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Newsletter No.2 Friday 10th February 2012 Dear Parents It was a great thrill for my wife and I to attend our second eldest daughter’s wedding last Friday and I must confess I was a little teary-eyed as I walked her down the aisle. Lysette met Brent Kelly 3 years ago and discovered they had both been at Hebron Christian College at the same time in 1991 for the last term of the year but did not know each other then. Brent continues to follow Christ and he and his brother David own and manage NZ’s largest website design company, My wife and I are also blessed to have 5 children all following God with Julie and Dylan both married to Christian believers. We believe the time they all spent at Hebron Christian College Mr & Mrs Kelly with Lysette’s siblings: Julie (31), Alayna (26), Brock (23) & Dylan (24) helped solidify their faith and connected them with wonderful Christian friends they gained in our Christian school. Because of these lasting friendships, the wedding was swarming with ex-Hebron students! The photo shows 3 exHebron students with their babies: Anna McKessar (nee Harris) + Finn, Deborah Filmer (nee Goulter) + Levi and Kim Smith (nee Blackwood) + Ari. Having 3 Christian daughter and son-in-laws and seeing the wonderful friends my children associate with reinforces one of the reasons I believe vehemently in Christian schooling. The Bible states: Bad company corrupts good morals 1 Cor 15:33KJV and The righteous choose their friends carefully Prov 12:26. So if you have young and single children…pray for their salvation and for good believing friends and spouses!

HEBRON HAPPENINGS New Families Dinner This year’s “New Families Dinner & Get Together” took place on Wednesday night and was attended by about 55 adults and children along with senior staff. A fabulous Thai meal was enjoyed by all after which various staff, our School Board Chairman and our Mums-in-Touch and Ironmen organisers spoke about their departments and responsibilities. Feedback from difference sources confirmed the evening was well enjoyed by all.

New Blinds As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, the recent grant from the Nautilus Foundation has allowed us to get rid of some very old and tired curtains in the secondary block and replace them with modern roller blinds and sun filters. They are now installed in all the block’s classrooms and offices and the staff and children are enjoying them very much. Mrs Huston, our librarian, is thrilled to have the new blinds throughout the library and believes our excellent stock of books will be better protected from sunlight. Special thanks to Paula Matthews and Carolyn Welch for gaining this grant and processing the blind purchases.

Class & Individual Photos Class, individual and sibling photos were taken today and those that pre-ordered the photos will receive them in due course. All students had their individual photos taken and secondary students will receive a Hebron ID card which doubles up as a school library card and a card for gaining student discounts on buses, trains, etc. Even the staff had their photograph taken and this will feature on the school website shortly. Photos can still be ordered but needs to be done directly with PhotoLife Studies by phoning (09) 262 1040.

CONGRATULATIONS During January, 3 of our students travelled to Timaru to compete in the New Zealand Roller Skating Championships. Emily Clague and Annalina Crosbie (both Yr 9) competed in individual artistic events, and also performed as part of the “Black Pearl” Synchronised Skating Team. Black Pearl won gold and is going on to perform at the Oceania Artistic Championships to be held in Auckland 10 - 14 April at the Trusts Stadium, Henderson. Oceania’s is a prelude to the 2012 World Artistic Championships which will be held at the Trusts Stadium 29 September – 13 October 2012. Watch the girl’s winning performance at Jason Clague competed in various speed events and won one bronze and two silver medals in the indoor events (known as flat track). He was also on the Junior Boy's team that broke the National Speed Record for the 1500m relay. The winning time was 2m 33.453s, beating the record by 6 seconds. This is his first foray into roller speed competition as his main sport is ice speed skating. Emily and Annalina skate with the Auckland Waitakere Roller Skating Club which is based at the Trusts Stadium. Ak-Waitakere offer "Learn To Skate Classes" for beginners which start at 5:30pm on Thursday 16th February 2012. The cost is $5 per person per time (including skate hire) with the option of a $40 concession card for 10 sessions. Just turn up if you are keen! See In January Annalina also travelled to Australia with the Basketball NZ Koru tour, and played for the NZ under 14’s basketball squad. They played Australian state teams and won 6 out of 8 games. They ended up 3rd and had a fantastic experience. Wow…such talented children!

NEW INITIATIVES Shade Sails Last year, through a number of fundraising efforts within the school, money was raised for shade covers for the lower playground. We can celebrate that this project has begun and you will see these sun shades go up in approximately 3-4 weeks. Lapathon Next week your children will bring home a form for a Swimming Lapathon happening during 6 of their weekly PE sessions. Parents, “thank-you” for helping them find as many sponsors as they can for their laps. The money from this will help with exciting media purchases and developments. A big thank-you to teachers involved in supervising and recording information for this fundraiser. Weekend of Service A new date for your calendar is the weekend of the 24-25th of March. We invite all parents and their families to come during some of this weekend and participate in a school makeover. Join with volunteers from a number of churches, and Hebron Alumni to paint, concrete, garden, bake, serve food, and mind children. This big event in the school calendar will tie in with 'Neighbours Day Aotearoa' and will have quite a profile in the community. Action Team A weekend of service 'action team' is being pulled together to plan and execute this. A large number of parents (and interested teachers) are needed to come onto this action team, to be part of an amazing transformation of the school. To get involved come along to the following first meetings on Monday the 20th Feb. at 3:15-4pm on the Rahiri (White house) verandah. From there you can watch your children as they play as well as grab a coffee from the staffroom. For those who can only make an evening meeting, come to the school staffroom on the 20th Feb at 7.30-8:15pm sharp. Please email your interest to help on the 'weekend of service action team', this will help me know who will turn up to the first meetings. If you can't get to these meetings but want to help or have painting and concreting skills/advice you can offer as we plan for the event, then please also email Carolyn Welch at or phone H 8455316 or CP 021 298 0587 to inquire.

Miscellaneous Computer Forms All families were given a computer form detailing current information on our school database. Thanks to all the 153 families who have returned their check and/or altered forms. Can the other 77 families attend to this request and get your forms back to the school office so that all data can be updated and accurate for this new year.

Mums in Touch Hebron “Mums” (and GrandMums) are encouraged to come along to the school staffroom on Tuesday mornings after 8:45am and pray for the school. Come for as long (or short) a time as you wish.

Guitar Lessons Learn to play the guitar with Mrs Avril Greybe! Avril will be at school to take lessons on Tuesdays. Individual Lessons $27 Group Lessons $16. To sign up or make an enquiry email

Peninsula Women’s Conference Women are invited to register for the 9th Peninsula Women’s Conferencei to be held at Te Atatu Baptist Church on Saturday 10th March, 9:45am to 4:00pm. Guest speakers will be Allison Mooney, a noted speaker on personalities who will speak on the topic Pressing the Right Buttons, based around one’s uniqueness and you can know who you really are and understand others. Our very own Ruth Scott will speak on the topic; Let the Real You Please Step Forward. Early bird Fee: $15. For more info, email: or phone Jennifer on 835 1396

Geoff Matthews Principal i

Peninsula Women’s Conference is a sponsor of Hebron Christian College and will promote our school at the conference.

Hebron Christian College Newsletter No.2 2012  
Hebron Christian College Newsletter No.2 2012  

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