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Newsletter No.4 Friday 25th February 2012 Dear Parents I recently talked to parents of an extremely rebellious son and who, in his adult years, turned back to God and now works fulltime as a Christian youth worker in Newcastle, Australia. They certainly went through a lot of suffering during these rebellious years and are now helping other Christian parents tackle these issues in their homes in order to avoid the pitfalls that they fell into. Ephesians 6:4 warns parents not to provoke their children to wrath or rebellion. The following article by Paul Kienel, past Executive Director of the Association of Christian Schools International offers very sound advice to parents:

AVERTING REBELLIOUS TENDENCIES IN YOUR CHILDREN We must Avoid Being Models of Rebellion If we, as parents, are rebellious against God, our own parents or society in general, the chances are very good that our children will grow up to be rebellious also. If we argue with our parents or other family relatives in front of our children, if we make negative remarks against God, the church or the Government, we are planting seeds of rebellion in the hearts of our children. If your children have shown rebellious tendencies at school, think back and recall if you, at some time, made negative statements about your child’s school or school personnel. You may have inadvertently created the foundation for the present state of your child’s rebellion against school. The primary way to avert rebellion in our children is to be good parent examples – parents who are in subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and all lawful authority. Avoid the Generation Gap by Being Believable A parent asked, “How can I gain my child’s confidence?” The best answer is, “Never lose it!” Oftentimes the generation gap is a credibility gap. Children develop a tendency towards rebellion when they see inconsistencies in their parents. They develop a feeling of “If you can’t trust your parents, who can you trust?” If you promise your children an outing – keep your word! If you state discipline will follow infractions of family rules – keep your word! Your parental credibility is essential to your child’s sense of family stability. Keep the Channels of Communication Open Matt 12:34 says “…out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” To know what is going on in the hearts of your children, it is essential you talk with them on a regular basis. Parent/child dialogue is absolutely essential. Don’t get so caught up in your world that you lose interest in your child’s world. Most parent/child communication should be relaxed and friendly. However, at times, it is vital that parents ask searching questions about the children’s activities and friends – what kind of people are they? Are they Christians? Such questions, if asked in a friendly, matter-of-fact way, don’t produce resentment or rebellion. Be a Public Relations Agent for Your child Your children need adults who believe in them and openly promote their virtues. In other words, as you talk with your friends and relatives in front of your children, talk positively about them. Speak well of your children to all to everyone important to them, especially to their close friends and relatives. Build your children up; don’t tear them down. They need all the support they can get – especially from their parents. Intimidation, sarcasm or embarrassment of any kind can have a devastating effect on a child’s emotional well-being. A child will seldom rebel if he/she knows his/her parents hold him/her in high regard privately and publically.

Be Loyal to Your Church A wholesome church life is important to children and young people. Like a 3-stranded cord is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12), a child with a Christian home, church and Christian school is not easily corrupted and broken. And don’t send your children to church – take them with you! Attend Activities at Your Child’s School Children spend 16% of their time at school and the influence of teachers and classmates is profound. Make regular visits to your child’s school, get to know the teachers, attend all the ‘parent’ events where possible. It is important that parents show a keen interest in the world at school. Keep Life in Your home Interesting and Challenging Fathers, especially, have a key role in establishing home life and family identity. It is possible, of course, to orchestrate and regiment family activities to a frenzied extreme that is overwhelming for children. By and large however, the other end of the spectrum is more often the case. In all too many families life is, as youngsters would say “Booooring!” Your child will enjoy living in your home if you make family life interesting and exciting. The needs change as they grow older so keep up with the play! Establish Spiritual Priorities Most important of all in averting rebellious tendencies in our children is to inspire them towards faith and trust in Christ. Children who are anchored to the Rock Christ Jesus seldom lose their way on the tempestuous sea of life. Our children are our most prized possessions. They are the only possessions in this life that we can have with us in heaven, provided we have led them to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

HEBRON HAPPENINGS Junior Athletics Day Report from Mrs Seah; Wednesday was a great day for the Junior School. We saw the “hand” of God at work when we had our annual Athletics Day. He held the rain clouds back until we completed our races. The children were glad with the presence of many parents who cheered them on. Our wonderful and talented MC, Mrs Sharon Turner did an excellent job informing and entertaining us with her words of encouragement and wisdom.

UPCOMING EVENTS Camps Learning and living in the outdoors is an aspect of education which we continue to foster at Hebron Christian College. God's handiwork in creation can be easily seen and appreciated when the student is given the opportunity to observe the "outside" world at first hand and in its natural state. Outdoor trips are undertaken by children as young as 5 years and are continued throughout the classroom levels with increased challenge and duration. Overnight camps are undertaken by older students with the

following emphasis: Y5 – Y8 3-5 days/nights at an established camp Y9 - Y10 4-5 days/nights tenting/backpacking or at a “further afield” established camp Y11 - Y13 As for Y9-10 with an overseas mission to a Third World country planned for every 2 years. Next week, our Y5-Y8 students will be attending a Middle school Camp at Carey Park, Henderson valley from Tuesday through to Friday. Mrs Scott, Middle School Senior teacher, has organized an exciting programme for the 74 students attending the camp and they are sure to return home after the end of the camp with many stories to tell of their outdoor adventures including: outdoor cooking, kayaking, orienteering, archery, climbing walls, air rifles, poles and planks and stream studies. Camp devotions will be taken by a guest speaker, Steve Roberts, from Life Church. Our secondary camp will also take place at the same time as the Middle School camp. 92 students will bus to Rotorua and stay at Lakes Ranch Camp located on a beautiful 120 acre property at Tikitere, 15km from Central Rotorua. Activities at this site include horse riding, gigantic mud slides, archery, hot pool swimming, kayaking, commando courses through gorse and mud, etc.

NEEDED Our Year 7 & 8 Trash to Fashion Club needs “trash” to make their fashions! Can you start gathering up any of the following items and send along to Rooms 11 & 12: · Material · CDs · Film · Cellophane · Netting · Ribbon · Felt · Tin foil · Old belts · Toi tois · Lace · White sheets · Glitter · False flowers · Bows · Sparkly material · Newspapers · Used satin · Worn leather · Buttons · Blue paint · Beads · 1930 magazine pictures · Feathers · Wind chimes

NEW INITIATIVES Lapathon: Hey kids and parents the weather hasn't been great for swimming this week but I was encouraged to see Miss Hart had put a list of her classes students' laps up on the middle school board to get everyone enthused. Thanks for making a great effort with family and friends over this weekend to get your sponsors signed up, this is what will get that video equipment and the laptops for our data projectors and Wi-Fi into the school.

Weekend of Service: Instead of a working bee this year we are having a weekend long service time for the school. We have timed this with Neighbours Day Aotearoa. So we are going to have a BBQ at the end of the weekend and invite some neighbours from our streets close to the school to join us. This will be a great weekend for the families of the school to meet up too. If you are new, please plan to come along and serve and celebrate at the BBQ and get to know others. You need to register now by going to the school website and click on the words 'click here' below the text about the weekend of service. This is a time to let your faith shine in our community and we need all our parents help please. You will have received a letter about this from the school explaining the projects. We need everyone signed up by the 5th of March for our planning. Sign up for bringing baking for morning and afternoon teas on the form as well. Even if you are going to be away that weekend you can still send baking in on the Friday. The next action team meeting for this will be held in the school staffroom at 7.30pm on the 5th, then the 12th and 19th of March. If you offering your skills please be at these meetings. Inquiries to Carolyn Welch (H) 8455316 or (CP) 0212980587.

Miscellaneous “Winning at Work and Home” Course – starting March 21st The Ironmen men’s group would like to invite all men to participate in the “Winning at Home and Work” course. This is a 16 session course that is run every fortnight on a Wednesday night from 7:30 – 9.30 pm in the staff room, at Rahiri House, Hebron Christian College (not including school holidays). It is a great way to meet other men, gain skills and tools for fatherhood, build a successful marriage and also help to develop your Christian walk. This life changing men’s course deals with strengthening marriages, maximised strategic fathering and the challenges and opportunities of the workplace. The course is highly recommended and is now in its third year. Previous participants comments include: “good solid all round teaching, that is very practical”, “excellent teaching and presentation” and “a wealth of wisdom with sound advice, biblically delivered”. Some of the topics covered include: How a Man Makes the Money Work at Home, The "Good Life" and Where to Find It, What Every Dad Needs to Know, Dad's Game Plan for Raising Sons and Daughters, Maximum Parenting, A Man and His Work, Launching a Lifelong Winning Streak, among many others. Although numbers are limited, we would like to serve as many men as possible and you are welcome to invite other men to this course as well. Please complete the form below to enrol for this year’s course or contact George Douglas by email or phone 0274 724 663 alternatively you can register online at "-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"---Name: _________________________________________________ Phone: ____________ Email: _________________________________________________ 5 I would like more information, please contact me 5 I would like to enrol for the Winning at work and home course Please complete and detach this form and hand in to the office at Hebron Christian College thank you

Computer Forms All families were given a computer form detailing current information on our school database. Thanks to all the 190 families who have returned their check and/or altered forms. Can the other 33 families attend to this request and get your forms back to the school office so that all data can be updated and accurate for this new year.

Lynfield Honey Sales I have started harvesting my honey crop and the new season’s honey will be available from Monday. The 1kg and 500g pots are available in the foyer. Cost for Hebron families will be: 500g Pot $4:50 (inc 50c Hebron discount) 1kg Pot $7.00 (inc $1.00 Hebron discount) All profits from the honey sales go to the New Life Foundation orphanage in Tanzania.

Have an enjoyable weekend.

Geoff Matthews Principal

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