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Newsletter No.29 Friday 21st September 2012 Dear Parents


We welcome Mani Winthrop (centre) to our Year 10 class. Mani has spent most of her life in China being the daughter of missionaries Graeme & Nicola Winthrop who have resettled in New Zealand. Having been educated in Chinese schools, Mani speaks fluent Chinese. Mani has also lived in Vietnam and Laos.

We also welcome two brothers to our school from Jakarta, Indonesia; Peter (12) and Tim (11). Their mother is studying at St.Helens Institute and their father is currently in New Zealand but may return to Indonesia for business reasons. Peter enjoys flying planes and helicopters on his remote control and Tim enjoys simulator games on his computer.

Convalescing Mrs Christine Hatch is back up on her feet after brain surgery and recently popped into school to say “Hi” to the staff and her Room 6 students. Christine is keen to pop back to school next term on a voluntary basis to help with our junior reading groups. She and her husband Eddie have been very appreciative of the many cards and best wishes she has received from Hebron children, parents and staff. Mrs Barbara Hart, our technology teacher is recovering from surgery and will be back with us at the start of Term 4. Barbara’s food technology classes are being taught by a former Hebron “cooking and sewing” teacher, Mrs Jennifer Hunt (right) who taught at Hebron from 1987 to 2002 with her two children, Ruth and Andrew attending the school.

Staff on the move… We will miss 3 Hebron staff members for all or part of next week. Deputy Principal, Mr Bruce Breetvelt, has been called into jury service next week and will be away for part or all of the week. Mrs Gay Jones, our Learning Centre tutor flew off to Japan this morning with her husband Merv to visit their daughter Vanessa and family in Tokyo, Japan. Our librarian, Mrs Lois Huston will be away on a South Pacific cruise with her husband Grant. We are expecting them all to return next term!

Hebron Happenings Open Morning Thank you to all those who assisted with our Open Morning on Wednesday by taking posters for their church foyers and encouraging friends and neighbours to come and look at our school. I had some good conversations with enquirers and the visitors all remarked on the wonderful attention they were given by their Year 10 chaperones.

Ironmen Meeting About 30 fathers and young men attended Monday night’s Ironmen’s meeting in the school staffroom. Ex All black and ex Blues coach, Pat Lam, gave an encouraging talk on the way God lead him and his wife Stephanie to salvation, leadership opportunities and the way he is setting a legacy for his 5 children. During question time, Hebron dad, Ken Fale, asked Pat whether it was true a Springbok player bit him on the leg during a game. Pat said, yes, it was true and the player was a Christian. I asked whether he said grace before he took his bite to which Pat answered, “No he didn’t but it was the best leg of lam(b) he had tasted in his life!

Coming Up Working Bee – THIS Saturday 22nd September 9am - noon Have YOU got your gardening implements out ready for the Hebron working bee TOMORROW MORNING? We need a good number of Dads and Mums to help us tidy up the property, especially removing a lot of vegetation along the school boundary fronting onto New North Rd. The working bee will be over before it begins and we will have morning tea and children are welcome to play in the grounds while parents work. Bring chain saws and loppers and pruning saws and weeding gloves and trowels for planting.

Meeting for Students and Parents of Year 6-8 Students Parents of our Year 6-8 have been invited to a meeting THIS MONDAY NIGHT 7-9pm to hear all about the wonderful things their children have been doing in the Middle School this term. Supper provided.

Shakeout on Wednesday This coming Wednesday, at exactly 9:26am, Hebron Christian College staff and students will be joining over 1 million other New Zealanders in the world’s first ShakeOut, an earthquake drill practised at the same time. Children, and teachers, will, at the sound of the earthquake siren, drop to the ground, cover themselves under furniture or with hands, and hold tight! The earthquakes we have had in Christchurch have brought a little realism to this exercise!

2013 Return Form The School Board and I have to begin planning for the 2013 year. Staffing, budgets, classrooms, resources, etc have to be prepared well before this school ends in order to be “up and running” for the new school year. We therefore need current families to help us with this work. The 2013 Return form and a School Board newsletter was given to the eldest child in each family to take home and an electronic copy emailed to all families. Families are asked to state their intentions for 2013 regarding the attendance of their child(ren) at Hebron Christian College and pass the completed form back to the school office by Friday 28th September. Thanks to all of you who have already returned your form.

Summer Uniform next term All students will be expected to start the next term in the summer uniform so now is the time to make sure summer uniform items still fit your child(ren) and you have them ready to use for the first day back. The uniform room will be open on Monday morning, 8:30am-9:30am and Tuesday 2:30pm-3:30pm afternoon so pop along and Mrs Wong will supply all your needs. The school Uniform webpage will explain all the Summer Uniform requirements and state the prices of each item. Go to: Points to note for primary (Y1-8) students: · Short sleeve shirts only for boys · Summer tunics for girls · Sandals are optional (must be the McKinlay safari sandal) · Hats are compulsory. 3 Hebron hats to pick from

School Gala – 5 weeks to go! Dear Parents…with only 5 weeks to go we have a huge amount of work to achieve for the gala and a lot of it has to happen in the weeks before or we will have nothing to sell. We also need people who will take up task like advertising and purchasing from Gilmours and getting donations in. Please…if you have free time in the next 6 weeks we need you to put your hand up for these jobs and come to our Thursday night meetings in the school staffroom from 7:15 to 8:15 every week. Please bring and drop at the sick bay corner (just past the office): ·

· · · · · · · · ·

· · · · · ·

More clothes and accessories. Plan a school holiday, clean out and ask your extended family members, neighbours, church women to donate. This stall is a big money-raiser but is only successful with lots of volume Plants from your garden, bring Friday the 26th Oct. Let Angela Garner know how many Ph. 520 1935, Coat hangers Jam jars for preserving with or without lids, small to medium size please. Ph. Sandy Miller Sugar Lemons, Lemon Curd $2 shop toys, preferably wrapped with boy or girl on the outside (put in silver bins in the foyer) Paper Lollies to be sewn into lolly necklaces (Put in silver bins in the foyer) Bags of Pick and Mix Lollies (Put in silver bins in the foyer) Items for gift baskets for the silent auction, eg. box of chocolates, perfume, new magazines or books, vouchers from your business. Phone Kathy Bennett on 624-3535 and Paula Matthews Ph.849-8024 Let Paula Matthews know if you have large items for auction, new or 2nd hand she will sell these on Trade Me Hand crafts, we have very little organised for this and so I need offers of making beautiful handcrafts to sell 2nd hand items for trinkets and treasures More books, DVDs, CDs, old vinyl records Bags of small chocolate fish Loans of Gazebos

Musical DVD & Photos The Esther – Star of Persia DVD has now been produced and orders are now being taken. Cost $15. Let the office know how many copies you want and how you will pay (cash or invoice) and the DVD will be distributed to you once the orders have been tallied. Unfortunately the photos won’t be ready for viewing and ordering until late next week. The photographer is inundated with work and study assignments. We will let you know when and how they can be viewed once they become available.

Geoff Matthews Principal

Hebron Newsletter no.29  

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