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Feeling Good And Looking Good


To-Tam & To-Nya

The Sister’s Of Style Talk About... The Beauty In Balancing Your Life Written By Jasmine Clemente

“It doesn’t matter if you are short, tall, skinny or round, 20, 30 or 60 years old; it takes a woman who is determined by her confidence to own the runway,” said To-Tam, the PR and Marketing Director behind the SACHIKA collection. These Vietnamese sisters are a force to be reckoned with. (ToNya being the main stylist and To-Tam taking care of the business end) they equally share a desire to promote their line which is for the ‘modern day woman.’ Both born in Paris, growing up in Montreal and moving to the Big Apple, they realized that most New Yorker’s are constantly on the ‘Go.’ Because of that, they


decided to center their garments around the idea that the women wearing them can attend casual affairs during the day and still look fabulous enough to mingle at night. “Usually, people who have a strong professional life have a poor personal life and vise versa, therefore we purposely made our clothes versatile to suit every occasion because we believe that the key to happiness is in having balance,” said To-Nya. “Plus, when people are dressed good, they feel good, and so it is important that their outside matches their inside wherever they go.”

The twins are extremely passionate about their chosen profession, quickly rising to the top of their field by coordinating frequent fashion shows to present their styles to the world. What makes their shows unique have been a multitude of things. The first is the obvious thing; it is the elegant details that they so carefully interweave into their outfits, and the second thing would be the long list of celebrity appearances who have strutted their stuff down the runway - And some of them for the first time! They’re models have ranged from being as short as five feet inches in height to being as tall as six feet,

SACHIKATWINS Believe In The Power Of Beauty

The Twins Say, “Like Attracts Like.” and yet every outfit has complimented their figure. “Most of the fashion industry experts want their models to look one way, which is extremely tall and skinny, but that’s not being realistic. In fact, it can be selfish of me, as a designer, to just create clothes that fit my vision only, instead of creating clothes that are a true reflection of who women really are,” said ToNya. “And let’s be even more realistic; presentation is key no matter where you go. So regardless of what your natural exterior looks like, you have the power to actually beautify yourself by ten times. Why not take advantage of that?” Then the sister, To-Tam also added some great advice by saying, “For example, whether or not you have a pear shape or an hourglass shape, you should wear clothes that will compliment your body type because it is within your control to look your best at all times. Besides, the law of attraction states, ‘Like Attracts Like’, so enhance yourself because you deserve to attract beautiful things into your life.” For this reason, they had included a variety of celebrities from different ethnicities, different heights and different body frames just to prove how fabulous their wardrobe can look on every type of female. And it worked! Ranging from voluptuous figures such as the model and wife of ICE-T, Nicole ‘COCO’ Austin, to a petite woman as short as four feet and eleven inches in height, Adrienne Bailon, who is the star of Disney’s show “The Cheetah Girls”, the audience at their ‘NY Fashion Week’ show were clearly impressed with how their selection of outfits worked amazingly well on every body type.

Featured Celebrities on the Sachika Runway

Adrienne Bailon (Left) Nicole, ‘COCO’, Austin (Right)


“It is within your control to look your best at all times and besides, the law of attraction says that, ‘Like Attracts Like’, so enhance yourself because you deserve to attract beautiful things into your life.” To-Tam

“Every step of the way is enjoyable for us,” said To-Tam. “It’s not just about creating patterns, designs and images. But our vision must also come to life on the runway.” Although they began their collection by creating garments for women, they didn’t forget about men. Next up, is there new line entitled, TUX, which is for the athletic man who is also healthy, fit and balanced. For them, their clothes are made with the intention of allowing men to feel comfortable at business meetings and yet, clean, crisp and appropriate. Their T-shirts are made from Supima cotton, which means ‘supreme’ for being the best quality on the market. For these two women, there is no telling how far their career ambitions might take them because this is clearly, ladies and gentlemen, only the beginning. Furthermore, for two sisters who definitely have a sharp focus and are aiming in the right direction, they wanted all the readers out there to know what their favorite quote was. It is, “Whatever the mind can conceive, the mind can achieve.”

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