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Newsletter No.37 Thursday 6th December, 2012 Dear Parents It was pleasing to see all of you at our Prizegiving last Wednesday night and to celebrate with you all the good points and highlights of life at Hebron this year. I thank all those people who have given positive feedback on the night’s activities, music items, awards, speeches, atmosphere, etc. Special thanks to Mrs Sarah Rauch, Mrs Kristelle Varney and American trainee teacher, Mr Javan Shields for their hard work with the music items. The song by Emily-Anne Muli and the secondary students and the a capella songs have been recorded and posted onto our school website and new Facebook page (see below). Prize for the night goes to the Cave family (right). Mom and Dad, Lynette and Graeme, came to the Prizegiving in the colours of their son Ethan’s house…RED. Such dedication to the cause of inter-house competition is amazing! Or was it just a co-incident? Well, Red House won the Cross Country cup but will have to do better to win the overall cup which was taken away by Blue House.

HEBRON HAPPENINGS Hebron Facebook Page Launched We now have a Hebron Facebook Page at: Why have we decided to Facebook??? Facebook gives us the opportunity to connect on a daily basis with our current families, our alumni (past families) and prospective new families in a less formal but interactive manner than our website. Facebook also allows YOU to connect with us too…in fact the whole world for that matter…it’s interactive and living! Please begin by “Liking” our page by clicking the “Likes” button. Maybe say something positive about the photos, video clips and stories others have posted. We do have protocols for our page: · This Page is for the benefit of our school community – to help us to connect online as well as at school, to celebrate your successes and share our stories. · Please tag photos, comment, like and share to your heart’s content. We would love you to have an active presence. This is your Page! · Of course it goes without saying that we ask you to take pride in this page and to interact respectfully. The same rules that govern our behavior at school apply here. · Here’s a few ground rules: o Be respectful! Of teachers, students, friends and strangers. o Be wholesome. Do not use inappropriate language in any comments or posts. o Be encouraging. Don’t put people down – build them up!



If we feel that your comments are inappropriate we will delete them and then chat about it with you at school. If you continue to make inappropriate comments, you may be blocked from the Page so you don’t ruin the fun for everyone else. The likelihood of us having to do either of those things? Slim to none. Families not wanting their child’s photo on the Facebook page (or school website) should inform the school of that decision or inform us of any photo or comment they wish removed after it has been posted.

Everill Orr Christmas Singing Year 9, as part of the Food Technology unit on Hospitality, made 2 types of cookies to take across to the Everill Orr Village to bless the residents at Christmas. They spent all lunchtime the day before, making gift tags and tying the bags up with ribbons. While they were there they were asked to sing some Christmas carols. We have a ready-made choir with the 10 Year 9 students who went. They were great. They even continued their carol singing walking back to school. There was torrential rain just as we were about to leave. Cathy Gillies came to our rescue and “ ferried” us in 2 trips so we stayed relatively dry. A big thank you to Cathy.

Ironmen’s Night Last Monday night’s Ironmen’s night with special guest speaker Ian Grant was well attended by Hebron fathers and other men and everyone really enjoyed the talk. He encouraged the men to form deep and personal relationships with their sons and daughters, lead by Godly example and be encouraging and supportive people. The Hebron Christian College community has been greatly blessed with the work of this men’s ministry team in our school and we honour their leaders, George Douglas and Scott Bennett, for their labour in this regard.

Winners of the Gala Food Baskets The following names were dran for the Gala Food baskets and the winners are invited to collect their prizes from the school office: Food Basket David Squirrell Pampering Basket: Tracey McMillan Indulgence Basket: Lynda Butler Relaxation Basket Jaime Sisarich Tupperware Basket: Suzanne Just

COMING UP Tomorrow – Last day of School Some things to note for our last day of school tomorrow: · School will finish at 1:30pm. · Children are welcome to wear mufti on the last day without cost. · Lost property will be on display on tables on the top field. Unclaimed items will be sent to the Salvation Army so make sure you have a good squizz at the items…there might be something belonging to your family that you forgot you owned! · Student books and possessions to be taken home. · The school office will be closed from Thursday 13th December through to Tuesday 15th January.

Classes for 2013 Classes for 2013 have been organised and parent will receive a letter in the post advising the class(es), level and their child(ren) will be in next year. The teacher’s name will be stated also but in some cases this is unknown as we are currently advertising nationally for a new teacher.

Uniform Shop Hours for 2013 The uniform shop will open in the New Year at the following special times: Tuesday 29th January 9:00am to 11:00am Wednesday 30th January 9:00am to 11:00am Thursday 31st January 8:00am to 9:30am Normal hours return after the first week of school. They are: Monday 8:30-9:30am & Tuesday 2:30-3:30pm. Parents wanting to sell secondhand uniform items can post advertisements on the noticeboard beside the uniform room door. Include list of items, sizes, sale price, your name and contact details (tear off tags with your name and phone no. are a good idea). The uniform shop has no room to store secondhand items and therefore cannot sell on your behalf The McKinlay Safari black sandal, the only brand of sandal to be worn in Terms 1 & 4, can now be purchased from the following outlets: · Gr8 Shuz, 80 Lansford Cres, Avondale · Elizabeth Michael, 357 New North Rd, Kingsland · The School uniform Centre, 553 Remuera Rd, Remuera · Future Feet, 1/11 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay

Payment of Fees & Expenses Families owing the school money are required to settle their debts by TOMORROW morning. The school cannot carry the debt of families over the Christmas period. Mrs Nyemetz, the school bursar, has sent invoices to those families owing money and we respectfully request the debts are settled BY tomorrow. Many thanks. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Geoff Matthews Principal

Hebron Newsletter No.37 6th Dec 2012  

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