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LYRIX ORGANIX ACADEMY INSPIRATIONAL accessible and educational creative workshops with an outstanding track record

360º PROGRAMMES (or one-off sessions) tailored to the needs of your organization

EXCEPTIONAL TUTORS learn from a team of top artists selected from Lyrix Organix’s renowned live roster

OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES work with Lyrix Organix, access to networks, professional advice, one-to-one development

EXPERTISE charities, schools, corporates, PRU’s, NEET’s, learning, behavioural & mental health needs

QUALIFICATIONS Arts Award (Bronze/Silver) – up to 35 UCAS pts

“Their talent, knowledge and skills are second to none in the industry”


The Mayor’s Office invited Lyrix Organix to host workshops and performances at City Hall. Hollywood superstars Will Smith and son Jaden Smith were surprise speakers for the young people. The

'We love working with Lyrix Organix. Experience and passion in everything they do.” BOOTSTRAP COMPANY (Henry Trew)

event received global press coverage. LOOKOUT UK YOUTH SLAM “An amazing experience… the standard of care and commitment Lyrix Organix have shown towards the youth project is admirable” POSITIVELY UK (Maureen Kiwanuka)

"A phenomenal day of creative, engaging and inspiring activities… culminating with an incredible showcase event. Their talent, knowledge and skills are second to none in the industry” THE CHALLENGE (Aimee Ling)

“Expertise, positive energy and excellent coordination skills… we were blown away. Workshops, hosting or performance, Lyrix Organix deliver well beyond your expectations… an absolute pleasure to work with” PHOTOVOICE (Matt Daw)


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What We Offer

Top artists. Exceptional tutors. Tailor-made programmes. WORKSHOPS can be hired individually or combined to build bespoke programmes to suit your needs. PROGRAMMES are flexible requirements and timetables. e.g. 1 day, 5 days, 10 weeks



CONTENT and tutors are adaptable to all abilities and needs. No experience required. TUTORS are all top workshop professionals, hand-picked from our roster of internationally renowned artists (and fully CRB checked). LYRIX ORGANIX LIVE SHOWS are a popular climax to workshop programmes, showcasing performances by young people developed in workshops. FUN DAYS are combined workshops on one day as full ‘taster’ sessions before building a workshop course. ARTS AWARD CENTRE – gain recognised qualifications with Arts Award (including 35 UCAS points for Silver) to support young people develop as artists, arts leaders and employability (ask for more details)

BAND 1: Most Popular lyrix 101 - SPOKEN WORD lyrix 102 – MUSIC PRODUCTION lyrix 103 – VOCAL BEATBOX lyrix 104 – VISUAL ART lyrix 105 – EVENT MANAGEMENT BAND 2: Specialist lyrix 201 – PERFORMANCE lyrix 202 - SONG-WRITING lyrix 203 - DJ lyrix 204 – PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM lyrix 205 – STREETBALL FREESTYLE BAND 3: The Culture lyrix 301 – MUSIC & ENTERPRISE lyrix 302 – THE CULTURE OF HIP HOP lyrix 303 – BLACK HISTORY MONTH ARTS AWARD CENTRE (page 10)


Spoken Word

(Lyrix 101)

Our voice (written or spoken) is the most powerful tool of our young people. In recognition of today’s generation of aspiring rappers, poets and bloggers, Lyrix Organix workshops are led by some of UK’s finest slam poets, writers, lyrical artists and freestyle rappers. They are all highly respected tutors in their own right and regularly work with the likes of The Roundhouse, Tate Modern and Southbank Centre. We break down traditional barriers to learning and provide a supportive environment to speak freely, independently and creatively. An inspirational workshop that consistently unlocks talent and confidence in young people, particularly those considered ‘hard to reach’.

CONTENT Free writing, creative writing techniques, improvisational skills, critical analysis of Hip Hop and poetry, performance . INSPIRE Finding your ‘voice’, positive use of language, critical analysis, self-expression, selfesteem, key values, teamwork, individuality, presentation and communication skills. TOOL KIT Flip-chart/white board, pens, pads, quiet room.

MASTERCLASS (option) Special guest tutor – an internationally renowned spoken word or Hip Hop artist. Workshop and optional Q&A/feedback session. Professional studio option to record material Previous special guests: Akala, Dean Atta, Foreign Beggars, Will Smith COMBINE (optional) Music (102), Song-writing (202), Performance (201), Culture of Hip Hop (302), Black History Month (303); live event showcase


Music Production

(Lyrix 102)

Music surrounds and inspires us all. Making music should be as accessible as picking up a paint brush. No matter what music you love, whatever your experience, our team of renowned musicians and outstanding tutors demonstrate how easy it is to unlock creative minds in a supportive environment. We provide the tools and knowledge for young people to express themselves positively, teaching an artform they are often already passionate about. This is a hugely popular activity for all ages – particularly those with behavioural issues - giving opportunities to record their own music on CD or download to take away.

CONTENT Open improvisation, music technology, rhythm, beats & bars, melody, recording instruments & vocals, layering tracks, basic techniques. INSPIRE Self-expression, creative confidence, channel energy, team-work, leadership, technology and music skills. TOOL KIT Instruments (keys, guitars, percussion), industry pro software (Logic), microphones, laptops, PC speakers, headphones, music room. Music equipment can be supplied by Lyrix Organix. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

MASTERCLASS (option) Writing and recording session at a professional recording studio mentored with the latest technology. Guided by accomplished artists, producers and special guests to gain direct (and rare) experience into how successful records are made. Previous special guests: Foreign Beggars, HKB FiNN Red Bull Music Academy COMBINE (optional) Spoken Word (101), Vocal Beatbox (103), Performance (201), Song-writing (202), Culture of Hip Hop (302)


Vocal Beatbox

(Lyrix 103)

The beauty of beatbox lies in its simplicity - the ability to amaze listeners. Discover how to make music with only your mouth and a microphone. One of our most popular workshops (age 6 upwards), Lyrix Organix offers the opportunity to learn from beatboxing champions and professional tutors. The ability to make music without technology or instrument/vocal skills allows young people to make music without restrictions. This is an empowering, confidence-boosting and captivating experience for those unsure of their creative talents (one-to-one or group). Techniques are also useful for public performance skills (for example, interviews and presentations).

CONTENT Vocal warm up exercises, breathing and performance techniques, improvisation, deconstructing music, making beats (percussion), creating tracks, vocal choir teamwork. INSPIRE Confidence, team work, selfexpression, presentation skills, performance skills. TOOL KIT Microphones, PA speaker, large room. Music equipment can be supplied. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

MASTERCLASS (option) Masterclass from world champion beatboxers (as seen on TV) with specialist experience teaching vocal choirs for showcase perforances. Option to combine with recording session at a professional studio with other musicians. COMBINE (optional) Combine with Spoken Word (Lyrix 101), Music Production (102), Performance (201), Song-writing (202), Hip Hop (302); live event showcase.


Visual Art

(Lyrix 104)

A blank canvas is the start of a journey. The opportunity for young people to express and explore themselves visually is one of the most important gifts we can teach them. Lyrix Organix specializes in designing bespoke, flexible art workshops to key themes or complex issues (e.g. Black History Month). Our diverse team of professional artists (illustrators, designers, graffiti artists) have an incredible track-record, and range of techniques, to bring out the artist we believe lies hidden in everyone of all ages. We provide a relaxed, supportive environment that inspires groups from behavioural needs to mental disabilities, and even art therapy (e.g. bereavement). Whether painting canvases, large murals, stencil graffiti or customizing t-shirts, our colourful workshops leave a huge impact on all our projects.

CONTENT Developing visual language, composition, design, pattern, colour theory, techniques (drawing, painting, printing, stencil, street art), sustainable art & installation. Optional: Murals, clothing, graffiti. INSPIRE Visual language, individuality, positive expression of identity, creative confidence, selfesteem, collaboration. TOOL KIT Art materials vary – may include paints, markers, spray cans, recycled materials, glue, scissors (optional), block canvases, paper, protective sheeting Art materials can be supplied by Lyrix Organix. Please contact to discuss your requirements.

MASTERCLASS (option) Develop and create a stunning mural (or individual artwork for portfolios) with top professional artist mentor (including top graffiti artists) for public exhibition. Optional: print workshops COMBINE (optional) Combine with Creative Writing & Spoken Word (101), DJ (203), Photo & Film (204), Culture of Hip Hop (302), Black History Month (303); event showcase or exhibition.


Event Management

(Lyrix 105)

Great events have the power to inspire and influence - both audiences and artists. Events have become the backbone of culture and enterprise. We teach aspiring event managers all the skills to become successful business and community leaders. Lyrix Organix is a highly respected event production company – with stages at Glastonbury Festival and outdoor tours like Lyrix Relay (part of London 2012 Festival). From one-off workshops to structured programmes culminating in a youth-led event, we build bespoke courses that explore the creative and business side of event management – combining artistic vision and organizational skills. We are passionate about offering young people the opportunity to gain unique insight, employable skills and on-thejob experience. Job opportunities and internships available with Lyrix Organix

CONTENT Event production, enterprise, promotion, marketing, brand development, managing teams, creative programming, budgets, venues, technical (e.g. sound checks) artist liaison, finance/funding. INSPIRE Enterprise skills, project management, collaboration and team-work, leadership, organisational skills, communication, leadership, creative vision, financial planning, employability skills. TOOL KIT Whiteboard/ flip chart, presentation facilities, pens, paper, quiet room, group visit to event (optional).


MASTERCLASS (option) Build towards a showcase event organised by young people, under the mentorship of Lyrix Organix (one-to-one or small group) – from brand development to the final event production. COMBINE (optional) Combine with Spoken Word (101), Music Production (102), Beatbox (103), Performance (201), Music & Enterprise (301); live event showcase managed by young people.

Band 2: SPECIALIST Develop key skills and hone talents with our outstanding team of workshop professionals. We offer the opportunity to learn directly from top artists and practitioners with unique platforms into the industry via the Lyrix network.

PERFORMANCE - Vocal & Stage

(Lyrix 201)

Whether on stage or in job interviews, performance is an essential skill for young people. Some of the UK’s most celebrated performers have honed their craft with Lyrix Organix – such as Ed Sheeran, Michael Kiwanuka and Akala. We offer a fresh generation of performers the opportunity to learn techniques and receive feedback from internationally renowned singers, rappers and theatre performers. Great for engaging those ‘hard to reach’ and for developing self-esteem. We encourage performance with musicians (rather than CDs) and can offer studio sessions, gig opportunities and one-to-one tuition. SONG-WRITING - Vocal & Music

(Lyrix 202)

The art of song-writing is the foundation of quality, meaningful music. An invaluable tool of communication and creative expression. At Lyrix Organix we believe in the power of lyrical arts – from Hip Hop to Folk music – to tell our stories. We have brought together a team of experienced song-writers, performers and poets to create a unique workshop that can be combined with creative writing, music production and performance workshops to build a 360 degree artist development programme for individuals or groups keen to take their music to the next level. DJ

(Lyrix 203)

From Hip Hop to Dance music, pirate radio to clubs, the role of the DJ has evolved to become one of the most exciting outlets of musical expression amongst young people. Our professional DJ tutors use a combination of the latest platforms turntables, CD decks, laptop controllers, Serato - to explore basic mixing techniques, record selection, musical influences and the role of music in popular culture. Suitable for all abilities, ages 14+. Masterclasses available with some of the UK’s most celebrated underground DJ’s and scratch DJ’s. PHOTOGRAPHY & FILM

(Lyrix 204)

We live in a generation of social media. Photography and film has become more accessible – and important - than ever. We work with renowned charity PhotoVoice, Adobe Youth Voices and media professionals to teach basic to advanced skills using the latest industry tools, provide on-the-job experience (live gigs) and develop photo/film youth projects. A great workshop for groups which teaches highly employable skills with an emphasis on practical experience. STREETBALL FREESTYLE

(Lyrix 205)

An engaging and popular sports addition to a workshop programme, Streetball mixes traditional basketball skills with creative expression – in the form of stunning freestyle tricks. Our professional athletes and experienced tutors include incredible UK freestyle and slam dunk champions, regularly seen on TV. Our workshops encourage physical exercise in exciting new ways – in a welcoming environment for young people of all abilities. Our team also includes frisbee and football freestyle champions available for workshops or showcase performances.


Band 3: THE CULTURE We believe culture and business are the foundations to successful careers in the creative industry – or in fact any career path. Our team of inspirational, professional tutors use key themes to teach core values and transferrable skills.


(Lyrix 301)

Young entrepreneurs are the key to our future. Inspired by success stories like SB:TV, a generation of creative talent are starting up their own business. Lyrix Organix offers inspirational 360-degree workshops – teaching transferrable skills, business advice and industry experience - from industry pros who own record labels, event companies and social enterprises. We are uniquely positioned to offer internships and extensive networks of creative organisations. Can be combined with music workshops to build career development programmes. THE CULTURE OF HIP HOP

(Lyrix 302)

Lyrix Organix is a flag-bearer for positive Hip Hop and contemporary poetry. Our workshops are an antidote to today’s hollow mainstream culture - educational, positive and inspirational. Our tutors include world-renowned pioneers (top rappers, beatboxers, break-dancers, scratch DJ’s, graffiti artists). We have even hosted the Fresh Price, Will Smith, as a special guest! We are passionate about teaching a new generation the importance of cultural history, language, work ethic and artistic values - through a combination of multimedia, debates, written exercises and performance. BLACK HISTORY MONTH

(Lyrix 303)

A special workshop tailored to Black History Month (October), exploring civil rights and the influence of ethnic minorities on popular culture – with particular focus on immigrant history in the UK. We explore the influence of role models like Martin Luther King Jr and Nelson Mandela, the influence of underground culture (Hip Hop, Jazz) and instigate debates on the role of young people and refugees in society. An accessible and fun workshop that can incorporate creative-writing, visual art and music suitable for all ages and backgrounds.

ARTS AWARD CENTRE Young people completing workshop programmes can achieve national qualifications that can contribute to education and employment opportunities CREATIVE CHOICES: Through Arts Award, young people make creative choices, set themselves challenges, explore the arts, develop leadership skills, share their skills/achievements, and achieve a national qualification.

PORTFOLIOS: Young people record their activities in an arts portfolio of their own design (which can include nonwritten media), which can then be used for future employment opportunities.

FLEXIBLE & ADAPTABLE: Lyrix Organix is certified as a Bronze & Silver Arts Award Centre, offering flexible programmes – at a small additional cost - tailored to easily-achievable qualifications that offer creative input to their activities and the chance to work with professional artists. Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council. Please get in touch to discuss Arts Award, your requirements and costs


Meet The Team Our family of top artists and exceptional tutors Natty Sobhee international touring artist – producer - rapper beatboxer - record label owner - workshop coordinator – specialist teacher – youth worker /

Grace Savage beatboxer – theatre – singer - musician UK female beatbox champion / National Theatre

Dean Atta performance poet – writer - youth ambassador Tate Modern / National Portrait Gallery / SB:TV “One of the UK’s finest poets” (Time Out)

Joanna Layla visual artist – illustrator - designer Central St Martins / Spitalfields / Lyrix Relay

Dan Tsu event production – poet – DJ – programme director entrepreneur – promoter - Lyrix Organix founder Glastonbury / London 2012 Festival / GLA / MSF

Maxwell Golden writer – performer – theatre maker - slam poet freestyle MC - international touring artist Contact / Southbank EAR / Edinburgh Fringe

ASSOCIATES PhotoVoice - photography charity/workshops Adobe Youth Voices – film/media workshops Aina Westlye – performing artist, songwriter Sri McKinnon - visual artist, designer Tom Yardley – musician, producer Tom Basista – producer, rapper, DJ Andy Princz – musician, singer, rapper LeeN – freestyle MC, producer, label owner Rami Radi – songwriter, guitarist Stuart Pringle – percussionist, musician Camilo Tirado – percussionist, sound design Jem Tercan - graffiti artist Pete Masters – carpenter, set design Sheromie Brewster – teacher, coordinator A2W & Chosen – basketball, freestyle tricks All tutors are fully CRB/DBS checked MASTERCLASSES We can also offer Master Classes from our roster of internationally renowned artists including: Jonzi D - hip hop theatre pioneer, director Breakin Convention founder Foreign Beggars – international touring artists, rappers, producers, record label owners Ayah Marar – international touring artist, singersongwriter, label owner (Calvin Harris/SB:TV) Skitz – DJ, producer


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Photo Credits - with thanks to: Owen Davies, Rufai Ajala, Sandra Bello, Joanna Layla, Dan Tsu, Bela Molnar Lucy Anderson, Bianca Tennant, Paul Woods, Michael Antoniou, Rob Grundel

Lyrix Organix Academy - Workshops Brochure  
Lyrix Organix Academy - Workshops Brochure  

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