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Newsletter No.36 Friday 23rd November 2012 Dear Parents The 2012 school year is fast drawing to a close. We have two weeks of school left before we send the children off on their summer holidays. We have a number of events happening over the next two weeks so please take note of all the various things you and your children need to know to help us finish off the year.

Declining Health We need to inform you that the improved health Mrs Christine Hatch experienced after her brain surgery in August has not continued as the cancer has spread in her brain causing her to have a stroke. She has been released from hospital and is at home, being cared for by her husband. Please continue to pray earnestly for Christine and her wider family.

100% NCEA Pass Rate Recently the NZ Herald published the 2011 NCEA pass rates for all Auckland secondary schools and the 100% pass rate for our Year 11 students and 89% rates for our year 12 and 13 students once again re-enforces the fact that the Hebron Christian College secondary department is “punching well above its weight”, gaining better results than many other private and high decile state schools. In July, Metro Magazine ranked all Auckland schools according to a formula comparing their % pass rate for Excellent and Merit Endorsements with their decile no. According to this ranking system (different to the NZ Herald) we came out as: Year 11: 10th school out of 71

Year 13: 2nd school out of 72

This is an amazing result for Hebron Christian College and gives the secondary staff and I a great sense of satisfaction and comfort to know we are performing exceedingly well and, overall, ensuring our students achieve outstanding results. Hebron parents, particularly those of you considering secondary education for your children, can be assured that, although small in size and lacking some of the facilities of larger state and private schools, your child in our secondary school can succeed and gain top level qualifications in preparation for life after school.

E-Learning for 21st Century Next year, Hebron secondary students will be able to access NCEA subjects previously unavailable via online learning. We are partnering with approx. 20 high schools offering Virtual Learning Network (VLN) NCEA teaching via computer and video conferencing facilities. Registered students will participate in “virtual’ classrooms and engage with a teacher in another school to undertake subjects unavailable in smaller secondary schools

Celebration Day Every year in late November we have a "Celebration Day". The day first began in 1990 when the school decided to celebrate the financial "miracle" that occurred when the Institute in Basic Life Principles purchased the property and saved the school from possible bankruptcy. Many miracles and awesome acts of God have taken place in the school since that time. In recent years, we have used the day to celebrate God's goodness to us as individuals, families, churches, school and as a nation. Today’s Celebration day was blessed with beautiful weather. We once again celebrated God’s goodness in our lives, families, churches, city and nation. See pics later on in this newsletters…

Coming Up… PRIZEGIVING REHEARSAL ON TUESDAY MORNING The annual Prizegiving Rehearsal will take place at Greenlane Christian Centre (17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane) on Tuesday morning (27th Nov) starting at 9:00am and finishing at 12:30pm. Parents will need to arrange for their child/ren to be dropped off at the church by 8:45am and picked up at 12:30pm. There will be no afternoon classes on this day. If this is too difficult/impossible, please contact the school office by Monday morning (Ph846-2159 or email We will arrange for a staff member to take your child/ren from the school and back to the school after the event.

PRIZEGIVING ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT The date and venue for this year’s Prizegiving will be NEXT WEDNESDAY NIGHT (28th Nov) at 6:45pm at Greenlane Church Here Christian Centre, 17 Marewa Rd, Greenlane. Children will need to: 1 Attend (compulsory) 2 Need to be at venue at 6:30pm. 3 Wear the correct school uniform a) Clean and ironed b) Shoes/sandals polished c) Hair groomed with navy/black hair ties only d) Boys socks up (garters needed?) e) Girl's skirt hems at knee length 4 Sit with their class and class teacher during the Prizegiving 5 No books, games or drink bottles needed/required. 6 Junior class children (Rooms 6,7,8 & 18) are encouraged to sleep in on Thursday morning and come to school at morning interval.

PRIZEGIVING OFFERING We ask children and parents to bring a gift or offering to our Prizegiving every year for a needy cause. The

collection for this year will, again, go towards the New Life Foundation orphanage which our senior students will work in next July during our mission trip to Tanzania. Please give generously to this very worthy Christian organisation rescuing the poor, abandoned and desperately needy in this African country.

Fathers’ Night – Monday 26th November 7pm Come join us for the final Fathers’ Night for 2012 with Ian Grant, Monday 26th November @7pm - come and be inspired and encouraged as Ian shares his passion about faith and fatherhood. Ian has spent his adult life in ministry to young people and families. Now as a grandparent, he is passionate about passing on faith to the next generation, through ensuring our children experience a vibrant faith at home. As Director of Youth for Christ in both Auckland and Wellington for thirty years, Ian Grant has been legendary in the area of creative Christian outreach and programming and is now a huge advocate for the Faith Box and how it can transform family dynamics. He and his wife

Mary established Parenting with Confidence in 1993, later renamed Parents Inc. and have since authored several bestselling books on parenting and marriage. Ian’s latest project is uniting fathers with their children, through “Fathers Who Dare Win” and he will be at Hebron to share this on Monday 26th November @7pm, you are warmly invited to join us for our last meeting for this year – supper will be provided. Please feel free to invite your teenage sons and friends to this men’s night. Please contact George Douglas or 0274724663, or Scott Bennett 0274845773 or register online at

Reports Issued Next Friday Both Primary & Secondary end-of-year reports will be issued next Friday afternoon. Parents are welcome to make an appointment with the class/subject teacher if they would like to discuss anything in the report(s).

Last Week Monday Tuesday Friday

3rd Dec 4th Dec 7th Dec

Junior & Middle School outings Secondary School outing Last day. Finish at 1:30pm

School Survey The School Board and staff of Hebron Christian College desire to serve the Christian community of Auckland City by providing a Christian education service that meets the needs of all sections of the Christian community. We are keen to know how the school is meeting YOUR needs so that improvements can be made on our delivery of Christian schooling. An online survey will be available to you via an email message asking you to rate and comment on a number of issues to do with school life, teaching, curriculum, communication, etc. We ask parents (not children) to complete the survey before the end of next week Aspects of the survey analysis will be communicated to parents in the school newsletter but other aspects will be used only for professional development and forward planning strategies. Thank you for your anticipated co-operation in completing this survey honestly and accurately.

2013 School Fees A letter will soon be distributed to families with children returning in 2013 detailing fees and requesting direct debit authorisation. A 4% Earlybird discount is offered to families who pay the fees in full by 1st December.

Secondary Girls Swimsuits Hebron Christian College has a compulsory uniform swimsuit for girls in Years 9-13 to wear during PE lessons, at swimming sports and on school camp. Every secondary girl in Years 9-12 will need to bring their swimsuit for swimming lessons on the first Monday of Term 1 2013 (4 Feb). As the weather warms up and families head to the beach, often a new swimsuit is needed. So we encourage families who are purchasing new swimsuits to take into consideration that their daughter will require a school swimsuit at the beginning of Term 1. This is especially important for families of Year 8 girls to note, as this will be the first time their daughters will have to wear the compulsory swimsuit. At this time of year, girls in Years 9-11 should also try on their swimsuits from last summer. It is important to check the size and, if necessary, purchase a new swimsuit in plenty of time for the start of the swimming programme on the first Monday of Term 1. Every year we have girls who do not try on their swimsuit until the day before they need to wear it

and are shocked to find they have grown during the year, leaving them unprepared for the first swimming lesson. Let’s try to have everyone organised and ready to go for the start of swimming in 2013! The school uniform swimsuit is available from the uniform shop at a cost of $55. There is a Junior-sized girls navy swimming suit available from the uniform shop for $20. (This is not a compulsory uniform item)

Miscellaneous The Perfect Christmas present‌

2x Mini lop rabbits (fluffy brown/white/black sisters born in January) free to good home. Contact Paula on 021 673 176

Geoff Matthews Principal

Hebron Newsletter No.36 23.11.12  
Hebron Newsletter No.36 23.11.12  

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