens the navigation channel by approximately 6.5km and widens it by 20 metres. The work will occur in two stages. Stage one will allow vessels with a 13.3 metre draught to call at Lyttelton. Completion of stage two will allow unrestricted sailing for 14.5 metre draught vessels across all tides”.

Simultaneously the Port Company has also been given approval to expand the reclamation at Te Awaparahi Bay. To date 10 hectares have been reclaimed and now a further 24 is approved. It is envisaged that more room will be available for container storage and logs plus a new wharf. We wondered if that meant the community would have the log area in front of the town cleaned up sooner rather than later. Development Manager John O’Dea was on board and said” There were no intentions of speeding this process up. It takes quite some time for the newly reclaimed land to be suitable for storing any materials”.

Enabling larger ships to enter the port will mean that the capacity of containers per ship will increase substantially. Mark Scott the Chair of International Container Lines was onboard as well.. Mark said,” Currently container vessels visiting Lyttelton commonly carry 4,500- to 5,000 Twenty foot equivalent units (TEUs), that will increase to 5,500 -6,500 TEUs with larger vessels. However it is quite conceivable that with the dredging of the channel vessels carrying 8,000-9,000 TEU will be able to call at Lyttelton.” Peter Davie said the overall dredging programme would be the country’s biggest and it seems its all system go for the work to commence. “We have awarded the initial stage of the channel deepening programme work to Netherlands-based contractor Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. – a leading global operator with more 4

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

While these really big projects got most of the attention on the tour we took the opportunity to find out about lots of other things that are also of interest to Lyttelton. The Oil Wharf has a planned redevelopment in the near future. I wondered what that would involve. John said” We are having to tailor a detailed solution to the upgrade. With one fuel vessel in port every seven days the upgrade will have to work around that”. Seems like this upgrade is a very tricky operation and with the added complexity to the refit the wharf has to be done while still operational.

NEWS As we neared Te Ana Marina John said the complex would be finished very shortly. “We are planning an official opening sometime in the spring”. .All of the floating pontoons are now finished. The Woolstore, the retail complex is almost finished as well. John was unable to say what businesses would be opening there but it seems there has been interest from local and national breweries, the seafood industry and an award-winning restauranteur. All he could confirm was that the onshore facilities for the marina, bathrooms, washrooms and the Marina Managers Office were within the complex. Seems like there are lots of car parks as well, something that is short supply around the township. Most of the berths are now occupied. With the new trend of tiny houses we were interested to know just how many permanent people were living at the marina? “We have a small number of live-a-boards, in fact only 7-8 boats. We look at each request on a case by case basis”, John said. “The once connecting walkway from Simeon Quay to the Marina facility is has now re-opened” John said. This is the first time in many years that the public has genuine access to the water front. That is indeed something to celebrate. The quality and heritage feel of the complex is impressive. Local berth holder Viki Moore said “Lyttelton has a vibrant maritime past and it’s nice to see the Te Ana Marina incorporate the historical fabric of the area,” she said. “Some of the landscaping

around Te Ana Marina already includes what looks like sections of old timber piles and exposed rail lines, which really adds local character.” Cruise ship returns were another hot topic. The berth is still in the design and engineering phase. “It’s quite a challenge to anchor the mooring bollards for that when the harbour has mud down to 100 meters” said Peter. At this stage the port hopes to accommodate ships in 2020 or 2021. The new head office looked stunning from the water. Allanah James the Communications Manager is really impressed with her new office. “After being located out in Chapmans Road Industrial Park since the earthquakes this is quite a welcomed return” she said. The opening of the office has also had positive effects for the look of the wharf around the Diamond Harbour Ferry. The entire area has really been cleaned up and for the first time in many years the area is looking inviting. The only thing really lacking is a permanent car drop off point for ferry users. At this stage all the parks are designated LPC staff carparks. Simon Munt said,” Commuters with access difficulties could contact LPC for assistance”. There is certainly a lot happening at LPC. More straddle cranes are ordered, a new tug is also coming next year. It’s good to see the port investing in itself and the harbor front slowly opening up for locals to get closer to the water once again Article Lyttelton Review

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Queen’s Birthday Honours Two Lyttelton Women Acknowledged Congratulations to Margaret Jefferies, the recipient of Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit - For Services to the Community and Alison Ross, the recipient of the Queens Service Medal for Services to Conservation.

Margaret has been weaving her community magic since she became the Chair of Project Lyttelton back in 2004. I have first hand knowledge of her achievements having worked along side of her all those years. The qualities she brings to projects are the unseen ones. She’s the person that dreams what is possible and holds the vision. She holds the values and the ethos and keeps working calmly behind the scenes to make it happen. She’s not afraid to hold views that are not main stream. She is persistent and never lets a great idea disappear. She will wait for the right energy before proceeding. She also holds love close to her heart. She has applied these values to all her roles, whether a local project in Lyttelton or the wider work she has done with Living Economies or groups in the City. Some of the stand out things she has done include holding the vision of Timebanking and now seeing that flourish, organizing her daughter’s wedding on the Timebank, starting Savings Pools in Lyttelton, improving food resilience for the harbor culminating in the establishment of the Harbour Co-op and mentoring future community leaders for the country. Alison Ross’s achievements are listed in the citation that accompanied her award from the Prime Minister and Cabinets Department.

Ms Alison Ross formed the Lyttelton Environment Group in 1987 and has continued as Secretary to the present day. Ms Ross was the foundation secretary/manager of Otamahua/Quail Island Ecological Restoration Trust from 1997 until her retirement in 2008. During her tenure she raised $500,000 and around 70,000 Photo credit: Michael De Hamel native trees were planted. She has been involved with Heritage New Zealand, co-edited a second edition of ‘OtamahuaQuail Island – a Link with the Past’, and secured a grant for a restoration plan for the Scott/Shackleton stables on Quail Island. Between 2003 and 2010 she organised thrice annual conservation volunteer exchanges with students from the United States and New Zealand. From 2008 to 2010 she secured funding to enable Lyttelton Environment Group to sponsor classes from low decile Christchurch schools to participate in planting days. She has been involved with local education at the Lyttelton Kindergarten and Lyttelton Main School, including as the foundation Secretary on the Board of Trustees and leading the move to have free swimming for the three local schools. Ms Ross was appointed to the Banks Peninsula Wastewater Working Party from 2003 to 2007 and has led submissions on resource consent applications and for several Environment Court hearings. Previous awards include, Volunteering Canterbury Recognition Award, 2008, Canterbury Aoraki Conservation Board Award, 2003 and the Banks Peninsula District Council Community Service Award, 1999. Article Wendy Everingham Lyttelton Review

Bus 535 Don’t Give Up Yet

The final decisions have not been made about this bus route yet. If you missed having your say during the ECAN Long Term Plan you can write your concerns/ideas and forward them to : Public Transport Section, Environment Canterbury, PO Box 345, Christchurch 8140 6

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


Dates for the Diary

Festival of Lights June 24-29 2018

Winter has just started and that signals the Festival of Lights. This year the event is the last week of June with the fun filled Street Party scheduled for June 29th. As in previous years there will be a series of lead up events beginning on the 24th of June. The themes for the festival in 2018 are Celebration, Lights and Matariki. “Now is the perfect time for businesses and households to start thinking about how they will participate during the week”, Claire said. “One idea is to create star clusters in your windows”, she said. The Festival coincides with Matariki, a star cluster that’s also known as the Pleiades that appears in the night sky late May early June. This cluster is the official sign to begin celebrations for the Maori New Year. “This is the rationale for Light.Creativity. Celebration for the festival in 2018,” she said. Building on from last year’s event the festival team will also be working with the Christchurch City Council and Our Daily Waste to build on the great success of last year’s event in reducing waste to landfill. Minimising waste is a theme through all Project Lyttelton’s activities. For the Festival of Lights this means, “Like last year, the special festival globlets that you purchase for $3 will be the only way that you can purchase drink on the street unless purchasing on premises of cafes

and bars” Claire said. All the street vendors will also be complying with strict packaging guidelines so that all packaging material is compostable. Last year organisers with the help of the council and Our Daily Waste were able to divert 76.4% of waste away from landfill. This year the team are hoping for even better results. Other Festival Supported Events in 2018 Sunday June 24th The Creative Sampler Sponsored by the Lyttelton Harbour Timebank 11am – 4pm Trinity Hall, Lyttelton Recreation Centre. A Lytel Street Concert 5-7pm outside Supervalue London Street Wednesday June 27th Tom Trevella’s Quiz Night 8pm Eruption Brewing Lyttelton Library – Printing Making with Bridget 6.30-8pm Thursday June 28th Interplay - Explore the Gifts of Music Voice and Story Trinity Hall, Lyttelton Recreation Centre Lyttelton Library Stories After Dark 6.30-7.30pm Friday June 29th Street Party 6-10.30pm London Street Article Project Lyttelton

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Wahine’s Final Voyage Lyttelton to Wellington It’s just over 50 years since the sinking of the Wahine. Clive Kneightly the Editior of The Ships Telegraph produced a special edition to commemorate this tragedy. (This is an abridged version). At 2043 hours on 9 April 1968 Wahine under the control of Captain Robertson departed from Lyttelton bound for Wellington. Aboard Wahine were 610 passengers, 123 crew and one stowaway. At 2030 the ship’s Radio Officer received a “Storm Warning” A severe tropical depression with winds of over 60 knots was centred about 60 miles east of the northern-most tip of New Zealand approximately 695 miles from Lyttelton where the ship was still berthed. For Wellington and Cook Strait, “strong Northerlies changing to southerly after midnight tonight” were forecast, with southerly winds “gradually increasing to gale or storm from tomorrow morning”. Ships on the overnight service between Lyttelton and Wellington had a long established reputation for always sailing, departures were never cancelled and for always arriving in port precisely on time. At 2115 hours Wahine rounded Godley Head heading to Wellington. When the Wahine reached Cook Strait, the course was altered to place her in the correct position for entry into Wellington Harbour at the usual time of 0600 hours. At 0500 hours the Wahine’s Radio Officer, arrived on the bridge and switched on the VHF radio telephone as was his custom in heavy weather which the ship was currently experiencing. He called up Beacon Hill signal station at the entrance to Wellington Harbour and asked the signalmen on duty about winds and sea conditions at the entrance and inside the Harbour. Their reply told him that conditions were no different from the middle of Cook Strait where the ship was. Winds in the harbour were gusting to 60 knots and a tug would be available to assist with berthing at the inter-island wharf. Captain Robertson came on the bridge at his usual time of 0530 hours and took over navigation of the ship. A minute or two after 0600 the vessel left Cook Strait and began her passage through the entrance channel. The wind holding steady at 50 knots, had not 8

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

changed. Nothing was different from the conditions he had experienced on previous voyages and there was no reason for Captain Robertson not to proceed. However, high on the hill-top at the Beacon Hill signal station the wind was suddenly rapidly increasing and gusting to 75 knots, the rain had intensified and visibility dropped to no more than half a mile. Although the signal station knew that the Wahine was due in the entrance channel they failed to advise the ship of changed conditions. As she steamed towards Pencarrow Head visibility decreased to one mile. Wahine was now rolling and pitching heavily in short, steep breaking seas. At around 0609 hours she began veering from her correct course. As Pencarrow Head passed to starboard visibility reduced further to half a mile. Captain Robertson then stepped back from the bridge windows to check the radar. The heavy weather had caused the radar to fail and the picture on the screen was indecipherable. Onboard Wahine there was no backup radar. With the light on Pencarrow receding astern the Wahine again began sheering from her course. Barrett Reef was looming. It seemed as if “the ship took charge”. Without warning, the Wahine was thrown onto her starboard side. She had been struck across her port quarter by a huge rogue wave, its approach unseen in the darkness and rain. It is estimated that the wave was 45 feet high and the Wahine rolled at least 47 degrees from the vertical. Amazingly although she was buried in water

NEWS up to her boatdeck she came back upright. As Captain Robertson picked himself up he experienced what can only be described as a nightmare, visibility was now zero, a black impenetrable wall of rain lashing the windows. The wind was now so strong that the bridge was shaking together with a shrieking noise as the wind had now jumped to over 100 knots. For the next 26 minutes Captain Robertson fought to turn the ship back out to sea. Soon after control of the ship was lost. She was carried sideways towards Barrett Reef. “Rocks astern” called the second officer. The huge seas then picked up Wahine and flung her onto Pinnacle Rock. The impact snapped off the Wahine’s starboard propeller and crushed her starboard rudder up into the ship. Immediately, her double bottoms and all compartments at the stern below her main vehicle deck were opened to the sea, filling with water as far forward as the propulsion motor room. Alarm bells were rung throughout the ship and the Purser was ordered to get all passengers to their muster stations wearing lifejackets. Chief Officer Luly was ordered to the Radio Room ordering the Radio Officer to advise that the vessel was going ashore. Barrett Reef is a barrier of rock pinnacles rising vertically from deep water and running south to north for some 1.125 kilometres. For the next 30 minutes the Wahine was blown northward along the reef’s eastern flank, the rocks mauling her hull like a can opener as enormous seas lifted her up then dropped her down. Soon after 0700 hours the Wahine reached the northern edge of Barrett Reef and was blown into deep water called Chaffer’s Passage. As she drifted northwards the rocks of Point Dorset now lay right in her path. However, Wahine did not go aground on Point Dorset but instead dragged her anchors and gradually drifted further up the harbour past Point Dorset.

the ship’s crew tried to get as many people as possible into them. One lifeboat was swamped shortly after leaving the sinking ship and its occupants were tossed into the sea. Two lifeboats safely reached Seatoun and a third landed at Eastbourne. Other passengers were forced to jump into the cold, churning sea. Some clung on to inflatable life-rafts but a number of these were punctured by the wreckage or turned upside down by the heavy seas. Many survivors were blown across the harbour towards Eastbourne and some were picked up by the Wellington – Picton Ferry Aramoana which stood by to pick up survivors. Rescue teams found the road to Eastbourne blocked by slips. Eventually 200 survivors struggled through the surf to safety on this coast, but it was here that most of the 51 fatalities occurred. The last to leave the ship were Captain Robertson and Captain Galloway, jumping from the stern shortly after 1430 hours, after they had checked that no one remained onboard the Ferry. At about 1430 just after Captain Robertson jumped off Wahine’s stern the now abandoned Wahine capsized in 11.6 metres of water just east of Steeple Rock Light.

Despite being close to shore, the weather made it impossible for rescuers to reach the ship from land. The tug Tapuhi set off from Queen’s Wharf and reached the Wahine about 1100 hours. Fifty minutes later the tug had secured a line to Wahine. An attempt was made to tow the ship to safety but the line quickly parted. Other attempts to get a line to Wahine failed. Shortly after mid-day the Deputy Harbourmaster, Captain Galloway, managed to climb aboard the Wahine from the pilot launch, which had also reached the scene. He risked his life jumping from a heavily pitching launch to a ladder hanging over the starboard side of the ship. By1315 hours the Wahine was listing heavily to starboard. Just before 1330 hours the order was finally given to abandon ship. Only the four starboard lifeboats could be launched, LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



What’s happened at the Rec Centre?

A Brief Update Towards the end of last year Project Lyttelton began a partnership with CCC to activate the Recreation Centre with the goal of increasing wellbeing in this community. 6 part time positions (approximately 1.5 full time equivalents) have been created enabling Project Lyttelton to survey the community, to discover its needs. Two key findings from the survey were to have a human presence at the Rec Centre and to create a booking system that works for the users. Various activities were suggested. People were encouraged to see this as their place and offer how they might become involved. Following on from the survey was a well-attended Open Day where people saw the potential for the space – voting for the sort of activities they would like to see happening. Through the Time Bank the first need has been met – there is now a human presence at the front door weekdays from 10am – 4pm. The TimeBank is now based part time at the Rec Centre as is the Lift Library. The second desire from the community – a workable booking system will take a little longer – the team is at the stage of populating an open source booking system which looks promising. This has to be rigorously tested to make sure it provides all the things people need in such a system. A Youth Programme has started. Badminton is being played. The table tennis table is now on the mezzanine floor ready for casual players. A Book Group has commenced, the Community Emergency Response team has relocated and the Affordable Fruit and Vegetable Collective under the wing of the Timebank has relocated. There are more easy couches around for people to hang out more. People are offering their expertise to help – design, sound engineering, architecture… The team is working closely and enjoyably with the local governance group from Council. There are some challenges as the two organisations (PL and CCC) are quite different in their respective ways of working, but we all believe that with patience and clear communication we will get to a place where we all feel proud. CCC is investing $80,000 for this year into the programme and a similar amount next year if PL produces the outcomes expected. PL sees what it has to produce for the community: enhanced wellbeing and provide an amenity which allows the activities to continue in a sustainable manner. PL needs the services that happen in the Centre to continue in a way that enhances this community and is fiscally responsible. Article Margaret Jefferies Team Leader Recreation Centre Activation 10

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

Tunnel lane closures as pipe work powers up

The big dig is under way as portside trenching work gears up for the construction of submarine pipelines to carry wastewater from Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour to Lyttelton.The work is part of a four-stage $53 million scheme aimed at ending the routine discharge of treated wastewater into Lyttelton Harbour by 2021. All treated wastewater discharges from the Lyttelton Harbour Basin will go to the Christrchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bexley. The five-kilometre-long Governors Bay pipeline is expected to be completed by the end of 2018, while the 1.8km-long Diamond Harbour pipeline is due to be finished in early 2019.Work is under way in Lyttelton on the wastewater submarine pipelines project. Trenching along Norwich Quay and Godley Quay to lay the wastewater pipe will continue for the next month, eventually connecting the treatment plant at Cashin Quay to a new pump station at Simeon Quay in Lyttelton. To date, 500 metres of pipe have been laid in Norwich Quay and 150m in Godley Quay. In tandem with the project, there will be a series of onelane Lyttelton Tunnel closures at night in June, July, August and September. Christchurch City Council Head of Three Waters and Waste John Mackie says the work at the tunnel roundabout will allow for the laying of wastewater pipes at the tunnel mouth. “The first single-lane tunnel closure will be on the evening of Sunday, 10 June,” Mr Mackie says. “We ask motorists to allow for delays in their travel time if they are planning on using the tunnel during the oneway closures. A schedule of closure dates will be available on the the City Council web site. The lane closures will be from 9pm to 5.30am in June. Preparation work for the Governors Bay submarine pipeline will start this month at Naval Point.The pipe will be buried a metre below the seabed. It will be weighed down with concrete ballast blocks that are secured every 5.75m, with each block weighing 180 kilograms. “The new wastewater pipe is being welded into eight 625m strings along the foreshore at Naval Point,” Mr Mackie says. “These strings will be connected as they enter the water via a launch way to be built on the Naval Point breakwater. “The pipe will be pulled into place by a winch, with the anchor point installed near Jetty Road. “Both areas will be fenced and signposted.” A 200m exclusion zone will be enforced around a work barge.The work is expected to take about six months. Article CCC Newsline


Community Planting Days at Urumau Reserve 2018 A series of quality native tree planting days.

17th June, 15th July and 19th August 10-1pm

Tools, plants and lunch provided. Please bring gloves. Meet at the far end of Foster Terrace at 10 Registration essential: Email Phone 021 047 6144

Organised by the Lyttelton Reserves Management Committee.

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Lyttelton Community House (LCH) meals programme

This service provides five cooked meals a week. On Monday & Wednesday recipients will receive two hot meals (to cover Mon/Tues & Wed/Thurs). On Friday one hot meal plus a dessert is delivered. These meals are delivered between approximately 3-4pm, and cost $8.50 each. If you are interested in this service, please get in touch with Hannah at hannah@

Mitre Ten Help Out - Thanks

Did you notice the crew from Mitre 10 in the Anglican Cemetary? They choose to spend their community service day helping maintain the cemetery. Supervised by City Council Urban Rangers the crew looked like they enjoyed their day cleaning up the site.

Light on Bikes Campaign

The Christchurch City Council and NZ Police are running the Lights on Bikes education campaign to remind commuters to check their lights and use reflective gear when biking in low light and darkness. The campaign will include checkpoints at busy locations during peak commuting times where Police and Council Travel Advisors will be on hand giving advice about boosting visibility and offering giveaways. The aim is to remind commuter cyclists to use good, working lights and reflective gear.

Naval Point Wardroom

Do you have a birthday or celebration you would like to hire the wardroom for? Naval Point would love to host your function.  Please contact Marina on office@ or call 03 328 7029 for details and availability.   Discounts available to club members.  Do you have any ideas for winter functions.  Let us know in our suggestion box.  Our Bar Manager, Gail Waring, will be available to serve you. 

Zumba Gold® Fitness

Tuesday:1.30pm – 2.30pm, Lyttelton Recreation Centre, Lyttelton (25 Winchester Street) Friday: 11.30am – 12.30pm, Lyttelton Recreation Centre, Lyttelton (25 Winchester Street)

Tyrone Joins the Board

Tyrone Fields was sworn onto the Banks Peninsula Community Board on Monday May 28th. He was welcomed to the team by fellow Community Board members and Chair Pam Richardson.

Advertising in the Review

Since the inception of the Lyttelton Review we have been very generous with advertising. Any one off advertisements for businesses have generally been published free. Advertisers are encouraged to make a donation to our organisation. To be a permanently listed business in the directory and have articles written about your business we have a yearly membership fee of $165 including GST. If you would like to have a yearly listing please contact us and we will forward our membership application.

Lyttelton Harbour Network Meetings What Would You Like to Know More About?

We have had feedback from those who attended the last network meeting that the Funding presentation was really helpful. If you have a suggestion you think may be of interest for a future presentation please let us know. Next meeting Thursday June 14th 12.30pm at the Lyttelton Community Board Room 25 Canterbury Street Lyttelton.


LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


Affordable Fruit and Vegetables

Coordinated by the Timebank Lyttelton locals have access to a fabulous weekly supply of fresh fruit and vegetables. Bags are $6 or $12. Each week is a lucky dip but more and more people are finding out that this is such good value for money and good for your health. Now located at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre – 25 Winchester Street Lyttelton it’s much easier to collect your produce. Jan Cooper looks forward to seeing you Wednesday afternoon from 12.30. Vegetables can be collected Wednesday 12- 4pm and Thursday 10-4pm. Veggies are paid in advance weekly. If you would like to sign up please get in touch with Jill Larking 0272374960.

$5 Psychological First Aid Course

New Zealand Red Cross has 250 places available for individuals (over 16yrs old) or organisations in Greater Christchurch that work with youth. PFA can help build the capacity of people who support and assist affected people shortly after a disaster or any traumatic event. Places are available up to 20 December, and must be booked by 30 June. For dates and booking: www. or 0800 233 243 or email . The coupon code for online bookings: CANTYPFAS

Biodiversity Fund

Council has set aside $200,000 per annum for projects that protect and enhance sites of ecological significance. Applicants can be private landowners or organisations. Up to $40,000 a year can be available for up to 5 years, with grants covering 50% of costs: CCC Biodiversity Fund Close-off dates for applications are 1 March, 1 May and 1 December 2018.

Whakaraupo Health Hub 15 June

Te Hapu O Ngati Wheke have invited some providers to show case their services to the Lyttelton and surrounding community. When: 10am to 1pm Friday 15 June Where: Wharekai, Rapaki Marae, Rapaki Drive

Dementia Canterbury Seminars

Each month Dementia Canterbury runs FREE Community Education Seminars. These seminars are designed for families and whānau supporting someone with dementia. Register online to attend these Dementia Canterbury Community Education Seminars. Bookings are essential as places are limited to 30 participants. Contact Dementia Canterbury for more information on these education seminars (03 379 2590, 0800 444 776 or ).

Banks Peninsula Community Board News Inner Harbour Route

The first stage of the Inner Harbour Route upgrade to improve several intersections and pedestrian safety has been approved by our Board. The project extends from Lyttelton to Diamond Harbour via Marine Drive. The first stage – from the Simeon Quay-Brittan Terrace intersection to the Dyers Pass Road-Governors Bay Road-Main Road intersection – includes: • A new footpath and kerb and channel in Governors Bay Road between Rāpaki Drive and Omaru Road and kerb build-outs at the intersection with Dyers Pass Road and Main Road. Closing the end of Simeon Quay (West) and introducing a southbound exit from the upper section. • Drainage improvements. • New guard rails. • Super Homes The Council is promoting homes that are well designed, energy efficient, green and resilient. Under the banner of Superhome Tour they are encouraging residents to take a tour of 11 homes within the Christchurch area. One of the houses is in Lyttelton. 7a Brittan Terrace is promoted as the first compacted wood fibre insulation laminated timber home. Self Drive Tours are available between 11-4pm June 16-17 23-24 For details on how to join the Superhome Movement:

Family Legal Advice Clinic

Every Wednesday from 3:30pm until 6pm. Justice and Emergency Precinct, Level 1 (use entrance A2). The service runs as a drop in, so no appointments are necessary. This is a specialist legal advice for people with family law matters. Urgent applications can LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


NEWS generally be drafted with clients on the night. The service is run with the support of the Christchurch Family Court and the University of Canterbury, and the Family Court registrars stay late to assist with applications that can be filed on the night. For more information phone 366 6870 or 0508 226 529.

RSA Poppies

The Christchurch RSA are looking to extend their pool of dedicated volunteers to help make NZ’s supply of poppies, primarily for ANZAC Day. Over the last 4 years the RSA have produced a million (+) poppies per year, all done by a small group of loyal volunteers.   Some basic information about the task:  • Manufacture Location: Factory Road, Belfast • Dates: Basically all year round, leading up to ANZAC Day.  • Shifts are flexible and are scheduled on a weekly roster (these can be changed as your commitments/availability change).  Typically a shift is 3 hours and are available 24/7.  One 3 hour shift can produce 2000-2500 poppies. • You will be provided with 2 to 3 training sessions lasting about 2-3 hour.  These are scheduled to suit volunteers and the instructor. • You are then “buddied” up with a more experienced operator until you are confident using the machine.  From then, can choose to work on your own or in pairs, and take “your place” on the roster. To obtain more information please contact Skin by email,,   or cell is 0212168109 (please txt to set up a time to talk).

Naval Point AGM

Just a quick note to let you know the date of the AGM for Naval Point Club Lyttelton on Thursday 26 July at 7pm. We would appreciate members supporting this meeting so book the date in now.  Please note: turning up does not mean you will be delegated a job, it means you are interested in the running of the club.

Increased dog registration fees The cost of registering your dog will go up by $2 from 1 July. The increase means those with responsible dog ownership status who register their dog before July 1 will have to pay $59 for their first dog and $41 for each of their other dogs.  More information can be found here: newsline/show/2571 14

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

OHU Collett’s Project

A Design Competition was launched by Ohu to create the building for Collett’s Corner. Based on community feedback the design needs to include a Roman Bath, Co-Working and retail space, an apartment hotel and a boutique cinema. The brief has begun as a competition and any groups can submit. Camia Young expressed her preference for diverse teams to be established. She’d like to see architects partnered with artists for example so that diverse thought will create a great space for Lyttelton. The eventual winner of the design competition will be announced 14th September 2018. Public participation in this process is a given. Key dates are listed below. STAGE 1: Open Call For Concept Ideas: June 1 - June 29th  Public online voting: July 2nd 8am - July 4th 10pm Public Exhibition: 10am - 7pm at XCHC (376 Wilsons Rd) July 4th Announcement of three finalists: July 6th STAGE 2: Developed Concept - July 9th - August 31st Public online voting - September 3rd 8am September 6th 10pm Public presentation by each design team: September 6th 6pm venue tbc Announcement of winning team: September 14th Visit their website for more information https://ohu. nz/portfolio-item/colletts-corner/

Urumau Reserve

The Banks Peninsula Community Board has not made any decisions on the proposed Development Plan for the Reserve. At the last Board meeting the Board requested that a facilitated workshop be arranged for members of the Reserve Management Committee. The Community Board will reconsider the Urumau Development Plan after the workshop with the Reserve Management Committee. No date has been set for the publicly excluded workshop. Mean while work still continues on the reserve. If you’d like to help with the native tree regeneration project the first planting day is Sunday June 17th 10-1pm. To register email or txt 021 047 6144


Beca Heritage Week 2018 event registration is now open! We’re calling out to all community groups, businesses and individuals who want to hold events during this year’s festival. If you’ve got a great idea for Beca Heritage Week 2018, we want to know about it.


Applications can be made online at heritageweek. Application information and the online form, Heritage Week Community Grant funding information and full terms and conditions can all be found on the Christchurch City Council website Strength from Struggle – remembering our courageous communities This year there are some significant anniversaries in terms of large scale national and international events including: • 125 years since women’s suffrage achieved in New Zealand • 100 years since the World War I armistice • 100 years since the 1918 influenza pandemic. The theme for Beca Heritage Week 2018 reflects these significant anniversaries which were hard won or hard fought struggles in world and New Zealand history. These anniversaries present an opportunity to remember the challenges faced by many communities in the past, commemorate the loss, courage and endurance of those who came before us, and celebrate their victories. For any further enquiries, please email heritage@ccc.

The Foodbank Project

The Foodbank Project is a not-for-profit, self-sustaining online grocery store that makes it easy for anyone to donate food online at


Essentials Bundles that cost less than $20 as well as a Most-Needed Items category you can choose items from. Have a look at

Project Lyttelton AGM

Our AGM is scheduled for 7pm July 12th. Pop a note in your diary. LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Dancing with the Seasons

WINTER SOLSTICE DANCE Dance & Ritual to celebrate Matariki FRIDAY 22 JUNE 7-9PM UNION CHAPEL HALL 40 WINCHESTER ST. LYTTELTON $15 Come join us as we create a sacred space to tune into the turning of the season, celebrate with dance and connect with our hearts. ffi Jan fb OpenFloorChristchurch


LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



A DAY OF SHORT creative WORKSHOPS Sunday 24th June 2018 11am - 4pm Trinity Hall, 25 Winchester St. Pay by Timebank Credits + materials koha or $5 per workshop

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



SUMNER ROAD GEOTECHNICAL RISK MITIGATION PROJECT Road Closure extended to 31 July 2018 The work underway at the bottom of Sumner Road to reinstate the largest retaining wall is going to take a month longer than expected to complete.

in place on parts of Sumner Road and Reserve Terrace (shown in the map below) will remain in place for one more month to complete the work on the nearby wall.

In February, when the team were excavating the retaining wall to being work they discovered that it was longer than previously thought.

The road needs to be closed to ensure the safety of the public while heavy machinery moves around the area.

This increase in size meant that there would be more work than expected and the repair would take more time that had been programmed.

The rehabilitation work includes drilling anchors into the bedrock behind the existing 100m long wall, installing new reinforced concrete facing and safety barriers and resurfacing the pavement.

The bad weather recently has also impacted on the progress of the wall. This means the traffic management currently

Sumner Road project is scheduled to be complete and the road reopened early in 2019.

N KEY Wall location Road closed for safety

ad Ro ner Sum

ace Reserve Terr

Su m ne rR oa d



ce erra T e v Reser

ad Sumner Ro

0508 MCD COMMS or (0508 623 266)

For construction updates email your details to: or


LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212






29 JUNE lytteltonharbourfestivaloflights

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



We’re working in your area


Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater Project - Work Package Project name UP#2D


Date Date 29 May 2017


We're installing a new wastewater pipe from Lyttelton to Governors Bay as part of the Lyttelton Harbour/Whakaraupo Wastewater Project.


Lyttelton Harbour between Naval Point and Governors Bay


Work will start 5 June for four months

Why Contact


To transfer untreated wastewater from Governors Bay wastewater treatment plant to Naval Point when the consent for pumping treated wastewater into Lyttelton Harbour runs out in December 2018. The contractor is McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd phone 0508 623 266 between 8am - 5pm Monday to Friday.

This work is part of the wider Lyttelton Harbour Wastewater project which will see untreated wastewater from Lyttelton, Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour pumped to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant. The Lyttelton wastewater project is required due to the approaching expiry of existing resource consents permitting the discharge of treated wastewater into the Lyttelton Harbour. Currently wastewater in Lyttelton, Diamond Harbour and Governors Bay is treated at wastewater treatment plants in those locations before being discharged into the harbour. The existing resource consents for the Governors Bay, Diamond Harbour and Lyttelton wastewater treatment plants require that routine treated wastewater discharges into the harbour cease by December 2018, 2021 and 2029 respectively. Lyttelton to Governors Bay pipeline From early June we will begin working on installing a marine pipeline between Naval Point in Lyttelton and the existing wastewater treatment plant near the end of Jetty Road in Governors Bay. The new wastewater pipes are being welded into eight 625metre strings along the foreshore at Naval Point in Lyttelton. These strings will be connected as they enter the water via a launch way to be built on the Naval Point breakwater near the grassed area adjacent to the public boat ramp at Naval Point. The pipe will be pulled into place using a winch. The anchor point for the winch will be installed near Jetty Road, Governors Bay. Construction of these will commence in early June 2018. The area near each of these locations will be fenced and clearly signposted. In preparation for burying the pipe 1m below the seabed a trench will be dug using a backhoe dredger. The pipe will be weighed down with concrete ballast blocks that are secured around the pipe every 5.75m, each weighing 180kg. The winch along with a team of divers will pull and guide the pipeline into place. The trench will be backfilled to secure the pipe.

Continue details on page 2, if required

Thanks for your patience as we work in your area Noise There may be increased noise, dust and vibrations during work but it shouldn’t impact on your power, water, gas or phone services.


Safety Safety is our biggest priority so please keep children and pets away from worksites.

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

Other projects Learn more about the Council’s road and pipe works.


Details continued Exclusion zone for all harbour users The barge from which the dive crew and backhoe dredger will operate has a number of anchor points extending from it under the water. An exclusion zone of 200m will be in place around it at all times as it moves along the planned corridor for the pipe, this is highlighted on the map that follows. Please check with the Harbour Master for any new notices to mariners about this work prior to accessing the water near the location of work. FAQ’s 1. Is there any chance of untreated wastewater leaking into the sea if there was a leak in the pipes under the seabed? The two pipes from Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour under the seabed are approximately 5km and 1.8km long respectively. There is minimal chance of any leaks happening in the pipes. This is because they are high density polyethylene pipes designed to be under pressure and buried in the seabed. 2. How long will the new pipes last for? The design life of the new pipes is 100 years. 3. What will the impact on the marine environment be when the backhoe dredger is used to lay the submarine pipe? McConnell Dowell are required to minimise and monitor sediment disturbance during the laying and burial of the marine pipe. This was outlined in the resource consents. In granting the consents, it was considered that any impact would only be of a temporary short term nature.


4. Is this earthquake repair work? No this project is not earthquake related. Planning on this project was underway prior to the 2010 and 2011 Canterbury earthquakes. In 2009 the Council approved the proposal to pump untreated wastewater from Lyttelton, Governors Bay and Diamond Harbour plants through the Lyttelton road tunnel to the Christchurch Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bromley. Public consultation was carried out in 2015 and 2016.

Details continued

Continue details on page 3, if required

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212




for lightness, laughter and life! Thurs 28 June, 7 - 9 pm Trinity Recreation Centre 25 Winchester Street, Lyttelton $20 regular, $10 concession or pay with time credits

Explore the gifts of movement, voice, and story! Using InterPlay’s easeful, body-centred practices, you will

~ Let your body move and your mind unwind ~ Embrace the silly and the profound ~ Free your voice with sounds, words and song ~ Share in delightful and surprising group creations InterPlay is a creative play practice that uses simple improvisation forms to expand our expressive repertoire and develop confidence, artistry and self-knowledge. Laughter and lightness mingle with moments of deep connection and insight, as players support each other with open- hearted reflection and affirmation. Belinda Meares is an experienced InterPlay leader and Alexander Technique teacher, who loves to sing, dance, improvise and spread the joy and power of play. (She is also a keen time banker). InterPlay is a global movement, with outreach and training programmes in the US and Australia, and now in New Zealand/Aotearoa! “Interplay is a humble and glorious balm for body and soul”, Sarah “I found it a very freeing, empowering, and grounding experience and I would definitely recommend attending an InterPlay workshop”, Anna To register, email:, or call 03 314 3406 Check also: InterPlay New Zealand on Facebook For more information about InterPlay, go to 22

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


2018 Matariki FORUM Monday June 18 5-7pm at Environment Canterbury – car park access off St Asaph St -

light refreshments provided by koha from CCC

Our Third Sector Minister Hon. Peeni Henare joins our kōrero




For us and our children after us Mō tātou ā mō kā uri ā muri ake nei Ngāi Tahu whakataukī

Apart from hearing from Minister Henare: Bridget Frame will demystify the challenges we face with Grant Funding of our mahi, sharing her work looking at where grant funding comes from, where it goes to, and how it gets there. Dr Suzanne Vallance will update us on her research which can help us measure what we treasure, not only treasure what we measure. The main part of the time will be to hear and celebrate the Voices in the Third Sector For more information email or see LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


EVENTS FRIDAY JUNE 22ND Lyttelton Arms 5-7pm Happy Hour


WEDNESDAY JUNE 13TH Hell Fire Club The Jazz Quarter


Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


THURSDAY JUNE 14 Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


Lyttelton Club Happy Hour

5-7pm 5-6 7-8pm

Lyttelton Networking Meeting Community Board Room


FRIDAY JUNE 15TH Lyttelton Arms 5-7pm Happy Hour Lyttelton Club Happy Hour


SATURDAY JUNE 16TH Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


Lyttelton Crafts & Treasure Collets Corner


Lyttelton Farmers Market


Lyttelton’s Retro Art and Craft Bazaar SUNDAY JUNE 17TH Freemans Carmel Courtney and Friends TUESDAY JUNE 19TH Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour Lyttelton Club Evening Housie



8.45pm 7pm

Wunder Bar Open mic and showcase


WEDNESDAY JUNE 20TH Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


THURSDAY JUNE 21ST Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


Lyttelton Club Happy Hour Wunder Bar Comedy Night 24

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

5-6 7-8pm 7pm

Lyttelton Club Happy Hour


Trinity Hall Winter Solstice Dance $15


SATURDAY JUNE 23RD Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


Lyttelton Crafts & Treasure Collets Corner


Lyttelton Farmers Market


Lyttelton’s Retro Art and Craft Bazaar SUNDAY JUNE 24TH Creative Sampler Lyttelton Rec Centre



Lyttelton Arms Happy Hour


Lyttel Street Concert London Street


Freemans Carmel Courtney and Friends Wunder Bar Nadia Reid High and Lonely Tour

3.30-6.30pm 8pm


Wednesday June 27th Tom Trevella’s Quiz Night 8pm Eruption Brewing Lyttelton Library: Printing Making with Bridget 6.30-8pm Thursday June 28th Interplay - Explore the Gifts of Music Voice and Story Trinity Hall, Lyttelton Recreation Centre Lyttelton Library Stories After Dark 6.30-7.30pm Friday June 29th Street Party 6-10.30pm London Street Kidsfest 2018 Programmes are being distributed to libraries, schools, and other outlets now. Tickets are on sale from 9am, Friday 1 June. Opening event is The Big Chill at Linwood Park, Saturday 7 July from noon to 3pm, and the finale is a colourful parade from Cathedral Square to The Terraces on Saturday 21 July. To see all the events and updates go to: the KidsFest website; or KidsFest on Facebook.


STODDART COTTAGE GALLERY DIAMOND HARBOUR: Diamond Harbour Quilters Exhibition Every Fri/Sat/ Sun 10am - 4pm throughout this month.


Quiz Night Wed 27th June, 8pm Get a crew and come on down for a classic fun pub quiz

Prizes and nibbles! 26 London St, Lyttelton LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



Community Activities in and around the Harbour this Week MONDAY

Community Choir 7.30pm Union Chapel, Winchester Street, Lyttelton. All welcome. Jillie 021 152 8068 Diamond Harbour Yoga 6.30pm - 8pm General Class, Diamond Harbour Rugby Rooms


Community House Shared Lunch 12.00pm 7 Dublin Street Make new friends Diamond Harbour Yoga 6am - 7am Early Bird Class Diamond Harbour Stage Rooms Lyttelton Library Storytimes 11.00-11.30am Lyttelton Yoga 9.30am - 10.45am 6.30pm - 8pm, Scouts Den Lyttelton Contact Rebecca Boot 021 071 0336 Diamond Harbour Bridge Club 1.20pm for 1.30pm start Diamond Harbour Football Club Rooms. $4 table For more information call 329 4868 or 329 4149 Lyttelton St John Youth Division 6.00pm St John Ambulance Station 52 London St, Lyttelton St Joseph the Worker R.C.Church 9am Mass 21 Exeter Street, Lyttelton All Welcome More information call 384 1600


Diamond Harbour Bridge Club Bowling Club Rooms. All welcome 6.40pm for a 6.50 start Partner finder - Carolyn Craw. Ph 329 4684 Diamond Harbour Singers 7.30 - 9.00pm Every Wednesday in Stage Room of Community Hall. All welcome. Contact Margie 329 3331 Diamond Harbour Yoga 6am - 7am Early Bird Class Diamond Harbour Stage Rooms Lyttelton Cubs 6.30pm Contact Mark Brabyn 027 281 6180


LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

Lyttelton Garage Sale 10.30am 54a Oxford Street, Lyttelton Second Hand Bargains and more. Lyttelton Harbour Fruit and Vegetable Collective Trading between 12.30 and 2.45pm at the Lyttelton Recreation Centre, 25 Winchester, Street Lyttelton Contact Jill Larking for more info 027 237 4960 Lyttelton Library Wednesdays Knit and Yarn 10.00-12.00pm Lyttelton Play Group Lyttelton Playgroup At Kidsfirst Lyttelton 12,30pm- 2.30pm 33 Winchester St Lyttelton Call 03 328 8689 for more information Harbour Yoga Vinyasa 6pm-7.15pm. 021 882 403 Gentle Class, Trinity Hall


Community House Flat Walking Group. 10am Contact Hannah Sylvester. Ph: 741 1427 Diamond Harbour Yoga 6am - 7am Early Bird Class Diamond Harbour Stage Rooms Governors Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade 7.00pm Governors Bay Fire Station Weekly Training, New Members Welcome Lyttelton Garage Sale 10.30am 54a Oxford Street, Lyttelton Second Hand Bargains and more. Lyttelton Volunteer Fire Brigade 7.00pm Lyttelton Fire Station Weekly Training, New Members Welcome


Community Activities in and around the Harbour this Month FRIDAY

Diamond Harbour Yoga 6am - 7am Gentle Class Diamond Harbour Rugby Rooms Lyttelton Garage Sale 10.30am 54a Oxford Street, Lyttelton Second Hand Bargains and more. Lyttelton Library Fridays Babytimes 10.30-11.00am Lyttelton Yoga 9.30am - 10.45am Scouts Den Lyttelton Contact Rebecca Boot 021 071 0336


Lyttelton Farmers Market 10.00am London Street, Lyttelton Fresh produce, Live Music, Buskers and More Lyttelton Garage Sale 10.00am 54a Oxford Street, Lyttelton Second Hand Bargains and more. Lyttelton Harbour Bazaar Market 10.00am No 6 London St. Artists, Bric a Brac and More


St Saviour’s at Holy Trinty 17 Winchester Street 10.00am Service with Holy Communion All Welcome


Banks Peninsula Community Board 1pm Second Monday Each Month Meetings Open to the Public Bay Harbour Toastmasters 6.30pm. Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month Lyttelton Community Board Room, 25 Canterbury St Contact: Jann Meehan, 021 263 1040 Diamond Harbour Civil Defence 7.00pm Third Wednesday of the month. Community Church Diamond Harbour Contact: Wendy Coles 0211541434 Governors Bay Civil Defence 7.00pm Third Wednesday of the month. Governors Bay Fire Station Contact Contact: Ian Palmer 3299 160 Lyttelton Harbour Business Association

Networking Meeting 9.30-10.30 Fat Tony’s, 17 London St More Info call 021 027 05450 Lyttelton Museum Historical Society Contact Wendy McKay Lyttelton Netball Club Contact Flo McGregor Lyttelton Rugby Club For details visit the club Facebook Page or contact the club’s Rugby Manager 021 111 6069 Little Ship Club Canterbury We meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month usually at Naval Point Club Lyttelton from 7.00pm. The club has regular guest speakers and undertakes a large range of activities that increase the knowledge and skills and enjoyment of its members and for the benefit of yachting generally. All welcome Lyttelton Time Bank 1-4pm Wednesday, 10-4pm Thursday, 1-4pm Friday Lyttelton Recreation Centre 25 Winchester St Lyttelton 328 9243 Lyttelton Toy Library Located at the Lyttelton Rec Centre Squash Court 25 Winchester St. Open each fortnight on Saturday morning 10-12 noon. For more information see Facebook Lytttelton Toy Library or email or call Helen 021 075 4826 Naval Point Old Salts Lunch The Old Salts Lunch is being held on the 2nd Tuesday of every 2nd month with the next one being held next Tuesday, 10th February starting @ 12:00 with 2 course lunch commencing @ 12:45. Contact Barry Bowater 329 4828 or 0272743520 Narcotics Anonymous Lyttelton Meeting 6:30 Monday Community House. 5 Dublin St. 6.30 Thursday 25 Canterbury Street www St Joseph the Worker R.C.Church 5.30pm Mass 3rd Sunday of the month. Parish House 21 Exeter Street Lyttelton. Ph: 384 1600

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212


thelytteldirector y 2017 your call to support local businesses around the harbour

2014 | 2015

PLACES TO STAY B@B Settlers Retreat 153 Main Road, Governors Bay

021 186 3220 021 144 2979 Hosts: John and Gaynor Thacker

Black Kiwi 022 0541954 Apartment, Reserve Terrace, Lyttelton Host: Sasha

Dockside Accommodation 021 152 3083 22 Sumner Road, Lyttelton

Governors Bay Bed and Breakfast 03 329 9727 Governors Bay Road, Governors Bay Host: Eva

Governors Bay Hotel 52 Main Road, Governors Bay

03 329 9433 021 611 820 Host: Jeremy and Clare

Harbour Lodge 1 Selwyn Road, Lyttelton

027 242 7886

Little River Camping Ground 287 Okuti Valley, Little River

03 325 1014 021 611 820 Host: Marcus

Orton Bradley Park Camper Van Stay 03 329 4730 Marine Drive, Charteris Bay Host: Ian

The Rookery 03 328 8038 9 Ross Terrace, Lyttelton Host: Rene and Angus

EAT, DRINK, DINE Dark Star Ale House and Cafe 03 329 3245 Waipapa Avenue Diamond Harbour Host: Donna and Martin

Fishermans Wharf 03 328 7530 Norwich Quay, Lyttelton Host: PJ

Lyttelton Top Club 03 328 8740 21 Dublin Street, Lyttelton

Roots Restaurant 03 328 7658 8 London Street, Lyttelton Meet: Giulio and Christy


LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

thelytteldirector y 2017 your call to support local businesses around the harbour

THINGS TO DO Black Cat Cruises | Quail Island Adventure 03 328 9078 B-Jetty, Lyttelton Wharf [Below Oxford Street] 0800 436 574

Christchurch Gondola 03 384 0310 10 Bridle path Road, Heathcote valley

International Antarctic Centre 38 Orchard Road, Christchurch Airport Jack Tar Sailing Dampier Bay Marina, Lyttelton

0508 736 4846 03 389 9259 027 435 5239 Skipper: Mike Rossouw

Orton Bradley Park Marine Drive, Charteris Bay

03 329 4730

Naval Point Club Our Ocean Water Sports Club

03 328 7029 027 379 9212

LOCAL EXPORTS Lyttelsoft 03 328 8671 Specialising in Accounting Software Meet: Penny Mercer

Real Homes New Zealand Limited PO Box 94, Lyttelton

03 390 3393 021 224 6637 Real Estate Agent: Lynnette Baird

Saunders & Co 1063 Ferry Road, Ferrymead

03 940 2435 022 133 6963

HEALTH, BEAUTY, FITNESS Honey Comb 34 London Street Lyttelton 03 328 8859 or see our facebook page

Lyttelton Health Centre 18 Oxford Street Lyttelton

328 7309

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212



free 30

LYTTELTON REVIEW • June 2018 • Issue: 212

adult supervision required

212 june 2018  

The latest news from Lyttelton Harbour.

212 june 2018  

The latest news from Lyttelton Harbour.