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Newsletter No.24 Friday 17th August 2012 Dear Parents

Welcome We welcome Eden van der Vlugt to our New Entrant class. Eden can speak English and Dutch as his father is from Holland and his mother is from Dutchspeaking Suriname (I’m sure you know Suriname is a country in South America just above Brazil). Eden’s family attend Mt.Albert Baptist Church so he already knows some of the children in the class from his church.

Hebron Happenings Blast from the Past We often have past students pop into school and reminisce about their associations with Hebron from past years. This week, Rachel Arbuckle popped in with her mum, Nicola, to say “Hi”. Rachel started attending our school in 1994. She has been studying at the Auckland Law School and is about to further her studies in San Diego, USA. (Rachel’s grandfather, Dr John Thompson, an obstetrician, delivered my two eldest daughters!)

School Olympics The primary school have been focussing on the Olympic Games this term and there has been many reading, writing, social studies and science projects emanating from this international event. Both the Junior and Middle School Departments have organised their own Mini Olympics as the following photos show:

The Olympic torch arrives in the stadium

Tossing the Dead Chook Competition

The Handstand Competition

Hockey time

Middle School Results were: EVENT Hula hoop Quoits Year7-8 Quoits Year 4-6 Chicken Throwing Yr 7-8 Chicken Throwing Yr 4-6 Egg & Spoon Race Year 7/8 Egg & Spoon Race Year 4-6 Bike Slalom Handstand Year 7/8 Handstand Year 4-6 Skipping Year 7/8 Skipping Year 4-6 Sprints Year 7/8 Sprints Year 4-6 Sack Race Year 7/8 Sack Race Year 4-6 Hockey

FIRST Faith Deng Peter Biondic Morrison Perich Brendon Matthews Luka Crosbie Thomas Garner Freeman Abrahams Cole Henderson Justin Low Molly Taylor-Dayus Joel Collecutt Samuel Murphy Josiah Atkins- Lam Luka Crosbie Oliver Butler Hayley Mulu Team 9

SECOND Peter Luo Brendon Matthew Tino Garakara Tukua Raea Sam Murphy Sun Jin Kim Yuyang Liu Rebekah Cummins Thelma Magengezha Hannah Rauch Isabella Elima Bianca Roberts Oliver Butler Bianca Roberts Josiah Atkins- Lam Ethan Cave Team 6

THIRD Thelma Magengezha Austin Hamada-Zhu Freeman Abrahams Logan Griffiths Matthew Boyd Sophia Hamada-Zhu Justin Zhao Tukua Raea Faith Deng Kanako Tanako Luda Lin Hayley Mulu Luda Lin Hayley Mulu Theodore Heeringa Molly Taylor- Dayus Team 4

SILVER Hannah Tomlinson Jehoshaphat Poon Cinzia La Volpicella Joel Sagala Madeleine Sisarich Daniel Squirrel Jacqueline Jiang Rei Fung Sienna Mulu Joshua Timaloa Catherine Chen Aaron Harrison Lydia Rauch Samuel Doss Sienna Mulu Isaiah Fale Madeleine Sisarich Daniel Squirrell Lydia Rauch Daniel Meruga Veronika Bilos Joshua Timaloa Luna Sun Aaron Harrison Blue Yellow Blue Green Yellow

BRONZE Victoria Oltay Macauley Perich Charlotte Paton-Simpson Thomas McMillan Olivia Fale Aaron Harrison Hannah Tomlinson James T & Jonathan S Cinzia La Volpicella Daniel Tomlinson Eva Timaloa Noah Ling Hannah Tomlinson James Taylor-Dayus Veronika Bilos Joel Sagala Olivia Fale Eden van der Vlugt Victoria Oltay Daniel Shi Fiona Luo Chris Conway Alisha Li Eden van der Vlugt Red Red Red Yellow Green

Junior School Mini Olympics

Junior school Results were: EVENT Sprints

R6 Girls R6 Boys R7 Girls R7 boys R8 Girls R8 Boys Sack Race R6 Girls R6 Boys R7 Girls R7 boys R8 Girls R8 Boys Bean Bag R6 Girls R6 Boys R7 Girls R7 boys R8 Girls R8 Boys Egg & Spoon R6 Boys R6 Boys R7 Girls R7 boys R8 Girls R8 Boys Relays Pass the Chicken Roll the Ball Rowing Baton

GOLD Trinity Timaloa James Taylor-Dayus Veronika Bilos Isaiah Fale Catherine Chen Eden van der Vlugt Trinity Timaloa Macauley Perich Jaime Sisarich Isaiah Fale Alisha Li Eden van der Vlugt Trinity Timaloa Daniel Shi Cinzia La Volpicella Joshua Timaloa Eva Timaloa Aaron Harrison Trinity Timaloa Macauley Perich Charlotte Paton-Simpson Isaiah Fale Madeleine Sisarich Daniel Squirrell Yellow Blue Yellow Blue Blue

Casio Mathex Competition. Every year, as part of Maths Week, The Ministry of Education and Casio sponsors an evening organised by the Auckland Mathematics association. Teams of 4 students from Auckland schools fill the ASB stadium to solve 20 difficult Maths problems in 30 minutes. The answers are taken to the teacher marker by the team runner who has to run fast on a circuit. On Wednesday, one Year 9 and one Year 10 team of 4 students entered to represent Hebron. On Thursday, two Year 7 teams and two Year 8 teams competed against 66 other schools. While no Hebron teams completed the twenty questions, or won a prize, it was exciting for their parents and their teachers, Mrs Scott and Mr Richardson, to watch the students enthusiastically participating in such a stimulating, vibrant event. Commendations go to the following students for their amazing efforts: Year 7 teams: Noah Gozali, Stefanie Mah, Theo Heeringa, Luka Crosbie, Sam Murphy, Isabella Elima, Rachel Ling, Jamie Ngo. Year 8 teams: Oliver Butler, Lafi Aso, Luda Lin, Sophia Hamada-Zhu, Logan Griffiths, Josiah Atkins-Lam, Justin Low, Brendon Matthews Year 9 team: Ryan Primrose, Joshua Scott, Jethro Nacario and Zac Turner Year 10 team: Michael Nuysink, Ernest Hidalgo, Ross Porter and Kazu Yasuda. Thanks to all the parents who endured rush hour traffic to ferry their children to the stadium and to cheer Hebron on.

New Website The new school website ( is “live” and available for the world to see! I have received a number of comments congratulating us for the new site. One mother said, I have just had a quick look at the amazing new Hebron website. It is 100 times better than the old one – so much more professional! Excellent work! More information, photos, video clips, etc are being added every day so, as they say, Watch this space!” PS Please let me know if there is any information missing that you would like included.

Food Show This term Year 10 Food Tech students are developing new products. To help them learn about the technological processes of developing and marketing a new food product, they spent a few hours at the Food Show. While a lot of the time was spent eating and drinking, they also talked to people, some of them from food shows on TV, who had designed, manufactured and promoted food products. I have never seen so much excitement among year 10 girls during class time.

Coming Up Musical News – Star of Persia We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the musical Esther: Star of Persia, which will be performed at Liberty Christian Church, Avondale on Friday 31st August and Saturday 1st September…2 weeks time! Eight tickets have now been distributed to every school family and it is our hope that each family will buy and/or sell these tickets and even order more to sell to friends, relatives and neighbours. Stop Press…a Hebron teacher sold 20 tickets on the first night they were issued!!!!!!! Rehearsal for Monday: 8.30am-9.00am All COURTIERS, ADVISORS, KING XERXES, HAMAN, ESTHER 3.30pm-5.00pm KING XERXES, HAMAN, ZERESH, ESTHER, MORDECAI, WOMAN 7, CAPTAIN OF THE GUARD and his SOLDIERS

Keeping Ourselves Safe Programme The keeping Ourselves Safe programme discussed at our last parent meeting is now organised for Weeks 811 and letters have been sent to parents explaining the course with the invitation to attend class meetings next Monday 20th August for further clarification and a chance to ask questions.

Primary Speech Finals Our annual Primary Speech Finals will be held next Wednesday in the school hall and parents and friends are invited to hear the speeches. Times and finalists are: Junior Primary Starting at 9:00am Year 3 Suhyun Kim, Timothy Hidalgo & Rei Fung Year 4 Hannah Tomlinson, Alex Horst & Hermann Retzlaff Senior Primary Starting around 9:30am Year 5 David Scott, Natania Thomas & Chloe Polglase Year 6 Damita Mathew, Nikhil Chauhan & Noah Turner Intermediate Starting around 10:00am Year 7 Madeline Schnell, Jamie Ngo & Logan Griffiths Year 8 Rebekah Cummins, Luda Lin & Oliver Butler

Careers Advice A reminder that the Career and Courses Open Day at Auckland University is Saturday week, August 25, 9.30am-3.30pm. If you are thinking that you might like to attend Auckland University at some stage in the future and you want to have a look at what is on offer, go along with your mother and father and check it out - you don't have to be Year 13. Booklets outlining what lectures are on with a handy map, are outside the Bursars office - if you are going you may take one, otherwise you can download one from their website. You can also reserve seats on their free buses online - this will save you finding a carpark.

Fundraising SCHOOL GALA Carolyn Welch is in the process of ringing parents who helped with stalls in 2010 to see if they can look after the same stall again. But also we will be trying to get each class and its parents and students behind a stall and activity this year. So please, parents and children, put the date of the gala (27th Oct) in your diary to help out. We hope this will be a way you can get to know the parents in your kids classes better too. PLANTS Angela Garner is taking charge of the plant stall at the gala this year. Please ring her now if you want to pot plants, cuttings from your own garden and sow seedlings, be it annuals /perennials or summer vegetables for sale. This is a great way we can make a high profit margin at the gala. We will grow some heritage seeds up too as a special aspect of the plant stall. This need to happen now so the new plants will be a good size by October 27.

Donations of potting mix and empty plastic pots and seedling trays and yoghurt containers suitable for small seedlings can be bought to the school foyer from next week, every week and this will be passed onto Angela. We will get some classes involved at school growing seedlings and Angela will come in to work with students to do this. If you want to work on the plant stall then ring Angela (ph 520 1935) to give her your name. SECOND HAND CLOTHING Sarah Heeringa is in charge of second hand clothing and is pulling a team together for this purpose. If you have second hand clothing, shoes, bags, jewellery and accessories, please put them in bags or boxes in the school foyer or in the room on the second floor of Rahiri house marked for this purpose for Sarah and her team to sort. Just keep it rolling in everyone, ask friends if they have good quality items to donate and bring theirs as well. TRADE ME AUCTION-CAN YOU HELP We need someone who is Trade Me savvy to volunteer time to putting quality items on auction around the time of the gala and afterwards. There is flexibility with this. Last gala we had some nice new items donated for the auction and they sold well under the price expected because we didn't have the volume of bidders to put the price up. So this Gala we thought we would sell items like this online to get closer to their real worth. TOY STALL-CAN YOU HELP We need a Mum to manage the toy stall and gather helpers from parents in your child's class to share this. HOT BBQ BREAKFAST-BRUNCH-CAN YOU HELP We need a Mum or Dad to gather a team of about 8-10 men and women to cook on BBQ's cooked breakfast brunch, sausages, bacon, egg, baked beans etc to be eaten at school picnic tables from 9.301.30 on the day of the gala. If you can help manage the toy stall, trade me auction or BBQ Breakfast/Brunch, please email Carolyn Welch urgently at or H 09 8455316 or 021 2980587. TUPPERWARE PARTY FUNDRAISER COMING UP There will be a Tupperware party at the school for Mums and their friends to come and the profits from hosting this will go tot he school. The date and time is Friday 21st September from about 7 pm to 10 pm. Circle this on the calendar and endeavour to come along.

Miscellaneous Lynfield Honey Sold Out Sorry folks…but the very wet 2011 Spring and cold and wet summer reduced the honey crop quite substantially and consequently the crop has sold out! Honey lovers will have to buy inferior brands from the local supermarkets until the next crop is harvested in January and ready for sale around mid-February. Enjoy your weekend.

Geoff Matthews Principal

Hebron Newsletter No.24 17th August 2012  

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